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Redox Reactions 03 || Balancing a chemical Equation By ion- electron Method or Half Reaction Method

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Ayush Ahuja (4 hours ago)
sir x=1 for the last question
Bhitti Prajapati (13 hours ago)
2 is the value of X
neha Yadav (19 hours ago)
sir s block an hydrogen pe nhi banye h kya please kuch to bol dijiye
Jalwa Sanam (19 hours ago)
Ye bech may nargis fakhrii bht irritate karti hay😠😠
Saurabh Rana (21 hours ago)
Sir x is coming out to be 1.
Nitin Maurya (22 hours ago)
Thanks for this video. 😊😊😊😀😀😀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🚀🚀
Lucky Tech (1 day ago)
*sir ager feel be ho per fuel na ho* *too kya car chle payain ge😂😂*
Hello sir ,in the second example of basic redox reaction chromium on both side has +3 oxidation state . So is it wrong or right ?
dipak parida (1 day ago)
3 I2+6 KOH GIVES KIO3+3H20+5KI so x=1. Am I CORRECT????
dipak parida (1 day ago)
wow interesting sirji........
Sir why u don't teach mathematics
jaypee Kadian (1 day ago)
Akhlaqur Rahman (1 day ago)
Mast samjhaye... Car wali example se..
Anas Saifi (1 day ago)
Sir coeff. Of KIO3 is.6
Saurav Chandra (1 day ago)
1 is the coeffecient
977Rahul kumar (1 day ago)
Sir electrochemical cell ka video bna do na please
Divyanshu Gupta (2 days ago)
Really sir u r God for me😭😭😭😭😭
Divyanshu Gupta (2 days ago)
Gurbaksh Sangral (2 days ago)
Neutral Walla samaj Nahi Aya koi dost muje BATA Sakta hai please base homework 2 question
All In One Channel (2 days ago)
sir you are incredible the thing which i was not able to understand in school and in tuition , now i understood only because of you sir thank you sir
Quaisar Zaman (2 days ago)
Alkaline medium wala second question no doubt you have written a wrong question sorry sir respect you a lot. Plz tell
krishnam jandyal (2 days ago)
Oo bhonsdi wale chacha galat kr r hai basic medium mai galat kr r tha
krishnam jandyal (1 day ago)
Actually jo step inhoney last mai kia hai vo phle krtey hain so i thought galat hai
Vibha pathak (1 day ago)
krishnam jandyal (2 days ago)
Oo bhosdi wale chacha
daniya ahmad (2 days ago)
SIr how can we judge ki reaction alkaline h ya ni Pllllllllzzzz agr kisi ko pta h th btado
digamber singh (2 days ago)
Thanks sir☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Ashish Jha (2 days ago)
#Alakh sir the #legend #Salute to you...sir😊😊
Raj Kumar (2 days ago)
nice explanation
FAISAL WARIS (2 days ago)
thank you sir
FAISAL WARIS (2 days ago)
coefficient of KIO3=1
Deepika Singh (2 days ago)
*Basic reaction ka answer* *` = - & ° = +* *First* 👉 *4Zn + 6H2O + NO3`* ➡ *4Zn²° + NH3 + 9OH`* *second* *Sorry sir se mistake hui h question me* 😊
Ekam singh (2 hours ago)
Left pe 9 h2o Ana hai
Ekam singh (2 hours ago)
Tera first ans bhi galat hai baby
Deepika Singh (2 days ago)
*Acidic Reaction ka answer* *`= - & ° = +* *First* 👉 *2MnO4` + 16H° + 5C2O4²`* ➡ *2Mn²° + 10CO2 + 8H2O* *Second* 👉 *3C2O4²` + Cr2O7²` + 14H°* ➡ *2Cr³° + 6CO2 + 7H2O* *Uff boht hi time or mehnt lga toh like toh bnta h* 😊
Deepika Singh (2 days ago)
*Last question ka answer* *X=1* 👉 *3I2 + 6KOH* ➡ *5KI + KIO3 +3H2O*
Deepika Singh (3 days ago)
But sir for extraordinary student only knowledge is 😇
Satish vishwakarma (3 days ago)
Aur sir disproportionate reaction ek bar phir samzao plz plz plz
Satish vishwakarma (3 days ago)
Sir basic medium ka 2nd example batao na plz plz plz
Nihaal singh rajput (3 days ago)
Sir KIO3 ka cofficient 1 hoga
Raj Ks (3 days ago)
KIO3 - 2
Ganpati Kumar Saw (3 days ago)
Hello sir ap to h.w me bahot essay essay question dete hai plse get the level high👍
Lal Singh (3 days ago)
x=3 of xKIO3
Abdul Hafeedh (3 days ago)
Thankyou sir
Tarun Kashyap 8958 (3 days ago)
thank u sir
Sahil Rajput (3 days ago)
Sir hmw Answes ki bhi ek short video bna dya kro
Sir aap jo home work dete hai who mera bhai nahi karta ek video Daly jo sabko batae ki home work karo
Harjinder Singh (3 days ago)
FumbleHead (3 days ago)
sir x=1 :) And i solved all of your questions correctly. Thank you i am confident in this method now :)
So nice Sir
NAVEEN K (3 days ago)
Sir it will be great if you remove ads in the middle of videos
Vishu vevo (4 days ago)
Sir x ka co effecient 2 aaya hai
Akash Choudhary (4 days ago)
Sir i think that in basic medium ( homework ) at the place of cr^3+ is (cro4^2-) 😮😮
Akash Choudhary (4 days ago)
Koi jawab nahi h sir aapka Bahut mst padhato ho aap sir Aapke jaisa world me koi nahi padhata hogo aur na koi padhay ga..... thanks sir☺☺☺☺☺☺
Jai Pushkar (3 days ago)
yes u r saying really right
Akash Choudhary (4 days ago)
Sir mera ek question h ki Agar koi questions me medium nahi diya h to kaise pata karengey ki medium acidic h ya basic. ....
Rahul Singh (4 days ago)
Sir cofficient of KIO3 is (1)
Nishu Kumar (4 days ago)
Are bhai isme dislike karne wali kya baat hai
piyush shah (4 days ago)
Last question ka ans 1 hoga
AajKal Ka Gyan (4 days ago)
Bobby Rajput (4 days ago)
Sir would you like to tell me the best book for preparation jee..
Piyush Pandit (4 days ago)
Sir u r the best
Sinha 3535 (4 days ago)
thanks sir ...😊
Shanawaz Mulla (4 days ago)
deepak kumar (4 days ago)
Sir hydrocarbon ke lectures shuru kro
Hema Valera (4 days ago)
Shivam Mahajan (4 days ago)
Hope our physics wallah channel should be no. 1 on u tube..... Like for physics wallah
Shivam Mahajan (4 days ago)
Hope our physics wallah channel should be no. 1 on u tube..... Like for physics wallah 'alakh pandey' sir
Shivam Mahajan (4 days ago)
Sir I am CONFUSED about adding of electron
Priyanshu Raj (4 days ago)
Mai bahut dukhi hoon ki aapne Whiteboard ko erase krne ka tarika badal diya...😥😥
Jishan Kureshi (4 days ago)
Alakh sir ,geetendra sir & sandeep maheshwari are the great inspiration for me
AN Amar (5 days ago)
Thanks sir.
Satyam Gupta (5 days ago)
Coefficient of KIO3 is 1
ALOK SINGH (5 days ago)
Sir u are great ☺☺
vinod kumar (5 days ago)
answer is 3 sir . plz tell me my ans. is right or worng sir
Balic Santosh (5 days ago)
Both side charge same aa rha cr par
Balic Santosh (5 days ago)
H.w ka basic question ka second nhi kar pa rha hu
Balic Santosh (5 days ago)
Sir app itna easy padhate ho
siddharth gupta (5 days ago)
Sir kindly focus on jee....or neet ...😍😍😍😍 And make the video for campatitive exam with those kind of questions.......
Chirag Mittal (5 days ago)
Sir mere coaching walle sir ne bhi same car walla example diya tha You are the bessssst teacher everrrrrrr 👍👍👍👍👍
Aaditya Jain (5 days ago)
parsuram suar (5 days ago)
Too Boring
surya prakash singh (5 days ago)
X= +6
Vijay Raj Singh (5 days ago)
Hydro carbons ka video kab aaega sir?
porly gnalat (6 days ago)
Sir your explanation is just so perfect... Thank you sir
RAJDEEP SAHA (6 days ago)
U make the concepts crystal clear for me ,thank u sir
RAJDEEP SAHA (6 days ago)
Sir ur the best teacher i have ever seen
RAJDEEP SAHA (6 days ago)
Jalpesh Suthar (6 days ago)
X = 2
Arun Singhbhati (6 days ago)
Anurag Sharma (6 days ago)
Sir basic medium walle homework ki 2 eq galat hai
3I2 +6KOH ----- 5IK+KIO3+3H2O /// x=1
Abhay Kaushik (6 days ago)
Sir answer for the last question is- x=1
Sani Bhattacharaya (6 days ago)
FeCl3+KI=FeCl2+I2+KCl isko kaise balance kre Plz tell me
Nav Nishan (6 days ago)
Sir apka video dekh kr Josh a jata hair
Anśhikä Dubey (6 days ago)
Sir u r like angel to us 😇
Vishal Pandey (6 days ago)
Sir your lectures are too good by your lectures I had leave my coaching classes
Oii koi mera comments ko b like kar duuu plzzzzZ
Jalpesh Suthar (7 days ago)
Sir molucule ko todne wala first question maine basic medium me solve kiya . answer same aaya.is that posible ?
Zara Qureshi (7 days ago)
Thank u soooo much sir😄😄u teach so well......
Ayush Kumawat (7 days ago)
Last HW question 1 3 I 2 + 6KOH GIVES 5KI+ KIO3^- + 3H2O
Udit Chauhan (7 days ago)
Sir please hydrogen chapter ki video Bhi bna doh
Ayush Kumawat (7 days ago)
for non ionic hw question 5Cu + 8HNO3 gives 5Cu(NO3)2+ 10NO+4H2O
Deepika Singh (2 days ago)
3cu hoga 3cu(NO3)2 hoga 2NO hoga thi Check this
Stanzin Sharab (7 days ago)
Sir plzzz make a video on CHAPTER HYDROGEN
LAL SINGH (7 days ago)
Kaun kaun manta hai sir lallantop padhate hai....... Click on like or comment......l love physics wallah
Priya Singh (7 days ago)
Q.(basic medium) ZN+NO^3-_____ZN^2+ + NH^3 Ans . 6ZN+12H2O+2NO^3-_____6ZN^2+ + 2NH^3+18OH^- Is this correct ans.(it is ur homework only)...PLS REPLY
Divyanshu Mahato (7 days ago)
Ans is 4Zn + 6H2O + NO3^- _____ 4Zn^2+. + NH3 + 90H^-
Cjgjgigjgj Jvgivi (7 days ago)
Hc verma apk lect.. se solve ho jata h

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