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Check out my latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCrrLdxEXtA WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” STUDENTS BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI | ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY Hello everyone and welcome to another rocking video/article by Beginner Tuts! Today I’m going to be talking about how I recently felt like a blind man seeing the Sun for the first time: trust me dear viewers, after reading the book “Why A Students Work For C Students”, you will definitely be getting the same feelings and vibes. In his book, the author Robert Kiyosaki talked about a strange new principle: he believes that schools and colleges release a batch of employees, and in them, there will be the ‘A Students’, the ‘B Students’ and the ‘C Students’. Kiyosaki explains that even though the A Students are the ones who study well, memorize well, and give the best tests, they end up being employed by the C Students, that is, the creative thinkers, dreamers, and future entrepreneurs of the batch. And guys as weird as it may sound, this theory is in most cases true: the C students, that is the backbenchers who have failed a thousand times before finally succeeding in making their own business, become more financially stable than the others. Having failed so many times in their life already, these people knew how to tackle it in their career and were unafraid to take the risk of setting up a new business – a characteristic that is somewhat lacking in a top tier student for whom failure may be a foreign concept. I already talk about this in my other post of “Finding your passion to get successful“. Or you can check out Robert’s Book here: “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. Now let’s take a second away from Kiyosaki’s theory and talk about another concept, one I am sure that the majority of you watching this video are familiar with: the parent theory. Study hard, get A’s, find a job, buy a house, buy a car… the parent theory goes something along the lines of this. But the flaw in this theory is that it doesn’t let a child find and nurture his own unique gift, and neither does it make them financially stable in the future. If parents could focus on personal development motivation for their children instead, help them find the path they can walk on with genuine love and passion, in the long run, it would be much more beneficial than a stamped piece of paper with a test grade. In our rapidly advancing world, every graduate wants the things he has been taught to want – the job, the house, the car – and they believe that using the money and investing it into a nice car or home is an asset. In Kiyosaki’s book, we learn that this is not the case. Dear viewers, if you add up the tax payments, fuel expenses, and whatnot, you shall soon understand that these expenses are the reason you are close to getting bankrupt and very, very far from becoming rich. There are far more lucrative ways to invest your money and I will be doing you the massive favor of naming some. If you wanna pay zero tax this year? then check out this book “Zero Taxes“. Read More Here: https://beginnertuts.net/why-a-students-work-for-c-students/
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Beginner Tuts (9 months ago)
New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY
Ace_Lupin Da3rd (5 months ago)
I'm a c student and i got dream having a company!!
Seth Kahn (9 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth what are you talking about? And how is that a response to what I said?
Seth Kahn (9 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth I’m replying to the video in general. Jeff bezos owns amazon, and he went to the best university in the world
Seth Kahn (9 months ago)
What about Jeff Bezos?
Un normie cualquiera (9 months ago)
Good for you buddy. Good luck out there
Chris Crocker (21 hours ago)
how about D students? become presidents, CEOs and kings? well, makes sense.
Månï Kántàn (3 days ago)
I am damn b what would i do?
Teboho Verona (5 days ago)
Let me put it simple for people. The A students wanna get a good job while the c students don't wanna work for others, they are their own bosses. Get it
#TeamMook :D (5 days ago)
Honestly school isn’t important for life for me. Normal people in a daily life uses education for their road for success. But me? Honestly I don’t want to be like those normal adults you see everyday. I’m beginning to go on the internet to learn about things that just interests me. I never pay attention in class since I spend my time thinking out of the box. Again, I don’t want to be that typical A student that has no sense of creativity, and normally full of themselves. I’m a C student. But grades don’t matter, creativity and effort does.
The bossku (5 days ago)
The true is the some c student success because some of them learn from their failure at school to become a better person and some of them just dont care about nothing so the conclusion become c student not a way to become succes it is you who make your own destiny
Tijo Mathew (6 days ago)
An A student will never work for a C student. He could explain it all he wants. All he did was make up scenarios. What are you talking about bro?
Marisa Music nerd (6 days ago)
My report card: C,C, C+,C+!!!!! This legit describes me creative!!!! My own busines
Shawn Eshwara (7 days ago)
I just drop out at Stamford and I become millionaire online marketing consultant business development in graphic design
"A" students are smart and "C" students are creative. So without each​ other, there's very little success.
Yes, everyone is born with some unique talent. Education does enlighten.
Richard Durkee (3 days ago)
Old School Songs & Lyrics everyone brings something to the table. I’m not sure C students bring anything to the table that A students don’t — the only difference being that A students have demonstrated intelligence and work ethic, whereas we know little about the C students, except that they were either incapable of doing well in school or that it was not a priority for them. I’d take the A student every time — what benefit would the C student have?
That's true, but I think it is also fair to say that all students either A or C have somewhat to bring to the table. Agree?
Richard Durkee (4 days ago)
Plenty of A students are creative too, I’d venture as many if not more of them. Either way, I’d guess A students are more likely to see the fruition of their creativity given their demonstrated work ethic. But I don’t really know
Cookie Stoeltiph (10 days ago)
This is complete bullshit they are acting like C students are the hard workers who give effort they just have different gifts. Every person i know who gets C's half asses everything
AARSH GADGE (11 days ago)
Love you from India
Elysium (12 days ago)
they don't.
Don’t worry guys this is just a YouTube video made by a c student who is trying to defend his c student friends and trying to at least get people to believe that c students are more successful
Essento (12 days ago)
In my opinion school dosn't really matter when it comes to success.... I met bunch of people who are bad at school but are actually one of the smartest kids at school they just don't want to study and i bet people like that will get a great job in the future. With a better school its just easier to do the job u want to do. Edit:Im not saying bad students will end up better then good students its all depends on a person.
Maela piki (13 days ago)
ALB Beast (14 days ago)
School wont take u anywhere kids :)
ALBER PAJARES (15 days ago)
Why the capitalism helps the poor knowing already that the poor won’t help back❓ It’s dementia or just unnecessary spent❓❓
ALBER PAJARES (15 days ago)
If America keep on kicking out the rich soon will be poorer than Africa,..
kingdudeh (16 days ago)
this video is a lie. Most C students r just lazy ur talking about the 2% that actually try to improve
SOUMYADIP Raut (17 days ago)
Am a b student
DCDV (17 days ago)
I get As cause it's easy not because I study a lot.
DCDV (5 days ago)
+#TeamMook :D So I should go out of my way to fail
#TeamMook :D (5 days ago)
@DCDV well if you keep going on like that, I guess you would become those adults you see everyday
Jaques Swart (17 days ago)
Parenting theory: study hard, owe money on a university degree, get an entry level job because you have no experience, owe money on a house you can't afford, owe money on a car you can't afford, work like a dog and have some kids you can't afford and if you're lucky the government doesn't steal your pathetic retirement savings.
InTheMix (18 days ago)
Blagoje (18 days ago)
w t f thats not always true 😂 thats just 1%
An average college degree could cost you as much as $12 per HOUR. We are not even talking interest. It's your signature on the loan docs so if you do go then good luck.
darshan surendra (20 days ago)
Fuck but I'm a B student
Moises Rojas Zuniga (23 days ago)
A couple months ago I would’ve reacted almost completely negative to this video but now that I’m “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert K. it makes soooo much sense and what your saying is true! Keep up the good work! 🙌🏽
Oz_Tee X23 (23 days ago)
Everyone is a genius
Dil Se Re (24 days ago)
How rich is this video maker ?😂🤔
Estrano Perez (24 days ago)
Lmao bullshit. The majority of C students are stuck in retail or fast food hell. Their charm and chatisma will only get them hired their. Everywhere else their little “magnetic personality” won’t be enough to get them hired.
VGstories (25 days ago)
"The A students work for the B students, and the C students keep the business running." - Forgot who said this quote, but it's better than this video in my opinion.
Monica Lynn Cason (1 month ago)
Great advice esp for the young pups starting off!
Ben Sisler (1 month ago)
Lol this is bull crap
King Money Mastery (1 month ago)
SCREW COLLEGE. I ALMOST dropped out of HIGH SCHOOL mid-way as I was already making $4500 per month net profit from importing and selling watches. I had the WORST GPA of my entire cohort and the WORST GPA ever achieved by a student in my school's 16 years history. My classmates hated me for I was always terrible with project work and I would often outsource my school work to virtual assistants while I worked on my business/investments. With that said, I hit seven figures in CASH net worth (pure cash net profit, not those fancy real estate net worth with high leverage which gets added into your net worth calculation nor seven figures in gross revenue which many business owners/ecom guys like to do). I hit seven figures CASH when I was 21 years old. No college for me. Formal education will make you a living. (which is very debatable with the current economic situation). Self-education will make you a fortune. If you would like to discover how I achieved seven figures CASH by 21. My channel shows how it is done. Plenty of money making videos.
2o7 (1 month ago)
Tell that to all the C students working at the Amazon distribution centers.
Wired Technology (1 month ago)
I'm now an A student, but I think like an C student. I was an C student though.
STOP J (1 month ago)
When I was a B- student, I did use to belive in this theory.Now, that I have corrected all my flaws in life (mainly video games) and started working out,I dont feel that way anymore.Being a "A student" means that you put work and dedication in what you are doing, not like the B or C students.Yes, anybody that is talented can do any thing, but I feel like the people that say this are the kind of people taht procasinate alot...So my conclusion is that you should not fear the posdibpe failure, but you should not embrace it as a part of your own either.
Deku (1 month ago)
The C students end up homeless not rich
Glitchy Squid (1 month ago)
This chat, "I disagree with what a book you didn't write says, so everything else agreeable in your video is immediately disregarded."
Austin Gonzales (1 month ago)
What if we’re c students who work hard enough to get A’s and B’s? That’s how I work
Alex Fredrick (1 month ago)
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Conner Mcgregor (1 month ago)
Now I feel bettter about myself
Ella Rose (1 month ago)
This is like medical practitioners vs medical scientists. Scientists r the brains and practitioners are the extroverts who get paid so much for distributing the answers to the population.
Frivolous Savage (1 month ago)
School teaches you what to think, not how to think? A students are like machine competing for A's and studying shit that won't help them in the future > (only HS).
Merita Hrustanovic (1 month ago)
just for flavour: grades correlate very little with "success", in some studies not even significantly. grades have weak criterion, construct and content validity; grades can be influenced by Rosenthal & halo effects. they're not valid predictors of anything. however, if analysed what results in good grades on average, we're talking different things: 1. conscientiousness (discipline, perseverance) 2. low levels of neuroticism; those seem to be partly good predictors, its all part of a greater context. some C people may have the potential, but just not the (1) discipline, or high levels of neuroticism (2) that influence their grades. Potential, however, is there regardless. i really despise seeing vids like this.
Deus Vult (1 month ago)
All the people here complaining, I’m a B - minimal A student and I’ve already gotten a business off of the ground. Complacency is the real enemy. And yes, the C students run the world, because they’re not blinded by their academia and know how to stand on their own two feet.
Anandu Dharmapalan (1 month ago)
Failed a multiple times and dont get a high earning job So go for small business Some grow and the company gets big Thats a simple reason While good earning job people continue with their job
2PeopleAndAPerson _ (1 month ago)
Brought to you by: F students
Fluff Ball (1 month ago)
This may be true. A lot of straight A classmates I know are less creative and simple minded. But the C or lower students are often complex and creative. That's just my experience.
Learner's Factory (1 month ago)
Sir u r English language is smooth and nice... For easily understanding
bhuwan shah (1 month ago)
What the hell is wrong with everyone. Studies is bullshit. Don't you all get it. It's fake. Only the education we get from it is somewhat helpful. What about understanding of life, what about understanding yourself as an individual, What about knowing who you are and your purpose in the world. Is there anyone with me on this. I just hate to see people going in the wrong direction.
bhuwan shah (1 month ago)
This video is shit. A, B,C grades are bullshit and don't determine our intelligence at all. People who are actually smart will learn the education of life, know what they are going to achieve, instead of competing for stupid marks. God we are sooo backwards. Screw this stupid video. Shame on you.
maksiboch channel (1 month ago)
And what about b?
Flying Boi (1 month ago)
Just be an average student i guess.... and try to atleast pass all your subjects
3bou Oo (1 month ago)
So... Are you rich brother?
ThePrettyPaw (1 month ago)
This video makes us daydreamers look bad. I daydream, but I still get good grades. How creative you are shouldn’t be your excuse for getting Cs’. So please, do not start to get bad grades because this video said so.
Dtrkshadow (1 month ago)
Really its who wants success bad enough and is willing to make sacrifices... it has absolutely nothing to do with grades. When you want something bad enough and are willing to make enough sacrifices to get it are you then successful. In that sense even your run of the mill f student which isn’t mentioned can even be successful.
Cold Blood (1 month ago)
The most confused ppl are B students
Marcus Bryan (1 month ago)
Gary lin yong jia (1 month ago)
The thing is only a small amount of the c students will be rich. Because as a C student myself I know that we like to procrastinate. And everything gets done in the last second.
javi moran (1 month ago)
just go for the B "perfectly balanced as all things should be" - Thanos
SWU FILMS (1 month ago)
What if I’m a B and C student?
AC (1 month ago)
And our future doctors dropped out of medical schools and start to “cure” people in order to earn more 💵
Mohd Irfan (1 month ago)
I was in university in Malaysia, taking economic bussines and honestly my result in sem 1 was very C, lower CGPA. My chinese friend insult me in silent, and i was embarrased, i know that they got A in final exam. They also didnt wanna pick me as member of group asigntment, i felt like im stupid. But i love arts and design, i have ideas of bussines and i have that knowledge even though i can't score A in final exam...
c keller55 (1 month ago)
I don't study but I get a's
emergerq (1 month ago)
High grades mean precisely dick in the real world. Confidence, common sense and tenacity is all you need.
Kimi Gilas (1 month ago)
welcome to ips
David Chajon (1 month ago)
What about F students
Football FC (1 month ago)
This video gives me hope. Thanks man!
WOOLFY MODS (1 month ago)
I’m a B student
SharpShot101 (1 month ago)
Guys we are all forgetting that our school system is messed up... so don’t worry 😉
Random stuff Asians (1 month ago)
lik3 albert einstein he dropped out of school
Parallel (1 month ago)
Or you can just join us.
Fleef_ (1 month ago)
great video
Anon Rahman (1 month ago)
Yo I have a D. Im all set
Kash Kashleta (1 month ago)
Be a 'A' and 'C' student . You still can go to university , get a bachelor's degree or maybe specialise in something , and then open up your own business based on your field . You can be billionaire !
Yp 878 (1 month ago)
I get an A in social studies B in math in ELA C in science So will i be a scientist?
DDot98 (1 month ago)
well time to rip this 8 page essay that will drop my 94% exactly to 74%.
huncxo (1 month ago)
C students felt this
Kshitij Patil (1 month ago)
CGI Future (1 month ago)
How about E students
Something Network (1 month ago)
Hold up how about the “G” students...? 🤔🧐
Something Network (1 month ago)
Made witch powtoon right?
Aalisha Byles (1 month ago)
What about B students?
pterodactyl _ (1 month ago)
Anyway being A student is better than lazy students who thinks that they can succeed through business without any hard working or experience. This video just straight up insulting education.
Dr Phil (1 month ago)
This video basicly says: If you not the boss, you not gonna be making boss money.
straight busta445 (2 months ago)
What about the shit student's
Tetro pt (2 months ago)
I’m a c student but try hard to get A and i can in some because here in Portugal it’s difficultier to get good grades
Martina Nilsson (2 months ago)
I seriously find this thumbnail insulting. So what, you think A-graders won't have a succesful future you biatch?
Mayank Raghav (2 months ago)
Dislikes are only by A or B grade holders 😂
That Guy Shawn (2 months ago)
Daniel that was a great review. Thank you man.
Paul Japhet (2 months ago)
not all C students may become financial success but only it depends from strong effort to focus on his/her own goals to business issues by following a proper strategies including a Discipline on business and this may be come true
Plane Centre (2 months ago)
This is so false! Doctors who we’re once A students are making millions! C students are most likely too lazy to get good grades in school, which means they’ll be lazy in the general world!
bennies fried chicken (2 months ago)
obviously we should believe people who make trillions every year
Remark4ble (2 months ago)
Cant vait for the wery next wideo
Tensky (2 months ago)
I write this b4 watching the vid fully -DAMN. ALMOST ALL OF MY GRADE ARE A or A- --_--
brandon debnam (2 months ago)
The C students will not follow the social norms of GETTING a job. These C students will instead MAKE a job. Congrats on being an engineer, but the sad truth is you can be fired due to a medical emergency where the business owner with multiple Channels of income will be fine and making money while off his feet. Your security in your job is your ultimate downfall.
Steven Snyder (2 months ago)
horrible video, dont listen to this bs
MARCO_MATE (2 months ago)
The truth is that if you were a C student and then you became vero important and successfull, means that you could be an A student.
quantum world (2 months ago)
😊hiiii Have a good day everyone and enjoy life no matter who you are

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