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Check out my latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCrrLdxEXtA WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” STUDENTS BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI | ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY Hello everyone and welcome to another rocking video/article by Beginner Tuts! Today I’m going to be talking about how I recently felt like a blind man seeing the Sun for the first time: trust me dear viewers, after reading the book “Why A Students Work For C Students”, you will definitely be getting the same feelings and vibes. In his book, the author Robert Kiyosaki talked about a strange new principle: he believes that schools and colleges release a batch of employees, and in them, there will be the ‘A Students’, the ‘B Students’ and the ‘C Students’. Kiyosaki explains that even though the A Students are the ones who study well, memorize well, and give the best tests, they end up being employed by the C Students, that is, the creative thinkers, dreamers, and future entrepreneurs of the batch. And guys as weird as it may sound, this theory is in most cases true: the C students, that is the backbenchers who have failed a thousand times before finally succeeding in making their own business, become more financially stable than the others. Having failed so many times in their life already, these people knew how to tackle it in their career and were unafraid to take the risk of setting up a new business – a characteristic that is somewhat lacking in a top tier student for whom failure may be a foreign concept. I already talk about this in my other post of “Finding your passion to get successful“. Or you can check out Robert’s Book here: “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. Now let’s take a second away from Kiyosaki’s theory and talk about another concept, one I am sure that the majority of you watching this video are familiar with: the parent theory. Study hard, get A’s, find a job, buy a house, buy a car… the parent theory goes something along the lines of this. But the flaw in this theory is that it doesn’t let a child find and nurture his own unique gift, and neither does it make them financially stable in the future. If parents could focus on personal development motivation for their children instead, help them find the path they can walk on with genuine love and passion, in the long run, it would be much more beneficial than a stamped piece of paper with a test grade. In our rapidly advancing world, every graduate wants the things he has been taught to want – the job, the house, the car – and they believe that using the money and investing it into a nice car or home is an asset. In Kiyosaki’s book, we learn that this is not the case. Dear viewers, if you add up the tax payments, fuel expenses, and whatnot, you shall soon understand that these expenses are the reason you are close to getting bankrupt and very, very far from becoming rich. There are far more lucrative ways to invest your money and I will be doing you the massive favor of naming some. If you wanna pay zero tax this year? then check out this book “Zero Taxes“. Read More Here: https://beginnertuts.net/why-a-students-work-for-c-students/
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Beginner Tuts (4 months ago)
New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY
Giancarlo Maru (1 month ago)
I'm a c student and i got dream having a company!!
Seth Kahn (5 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth what are you talking about? And how is that a response to what I said?
Seth Kahn (5 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth I’m replying to the video in general. Jeff bezos owns amazon, and he went to the best university in the world
Seth Kahn (5 months ago)
What about Jeff Bezos?
Un normie cualquiera (5 months ago)
Good for you buddy. Good luck out there
Bambo Productions (17 hours ago)
Bill gates was also a very smart person. He got a 1590 out of 1600.
GalaxyBowserJunior (19 hours ago)
I’m an all A’s and B’s student (not bragging), so when I get a C or below on a test or quiz, I start freaking out and have bad thoughts for a long time. I hardly even forget when I do so.
Trial Takagami (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants to work under a boss simply because it won't be my problem when they get bankrupt I can always find a job at another company
Luis Diaz (2 days ago)
What if you're a B?
seni quadri (2 days ago)
your car could be an asset because it is helping you to get to work earlier
Sailesh Sriram (2 days ago)
You’re completely wrong. It’s the other way around most of the time. Dedication and hard work are the most important things to becoming successful in life which C students lack. That’s the hard truth.
Ethan Johnson (4 days ago)
Pfffff Only in Merica CAN WE STUMP THE TRUMP?
Gamers Thug life (5 days ago)
Guys let's be proud when you gets a F grade
Killua Zoldyck (5 days ago)
Well why do drop-outs work at McDonald's?
SGL Gaming and More (5 days ago)
But my basketball coach makes players with a C run 12 suicides So I always maintain that A
samm thakur (5 days ago)
nice now i can work towards getting a c and working in a community college and after that all of a sudden get a creative idea and start my billion dollar buisness
Fastrol (5 days ago)
jeff bezps is the richest man on earth
patrick santino (6 days ago)
lazy people will think how to get their job done in every other way than doing it the normal way.
Ezra Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Dude I try so hard to get A’s ugh
Nexodys (7 days ago)
Me: junior high student with intermediate programming skills. A's and B's. Example kid at my school: obnoxious, doesnt listen, low attention span. C's D's and the occasional B. Your saying i would work for him?
MAX Points 099 (7 days ago)
its all about the B students baby . Plus this video is kinda crap it makes a good point dont take it to literally though if your going to university or college for the parties or because its just something expected of you STOP take a break rethink your life breath and take some time out of school to learn about yourself if you discover you would love a career which requires a degree to get a good foot in the door go to college or uni.
BMK500 (7 days ago)
Fuck yeah! 2.0 GPA slacker gang represent!
Nicko Valentino (8 days ago)
A students need someone dumb enough to pay them money C students need someone smart enough to do their job for them it's harsh , but the rough sketch is here
jokova kosivo (8 days ago)
This is suprisingly True. I got C's in my Computer Science Degree. I mean a lot...lol... But i have a Software Company.
Missy As Msiavies (9 days ago)
I am an A, B & C student. Recently i’m getting B’s and everyone is getting A’s. They think I’m really dumb. I am forced to do what I do not want to do. Your grades don’t define your intelligence at all. I am a huge lover for success and I have failed a lot of times but I am not giving up. I believe that failure is the key to success. Let’s be fair here, Don’t just think that C students are lazy and dumb and Don’t judge A students for being successful at all times without even failing. We all have plans and decisions and that depends on you. Only you.
grenouille (9 days ago)
The statement "A students work for C students" makes sense, because A students work under the instructions they are given and execute them very well, while C students are more laid back and don't want to work under instructions and prefer to have creative freedom, hence why C students might create their own business in their freedom and A students work under the instructions they are given by the C students, or at least that's how I see it. Of course this is not a generalization (the scenario I listed is probably very unlikely) but in that context it would make sense.
Arkansas Outlaw (10 days ago)
Both A and C students work for the dropouts
MATH SIKHO (10 days ago)
Which software do you use? Please tell me
Underwear Baker (11 days ago)
Dude your pretty much saying that every C student or lower is Bill Gates Xd
Alfredo Chaj (13 days ago)
But didnt Bill gates go to harvard??
Alfredo Chaj (13 days ago)
Umn jeff bezos is the richest
Raad Yusuf (14 days ago)
Although I'm doing satisfactorily well I'm confident I can get a nice paying job
Mr Gamer (16 days ago)
Jewish parents taught their kids different than average parents
SpicyCake (16 days ago)
A "C" student if they are well mannered
Kent Barnes (16 days ago)
It's got nothing to do with grades, it depends wether u know what u want and u have a passion for it if not then ull go anywhere else u don't wanna ve
tsooling (18 days ago)
heres the thing about these videos — they will never encourage C students to work harder, in fact it will only discourage A students to not study. Is that the point of this video?
Leak Sopheak Thida (24 days ago)
Even so, not everyone can be creative, thats y the only thing they thought theyd be good at would getting good grades and such..
Pramod Ingale (25 days ago)
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Xmiro121 (25 days ago)
I think the theory that "A students work for C students" is marketing ploy by rich people so the people will easily look into this and work less and fuck up. Stop settling for mediocrity people, and go challenge yourselves!
Eljohn Crisostomo (26 days ago)
What video editor did you use?
Financial Phase (27 days ago)
Grades in general don't prove anything.
Rahul Paul (28 days ago)
If this is the case then everyone is gonna be my bitch
Tr3e_Reap3r (29 days ago)
Bill gates isn't the richest man... but continue
Tahmid Bhuiyan (29 days ago)
do i need to do worse in school now on purpose
Youtubesurfer01 (30 days ago)
This is a generalization... sucess depends on the person not some trends
Raven Thomas (30 days ago)
This video is bullshit. Grades don’t determine life success but there’s definitely a strong correlation between school grades and job type/money earned.
Ali Hassan (30 days ago)
Bruh a small amount of c students who just party but got connections make it, if your the avarage joe work hard get your A’s and make a smart choice to get into a field they you enjoy but that is specialized as well
Sam Hale (1 month ago)
This video is based upon exceptions as examples... this is a farce
STEM 2 Productions (1 month ago)
3BEkGr31AY2VmGRb1wrUDsAb2oRcj4AwKy btc address pls help. donate
RealSpritGamers 2 (1 month ago)
Although i am a student who gets who remains in top 3 students in class i watch these types of videos when i get 80 out of 100
Simplynesley15 (1 month ago)
Well I im a b+ student so what in it for me I’m above average I used to be a c student but I want to go to college so I’m going to start to try
cayosabana (1 month ago)
A lot of C students do not have an entrepreneurial spirit and do not do well as an entrepreneur.
Porogami (1 month ago)
This video only applies to the American school system
007Cat24 (30 days ago)
Porogami It only applies to *exceptions* within the American school system.
diego torrez masias (1 month ago)
That is bullshit dude, that's why you only do stupid YouTube videos
Azri Mustapha Lit (1 month ago)
Your videos are really good . Actually these are true . Never thought of it until now
lmao 420 (1 month ago)
This comment section is not getting the point. Education is important to get a job you also need experience and skill to do the work which schools don't teach. The c student have these and can be successful. They would've experienced failures help them in this
Richard Neal (1 month ago)
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Angelbreeze (1 month ago)
i feel like the idea that c students tend to have a worse work ethic was skipped over, I'm not saying all do, some work really hard but don't test well, but majority is low work ethic
Arinc Stingray (1 month ago)
Masturbation can block you to reach opportunity and life performance . . .it destroy your potential...trust me , i am a hiumen diud !
Joey Grotentraast (1 month ago)
I actaully like the space jokes..
Victor Jacobus (1 month ago)
Hondeer (1 month ago)
Exactly! Mom and Dad always just said 'Get good grades Hondeer so you can get into a good college!' > Okay! So I took easy classes to get good grades. 'Get good grades in College Hondeer so you can get a good job!' >Ok! Took courses in the Arts because I was really into it at the time. And TBH, the easy courses in college allowed me to start a small business that has thrived over the past ten years. BUT... Now Im back in school going for a BSE in Auto Engineering becaauuusseee, those easy classes allowed me time to play with what I really wanted to do. Build cars from scratch. Lesson to anyone reading this: If you have kids, have them take classes in HS that nuture their interest. Not just 'get good grades'. Don't have them just take AP classes either and be a Tiger Mom. That's just as bad. 'Watch OfficeSpace for the destination of those poor souls'
Lisa Anderson (1 month ago)
5k A students disliked
enescu stef (1 month ago)
"Take risks, don t be afraid". Because the guys who lose write the history books, right
Saman Shafiei (1 month ago)
the example in video is pure bullshit, what is right is that people who are not afraid to make rational risks are more successful than people who only choose the secure path
CosP0 ! (1 month ago)
nitro tube (1 month ago)
I choose c
DDD Productions (1 month ago)
*Rick and Morty flashbacks*
BA7 (1 month ago)
Like you are saing A students never have failed before and they are afraid to take risks
BA7 (1 month ago)
What about B students?
McSerkonov Torse (1 month ago)
Good Sir, It looks like Bright Side tries to copy your video. as long as I can see, it has the following : - Same topic - Almost the same Thumbnail Thank you for reading
Penerjemah ILmu (1 month ago)
i hate video compare something like A and C.its nonsense,its just execuse to escape just do u best.
Moist bagels (1 month ago)
I knew I should drop out and become a YouTuber
This video is not true, someone who has a A* can earn £350,000 more on average than students who recieve a C*
007Cat24 (30 days ago)
TECHXPERT OFFICIAL That‘s fully correct.
paruru monster (1 month ago)
In my country, it doesn't matter whether your an A or C when you were a student. what matter is that you have connections from company or business that you can use after you graduate. Ex. person1 was an excellent student, good grades and achievements etc. person2 bad grades barely pass his subjects, lucky to have graduated. Even though exact opposites they knew each other very well and in good terms.Both of them tried to applied for a job, took entrance job exam, then went through a series of interviews. Person1 did those tasks with ease. Person2 just went through it and wing it leave it all to luck. Person2 got the job because he got connections inside. That's how it works... A year passed, and person1 tried again on the same company and finally got the job. The question is....how did the person1 got the job?
99% of the billionaires are dyslexic. Bill Gates dyslexic Steve Jobs dyslexic Richard Branson dyslexic Warren Buffett dyslexic. I really believe it has to do with the brain dyslexic people are very creative. I think if you want to be a billionaire you have to be dyslexic.
007Cat24 (30 days ago)
Innovate Or disintegrate Coming Soon Bezos finished with an excellent degree.
Alejandro Orduna (1 month ago)
Most of my classes are enriched, i have ABC in most, and have an F in ap world history, what does thats say... Realises my gpa is fucked*
Cookie Mite (1 month ago)
I failed a shit ton of exams in my school life. More than me, or anyone can think of. I am that boy that dreams off to my wonderland when the teacher was teaching. *mainly because the teacher was teaching stuff in the language i don't know but me failing is just my part of life anyways* I never failed once only last year, i was an A student only last year. This year i am back to my own roots, otherwise, i still need that degree. I don't care if i am an entrepreneur or what not. I don't wanna be one. I just want to be an astrophysicist. That's all
Braelyn (1 month ago)
This is true there's this one kid in my AP world class and he never has fun. Like I feel bad for the kid. We are doing a class project in the class and he was complaining like "I just wanna do an individual popsicle stick project". All he does is go to school and study, which is good Bc he might go to a Ivy League but he has no atheletic or creative side. I also might add that while I would prefer an individual project as well, the class project we're doing is sooo creative and the kid is afraid because we're going to be losing classtime (even though projects are supposed to be hands on learning.. and plus he would still have to do it on his own and in all honesty he'd probably complain about it taking out of his study time) sry for the people who actually read this rant lol
Dana May (1 month ago)
You should make the A students happy for earning those good grades but instead you beat them down. This country is ass backwards. I disagree with that video.
Dana May (1 month ago)
Well that's not how it's suppose to work ass
SmartDerp (1 month ago)
So You are saying that those C students WHO plays fortnite 24/7 is more creatvie thinner than me?
SmartDerp (1 month ago)
Thinker not thinner
Rahul Pratt (1 month ago)
Those who dream big , they ultimately finish being a creative one.
Vicky TV (1 month ago)
amartyya basu (1 month ago)
It's a true fact , working hard all my life and becoming a doctor I earn peanuts from the govt My friends who didn't study much went on easy or entered business now earning 4-5x of whatever the hell govt pays me
Cutlyn (1 month ago)
No. A students can still work well with consistency Just b cuz they haven't failed before doesn't mean that they would in the future C students are making a risk starting a business which could make or break their way to being a millionaire. Trust me My grandparents to my parents were all A students. And that's probably why I get to enjoy this luxury today. C students are more suitable for businesses since they are more social. BUT. Like I said it's making a risk which would be nothing new for them. We always hear about the ppl like Steve jobs who succeeded and not the ones who don't. Why? Cuz they probably failed and our now living for scraps. But small businesses work fine too
Treevis Berkhart (1 month ago)
Arshad Marzuq (1 month ago)
Thats why our parents are trying to trick us being employees instead of having some ideas what to do next while studying
Nicole Hates math (1 month ago)
Imao im Asian and everyone’s says there smart I am dumb as fuck
Math Kinger (1 month ago)
That is why be an A+ student!
Patel Falgun (1 month ago)
I am really a C category student who always thinks about trading and investing.
ToorTiemie # (1 month ago)
Shit I'm straight A
Daniel O (1 month ago)
I didn’t know that I was being limited by my good grades I should work harder to lower them only then I can become rich like Jeff bezo, bill gates and warren. Buffett. Oh wait they all had good grades in Ivy League school hmmm....
Daniel O (1 month ago)
Bush jr. was a c student and he turned out great as a president. I mean starting and managing a war inefficiently and everything. It’s like he didn’t use family connections or anything to get all of this right, it’s because he was a c student obviously. Guys let’s follow in his foot steps and waste the economy.
Anmol Thakur (1 month ago)
What happens to "B" students???
artery (1 month ago)
Tbh i dont think its the struggle of failure they had went through. It's just that they know themselves that it is extremely useless to memorise things that is in no use at all. In an exam they are testing for your memory. The C students tbh, some would have creativity and critical thinking, shittiest thing is that its way outside of the textbook. What i notice is that they tend to be insterested and curious. Once they are, they would read books irrelevant to what their school are teaching. Im a C student myself, aint saying im smart nor dumb tbh. But persnally i hate how secluded education is. I should be memorisinh for my essay but im reading a book about fashion loool
Marco R (1 month ago)
As a former A student who hasn't progressed yet in his career, I can say that the world of work is much different from University: a firm is an organization of people, stop. If you've never worked in an office you cannot imagine; it's all about your personality, confidence, humility (never complain, but act), discipline etc. Some of my former University colleagues are Project managers or Platform managers and they were A-students. Some have found the right firm, others were extroverted and used to have fun while at the same time get high grades. I think it's all about deciding what you really want to do in your life and overcome obstacles
Johnny A. (1 month ago)
I rather be poor and intelligent.
Yo Yo (1 month ago)
Hard work is important like achieving A grade because no matter what people say or not just give your best to achieve which you want the most :) Best of luck with your journey
Giotto XD (1 month ago)
Bill Gates isn't the richest man on earth, the owner of google is😑
007Cat24 (30 days ago)
Giotto XD That‘s not correct either. The richest man is Jeff Bezos.
DeeJay LJ (1 month ago)
Remember, Bill Gates was a dropout
DeeJay LJ (30 days ago)
He dropped out of college
DeeJay LJ (30 days ago)
I didn’t say that but whatever
007Cat24 (30 days ago)
DeeJay LJ He didn‘t drop out because he was failing. He was an excellent student and very smart.
Riasat Ahamed (1 month ago)
This is BS.
Felipe Salazar (1 month ago)
I mean no offense,but pls add subtitles next video. It's a bit difficult to understand some of your words. 🙂
Jonathan Espinaco (1 month ago)
Yess am rich

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