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WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” STUDENTS BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI | ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY Hello everyone and welcome to another rocking video/article by Beginner Tuts! Today I’m going to be talking about how I recently felt like a blind man seeing the Sun for the first time: trust me dear viewers, after reading the book “Why A Students Work For C Students”, you will definitely be getting the same feelings and vibes. In his book, the author Robert Kiyosaki talked about a strange new principle: he believes that schools and colleges release a batch of employees, and in them, there will be the ‘A Students’, the ‘B Students’ and the ‘C Students’. Kiyosaki explains that even though the A Students are the ones who study well, memorize well, and give the best tests, they end up being employed by the C Students, that is, the creative thinkers, dreamers, and future entrepreneurs of the batch. And guys as weird as it may sound, this theory is in most cases true: the C students, that is the backbenchers who have failed a thousand times before finally succeeding in making their own business, become more financially stable than the others. Having failed so many times in their life already, these people knew how to tackle it in their career and were unafraid to take the risk of setting up a new business – a characteristic that is somewhat lacking in a top tier student for whom failure may be a foreign concept. I already talk about this in my other post of “Finding your passion to get successful“. Or you can check out Robert’s Book here: “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. Now let’s take a second away from Kiyosaki’s theory and talk about another concept, one I am sure that the majority of you watching this video are familiar with: the parent theory. Study hard, get A’s, find a job, buy a house, buy a car… the parent theory goes something along the lines of this. But the flaw in this theory is that it doesn’t let a child find and nurture his own unique gift, and neither does it make them financially stable in the future. If parents could focus on personal development motivation for their children instead, help them find the path they can walk on with genuine love and passion, in the long run, it would be much more beneficial than a stamped piece of paper with a test grade. In our rapidly advancing world, every graduate wants the things he has been taught to want – the job, the house, the car – and they believe that using the money and investing it into a nice car or home is an asset. In Kiyosaki’s book, we learn that this is not the case. Dear viewers, if you add up the tax payments, fuel expenses, and whatnot, you shall soon understand that these expenses are the reason you are close to getting bankrupt and very, very far from becoming rich. There are far more lucrative ways to invest your money and I will be doing you the massive favor of naming some. If you wanna pay zero tax this year? then check out this book “Zero Taxes“. Read More Here: https://beginnertuts.net/why-a-students-work-for-c-students/
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Beginner Tuts (1 month ago)
New Version of this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaQRrMBbeY
Seth Kahn (2 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth what are you talking about? And how is that a response to what I said?
Seth Kahn (2 months ago)
Jon Hollingsworth I’m replying to the video in general. Jeff bezos owns amazon, and he went to the best university in the world
Seth Kahn (2 months ago)
What about Jeff Bezos?
Un normie cualquiera (2 months ago)
Good for you buddy. Good luck out there
Taira How I'm a ABC Honor Roll student not to brag but I just graduated high school with District Regional State and National reconsion
Unknown Person (19 hours ago)
but I heard that Hitler was a good kid in school and got straight A's..... just found that on the Internet nothing much
Lazy Mary (1 day ago)
after seeing this video i am going to become a C student
May Blue (3 days ago)
So I should drop out of school and become rich and thanks!
Shanu Vk (3 days ago)
I am B Student
Rhenaldi Wijaya (7 days ago)
Iam naturally an a student even though i dont study as much. Does that mean that i cant create a company and will work for c student?
J J (8 days ago)
Ha take that Asian parents
KemicalKiddMUSIC (9 days ago)
All the butthurt A students in this comment section when you know dam well you going for that A grade to end up working for the man. Also, he never stated that working for the man is a bad thing at all. You're getting money and having a house/car etc. so what's so bad about that? Maybe it's your sense of pride that you're working for a C student lol but really who cares not everyone is meant for the same things. A students are successful too it's not one sided. And if you don't like working for a C student then become your own boss arent you an A student use your brain 😂
Surya Varanasi (9 days ago)
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Ravikumar Chanana (10 days ago)
'A' students may work for 'C' students, but the 'C' students look up to 'A' students and are proud of having them.'A' students get everything.
Jake Borene (11 days ago)
Many bosses are C students, but not many C students are bosses.
j.v vlogs (13 days ago)
I want to be a c student but how
Dricx Varilla (13 days ago)
TIP: BALANCE YOUR EDUCATION AND LIFE, but u still need to make desisions or else u wont answer and might get stuck to that choosing of desision and fail at balancing at life
Black Wigga (15 days ago)
I was a D student and I got a better job than A students some of whom are still unemployed. I was never interested in getting grades per se but I studied material and tried to develop a deeper understanding of it. I am now more motivated on job than I ever was at school.
Jan BH (17 days ago)
What program did he use for this video? I love it
Dean Mucaj (18 days ago)
Yep a student's work for c students till their business fails
John Jarrard (18 days ago)
Ok im a B student what will happen to me .-.
sha sr (20 days ago)
Back bencher💪💪💪💪
Mukesh Rani (20 days ago)
So from today onwards you'll see me at the back of the class..Xd
Benhur Bjay (20 days ago)
You're saying that the C, D, and F students in my school who smoke weed and drink alcohol daily will most likely be more financially stable than me?
Caleb D. (21 days ago)
I’ll se you at the top👍🏻. I’ve tried college. Tried becoming a programer, tried to be a doctor 😅, a therapist, and tried to get a business degree. All failed. I lost everything. So I sucked up my pride and went into the trades. When I saw the pay my jaw dropped. The pay was way more than what colleges falsely promised me. I’m now earning it and pushing daily for a 2nd and 3rd income. I guess all that life ending failure paid off. -Please comment similar stories, I’d like to see if anyone else took this boat?
Nate Hawk (23 days ago)
Take that tryhards in my Geometry class! Go on, keep sucking the teacher's dick to get your stupid A++! You nerds will work for me! The slacker! Ha!
abhay raj (25 days ago)
abhay raj (25 days ago)
i also
Katie Datzman (26 days ago)
Interesting video. I am not driven by the idea of wealth, but you did make some good points. It really isn't wise to only have one source of income. A side business would only benefit me in the long run in case of emergencies and give way to more opportunities.
g7c3 g7h8 (27 days ago)
Bill Gates isn't the richest man anymore he wasn't when this video was made He was overtaken by Jeff Bezos
ElladanKenet (28 days ago)
I emphatically disagree. I grew up as part of that upper level of students who got mostly As, with the occasional B. Compared to most of them, I skitted by with minimal studying and work, and still did pretty good... though not quite as good. The A students were the ones who had much better work ethic than me, and I'll freely admit that. In hindsight, I was full of myself, and I should have put more effort in my studies, something I did a lot more of once I got into college. Secondly, parents, while very important, aren't the only thing. Or rather, homelife isn't. Genetics matter: you get your brain from your parents, and if your parents weren't great at math, there's a pretty good chance that you will not be either; not guaranteed, but significant. Such is true of the rest of your ancestors, with decreasing significance. For instance, say your parents both have brown hair, your maternal grandparents have brown and dirty blonde hair, and your paternal parents have brown and red hair. Most likely, you were born with brown hair, but there is a chance that you could have red or dirty blonde hair. Same goes with other traits, including base intelligence. Base intelligence is not learned intelligence. Rather, this describes how your brain functions and how much it struggles to overcome problem-solving on its own. You can see it in animals and infants, particularly those you know have not come into a specific problem before. Leaned intelligence is made up of experience and memory, and requires us to either memorize something, or be taught something. To a degree, learned intelligence also depends on your base intelligence, on how quickly you understand and retain concepts. A students do not necessarily lack a concept of failure. It assumes that A students have always been A students and did not have to work hard to achieve such status. Your argument also assumes that C students are always C students. But if they work hard and study hard and become successful, doesn't that make them A students? The reality is that A students tend to surround themselves with other A students. This is true of all people; we tend to gravitate toward people we share common motivations and interests with. While there are certainly lots of exceptions, it's not as simple as "the C student works harder and the A student is unimaginitive."
Giraffe God (1 month ago)
Miss me with that bull shit
Cameron Dye (1 month ago)
In short, C students don’t go by the book and have original thoughts. A students stick the script and end up in normal jobs some of which pay well but they typically don’t start huge companies etc. I work hard to sustain my grades due to pressure from parents but it is not where I focus a majority of my attention. I know school isn’t a metric of adult success.
Yash .I (1 month ago)
He is known as a con man in here Japan.
Atlanta718 (1 month ago)
Take risks, have multiple sources of income, and invest in yourself Always look for opportunities to grow your passion, interests and earning power.
IReallyDon'tKnow (1 month ago)
This video is just going to the demographic of people that are not doing well at school or did not do good at school. These videos are a loud of bs. Giving out false motivation. C STUDENTS WON'T GO THAT FAR IN LIFE! Certain C students are highly successful because of luck and certain upbringing. Stop believing this bs. Don't try to make people feel happy and great from getting a C. Every student should be aiming for A's.
india Top (1 month ago)
What software and techniques you used to make this video. Can you say?
Mohask Tv (1 month ago)
Education limits you, but experience expands your options.
5k people hate their lives haaaahahahahha
So true! Be bold!
Abhishek Gupta (1 month ago)
Nebucadneza (1 month ago)
Blah blah... all you say is right and wrong at the same time. The person who does the right thing at the right time gets it. Its all about just doing it
web com (1 month ago)
https://webiyan.ir/ وبیان
trouble about (1 month ago)
no, its actually because those who can memorise just become parots unable to think for themselves even though they are supposedly intelligent. they are the ones who become doctors and pescribe poison meds for the rest of us you couldnt talk a free thinker into doing that but you can with people trained to make money using a corrupt school certificate
Yinka Fajobi (1 month ago)
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Sam Faber (1 month ago)
eh, you can still be an A student and be a creative thinker, a dreamer or a future entrepreneur.
Jimmy Junga (1 month ago)
Now we know how to be Elon Musk
Sitc (1 month ago)
I’m a straight D student!
dash mann (1 month ago)
what about D students like me???🤔
Dante 67 (1 month ago)
So what are you saying, we should stop being A students to be successful...please
ataarono (1 month ago)
What this video clearly shows is a strong Survivorship bias. Chances of these tips to work out for you are low. Also, they are very Imprecise and obvious like "be creative".
MangoSock 90 (1 month ago)
Pretty much the relationship between china and america
Zachary Arendse (1 month ago)
What about E students!?!?!?
Allan Baal (1 month ago)
4.7k shitty nerds :v I hate people who expect to spend their full lifes doing the same thing, the same work, the same house, the same place.. where's the emotion on that?
Hot News Tin Tức (1 month ago)
very good
thesuper hellminator (1 month ago)
Well this only applies to the teachers pet A students because all they do is memorise the school shit and when it comes to real life they fail but for the actual smart ones who dont have to study and still ace the test those almost always succeed
griselda fezullau (1 month ago)
You don't have to be an "A" student to achieve though... You just have to be logical, open-minded, have a strong will, manage your time properly and never give up... I'll give you an example... I'm on my 4th year of college and I have a few "A" students there... One particular girl studies sooo frekin much like all you can see her do is study and have a book in her hands... There was an exam one day and she was studying and memorizing for that exam two weeks prior always saying to me "it's so difficult"... I on the other side, started studying 2 days prior to the exam... We both got a 9/10 but the difference is that in those two weeks all she did was study while I was working and making money and having time for my friends and bf... Overall that has happened a lot if times and she accuses me of cheating... Lol... That is not the case is just that you should know how to study...That's because when you decide to study you have to try and get into the logic of the subject not memorize it... Also something else I have noticed... " A" students are so good in theory but when it comes to lab they don't know what to do and they do mistakes most of the time... I am not saying by any means that you should not study hard I am just staying that everything you do in your life must be done with logic... Work with patience, calmness and not stereotypes...
Tommy Yu (1 month ago)
So is it a good thing that I don’t read at all
czarek czetyrba (1 month ago)
XXROBLOXX DERP (1 month ago)
What about F student
Dr Lee (1 month ago)
why I am clicking "C" while I was trying to find ''A'' lol
Fieryy. Dawn (1 month ago)
What about B students?
SadieeMel (1 month ago)
Darkpaladod (1 month ago)
Not to be rude but honestly I am not going to work for a "C" student no matter how convincing you can try to make this argument.
Ram Prakash (1 month ago)
Not true brother. Not all C students are creative geniuses/ not all A students mug and are uncreative. A- students are at the top because they found a creative solution in the exam.the harsh truth is, C students are C students because they are slightly stupider. Maybe being the B student is the best position
SkyDemon (1 month ago)
i dont study but still got only A :D
Righty SnipeZ (1 month ago)
It should be B students. B's taste failure and success and have a healthy balance of creativity and productivity. A's lose focus of creativity and focus more on productivity. Revolutionary ideas come from the creative and productive person.
Firstname Lastname (1 month ago)
What a fat crock of shit.....
malski826 (1 month ago)
Wow! Present information about (something) in a way that provokes public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy.What does that mean people? Well first of all, the title of this is a part stolen quote from an entire quote that Robert Kiyosaki used and did not make.Its not original, but because it has his name next to it he knew he could push it regardless of its flaws and inaccuracies.Like the books he sells not just him but many who get over on the public because we buy into the prosperity bandwagon.Its easy to sell because most people want to be rich.Theres never enough people to sell your thoughts and ideas to on becoming wealthy.Now get out there and write your book develop a brand(Rich Mike 1,2, and 3) about how you did it and( you dont have to tell the truth) just tell one heck of story about how you got rich.
SouthernWulf (1 month ago)
So I'm joining the US army and I can have a second source of income than that would be owning a farm.
Thicc Boi 97 (1 month ago)
Why?? ya bitch
raja rakshit (1 month ago)
Reuben Cole (1 month ago)
Well great. So you’re saying that as an A student, I’m destined for failure?
MaddenedMine (1 month ago)
For anyone who believes this: Are fucking retarded? Why would you believe this. What logic does this use?? Oh yeah smart people who do things jnife work for lazy ass shits. Now I'm not a smart person. I'm smart but I don't do anything with that so i qualify for lazy ass shit
This is biased advise coming from a resentful millionaire who got rich from his Daddy issues. For God sakes work on your grades if you want to get into med school, clinical psychology, or iBanking. I took enrolled into a bachelors with this advice and I’m paying for it now at the end of school with crappy grades and having less opportunities available to me BECAUSE I NEGLECTED MY GRADES. Kiyosake is resentful towards intellectuals and academics and it’s disgusting. If everyone were as dumb as he is we wouldn’t have culture or advanced technology. Take Jordan Peterson’s advice. Be a fucking boss A student with opportunities.
Aidan McCarthy (1 month ago)
the f students are gods
Akshat Mehta (1 month ago)
Yes, but we could say that ON AVERAGE, A students end up with a more economically stable/emotionally stable/physically stable adult lives than C students do
ASDFx2 (1 month ago)
Explain that to Harvard grads.
Johnny Dang (1 month ago)
Great wideo
wowowo wowo (1 month ago)
C students only hire A students tho B students are not getting anywhere
SuperFounder (1 month ago)
A students are useless , you can't put them to do anything because they know only to read and do some school problems. And most of A students think they are really a masterpiece and they choose jobs like writer or something old fashioned and they end up poor
RontheHybrid (1 month ago)
C students aren't always lazy. The school system is designed for certain students to learn in a specific way. Some catch on, others don't. If you think our education system is what makes you smart, then this video is correct. Our education system is very linear and does not cater to all in the same way. Getting a degree probably wont make you a boss but instead may get you a job. Committing your 'free-time' to reading books and learning the trade is what makes you a boss. You don't learn everything in school and all schools aren't created equal. So if you're not committing your free-time to learning your shit but instead rely on school or your grades to determine your knowledge, you're going to be that A student who won't make it to boss status, but that college dropout who networked with people in the trade and got hands on, he may be your boss instead. If you do go to college it's what you make of it, not just your grades or degree.
Mistah FTM 739 (1 month ago)
Wrong. I don't work for plagarists. I sue plagarists. DIE LEECHES.
Joel Thomas (1 month ago)
Yeah because all C students build their own businesses u delusional cunt
Joel Thomas (1 month ago)
ur such a bullshitting cunt
Not5 Carry! (1 month ago)
4:19 Përçejzing lmfao this guy is retarded. Not by the way he spells (that's the least of his problems), but by these shitty hypothesis which he himself doesn' follows. Also has a clickbait title
vamping jack (1 month ago)
I also think like kiyoski( sorry if misspelled) even before watching this video and i am just 16 years old
Mmy Mmy (1 month ago)
Regardless of what grade student you are, it doesn’t limit your creativity levels. For example; just because you’re an A student, DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU’RE NOT CREATIVE. Just because you’re an A student, DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU’RE BAD AT SPORTS and etc. Also, even if you’re a C student, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re more creative than an A student. Stop with the stupid stereotypes.
Ian F (1 month ago)
I used to fail my class, I was the nobody, then one day something clicked, I can't change the past but I can make a better future and I believed in myself.When I graduate, I had medals and honors and I even managed to be enrolled in a great university. I am studying to be a bussinesman.
Jason Lurf (1 month ago)
I believe "A" students are similar to "A" players. "C" students are similar to "C" players and so on. A players, I've read, work and don't make time for fun or friends and family. B players work hard, but make some time for fun, friends and family. C players don't work as hard as A and B players, but like to make time for friends and family. I read an article about A, B, and C players after watching a few clips about Steve Jobs and the argument he had with Woz. The movie with Seth Rogan.
btvbrndn (1 month ago)
Robert kiyosaki is a fucking hack don’t listen to his bullshit advice
Creative Rocket Studios (2 months ago)
What if you think like the C guys but has the knowledge of an A one??
Marwan Saeed (2 months ago)
What about me? F students 😔
It Is Pootis (2 months ago)
sure, some entrepreneurs have very successful businesses and become rich, but many others go bankrupt and run out of money.
It Is Pootis (2 months ago)
if your grades are crappy you're not going to get into a very good college. If you dont get into a very good college, you're not going to get a very good education. Without a very good education, you probably wont succeed as an adult
Mr Blue (2 months ago)
You shouldn't simplify things too much, saying things like: "Poor people have only one source of income" is true, but on the other hand, it shouldn't be discouraged when you're just starting your own business and entering the world of business. You have to put all the effort into your new business and if it gets off and running and you have a good amount of money, then there's a time for diversification. If you have a couple of millions / billions, you can't afford to have it all in one company, because it's too risky. But if you're just starting out, focus on one thing and master it, be the best, defeat all others, then take over other business. But you know what they say, everything's possible, so maybe you may have multiple sources of income early one, but it doesn't make too much sense IMHO.
Mylife24/7 Joy (2 months ago)
Who else is an A student crying at the corner after watching this ;-;
Surya Varanasi (2 months ago)
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A Real hacker (2 months ago)
"F" students, stay students.
Gyro Pollo (2 months ago)
Mine is B, so what if I love farming :/
Krishan Taneja (2 months ago)
I'm a B grade where am I?
Sheena Calvins (2 months ago)
I'm an "A" student and I don't know anyone with a "C-" lol
Jacob Christianson (2 months ago)
But nobody wants to have a lodger
Cory Clark (2 months ago)
Nice video.. I see a lot of truth in this. Thanks for sharing and reviewing he book.

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