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Trading on equity explained

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Chapter - Financial Management Class XII (Business Studies ) For notes and questions Check our blog : www.bstclass12.blogspot.in
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Bhumi Gupta (2 months ago)
Nic explanation..... Thank u😊😊
kavitha mohan (4 months ago)
Super mam now only I understand this concept mam thank u mam
Madhusmita Barik (5 months ago)
Amazing video... Thank you so much mam
Soumi Mukherjee (8 months ago)
Thank you so Mam..!! you explained this so clearly 💛
Sonali Devi (8 months ago)
amazing video ....really helpful.😁😁😁...thank you so much..plz upload more & more videos..very nice explanation.
Mahesh Goyal (10 months ago)
mam trading on equity se to shareholders ko faayda h company ko thode hi h
Mamta Narula (10 months ago)
Mahesh Goyal Trading on Equity benifits shareholders as their Earning per share increases. This will lead to increase in share prices which is the main objective of Finance manager of company (Wealth maximisation)
Amazingggg soooooo good explanation loved it.
Gurr e Sekhon (10 months ago)
this had helped me 😊
CyberSecuritySolutions (11 months ago)
i like you
Roli Sharma (1 year ago)
Here maam u hv said ki financial management aims at maximising market price of equity share and not aims at maximising sahreholders fund but in the book it is written that it aims at maximising shareholder's wealth?? a bit confused kindly help
Roli Sharma (1 year ago)
thanku maam.. this video has helped me a lot.
Mamta Narula (1 year ago)
Main aim of Financial Management is wealth maximisation of shareholders.. Which means taking such decisions which increases Market price of Equity shares. So it is same thing as mentioned in book
kenny omega (1 year ago)
thank you :)
Kaviraj Komare (1 year ago)
eps m ye 1 lakh kha se aaya equity capital to 10,00,000 hai
Mamta Narula (1 year ago)
For calculating EPS(Earning per share),we need to have number of Shares. Since Equity Share Capital is given in Rupees,, we have to divide it by face value of share. If nothing is mentioned we take face value of share to be Rupee 10. So 10,00,000 Divided by 10 gives 1,00,000
Mamta Narula (1 year ago)
Assuming face value of share to be Rupees 10. so divide rupees 10,00,000 by 10 .we get number of shares 1,00,000
Sarika Biwalkar (1 year ago)
Very nice video which explains the concept so well of company's capital. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic.
rodit batra (2 years ago)
You r a very good teacher !!!

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