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Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

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What is UBI? How would free money change our lives. Kurzgesagt Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cRUQxz Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): https://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt?ty=h Kurzgesagt merch: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH The MUSIC of the video: Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2BHihcO Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2AY8lPf Facebook: http://bit.ly/2qW6bY4 A few sources: Cash Transfers and Temptation Goods http://bit.ly/2gfkwsN Debunking the Stereotype of the Lazy Welfare Recipient: Evidence from Cash Transfer Programs Worldwide http://bit.ly/1lFeO5Y The Poverty Trap http://bit.ly/2iCv9cK The short-term impact of unconditional cash transfers to the poor: experimental evidence from Kenya http://bit.ly/2ixSbEn Opinion: Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart http://nyti.ms/2vzE1be Modeling the Macroeconomic Effects of a Universal Basic Income http://bit.ly/2xLWUFi On the Economics of a Universal Basic Income http://bit.ly/2BdHoaX What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? http://53eig.ht/230Td6X Cash Transfers and Temptation Goods – A Review of Global Evidence http://bit.ly/2cXUTyY Cash transfers: what does the evidence say? A rigorous review of impacts and the role of design and implementation features http://bit.ly/2av62Ya Cash as Capital http://bit.ly/2rGvlgZ THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US: Kelly-Anne B, Kevin Perot, Ehsan Kia, Larry Peterson, Verteiron, Kristofer Sokk, Lily Lau, Fabian Keller, Hrvoje Stojanović, Chris K, Rebecca Lawson, Jonah Larsen, Tombfyre, Carlos Fuentealba, Logan Spalding, Richard Williams, Sylvain Gibouret, Paul Cowan, François Agier, Tristin, Matthias Monnereau, Qiiii Wang, Hendrik Ewe, Jenny Wang, Steve Root, Erickson Dias, Daniel Dod, Peggy Snow, fxenergy, Stephan Wölcher, Christian Strømnes, Michael, Dave, Anders Mærøe, Peter Sodke, Mathis Rehfeld, Obedient Gamer, Mersija Maglajlic, Christian Kleinferchner, Luke Stowers, Macrieum, Joanna Iwańska, Eli Mahler, Kevin Stamps, K., Mike Danielson, Harethh aljagbir, Panayot Todorov, TechyTF77 , Jacob Hilliard, Paul Flynn, Raymond Carter, Luke Welton, Ryan Kratt, robert oseveno, Hugo Chuang, Seggev Shoresh, Mechanically Cryptic, Niklas Widmann, Moshe Simantov, Sebastian Link, Leezdorfer, Andrei Robu, Karla Brilman, Jason Lopez, n0mir3k, Daniel Mardale Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2 Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI
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nat hen (1 month ago)
Andrew Push (1 month ago)
I'm sorry from someone whose studied economics. I dont know why this is seen as "scientific". If your gonna popularize an idea that's politically charged do actual research (looking up a topic for 10 minutes on Google doesn't count).
Arty Ficial (1 month ago)
niiiiice plug x
Sue Blue (1 month ago)
No, it only makes you create more socialist bullshit like this! Go and live in Venezuela if you want free money!
Andrew Zhou (4 hours ago)
in Canada, the richer you get, the higher the taxes. that is really fucked up. You worked hard and earned all your income, but then you actually get less than you worked for, because a huge chunk of it goes away to income tax.
Andrew Zhou (4 hours ago)
With higher and higher taxes, the wealth you gain and the production you create is imbalanced. lets say your salary, which is the value of your production, is $100000. but with taxes, lets say a 25% income tax, the wealth that you actually get, is $75000. Then you add the other taxes that are imposed on you in daily life. Like GST, HST. You don't really gain what you are worth.
Andrew Zhou (4 hours ago)
heavy taxing is never the solution towards stability.
Andrew Zhou (4 hours ago)
But where do they get the money for universal basic income.
Andrew Zhou (4 hours ago)
why distribute the wealth. people earned wealth. you can't touch personal property.
Mars Aerglo (5 hours ago)
1000 a month is NOT enough to live sustainably anywhere in the US as of 2018
Mystic (8 hours ago)
UBI open up
pentolp (12 hours ago)
*communism intensifies*
kutduytdutd (12 hours ago)
If everybody is having UBI, some prices may even go down. Rents for example, are, nowadays, a kind of UBI for many owners I know (which are actually ppl from the middle class and almost all of them inherited their apartments). If these ppl had an UBI granted every month, Im pretty sure they would lower a little bit their prices. Anyway, I was thinking about Paul Ariès, a french journalist and intellectual, talked about gratuity of use and overpricing misuse. For example : we decide that, at any given time and place, a human need 200 L of water a day. It would be free to that amount and then, from 201 L, the extra liter would be crazy expensive. As far as any resource is scarce, it would be submitted to this principle. Countries could compete about which one has the biggest amount of free stuff. You talked about laziness like if it was a sin that we must avoid at all price. I disagree. What if we all could live like if we were all crazy rich ? Big data, AI, automation of most of the economy, nuclear Fusion (?), etc, could , at some point, enable all of us to do wtf we want, without even thinking about what economy means.
kutduytdutd (9 hours ago)
​+Polygon Death I dont see why would that be a legit argument.
Polygon Death (10 hours ago)
kutduytdutd but commies are what we fought against
Twilleh (15 hours ago)
Finland tried this and it absolutely didn't work at all.
Bruno (1 day ago)
It is worth to think about it...
Charles McCarron (2 days ago)
How do we do this with open borders?
Polygon Death (10 hours ago)
Charles McCarron you don’t do it and you close the borders
Nick Voss (2 days ago)
America's greed won't solve poverty.
George Chakhidze (2 days ago)
Communism. Renamed.
Nagendra Mishra (2 days ago)
In simple words It's just giving money For free So that people can just survive
Sanif M (8 hours ago)
True, keep in mind that unlike in the past where humans used to forage/hunt for food or subsistence farm, people today cannot do the same, due to laws, society etc (on a country by country basis that is, since people are still having to forage/hunt for food in Africa and the Amazon).
petrol devo (3 days ago)
Where will all that money come from if no one is working ? So I take it the robot will earn money and pay taxes ?.... this system will just not work. This video is bullshit !
The Real Vinyl (3 days ago)
I hope this actually works, I hate being constantly ostracized by soceity for not having a car, a job and food on the table 😢
The Real Vinyl (8 hours ago)
+Polygon Death like I said ostracized, so it's my fault I'm jobless and destitute?
Polygon Death (10 hours ago)
The Real Vinyl Most people who don’t have generally normal items it’s because of bad decisions. I genuinely feel terribly sorry for the people who have skills but are in poverty because of theft, kin, etc. but most people can find a job if they own the skills needed for the job.
Andreas Heger (3 days ago)
I believe, when 90% of human population have no job because of the digitization, BGE will be necessery, also for the rich - because if many redundant workers, who don't have job and money, there will be not purchasing power anymore, so the rich would be out of job and money as well.
Another Statistic (4 days ago)
On SSDI I make $1,047.00 US a month. I also get $15.00 dollars in food stamps a month as a single man. The apartment I live in charges me $239.00 a month which is 30% of my un-adjusted income. Now, I didn't go on SSDI from a "good" job or career I was only making 10.50 an hour so people like my mother who are now retired get 1,200.00 or more a month which is almost enough to actually live at least keeping ends met and repairs etc. done but no vacations, unless you count going camping.. Anyway, I spend the rest of the money on my Vehicle/gas, Internet, phone, medicine, entertainment and food, how I manage is beyond me, I don't drink or smoke and I don't take any illegal drugs. I keep wishing for "actual COLA increases" to match inflation today. I could go out and get a job as he said, part time, there are programs to do this in my situation but it would cost me TIME, GAS, MORE REPAIRS on my car etc. and it may just not be worth it (Don't tell me to sell my car because you know how difficult it is/expensive to get around without one. BUT if they increase income to people like me who CAN probably work and WOULD if there was more incentive like my earned money doesn't DECREASE my SSDI money therefore actually helping my situation, GREAT. Republicans or (conservative) people would argue though, that more money to me would create a lazier me or a drugged out me. I don't really care though, I'd still be living as a poor person and they could do whatever they want. I just want a better life, why can't our government stop paying billions for every single helicopter, tank, missile, aircraft carrier, submarine ETC. and give that money to a General Help Fund to help give people a comparable payment each month? By the way, giving people more money/ UBI for those that CAN work will help DRIVE the economy which is what the rich want anyway. Giving money to people will only help the people thus helping capitalists. The problem is it would be a "trickle up" economy which would give consumers the power and the rich don't want that. My fear is they will instate such a program but then prices will just go up and I'll be barely getting by once again. Btw I don't own an I-phone etc. and my car is 12 years old. I'm not "Livin la vida loca" here. I think one of the most important things we need to do is re-structure the government, figure out where the money is going and why, then say why does xxx cost so much, why are we employing xxx number of people here and there and whoever, and why does this missile cost 30 billion dollars? can't it get shaved down a bit I mean metal and explosive material only cost so much there's too much inflation among war profiteers and they are milking the government for trillions especially those "no bid" contracts that's BOKU bucks for doing almost nothing. I know there's a UBI out there, and at the very least, no cost healthcare etc. for people. Other "Non war profiteering" countries have already made great social systems and are doing very well! It doesn't make their people not want to work, like he said it gives you a floor to stand on so you're not drowning. What you decided to do after that is your choice! You try to live on 1k a month with VERY LITTLE help as we do here in the US and tell me we don't need to adjust for inflation or cut other things like the out of control military to help get our people the care they deserve. Most of the money they collect just goes to billionaires who are already rich beyond their dreams, time to change.... You may not agree, and you may call me a slouch but I am just one of many people dying to get a better life for myself in this harsh world. A simple fact to end, Corporations alone spend BILLIONS a year just lobbying to change laws in their favor and to keep things like minimum wage as low as possible. If they just donated that money to government to help people we wouldn't be in this mess. there are 50 solutions to the problems corporations have made, and they aren't interested in them because that doesn't create desperate people who will work any kind of job for any wage to survive. They want rat people who slave away for nothing!!!!!!!!!! WELL NO MORE BITCHES!!!!!! TIME TO RISE UP!!!!!!!!!! The mess I'm talking about is how most people need to live in Subsidized apartments which costs the government money, they are on food stamps, another government program caused by corporations not paying wages to keep up with inflation. There are TONS of programs out there that subsidize one thing or another for people who are poor. If corporations just did what they should be doing with those extra billions *paying their employees a living wage* we wouldn't need 80% of those government programs which are RUN BY TAX DOLLARS. This war is a war of "who pays the check" or what have you... The government is stuck paying for our food/water/shelter/heat/daycare/planned parenthood etc. when if we just got paid enough we wouldn't need the help, or maybe LESS help. Since corporations just care about share holders and their CEO's they take their billions and invest in bribing people who try to change things (Lobbyists bribing/paying off lawmakers) in their favor instead of helping people. There you have it, it's the rich against the poor and the poor are getting quite angry about our situation.
Sanif M (8 hours ago)
Spouting some truth right here except the rat people part (although it is half true).
Emperor Golfin (4 days ago)
stop removing natural selection
Sanif M (7 hours ago)
natural selection in the sense that you think of it is FAR gone and probably for good. I can guess what your thinking but if it actually happened you wouldn't like the results, and I can almost guarantee that unless you're really messed up.
Polygon Death (10 hours ago)
Emperor Golfin everyone here in this comment section is a commie... I love actually reasonable comments
kristopher stone (4 days ago)
Sounds like communism but ok
karunakar pradhan (4 days ago)
DragonCharlz (4 days ago)
If I had 1000 extra dollars a month, I'd still work for sure. I would just be able to realistically pay off debt and then do more fun stuff instead of worrying about how I'm going to pay bills
XxxAnti_MatterxxX (5 days ago)
communism 2.0
Soham Awesome (5 days ago)
With UBI, everyone would stop working, so that limits the moving forward of society. UBI also takes away job specialization.
Sanif M (7 hours ago)
how on earth does UBI take away job specialization? like people who aspire to become something and not just live by would still be doing the same just a bit easier.
Vathek (6 days ago)
Giving money universally inevitably means giving it to those who don’t need it, reducing the amount that can be given to those who do. Ultimately, if this was paid for by getting rid of welfare, it would make the poor worse off as instead of all the money going to them, it would also go to the middle class and very rich. So how about we fix our welfare systems (some flaws were pointed out in this video) before we decide to give our tax money to those who don’t require it and reduce the amount we give to those you do.
Heyitzgren (6 days ago)
This video was made on my birthday
ŹÆŁØŤ VÆŁĪŘ (6 days ago)
Tanner Denny (6 days ago)
I think it's a resounding duh
joshua ting (7 days ago)
Is there not universal basic income in the Gulf States?
abraham kibret (7 days ago)
UBI would cost the government upwards of $2 trillion
Lord Privateer (8 days ago)
You have got to be joking. No inflation? This is ridiculous. Have you seen the experiments with UBI in Iran?
Funny Memes (8 days ago)
If I could chose my job, I would be happy because there is a job I really want since it seems interesting... if not, then work is a chore...
Polygon Death (9 hours ago)
Funny Memes work should feel like a chore
Jam Solos (8 days ago)
iii SCOOP iii (8 days ago)
How to waste money on tobacco?
JJSmith Lago (9 days ago)
I don't think I would be working if we had UBI.
Clorox Tree (9 days ago)
I would definitely not want to work if ubi was passed. It would be like a dream come true but realistically I would probably re-enroll in college and work after college. BTW I'm in college now with $0 of student loan probably getting a degree that will pay me over a 100k. Be smart like my generation gen Z don't be stupid like millennials and get student loans and useless degrees not to mention go all four years inexpensive University due 2 in Community College unless you have a scholarship but most importantly don't be a retarded millennial
Nathan Weatherspoon (9 days ago)
Don't be fulled people this is just repainted communism. The best way to live is to keep one thing in mind, nothing is for free.
Conex Xenon (9 days ago)
I like the idea of just having something to back me up when i loose my job, not that i would stay jobless, just the idea that shit doesnt go down if i get fired.
Patrik Szabó (9 days ago)
It doesn't need to start at $1,000 a month for everyone. Might as well be just 100 bucks or so per person. I've entertained the idea of doing this in the EU: €100 per month to each of the ~450 million citizens (excluding the UK) would require just a bit above 4% of the EU's combined GDP. While that amount would be of little help to most in Western Europe (except for their poorest), it'd bring a roughly 20 percent income boost to the average Eastern European household. But I do think it shouldbe tested over and over again and fine-tuned before being implemented on any large scale.
Karl Marx (9 days ago)
Guess it's time for communism!
E L (9 days ago)
This utopia socialists want is amazing.
ivan bregar (9 days ago)
Liberals: we want free [insert goods or servises] Conservatives: how are you gonna pay for that? Liberals: *O* *O* *F*
If everybody gets $1000 prices will simply rise. I don't know how UBI keeps the free market intact to be honest, the argument that is given as to why there won't be any inflation is correct, but that doesn't mean prices can still rise. Say everyone gets $100 per month to spend on their basic necessities, if then suddenly everyone gets $1000 to spend on their basic necessities, the prices will also rise.
Jonathan Hughes (10 days ago)
We are said to be a Christian nation,right?Where did Jesus day have a cost of living or an income or finances or price tags? God did not creat the term expenses. I challenge you to find that in any Bible. God the giver of all saver of your soul needs to be in us. Freely you have received. Freely give.
Rajid Mohandas (10 days ago)
This idea sounds good but would be almost impossible in a country like the US, the US makes around 17 trillion a year. We have around 300 million citizens. Times that by 12k and you get 3.6 trillion dollars. While that may be possible with 17 trillion there'd have to be major cuts to many other branches of government. This would only be possible in a world of peace, countries where this type of socialism happen dont have big militaries and can depend on the US for support if anything happened.
Adapple (10 days ago)
If UBI was a thing, then I’d probably go for an education in language.
Kaleb Bruwer (10 days ago)
Okay, so what you are saying is that such a program will cost the US $300B a month, that's with federal spending already way above tax income, and then working hours will decrease by 10% as well? So where does this money come from?
palitsa (10 days ago)
Hmmmm... should UBI be forced to be paid in cash/currency though?
austin pierce (11 days ago)
This guy is an actual communist.
Uranium 238 (11 days ago)
Communism anyone???
Marquis (11 days ago)
Watch the video about robots taking our jobs and than you see the solution for the problem in this video.
Shohan Tutorial (12 days ago)
Universal basic income is just so that corporation can hoard all the wealth and give just enough to barely scrap by while acting like they want to help us.
ramiro tapia (12 days ago)
Habría que ver esos estudios, se ven medios chantuelis
Smug Anime Face (12 days ago)
No one would work retail. I make $11,000 a yr working retail and going to college. It's not extravagant, but I get by myself perfectly fine. (Note: I have no other support other than my own money. No parents or family memebers give me anything). I make that amount in a really good retail position at that. I guarantee you, if there were a UBI, NO ONE would work retail. NO ONE would work fast food. NO ONE would work the restaurant industry. The video implies that people will do other work like being doctors, pilots, and so on because it is challenging. The lowest level jobs in our society, with which I have personal experience in, would be be vacant. No one would work a McDonalds shift because they thought it would be challanging. It's not. It just sucks. That shit would not get done and our society heavily relies on all of those kinds of work. Not everyone is cut out for work that isnt that either. A better solution might be to raise minimum wage to accumulate at 12k a year given that the individual worked 40 hours a week. At least then, people are earning a livable wage for a good amount of honest work.
luciferangelica (12 days ago)
6:50 what? i get to live in the simpson's house?
DaroZuo (12 days ago)
Why do people just keep insisting on taxing the rich. The only people that should be taxed are the people that demand more taxation. Economic growth and prosperity is achieved through an unconstrained market not wealth redistribution for the love of christ. Murray Rothbard is twisting in his grave
Sulaiman Aljabari (12 days ago)
🤔 hmmm the volume in the tube doesn't change as liquid flows out
Ivan Dmitriev (12 days ago)
The planet would be better off and the work efficiency much higher if those 61% of people were paid to do nothing at all or pursue their own wishes - by creating and doing something they ACTUALLY care about. As a manager, I've often see this problem.
Hattytheman 44 (13 days ago)
Getting richer does not make the poor poorer it's been proven multiple times that as the rich get richer so does the middle class it is a hoax that the middle class is shrinking
Kirk Bupkis (13 days ago)
$1,000 a month is the poverty line? That's pretty fucked up considering the maximum amount you can receive from the government if you can't work is around $750 monthly. That's how we treat the disabled in the "greatest country on Earth."
Kirk Bupkis (6 days ago)
+ivan bregar are you kidding me? Do your research, American taxes are spent much more on military than Social Security, and if you don't have family to take care of you? What then? Beg on the street just to be able to eat? Sorry, but that's fucking barbaric. A civilized society takes care of their sick, not just cast them to the wayside, that's a disgusting way to think. Anyone that's disabled and really can't work will tell you they would die to be able to hold down a job, I'm not talking about lazy people looking for a handout. The fact that you don't think you should pay a few dollars out of every paycheck to help support the much less fortunate is quite frankly immoral.
ivan bregar (6 days ago)
+Kirk Bupkis Nobody is entitled to government money because the government is not there to give you money. If you dont work then you cant get paid. Your family should take care of you. I hate it when people get dependent on government money not just disabled people but also single mothers and all kinds of people. And then when you expose them they call you barbaric and evil. Honey, these benefits that you receve are not free somebody has to pay for that.
Kirk Bupkis (6 days ago)
+ivan bregar For someone that was born disabled and physically can't work? They aren't entitled to govt benefits to survive? Or to be able to live above the poverty line? That's pretty fucking barbaric of you to say.
ivan bregar (9 days ago)
The money for 0 work should be 0$
Jess (13 days ago)
Did he say richer people use drugs and alcohol more!? *MORE!??!* More than people who are in poverty. I'm all for a UBI but that sentence is a straight up lie Your researchers should be ashamed with the cherry picking they had to do to make that up. Convenient this is the one fact you don't source. Your own study you listed states "Results show that on average cash transfers have a significant negative effect on total expenditures on temptation goods" Meaning, people who are better off financially do less drugs Shocker! Someone please explain this bull they came up with
Steve Lindsay (13 days ago)
Let's talk About The Disabled In Ontario Canada. Implement The Basic Income For The Disabled People Who Are Absolutely Dependent On A Living Allowance. The Disabled People Who Cannot Work Have Been Left Destitute With No Means To Improve Their Situation, Who Are Forced To Live up to 50% below The Poverty Cut Off Level according to StatsCan. Perhaps It's To Hard For The Government Employees In The House Of Commons To Understand What It Is Truly Like To Live Off $900 a month and pay for everything out of that amount. Heat, Hydro, Food, Consumables, Gas, Insurance, Property Tax, Rent or Mortgage, To Name A Few. and the list keeps going. These costs are every single month. Month After Month The Struggle To Survive Cripples The Disabled People in Ontario. Forced To Eat The Cheapest Food They Can Find, Forced To Live In The Cheapest Living Quarters They Can Find,,. It Is Living In The World Of Absolute Poverty and The Government Could Careless Other Than Giving The Bare Minimum The Computer Models Came Up With.. Consider Allocating An Income Near The Poverty Cut Off Level For The Disabled So They Can Have Atleast Some Quality Of Life. The fact That This Conversation Even Exists Goes To Show How Badly Those Relying On ODSP, Or CPP Have Been treated by The Government We Fund Through Taxation. It Is Broken. Poverty Needs To Be Eradicated In Ontario For The Disabled, and that should not be up for debate.
Kyle Walsh (14 days ago)
Anyone that thinks UBI could actually work and not end in a tyrannical police state is blinded by idealism and ignorant of man's true nature.
Grant Green (14 days ago)
Inflation will still occur even if there is only a shift. To accommodate a shift of money to support a UBI, you will require either higher tax rates on everyone or an increace in corporate and income taxes for the rich. When you cut into corporate bottom lines they will offset the losses somewhere else. Now if you shift money from defense spending and other welfare programs you could negate this; however, government's already utilize borrowed money to pay for these programs. In the end inflation will catch up.
Chiestnick Super (14 days ago)
If I could I would totally be a patron 🙂
AnCap AF (14 days ago)
13k commies disliked this video
post boredom (14 days ago)
The rich already pay the lions share of taxes.. They can just go to another country if the people get greedy enough to push it, and there won't even be food stamps so people will have to get a job. I almost hope it happens. The "poor" in the US don't appreciate the fact that their standard of living is the same as middle class in the rest of the world, yet still demand more. We have the most spoiled, fat, greedy "poor people" in the world here.. Oh and violent. Over 90% of violent (including sexual) crimes are committed by people who are collecting food stamps at the time of the crime. Which means they weren't acting out of true desperation, its more about time and opportunity. Many actually admit they were just bored! Maybe if these people had to work to eat, they wouldn't have time to rob people and steal cars to joyride in. But hey, what do i know..
Rabid Mayday (14 days ago)
Thank you for discussing the reality of welfare.
MilleSimon (14 days ago)
8:10 don't let that guy be close to you at all in the left corner...
Elektřina TV (14 days ago)
About giving extra taxes to rich poeple. That will be kind of comunizm, because they are doing this.
thesupergreenjudy (14 days ago)
Sorry to say that but I would probably be watching Youtube all day....
Mad Lad (15 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the simpsons house
R Nickerson (15 days ago)
I would try to earn every collegiate degree I could possibly obtain and write all the music that floats through my head everyday.
DiabloMinero (15 days ago)
If we had a UBI, I don't think we'd need a minimum wage. Once people could survive without immediately taking the first job offered, they'd be in a much better position to negotiate fair wages, so they wouldn't need the government to negotiate for them.
Rogan Phi (15 days ago)
alexandru dumitru (15 days ago)
Jacob Buffinton (15 days ago)
I thought the poverty line in the US was 21k and not 12k
Smush (15 days ago)
This is the best way of explaining the UBI, without being biased or blaming outside things for it being hard to realize
Alfa&Omega 00000 (15 days ago)
It might be a good idea. Socialdemocracy must help capitalism improve,becuse at it is now it won't last
Akash Guha Thakurata (15 days ago)
If companies are taxed highly, they'll simply move to another country with less tax, UBI is not feasible and practical
Tracytron 54321 (16 days ago)
Space Force Cats (16 days ago)
Having less taxes taken out of my $#@! paycheck would be nice. I could save more and put it into a retirement plan or fixing my house.
stephen smitty (16 days ago)
Richard 1 (16 days ago)
Already been tried and rejected by the population of several countries. Turns out that the robot issue is still far away and people really hate when the government steals money from hard working people and giving it to deadheads.
l wexler (16 days ago)
Trenten Edward (16 days ago)
Automation of most jobs + ubi = ?
Pavlik Shimko (16 days ago)
play one of these games: evoltion of trust,the madness and/or wsdom of crowds (if you want ubi then your whole team is fired and becomes a pixar worker for trash movies ,and I thought america was about free dom now some people telling you what to do we have FREEWILL!
Pavlik Shimko (16 days ago)
Jf Sm375 (16 days ago)
Okay now check what is happening with the ubi in argentina and then we talk
beanlefiend (16 days ago)
Question: where does the money for UBI come from? If it is coming from government revenue from taxes, then it is another pseudo-robin hood policy (in that it is not stealing from the rich, but from the middle class who handle the tax burden). Stealing is not okay.
Harshit Saxena (17 days ago)
Please translate it into indian respect and in hindi language
John Gilmour (17 days ago)
a justin trudeau tradition = implement something with no prior planning, it will remove much needed funds to support canada's tax paying citizens, who will have to bear the consequences, of this looney prime minister?????????????????
Antin Imperio (17 days ago)
There are 325 million people in America. Multiply that by $12,000 annually and it costs $3.9 trillion. The federal budget is $4 trillion (2017) with a deficit of $650 billion. 2/3 of that money was mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and other), while 1/3 is discretionary spending (Defense and other benefits) and interest (debt). In order to pay for it with the current budget, the government would have to replace with UBI and still have to borrow tons of cash. If it keeps all programs, then the cost if double the tax revenue. If the government excludes top 20% from UBI, then it becomes welfare. Now, who would pay for it? The government can borrow the money, but that way it only accumulates more debt and because that is over $4 trillion this is not even a short term solution. Some people suggest increasing taxes, but that would decrease revenue (Laffer curve, around 33% tax rate brings the most government revenue in the US). Then there are even more problems. It is very counter-productive (just like welfare). Finally, all of these projects require even bigger government (it is already big enough). I really don't see this ever become reality.
Andrew Lipscomb (4 hours ago)
+I David The parents or legal guardians of the children would need a bit of extra cash for every child they have to care for, and retirees would still need UBI since they still have expenses.
I David (4 hours ago)
It's not 325 million times UBI. Children would not receive UBI. I am not sure about retirees.
Andrew Lipscomb (5 hours ago)
+David The Gamer Are you familiar with the concept of capital flight?
Kronos (8 hours ago)
+i'm just a spectator so you assume that people are only gonna use the money gave by the ubi and hold onto the rest they earn and not spend it ? i guess you are the retarded one, if people spent more money the states gets more money let's take an easy example so you understandd my point of view, say i earn 10 dollars a day, the taxes take half of it away for the state so i'm left with 5, i get 10 more dollars free of taxes from ubi, i now have 15 dollars, say i spend all my money buying candies that are taxed at 50% the state gets already 12,5 dollars from the investment they made, you can ad to that the money they are gonna get from taxing the revenue of the guy that sold me the candies, so the more i buy and the more the state gets money, that's economic for you
Antin Imperio (9 hours ago)
+David The Gamer UBI does not remove the welfare ceiling, at least not very effectively. A lot of people would stop working or become even less productive because they'd be fine with $12,000 a year (3rd category of workers). The tests show the opposite, but the difference between them and the real world is that: a) people tested know that their UBI is temporary (so they cannot do anything stupif like quit their job) b) their UBI is funded by money from outside sources (basically guarantees that UBI won't go bankrupt; there're no outside sources in the real world). Real UBI has never been tried.
Numaan Qayoom (17 days ago)
Can you please study Zakat in Islamic Law, Its a small payment every Muslim has to pay to poor people our of their wealth every year 2.5% to be exact. Can u guys study its effects on economy if done on a huge scale. It is abided as a mandatory duty of any Muslim and it is perhaps a way of UBI.
Kangsan Kim (18 days ago)
Perhaps we can achieve this more easy by taxing on AI-powered industries. I think it's alright. I don't know to the exact name of this opinion, but there is a lot of information about this on the internet, library and everywhere. This might slow down the AI industries' development speed so that they can adjust to the real world possibly more healthier and at the same time, the neediest people can benefit from it. Many people predict AI could make more jobs and I kinda agree to that but I want to say, to its nature, I assume most of that jobs made due to AI will likely be not suitable for a low educated person. So by doing what I said, not only educated people can take advantage from technological advancement, I think the poorest people can afford to catch up on artificial intelligence or even other rather more practical scientific advance than others to actually benefit from them. I understand technological advancements do benefit not only wealthy people but also the poor, but as they do, I'm saying the degree of it can be changed to the more humane way of you say. As a high school student studying AI in Korea, I think this seems reasonable. I don't know how you'll think. What do you think? I want to hear others thoughts on this interesting topic...!
Ultiwamashy (18 days ago)
ça n'a pas l'air terrible cette idée de UBI ça poserait plus de problème que ça ne résoudrait car aucun pays (a part peut-être la suisse) n'est en excédent au niveau de l'argent
Logan Orlikoski (16 days ago)
es-tu bilingue? j'aimerais voir un autre francophone!
Hitesh V (18 days ago)
It sharers the very purpose of money it is pretty stupid
JH Studio (19 days ago)
How you create this video?
LimeyHans (19 days ago)
Stereotypes are based on reality.
Syncrossus BAR (20 days ago)
UBI will have to happen sooner or later. Once AIs exceed humans in every way and the majority of the population becomes unemployed, we'll need a new economic model.
Franzinator93 (21 days ago)
Kurzgesagt: UBI provides social stability, reduces wealth differencies, bird people won't spend money on drugs but they will spend them on self emprovement. Reality: People will get illegal jobs, so they can recive UBI + illegal pay. Illegal workers are happy because they get double pay, small companies are happy because less taxes. Problem? Government? That's not a distopian hypotesis, many countries have this problem granting "more welfare" to "needy" people. They get welfare and have an illegal job to get double payments every month.
Franzinator93 (17 days ago)
+AndDiracisHisProphet I won't protract any conversation with a kid who doesn't respect my opinion calling it "blabbering", at this point i think you are a troll... I was really clear about having a "nice conversation", and you just persist like you are doing it on purpose. You are just saiyng you are right, i'm wrong, you supposed I don't know what i'm talking about when you absorbed all the concepts explained in this video in a trascendental way we barely know... (osmosis?) You know what really prevent your comments to gain importance? The lack of their basis... I talk about how governments aid jobless people, how jobless people defraud governments in the real world, not in the utopistic world where fraud is not part of the human nature. You talked only about the supposition that i don't understand what i'm saiyng. If (as you think) UBI is unconditional (everyone recive UBI, the one who earns 2000$ a month get +1000$ every month (3000$ in total) why don't just deduct 1000$ a month from their taxes? (building taxes, car taxes, phisical person taxes...) so in this way, who pay 12000$ or more yearly in taxes have those money back by UBI, and who pay less than 12000$ in taxes get some extra cash, and who doesn't work at all get 12000$ for free every year. So, if someone get an illegal job and doesn't pay taxes he earns his salary and others 12000$ for FREE. This system is a huge catastrophical incentive to illegal job... If (as I think) UBI is just the difference that compensate a low monthly income to reach 1000$ example: if your salary/pension/subsidy is 650$ a month, UBI gives you the missing 350$ to reach 1000$. If you earn 1001$ you don't get UBI, and if you don't have a monthly income, UBI provides for you with 1000$ per month. In this case a person with an illegal job appears to be jobless to the eyes of the government, so this person will get his illegal salary and 12000$ every year for free from UBI. Kurzgesagt makes a lot of good videos (except for the deep sea nuke and his calendar promotion) but he isn't omniscient, he didn't even say that UBI would sistematically works in all countries. I explained everything now, if you have anything else to tell me about UBI be free to ask (i won't consider anything about how you suppose how much i know what i'm talking about and anything that involves me supposedly blabbering).
AndDiracisHisProphet (17 days ago)
+Franzinator93 you are blabbering because you sound incoherent and/or as if you don't know what you are talking about. If you are really concerned about people working black you should be in favour of UBI because, in contrast to welfare, it does not promote working illegaly. Simply because it IS unconditional. No matter if you work or not you will get it. Welfare would be cut. Get it now?
Franzinator93 (17 days ago)
+AndDiracisHisProphet first of all: this is not 4chan, no one "blabbers" here, if you want to discuss about governments economical support ok, i would be glad to have a interesting talk. Opinions can be discredited by inconsistent basis, not by insinuations. So, let me explain a little better what i meant: in many countries you can get a aubsidy if you loose your job, this aid is not permanent, so you have a limited amount of time to find a job, otherwise you wont have any income after this time. People can get an illegal job take illegal money from this job, and make appear to be unemployed, so they get the subsidy too. After a couple of months, when the subsidy is going to expire, they make a contract with the employer, and turn their job "legal". With an Universal Basic Income you can get this "aid" forever (Kurzgesagt expressly asked: "would you stop to work?") It seems logical that no one want to live with the essential minimum, so, why not get an illegal job? If you seem to be unemployed to your government, you get the UBI, but you can get some extra money doing another job, you can take money from both if your job is not ruled by a contract... An illegal job, forever. You don't even need a pension because there won't be pensions, only UBI.
AndDiracisHisProphet (17 days ago)
+Franzinator93 what are you blabbering about? you could always "work" illegal jobs. you could also always rob people. what kind of argument is this?
Franzinator93 (17 days ago)
+AndDiracisHisProphet whatever you want... People can get double pay anyway with illegal job. That's how people "exploit" the system. Welfare can be given tenporarily to a limited period in some countries, UBI is a little more permanent.

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