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Best Crypto Currency Dash Miner Antminer D3 X11 15Gh/S. Genesis Mining Hashpower

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7F0258B5 D3: Best Dash Miner Specifications of the 7F0258B5 D3 are as follows: a) Hash rate: 15 GH/s (Variation of ±5% is expected) b) Power consumption: 1200W (at the wall, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp). c) Dimensions of the miner: 320*130*190mm d) Hashing algorithm: X11 Referral links: Mining https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1425671 Genesis Mining: Use my code "" wZVMqE"" to get 3% off of genesis mining and I will use your code next time I upgrade https://minergate.com/a/a8b56b14a0b40... Miner Gate: Mine the most profitable coin on your desktop with the click of a button Trading https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?... Cryptopia: Trade a large amount of coins easily. * * * Genesis Mining * * * https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1425671 (Use discount promo code: wZVMqE) * * * Hashflare.io * * * https://hashflare.io/r/7F0258B5 (Use discount promo code: 7F0258B5) * * * Hashing24 * * * https://goo.gl/Xf1wnX
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