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Hi everyone! My name is Savannah and I'm living the best year of my life! I'm an exchange student from the Netherlands living in the America for a year. If you want to see more of me: Instagram: savannahvdijk Snapchat: savannahvdijk
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Jack dull (11 days ago)
Welcome to America Savannah!! I hope that you'rehaving a wonderful experience so far. Looking forward to see more of your videos.
Savannah van Dijk (11 days ago)
Jack dull Thank you, I really am!
Andrew Valle (24 days ago)
Welcome to the United States of America.
Walther Roza (1 month ago)
ben je gegaan via de rotary/ rotex?
Savannah van Dijk (1 month ago)
Walther Roza heyy nee ik ben met travelactive gegaan!
Albania 77 (1 month ago)
Hey did you take any language test?
Albania 77 (1 month ago)
Hey did you take any language test ?
Savannah van Dijk (1 month ago)
Ridi Moco hey! yes i had to take a test with my agency but it wasnt a hard test!
Albania 77 (1 month ago)
Hey did you take any language test ?
Charlotte (1 month ago)
welcome to the states :)
Savannah van Dijk (1 month ago)
Charlotte thanks!
Shag Wellington (1 month ago)
Very nice video. Nice music choices. Looks like you landed in a good situation. Nice room.
Team APA (2 months ago)
Welcome to the United States! So glad to have you here and experience the American life, hope you have such an amazing time, learn a lot, and live life to the fullest! ❤
a00141799 (2 months ago)
New subscriber. Welcome to America Savannah. Get ready for a great adventure.
Single Cookie (2 months ago)
You look so flawless on all those photos!
Savannah van Dijk (2 months ago)
Single Cookie thankyou so much!
jfranklins (2 months ago)
Welcome to the USA. Have a wonderful time. God bless you!
jeanne croghan (2 months ago)
Welcome! I lived in NL Miss the bitterballen.I have a Dutch young mandoing an Intership here in NYC :
Martin Britt (3 months ago)
Welcome to America, Savannah!!! Hope you have a wonderful exchange year. Looking forward to more of your videos.
dana asher (3 months ago)
Good video...many more to come...your "new normal" has just began! Do it all...live it all! Take notes of everything, the difference of the school systems....just have a open mind!
Julia Vroom (3 months ago)
Super leuk!!
Jynthe Rijpma (3 months ago)
Leuke video meis! hopelijk komen er meer ;)
Malou de Vries (3 months ago)
Zo geweldig en heerlijk om te zien dit!! Er komen allemaal herinneringen naar boven! HAVE FUN!!!!
Mathijs Nijhof (3 months ago)
Super leuk om te zien Savannah!

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