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"D" Students Make More Money

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Millionaire and real estate guru Barbara Corcoran (Founder of the Corcoran Group), shares why she thinks "D" students build greater wealth than "A" students. Sneak preview from CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside". Premieres Saturday, April 21 @ 9p & 12a ET.
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chicagoeconomist1 (4 years ago)
this lady likes to hear applause 
chicagoeconomist1 (4 years ago)
I don't know anyone at my income level or higher who was a D student. Literally 100% of investment banks are usually people who grew up middle class or overseas and had a 3.6-4.0 their entire student life.
GuerrillaFPS (5 years ago)
I hate hearing the "A students work for C students" phrase. That's pure bullshit. If a student is a D student, like he/she's smart enough to start a successful business. Just because they're A students doesn't mean they're destined to be a slave worker for an employee, they can start their own business too. "A" students are obviously more intelligent in math and statistics, and that's a good skill for building a high profit business.
Insomniac Chainsmoker (4 years ago)
you never realized that grades are just a reflection of how much you care, did you? i know plenty of guys who would get an A on every test yet barely pass a class because they didn't do the homework. and they didn't cheat. they were actually that smart. hell, i am a C average student and i beat the ACT average by well over 10 points. i took that test hungover. and i never bothered taking it twice. grades. do. not. matter.
Jestice Show (5 years ago)
@NoahClark Times has change most of the kids at my school go to party's and do all sorts of stuff and are in AP classes it more of the people who are in to arts who are not that good in school
noah clark (5 years ago)
Thats right kids get all F's and party all night and you WILL become a MILLIONAIRE!
gentlemonsterkennels (5 years ago)
For most, it will come down to who you know, not what you know. So get an education (something that is in demand). And make sure you get to know people (in that similar profession) because you never know who can help you get your next job once you graduate...
gentlemonsterkennels (5 years ago)
:32 look of death
grigoras sandu (5 years ago)
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sumana Jayathilaka (6 years ago)
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Cookie Chris (6 years ago)
Most companies don't want to hire C or D student, when HR looks their transcripts.. Then starting their own businesses probably is the only way for living.
Sakata Gintoki (6 years ago)
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egdapo (6 years ago)
forget your "good ideas", no one cares abt them, look for real-world problems that people are willing to pay u to solve
Corey Ford (6 years ago)
everything she just said i agree with because i went through the same bullshit with school and these no goods paying jobs and people that became they own boss i understands more be independent and create wealth for your self
Richard Battle (6 years ago)
What you said is how I feel.
sunnyrajput3 (6 years ago)
you are missing the point. i was trying to clearify that people think that being an entrepreneur mean that they are "the boss" and the reason why they think being an entrepreneur is a lot better than being an employee is that the always want to be "the boss" and they never want to be a worker themselves..so they want to be "the boss" from day 1 on their job..that is in imbalance mentality..and at the end of the day every boss has a boss, so its not all roses and rainbows being an entrepreneur...
xbasket12x (6 years ago)
so if there is that controlling factor, then I guess that controlling factor has another controlling factor and so and so forth. Is there an end to this "controlling factor?" there sits another controlling factor on top of another controlling factor, another dominating authority. Surely there must be an end to this dominating authority. But what is it? THE ILLUMINATI *bum bum buuuum*
Lunarduck1 (6 years ago)
r u a millionaire now?
Nukro (1 year ago)
Lunarduck1 hi, remeber watching this video?
sunnyrajput3 (6 years ago)
no matter wat u do, the controlling factor is always gona be there..be it an entrepreneur or an employee..saying that u want to be an entrepreneur because u hate authority is just plain wrong (with all due respect). do wat u love to do..thats it
AnE000002 (6 years ago)
I love all the arguments over this video. Anybody that believes this woman, just drop out of school. I'll see you in ten years.
utubegirl (6 years ago)
Ummm...I'm confused. If you know college is bullshit and doesn't serve a purpose (and it doesn't) then, why didn't you just drop out? lol
utubegirl (6 years ago)
utubegirl (6 years ago)
That woman was so spot-on!
capitalismforme (7 years ago)
@sodafromyoda You have thoroughly confused yourself. Nothing you stated was factual or made sense.
ZSG 2 (7 years ago)
@turkeysub3000 You posted this comment 7 months ago. Have you launched your business yet? How's it going? I'm curious because I'm in a similar situation. I graduated college this past summer, found a job I worked for a couple months, and then quit that job just recently because I'm starting my own business. Let me know how things are going for your business!
Nukro (1 year ago)
ZSG 2 hey hows your buisness going
Tabris Hayayi (7 years ago)
I've been your model A student my whole life, did sports, was involved etc etc and now that I'm nearly done with my bachelors (finance) I've noticed that what really counts is who and what you really know, the titles and degrees and grades end up meaning dogshit in the end. I've been lucky enough to have a professor set me up with the job I'm lined up for now, but that was a total damn fluke. so to my fellow grads, our grades were pointless. That is all.
koobz21 (7 years ago)
@koobz21 also because its true
koobz21 (7 years ago)
the crowd claps because their failures are justified XD
정서영 (7 years ago)
i like this video
jonywho (7 years ago)
@kylecoolio12 those are actually good traits (lousy in school,lazyness,lack of effort) because it just means they know what is not going to be efficient or worth the effort. TO THEM. They rather pursue and learn about what they enjoy and don't really care if people call them lazy because they know they aren't.
StanwoodSpartans (7 years ago)
I knew this kid, who was so uneducated, but he worked his ass off. He was what stereotypes call a "hick" or "red neck" And this kid loved chainsawing. and guess what. He made $800 a week, and he was in the 9th grade in high school.
Brian Johnson (7 years ago)
I see that they have read Robert Shemin book "How come that idiot rich and I'm not"
Bloodsport1 (7 years ago)
@turkeysub3000 Go for it. This idea of working for someone for 30 years are OVER. That is why the economy is down the toilet. The job market must be evolve, everything else is, the way we look at tv, listen to music, movies except the job market. This is the perfect time to start a business and get into real estate.
Computerprohelper (7 years ago)
this gave me hope Lool
turkeysub3000 (7 years ago)
i honestly hate authority that is hypocritical, overbearing, and controlling for no reason. i have always resisted authority with a passion for those reasons if and when I sniff someone out of those qualities. I am a smart kid who one of my old classmates called me "the kid to watch"... I have been struggling to find a job after college, but I am thinking fuck it, I will start my own business and fight tooth and nail with a good idea or two.
Shakaama (7 years ago)
9 out of 10 jobs interviews I fail at. Not that the interviews are bad. Not that I don't have the credentials. It's because I am not a drone. I got straight A's in school, simply because it was retardedly easy for me. Had I put NO effort into school, because it was stupid, in my eyes, I could easily see myself making D's. I now own my own business. I think back to one interview where the interviewer said "do you have a problem with authority." O_o
DizzyBoyDizzy (7 years ago)
I'm BETTER than most people at crucial things, and this is WHY, I will become a billionaire. All that math, and the "odds" you just threw out, are nothing more than your own personal excuse for why you'll never be one. Stop feeding others your own excuses for your average life. (on top of incessant complaining, excuses, pessimism and conformity, a common trait of average-poor people is needing to affect others with their unsuccessful mindset, to further "legitimize" their own underachievements.)
DizzyBoyDizzy (7 years ago)
@gkcnae Well when you look at it like playing the freaking lottery, like billionaires are just selected at random, then yes, the "odds" are bad. The very fact that you look at it this way, confirms that you are NOT a potential billionaire. The keys to large financial success are born ability, acquired knowledge, crafted skill, and motivation. The ability to think larger than those around you, and to block out small minded, self-defeatist, conformist negativity from people like you.
Bart Ski (7 years ago)
every day is an opportunity to do whatever you want
D.Bond007 (7 years ago)
@GreyMoose08 everyone pressures you for grades all the time instead of having guts and running with an idea.
MrAussieJules (7 years ago)
@leapingfury thanks for your thoughts ! copied into my quote list. Yes indeed - passion, willingness to commit almost everything to one's enterprise, seeing it as ok to fail (learning experience). Ignoring naysayers (often "friends") ... non of these things are taught or practiced at school - on the contrary. schools teach us to benice little conformist clones. and to die to our passions, in some cases.
leapingfury (7 years ago)
Your success in life is almost purely based on how good your people skills are and how passionate you are. (Are you willing to act?)
leapingfury (7 years ago)
To be successful you need to have passion, be very optimistic, have very strong opinions, high energy and you need to be willing to take risks and act. Intelligent people are often very wishy-washy about their opinion and they often don't like to take risks because it could embarrass them. If you are intelligent you will have a good life and fun but you probably won't be super rich.
Diedon Mustafa (8 years ago)
Business involves a lot of dimensions OK , and no guys ( some stupid ignorant comments i am reading) millionaires are not educated, they are students for life OK, stuff that you learn in college can and will NOT be enough to run a multi million dollar enterprise OK , and i think no body should call this women idiot she know what she is saying and doing, and You the EDUCATED now get up and go to your Just over Broke thing u do everyday,FUK OFF
Michael Corcoran (8 years ago)
Ha, Americans are special people..
HPhenomenal (8 years ago)
she's an idiot.
zibtihaj (8 years ago)
get the feeling that the people shaking there heads are just the ones with the lousy grades ...not necessarily the people with the best business minds.
MR.X (8 years ago)
@korvix If you have a job you like, then it's good to go to work everyday. Miserable-ass.
HIMYNAMEISEVAN (8 years ago)
@GreyMoose08 your marks in school really don't matter in the long run. You are only as good as your last success. Marks in school might set you up for success, but after a while those D student entrepreneurs start to catch up.
inkey2 (8 years ago)
I knew someone that was terrible in school (when he showed up for classes), he was fired from every job he ever had. He ended up being worth about 200 mil by the time he was 40. He somehow managed to snow ball a small real estate investment into eventually owning shopping malls, apartment buildings etc. If you were to talk to this guy you would think he was some stupid thug......you just never know how anyone will turn out
inkey2 (8 years ago)
@chrisig717 well, if thats the case....you should start a little business that you like. Maybe something that is a hobby of yours that you can turn into a business. For example......I started playing guitar at 11 years old......by the time I was 18 I was giving lessons in a music shop and privately. You can easily get $20, per "half hour" giving guitar lessons in the town i am in. Basically.....turn your hobby (s) into a fun business
chrisig717 (8 years ago)
i want a fun job.. one that i can relaz and chill and get paid good enough to provide a home,food,entertainment.
loneWolf (8 years ago)
@Televizzle07 Bill Gates chose to drop out. As for Albert, how can you be bad at math but be good at physics?
Jamal Grady (8 years ago)
best video i have ever seen
SeiNj (8 years ago)
JOB = just over broke that's how the system keeps us coming back to work every day for our entire life ;)
MR.X (8 years ago)
That lady is right. I know a couple people who did poorly in school and are well off now. But i also know about 200 more people who did poorly and are in jail, stupid,addicted to drugs or dead. Just because a few turned out well doesn't mean that's gonna happen w/ everybody.
MR.X (8 years ago)
@gardnerbm Actually classes in college do teach you how to change a tire and they also have business classes that teach you valid info. All you have to do is register for the class. It's not hard.
Jamil Raza (8 years ago)
Hmmm Do Money really matters that much ?????? Knowledge made human human made money hashhh whats wrong with u all greedy people, dont wish to become own boss , because any ass hole can be boss, BE HUMAN
Brabus (8 years ago)
all these real estate "gurus" that thought they were so smart off 1% fed funds bubble money are probably in the homeless shelter now
Premium fuel only (8 years ago)
I dont think school exposes students to real world experiences that might cause them to be motivated. Just get good grades remembering stuff. Why force people to take calculus and trig but not teach them how to change a flat tire or register a business name?? university is only good for becoming a doctor or lawyer. otherwise its just way to network. waste of time to me.
MR.X (8 years ago)
@PresidentOfTheBlackI agree. Also people don't go to college just to get a high paying job. They improve themselves with Psychology classes and health. Or taking an appreciative art class. Join clubs, volunteer. Networking is huge, too. Good comment. I was in the navy for 4 yrs. and it was rough. College is a fucking paradise. I hear spoiled kids complain about college. I'm glad people like you enjoyed it. College is fantastic.
apacheslim (8 years ago)
@jhualexc No I had to do a bridging course and get high grades. If I told some of my teachers that I was studying law some of them would probably spit in my face. Well no they arent at all . When I look back at high school a few years ago I fucking dumb founded about the crap they would teach, how they would teach it and who would teach it. Not being successful at school doesnt mean you cannot be successful at life.
Alex Chu (8 years ago)
@apacheslim Well for starters, you had to do well in school to get into a solid law school, so despite your earlier struggles you've evidently learned to do well in school. As for the smart arses you've mentioned, many of them are not as successful as you, but many are probably just as successful.
Alex Chu (8 years ago)
I'd say a much higher percentage of book smart kids succeed when compared to the D students. I mean, you can always be a doctor. You're guaranteed a solid income. The same cannot be said for the McDonald manager.
apacheslim (8 years ago)
All the bums with nothing in the crowd shaking their heads. I got Ds and Cs in school. Did shit at UNI did a crap 1 semester in design crap. 2nd semester in social sciences. Just fucked around since i was a kid really. Im in my first year of law because I wanted to do that so I did . All these smart arses in high school are still what i call trained monkeys not actually switched on.
PSTRIPPLEE (8 years ago)
Guys dont get the wrong idea. the whole purpose of education is to built ur knowledge. if you was a fresh born how would you no bout business how to make money. all this has been sensed and stucked into your brains. you have learnt and came out with your own ideas. which is why failiurs can make big too. but i am not sure wether i should continue with my studies or not. is my last year college am going university next year but am just confused
jxsilicon9 (8 years ago)
You can't really teach entrepreneurship. I started my first business when I was 16.
CV (9 years ago)
I made by first million before 30, 5th million before 38. I dropped out of grade 12 with a 55% average.
Shaun Fleury (9 years ago)
i should show my teachers this and just say suck it haha jk
taoist40 (9 years ago)
True on everything you wrote. I'd also like to point out that you can make quite a bit of money as a doctor, lawyer, or high level manager. It may take years of schooling/education or working your way up the corporate ladder but it can be done. No one seems to be impressed with these occupations namely because they're so ordinary. They like stories about people who were poor who became rich and famous through perseverance and being in the right place at the right time.
Anthony Liu (9 years ago)
there is definitely a fallicy to the statement. but there is definitely a point to what she said. um... warren buffett did good in school, charlie munger, george soros, even bill gates was good in academia, he just decided to drop out when the opportunity came. It can go both ways. getting good grades doesnt have to mean your subservient to the society thats built this system. and doing bad in school, you get more cases of failures than successful people, but those tough enough can succeed.
GodlikeGaming 23 (9 years ago)
David Xanatos (9 years ago)
the secret to great wealth is hard work, perserverance, & street smarts
cmc787 (9 years ago)
Can I get an amen for this video? Seriously, CAN I GET AN AMEN!?
Giovic Blanco (9 years ago)
how did the book help you? Have you made more money since you read it, or at least learned how to administrate it better? (it's a serious question)
thepro08 (9 years ago)
wrong being lazy in schooll can be just the lack of conformity to rules and laws that are stupid and I trust that you can remenber a couple of rules in the school.. I dont think Trump get were he is folowing what other people said him what to do
kylecoolio12 (9 years ago)
if the kids are lousy in school, it could work both ways but sometimes failure in school i sdue to lazyness and lack of effort, they could grow into adults that bear these traits and neevr succeed
ihateuutube (10 years ago)
The vast majority of entrepreneurs also fail.
Brian685 (10 years ago)
academic knowledge to be a successful entrepreneur and become a millionaire, you just have to know your business. Big difference. And BTW: I did my homework. Speaking with millionaires and billionaires said the same thing (the ones I personally spoke to.)
Brian685 (10 years ago)
Also, if you read the Millionaire Next Door, for example, by Thomas J. Stanley, most entrepreneurs were "average" students. Most were told they would never amount to much. Most were outsiders. Most didn't go with the crowd, but against it. I think you would also agree there are people working for Gates and Buffet who are smarter than they are in other areas, but don't make as much money as they do, because they don't own the company the work for it. You don't have to have a lot of ....
Brian685 (10 years ago)
I think those people are the exception to the rule. If you look at the statistics, most millionaires do not attribute their success to their academic achievements and the ones who do are usually attorneys or doctors. Gates and Buffet probably would, but don't forget both work with numbers on a daily basis. Most could not do what they do. So Gates and Buffett would attribute their success to their intelligence because you have to have a lot of it to do what they do.
ihateuutube (10 years ago)
gates & allen, buffett, brin & page, zuckerberg, yang & filo, thiel, omidyar, soros were all A students. these wannabes just want to feel better about themselves for having been academic failures.
Alexander Royce (10 years ago)
the guy at 00:33 hahaha
Lori Kellett (10 years ago)
I think there is some truth to grades and some to truth to people that weren't that great in school. I've known people that had masters..that didn't make that much money or some that had two degree's. I have a business however; I am a A to B student...however; in school I wasn't interested in classes that bored me. I think everyone needs a passion to love what they do...and exceed in what they do..and the money comes with their passion to succeed and persistance to do it again if you fail.
charliestube1 (10 years ago)
Is that Don Lupree at 0:55/1:09? I lost some money behind one of his get rich quick schemes!!!
JoeJack101 (10 years ago)
Great comments and thoughts, MSGOODBAR! I agree!
MSGOODBAR (10 years ago)
Most people who have straight A's spent so much time studying books that they did not have a chance to figure out people. Most people with C's studied people more than books. This is why most millionars are C students according to the statistical book entitle Millionaire Mind and the Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley. I believe to say that millionaires are D students is really stretching it. Also most millionaires want their kids to be A or B students-ain't that something.
Billions McMillions (11 years ago)
But In Search Of Excellence has proven to be a useless best-seller. He's no genius.
ZeekerBolero5 (11 years ago)
I absolutely agree with her. School does nothing but bog you down and kills your creativity / passion. I kind of regretted that I didn't drop out of college to pursue my passions. Now that I graduated, my passions that I used to have pretty much are gone. I kept them restrainted for too long.
JoeJack101 (11 years ago)
I LOVE this show! Thanks so much for posting this clip! Please post more clips and as much of the show as you can! We appreciate it!

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