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If Green Energy Is So Great, Why Aren't We Using It?

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Green energy is getting better and cheaper, yet we still largely rely on fossil fuels. Why haven't we switched to solar and wind energy yet? Which Countries Will Be Underwater Due To Climate Change? - https://youtu.be/1ilC2ODaWSY Which Countries Run On 100% Renewable Energy? - https://youtu.be/SrmsQzRQPPw Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI Read More: What Would Happen If We Burned All The Fossil Fuels On Earth? http://www.popsci.com/burning-all-fossil-fuels-could-raise-sea-levels-by-200-feet "A new study published today in Science Advances finds that if we burn all of the remaining fossil fuels on Earth, almost all of the ice in Antarctica will melt, potentially causing sea levels to rise by as much as 200 feet--enough to drown most major cities in the world." Who's Winning The Battle To Replace Coal? http://www.forbes.com/sites/thebakersinstitute/2016/05/17/whos-winning-the-battle-to-replace-coal/#e9dc97c6b09f "Coal is losing the battle for the electricity future in the United States. Investment in new coal-fired generating capacity has dried up with its share of electricity generation dropping from 53% in 2000 to 34% in 2015." Electricity in the United States http://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.cfm?page=electricity_in_the_United_States "In 2015, coal was used for about 33% of the 4 trillion kilowatthours of electricity generated in the United States. In addition to being burned to heat water for steam, natural gas can also be burned to produce hot combustion gases that pass directly through a natural gas turbine, spinning the turbine's blades to generate electricity." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos daily. Watch More DNews on Seeker http://www.seeker.com/show/dnews/ Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel Seeker on Twitter http://twitter.com/seeker Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+dnews Seeker http://www.seeker.com/ Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here: http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI Special thanks to Julian Huguet for hosting and writing this episode of DNews! Check Julian out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jhug00
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Text Comments (1743)
Ryooken (4 days ago)
One reason greed.  Coal is a dying industry.
We represent over 20,000 wind turbine professionals in the industry and from all of us to you that you for making this video. In some cases we find ourselves defending our occupation and trying to explain the overall impact. I have shared this on our channels. I would love to discuss this with you on our podcast some time. Great work.
Dominic Scheibmeir (11 days ago)
The real issue is the livestock industry. Animal agriculture produces 51 percent of greenhouse gases and is responsible for 40 percent of rainforest destruction. Fossil fuels are bad, but aren't even close to the level of environmental damage as the meat and dairy industry are.
realvanman1 (14 days ago)
Ultimately no amount of austerity will make a difference if we don't get our numbers down from the asinine Billions (with a B!) Into the reasonable millions (like less than 100 million). One child per person folks. Time to be responsible and close your legs.
TheRealNoodles (20 days ago)
Because the "free market" doesn't deem it profitable so there's not a lot of investment. The market is great only if there's profit involved, but when there is none, it fails to provide. The current coal tech is cheaper to run. Green energy needs lots of capital and investments, right now it is too costly for individual firms to undertake the initiative and also mining companies lobbying governments.
Lucas Goye (30 days ago)
Awesome video!! i'd suggest putting the numbers big on the screen so the audience can get the point on the enormous differences between those industries. It's like im hearing the numbers but not the importance of them.
Lesa Be (1 month ago)
Real science should be included in your basic rant against coal & gas. Solar Flares & Solar Storms have more influence on earth's temperatures. Great real.
Giovanni Ramirez (1 month ago)
199 bucks? kiss my ass.
NESIAN SIDES (1 month ago)
Money power greed... Isn't so complicated,
Lovely Jubbly (2 months ago)
More reasonable than most unreliables fan boys, I give you that. Pretty much the only reason fossil fuels get subsidies is getting them up and running provides enormous net benefits. You get a huge bang for your buck. With wind and solar we are still looking at never never land. What's needed with them is yet to be discovered affordable storage and a rebuilt grid (bloody expensive). Climate change is gradual and despite what the green zealots would have you believe is complex and definitely not settled. Thus far the best bet is use your cleanest fossil fuel generation and/or nuke or hydro, AND double the research budget on "green" energy breakthroughs. Affordable energy affects every part of our civilisation. It underpins the fact that we live in the greatest explosion of knowledge and wellbeing in human history. Pushing unaffordable energy onto society through politically correct fascism and fanaticism will kill and impoverish millions. With the cleanest current affordable energy and expanding clean energy research budgets we can affordably adapt to any gradual changes in climate. It is energy poor nations who find it hard to recover from natural disasters!!!
v (2 months ago)
Because fossil fuels are the most efficient source of obtaining energy. A fact few will acknowledge.
Iain Reid (2 months ago)
The reality is that solar and wind are not a great way of producing electricity, in fact they are poor. Unstable, unrealiable and unpredictable, part time power plants. People say that batteries will be the saviour of renewables but seriously underestimate the capcity required to make up for the stability and demand response that thermal stations provide. In other words, lots of huge batteries which will come at an eye watering cost, and are simply unaffordable even as their prices are dropping. Their life is relatively short, so regular complete replacement wiill be required. There is no alternative to thermal stations in the mid term. The only alternative that could be viable but needs more investment and research is nuclear generation.
Wayne D (2 months ago)
The oil 🛢 will be used until it runs out as the greed of everyone that makes money from it us more important to them then the health of the planet 🌏. The people that have the oil money will always be able to avoid the effects of climate change because they will buy a big castle upon a hill and watch all the poor people die around it and they will be ignoring the fact that their future great grandchildren will likely die of dehydration along with all other life on earth. BECAUSE MONEY GO FIGURE!
Laticia Cull (3 months ago)
The best thing I've found on the net was plans from Avasva .
The West is the Best (3 months ago)
Ironically for Democrats, oil drilling kills for fewer animals than green energy does. Windmills decapitate thousands of birds every year and solar panels reflect concentrated doses of sunlight that literally fry thousands more, alive, mid-flight!
Branka Blaskovic (3 months ago)
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okok (3 months ago)
I have a debate and I have to be against clean energy. What can I say?
fireofenergy (3 months ago)
Like we're _really_ gonna save the biosphere with diffuse and intermittent sources. Seeker failed to mention that since solar has a capacity factor of only about 20%, we'd have to build *5x* for it to be on par with FFs. You know, the _inverse_ of capacity factor!_ Plus storage, plus extra for the inefficiency of that storage, I mean, come on, DO THE MATH! Solution: molten salt nuclear (and renewables)!
1arritechno (3 months ago)
Unfortunately , the Renewable Energy industry is full of half truths and lies. Wind & Solar is "intermittent energy" that has to have additional means to maintain continuity of supply for the National Grid. Intermittent is not "Base Load Power", it requires some other Generating or Storage to cover for when the power output is low - at night, no wind or storms. ........................................................................................................................... COST of the necessary ""back-up"" System , whether it be Generators OR Batteries must be added to Green Technology, (primary cost) of Renewable technology "plus" back-up (secondary cost) OVERALL makes Green Energy too expensive. The real cost of Renewable Energy is Not Cheaper but it is the most unreliable and more of it ,,, does not help.
Because cuntservaturds control all our laws/governments. Conservatism = antiscience = antiAmerican = antitechnology = pure selfishness & greed & hypocrisy = Holocaust-denier = AGW-denier = antivaxxar = flat-earther = chemtrailertrash. Exterminate all conservatives: problem solved.
Iain Reid (4 months ago)
to keep it short and concise, renewable energy does not and cannot work to provide the power we need. And it is a lot more costly. This cost drives away essential heavy industry and relocates it elsewhere abroad to the detriment of jobs and wealth creation.
Michael O (4 months ago)
If Liberals are so for this, they should power their own house with wind and solar alone. Also dont use fossil fuel cars and air plane. Stop cheating.
Alex Shi (4 months ago)
you guys do realize coal is also renewable right? hehehehe
Morris Mburu (5 months ago)
I like that shirt
Robert Weekes (5 months ago)
Advanced nuclear is the future - thorium MSR (molten salt reactor) - see Kirk Sorensen’s TED talks
dale murray (5 months ago)
When Plato wrote "The Republic" he warned us then about the answer to your question, In fact he was predicting that Republics would fail, Because, to acquire power, men who would place their own interest over the best interest of the Republic would be willing to do what no man of principle would.
Jack Jammen (5 months ago)
Because our representatives are bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry. The majority of them are called Teapublicons. And both parties are hell bent to keep Progressives out.
victor smith (6 months ago)
because our government are linked or even funded by tthe oil giant.
wind turbines and solar mirrors kill crazy amounts of birds, geothermal is da way.
Ivan Lovric (7 months ago)
I cannot believe this video was uploaded almost a year ago. Time flies when you're trapped in threnches
Galvin Stanley (8 months ago)
We need to be using fast reactors to turn nuclear waste to power.
Mik H (8 months ago)
Coal plants in Australia are shutting down because they are not profitable. Solar and wind makes more profit. We have storage sorted out too with hydro and Tesla batteries.
郑一然 (8 months ago)
is that "ejecta rate" 53percent in 2000 or what? plz someone help me out here!!!(damn interpreting class:(
Luke Rock (8 months ago)
Ranj A (8 months ago)
This is so deceptive... you used the subsidy data from 2003 for coal. Guess what happened in 2003... "the invasion of Iraq" for which the us needed more energy. Science doesn't need deception. So don't taint it with ideology.
Ranj A (8 months ago)
Video is made in January 2017 and you use the data of 2003 🤣
Lane Gaspar (8 months ago)
Here are producing power process “boma fetching unique” (Google it) to help your house be more energy efficient and cut utility bills for years to come. A small change like this will be able to help you save cash in the future. You can be a person who wants to save the environment or a family man wanting to save on bills, this is definitely among the best methods you will have.
Techno torgn (8 months ago)
D news is getting paid by oil companies.
D Man (8 months ago)
I thought the world used to be hotter though before the ice age, We have bigger insects because it was hotter, maybe we are still catching up to returning back to normal. Maybe its still too cold.
skidmoda (8 months ago)
Because they aren't economically viable... yet. Supply and demand economics isn't rocket science
XiWATT (8 months ago)
We are working on a tool to advance the growth of green energy through the use of blockchain technology. Its numbers like the ones highlighted in this video that excite us about the opportunity we all have! We are new to the market and looking forward for to expanding the discussion and getting feedback. Visit us on socials or xiwatt.io if you share this passion!
BorggioTV (9 months ago)
Stop being held hostage by the electric company and discover how YOU can build your own solar and wind power http://bit.ly/2hJDRZL
John Hall (9 months ago)
We must be careful about letting short-term effects skew our long-term planning. Electricity is abundant and cheap now. But as we electrify more and more of the economy we'll need massive new generating capacity (maybe 2.4x if we electrified everything). Wind and Solar will help but cannot come close to filling the need. For interesting reasons, nuclear has generally gotten a badly misinformed rap in the press. Far from being a corporate welfare queen, per kWh, nuclear gets less subsidy than almost any other generator. But more important is the promise of Advanced Nuclear. Non-water-cooled, inherently safe, much less waste (some designs use existing waste as fuel), no proliferation risk, and cheaper to build than a coal plant. Unfortunately these things are only a promise because in the U.S. we've defunded research and there is no way a non-water-cooled reactor can get a commercial license. China, Russia, and even Canada are not similarly impaired. Sad for us.
Alex Alex (9 months ago)
Ohh how ugly is this guy..cant watch
Robyne woods (9 months ago)
*I am taking a course at the community college and use this book which is really excellent.If you are getting to Solar Energy, this [link here >>>**https://t.co/z2HakYxvSR** ] book is a must.*
Zeba (9 months ago)
game0war0lord (9 months ago)
using nuclear waste as fuel for solar panels
Angel Rivera (9 months ago)
With all these natural disasters occurring we have to start taking steps in the right direction for our children and the future. This video has great information, Thank You Seeker! Some people may not be scientifically inclined to understanding the concepts brought forth. Some people might be too lazy to make the attempt. I'm promoting a product that can help our environment and does all of the work in this video for you, take a look http://tinyurl.com/y8kywe2q . (If not allowed, please feel free to remove, I apologize in advance If not allowed, just want to see the world have a better future, Thanks)
Alloyminium (10 months ago)
Well we could start by replacing combustion engines with stirling engines
The Greenie Girl (10 months ago)
Chung Lee (10 months ago)
There are always more stupid people
Anthony R (10 months ago)
Coal and natural gas make up a large percent of our GDP, supply 30% of our power, and are currently the better option over renewable energy. One day the market will choose clean energy when its better. Not government. You cant get rid of the horse and buggy because the Model T comes out in 10 years.
Kap E (10 months ago)
Same reason we had lead in our gas till the 70's... corporations controlling government. In other words, greedy ass 1% and need to be shot. Hydrogen power plants.
mike peine (10 months ago)
the great lakes are a river of fresh water flowing into the ocean . they / it can power all of Americas energy needs . The HVDC Energy Grid can transmit the electricity around the Earth
J B (10 months ago)
you're throwing dollar amounts around way too loosely and as far as wind turbines go, have you heard of NIMBY, which stands for" not in my back yard" - anyway, even green people turn red if you try install turbines anywhere near them citing they cause headaches, sleeplessness etc. blah blah.
Jimbob84141 (10 months ago)
Just strap a turbine on trump's mouth and we can all live of the power for millions of years. :)
Sir Roland Baggybottom IV (11 months ago)
We will only switch to solar, wind, and/or other renewables if and when those forms of energy become cheaper and better than fossil fuels. We will NOT stop using fossil fuels just because a few tree-huggers at Starbucks want to save the polar bears. So if you want the world to switch to solar, then get to work designing a solar panel that's cheaper and more efficient than a lump of coal.
mark haas (11 months ago)
Fossil fuels and other forms of energy like Hydro and wind are actually indirect forms of solar energy that actually work better than solar panels. If you don't believe that try going off the grid and power your home with just your roof-top stacked with solar panels, especially in Canada or Europe. You'll be lucky to power  just your microwave and household lighting, never mind your dryer, washer, stove, air-conditioning. Or TESLA.
Josh Tankersley (11 months ago)
Renewables are great and all, but you really need to quit fear mongering with the global warming/ climate changw myth. It takes away from your argument.
Bailey Harrison (11 months ago)
Because it doesn't generate nearly enough energy to replace fossil fuels without crippling a countries economy. The construction of a wind turbine emmits more fossil fuels than it will most likely ever save. It takes 30 years just to get your money back from solar panels because they just aren't producing enough electricity.
Benji McCaw (1 year ago)
Why don't you promote nuclear like you do renewables
J Scott Upton (1 year ago)
This video is full of inaccuracies.  The big one, of course, is your assumption that the "AGW" hypothesis is a matter of "established fact".  It is not.  But you also claim that "a poll shows people are willing to spend more for 'renewable energy' ".  Polls are notoriously inaccurate (just ask President Hillary).  People don't want their electric bills to go up and there is no need for costs to go up if good policies are followed.
chad haire (1 year ago)
BULLSHIT--not complicated--sea levels are NOT rising--if they rise in one area they have to rise in ALL AREAS--but this is NOT happening dummy. Why are sea levels 'rising" in one area and not others--because the minority are NOT rising but the land is sinking! Florida is a great example--they have been hammered by sinkholes all over the state--and some beaches are sinking. This "rises' the sea level but not for the reason these fakes clowns are saying. Ice caps melting-- a fucking lie---the "before and after" photos shown are actually "winter & summer" photos--when winter comes the ice comes back--more fake bullshit from AlGore who told the world ice caps would be gone by 2015--holy iceberg batman--they are still here! This is all fake bullshit to generate carbon tax plans to make govt richer and YOU poorer --stop being idiots. Thank God we have Trump is power and got us out of the Paris con job.....
Svorty (1 year ago)
ok, was atom dismissed so hard that is was not even worth mentioning, both fission and fusion? Also you have mentioned hidden costs for fosil fuels but kinda forgotten to mention the same for renewables (for example lifespan and replacement cost of solar panels). You folks from seeker don't do this very often but this was biased video providing incomplete information which eventually leads even more confusion about the topic.
flitsies (1 year ago)
The problem is fossil fuel still packs the biggest punch when it comes to portable energy, a tank of gasoline or diesel will give you a lot more use compared to a battery pack. You could take a whole load of old cooking oil and turn that into diesel, I note mc Donalds are doing this in order to reduce the diesel problem. Why is so much cooking oil wasted? There is still very much a huge use for coal in the making of graphene and other stuff, we don't just need to burn it. Energy storage is the big problem, how do you save all that energy produced so you can carry it around with you, well with fossil fuel it's simple carry it as a liquid, other fuels not so simple.
Jakub Macháček (1 year ago)
Burning fossil fuels is wrong but still raising livestock has much worse impact on the environment.
Matthew Orviss (1 year ago)
Since the uk is the windiest country in Europe, build lots of turbines and export power to other countries
because if america would stop using oil,it will collapse..theres a lot of way to harness energy but u fucking americans doesnt support those..
Stefan Z (1 year ago)
The premise of this video that mankind has batteries and capacitors that store enough energy to make wind and solar powerplants feasible is a fairytale. I am an experienced electrical engineer and can say that that supposed technology DOES NOT EXIST! Currently capacitors are only used to electrical line stability and though battery banks do exist, what the power industry calls Ramp Up, such battery banks are only used to output a max of less than half hour's worth of power such that a fossil fuel plant has enough time to ramp up it's power output. Currently and for the foreseeable future, mankind does not possess the technology to store electrical charge energy to power even moderate sized urban areas for extended hours of operation. Given that such tech does not exist, fossil fuel energy will power out world for decades on end. Please stop misleading the public with this greenscam rubbish.
oatlegOnYt (1 year ago)
Wrong question. We are using it. It's only that they have become cheap very recently so it takes time to change our energy matrix. We need cheap energy storage too to reach renewable energy to its full capacity.
Sergio Milho (1 year ago)
Save ourselves not the planet
Sergio Milho (1 year ago)
Doesn't nuclear produce more energy and With less cost?
Richard Chen (1 year ago)
We really should note that battery technology at this point is no where near the point where large scale electricity storage is commercially viable. (and battery science hasn't advanced a whole lot relative to other fields in the last century. much of the limit is on the material level. ) Also, the cost of solar wind tend to very much underestimate or wholly ignore the cost of transmission that comes with it. because the reality is if we're going to make more than say... 15% of electric output on a grand scale grid that's going into high variable source like Wind / Solar, the entire grid probably need to be remade. because the existing grid is built for much more stable sources of traditional generation. Also, the long term cost of maintenance is often suspected of being quite a bit higher than traditional generator if for nothing else due to it's much more spread out nature. (and this also goes back to another point that if we're really going to scale up solar / wind that much, land would become a serious issue pretty quickly in many countries. ) Wind especially is also much more prone to being damaged or entirely destroyed by ... well.. wind (and weather.). as ironic as that might sound. That isn't to say we shouldn't look into it and keep developing, but one does need to point out that a lot of the solar / wind proponents are probably painting too bright of a picture here, there's A LOT of problems that need to be addressed and the more you use it the bigger the problem actually becomes. (which is the opposite of most other stuff's commercial viability.) Also, it's easy to sit here saying your willing to pay a higher bill (and generally Americans waste electricity at an unimaginable magnitude anyway ) but that is a very bad way to frame things in general since in the longer term commercial competitiveness has very very rarely not won out. Also, it's not just the cost issue, the reliability issue is probably the bigger concern. and if you think it's OK, to have some blackouts here and there, I can assure you that no one in any industrial sector would agree with you at all, and by "industrial" I'm not talking about steel mills, I'm talking about Silicon Valley and even Wall Street. (which is now largely run on high power intensive super computers. ) if there's even one serious unexpected black out in either place the loss is astronomical and that must be considered as well. I was just recently in North West China where there's basically endless wind farms, but even then China's not really kidding themselves that they can use wind as primary wind source anytime soon. that's why they're investing extremely heavily in Nuclear, which is probably at this current point, the most plausible and logical technology to use if we want both reasonable cost / high reliability / low pollution energy.
Tyler Davis (1 year ago)
I understand that if there is no wind means no power generated and no sun means no power but what about water turbines? most of the planet is covered in water and the current never stops
DJ T Rump (1 year ago)
Turn every roof into a co-gen plant. All tech is expensive on the front end but if this is done wisely it will pay dividends monetarily & ecologically.
skidmoda (1 year ago)
it isn't economically viable...sorry don't want facts to interfere. I hope we get there soon, thorium anybody? At least China is doing it.
Doña LeVeck (1 year ago)
I'm for Green energy, but the truth is, the ice caps are larger now than at anytime in Recorded history. The polar bear population is also at its largest. I love Green energy solutions, but Let's not lie to get our point across.
FukU2222 (1 year ago)
"Which Countries Will Be Underwater Due To Climate Change?" None, the ice is just going to the south pole and re-freezing. Now, pH levels of oceans, that will remain an issue.
downphoenix (1 year ago)
i just signed up via Arcadia Power for their free 50% plan. Anyone have a good experience with them?
Ryan Stucke (1 year ago)
Time, Capital, Support.
Billy Boubob (1 year ago)
Why because oil company make BILLIONS annually pumping cash to politician to deny the affects of burning oil on the environment
Bit Gamer (1 year ago)
HAHAHA Green acolytes trying to explain why their shitty energy methods don't suck. Sorry but they just suck.
phillip king (1 year ago)
Search pier cobyn re AGW HOAX (hoax if doing google search)
Mr. Krabs (1 year ago)
I say we build more coal fired power plants and ditch this green energy bullshit. Infact, there should be laws passed to BAN any form of green energy. Also, we need to clear cut what's left of our old growth forests and make planting of new forests ILLEGAL! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Many metals we use for the green energy and the batteries come form rare earth elements. This elements have huge impact in earth but because most of them we get them from china and africa none gives a shit.
Nazmurog (1 year ago)
Because of jews.
Rookie1020 (1 year ago)
this guy looks like a elf
Carl Hjerpe (1 year ago)
What about nuclear then? It doesn't release greenhouse gases, and therefore doesn't increase average temp with any significance.
VasilyKiryanov (1 year ago)
"If you don't know how to use a resource properly, you'll never be enough."
Eric (1 year ago)
It's too expensive to own a green panel though.
Avery Games (1 year ago)
The federal government should pass laws requiring businesses to use renewable energy sources. They have all the power to do it. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND BIG BUSINESSES ARE THE ONLY THING HOLDING US BACK! They care more about money than the planet. The Answer: pass laws requiring companies and businesses to use renewable energy sources, and significantly raise taxes on the 1%. The 1% own 40% of the world's money supply, so they should be the ones to pay for it. 20 Nuclear plants would make enough energy to supply power to the 50 million people of California With only about 150 nuclear plants we could power the entire US. It would create plenty of clean efficient energy, millions of new jobs, and great jobs for geniuses. IF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WOULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO SUGGESTIONS THAT PEOPLE WOULD GIVE THEM, WE WOULD ALREADY BE USING 100% CLEAN ENERGY!!
Igor Urbanek (6 months ago)
Illinois have rise taxes 50 % years ago,get out off dept but we sank deeper, because government , businesses are living into China. See the tarp cities around country ? Forget renewable energy and learn how to milk goats.
William Deschamps (1 year ago)
Why don't we run more geothermal energy? It seems to me that geothermal energy could be a consistent and efficient form green energy supply. It does take a lot of water but that same water can be constantly recycled. Better yet the amount of energy output from geothermal allows it to be self powering with excess output which could be put back into the hydro-electric power grid.
Power Flower (1 year ago)
Can anyone give me a yes or no on this... Would stable fusion make gravity?
Dale Higgins (1 year ago)
Build nuclear power plants, Zero carbon footprint. Base load power 7/365 and very clean.
Shane Barnes (1 year ago)
Climate Change is FAKE. BURN MORE COAL!!!
Ian Random (1 year ago)
I'm moving to Battery Park, the sea level rise is only 1 foot per 100 years. https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/sltrends/sltrends_station.shtml?stnid=8518750
Stephen Williams (1 year ago)
We haven't switched to solar and wind because they don't work on a really large scale, contrary to the hype in the video. It is sad to see the presenter skip over the problems of solar and wind unreliability and intermittency as though they are no big deal. Just build a bunch "capacitors and batteries" says the talking head. Huh?? There's not enough lithium on the planet to make enough batteries to store grid-level electricity across the planet, let alone to electrify the myriad uses of fossil fuels out side the electricity sector. (Electricity is only somewhere around 40% of total primary energy use). Honestly, I hate this fact-free, feel good, renewables-will-fix-everything crap. It makes people think averting climate change is easy. It is not. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC, that organization people love to cite with regard to climate change but refuse to listen to when it comes to what to do about it), a renewables-only strategy would require energy use to remain flat for much of the rest of the century. With half the world's population living in energy poverty, that simply isn't going to happen; i.e., the presenter is asking us to rally behind a strategy doomed to failure. Thanks a bunch for the video.
The Terrarian (1 year ago)
because it is extremely inefficient.
Er490 Chris (1 year ago)
4 minute ad before this talking about how great fracking is and how stupid fighting climate change is... I hate YouTube at times....

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