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Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students

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How to be More Successful. We all try to get good grades to later get a well-paid job and succeed in life. Most people including our parents believe it is a direct toad to success. However, according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students and ‘B’ Students Work for the Government, it’s actually the other way around. It’s “A” students that end up being employed by “C” students. We found 8 reasons why “C” students are often more successful in life. Now that’s some food for thought if you want to transform your own life or give good advice to your kids. TIMESTAMPS “C” students question the significance of the academic system. 1:30 They’re not afraid to fail or get bad grades. 2:37 “C” students are risk takers. 3:39 They’re not submissive followers. 4:45 “C” students have people skills. 5:34 They find simpler ways to get things done. 6:30 “C” students are dreamers. 7:16 They have their own definition of success. 7:53 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -“C” students are more interested in a straightforward approach and unfortunately for them, academia doesn’t offer that. They hack their way into the system by taking on odd jobs or learning outside of school. -While “A” students aim for perfection on their first try, “C” students aren’t afraid to fail, even several times! They embrace their shortcomings and learn from them. -“C” students, who received their fair share of “Fs” in their academic life, aren’t afraid to leap into the unknown. They take calculated risks to figure out what they really want in life. -“C” students tend to question everything. They’re not the “Yes” group; they’re more like the “Yes, but…” team. -Besides experimenting in the work force, “C” students also devote themselves to building networks that can benefit them in the long run when they enter the real world. -“C” students don’t wanna put much energy into accomplishing a task, they’d rather be investing their time and effort in pursuing their dream. -“C” students are more interested in thinking about what they wanna do in life rather than being stuck in the four walls of a classroom. -“C” students decide what they want done, and “A” students are good at taking and follow these instructions. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (4828)
BRIGHT SIDE (13 days ago)
Would you agree that eventually A students will work for C students?
fatjon xhafaj (1 hour ago)
No its not true ,who is better in school is better in life and all things that he does.The fact that C students suceed in life is that they are not more in competition with A students because A students are doing other things
Odil gulomuv (7 hours ago)
Thank I so much BRIGHT SIDE!!! u make me more confident with every type of video like this one. U always make my life more happy and easier with these videos
angel capunong (11 hours ago)
TheCluddyTech Tv (20 hours ago)
dexhorox (21 hours ago)
Nikita Kamble no hes not .
Gizel Vargas (1 hour ago)
C students are very smart I agree to
Nyambura Kagwanja (1 hour ago)
There will always be A students who succeed in life. In fact being an A student makes you better equipped for the current day and age because it gives you the skills necessary and equips you to deal with challenges and persevere through challenges. The question isn’t “will X get me w job,” but “how am I gonna get X (what I want) and find a solution”. It’s not wrong to question and dream for yourself, but it’d also beneficial to aim to succeed in both the classroom and life because if you can’t dominate a classroom then how can you dominate the world?
Gizel Vargas (1 hour ago)
A C+ student is actually smarter than a A student. A Students believe anything they hear even hypothesis, and C+ students believe it is a possibility
Gizel Vargas (1 hour ago)
A c student is actually smarter than an A student studies have shown it
Felix Chen (1 hour ago)
8:03 success*
Obsessive Gamer (2 hours ago)
The only problem for a c student is how their parents will take it and if they can take the Brunt of their parent's wrath
maxamud sh cisman (3 hours ago)
Bradley Davenport (4 hours ago)
I’m considered a “B” student. I must have “A” and “C” student tendencies??
Dude Thuglife (4 hours ago)
Youre wrong i am a student but i care about money
Sniper ShotzPro (5 hours ago)
Bro the thumbnail makes no sense. Obviously A student revise to maintain A's
xXKawaiiMoonXx (5 hours ago)
I'm an A-B student
indi (6 hours ago)
Real truth
Awesome Gamer (6 hours ago)
Awesome Gamer (6 hours ago)
Awesome Gamer (6 hours ago)
and I'm 14
Awesome Gamer (6 hours ago)
and also went to the princbel afici
Chaitanya Negi (7 hours ago)
I am also an C
Durpi (8 hours ago)
Thank God I'm a C student
Ansar Alli (8 hours ago)
i am a "C" student and all my life people told me i cant! but i am now a successful business owner and i have old friends who got "A" working for me! check my business out on Instagram @Gadcet.rr and you tell me what you think.
kimmoy foote (8 hours ago)
I'm a A - student but I'm really starting to question this whole straight path of education thing that leads to success
Minato Namikaze (8 hours ago)
c does not know how to treat people they are liers all of em i know
Minato Namikaze (9 hours ago)
they are lazy thats it im A i never give up this topic is all lies....
Shaher G (9 hours ago)
the way i see it is that not all C students think better when they grow up like A students and i don't think all A students think otherwise either. it depends on the person's ambition, bravery to accept mistake, and thinking of the future. i personally am an A+ student straight yet i foresee my future and plan for it.yes i do get sad when i fail but it is because i know i could've done better.not cause of life being harsh. and people should be taught that failing something in life is acceptable,fine, and is normal so that people can bypass that barrier of failiure. it may be that people who get lower grades have better understanding of life and are capable of coping with its hardships, but it dosent mean everyone who gets C can do that.
Redstone Warrior Plays (10 hours ago)
I like all your points but you shouldent make it sound like A B And ab students have no future
Redstone Warrior Plays (10 hours ago)
Bs and As olnly also does this mean I have no future except slaving away in c students factory broke in a homeless shelter
Ace (10 hours ago)
kirtan Patel (10 hours ago)
I agree
Clock Work Gaming (10 hours ago)
i am lazy but get As
Captain Zuma (11 hours ago)
Lol I am an c student xDDDDD
angel capunong (11 hours ago)
In my first quarter test I got 37 wrongs out of 100 and my classmates are worried about me but I didn't really care but all I care about is my parents will be angry
ZinkBomb Boi (12 hours ago)
Fake any body can do anything
icey guy (12 hours ago)
A means book worm
Abishes Shrestha (12 hours ago)
That's what positive motivation that I want today
icey guy (12 hours ago)
Nice video
icey guy (12 hours ago)
What is A and C students
Romana Afrog (13 hours ago)
I am an A+ student
Krishna Sharma (13 hours ago)
tejpal singh Bath (14 hours ago)
I am definitely C student
I a d student…
Falgong Gaming (15 hours ago)
This should be shown to our parents. Because almost every parents just believe that being a (A) student can make us succesful in life but But as in the video (C) students have more general knolwedge and they know the way to be sucessful in life than (A) students and im not a (A) student or a (C) student but the thing is our planet is devoloped and i believe having a general knowledge and a proper skill in work can bring us success in life than having a knowledge like A students
Quang Nguyễn (15 hours ago)
How about rich kids, they tend to be C students as they will have a position in their parent's Corp
Ananya's Expeditions (15 hours ago)
Nothing depends on grade A or grade C.. Everything depends on hardwork and passion! All above never lose hope!
bts for lifu (16 hours ago)
My parents believe that I can do nothing cuz i am c student and after that my self esteem became low I got into depression but after watching this I feel better
Tae Hun (17 hours ago)
This video made me more in love with this channel ...I read a book of Robert Kiyosaki and it's the best book I ever read...
Ayanna Marielle (18 hours ago)
I love Robert Kiyosaki !!!! better read all of his books !!
Syauqi Damario Djohan (18 hours ago)
Do you think this is what made some students lazy to learn?
Guddi Singh (19 hours ago)
I m an A student but I believe C student will work for me
Titan Smash Games (20 hours ago)
im sort of a A student with a c student mentality
ICU-I4CU (20 hours ago)
Very informative, and i found misspelled words allong the video. I am a C student btw, my teachers are mad at me because i have suchlow grades but they say i can excell, i told them what's the point in excelling in school if i didn't enjoyed it. Besides, sitting and looking at them is a bit tiring, so i look outside... Js
iBryan Sukada (21 hours ago)
This is trash with narrow point of view.
SELEH HAYAT (21 hours ago)
Interviewwer--So why yr grades are so low? Candidate--I was getting a zero in every test but i was not afraid of it! So i didn't bother getting a zero! Interviewwer- U r selected!
anwar sharif (21 hours ago)
Ok ill lower down my grades to c
Marife Perez (21 hours ago)
This so inspiring... C student here!
Party Boi (21 hours ago)
How bout D people and F people
Declan Chang (21 hours ago)
Pug Games and More (22 hours ago)
Did anybody else think this video is mostly a students being stereotyped
dmazero (22 hours ago)
C students forever! Live by the Pareto rule, 20% effort, 80% results! Good enough!
richard jordan (22 hours ago)
I always made the a & b honor roll at school
intanwulans (22 hours ago)
B students? I am a students
Mouad e (23 hours ago)
While you're home studying, C students are outside learning new things, taking risks, and actually moving around :)
Elena Morris (23 hours ago)
I am an A student and I allying with almost all of these points. I take risks, question authority, and have great people skills, to name a few. I believe that these points can be correlated with anyone, no matter their grades or their success.
Ibrahim Kamil (23 hours ago)
I am a C but i used to be a A student
My Beanie Boo World (23 hours ago)
I'm an A student but I don't care if I fail tests
Andre On (1 day ago)
I've always been a C student I felted bad for it until I watched this video👍
PaccoLazyGuy (1 day ago)
Annabella Mendoza (1 day ago)
A students disliked the video
Angela Narkin (1 day ago)
I know a Stanford student who graduated highest in his high school class. He had amazing grades attending university too. A students aren't successful? This man ended up becoming one of the most renowned lawyers in Washington DC..
Shaheer Malik (1 day ago)
Now I regret spending my weekends studying
Ricardo Hewitt (1 day ago)
Don't laugh at me please...am a C student.
EclipticIsrael (1 day ago)
God!! I wish I could convince my parents of this. But they still believe grades are the ones who open doors not oneself This whole video completely described me!!
shadiul islam (1 day ago)
I get B and C in all the exam ;(
Rustin P. (1 day ago)
In my school everyone who gets a C are annoying.
Rustin P. (1 day ago)
I’m a mix of B’s and A’s. I got C+ once. But I most get B’s and A’s.
Rustin P. (1 day ago)
My cousin got all A’s and she makes fun of me for getting mostly B’s and A’s.
Milana Krnic (1 day ago)
Not all A students are same and not all C students are same
Parveen Jasbir (1 day ago)
I'm d
Nurse Joub (1 day ago)
Any evidence for any of this?
The white DEATH (1 day ago)
Ok. How do you get the college you want with c s . You have to get As, and being a c student won't get you to be a doctor or a lawyer so you can have these qualities, and be an A student.
TheRaulawsome (1 day ago)
I only get good grades because I wanna win and tell my friends that I got a better score than them. I am very competitive.
يوسف gaming HQ (1 day ago)
I'm a c student I work on becoming an animator
Lazy Mary (1 day ago)
after seeing this video the " A "students would try to replicate what " C " students are doing then everyone becomes " C " Students
Shaylah M. (1 day ago)
What I've been saying for years. Lol
alexis casanova (1 day ago)
No, really it is important but it’s not everything.
alexis casanova (1 day ago)
We all have our value in this world.
alexis casanova (1 day ago)
Everyone’s actually important.
gabriel catacutan (1 day ago)
Thank god something I can relate to
V Friends (1 day ago)
Hey Brother you made a mistake in 1:14 sec. The flag person is having a flag with C and the one climbing is also C ! How can it be 🤨
huỳnh nguyễn (1 day ago)
I am kind of like a A student but i has all the essential of a C student . Find way to earn money , try a lot of new things , don't care about grades,... But i still got good marks because i try so much others learn method and if i want to make money in my country , education is the best way
CaptainZul 7 (1 day ago)
how about B student???
Fita 07 (1 day ago)
Man it sucks I get a+ everytiem
Tochukwu TK (1 day ago)
I'm a c student
Tochukwu TK (1 day ago)
I've seen like98%of it on me
Tochukwu TK (1 day ago)
this is true
Visakh Vijil (1 day ago)
This video is amazing and 100% true. Excelling in academics and getting good grades doesn't mean you have achieved everything and failing in some subjects doesn't mean you are a total failure. I fall into the latter part. I live in a society where "A" students are praised to the sky while we are trampled by everyone. This video really boosted up my level of self confidence. Keep up the good work Bright Side.
Sandesh YT (1 day ago)
*& "C" Grade Students work for "D" grade Students.* *I mean they are Politicians.😂😂*
Kevin Gamer (1 day ago)
Oh. Imma tell this on my teacher.
KARTHIK RADBOY (1 day ago)
Bro this should be thought to parents and brainless teachers bro
the penguin king (1 day ago)
I am always a B student well sometimes I get A
Kawaii gamer (1 day ago)
Bro not all A student act like this in super offend some people get A' s do other things and not all people are like that I get a's but almost none of this is really true and some a student's don't trust the system just follow so they can get successful
Dark pekka Pekka (1 day ago)
I agree some of the reasons of c students
Carlos Sibal (1 day ago)
I am a A student I am crying 😭😭😭😭😭👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓
mis_N_Tmazgha (1 day ago)
A narrow perspective can not coexist along with a larger perspective. In truth C students have little knowledge and they are afraid to share it; whereas in the opposite direction it is not the case. Many C students together can not see much detail in any situation compared to one A student, especially if the A student has real world experience.
lifa zethe (1 day ago)
Alright.. Let me scroll down the comments.....
Amandeep Singh (1 day ago)
I,m also C student

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