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Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students

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How to be More Successful. We all try to get good grades to later get a well-paid job and succeed in life. Most people including our parents believe it is a direct toad to success. However, according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students and ‘B’ Students Work for the Government, it’s actually the other way around. It’s “A” students that end up being employed by “C” students. We found 8 reasons why “C” students are often more successful in life. Now that’s some food for thought if you want to transform your own life or give good advice to your kids. TIMESTAMPS “C” students question the significance of the academic system. 1:30 They’re not afraid to fail or get bad grades. 2:37 “C” students are risk takers. 3:39 They’re not submissive followers. 4:45 “C” students have people skills. 5:34 They find simpler ways to get things done. 6:30 “C” students are dreamers. 7:16 They have their own definition of success. 7:53 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -“C” students are more interested in a straightforward approach and unfortunately for them, academia doesn’t offer that. They hack their way into the system by taking on odd jobs or learning outside of school. -While “A” students aim for perfection on their first try, “C” students aren’t afraid to fail, even several times! They embrace their shortcomings and learn from them. -“C” students, who received their fair share of “Fs” in their academic life, aren’t afraid to leap into the unknown. They take calculated risks to figure out what they really want in life. -“C” students tend to question everything. They’re not the “Yes” group; they’re more like the “Yes, but…” team. -Besides experimenting in the work force, “C” students also devote themselves to building networks that can benefit them in the long run when they enter the real world. -“C” students don’t wanna put much energy into accomplishing a task, they’d rather be investing their time and effort in pursuing their dream. -“C” students are more interested in thinking about what they wanna do in life rather than being stuck in the four walls of a classroom. -“C” students decide what they want done, and “A” students are good at taking and follow these instructions. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (10631)
BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
Would you agree that eventually A students will work for C students?
Ziggly Zebra (15 days ago)
No I'm an A student but I do a lot of things that C students do. This video is so steriotypical. It's so rude
devil khanna (27 days ago)
More or less
Nai T. (1 month ago)
BRIGHT SIDE kind of but I’m an A student but i act like a C student so..... yea.....does THAT count???!!!
Alexander Gerard (1 month ago)
+Kaijii 55 I was thinking the same thing
epicjelly (1 month ago)
No, A students learn how to manage their time and work hard to be able to do more and earn more
Surendra Amgain (47 minutes ago)
the main thing is we need knowledge of money.
fun key (50 minutes ago)
C student
Karla Costanzi (1 hour ago)
This is confusing lol
Febi Ariaty Dethan (3 hours ago)
you forgot that the c students cheat because cheating is cooperation
Mojahidul islam (9 hours ago)
4.2k toppers spotted
cri nge (12 hours ago)
I had 7 A's and one c looks like I'm better than my cousin
PatukaKanuka (13 hours ago)
I give this video a 0/100 because if straight A students watch this, they're probably going to purposely get C's and D's after hearing this. Having that happening, their parents will be mad and that will put stress on the child.
Wise Owl Gaming (17 hours ago)
I’m an A and B student but that doesn’t mean I like the system we have or I’m just a zombie to the system you don’t need to be a C student to ask the question why do I need to know this
Ryuku2005 (19 hours ago)
*watches video* *quits med school* *starts selling organs online*
Norman Q. (21 hours ago)
After what I saw and learned... I think I am a "D" student
Mr. Vinil Krishna (21 hours ago)
C students will be more successful than A, that's true... Bt not in way you said.. Regards C student
YoshiInGames (22 hours ago)
I got one A, in english. The rest was a C except art
TypicalDev (22 hours ago)
I am c student and I already think I will achieve my goals of doing what I li eonline and doing it well
Maximum Pride (23 hours ago)
Im in the mostly cs and lower and have two bs i think currently
Imaboynotagirl YT (1 day ago)
Every test i need a c or i will be sad
Jada (1 day ago)
This is not true
Karan Singh (1 day ago)
Most of the bright siders are C students. ....
MyBffis Food (1 day ago)
Why does A look like the lowest one, anyway was never an A to begin with
But I'm a "A"sian ;-;
Ayesha Sabeen (1 day ago)
Sorry bro I disagree with Ur points
It doesn't mean that they're C students, they are not already afraid of failing. Some might be afraid of failing but still doesn't work hard so they get a grade of C. And some A students don't aim for perfection, just like me, and my other classmates, besides, it's just normal to fail as long we learned something from it. #3 *C students find simpler ways to get things done* WoHt? So some A students don't know how to find simpler ways to get things done? We're not friends anymore, *Brightside* *cries and walks away* LoL JuSt KiDdInG
Chiyaan VIJAY (1 day ago)
But every C student need a A student.
FluffyWhite wulf (1 day ago)
I was A,B,C but mostly B, and C.
FaPAtroN 3000 (1 day ago)
No wonder there are no Asian CEOS
Richie Kongwang (1 day ago)
I'm an Asian C student.
PANADA Lvnl (1 day ago)
Can't wait to show this to my teacher
Arrowinaknee 277 (1 day ago)
No this is simply untrue. You can’t just sight one person you need sight sources . Don’t just make s**t up and say you proved something. If you actually look at the statistics people that go to college earn on average twice as much much per year.
Dylan McLoughlin (1 day ago)
did anyone else see all the typos?
Dylan McLoughlin (1 day ago)
Congratulations, you made me feel like I will be a failure and I'm only 13,
Mr. 13 (1 day ago)
Some of these aren't true...atleast in my experience
P crafts And more (1 day ago)
My dad was an A student now he has 2 successful companies, represents Micromax and Hawtai in the country we live in so I'm just saying ..it's not always the grades
Xrod Gamer (1 day ago)
I’m an a student and I’m who you’re describing as a c student
Thamizh Iniyan (2 days ago)
What about b students? nobody cares ?
Cubchoo Club (2 days ago)
No it doesn’t matter what grades you have you just need to get the job you want in life
I am an a student with skills of a c student
You translate ADME?
Hunter Thomas (2 days ago)
Well you cannot just follow one thing in your Life you can be Any type of Students can be what they want no matter what it is.... so yea..... that's what i say..
astonia allen (2 days ago)
Those dislikes are from A students lol
Shecky117 (2 days ago)
It's funny because the reasoning they have behind why C students are more successful than A students is the same logic they are using to define C students and A students. Omegalul
DumbGames 87 (2 days ago)
Weird thing this is true Atleast for me Ooooooof
Lam Duong (2 days ago)
It's not all about making money. It could what you contribute to society.
pure habesha (2 days ago)
and he forgot to mention, F students become a (president/PM), like Donald Trump. not necessary to say, but I’m a straight A student and I know why am I working hard for. so, most A students know what their final destination is and they know how to get there(I am not saying C student don’t).all I am trying to say is, they got an A for a reason.
Chippie (2 days ago)
I can relate to everything you said as a C student xD
The KING (2 days ago)
True Gamer (2 days ago)
In a world of 7 billion people, only 1.2 million got C.
Thijs Bruijn (2 days ago)
Its trou what he says for people who whants to be the best but for al moost every student he is wrong. I think that
I am a very happy B student
Michael D Mingo (2 days ago)
I got 2 A's , B,2 C's, D and 2 F's! What does that mean?
Smartube234 (2 days ago)
Are you a C student? If you are, then you must be trying to find an excuse. DON'T FOOL US!
sandim koushik (3 days ago)
This might be true in other parts of the world except from India. Parents are soooooooo passionate about academics and that's for a good reason. If you don't pass or get good grade than you are done! Only 'few' people achieve success like Bill Gates and Marc without good grades. I don't wanna hurt anyone, just saying the fact guys. I myself am not an excellent student and I know a lot of hurdles are to come in life very soon. Best of luck for your future in academics(other activities to) and life!
Gawhar Shad Salihi (3 days ago)
I am A student, that is not good now I know that! I have to be C student to achieve my dreams and goals! Thanks, Bright side!
Kawaii Potatoe (3 days ago)
I’m an A,B & a C student 😂
Kawaii Potatoe (3 days ago)
8:44 *deep* ...
Abdul Ibrahim (3 days ago)
OMG Roman Reigns I am your biggest fan
Jett Jackson (3 days ago)
A student
All the dislikes are teachers
Luis Garcia (3 days ago)
This video basically explains most celebs and billionaires Richard Brandson did terrible in school yet one of the richest men in the world bill gates dropped out of college and has been the richest man on the earth numerous times
DatWaflGuy (3 days ago)
As an "A" student, I could truly care less about being successful, as long as I make a positive impact on those around me.
Tala Muffy (3 days ago)
I don’t plan on working for any C students. Just because I’m an A student doesn’t mean I’m gonna be unsuccessful
Hatim Singh (3 days ago)
yes, absolutely
ThunderHeadGamer (3 days ago)
If only everyone understood...
Rusom Tewelde (4 days ago)
I strongly agree with you and can you add more videos thx
Kareem T. (4 days ago)
This was so needed for the world to know.
Cryptix (4 days ago)
I'm an A student but according to this I'm a C student
Jiac Dubs (4 days ago)
im a c student in 5th grade i think about programming learn them at house but i also study for school but im not afraid to fail for how many years.
#MR INFOguru (4 days ago)
This remembered the movie 3 idiots
The informant (4 days ago)
C's wont get you a masters
The Dominus (4 days ago)
is there any B - C students?
LiveAnotherAnime (4 days ago)
Mix of A/B/C/D student. So many useless classes the current academic system forced me to take just to get more money out of me. I excelled in classes I found useful or that interested me while I just passed or just skimmed by in the ones I found useless or uninteresting. Spent the time during those classes continuing my education on the ones I found most useful.
James Middleton (4 days ago)
i do all of the stuff that the c student is doing, but i'm still top of my school lol. I don't see the point in finding x but any situation that i can see myself using in the future (especially monetary stuff) i get A*s in but something that i can't see the point in i get Bs in
Sprite YT (4 days ago)
one reason why people are afraid of failing is because 4 words: PARENTS AND THE BELT
Shubham Narwal (5 days ago)
Hey bright side , u brainless people, listen , a person success is never measured on the basis of how much money he or she makes.
Andreea DIY (5 days ago)
My parents don't care about my grades unless i get too many Ds. I'm pretty lucky i guess
rolita taping (5 days ago)
Im a C student that learns things on school that i need like math english and science not art history etc blah blah
rolita taping (5 days ago)
Other people's life 1.Work hard in school 2.Finish college 3.Be an employee in mc donalds
rohit giri (5 days ago)
yeah i am a c student lol 😂
C students
Laz3r - (5 days ago)
I mostly get "c" "b-" and "A-"
Merrick Richards (5 days ago)
So now I should go from being an A student to a C student. Thanks BRIGHTSIDE😁
JR Smith (5 days ago)
Cause c students don’t have black or African parents
Nadika Dharshani (5 days ago)
How rude!!! 😡
SweetCupcake (5 days ago)
How about B students
Pug productions (5 days ago)
So you’re telling me if I slack off and lower my grade I’ll become more successful?
Olive Shupe (5 days ago)
I would trust this, but y’all also the people that said eggs are healthy then said they werent
Olga Bolaños (5 days ago)
To be honest, I rather be a B students because it’s fair to work for the government or other jobs.
Qsythe Q (5 days ago)
Those 4 thousand dislikes are from A students
Knowledge Seeker 78 (5 days ago)
C students tend to be criminals as well
Kent Barnes (5 days ago)
If u give up ur creativity for school uve already lost, unless u want an office or factory job
Ancient Mapper (5 days ago)
Its not about grades, its about intelligence and mentality, C students arent smarter nor better than A students, its just that A students which learn everything word by word and forget it in 2 days dont end up in a nice job, it doesnt mean all A students are like that, this video is complete BS, coming from a B student
Jan Tran (21 hours ago)
Well congrats, you have only seen the upper half of the wall not above it yet.
majik boy USK (5 days ago)
Im a c student yyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyy
Y 7654321 (5 days ago)
Ok everything on this list applies to me
Steppi Lariosa (6 days ago)
C students here
Steppi Lariosa (6 days ago)
C students here
Steppi Lariosa (6 days ago)
Because the greatest teacher in our life is life experience
Katie Cousins (6 days ago)
From an A student - really tired of seeing all the typos in your videos! Get an A student to proof them before you publish!!!!
Unova's Finest (6 days ago)
Honestly i dont like doing more work than is necissary....
Chase Colgan (6 days ago)
I was a C student all thy elementary and high school, I graduated high school and immediately went into the workforce, work in a package plant, a sugar plant, ran a minnow trapping business, worked as a farmhand, worked for a tourist resort, worked in a manufacturing business, then worked a newspaper route (200 miles long), for 5 yrs I worked and struggled from the age of 18 to 23, then I took a gamble and opened my own auto shop, starting small, my father was a mechanic so I learned from him, and after a couple years, I had expanded my shop into a massive business and have at least 10-15 mechanics working under me (bare in mind I tried college at one point and dropped out cuz all they did squeeze my money out of me)
Joshua Faria (6 days ago)
I’m a c student but in university.... do I still count ?
Coolkid Kim (6 days ago)
Um the whole thing is a lie

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