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I Know How To Make Lots Of Money When You Are 12

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO [email protected] IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Alan! You know what’s cooler than having a ton of money? Knowing how to make even more. And Alan knows how! You probably straight away think that he must be full of himself, so let him tell you his story. He’s 17 now, but this all happened when he was 12. So, Alan’s family is not very well off. They’re so poor that he wore the same shoes for an entire year, no matter whether it was raining or snowing. But those were good shoes; like, very durable ones. Like, they were the Iron Man of shoes – nothing could destroy them. They were much better than his brother’s, which made his feet hurt sometimes. But still, Alan’s shoes were veeery ugly, and he really wanted new ones. He dreamed of getting these sneakers that he’d seen once in a store. You may think that this was shallow – but remember that he was only 12 at the time. And in any case there was no way he could act on his wish to buy those shoes. He didn’t have any money! So you might think that he eventually gave up on the idea...but nope, not really. He started thinking that if he could just find a way of somehow making money, he could buy those shoes. And they weren’t cheap… His dad was always saying that he should study harder than he himself had, so that he could have a better life, and both Alan and his younger brother really took that advice to heart. He was a really diligent student and spent so much time studying. He got good grades but had no money, whereas plenty of his classmates got bad grades but had a lot of money. So Alan made them an offer – he would do their homework in exchange for money. Not a lot of money, but enough to save up and buy those sneakers after a couple of months. It was a pretty easy task for him, because basically, all he had to do was copy out his homework for them, changing it just a little so that nobody would know. He even had different prices for As, Bs, and other grades. And he also helped the older kids a little with some of their subjects – not like, math, but literature and history. Alan’s scheme went great at first, but then almost everybody stopped paying. He wondered why, and it turned out that they had made one guy pay and then copied his homework. He had to find a way to fix this, so he told them that if they were going do that, he would have to raise the price. They didn’t like that, but they also didn’t want to do their own homework, so they agreed and everything went back to normal. But then one of the guys wasn’t happy about it, and he actually revealed everything to the teacher. The teacher was very angry with Alan, and warned him that he had to stop doing it or else he and the other guys would have a lot of problems. So, he had to stop...but he still hadn't saved up enough to buy the sneakers he wanted. So of course, he came up with a new plan. Because many of the older kids now knew who he was, and their teachers didn’t know about his tricks, he asked them to give him cool stuff in exchange for their homework. You know – like toys, action figures, simple gadgets. He would then start playing with them in class, making it look like he was having a lot of fun. To be honest, it WAS fun. And, if someone asked him if they could play with something, he would say no, which made them want it more and more. Then at some point he would rent it to them or even sell it. Soon, he was buying stuff from the older kids and selling it for more money, instead of doing their homework. But of course, sooner or later their parents started to notice, and the teacher got angry with him again, saying that he was abusing the other children and it wasn’t okay. He disagreed, because they were very happy with all of it and henever like, forced them to buy anything. Eventually, he finally had enough money to buy the sneakers he had dreamed of for so long. So Alan bought them and went home. Finally, all his hard work had paid off, and even if he had found himself in a lot of trouble, he still ended up with what he wanted. Then he saw his brother’s shoes – they were in a way worse state than his, and he remembered how many times his brother had told him how much his feet hurt, and he was constantly sick because his shoes had a lot of holes in them and got wet every time he stepped in a puddle. So he gave the sneakers to his brother, and he was so happy and surprised. Honestly, it was much better to see his brother happy than to keep them for himself.His parents were angry at him at first, because they thought he had stolen them, but he then explained how he got them. And then they were proud of him because they thought he had done it all for his brother. He didn’t tell them that it had originally all been for himself, though. Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com
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ACTUALLY HAPPENED (2 months ago)
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zidaan salman (10 hours ago)
ACTUALLY HAPPENED 1 day away from my birthday when this was posted
LifeAnimatedChannel (1 day ago)
True :)
RNG Samurai (6 days ago)
I did it I got over 123K Euro Omg thx dude
ChrisG440 1 (7 days ago)
Marissa Hickey (11 days ago)
Plus 12 year olds don’t like toys
MASTER NB (1 hour ago)
Wait is that okay in school
SxnseiGOD (3 hours ago)
Elon Musk made a game when he was 12 that sold for $500
arcade cat (4 hours ago)
Thats also my dad but he buys sell towers
Mr,Gold YT (7 hours ago)
Ace Of Spades (8 hours ago)
Steal your mom’s credit card.
Josh Playz (9 hours ago)
*I was wearing shoes for one year for every school year*
Jäger The Fäger (13 hours ago)
i made money by printing some Fager buks and made it to a currency in my college, now iam fucking rich the fager bucks cost 0 cents yes this didnt fucking help me pay my college debt
Ruslan Ivanov (17 hours ago)
Ruslan Ivanov (17 hours ago)
C 1$ 1cent
I Purple You! (17 hours ago)
“I wore the same shoes for a year!” I wore the same shoes for 6 years.... not bragging but i can’t help anyone because they are smartypants
Sebastian Squires (22 hours ago)
W.D. Gaster (22 hours ago)
*a 12 year old goes to a city by himself* *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
Yabuki Nako (1 day ago)
I wore the same shoes for 4 years and it didnt got destroyed...I bought it only for 500 pesos in america 10 dollars.
Red Scouter (1 day ago)
OMG how many people sell their homework
Freddie (1 day ago)
Honestly really inspirational
a person (1 day ago)
I inhaled air... *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
Pinkis Cake mlp (1 day ago)
This video is so problematic that I can’t even stand it
Dibblepistols - (1 day ago)
4:38 left corner is a pyramid scheme
who else stealed parents money?
Dragon Minecrafter! (1 day ago)
I saw the teacher finding out from the very beginning. It kinda sucks you didn't learn your lesson. OOF
Zachary Fuchs (1 day ago)
OmG i WoRe ThE sAmE sHoEs FoR a YeAr Bruh I’ve been wearing the same shoes for over a year
Mrk World (1 day ago)
OMG this helped me so much To dream to get my money.
Alfie White (1 day ago)
What if you are home schooled? Will you have to make financial decisions like investing? Wait, children can't invest the money if they don't have an account... Well I'm lost.
Tomus 14 (1 day ago)
future billionaire right here
Jake Ho (1 day ago)
So your a drug dealer
I make money with candys i buy 10 for 1 euro and sell those 10 gor 1/2e
Meme Man Idgaf (1 day ago)
But you were smart and got good grades, what if you aren't smart? I dont think this will work in highschool either.
Arcground (1 day ago)
Your poor but how did you have a computer to make this story
Batmanlegoproductions also how did he tell they to made the story because he did not have a iPhone
The guy that animated isnt the guy that sold the stuff
Jodie Noriega (1 day ago)
Why did I get a lady with a beard before this video?
Toni. P (1 day ago)
Kid:borrows pencil Teacher: *YOURE ABUSING THE CHILD*
captain death (2 days ago)
I always whear my shoes for a year
Kayla Taborn 14 (2 days ago)
He could have just given his brother his old shoes he could have kept his
Emma Eccleston (2 days ago)
Poo ... I can't do that ..I have to much of a nice heart ( besides me and my enemy but we both BEAT each other up every morning and what don't kill ya makes ya stronger so we are also kinda of the bestest of friends at the same time) I just don't know how to make money I can't do chores I can't draw comics I can't babysit how do I make money ?
Deadsnaaaky (2 days ago)
Ps you weren't abusing you were taking advantage of the others which is legal and I don't know why she got mad🤔🤷
oregon salad (2 days ago)
He should a gave him the old ones
sp0oked (2 days ago)
Do peoples homework lmao I already have 500
MJ Woods (2 days ago)
MJ Woods (2 days ago)
SNOPARI (2 days ago)
The net make this easier
Cupcake Xoxo (2 days ago)
Bc I don’t study good
Cupcake Xoxo (2 days ago)
You showed me a lesson
Kamilah Melendez (2 days ago)
I hope you family is in a better position.
Laura아름다운 (2 days ago)
Money: Ricegum’s Childhood
Wardon X (2 days ago)
I'm 17 years old thinking to be a full time youtuber but im not droppingout maybe English is my second language don't hate me.
AVRINE (2 days ago)
Who else came here because their broke
Frost Anthony (2 days ago)
Only 12 year olds no lower than 12 or more than 12
PlayerNotFound (3 days ago)
I wear the same shoes...
Ben Sukniyom (3 days ago)
Alan your shoes are fine but it’s what it look on the outside is you save money for food and water to siirvive
I remember getting 12$ for selling a one year n-word pass
Frenzy YT (3 days ago)
Clutch0416 (3 days ago)
Does this exploit still work at age 13?
AlphaGamer ALPHA (3 days ago)
I clicked this video and a add came up it was about how to get rich and i thoute that add was the video XD
Zilin Situ (3 days ago)
Him:So poor that I wore the same shoes for 1 year Me:I WORE my shoes for 3 years and I’m not even poor I’m average
Reeha Zahid (3 days ago)
Hey this is Emily 👩🏼 👚 👖 👠 She has no friends One like =one friends
Jade Yu (3 days ago)
I wore the same pair of shoes for 3 years
Okk (3 days ago)
*_So old that I had to wear them for a whole year_* Bruh I had my shoes for 2 years now, I have no plans of getting new ones. (Those are my only pair)
lil vexeno (3 days ago)
Beast Playz222 (3 days ago)
why 4 mil lol
JastonGWTV (3 days ago)
this has to be the biggest flex I ever heard
Hyper Frozed (3 days ago)
Ummm I am 8
Ava animations (4 days ago)
if your smart............
MC JAMS HACKER (4 days ago)
How to be rich 1. steal from your parents credit card 2. Say someone hacked it and use the card
Charlie Armstrong (1 day ago)
BOOOO if you do this you will go to HELL
I have 40$
TheGoldenPranker (4 days ago)
How to make *ALOT* of money at the age of 0 rob a bank....
SMemesOfficial (4 days ago)
Bought my mom and I a trip to universal studios at age 11
Chago Aguirre (4 days ago)
Lol who saw the captain America yoyo
Niam Hassan (4 days ago)
This guy wore the same shoes for a year that makes him poor well does that mean my family is poor because i wore the same f***ing shoes for three years
zero orange (4 days ago)
Damn that orange haired kid is an arse hole
Gabriela Martinez (4 days ago)
What’s going on with ur hair?😂
That is super very nice of him! Im glad! 😀😃😄😁☺️😊🙂🙃😉😌
Ronit Podder (4 days ago)
I wear shoes a year before I switch them out but i'm not poor
conpiracy theories (4 days ago)
I’m 12
iTzKxbster (4 days ago)
RiceGum in the thumbnail
Lizzay Zee (4 days ago)
I get new shoes every year and a half..
Weird Introvert (4 days ago)
Here I am having tons of shoes and keep wearing same shoes everyday.
ismael hussain (5 days ago)
Student: Gives toys to children and makes them happy. Teacher: Abuse
ismael hussain (5 days ago)
Would you rather have the coolest shoes ever BUT they are not durable, OR Have the oldest most dirtiest, cheapest shoes ever BUT they are strong as Flex Tape. Just a random question that popped into my head.
12 year olds have entered the chat*
3:00 exactly what I do
I bought sweets at 10 cents each bought 50 of them and sold them all at 15 *Business*
Maxwell Otoo (5 days ago)
Sooooooo.... become a merchant???
Albin Jacobsson (5 days ago)
2:12 that’s 1 in my class
Mid Knight (5 days ago)
The way I’m making money in school is by doing my class mates class work then they will give me a bag of food sometimes for doing it then I would sell it for 2 dollars on the school bus I would also sell origami
snap kid (5 days ago)
Who’s watching this at the end of the school year
Yara's slime factory (5 days ago)
What is the problem with wearing the same shoes a whole year i thought it was normal 👇Like is you agree
kittehxo (5 days ago)
AngelIsSleepy (5 days ago)
He chased the bag doe
Your a tradesman
The blue inkling (5 days ago)
Isn’t selling thing at school ILLIGAL maybe my schools is just weird
//Haxard SlayDudE// (6 days ago)
That person is an ungrateful son of a b*tch
KAOS Slash (6 days ago)
Sees the title: BETTTTT
Modesto Ramirez (6 days ago)
Are you still poor
2:44 simple gadgets? A frikin VR!?
Prabhu Manandhar (6 days ago)
2 milleon first prson
Jalen Sutter (6 days ago)
Try marketing
Dead Inside (6 days ago)
What if you are home schooled...
MicroKing78 (6 days ago)
The biggest coincidence in this story is that they had the same shoe size.

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