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user and password & how to reset antminer

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If you don't know what is the user and password (credentials) of your antminer here I tell you what they are and how to reset it in case someone have changed the default password Do you want to buy a course? Exams, videos, notes, go to gabakusa.com/shop QUESTIONS? go to my site www.gabakusa.com/forum ask all your questions over there. Follow me in these social networks https://www.facebook.com/gabakUSA https://www.twitter.com/gabakUSA https://instagram.com/gabakUSA SnapChat: GabakTech Do you want to watch me online from your cellphone? PERISCOPE: GabakUSA Do you want a shirt? go here http://gabaktech.spreadshirt.com/ do you want to help to me with some $$? Paypal [email protected] Or in PATREON http://www.patreon.com/gabaktech With your collaboration I can produce more content and buy new equipment to make higher quality videos.
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gconnley (1 day ago)
Hi Gabak the root root is not working for getting into my s9. 14.5 Antminer’s and I held the reset button down for a reset and it did not work. Please advise
Juan Carlos Vera Bolaño (4 months ago)
Hola Gab! disculpa que te escriba por aqui que es la version de ingles, cometi un error en la pestaña network cambie de dinamica a estatica sin mas argumentos y guarde, ahora no puedo accesar al minero de ninguna manera, creo que lo que me queda es reinstalar un firmware por micro sd! de ser asi podrias ayudarme como es el procedimiento que no lo tengo nada claro y si tienes otra solucion pues mejor! gracias por tu ayuda!!!!
you can hire me in spanish here gabaktech.com/servicios and I will help you. I don't work for free
j d (9 months ago)
Hello Sir How do i get the 'watch only' password of an Antminer s9 to access my funds
watch all my playlist about this matter so you will understand better https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi6sTuZgKNxhQyZZtMYxweorvM1IFvYDL
James Van Metre (10 months ago)
i actually had to get another router. my router has an ip number starting with a 10 (through Comcast) and i needed a router with an ip number that starts with 192. thanks for your info and hopefully this helps someone else. Very difficult figuring out by myself without a lot of computer knowledge.
James Van Metre (10 months ago)
i did this with an A3 asic but it didn't work. Is there a way to reset the password on an A3 asic miner? I've had thw miner for days but i can't get it going. Many hours of researching. thank you!
you can try to ssh the unit and factory default reset it by CLI
Pyzhov Igor (11 months ago)
What ssl pass default for this miner. Root/root, root/admin not working
Dallel Med Ali (11 months ago)
my pleasure
Dhana S (1 year ago)
I am using AntMiner D3, I lost my password and I followed your video to reset to factory settings, When I push the reset button I am seeing RED light couple of time blink, no "beep" sound and miner restarted. then I used the admin / admin , it shows invalid. Please help me if you have any other idea!!.. thanks
Dhana S (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply. I fix my miner issue. Solution: Login with root / root
that is a bug in the system I had the same issue they have to send you a new board. or you have to re flash the firmware in their NAND

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