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Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Ticker - Well Tempered Hacker

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Add a TFT screen and you open up a world of new uses for the Raspberry Pi. In this episode, we create a Bitcoin Ticker that shows the price of Bitcoin on Bitstamp in real time. The TFT screen used in this video is available from Adafruit for $35. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1601 The code that displays the digits on the frame buffer is available here: https://github.com/anders94/framebuffer-digits
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Text Comments (36)
ANONY_KING_M (3 months ago)
Nice my friend ....
kebman (4 months ago)
I need one in _every_ room of the house!
Adnan Pessa (6 months ago)
What backend program connects and reads the data in real-time? I've got the Pi 3 and the TFT screen, and managed to get the numbers on the screen, but it's not a real price
Adnan Pessa (6 months ago)
what is the command line utility to display the latest price on the frame buffer, and can you make the source for the node.js available to me please [email protected]
Anders Brownworth (6 months ago)
I wrote a node.js server that connects to various exchange's websockets and pushes what it computes as the latest price into that app.
Copy & Paste Productions (10 months ago)
600USD :D Good old times....
Canal Crypto (10 months ago)
Hi, that video is a bit old but with some luck you're still around answering ;) I get that error: Error reading screen information. Failed to mmap. when trying to launch the app on ssh but my guess is that I'm not using the same OS as you were. Which OS were you / are you using? Thanks in advance,
Canal Crypto (10 months ago)
Must be a code issue then as my display is not the same as yours so it's probably that. Thanks for your feedback,
Anders Brownworth (10 months ago)
Raspbian. This code is very specific to the display (it calculates 6 bit color) Do you have exactly the same display?
Canal Crypto (10 months ago)
Thanks for the answer, unfortunately I've tried sudoed the command but got the same output. Do you remember which OS were you using?
Anders Brownworth (10 months ago)
Are you running the app as root? try sudo
Robert White (11 months ago)
Omfg boring. I fell asleep twice. Seriously be excited. Start by saying what the point is. Then give exact instructions.
Robert White (11 months ago)
Ok I see sources but just more detail.
Robert White (11 months ago)
Nate Clishe I'm not down on it so much as it just needs flare. I like the project. Very cool. Step by step would be nice and sources.
Nate Clishe (11 months ago)
Robert White looks like someone sat on a fairly large pinecone lol why so salty?.
2000jago (1 year ago)
This is project is what I would call "cracking a peanut with a sledge hammer"...
kebman (4 months ago)
What would you rather use to get the same effect? And would it be cheaper than a Raspberry Pi?
James Hamilton (1 year ago)
Caillou's Dad (1 year ago)
Can the Raspberry Pi do a Nixie Tube ticker??? :O I have an awesome design, just wonder if the programming is hard or if someone might already have it out there :O
Anders Brownworth (1 year ago)
Yes, very possible with the right hardware. The software isn't a big deal - just GPIO programming.
Pavel Razuvayev (1 year ago)
Awesome, glad I found this channel via your blockchain intro. I bought RaspPi3 with LCD recently and this is the project I had in mind!
RobertElBMX (2 years ago)
Mr.Packard Red (2 years ago)
What type raspberry pi did u used?
Anders Brownworth (2 years ago)
+MR.Packard simhotel For this one, a Model B but any Raspberry Pi would do.
Michael Caputo (3 years ago)
Hey there, this is really cool! I don't have any experience with C, but was wondering if your program to generate the digits is available on github? I'd like to build something similar.
Anders Brownworth (3 years ago)
+Michael Caputo ;)
Michael Caputo (3 years ago)
+Anders Brownworth Just noticed you're at Circle! Very cool!
Michael Caputo (3 years ago)
+Anders Brownworth Amazing! Thank you!
Anders Brownworth (3 years ago)
+Michael Caputo Just open sourced it for you: https://github.com/anders94/framebuffer-digits
jackson james (3 years ago)
where can i get my hands on one
Anders Brownworth (3 years ago)
You could build one yourself or find someone who knows how to build one.
James Williams (4 years ago)
James Williams (4 years ago)
Sorry I mean go into more detail on the hardware
Anders Brownworth (4 years ago)
Look at the AdaFruit URL in the description. They have a nice tutorial on how to get the TFT display up and running. That, plus some soldering and I was up and running in 1/2 an hour.
James Williams (4 years ago)
Pls pls pls can you make a vid about the software and how you built it pls!!!
Anders Brownworth (4 years ago)
I thought I already did! Is what is in the video not clear?

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