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Top 10 Scary Last Words From Prison Inmates - Part 2

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Top 10 Scary Last Words From Prison Inmates - Part 2 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: http://bit.ly/2Ibyk6i Become A Most Amazing Top 10 Member: https://bit.ly/2OgwCmN Top 10 Scary Last Words From Prison Inmates- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_BS4yoUDjU For most inmates on row, their final statements are apologies or prayers before they are executed. But for the rest of the inmates who are executed, they use their last words as a way to provoke or scare others before they take their final breath. How's it going YouTube? I'm your host Landon Dowlatsingh and today we are going to be hearing some pretty terrifying last words from prison inmates who were sentenced to. If you guys missed part one, click right over here. So, without further a due, here are the top 10 scary last words from prison inmates - part 2. #top10 #prison #lastwords Channel Producer: Landon Dowlatsingh- https://www.instagram.com/landonproductions/ Most Amazing Top 10 Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mostamazingofficial/ Most Amazing Top 10 Merch: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/most-amazing Hosted By: Landon Dowlatsingh- https://www.instagram.com/landonproductions/ Video Edited By: Ryan Wazonek For Business Inquiries Contact: [email protected] Sources: https://bit.ly/2wSl8yB https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-con-calls-lethal-injection-awesome/story?id=19050640 https://dailym.ai/2oO0XhR https://thoughtcatalog.com/allison-chase/2018/03/morbid-monday-heres-everything-you-need-to-know-about-lavinia-fisher-the-very-first-female-serial-killer/ https://bit.ly/2Qe1ztA https://bit.ly/2oMk3EZ https://dailym.ai/2MWYSi9 https://dailym.ai/2NSdc7Q https://bit.ly/2wVYyGd http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2000-06-08/news/0006080061_1_demps-butchered-sturgis
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Text Comments (2084)
MostAmazingTop10 (4 months ago)
Check Out Part 1 Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_BS4yoUDjU
xXRosie Gold 2.0Xx (10 days ago)
Hey Landon, how do you sing?
zobeya diaz (13 days ago)
Cant stand the way he talks so annoyed~!!!!!!!!!!
+DANGEROUS DOG 47 please not plaese
Reyna Prado (14 days ago)
Why did put to death reapeat
Liam Balmforth (24 days ago)
I think the death sentence should only be used to punish racism and terrorism
Cheryl Busch (2 hours ago)
You are a part of it, you are guilty of it.
Reginald Blaylock (3 hours ago)
Can some one tell me when was James Jackson put to death I don't remember see it on the news?
John Green (5 hours ago)
8th Amendment of our constitution: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” You don't think that doing a cut down to insert an IV isn't cruel? If you don't, you are the typical, dumbfuck Millennial.
Robert Patterson (7 hours ago)
Backwards hats r for kids, dude👎👎😜
Your Living Unicorn (8 hours ago)
It’s not Villgas it’s Villegas (Ville eye ges)
k asdfg (9 hours ago)
If you murder another human being and take someone from their family, all bets are off. No more rules for you. That's my opinion.
Janno Ray (11 hours ago)
US Justice System is weird and inconsistent.
Terrence Dillon (11 hours ago)
Everyone does not demand loyalty. Only the insecure demand it
loopy lou (12 hours ago)
Death penalty should be abolished as for the boy who was executed for a crime he didn't commit he should have been charged with aiding and abetting and incarcerated not executed.
Harry Jones (15 hours ago)
Execution of these 'death row' inmates should be varied to fit the crimes they carried out. The worse the crime - the more painful the method of execution.
Mike W (13 hours ago)
See 8th amendment
amber glenn (15 hours ago)
But james Jackson is still alive?
Anny Annymations (19 hours ago)
Is it wired that before today I thought people on death row got executed by be-heading and hanging?
Amy Bartlett-Laverdure (20 hours ago)
A little bit of pain before they go ??? Yikes - glad I don't have to make any decisions !! Morally I couldn't do it - wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
You should give us a live demonstration on yourself
Mike W (13 hours ago)
blake gates (22 hours ago)
Em I the only one who just scrolling on the comments?
Septem / Roptem (1 day ago)
You sound like Todd from Bojack
Larry Ayres (1 day ago)
If you were there you are a part of it. TIME TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Hight (1 day ago)
No respect at all. Kill dead period!!!!Done.
shimon holman (1 day ago)
Wat about Julius Streicher “purimfest 1946”
Bill Pollanger (1 day ago)
Kill them all,let God sort them out.
Bama Q (1 day ago)
No deadly weapons just deadly people. Guns are inanimate objects.
frank zambuto (1 day ago)
For your information an inmate is still a human being who has the right to be treated as such, regardless of his acts. The reason why he was cut so many times was because of his condition which made it difficult to find a vein and therefore  a device was surgically implanted so that the execution was carried out as per mandate. However, it is clear that the execution procedure in his case was cruel; the inmate was examined and was known that there would be a problem with injecting him. There was ample time before the execution to have him implanted with a device; they didn't have to cut him so many times.
Lisa Leon (1 day ago)
Eye for an eyeyou take someone life wee take yours.....😎
Dena Desser Sims (1 day ago)
Yes, we should treat them with the utmost respect and kindness because they are minutes away from paying their debt (or someone else's debt) in full, with their life.
Randy Hammonds (1 day ago)
Stop moving ur dam hands
Danny Clawson (1 day ago)
I would tie a murderer upside down to a tree naked and let fire ants do the work
Billybob Boxanator (1 day ago)
They should bring back hanging, less expensive and suitable for people who murder.
Mason plays 4512 (1 day ago)
robert shaw (1 day ago)
To punish someone you make them understand that they are bring punished. You can suggest that years on death row is punishment and being murdered is punishment. Really? Remember - when a person is dead, nothing matters. All his life, his activities and his death maybe recorded by others, But that individual no longer knows anything. He doesn't even know he is dead. So - how was he punished. The pain - if any, of inflicting the punishment is not in his memory - He has no memory of anything. He is dead. Only the living know of his existence and his death. His parents have been punished, The state has wasted a lot of money keeping him locked up, the lawyers have made a bushel trying to save his life (In which his memory of the event may haunt him) The family of the victim have had their revenge. But in their everlasting search for "Closure" do they remember that the net result is the reduction of the population by 1. And that 1 doeas no know he was born. He has not been punished. His conscious mind has been stopped. Fade to black. end of story. Oh, wait. He doesn't know his story ended. SO he was not punished after all.
Dennis Hanans (1 day ago)
Can't stand this guy! Unwatchable!
Susan Norton (2 days ago)
I just think about it this way, if my loved one was brutally or senselessly murdered I would want a very slow painful death for the person that took them out of this world. I could never hear my loved one's voice again, never see their face again, never get another hug or a kiss or spend time with them again, it would really make me hate the murderer.
Timuel Douglas (2 days ago)
James Jackson take racist to another level.
Angl0sax0nknight (2 days ago)
Executions are too soft! These sentences don’t scare these savages because other than Texas, the rest of states take decades! The death sentence needs to be done within 1 year of sentencing! And it should be VERY PAINFUL!! Hanging or firing squad!
Mary Cochran (2 days ago)
We don't need your propaganda as a part of this viewing. In nursing school we are taught to give criminals the minimum required treatment as to not harm the patient. That's all they get. No niceties, etc.
emmette craft (2 days ago)
No death penalty.
Barry Ross (2 days ago)
Dudes a total hand talker
Khalid Mujahid (2 days ago)
They need to expand the death penalty to allow for chomo PoS's to be executed
Gail Pauley (2 days ago)
I'd ask for a plain vanilla cupcake.
Juan Laris (2 days ago)
I think baby rapist should fucken hang in a volcano lower down in to the lava slow and people that kill you shouldn't be in that movie gamer
Kyle Kriticos (2 days ago)
you stupid fook why are you even asking if he should be treated like a human until death?
Lee Pearl (2 days ago)
When one is executed they are freed; life with hard labor; 1 meal per day. NO LUXURY AT ALL!! No roof, air conditioning, etc. Just a life of hell on earth.
iMango (3 days ago)
7:12 Unusual law that’s the understatement of the century sort yaself out America that’s beyond fucked hopefully even more continents and countries will ban pharmaceuticals exports to America for lethal drugs this year to the point of a “sanction”
Amanda Moran (3 days ago)
Yes they should be treated like a human,being with humaine rights. The executioner should be a better man, than the prisoner up,for execution. Believe me even though I've never been to prison they get their Karma handed to them,while waiting there to die.
Todd Strong (3 days ago)
I think anyone involved in a murder should be put to death and I don't mean let them stay on death row for 10 years.
Jace H (3 days ago)
I believe that up until death, we must treat inmates with respect. They may have committed absolutely heinous crimes, and some may see them as monsters, but you have to consider the fact that if they are not treated with respect, they could harm themselves, or even another inmate or guard. No matter what crime someone has committed, you must treat them with respect if you want even a slight chance of getting respect back.
Mike Bailey (3 days ago)
They should bring back hanging. It would absolutely be the way I would want to go. If done correctly, death is instantaneous.
Tokoloshe Bishop (3 days ago)
The death penalty is like a wall, it keeps alot of people from wanting to cross over.
Whale Dog (3 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Aidan Brown (3 days ago)
Oh yeah whatJust wondering
WOLF. E (3 days ago)
Sooooo 9 wasn’t any words 😂🖕🏼
HAE82HOPE (3 days ago)
The information was very interesting but way this guy delivers it is very annoying.
Reuben Thiak (3 days ago)
So lame.....waste of time
Anthony Miranda (3 days ago)
Some of these Death row inmates don't even qualify as human beings. They lost the right to dignity and compassion when the committed murder, more so anyone that harms a child doesn't deserve anything but to be wiped from the gene pool
No problem No problem (3 days ago)
What would i order before my execution ? - simple a big dose of heroin & cocaine = a speed ball ...Ahhh that would be nice...
No problem No problem (3 days ago)
Richard Cobb’s words were said because one of the drugs phenobarbital gives that person a HIGH or a buzz.............they are so high they don’t actually know wtf they are saying........as far as closure that’s a misnomer there is NEVER any closure ! ! - Closure is not having it happen to begin with or being able to resurrect the dead that would be true CLOSURE ! ! ! !
joy austin (4 days ago)
your speaking too fast
Arthur Derenthal (4 days ago)
If you are with the person that committed the murder and are part of the robbery, home invasion drove them there or whatever. Now if there's proof that you made an actual attempt to stop them from committing murder I don't feel that you should be executed. But you still need to be convicted for the crime that led to murder.
Demetrius Reid (4 days ago)
God say thy shall not kill... peroid. Sound simple to me
Who’s Sanchez (4 days ago)
That the way it goes right eye for an eye
Nathaniel Radtke (4 days ago)
If someone commits a cruel and unusual crime, justice demands a cruel and unusual punishment. Its not rocket science.
Nathaniel Radtke (4 days ago)
The " mentally ill" thing is bogus. Who isn't a little mentally ill to commit such terrible crimes?
Chris Romero (4 days ago)
I agree. Kill them, the way they killed their vics...or ,let them go LIKE most judges do... right.
Andrea Tripp (4 days ago)
Christian Magill (4 days ago)
1 like=1 prayer for all these people
S M I L E (4 days ago)
Idek why the death penalty exists, life in prison would be 100x worse.
S MC (4 days ago)
They own convicts legally, so they can do what the will. They usually sell their organs after putting them down, the organs are worth roughly $200,000 to $400,000usd. Btw, You can't possibly treat a monster inhumanely. And if they can't access a large vein, the always make a small incision, to prevent additional prolonged pain, which is what would happen if the needle was inserted subcutaneously or intramuscular.
Mobitech Lloyd (4 days ago)
Keep your hands still dimwit.
Dalton Knapp (4 days ago)
i hate this guy
james moos (4 days ago)
No kill
Concentruth tv (4 days ago)
Texas? Nah the world is bigger n cooler than that..
Bman Bman (5 days ago)
It would nice if you just reported the facts and not inject your own emotions into the narration so..Questions at the end are a nice touch..
Bman Bman (5 days ago)
Well we should ask what the victims would of said..........Their chance at life was cut short. So No, live by the sword , die by the sword!!!!!! Poor children died by a sick mom..How sad....
jay magisa (5 days ago)
Vilyegas not vilgas what grade are you in?
John Grist (5 days ago)
They should die in the same manner and the same suffering that their victim did
Whale Dog (5 days ago)
7:50 that I do not agree with... It's extremely stupid. He's innocent. It really is just murder.
Maureen Tuohy (5 days ago)
Your unsettled because actual MURDERS feel “discomfort” at lethal injection? 😶😳🙄 I completely agree with the death penalty.
mike ater (5 days ago)
What about the victims?
Jack Harrison (2 days ago)
Once you are sentenced to death sentence should be carried out right away not 10 or 20 years later but right away no longer than 30 days otherwise it cost taxpayers money what a waste 👍
Dionne Odom (1 day ago)
What about the people wrongly convicted? To hell with giving them real time to prove their innocence huh?
CrackaCrusha Jones (5 days ago)
The treatment of prisoners is not as much about them, as it is about the society that produces them.
inez stock (5 days ago)
lavinia said if you have a message for the devil give it to me know
Cliff Braun (5 days ago)
Death penalty is ok by me, as long as there is absolutely no question of the guilt of the criminal
jayme Parker (6 days ago)
lol the lisp veneers are to big haha..
Daniel Southerland (6 days ago)
Anyone that kills a kid(s) should be slow roasted to perfection. The death penalty is in place for the coldest of killers and should remain. No doubt innocent people have been executed because justice is imperfect and has the potential to be lopsided by overzealous state officials. But today with DNA evidence that gap of innocent people on death row is being closed. Having said all that, anytime detectives, prosecutors, or judges are found to have purposefully miscarried justice, they should have to pay with jail time and restitution to the wrongfully convicted.
allybean (6 days ago)
They didn't treat their victims with respect.
Big head (6 days ago)
I wish somebody would put me in prison and injected me over some I didn't do, even if I was involved. the man didn't do anything, I feel like that was wrong and cruel for them to kill that man like that.😑 idc what no one else thinks but I know what's right and wrong
Somehow this Narrator's commentaries are totally incomplete and infantile.......there are no dates and years given, other items such as exact place, location, time......things that an intelligent reporter would naturally or, maybe better said, trained to do.  This person is obviously untrained and becomes very boring without even knowing it!
Rebecca Stone (6 days ago)
Your video would be cool but you talk just a little to much hun
Anthony Taylor (6 days ago)
there shouldn’t be a law for being put to death for conspiracy to murder. plain and simple
Carl Bowman (6 days ago)
Should murderers be treated fairly? They should be treated as they treated their victems. That is what would fair. Dignity and respect? Think about what those two words mean then ask yourself if someone who never respected or treated anyone else with dignity should be allowed either of those. Now apply your first question about fairness and what that means and you will have your answer.
Kylee Rayne (6 days ago)
Your funny...
Brian Britchford (6 days ago)
Stop frigging waving your arms around
Brenda Prinsloo (7 days ago)
Death penalty is ungodly... thou shall not kill, that is in God's hands!
James Jackson wasn't executed. I can't find any article saying he died or that he was even sentenced to die. An article I read from Sept 2018 says the maximum penalty he can face is life without parole.
renegade fart (7 days ago)
i'm a firm believer in exicution by firing squad, faster and easier, and cheaper
Beautifully Broken (7 days ago)
There still human beings. Medical staffs job is to treat everyone with compassion. If they can't do that they need to quit
MISS BROWN (7 days ago)
a glass of untampered milk and a glass of untampered water..also my grandma's baked rice and pork pie...yummmm !!!
mark halbert (7 days ago)
they didnt treat there victims with respect so they didnt deserve respect
Sindy Sanders (7 days ago)
Jose vill\gas. Lol. Dude, take a beginning Spanish course.
D J (7 days ago)
All you can eat shrimp and crab legs with extra butter so I can die by my own hands before the execution because I'm highly allergic to shellfish
armnano junior (15 hours ago)
Ahh fellow rebel,,,im with u
Robert Beck (20 hours ago)
D J according to the Bible eating shellfish is entry to hell you lucky there's no such thing as Hell or Heaven
Ginger Spice (7 days ago)
I don't like the person talking

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