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The Future of Energy (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 9)

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At the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, world leaders agreed that climate change is an urgent threat -- cementing green energy production as a new frontier of innovation. VICE takes an in-depth look at the future of how we make and use energy, and how we can meet growing demand as we cut carbon emissions. Watch Season 1: http://bit.ly/2s1T4Zs Watch Season 2: http://bit.ly/2qJRA6j Watch Season 3: http://bit.ly/VICE-HBO-S3 Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (732)
Andres Leon (25 days ago)
LOL, how did Taylor Wilson at the end end up as a VICE correspondent?
epSos.de (1 month ago)
The smart people did invest into renewable energy technology, when everybody was in doubt. Free fuel is a free fuel. Every turn of the wind turbine is like a flow of money into the pocket of the people who build the wind turbine.
djguy100 (1 month ago)
Right now there are a lot of old rich white men doing everything in their power to stop this becoming a reality. These men want us enslaved forever and would be prepared to kill the entire planet to maintain their grip on power.
ATsunkissedguy (1 month ago)
The existing nuclear technology, nuclear fission, or splitting of the atoms, produces a lot of radioactive waste. This kid’s idea is to use nuclear fusion, similar to how the sun and the stars are doing it, is more efficient and less waste.
Nützlicher Idiot! (1 month ago)
Negaria (1 month ago)
I don't like Obama. God bless President Trump ❤️🇺🇸
IamGravel (1 month ago)
Do not release anymore green house gas! Blows shit up with a lot of gas released...
Alejandro Macias (1 month ago)
Vice once again misinforming. There is no such thing as "green energy" from renewables such as wind and solar. It takes more energy to manufacture and maintain them then what they offset.
Shoegum (1 month ago)
w t f
usandmexico (1 month ago)
I was an engineer for a short time for an electric utility, so I don't have years of experience, but I do know this lacked the practical concerns of utility engineers working day after day to maintain and produce electrical power. The engineers I knew were upset with city and CA state officials, and they were upset with the policies they were being forced to follow. They are being pushed to do things they think are not feasible, at the moment at least. As for wind energy in California, some mocked it openly. In general, everyone knows that solar and wind are unreliable, and battery technology is still not good enough. In general, you should not think that practicing engineers are making policy. I know engineers that work in more legal ways and interact with state government, and they are not confident their concerns are being taken seriously. It seems the politicians are already convinced of what should be done, regardless of what the engineers say. Interestingly, I also contributed to a class project on Thorium in college, but I misplaced the paper.
vjeff777 (1 month ago)
Anyone else kinda annoyed at how this guy talks....?? unnecessary pauses and stops in his sentences for the purpose of journalistic dramatic voice. every video. every time he speaks. He can make the simplest thing sound overcomplicated. "Tired from a long walk, they ate, their popcorn." "John F. Kennedy was President, of the United States" "The US is a worldwide presence looking, for none other, than change." Changing his pitch and tone multiple times in one sentence is particularly annoying. Sorry, but its great journalism, and while he is the President of VICE, this does not mean he is automatically a good journalist in the specific sense of how he sounds. Content and coverage is A+, for whatever my opinion may be worth on that.
vjeff777 (1 month ago)
Prominent example at 17:40 Super incredibly unnecessary pauses in description. holy $#!* its like this guy does it on purpose
vjeff777 (1 month ago)
another example at 15:00 "Nuclear power is...."
vjeff777 (1 month ago)
another example at 11:32
vjeff777 (1 month ago)
example at 10:47
josoverthehill (1 month ago)
With all the promise that renewable energy has PROVEN it can deliver, the clueless loser in the White House ran - AND WAS ELECTED - on a platform that is bound to keep us in the past, stuck to an earth that we are quickly depleting (no, of course it's not just America, but per capita, I do believe we are way past our acceptable share). And not only has he pledged (whoopee, he's kept those promises) to open up MORE of our pristine natural resources (ANWR, offshore drilling, federal preserves) in the name of LOWERING our energy costs, we have actually seen our gas and other costs INCREASE since he's in office. Thanks, "Mr." Trump. AND, of course, thanks to the idiots who actually BELEIVED this jackass enough to vote for him in the first place.
josoverthehill (1 month ago)
So if he can create energy that is hotter than the sun inside that metal cylinder without melting it down, why can't we build a spaceship that could get us closer to the sun without it melting? Bear with me; I'm not a science/space intellect, so I don't even know where to start looking up the answer to this, but I am asking a legit question.
jimdraw.com (2 months ago)
He's a nice boy, so sweet and he has nuclear reactor in his garage. We need this kid to be on serious problems instead, like building me an Iron Man suit.
Rich Tygart (2 months ago)
I've been looking at the same rocks on the tide pools in Santa Cruz California for 45 years and the water level is no different today than back then.
Frederick Soileau (2 months ago)
i hope they cleaned up the mess and restored the environment they blew up? That just shows the use of destructive energy with no purpose, NextEra doesn't even do that.
Softail77us (3 months ago)
That modem sound at the beginning of Vice videos sucks. If it was handshaking and trying to connect to another modem it would be more intelligent sounding, less annoying. It doesn't support Hayes V.32, V.32bis, HST, FAX protocol or anything.. maybe a 300 baud modem from a Radio Shack Trash 80 acoustic modem. FAKE! ha ha ha
Atlas Tobin (3 months ago)
Damn your lucky... Id sell my soul to get to spend 5 minutes with Elon musk...
Atlas Tobin (3 months ago)
Nuclear has always been my favorite form of energy...
京都アンソニー (3 months ago)
I feel like the russians are going to come after him
Scott Martain (3 months ago)
Please stop. This is terrible we have wind and tides this is not a good idea. I can make a freaking windmill out of an alternator and I am not smart. Everybody that does something like this regrets it eventuallly to the point that the Nobel prize was created from a guilty conscience. yeah I bet it will be historic.
Scott Martain (3 months ago)
there is currently a country importing garbageto use as fuel how are we even considering going nuclear. good story though, very entertaining.
Joseph Theclown (3 months ago)
We can not sustain on our current system eventually the wealth will all but completely transfer to a select elite fee & then chaos will ensue NEVER vote republican they bringing the end of humanity for their own personal gain FACT that’s a fucking FACT
Joseph Theclown (3 months ago)
We must as Americans end the Republican Party & it’s evil corruption & bring the wealthy elite to their knees
Joseph Theclown (3 months ago)
ALER🚨ALERT🚨I think it’s more than obvious at this point that the Republican Party is driven by greed & is the most currupt organization on earth literally ( I’m a independent btw ) but every move by the republicans is based on money or profits they insist on repeating failures & enacting policies that they KNOW will fail because its in the best interest of the elite wealthy communities that now OWN the Republican Party all the party does is take orders from the billionaires out of a personal interest to profit In the form of campaign donations & those donations don’t come free NO NO NO basically the individual says I’ll donate half a millions 500k & in backroom meetings they say for doing this I want you to enact X policy BUT me & my buddies have already bought your party peers so they understand what they need to do & will have your back because we’ve gave them incentives to basically do our bidding it’s the most disgusting organization I’ve ever witnessed I think the American mafia la Cosa Nostra has better ethics than the republicans seriously I understand democrats lack a back bone but I never vote republican & if you do your unamerican expatriot that is literally helping to bring our country to ruins this system we have currently is NOT sustainable the wealth will eventually transfer to the small elite community & once it hits this peak & our country’s in complete distress & chaos we will hit a breaking point & something like the bridesmaids tale might become a reality seriously we are in danger the Republican Party poses a serious risk to every American & the world if they are not stopped we are doomed NEVER vote republican of your American it’s your duty also as a human to put a stop to this corruption that plagued our communities & our country
InfinitWorld (3 months ago)
Solar, wind, tide, thorium+modern uranium reactors, fusion reactors, geothermal etc. We have so many options, yet we don't use them
Christine Marr (3 months ago)
It's Trump's fault--guess the world will just have to wait for him to get out of office to get to the root of what really matters.
Sam-A-Tron (3 months ago)
That kid plays way to much Fallout.
Maxitz (4 months ago)
great content, but god your the journalist's voice is boring and he is as well
Living In Samsara (4 months ago)
fusion is the future so let it come to operation as soon as possible, please!
Jérôme D. (4 months ago)
Great stuffs!
Enzo Long (4 months ago)
Dude fuck there's smart people out here we need to overtake the government and get the future here now
Bruce Harrington (4 months ago)
Pushkar Mahale (4 months ago)
Best YouTube Channel with best content !
Ryan Ehlis (4 months ago)
OH the global warming BS lies! lol
Dino Mike (5 months ago)
No need for fusion. If we learn to harness the power of this kid's smugness we can power the whole world
Michael Leuff (5 months ago)
9:45 I love how Elon Musk just nod his head when Shane said " you're known as a very smart guy"
Brian Horton (5 months ago)
I don't understand, if you dig uranium up out of the ground like coal. how is that not a fossil fuel? Is there an unlimited amount of uranium out there? I thought it was pretty rare?
Frank Blangeard (5 months ago)
I was surprised to hear that Tesla makes the most popular all electric car in America (9:00). Thinking that this was a mistake I Googled it and found that this is true.
Jeffrey Koelewijn (5 months ago)
This was very interesting to watch
Gilster (5 months ago)
Encouraging. There is optimism.
Rachelle Janssen (5 months ago)
probably the happiest kid I've ever seen who gets exited about being nerdy :D what a lovely guy
Kriechbaum (5 months ago)
Hello, what is the song in the outro?
Dylan Tierney (5 months ago)
Brilliantly made doc
BLUEGENE13 (5 months ago)
what about thorium
Aleksander Fraizer (5 months ago)
What's the name of the end credit's song?
Cj C (5 months ago)
Everything that landed on earth is energy from the stars numb nuts
musicisbrilliant (5 months ago)
THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke!!!!! Probably EVER. Thank you.
musicisbrilliant (5 months ago)
VICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU soooooo much for providing this vital material for FREE to us all!!!! Im so incredibly grateful for all that you guys do.
musicisbrilliant (5 months ago)
THIS GIVES ME HOPE!!!!! Bless that young man!!! I love him.
musicisbrilliant (5 months ago)
THANK YOU Shane and Vice!!!!! Heroes!!!
musicisbrilliant (5 months ago)
This channel overwhelms me.
Charles Anguiano (6 months ago)
United States no longer supports this project, Trump withdraw United States in order to support coal...the stupidity is really impressive ...By the way China and India took US part...So go ahead America stay with your lovely coal...the rest of the world is moving forward
Kristoffer Von Rittberg (5 months ago)
Charles Anguiano in fact the rest of the world is not moving forward. Almost every nation is increasing the co2 emissions every year. Plus China and India's solar power projects are just jokes. You never wonder why Japan and Germany are scraping their solar power projects?
grantspassage (6 months ago)
Fukushima Reactor #1 & #2 & #3 Meltdown https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster
Ben Tahoe OG (6 months ago)
make cars narrower, they are still horse and buggy size
joc boii (6 months ago)
Hotter then the sun...someone gonna fuck up mankind if they get a hold of it...awful way to go
blenderNOOb69 (6 months ago)
As far i know, you lithium to feat a fusion reactor. So it's the same problem as coal... You burn a source on earth.
Bob Rolander (6 months ago)
What Elon Musk and most politicians (including establishment Democrats like Obama) don't get, is: *Without social change, i.e. free education, free healthcare, high quality jobs for the many & unconditional basic income, NONE of this will ever work.* If you *neglect* the masses, they will keep voting against their own best interest, if you fail to educate the masses, they will be *seduced* by the next Donald Trump or by even more facist demagogs who promise easy answers.
RLuminate (6 months ago)
I have no idea if this has been said already but , he is the real life phineas and ferb in one person
BLUEGENE13 (6 months ago)
and we had of just waited 100 years and not polluted our whole planet, we'd of been ok
johnny1992black (7 months ago)
20:04 and possibly a blackhole, or a warp.. that will surely end ur future in less then a second xD
Marshon OuttaSpace (7 months ago)
Money money money money. Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😂😂 fuck yall
digifotocluj DML (7 months ago)
It’s the only way forward 🙌💯👍
Funny but for about $2000 cash you can get off the grid. Biodigestion has no waste. Fertilizer, fresh agua, natural gas. No infrastructure required. Completely autonomous, works when it snows with or without wind almost zero maintenance under your control....hmmm
I know i'm gonna get trolls for this but F it i don't care. Check out my over unity diaries on my channel and hot fusion is GARBAGE, cold fusion is much better and can be made in a pickle jar at room temperature R.i.P Eugene Mallove also on my over unity diaries...... The hot fusion people are retarded if they achieve over unity=more energy out then in... Then they will just tell the scientist he's crazy that he's breaking the laws of physics conservation of energy B.S.
JoeAceJR (8 months ago)
Environmentalist logic 101: _I want all disposable plastics, SUV's, fossil fuels, luxury homes, and private jets BANNED right after we trash the streets during a BLM riot, drive our SUV's across countries, and go to my luxury house in my private jet so help us fight for trumps impeachment he got us out of the paris climate accord_
Pepins Spot (8 months ago)
They have achieved ignition just not sustainable.
Davin Deptuck (8 months ago)
"There are gonna be days, weeks, where the wind isn't blowing, or the sun isn't shining." But... did you not earlier address the amazing battery technology Elon Musk has made available? Shouldn't the battery storage mean that wind and solar power are enough?
Davin Deptuck (8 months ago)
And thennn.... Donald Trump happened. FUCK IT ALL!!!!!
skvakagud (9 months ago)
Wait wait wait!! So burning stuff, which has a bad side-effect, and also comes in a limited amount. IS BAD?!?!? WHAAAT?! But won't we use out the sun, or wind if we make energy on that??
Thomas Shirrefs (9 months ago)
Great info thanks! I would have liked more on molten salt reactors personally but it's good to have it at least mentioned for once.
Shahmeer Lakho (9 months ago)
I'm an architect and can't wait to see fusion powered buildings ...
farhan oyon (9 months ago)
This guy should talk to Elon musk...
Paige Elizabeth (9 months ago)
I loved this documentary because I live in the heart of natural gas/coal mining and never seen so much change in the weather/nature all together before 😩
Hayden Lesperance (9 months ago)
wait what you get more energy out than you put in? if that doesnt break some basic laws of energy then something is being used that doesnt come back
Hayden Lesperance (9 months ago)
"the world is finally waking up to climate change" "paris" yeah uh
Cpt Nemo (10 months ago)
The first big step of energy is TESLA ,no not the motor, but the god
Cpt Nemo (10 months ago)
john doe (10 months ago)
That kids gonna build a legit usable fusion reactor and become the richest most powerful person on earth
Yomilosofandum (11 months ago)
Just Stop Having Children!!!
chris scent (11 months ago)
Once the fusion process "ignites" it will grow there is nothing we have that can hold that star, this is an example of men trying to do more than possible, and others will pay the price for one mans ignorance
Eryk Pawlikowski (11 months ago)
if this fusion factory will someday blow up i cannot imagine the devastation of the land. this little "sun" will be extremely deadly. i hope they won't let this explosion happen. otherwise...it could be the end of everything here
djdocstrange (11 months ago)
oh my god this constant screen scrolling to the left is making me want to puke. I dont think thats a good way to intro an episode
Enrico Dragoni (11 months ago)
It's cool to use solar energy and batteries, but can we recycle the components they are made of ? If there is no oil left, will we be able to ship all the components and materials necessary for their manufacturing ? Will this kind of batteries will be able to power fabrics ? The real answer is that we'll have to change our way to consume, consume way less and more local, there will be no magic answer to ressources shortage
Z Dax (11 months ago)
wow, that was awesome!!!
Jeremias Macias (11 months ago)
read about saltx technology and salt energy
Doug Spindler (11 months ago)
Trump is about ready to add a tariff to solar panels which will double if not triple the cost of residential solar. Elon Musk/Solar City is in favor of the increase.
asdfasdfasdfaf (11 months ago)
Who said anti-Donald-Trump propaganda? So fast of a reaction after he quit the agreement. Now we know who funds VICE.
Loren Soman (11 months ago)
The whole show is, unfortunately, just plain wrong.  The shiny new energy future has been cancelled.  This is because the world oil production system is already experiencing rapid thermodynamic shutdown.  The net energy return on a barrel of oil is dropping catastrophically due to the rapidly rising entropy of the 150 year old process of oil production.  The world economy is being starved of energy as the world oil production system consumes more energy than it produces for the general economy.  As the price of oil continues to fall, investment in growing the capacity of alternatives will fall as well.  At a point very soon, the US banks, which currently support unprofitable tight oil (about 5% of world oil production), will be forced to pull the plug.  At that point, we will have an apocalypse, i.e. the end of modern industrial civilization and a massive human die-off.  Sorry to be such a party pooper.---Futilitist
Kim Anders Nielsen (1 year ago)
Sponsered by: Tesla, ITER and UN
Francesco Laessig (1 year ago)
Likeable interviewer and interesting content. More of this
BiggieSmalls (1 year ago)
Nikola Tesla had already found a way to provide free energy for the world and he didn't even have to build something that would take 10 years to build. greed of money prevented us from having free energy
Mouhajer Beya (1 year ago)
Well, extinction doesn't only come in the form of white walkers... Climate change is a real thing, but the world is too busy fighting each other over fossil fuels to see the real threat we're heading towards.
Guys i think marvel predicted the future of energy, isn't this thing just an arc reactor??
Medievalist (1 year ago)
scientist are now starting to realize climate change huh.....?????wow
how cool!
Abhishek Cyborg (1 year ago)
We can't see energy but we are happy to hear "its GREEN"!
mmmh mmh (1 year ago)
making a single battery for a tesla puts out the same amount of polution as truck puts out in 50 years.
justin Kassel (1 year ago)
When do you think their going to cut out the "hands up, don't shoot" sound byte, from the vice intro, considering it was all a complete fucking lie.
Funkkii (1 year ago)
Mad respect for Vice making these great videos to us enjoy and learn. Good job! :)

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