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Should I Work For a Small or Large Company?

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Yash Ojha (2 months ago)
you said exactly what I was thinking but sadly people around me don't, they think join the big company you sill get that stamp on your resume or something like that, but all and all, I know my knowledge would be my only one true friend im career, and now I am starting out as a full stack JavaScript developer previously was a react native deveoper in this company which would never be possible if I went after that job offer which would hire me as a fresher and with one year bound.
Empress Zaire (10 months ago)
Great advice, and you are spot on. After school I got a job working for a small company and I did wear a lot of hats. Now I'm ready to move on to a larger company.
Alexandru Savu (2 years ago)
Good feedback and similar with my path of development. Started small, then moved to bigger companies.
Kevin Cho (2 years ago)
I think real question is small or big team. Even in a big company, there are sectors with small team. I used to work for Verizon where I joined a team that does a lot of prototypes. Each prototype is assigned to one or two developers.

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