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Real Crypto EXTREME STREAM Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading

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Daily chat with YOU. Come on in, say Hi and join the conversation! Coinigy Link: https://www.coinigy.com/?r=6cdf267e Website: Real-crypto.com BTC Donations: 19ocWzUYSc46hnxWbXercGwcKN9FcRi6bv ETH Donations: 0xAaC5ef4e7a9b095b879DA6D98E0a24D25D57ecE2
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Brown Spencer (1 year ago)
Hey there, i want to let you know trading tbc is very easy. i had sold all my TBC with the help of ,Mr Joseph Ryan, He did not collect any money for his help rendered and he is transparent. You should ask him for help too. via email (josephryan714 @gmail .com) do request politely, you will be glad.
Tung NS (1 year ago)
Great work sir
Crypto World (1 year ago)
Listed coin in directory CoinMarketCap in Jan 2018 ► https://bit.ly/marketcaps
canis7lupus (1 year ago)
Oh im so sad, i missed the stream again :( Hope you are fine randy!? And i also hope you did take a look at Diamond coin..? :D
canis7lupus (1 year ago)
Thank you for your answer, yes sure, some months are no problem at all for me :D I also did get some more Diamond coin close to its bottom :)
Real-Crypto (1 year ago)
I did not, but its looking pretty good here, looks like the bottom is in so can you live with your positions for a few months?

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