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Will a PhD make you money? How much will your salary be?

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I present here some data suggesting that a PhD does not bring long-term financial benefits, and in cases like engineering, a PhD is associated with financial loss. I then discuss the financial aspects of three potential routes after a PhD: post-doc, academia, and industry.
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Hovan Zhang (4 months ago)
Sidharth B (10 months ago)
Profs in India make a significant amount of money (other than salary) from providing consultancy services. Sometimes the earning from consultancy is more than their salary itself. Are these not prevalent outside India or you chose to ignore it?
Chopped4Skin (1 year ago)
In the "real world" no one cares about Ph.D's. Employers are interested work experience.
LeMajesty // (1 year ago)
thats quite inaccurate
Lee Safe (2 years ago)
You don't get a phd for the money, you get one to be a recognized contributor.
this may sound arrogant, but i thought males made more
KJV1611. co (1 year ago)
feminist alert
indrinita (1 year ago)
Jim Emmanuel Mascarinas they do make more at every level, which is why education matters so much more for women when it comes to starting salary. The "penis raise" is so high that differences in percentages of how much men make compared to women after various levels of education simply can't be that high.
Richard Galvez (2 years ago)
In the percent portion of the beginning of the video, I think you should consider carefully the industry phds vs academic ones in drawing the conclusion about the 46% increase in salary from a person with no phd as compared to the masters holder. Reason is obviously the postdoc position, which is a large fraction of post-phd work force brings down the earnings quite a lot. With that said, I am a postdoc myself, and believe the salary comparisons of postdoc to industry can be misleading. For this, I would like to write this and hope those considering postdocs vs industry with phds in stem find this comment: I believe a postdoc position is a fantastic choice for a person finishing their phd degree that are not quite sure what they want to do. While you're completing your phd you hardly have time to look into options, have conversations with people, etc., to find out where you would like to take your life next. Consider the postdoc position as a decently paid time to think about what you want to do with your future (and the future of your planet). This can be compared to those who know they definitely want to be in academia. Then for sure you know you have to take a postdoc (if it's required in your field). If you know you definitely want to be in industry (and please know that the category 'industry' that's thrown around is HUGE compared to academic roles), then it still may be in your best interest to take a one year postdoc to survey what others are doing with your degree, and where you can see yourself. Sorry for the long comment, but just wanted to leave my opinion out there. Best of luck to you if you're a person with a phd, or getting one soon, that's trying to figure out what to do. In case you haven't done much research into it, the good news is the opportunities are almost limitless. If you would like to know the resources I have found, please feel free to contact me. P.S. I don't charge anything for my info, I am genuinely trying to help.
Roger Palomino (1 year ago)
Richard Galvez Hi I am an alumini who is thinking about doing a PhD program. From your experience what was your biggest challenge? Also, is it true not to go for the PHD for money? Was it worth all the blood, sweat and tears you went through? Finally, are you really given two chances to pass the judges of your research? Thank you very much.
whitesoxrules (2 years ago)
Honestly it varies. For STEM field, you would need to have a Phd in Computer Science if you want to do Data Mining or Machine Learning because companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, IBM etc are now looking for Phd Candidates in those areas. Same thing that goes for Phd in Statistics.
tim biggart (1 year ago)
One of the fields with more openings than candidates over the last 20 years has been Accounting. Openings exceed new graduates by 200 - 400%, tier 2 or 3 schools are starting at $150K.
asish a (2 years ago)
Thank You Sir.Your suggestions helped me lot

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