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Text Comments (172)
ye boi (6 days ago)
this is the only time i want to not have an android cause it dont have the time ajustment feature
ye boi (6 days ago)
bich you talk hella fast slow de fuc down
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Elohim Productions (19 days ago)
U smack your teeth way too much but good info
SheTheCamera TV (22 days ago)
I know you weren't trying to bash photography work, but its really a lot of work just like anything else, you have to have an eye, and anyone can just pick up a camera and shoot on automatic, but only photographers will be Able to shoot on Manuel, knowing how to light subject, set camera settings and edit. Love you tho. Great Video.
Kiersten McNeely (26 days ago)
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Claranisha Johnson (26 days ago)
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Jorge Limon (27 days ago)
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Renz_HD (1 month ago)
Slow the hell down!!!
MARTINE ALCENAS (1 month ago)
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ISLAND TRUCKER (1 month ago)
Great content. First time seeing your channel.
Sincerely Ardie (1 month ago)
msmuniz23 (1 month ago)
You speak too fast. I can't understand what you're saying
Nakia Harris (2 months ago)
I also told my nephew too follow you ... you give great tips...thank you ... please subscribe to my YouTube channel thank you... Nakia Harris
Petty G (2 months ago)
Speaking so fast😂😂😂
magdala belamour (2 months ago)
Contact me please
Kaii Anderson (3 months ago)
your near me
Monica Branch (3 months ago)
Great video with the ideas. Very easy to do. You touching that hair drove me batty a bit. Lol. ❤️
Quel Clark (3 months ago)
I like LITERALLY fell in love with youuuuu😩🙌🏽 you lowkey the PLUG sis thaaaanx💕
barbie luv2 (3 months ago)
Your inspiring and I love that I'll keep coming back to your channel
Casey Wagner77 (4 months ago)
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KhayMonae (4 months ago)
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Miljan Krkic (4 months ago)
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Shamika agim (4 months ago)
Aye Nigeria 🇳🇬 on the map😍😍
Briana De Leon (4 months ago)
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Gabriella Dellolio (5 months ago)
im from Jersey!!! i want to start a youtube channel but i dont even now where to start
Akeeba Andrews (5 months ago)
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Akeeba Andrews (5 months ago)
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melisalwayshere (5 months ago)
I never really like that orange color for hair but you pull it off really nice :)
Prince James (6 months ago)
And the Bulls
Prince James (6 months ago)
I love to shoot hoops I like the LA Lakers
Prince James (6 months ago)
Digital photography is good too
Audrée Girard (3 months ago)
Prince James my god can’t you just write ONE comment instead of a million of those -.-
Prince James (6 months ago)
Letgo is good
Prince James (6 months ago)
I don't like fiverr
Prince James (6 months ago)
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Prince James (6 months ago)
I had 2 friends that was djs
Prince James (6 months ago)
Tokyo my cousins are half Japanese
Prince James (6 months ago)
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Prince James (6 months ago)
I'm doing all this out of motel 6
Prince James (6 months ago)
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Prince James (6 months ago)
Follow @princejamesofw
Prince James (6 months ago)
I'm a Prince
Prince James (6 months ago)
I have to use a gift card for that
Prince James (6 months ago)
You got the business cards not try to get colored flyers
Prince James (6 months ago)
I do referrals and advertising if you're interested
Prince James (6 months ago)
I'm watching you on YouTube on my TV with Roku and I'm watching you and talking to you on this cell phone LOL
Prince James (6 months ago)
You want to help me with the nail business
Prince James (6 months ago)
I have a new idea for painting nails 2
Prince James (6 months ago)
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Prince James (6 months ago)
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Prince James (6 months ago)
All together
Prince James (6 months ago)
With the orange hair and nails us orange lipstick and orange tank top and orange cat eye liner
Prince James (6 months ago)
U can sell on letgo I do
Kallista Metropoulos (6 months ago)
Why do you talk so fast. Slow down jesus...
kennysha davis (6 months ago)
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Brittany Wheeler (6 months ago)
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TaUndra Rush (6 months ago)
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lola oyewole (6 months ago)
Does it work for people based in Nigeria
hey slurpie (6 months ago)
Please make an online business video?😊
low-key_livi (7 months ago)
Hey LavishRuby @LavishRuby I don't know how to tag you but anyways I have a really important question I started a YouTube channel a couple month ago and I don't get any views please help me it would mean the world to me
Dale Walker (7 months ago)
You talk so fast that you sound like an auctioneer!  Couldn't understand hardly a word you said. I'm out of here....  :(
SIMPLY_ KEIRAAA (2 months ago)
Dale Walker just slow down the video to 0.75x
Chaimaa chaimaa (7 months ago)
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Kaniyah C (7 months ago)
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Life&Love Series (7 months ago)
If you Can See This Please Subscride To My Channel First Video will Up Loaded In March
Brienna Hamlet (8 months ago)
You talk so fast
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Khumo M (8 months ago)
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Coach B (8 months ago)
Like your style , ambition. Stop checking cause that hair isn't going anywhere.
Rita bertenshaw (8 months ago)
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Goddess.in. Progress (9 months ago)
I appreciate you sharing your tips on making money without scamming people
Tashana Nicole (9 months ago)
how do you go about getting items to sell in order to start your own online business?? I'm loving this info
Lori Ledbetter (9 months ago)
Raay Gienee (9 months ago)
Slow down 😂
Emmanuel E (10 months ago)
Are you really Nigerian. Am Nigerian. Seeing my own fellow Nigerian trynna make it out here. Shout out to you. I live in Florida tho
Sahara Myangel (9 months ago)
Emmanuel E yes she is
Brittany Savignol (10 months ago)
Dilasha Prasad (10 months ago)
hey! loving the vid but are there any websites people know for an aussie girl tryna make some bucks, these apps and stuff sound great but arent available down here :)
ItsmeAngelique (10 months ago)
Try http://FixMonthlyincome.Com/?refer=26020 as well.
Torra Couture (10 months ago)
BeautybyDal (10 months ago)
I live in queens 🤣
Sheridanchi (11 months ago)
Jay Shant’e (11 months ago)
Ayyy shoutout to the college vloggers 👠✨
LavishRuby (11 months ago)
Quala Ida (11 months ago)
Any small youtubers want to support each other subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe back comment when done
C White (9 months ago)
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Felisco SMB (11 months ago)
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Life with Minj (11 months ago)
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Unique (11 months ago)
Im also here for that hair color...girl! Wat color is that?
SIMPLY_ KEIRAAA (2 months ago)
Unique amber
1Confidenttrini (11 months ago)
Gurl, I love your ideas.. but you play in your weave too much like in almost all your videos, lol..
mzmimak (11 months ago)
Recordings of the lecture sell for more and without the hassle of transcribing your notes to make them readable for other people.
Dachielle Parker (11 months ago)
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Dachielle Parker (11 months ago)
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Alexis Star (11 months ago)
Girllll Issa video you don't have to rush through it, slow down lol
Track Nation (11 months ago)
I don't normally comment on videos but Ruby, you are truly an inspiration. This is the kind of content that people need to see - information that will actually be useful to others. I know that when I watch your videos, I will be making a great investment of my time. So thank you for being such a great resource for others and a beautiful role model to emulate. God bless!
Annie james (11 months ago)
Lavishrubby, please reply my message on twitter. @anniekalia1
Lataisha Phillips (11 months ago)
How does ibotta work.....
LavishRuby (11 months ago)
Its a rebates app,check out my money mondays #1
juss K (11 months ago)
#ubereverywhere 💯.. whatchuknow about rasta pasta lol. u lit fam
LavishRuby (11 months ago)
Thank youu lmaoo and rasta pasta is mad good

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