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Breaking : Buhari’s Bill On Water Resources Splits Northern, Southern Senators

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An executive bill sent to the Senate seeking to concentrate the control of water resources in the hands of the Federal Government has divided senators across regional lines. While northern senators support the bill and its objectives, their southern counterparts are opposed to it. Those opposed to it pointed out that the bill, if passed into law, would further centralise power and the nation’s resources. This, they pointed out, would counter the current move towards devolution of powers, which is currently skewed in favour of the Federal Government. President Muhammadu Buhari had sent the bill to the legislature in 2017, while the Majority Leader, Senator Ahmad Lawan, presented the bill as it is customary for executive bills. It is ‘A Bill for An Act to Establish a Regulatory Framework for the Water Resources Sector in Nigeria, Provide for the Equitable and Sustainable Redevelopment, Management, Use and Conservation of Nigeria’s Surface Water and Groundwater Resources and for Related Matter.’ The summary of the bill reads, “This Act repeals the Water Resources Act, Cap W2 LFN 2004; River Basin Development Act Cap R9 LFN 2004; Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (Establishment) Act, Cap N110A, LFN, 2004; NationaI Water Resources lnstitute Act Cap N83 LFN 2004; and establishes the National Council on Water Resources, Nigeria Water Resources Regulatory Commission, River Basin Development Authorities, Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, and the National Water Resources Institute.” The proposed bodies, if established, will “provide for the regulation, equitable and sustainable development, management, use and conservation of Nigeria’s surface water and groundwater resources.” The division occurred at the plenary on Thursday when the lawmakers considered the report on the bill by the Senate Committee on Water Resources. The southern senators particularly criticised the move to create new Federal Government’s bodies to take over the responsibilities of the states over the water resources within their territories. The controversial parts of the bill are contained in Clauses 1 to 5. The clauses read, “All surface water and groundwater wherever it occurs is a resource common to all people, the use of which is subject to statutory control. “There shall be no private ownership of water but the right to use water in accordance with the provisions of this Act. “The right to the use, management and control of all surface water and groundwater affecting more than one state pursuant to Item 64 of the Exclusive Legislative list in Part l of the Second Schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended, and as set out in the First Schedule to this Act, together with the beds and banks, is vested in the Government of the Federation to be exercised in accordance with the provisions of this Act. “As the public trustee of the nation’s water resources, the Federal Government, acting through the minister and the institutions created in this Act or pursuant to this Act, shall ensure that the water resources of the nation are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a sustainable and equitable manner, for the benefit of all persons and in accordance with its constitutional mandate.
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Text Comments (10)
Ibekwe Charles (5 months ago)
Disgrace. You people are not human.
Ibekwe Charles (5 months ago)
Shame on all of You.
Bayo Fatunmbi (5 months ago)
It is only in this country that the Parliamentarians will propose that laws be passed first before amendment. Thanks to Senate President for ruling that ammendments be made before final endorsement.
Barthman Chizzy (5 months ago)
This is another means by the northern hegemony to further lay claim to the resources in the south. This must not happen.
Austin Lee (5 months ago)
Nigerian is a failed Nation
Ambrose Olowo (5 months ago)
Instead of devolving powers the FG is still grabbing more areas to pontificate over, just biting more than they chew
Livinus Okoli (5 months ago)
Cabotage bill 2003 has taken care of this. Issue. ...find a copy
Sixfrank Vonlog (5 months ago)
I don't think this Norther senator's are even qualified to be senator. Is passing of water bill the problem of Nigeria? You are even saying the world Bank is waiting for the approval of the water bill to put money into it. Stupid... Instead of you people should pass a stronger bill on Electricity and propose to the so called world bank to put life in Nigerians and his good people. Shame on you.
the entrepreneur (5 months ago)
Sixfrank Vonlog why would you say that, she is even better than The others, that they don't boder their peoples problems
Chimaobi Obiasomba (5 months ago)
The senators from the south your mumu too much oh.

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