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Natural Resources of Africa

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This video focuses on the various natural resources of Africa that has influenced the country and its people. This a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India. http://www.mexuseducation.com, http://www.ikenstore.in
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Kevin Asoera (3 days ago)
Africans needs to be reeducated starting from primary schools to universities.Every thing u read in the old testament happened in Alkebulan or Ethiopia or Africa, African's has everyright to know their own history not the history of the colonizers who have no interest in their daily affairs but to keep on confusing n explioting the masses for their benefits. Africans are judging the book's by its cover by making unnecessary friends, playing Golf with the snakes, borrowing money for developments with higher interest, trusting n believing the colonizers ideas, the colonizers indulge in bringing n using the indigenous people as guinea pigs, Ebola, Hiv n other kinds of maladies were invented to wiped the indigenous people out than acquires their lands for their own use. The media's know's the truth but chose to conspired with the crooks in other to confused the world. Africa is the root of the tree n the root supplies water n other kinds of mineral resources which keeps the branches alive ,the world is the branches n Africa is the root .
Pj Smith (2 months ago)
I see why other countries wanted to take over parts of Africa. Place is gold mine
ilIna Quulle Mareer (3 months ago)
ilIna Quulle Mareer (4 days ago)
+justin winfreeto not die alone
justin winfree (4 days ago)
What you need to make nuclear bombs
sphephelo sokhela (3 months ago)
75% of world platinum is in south Africa
Ronnel B R U T A L (4 months ago)
diamonds in namibia
Prince Jadon (5 months ago)
Ghana also have oil you get some of the things wrong do the research well
ian trelaw (5 months ago)
And We are still the Poorest Continent?! Hmmm..
25% of the worlds uranium are found in Somalia
Bernard ten Hoopen (7 months ago)
Ever thought the answer is so terribly simple? Just too many children per family......
Mary G (3 months ago)
The real problem is too many outside colonizers. And too many African leaders who sell their people out for $$$$$. Both of these malevolent factors have caused centuries of problems for the CONTINENT. And the colonialists continue to come. And capitalist greed continues to do what it does best.
truth matters (4 months ago)
wow. that is so....just so egregiously ignorant.
GhGuan (5 months ago)
Bernard ten Hoopen... I respect your opinion but did you check facts of global population again demographic data? Africans are the least when it comes to population... mmm Nigerians are getting us there though...
VIJAYANT MALIK (9 months ago)
they shd keep q and a in the end
Ndonue Takwi (9 months ago)
Respect from Cameroon
Fanaan Tv (10 months ago)
Hey bro Somalia it don’t have just uranium it have gas , oil and gold
Carrot Cake (9 months ago)
Fanaan Tv yes it has trillions of dollars in oil. we could become one of the richest countries in the world.
Saweeda Nigar (10 months ago)
It was good they tell us about resources in Africa like gold diammonds
volce wagen (11 months ago)
Why can't white people leave Africa natural resources alone. I hate white people
unknownprofiler (6 months ago)
I'm black and I can say The Africans are sitting on these resources and not doing anything with it
John von Shepard (1 year ago)
Worse continent ever.
Niger Delta Mirror TV (2 days ago)
John von Shepard Jealous much? Lol
My Name Is Daniel (2 months ago)
Then stop going there asshole
sphephelo sokhela (3 months ago)
No america is the worst
eliasmoney12 (5 months ago)
America a shithole
John von Shepard (1 year ago)
andrea jones (10 months ago)
Its called dr congo
AgletDC (1 year ago)
White people are racist while they are stoling resources ....
marv34001 (1 year ago)
AgletDC lol
zoe fofo (1 year ago)
and so tell why why why are we the poorest and most disrespected race on this globe??? when we are the richest continent on this planet. with those natural resources
dabmotha (20 days ago)
@ zoe fofo Africa is not a country, if Africa was united it would be less likely to be exploited. Think about it if Africa was to pool their resources then country would take very different path. 95% of diamonds and 50% of the worlds gold is produce there. They're are getting screwed on many levels...
Kobana Cadoso (8 months ago)
It call systemic suppression also know as colonialism extortion ...
TheCrazyKid1381 (8 months ago)
Unlike Europe, Africa is has mostly flat lands instead of mountains where the resources are exposed so Europeans had a head start in gathering resources which let them advance faster and the hostile fauna and lack of water and food didn't allow the growth of large cities and eventually kingdoms unless they were on the coasts of Africa.
Ramgook (2 years ago)
I noticed the caption stopped when he explained the reasons for lack of industrialization. utter bullshit.
Boris Atem (2 years ago)
this presentation is lacking in many areas,Africa worth more than what the presenter presented, the continent seats on mineral resources, many countries in aFRICA GOT HUGE DEPOSITS OF OIL AND GAS, GOLD AND DIAMOND,cobalt,cotane ,maganese just to name a few.
truth matters (4 months ago)
hills clinton knows this. that's why she stole natural resource rights from (?). she may be evil, but she's not stupid. she knows what's there to be plundered.
navylaks2 (2 years ago)
This continent should be a superpower on it's own but it needs to rid itself of Arab invasion
Sam Marley (4 months ago)
+navylaks2 then why you are killing black Ethiopian (falasha)?????? U speak about Hitler but you forget Sharon ! What about Sabra and shatila? What are you doing in Syria???? Wake up the world have changed a lot no one will leave in peace anymore while others are not. We better come together for peace and not war
Sam Marley (4 months ago)
+MoOYOoM bro believe me he is Israel him self or the suporter of Israel. He still thinking we African we are the same Africans of 1900 but he forget that already we are every where all over the world especially in USA where his uncle Trump trait black peoples like animal.
Sam Marley (4 months ago)
+navylaks2 whatever you will do whenever however you must leave Palestine don,t try to turn people,s minde all ayes are on you. Long life Hezbollah Long life Iran Long life Hamas May Hitler rest in peace.
truth matters (4 months ago)
MoOYOoM, what N. African country was it hills clinton got illegal natural resource rights to? europeans may have "left," but that doesn't mean they don't still reach into the continent to steal what they can. clinton would have eventually thoroughly destroyed Africa.
AT (8 months ago)
I can’t believe that you don’t know this! ...Africans have to fight The Arab invaders who currently occupy North Africa! They are murdering and still enslaving the indigenous blacks! Eg Lybia and Sudan.
Zigfried Lehmann (2 years ago)
"africa the last frontier" I can see it now
Mansa Akhenaten (3 years ago)
This is the history of Africa that we should be teaching our children, Instead of the third world poor Africa.
Abdulkader Daud (4 years ago)
we are not poor. it is an illusion, Africa is the world's richest continent. but one must understand why it looks like this. now I know part of the truth and I'm not afraid. it is not a race issue. thanks for letting me to remind people of what it is about. what the rest of the world wants've africa and africa want what the rest of the world have. but the economic value comes from Africa despite the fact that Africa can not see it.
truth matters (4 months ago)
what Africa would look like under a hills clinton presidency would be more of a nightmare than anyone could possibly conceive of. what N. Africa country was it she got her hands on a few years back? all illegal, of course.
Jeep Wrangler (10 months ago)
Abdulkader Daud in
collins dion theyre the same ones that assassinate caring leaders in Africa, then put brainwashed spies in power that bring back slavery (Lybia, Clinton) :/
collins dion (2 years ago)
Travelin' joee shut up.. same white people created these nations
twon p (4 years ago)
africa is the motherland for a reason
james murphy (4 years ago)
no coal ! thats a problem ! now I know way the war in the congo will not end!
Ndoli Sabi (3 years ago)
+james murphy I guess they gave up the nukes as a sign of commitment to peaceful relations with other nations as opposed to the former apartheid government. at the that stage they did not foresee any serious treat posed by western warmongering even on the african continent. i have the impression that Brasil is currently under pressure to be in the orbit of western influence 
james murphy (3 years ago)
+Ndoli Sabi yea I did a little research south Africa is rich in many mineral's I am surprised they gave up the nuke program I would love to see south Africa and Brazil form a economic union to show them western northern powers yea I know south Africa is still major player in the British Commonwealth
Ndoli Sabi (3 years ago)
+james murphy there is coal in south africa
md2v4 (5 years ago)
Our ancestors selected the best place in the world for us to live, in the center the source of everything. And yet, this is our sad state today.
ian trelaw (5 months ago)
So Sad,You Know...
carolyn smarr (5 years ago)
My class enjoyed this as did I!!
MsJoy4ever (6 years ago)
very interesting =)

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