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Sesame Street: Paul Simon Sings Me & Julio

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New season of Sesame Street premiering Monday Sept 26th 2011! New episodes weekday mornings on PBS! (Check local listings.) For more videos and games check out our new website at http://www.sesamestreet.org In this video, kids enjoy a song with Paul Simon. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.
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Text Comments (1045)
David Truong (13 minutes ago)
What an awesome 'lil kid!
Luna T (15 hours ago)
I think this is one of the most beautiful moments I have seen on Sesame Street
NuncNuncNuncNunc (3 days ago)
Joy, Joy Joy!
Luke Maynard (14 days ago)
Little girl: "DANCE DANCE DAAAAANCE AROUND EEEEEEVERYBODY DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE YOU CA---" Paul Simon: "Meh, well, she's still better than Art."
Dan McCann (26 days ago)
I did a little digging - - - and she grew up and married Jay-Z
Terry (1 month ago)
Im that child Graduate Degree Computer Science. Enjoying my family, career and life.
Brad Bradley (1 month ago)
and Paul Simon lets her go
MrRanjv1 (1 month ago)
i used to wish i could be as lucky as those kids .......to hang out on sesame street with all the neighbours
Kerry Atkins (1 month ago)
JLady4 (2 months ago)
Danny Fenris (2 months ago)
Almost made me like Paul Simon.
sipioc (2 months ago)
0:29 “Simon says: My turn!”
Kenny Graddick (2 months ago)
That was cool, little girl making up her own song!!! It went well with that song too
Kkse 9504 (2 months ago)
That little girl is so talented and you can tell Paul is tickled by her ❤️❤️❤️
N P (2 months ago)
Great stuff.
Kady Dover (2 months ago)
I love Paul Simon so much lol
bmo (2 months ago)
1:45 Love her excited laughing at the end. It's like "I can't believe i just sung with Paul Simon!"
Declan George (3 months ago)
she has a terrible voice. 0.5/10
Derek Bates (2 months ago)
sounds like she didn't even hit puberty yet GAWL!
Really Really (3 months ago)
Beautiful! :-)
My Channel (3 months ago)
That's not the words.
mcfcguvnors (3 months ago)
oh that lil girl dancin in front,bless her
Jay Mohindra (3 months ago)
At '1.24' I thought that little girl was starting too sing 'You can call me Al' years before he wrote it, come on simon credit where credits due.lol
Jaco van Lith (3 months ago)
Poor little children, having a TV set, popcorn and Cola.
Zoroaster (3 months ago)
Talk about ADD bored kids ouch. A cool song didn't do it for them.
Joe Mellon (3 months ago)
I know some people here have asked about the little girl singing with Paul, well word is a few years ago she died from a bad does of chocolate chip cookies given to her by the cookie monster. She was found dead behind Mr. Hooper's store.
Dina Hadjitofi (4 months ago)
Just beautiful.
Tetedepoulet (4 months ago)
She's no Michael Jackson
timothy mclorin (4 months ago)
Sesame Street: Paul Simon Sings Me & Julio season 8 1976 1977
Jayson Dingles (4 months ago)
wrong lyrics missy.....
JEFFREY COX (4 months ago)
cute kid good voice
Michelle D'Auria (4 months ago)
Love her!!! I wonder where she is today...
Mike Hartwich (4 months ago)
who are these 388 dislikers? guess they're 388 racists... Trump-voters
George Martin (4 months ago)
the upscale exclusive , not inclusive private schools that simon sent his kids too did not have children of color from poor communities, from low income homes....limousine liberal paul simon loves being around poor folks of color when it suits him...knowing...he can hop in a car and go to his mansion with security and walls in an upscale lilly white community FAR FAR FAR from the "hoods of America. FACT...
Leslie Worthy (4 months ago)
So adorable!
Lurker1979 (4 months ago)
Surprised he song this song. Considering the lyrics.
Arcadio Saberon (4 months ago)
Anyone else listenng to this cute skit in 2018?
kroakie4 (4 months ago)
It’s so great that Sesame Street introduced kids to great classic music. I remember this show as always having the best music.
David D (4 months ago)
that pretty baby prolly has her own babies by now :)
Stephen Gow (5 months ago)
The auditions for new Garfunkel weren't going as expected....
Jane Piepes (5 months ago)
They are great together. The happiest I ever saw Paul Simon.
happymemories (5 months ago)
That big mouth brat ruined my favorite song from my childhood
Scott M (5 months ago)
She sings better than Paul.
Banjo Spence (5 months ago)
That is one gnarly combover! On another note, is this song appropriate for Sesame Street??
Heart and Troll (5 months ago)
How awful. I wonder if that poor girl remembers how she ruined this song on national television. Shameful.
mrbillhicks (5 months ago)
0:28 Okay, I'm fed up with you now kid
Gullio Swenson (5 months ago)
mrbillhicks well than just go kill yourself or lick Trumps balls.
Luna T (5 months ago)
OMG I love it!
Matt A (5 months ago)
Child: Mommy, what did the mama see that was against the law?
Will C (5 months ago)
That young lady's something. Has me up and dancing. Who's the guitar player, he looks familiar?
John White (5 months ago)
Hope that black girl got paid.
finster1968 (5 months ago)
Wow!! I never saw this before. What a wonderful memory for these kids! I would’ve given anything to have jammed with Paul Simon as a youngster. Heck...I’d give anything even now!
Is that Beyoncé ?
Chaddons Chaddons (5 months ago)
I was born and raise one town over from Corona. There were two school yards we used to play on in Corona, I wish I knew which one Paul was referring to. The one under Roosevelt was where I used to play a lot of basketball. The one by Junction Blvd/34th was the one I played handball on.
jmpmcd (5 months ago)
Such natural timing and she found the pitch .
Dave Jones (6 months ago)
How can anyone with a heart not like this?
2curious2us (6 months ago)
Love to see the young Paul Simon...
2JOHNNYT (6 months ago)
“Can I do it?” 😜😝😂
GoodMrDawes (6 months ago)
Alex Grant (6 months ago)
I liked the little boy at the end as well. "Can I do it." And reaches for the guitar. :) My son used to do that whenever he saw someone play guitar. Wish the clip was longer, bet he was gracious about it.
sexobscura (6 months ago)
*You're trying to seduce me, aren't you...*
Mr Somebody (6 months ago)
WOW...The wee girl as it turns out ,is the amazing singer and performer Mary J. Blige around eight years of age here. http://standardissuemagazine.com/.../sesame-street-songs.../
Flabtke316 (6 months ago)
1:48 #metoo
frankothemountain (6 months ago)
Traumatized the poor kid.
Yvette Marshall (6 months ago)
r.i.p * all the rapper ? and the best music in the world and old and new 🎵and god bless all the family 💕from my heart! and the tiny and her husband and family too .👌👍🎵🎤
Kyle Callahan (6 months ago)
Starting at 1:42 that little girl was about to get into it deeply, the talent these little children had at that time but their hearts I know they're probably looking back at themselves.
Joe Jackson (6 months ago)
What a great kid!
sloth jr (6 months ago)
I liked that vintage Sesame Street didn't feel the need to soften the lyrics - "if I catch that boy I'm gonna stick him in the house of detention" - it's in there! Kids don't break that easily.
Kevin Beteta (6 months ago)
I’m getting a mild Anton Chigurh vibe Paul Simon
Brad Hampton (6 months ago)
I was on the road yesterday afternoon, and Me & Julio came on the radio. I couldn't help imagining this little girl cutting up and telling me to dance dance dance.
Brinky Brinkz (6 months ago)
This is great! Love the song, love the pure soul, makes me smile. Simple is sometimes the best. Good times!
macdaddy mandalorian (7 months ago)
Paul simon is terrible with out garfunkle
Claire B (7 months ago)
This is my favourite thing on the internet ☺️
kev b (7 months ago)
Who owns that little coin?
Patrick Robinson (7 months ago)
The girl is a great singer and adorable !!! Also, at the very end the boy asks if he can play. HELL NO !!! LOL !!!!
Alexander Javan (7 months ago)
Paul Simon is like 'I'm singing now' LOL
sirallentheinsane (7 months ago)
It's adorable at the end when the little boy approaches Simon and asks "Can I do it?" If you look you can see him reach out and grasp the neck of the guitar with his right hand. I hope that kid grew up to be a guitar player.
shydmples (7 months ago)
I wonder where she is now. <3
Slammerworm1 (7 months ago)
Utterly charming.
Robert Morgan (7 months ago)
Duck tails
Gullio Swenson (7 months ago)
Did those two ever meet again ? Who is the girl ?
ProblemChimp (7 months ago)
Little kids dancing to Paul Simon....a brilliant World.
Brandon Greenleaf (7 months ago)
This burns my ears and has to be the worst thing I ever heard.
Siph Système (7 months ago)
he interrupted her jam
toastieup (7 months ago)
Where is that girl now? ( answers on a post card!)
She looks like singer macy gray
Wesley alan (7 months ago)
We need shows like this, not th garbage they show now days
Wesley alan (7 months ago)
0:25 ish.... The look on that poor girls face, lol, as she gets cut off!
cloudtoground (7 months ago)
Simon really had some ability back in those days.
u-said-what? (7 months ago)
See kids, you don't need auto tune.
Floss Man (7 months ago)
Who downvoted this?! I want to go over... and give them a hug, because everyone needs a hug and to be told they're wonderful.
Paul's wig is on fact to brunt
dude bro (7 months ago)
Kanisto (7 months ago)
Best way to shut up shouting girls
Steve Garwood (7 months ago)
I sure hope that girl has a PRO Performance Rights Organization. She could collect for each broadcast of her song. When Brian Cranston was whistling new tunes as The Dad on "Malcolm in the Middle" he will get paid for his new tunes each broadcast. I love her song!
James Duffy (7 months ago)
And that little girl's name... was Michael Jackson
Davis J (7 months ago)
her ad lib before he whistles is too cute, "You can tell me..." then as he whistles she says "you can hear birds..." haha, I love her.
theScytheofGod (7 months ago)
Dawn Edwards (7 months ago)
The moral to the story is there isn't a street if you want to play as animals in seseme fields and run on all four paws along the seseme trails.
Donna Ingold (7 months ago)
Girl has no rhythm and is tone deaf.
Annie Brown Simon (2 months ago)
she has rhythm.
tyson (6 months ago)
donna ingol, I look forward to downloading your EP next week?!
Papa Shot (6 months ago)
Donna Ingold Haha
Donna Ingold (6 months ago)
As a musician, I am correct. Rhythm is pretty much a natural gift. You have it, or not. Or somewhere in between. Even as a child her age, I had amazing rhythm. That said, no it doesn't matter. Its a kids show and its about the kid feeling great about herself.
Stan Lee Strong (7 months ago)
Donna Ingold Even if you were correct, and you’re not, why would it matter ? I’m sure you are bursting at the seams with natural talent.
Barbara Crawford (7 months ago)
Paul <3, great voice

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