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Suntory Time! - Lost in Translation (1/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Lost in Translation movie clips: http://j.mp/1uvjeAh BUY THE MOVIE: http://amzn.to/vYQQ3V Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: Past-his-prime actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray) experiences a language barrier with a Japanese commercial director (Diamond Yukai). FILM DESCRIPTION: After making a striking directorial debut with her screen adaptation of The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola offers a story of love and friendship blooming under unlikely circumstances in this comedy drama. Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a well-known American actor whose career has gone into a tailspin; needing work, he takes a very large fee to appear in a commercial for Japanese whiskey to be shot in Tokyo. Feeling no small degree of culture shock in Japan, Bob spends most of his non-working hours at his hotel, where he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) at the bar. Twentysomething Charlotte is married to John (Giovanni Ribisi), a successful photographer who is in Tokyo on an assignment, leaving her to while away her time while he works. Beyond their shared bemusement and confusion with the sights and sounds of contemporary Tokyo, Bob and Charlotte share a similar dissatisfaction with their lives; the spark has gone out of Bob's marriage, and he's become disillusioned with his career. Meanwhile, Charlotte is puzzled with how much John has changed in their two years of marriage, while she's been unable to launch a creative career of her own. Bob and Charlotte become fast friends, and as they explore Tokyo, they begin to wonder if their sudden friendship might be growing into something more. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (2003) Cast: Bill Murray, Diamond Yukai, Akiko Takeshita Director: Sofia Coppola Producers: Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Mitch Glazer, Callum Greene, Kiyoshi Inoue, Ross Katz, Fred Roos, Stephen Schible Screenwriter: Sofia Coppola WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/1u2yaWd ComingSoon: http://bit.ly/1DVpgtR Indie & Film Festivals: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Hero Central: http://bit.ly/1AMUZwv Extras: http://bit.ly/1u431fr Classic Trailers: http://bit.ly/1u43jDe Pop-Up Trailers: http://bit.ly/1z7EtZR Movie News: http://bit.ly/1C3Ncd2 Movie Games: http://bit.ly/1ygDV13 Fandango: http://bit.ly/1Bl79ye Fandango FrontRunners: http://bit.ly/1CggQfC HIT US UP: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1y8M8ax Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Pinterest: http://bit.ly/14wL9De Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1vUwhH7
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Text Comments (375)
Joseph Wong (4 years ago)
Here's the full translation: DIRECTOR (in Japanese to the interpreter): The translation is very important, O.K.? The translation. INTERPRETER: Yes, of course. I understand. DIRECTOR: Mr. Bob-san. You are sitting quietly in your study. And then there is a bottle of Suntory whiskey on top of the table. You understand, right? With wholehearted feeling, slowly, look at the camera, tenderly, and as if you are meeting old friends, say the words. As if you are Bogie in ''Casablanca,'' saying, ''Cheers to you guys,'' Suntory time! INTERPRETER: He wants you to turn, look in camera. O.K.? BOB: That's all he said? INTERPRETER: Yes, turn to camera. BOB: Does he want me to, to turn from the right or turn from the left? INTERPRETER (in very formal Japanese to the director): He has prepared and is ready. And he wants to know, when the camera rolls, would you prefer that he turn to the left, or would you prefer that he turn to the right? And that is the kind of thing he would like to know, if you don't mind. DIRECTOR (very brusquely, and in much more colloquial Japanese): Either way is fine. That kind of thing doesn't matter. We don't have time, Bob-san, O.K.? You need to hurry. Raise the tension. Look at the camera. Slowly, with passion. It's passion that we want. Do you understand? INTERPRETER (In English, to Bob): Right side. And, uh, with intensity. BOB: Is that everything? It seemed like he said quite a bit more than that. DIRECTOR: What you are talking about is not just whiskey, you know. Do you understand? It's like you are meeting old friends. Softly, tenderly. Gently. Let your feelings boil up. Tension is important! Don't forget. INTERPRETER (in English, to Bob): Like an old friend, and into the camera. BOB: O.K. DIRECTOR: You understand? You love whiskey. It's Suntory time! O.K.? BOB: O.K. DIRECTOR: O.K.? O.K., let's roll. Start. BOB: For relaxing times, make it Suntory time. DIRECTOR: Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! (Then in a very male form of Japanese, like a father speaking to a wayward child) Don't try to fool me. Don't pretend you don't understand. Do you even understand what we are trying to do? Suntory is very exclusive. The sound of the words is important. It's an expensive drink. This is No. 1. Now do it again, and you have to feel that this is exclusive. O.K.? This is not an everyday whiskey you know. INTERPRETER: Could you do it slower and ---- DIRECTOR: With more ecstatic emotion. INTERPRETER: More intensity. DIRECTOR (in English): Suntory time! Roll. BOB: For relaxing times, make it Suntory time. DIRECTOR: Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! God, I'm begging you.
Dein Gewissen (16 days ago)
Thanx for your effort, but in this case it is not necessary to understand. As the title sais...
Fariz Fathullah Afma (25 days ago)
I've been searching this for my whole life, thank a lot man!
Wonder Z (2 months ago)
THX! Watched it yesterday using boxxy software again.. it's one of my fav movies
marina masi (2 months ago)
Ahahahahah!! Thank you... Fantastic!!
Esty770 (2 months ago)
Joseph Wong Thank you so much. I have always been curious about what was said in this scene.
Andreas K (17 days ago)
"Katto, katto, kattooo!!!"😆
Shinku Toner (23 days ago)
Suntory Toki is remarkably SMOOTH.. and yes im drunk right now from it. Happiest buzz ever.
robo cop (25 days ago)
suntory is really great whiskey btw
Stock Holm (1 month ago)
This freaking movie is to good to be true (tomorrow i´m gonna watch it for the 18th time.....what about you guys? 30-40-50 times, anyone?:P)
Stock Holm (1 month ago)
It´s impossible to get tired of this clip! (and the movie)
Nicolas Shane (2 months ago)
White Baron (2 months ago)
I speak barely a word of Japanese but could tell by how animated and driven the director was that he meant for a more emotional delivery of the lines.
Draupadee Alahakoon (2 months ago)
Anyone here after watching Shawn Mendes Lost In Japan?? 🤷🏻‍♀️💕
bud389 (2 months ago)
Director is making quite a big deal out of a very mediocre whiskey.
Zena nazar (2 months ago)
Mitch Barredo (3 months ago)
That lady although very easy on the eyes did a terrible job interpreting the Director's ideas for Bob-san. Looks dont equal good translating apparently. This movie changed my life btw.
Alex Bacchetta (4 months ago)
I adore this film.
Mr Tsang (4 months ago)
So the director had to direct a director who is directing Bill Murray... mind blown
Maxx (4 months ago)
Your Conscience (5 months ago)
Besides giving my thanks to the translators of the japanese text, which added additional fun to the movie, I want to congratulate Suntory for their marketing strategies since 2008. Nobody in Japan cared for Whiskey anymore after its big time in the 80's.. Guerilla marketing like this, made it possible to create the biggest revival or relaunch in history if you might believe some marketing study sources. They transformed the Suntory Highball from a drink that old people drink before sleep to one of the most popular drinks of the japanese youth, nowadays.. As a marketing guy, I would like to do a keirei to the Suntory marketing team and humbly ask if they have a job position left for a guy from Europe :)
icc (5 months ago)
For relaxing times... MORE INTENSITY ! Yeah, that makes sense...
UncleAnaesthesia (6 months ago)
I was in stitches. This movie nailed a low-key humour that other titles have a hard time pulling off. It's probably Bill Murray's performance, and a mix of good writing and direction.
heyheyhe0011 (8 months ago)
i bough some suntory time today. two bottles of hibiki 17 at 500 bucks a piece.
tiny (7 months ago)
me too
Z888 (8 months ago)
Classic advertising world of madness - "KATO" & run for the hills !
NintenDad (8 months ago)
PewDiePie sent me here.
Gunnariffic (9 months ago)
Auto translate works great when it tries to interpret english as japanese and back to english: Woman : -Pension record -Up to 30th Murray : -I will see No. 1 -Capture big tits -Joint I'm doing this on every video I watch from now on
saltyp (9 months ago)
"Like an old friend and into the camera". My favorite line.
Northern Lights (10 months ago)
This scene encapsulates Bill Murray completely.
Nathaniel Gipson (11 months ago)
Mill Burray (1 year ago)
Bill Murray is so funny that his whiskey was even laughing.
Dragoninthewest (1 year ago)
This why you get a native English speaker to do your translation because they'll tell it like it's.
Dragoninthewest (1 year ago)
If I were Bob, would be like are sure you're telling me everything because I heard the director reference Casablanca. I may not speak Japanese but I know he said some English words.
Nick Pappagiorgio (1 year ago)
This commercial in a movie was so successful that Suntory Hibiki 17 whisky is now at least $500 a bottle, if you can find it in the US. (It is fantastic though)
S. H. (1 year ago)
The irony of this video now is that hibiki was dirt cheap back then, now 17, 21 and 30 yrs are so expensive and overpriced
Delicate Gee (1 year ago)
one of my favorite whisky's though
mahmut asım Onat (1 year ago)
Intensity intensifies
DKPOWA (1 year ago)
That 2nd time he really nailed it
notyoursavior78 (1 year ago)
This movie so rocks!!!! I am not a movie guy, but seriously it seems harder to make a better movie than this. The definitive Dramady.
Glowmate (1 year ago)
Pweds sent me here
TheRocker (1 year ago)
after you shout like that how do you wait the actor to talk in relaxed mode? fuckin big mouth.
Butt Sagget (1 year ago)
I'm here from pewdiepie
Lt.Dan (1 year ago)
Is this wiskey any good????
isavegas becauseican (1 year ago)
God, what a terrible translator. Lol. Excellent acting from all parties.
chewface (1 year ago)
Noticing how incredibly PC society has gotten since this movie came out....this scene came to mind today. I was wondering how many people would consider this scene "offensive" or "racist" today. You know, because it's kinda making fun of the Japanese language and culture and how it seems like they are saying a lot, but they aren't necessarily. And everyone is so professionally offended these days. Just made me wonder.
randomguy6679 (1 year ago)
chewface it's a language barrier more than anything else, I don't really see it as racist. Just realistic.
jpowell180 (1 year ago)
L.I.P. Loger Moore....
Ally Woo (1 year ago)
Thank you, Joseph Wong
frybla (1 year ago)
Ash Fai (1 year ago)
itnii majboori itna mushkil kaam...bohat complicated lag raha hai allah maaf karaylmao... yahan par humaray paas to khaany kai aur rahnay kay liyay paisay nahin hain chahay jitna marzi mushkil kaam kar lo
Ha ha i was feeling the same :D
C M (1 year ago)
Can anyone tell me what they are actually saying?
killthebeast76 (1 year ago)
Greta B. (2 years ago)
The translator woman is always pissing me off... reminds me of clients feedback :D
Jose Soto (2 years ago)
da96103 (2 years ago)
Lol the translator is doing her own thing.
Doug Brown (2 years ago)
one of my all time favorite clips
joaquim machado (2 years ago)
for the translation go here http://www.weareawake.org/suntorydirector.htm
catothewiser (2 years ago)
Thanks for this!
имя фамилия (2 years ago)
so seems like interpreter is a bitch who dont translate good?
miamihurrienas (2 years ago)
I'm drinking that stuff right now. Haha
catothewiser (2 years ago)
I saw it an the store the other day and almost got some for the lark of it. How is it?
iseatht (2 years ago)
the origin of "lost in translation": http://www.openculture.com/2016/09/akira-kurosawa-francis-ford-coppola-shoot-5-japanese-whiskey-ads-in-1979.html
Eggs is eggs (2 years ago)
There were probably communication problems between the translator and the director as well. She's not saying most of what the director is saying. A guy below posted the full translation.
EROK X (2 years ago)
One of the best films of the last 20 years
wronski11 (2 years ago)
Suntory was a laegend during the socialist times. No US or Eruropean brands back then, only Suntory Gold!
roxanneworld11 (2 years ago)
lololol!...such a good movie!..love it, bought the DVD years ago and have watched it many times..a totally fun 'comfort film' for a lazy and/or rainy day..grab your favorite foods and/or snacks, put your feet up in that lazy-boy chair and enjoy the show!..<3
Antenna2heaven (2 years ago)
that director seems so passionate, theres no way that translator is being accurate
Arif Gunawan (1 month ago)
that is the comedy
catothewiser (2 years ago)
I can't help but think this was the most literal scene for the movie and perhaps some inspiration for the rest. I always imagined one having a little daydream about this and smirking to themselves and wondering how they could make a movie around it.
Johnny Vegas (2 years ago)
Asian Bon Jovi
Magnus McCloud (2 years ago)
Hideo fucken Kojima!
Magnus McCloud (2 years ago)
+Annie Silence "CUTTO! CUTTO! CUTTO!"
Annelie Se. (2 years ago)
WHERE!??? !!!
Phobe Laxu (2 years ago)
+Magnus McCloud haha
ramona lynn (2 years ago)
I think he wanted him to do it like the Dos Equis guy does it
roxanneworld11 (2 years ago)
ramsess bilal (2 years ago)
that's funny
Coco Pops (2 years ago)
Cannot believe that Bill Murray agreed to do this film. It really just epitomizes medieval minded society of today which is SO PC and accepts such relationships. They are based on manipulation, control, grooming or even trading youth for power and wealth. Yet people praising it seem to believe they are on another level and see connections. Colour, nationality, ethnicity or gender don't matter but age sure does. Would it have been too bad to show an old man get a divorce and find an old woman? But no, Hollywood would not be promoting what it promotes best. Ageism against women. It really just brainwashes the masses and gets them thinking about how great these old guys are for young women (and surprisingly even vice versa now). A man growing old with a woman is far more beautiful. Scarjo can't even act but I did expect something better from Bill! And to Addy!! This does not even match up to LOTR. THOSE films were masterpieces and did not need to rely on cheap promotion or storylines. Those movies delved into TRUE connections and are watched over and over without getting old for a very good reason. Hollywood is so afraid of showing real decent original stories instead of promoting trash that ageist creepy men at the top want!
sifat shams (2 years ago)
Miguel Lavariel (4 months ago)
Haha :,D
HacksignKT (2 years ago)
Aaron Hall (2 years ago)
Charles Yeo (3 years ago)
My favourite scene in the movie
Nick Noga (3 years ago)
It's gotta be a jab at George Lucas... "faster and more intense."
Phobe Laxu (2 years ago)
+Nick Noga lololol
Pol Thomas KEELEY (3 years ago)
Hi•LA•ri•ous LOL Genius sketch, both for the obvious humour as well as the subtle stuff. Classic :)
Mill Burray (3 years ago)
That guy looks familiar.
MIKE ZEROH (3 years ago)
slowaaa and moaa inteshity
Martin Rodriguez (3 years ago)
For relaxing time...make it Suntory time.
Meatwood Flac (3 years ago)
faster, louder, more intense
chinkyfreak08 (3 years ago)
Worked on me id love a glass
Pina Colada (3 years ago)
The interpreter did a good job, cos most of what we say is useless bs.
RL R (3 years ago)
This is a great movie, and I am not sure why you are hooked by it. Maybe because some of us have had this experience of finding someone special in another part of the world, other than our country and feeling different from the experience. Who knows, either way great movie.
Jan Folke Rørvik (3 years ago)
The Japanese actors are superb in this Movie:))
summer (3 years ago)
Bill Murrey and the Japanese director and the translator are all fantanstic in their acting !!!
Jason C (3 years ago)
I just love this. One of the many ways this movie is terrific
NemanjaGuitar (3 years ago)
Japan is exactly like this- no exaggeration at all! I know it from my own professional experience.
AmerginMacEccit (3 years ago)
I usually got more intensity after a bottle... But I've had pretty much the same face expression watching most youtube videos.
Mike Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Needs more intensity!!
Learning It Quietly (3 years ago)
+Mike Rodriguez More cowbell perhaps?
Gray Fox [ROU] (3 years ago)
Cut-o! Cut-o! Cut-o! Cut-o!
September2004 (3 years ago)
Sigh... it would have been great if he had won the Oscar...
Joshua Osborne (3 years ago)
This movie is so awesome...I didn't realize how great this movie was going to be till I was sitting there speechless at the end.
Joseph Wong (4 years ago)
From Wikipedia: Director [in Japanese, to the interpreter]: The translation is very important, O.K.? The translation. Interpreter [in Japanese, to the director]: Yes, of course. I understand. Director [in Japanese, to Bob]: Mr. Bob. You are sitting quietly in your study. And then there is a bottle of Suntory whisky on top of the table. You understand, right? With wholehearted feeling, slowly, look at the camera, tenderly, and as if you are meeting old friends, say the words. As if you are Bogie in Casablanca, saying, "Here's looking at you, kid,"—Suntory time! Interpreter [In English, to Bob]: He wants you to turn, look in camera. O.K.? Bob: ...Is that all he said?
Romulo Quezada (4 years ago)
lifeofcarrot (4 years ago)
It's even funnier if you understand it
saltyp (9 months ago)
@BandB1111111 The two Japanese actors in the scene are really funny but without knowing what the director is saying it loses some of its effect.
BandB1111111 (11 months ago)
Seems the director would realize that the translator isn't saying many words, and probably leaving out a lot of what he said...
Nathaniel Gipson (11 months ago)
YourLocalGP (2 years ago)
what does he say?
roxanneworld11 (2 years ago)
actually, never mind: looks like someone a few comments before yours posted the translation for us..but thanks anyway.
Heliotrope Channel (4 years ago)
For people who love dreamy dramedies! This is a web drama gushing with romance, realism, and color:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hHrRYDVq4c If you like this follow us here! https://www.facebook.com/whitespadestheshow
Octavio89 (4 years ago)
why the director is such an asshole?
midnight15086 (4 years ago)
Haha this scene is awesome.  Bill Murray is so funny.  Idk how he can say that in that cheesy intense tone at 2:40-2:55 and keep a straight face.  I wish there was an entire movie that was as funny as this one scene.  
tlv156 (4 years ago)
I love Bill in this movie.  "Is that all he said?"  lol  Classic man, I tell ya.
astroboy3507 (4 years ago)
I guess it has to be good as it's the worlds best now !!
The Legislator (4 years ago)
Beckham promoting his Haig Club whiskey in Asia reminds me of this movie.
dhksrksalem (4 years ago)
That Japanese guy is saying Just like meeting your old friend and Boggie in Casablanca. It's expensive premium drink in Suntory blah blah
divergente (4 years ago)
Understanding Japanese and English comes at handy sometimes, lol.
Augusto de Paula (4 years ago)
jeffrey calabrese (4 years ago)
this movie is soph's childhood comprehension of Hollow-Wood...that the language is rapid, non intelligible YET pressured and intended to Profit may ergo Grave information and critical dependence upon Actor compliance/malleable the Director speaks for a minute and the translation is a second . hence LOST
Francis Serra (1 month ago)
I see. That is a great insight.
SycheRyder (3 years ago)
+jeffrey calabrese w..what :(
jeffrey calabrese (4 years ago)
is that all he said?...is that everything?
Anthony Howell (4 years ago)
Not with ice. 
Toku Afol (4 years ago)
this joke is funny but forced. the director did say much more. he said tomodachi and kanpai. but the translator left all that out. when the translator asked him the question i felt, she added additional words. japanese is not particularly more wordy than english. yasashii.
Kevin Adidharma (4 years ago)
about a quarter of the stuff the translator and director said were filler words used in formal speech, that's the whole point of it
midnight15086 (4 years ago)
+Strytec Sarcasm is completely context-dependent though... when someone looks you in the eye and says something completely deadpan, it's up to you to realize based on context that what they're saying is the opposite of the truth.  
Johannes Buchner (4 years ago)
i have the feeling this movie isn't quite for you 
Dallas Jokic (4 years ago)
That is literally the point of the movie...
Distortion0 (4 years ago)
Wait, so you're saying something was....lost in translation? http://www.weareawake.org/suntorydirector.htm

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