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How to Make Extra Money + Afford Your Dreams! Summer Side Hustle Ideas

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How to Make Extra Money | How to Afford Your Dreams I got a couple of questions last week asking how in the world was I able to afford my entire kitchen studio room?? For me, that is a really easy question to answer. You see, throughout middle school and high school, I was constantly running small businesses to pay for all my Youtube expenses. Plus, I am so lucky for my family friend who has helped me save thousands of dollars, through building me camera mounts, assembling the kitchen set, and literally helping we with a million other things in the studio room. Thank you, Rick!   There are always expenses that come along with any hobby and it was up to me to make my ideas and dreams a reality, by paying for them. Of course, everyone is in a different situation, but today I’m going to share with you how I made pursuing my passion possible + how I made money in middle school, high school, and today. I hardly ever made money the traditional route and you may like or dislike these ideas I'll be sharing. Here’s the thing, I was in school and didn’t want or have time for a "real" job, and I figured out how to make $1000 in 1 week, opposed to working a full summer making the same amount at a full-time 8 week day camp. I was always looking for different fun ways to start businesses. I hope these ideas help you and inspire you to continue to work hard and maybe even try something new!  My Business Ideas: 1. Teach A Class 2. Run A Camp 3. Sell Something 4. Babysit/Tutor/Homework-Helper 5. Get an internship you love! Marketing Tips: 1. Get school contacts 2. Get synagogue or church contacts 3. Have 1 parent (of a camper/student) spread the word to other parents 4. Use Facebook and Twitter Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to share more videos with step-by-step details about how to run any of the small businesses listed above. I'd be happy to help! #money #sidehustly #jobs
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Frieda Rubin (10 months ago)
What a great video Dalya!! You were such a hard working entrepreneur at such a young age!! So nice of you to share your knowledge with everyone! XOXO
Dalya Rubin (10 months ago)
Thank you!! ❤️❤️

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