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How To BALANCE any CHEMICAL EQUATION 01 | Best way to Balance Chemical Equation|

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Students keep on using hit and trial method without any hint when will equation actually balance, i have made this a bit simple by applying one of my method which will help you all in realizing that balancing is easy.
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amol neer (6 hours ago)
Part 2 please
Andy Pandy (17 hours ago)
beautiful sir
Vishal Yadav (18 hours ago)
Thanks sir
Mili Shukla (19 hours ago)
Nice video
Specxy Beardo (21 hours ago)
You made this a real fun...😀😀
technology guruji (1 day ago)
YoU aRe ThE BeSt TeAcHEr Of ScIeNcE
technology guruji (1 day ago)
ThAnK YoU SOooooooooOOOOooooo MuCh SirrRrRr
Harshit Jaiswal (1 day ago)
Thanks sir
magical unicorn (1 day ago)
Sry English sub titles pls
Ankit Singh (1 day ago)
Please send your number on this number 9826304406
Ankit Singh (1 day ago)
Sir kuch equation nhi solve nhi hu raha hi
Tulasa ramro xa (1 day ago)
Tysm 😃😃😃😃😃
Zara Hussain (1 day ago)
Thank you bosssssss......
H Z (1 day ago)
Wha sir i understand ur videos
Amit Misshra (1 day ago)
Thank u sir
Manoj Nigam (2 days ago)
Sir, AAP mere hero ho...😍
Aman Gouda (2 days ago)
RESHAM SINGH (2 days ago)
Best explanation
Thank you sir this helped me alot and your teaching way is awesome 👍
Ashok Masal (3 days ago)
Thanks sir
Afaq123 Farooqui (3 days ago)
Very helpful for me tnq
Kaustubh Talekar (4 days ago)
Don't lose hope
Rakesh Gupta (4 days ago)
Sir chemical reaction kaise karte hai uska video banaiye sir
Uzma Rashid (4 days ago)
Chemistry is illogical😅😄
simran Jatt (5 days ago)
χмαят вσу (5 days ago)
Thanks teacher
safety plus (5 days ago)
sir app jab matel non matel ko nb date h to dubara kyu check karte h nb to barabar hi rahe ga na
Aditya Raj Sahay (1 day ago)
Hamesha barabar nahi rehta
rashmi singh (5 days ago)
thanks sir it's help me alot
Rajni Rani (5 days ago)
You are great sar
Meenakshi Sharma (5 days ago)
Sir u r the best 😎😎😎
Divyaman Pandey (5 days ago)
Thanks Sir
Vikas Kumar (5 days ago)
Ritu Yadav (5 days ago)
Nice sir
VT Institute (5 days ago)
Thanks sir And sir, watch my video how to balance Chemical Reaction https://youtu.be/hdgVSTZfzQk Please support me sir, I'm your subscriber.
Rekha Singh (5 days ago)
Percccct video
Rekha Singh (5 days ago)
Very funny video and intrusting
Girish Bhiwgade (6 days ago)
Cu+HNO3(dilute)= sir plzzzz give the balanced chemical eqn
Laxmi Raj (6 days ago)
Sir apki organic chemistry sachi thi
Ansar Ahmad (6 days ago)
Mast sir
Vikashu Kumar (6 days ago)
Thanks sir
Technical Sudeep (6 days ago)
it will be very helpful to us
Kush KATRODIA [10E] (6 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I have a test tmr and this video has just solved one whole topic for me. Love this vid.
Art Zone (7 days ago)
Thank god i clicked on this video. Most helpful video ever
Ratan POWER (7 days ago)
Anishka Kataria (7 days ago)
Thnx a ton sir...your approach towards topics is really amazing👍
science spark 3 (7 days ago)
Sir ji you r great
Thanks a lot sir
ANKIT PASWAN (8 days ago)
Nice sir
Lov Kumar (9 days ago)
Hindi teaching
Sreelakshmi Bijikumar (9 days ago)
In 12 rxn. Just put 2 for H20 at 1st place... Try to get even no. Of O... Thank me later.
Gaurav Verma (9 days ago)
very nice trick sir so sweet
unique portal (9 days ago)
Sir you have followed the technique of for example '5/2×C² to get 5C' but at question number 9 you have suddenly shown other technique # So as a student solving an equation for first time how should I know which method to follow
unique portal (9 days ago)
#*Sir why do we divide the whole equation with 2 when we multipled oxygen by 5/2 Where as we don't divide the whole equation with any number when ever we multiply any element with other whole to balance the equation#* please reply!!!!!!!
Shin Chan (10 days ago)
S + 6HNO3 --------> H2SO4 + 6NO2 + 2H2O Cu + 4HNO3 ---------> Cu(NO3)2 + 2NO2 + 2H2O is the solved answer for the last 2 questions. thank u sir for the tip
science interest (10 days ago)
Which book is best for chemistry and physics in icse 10 plzz tell someone
Himanshu sharma (11 days ago)
Bhut badiyaa sir
Sara Junghare (11 days ago)
best technique sir..thanku
Biju Patìr (11 days ago)
Sir superbbb!👏👏👏👌
Kashif Shaikh (11 days ago)
Mind blowing😉
Bhat Majeed (11 days ago)
Sir agar mujey fraction use karke pehle Hy balance ho jaye to kya WO sahy hai?
Manish Khatri (12 days ago)
CLS 11
Manish Khatri (12 days ago)
hygrometry mey muskiley hai...plz dalllo nw sir...
Technical VIBGYOR (12 days ago)
Sir mere chem exam ke pehle bahut kam aya Thanks 👍👍👍
Yash Shrivastava (12 days ago)
sir you are best beleive that # thank you 😊😊😊😊
yalmaz abbas (12 days ago)
sir g Inorganic k reactions ho chuky mery ap ki trick say thnks sir g may u live long ❤❤
Bipradip Chatterjee (12 days ago)
It is most helpful for chemistry student
Sahu Lahu (12 days ago)
it's very helpful vedio for every science students....
Sahu Lahu (12 days ago)
thank u soooooo much sir
Ramit Insideme (13 days ago)
Suhaib Tyagi (13 days ago)
Thank you so much sir !
Pramod Saindane (13 days ago)
aa bhai 5ke baad 6atta he
Quinton Wilson (13 days ago)
Are you talking English? lol
Ramit Insideme (13 days ago)
Quinton Wilson tell me he don’t sound like a minion 😂
VIKI GAMIN (13 days ago)
Arrey yaar you have to get to the point and avoid wasting our time
piyush kumar (13 days ago)
Thanks you sir
mukul yadav (14 days ago)
Guru ji thankyou sir
Ricky Mathur (14 days ago)
Thank uuh sooooo much sir.........ur videos are very useful to every science students.....thanks a lott
Insha Shahnawaz (14 days ago)
Thank you sooo mUchhh sir ... I wish i cn give this video more than 1like , it's amazing or toh or apka smjhane k treeka v lajawaab tha sir !!!!! M really grateful to u
Prashant Babu (15 days ago)
You are going to no.1 on you tube
VIPUL MISHRA (15 days ago)
Sir no2+h2o=hno3+no ko balance karia
nasir ul hassan (15 days ago)
nyc sir no 100% cleared
Añśhüĺ Gürjåŕ (15 days ago)
Video bdee jarur thee pr seekha bahut kuch
Bhavya Jalli (15 days ago)
Mast sikhate ho sir ji,,,, apka koi jagab nahi😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘
deepu shah (15 days ago)
music world (15 days ago)
Sir ,do of Na2Co3 + H2So4
Digvijay gaming (15 days ago)
Nice trick
Debashis Biswas (15 days ago)
Piyush P3 (15 days ago)
Thankyou very much sir this trick is amazing
faizan faizi (16 days ago)
Salman Azad (16 days ago)
Phosphorus +nitric acid gives nitrogen dioxide +water +hidrogen phosphate sir is equation me ye method kaam nahi kar raha hai pls sir bataye ye kaise hoga
Divyasha Agarwal (16 days ago)
I like your duster very much 😂😂
MDP.S Thind (16 days ago)
Plz tell me
MDP.S Thind (16 days ago)
Sir jo aapne equation x 2 ki hai wo compulsary hai ya nahi
MDP.S Thind (16 days ago)
Thanks a lot
MDP.S Thind (16 days ago)
Nyc trick sir chemical equation solve karne ki
aditya Bindhani (17 days ago)
it's very nice Sir.
Anil Kumar (17 days ago)
Super sir very very nice idea......
Shashank Garg (17 days ago)
Sir upar Bala kare ki aap jitna chahao utni tarraki karo love you sir 😊😊😊
Md Mujahid (17 days ago)
Sir Thank you so much
HALLOWEEN PARTY (18 days ago)
Ab lagta hai exam me acche marks aayenge

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