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Every Drop Matters 8 Ukraine

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Ukraine has scarce water resources and access to safe drinking water is increasingly becoming a development challenge. The reason for this is that the deteriorated national water purification system that was designed and constructed around 50 years ago no longer has the capacity to purify the water. This worsens the quality of drinking water, and basically leads to limited access to safe drinking water. People have the option of securing safe drinking water either by purchasing bottled water, purchasing household purification equipment or by using water from natural springs. The majority of Ukrainians can't afford to buy bottled water, which basically limits their access to safe water. Therefore, the usage of natural springs, if available, could be one of the solutions to this challenge. Size/debit of the natural springs do not allow their inclusion within the national water supply system. Historically, the natural springs were often the center of social life in communities, and have the potential to become a strong instrument for community mobilization as well as for progress self-dignity and environmental awareness among local communities and youth. What is the objective? The immediate development impact of the project rests on the increased access of local communities to natural springs, and in some cases to safe drinking water. The long-term development impact will be on changing community members' perceptions on water management and preservation through conducting training on water management as envisaged in the educational component of the project. Part of the development impact will also be on changing community members' mentality in regard to social solidarity and community mobilization by involving them in partnership community projects on rehabilitation of springs and surrounding areas. In addition, the project applies a partnership approach by bringing together local authorities, community members, school children and students to join efforts in preserving and protecting natural water resources and environment.
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