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How to Talk like a Newscaster

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Watch more How to Be on TV videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/424641-How-to-Talk-like-a-Newscaster In this mixed-up world, people want a voice they can trust. Talk like a newscaster and give the impression that you're in the know. Step 1: Neutralize your voice Lose your regional dialect -- actual newscasters frequently move between cities and need to have a neutral accent. Speak a little slower and enunciate carefully, until no one can tell where you're from. Step 2: Communicate the action Tell a story when you talk. Think about each sentence's point, and stress the words that best communicate the action to help your viewers understand the information easily. Step 3: Speak with authority Speak with conviction, whether or not you know what you're talking about. Maintain good posture and make eye contact with anyone you address, to project confidence and knowledge. Tip If you're completely uninformed, make up a weather report for the upcoming week. Step 4: Stay calm Don't exaggerate when you speak; people wouldn't take a real newscaster seriously if everything they said sounded like a major development. Keep your inflection even and calm while still sounding engaged. Step 5: Have a conversation Loosen up -- speak in a conversational style and add a few laughs while you speak to connect with your audience. Then, when you've covered the day's major topics, utter a signature sign-off line and shuffle a few pieces of paper as the credits roll. Did You Know? In 2010, 762 American television stations produced original local news broadcasts.
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Text Comments (43)
graf orlock (3 months ago)
Don't forget to nod to the camera several times in a half hour and also stand with a piece of paper in your hand
Wenyue Wu (3 months ago)
That guy is so cute! 1:17
mugavari Media (6 months ago)
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Is that’s Chicago?
Kim Namjoon is Squishy (8 months ago)
Lol I think I'm too young but this was uploaded when I was 4 like no one cares duh😂😂
muhammad bagas (8 months ago)
who is the speakers?
Alan Stratton (8 months ago)
rkmugen (9 months ago)
It's like..... like listening to Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone......
Creeden Martell (9 months ago)
I wish I had watched this before I went to JSchool.
Milk dude does (10 months ago)
this helped me a lot!
D Storm (1 year ago)
The key is to be a Left Wing ideologue.
Brians Mac (1 year ago)
I don't like these YOUNG female news and weather casters on the tv now. They sound like pre- puberty little girls with that high pitched squeal and they giggle too much. They need to LEARN to talk with a more serious DEEPER and CLEARER voice that we can all understand.
Booga Turk (3 months ago)
I thought it was just me. We have one weather caster that reminds me of Dawn Lazarus from SNL.
Zummile (1 year ago)
Is it also an obligation to make my eyebrows dance?
Ted Brosh (2 months ago)
kvndreamteam (1 year ago)
Evan Baxter?
ForEver AvoCado (1 year ago)
This is bad :(
Jennifer Bedia (2 years ago)
Thank you For Giving a List to how talk like a newscater , Because i Join in Journalism Camp in School BROADCASTING :)
Stickman Gamer (1 year ago)
bro same contest today, now ahahahah
Lady_K (2 years ago)
This is awesome.
Joshua Inocencio (3 years ago)
Techne (3 years ago)
"Neutral accent"... so American then...
Al Nava (6 months ago)
Also, an "American accent" does not exist because "American" = America = North, Central, and South America, which comprise many "accents".
Mindraker1 (7 months ago)
He's talking about the non-regional American accent.
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod (10 months ago)
He means not southern or anything
Shane Rothery (1 year ago)
The video doesn't mean that an American accent is a neutral accent. There are neutral accents for every language and region. For example, in Australia, there are three general accents. One sounds very posh, another sounds very bumpkin, and the third is neither -- it is a neutral accent in that context. Same concept goes for the States (a heavy southern accent is not neutral, and neither is a thick Brooklyn one), China, and everywhere else.
Fire Fox (1 year ago)
The "American" accent is not a neutral accent.
Paula Lopez (3 years ago)
yes I'm talking please I don't know who you were here I guess you're the newscaster yeah there is a Richard munos and it at 6:19 Maple Street in Mendota he is getting drugs you little girl at the school different ages and he's also mother fing little girls that are young ages to he has a family that helps you been in trouble he's been in trouble a lot and he gets it he does drugs and he stills and Doug bad thing I heard about it he stole the car as truck and everything for his habit he's been getting women back and forth in his apartment at 6:19 Maple Street in Mendota and I want to report him because he should be around the school words were he sells drugs you little girls at school he lives across the street and I want him to you can get an investigation or detective to watch him because he's doing bad little girl she even takes little girls into their home his home and he molested him he gets young girls and put them on drugs and everything I have a couple of my friends that he tried to coach them into going to his house and he came to my house and told me I said no don't go over there he's a bad Matt don't go see him he molest his little girls you Melissa 78 and sometimes younger I have seen guys take their young daughters at 3 years old 4 years old you for this guy to molest him I don't think it's right little kids should be playing and everything else you know and not to be hurt or anything I don't like it I'm a concerned mother and I have children and I don't like men who molest children at all I've tried talking to people but they're ignoring me please sir can you investigate mr. Munoz and see if they can do anything about it they need to take evil man of the street especially like him go to molest little children he lives in Mendota my name is Christina Alvarez and I'm talking on my friends phone she doesn't want to get involved I don't want her to get involved but I don't have a phone at this time so I'm using hers and you need to investigate and mr. Munoz he's a real bad man and he hurts girls and he abuses and he hit one girl one day and she was pregnant he get her in the stomach and she lost the baby last year he's a real evil man you need to stop being like that and they also need to bring the immigration and jamendo doubt there's too many immigrants they're selling drugs out on the street and you need you have that fixed children are not safe around these men at all they look at little girls and that's really disgusting I don't think its right people need to call in the newscasters like I'm doing and have a report about Mendota Mendota is a place that they do drugs and stealing children and abused them and do all kinds of stuff please sir can you please help me and didn't investigator and then invest this man is he selling drugs and he have gone please be very careful about this
Sigurd Mjelve (2 years ago)
+Paula Lopez ever heard of a thing called punctuation?
Bonita Liu (5 years ago)
LoooooooooL noice!
SENPAL (6 years ago)
Pretty much speak like a midwestern, most newscasters r from there like Nebraska
Wil Pritchard (7 years ago)
I like to change accents from sentence to sentence rather than speak neutrally. That'll really make it so no one knows where I'm from and angers the hell out of them.
SuperSZ (7 years ago)
Cronica TV should really watch this video...
Lolonoa Zolo (7 years ago)
Step 1: Shove a wooden spoon up your ass
nick (7 years ago)
this guy needs to get laid
Thesethlans (7 years ago)
i think this guy needs to be shot
Legion (7 years ago)
Actually heard , because you can see voice.
Legion (7 years ago)
Yeah i have seen the golden voice.
Rebeka Kashkin (7 years ago)
How to talk like a newscaster? More like 'How to talk like you just arrived from 1962.'
Azzy Ahsan (7 years ago)
bubblemuffinxp (7 years ago)
@Jaynit @euyfdvfhj @mehbabeisokanee SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Willis Nolin (7 years ago)
Should this be called "how to talk like a total Douche bag"?
Jaynit (7 years ago)

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