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$5,000 Loss Day Trading Stocks Live | Chopped Out Bad!

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Text Comments (82)
Arwin June Vicente (1 month ago)
This is the video that I'm looking for. A honest guy showing his looses not all the winnings.
Georgie Montalvo (1 month ago)
Aww..... Sorry : (
raymond gonzalez (1 month ago)
- gambling is one heck of a drug
The Boiler Room (1 month ago)
Not gambling at all, we are the casino. Odds are in our favor
furkan kerim kavukcu (1 month ago)
Thanks for a video like that which shows the other side of the coin. I highly appreciate the honesty
BSky (1 month ago)
This is what happens when you short Lisa Su
Ryan Han (2 months ago)
I don't see any particular bad trade or revenge trade here. I don't understand why people react this way. We lose and win. Losing is always part of the game.
mind70188 (2 months ago)
brah wtf about tilray? u stramin 2day? hodl
Ashar Zam (2 months ago)
Thanks for making live trading vedios , that help ,, u should make more like that ,,,
Movieaire (2 months ago)
Really appreciate your transparency here, Conner. Most professional traders would not show a 5k loss. I learn a lot from your loss vids as much as I do your profit vids. Happens to the best of us and you'll kill it next time.
C Hayes (2 months ago)
Thanks for being so open and honest with us!!! You show us the good and the bad. Your still up. Get back on that horse. Can't wait to see your next video of you make that 5k right back! Thanks for the inspiration.
Timetravelor (2 months ago)
What platform is this?
Amkha Thavongsa (2 months ago)
Looks like your doing revenge trading dude!
Laterius Johnson (2 months ago)
At least you’re honest
Crypto Boner (2 months ago)
Why were u shorting AMD bro! Don’t you know people mine bitcoin what that? Just trolling man, u have a new subscriber
omijie Abumere (2 months ago)
I like your sincerity showing us good and bad days . That is how to learn good.
Merak Ediyorum (2 months ago)
Oh man what a loss! There's a great tool to copy professional traders. If anybody wants to copy professional traders, check this out sometime http://bit.ly/copytraders2018
David Gregg (2 months ago)
You can probably make it all back in VXX here in the next two days. Amazon just broke a key support on a daily basis. If we don't see a reversal tomorrow- it'll take the QQQ's with it. /ES just filled a Bat Pattern after hours. Sounds like a made up crock of shit, I know, but Harmonic Patterns are a real thing- just typically traded by the Euro-guys in Forex.
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
I am aware of harmonic patterns I have custom scans for them aswell ;)
Gwent Champ (2 months ago)
Think or Swim does not seem like a good day trading platform. A lot of people seem to like speedtrader.
Jake_Fl_ (2 months ago)
I bought aapl and amzn today, currently down on both. But this helps make me feel better 😂 thanks for posting!
silverback17 S (2 months ago)
Ugh I hate the days where just nothing NOTHING you do goes your way. I've learned after a few losing trades, I need to stop otherwise desperation sets in and I always lose more!
Karim Rizk (2 months ago)
I don't get the reason you always have such a choppy stock on your watch list like AMD all the time ??despite you have big gapper with potential to run like Gov today !
Toby Chen (2 months ago)
How much are you trading with if you don't mind me asking.
koolyo2foots (2 months ago)
Did you contact TD Ameritrade on why you weren't getting filled on QTT???
Mezziah (2 months ago)
my day was green with tilray. bummer for the rest of you.
Temple Tetradactyl (2 months ago)
You're still the dude. Thx for all the guidance.
gbsavc (2 months ago)
That 3.7 week 45k winning streak finally takes a brake lol
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
Wow you must really been following PNL thats pretty damn accurat haha
Mike Fries (2 months ago)
Sorry to hear Connor. Today was tough. AMD is a POS.
Devoy Williams (2 months ago)
$AMD and $MU is some of the hardest stocks to trade
James Adams (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, Connor. You are the man.
Eat Sleep Ski (2 months ago)
I was trading AMD this morning
Insurance Casino (2 months ago)
relax bro. You can watch the 5min and 1min on the same chart..That flipping around can cost you with timing. I know I have lost waiting for one or the other to confirm.
Luo V (2 months ago)
Hi! Thanks for sharing the lesson. I am a newbie. From my little knowledge, I would not have tried to trade a stock with the price between so many support and resistant levels and I would have not tried to short a stock just after it breaks those resistant levels. What am I not seeing? Would you say that an experienced trader would know better how to trade in this situation? Sorry to put the question so bluntly but that's how I question myself and that's the best way I can put it. Neverthless, I would really appreciate your comments.
Brian Thomas Conner (2 months ago)
Hey Connor, just wondering what margin you're getting? I get 2:1 at TD right now. Also, I'm paying $6.95 per trade, have you gotten/asked them for lower commissions? Thanks Connor!!!!!
Roman Potapchik (2 months ago)
Hey Connor, seems like you getting sloppy after big wins
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
Your righr some traders use IB and Center point, I do not need to use them to make money, i do perfectly fine with out them, us I save a ton of money on comission by not using them. What is your youtube channel Id love to take a look at your live trading
Joey D (2 months ago)
Real traders use IB or centerpoint -__-
Roman Potapchik (2 months ago)
Joey D doesn’t look like it
Joey D (2 months ago)
Because he’s trading papers and not real money 😂
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
That is a fact
joe JOE (2 months ago)
A real man with real losses, thank you
joe JOE (2 months ago)
+Joey D didnt know that.
Joey D (2 months ago)
joe JOE no he’s trading off a demo account/trading papers
Duck My Sick (2 months ago)
had green day of 92$ lmao
Gern Blanston (2 months ago)
Green on NBEV $491. I will take it
Todd Smith (2 months ago)
Do you have a Max loss per day you go by ?
Jordan Roberts (2 months ago)
Man I had taken this same trade however I was a long during the time you shorted 4,000 shares again. During the video I was like "dude! no! don't take that trade!" haha. It's interesting how everyone sees different things.
Phillipe Souza (2 months ago)
Really enjoy your videos, tomorrow is another day.
koolyo2foots (2 months ago)
Made my $206 and ran, very choppy this morning. SPY could not make up it's mind.
LocalChannel Trading (2 months ago)
koolyo2foots yeah I too came out profitable thankfully
lombardo141 (2 months ago)
AWW... that looked like revenge trading. You shorted twice the amount in hopes of getting back your losses. I love these reminders on how human I am :-). Thanks for posting.
Cody Stephenson (2 months ago)
When does earnings season come back around? I might just play demo to see if I can succeed in low volume stocks with choppy trading with hot keys and when earnings season comes around go live
TheViraliPhone (2 months ago)
For 4 weeks straight, stocks have been horrible timelines. Im seeing guys like Ross from Warrior Trading with small green days and bigger reds makes me feel a little better that i'm not alone, but damn.. this is a true grind.
That’s what I used to say too about them losing too but at the end of the day they still have a lot of money to trade with so I’d say be more careful with your trades I’ve lost way too much money almost quit but I ain’t done just yet good luck
Duck My Sick (2 months ago)
Im just at breakeven point for a month which is good I guess? lol
Joseph Mendozza (2 months ago)
TheViraliPhone summer is almost over,hang in volume coming!
Rick Sanchez (2 months ago)
TECHNICALLY you didn't lose, because on Friday you made $20k, so basically you had a couple of thousand too play with.
alpha omega (2 months ago)
All jokes aside thanks for posting
alpha omega (2 months ago)
Thanks for posting my trading career all in 21min.
Florian Mack (1 month ago)
hahahaha best comment ;)
Crypto Boner (2 months ago)
alpha omega dude I loled when I saw this so true
Rich Spence (2 months ago)
The good with the bad, you will be back strong tomorrow!
signaler li (2 months ago)
Where is $5000 loss? I heard you said $2000 in this video.
Vecchio aka Vesh (2 months ago)
Not what we want. We were all just hoping it was a typo my man.
signaler li (2 months ago)
+The Boiler Room okay, thanks for clearing that up.
Patrick Travels (2 months ago)
Sorry to hear! We only know what you show us.
Vecchio aka Vesh (2 months ago)
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
I actually lost 5k today, this video only shows 2k. I could say i only lost 2k then it would be a lie to you all
Jonathan Rayne (2 months ago)
Damn, making my stomach hurt watching you hold AMD!
John White (2 months ago)
I made good profit with amd bought @31.95 sold @32.50, you're chart moves so fast I just use Yahoo finance chart it works good. do you also do limit buys and sells?
LocalChannel Trading (2 months ago)
John White nice!
Coco Grace (2 months ago)
Ugh ! Tough day ! I ended up on the wrong side of everything :(
Luis Parades (2 months ago)
I took a loos today also was up 320$....but took a bad trade on AMD....ended -167.....in the Red
Luis Parades (2 months ago)
+hheythered I here you on that one....ill back at her one day....
hheythered (2 months ago)
Motherfucking AMD always gets me. I have never turned a profit on that one, ever. Lost 290 on it the other day, made it back right away and was done.
chris smith (2 months ago)
Well lucky i only lost £89.40 grrr never mind tomoz is another day Conner
Tad Ka (2 months ago)
I'm £4k down this morning... but I'm holding...

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