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Which Power Source Is Most Efficient?

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Australian researchers just unveiled the most efficient solar panels ever. How efficient are they, and what is the most efficient source of energy? Get 15% off http://www.domain.com's s domain names and web hosting when you use coupon code DNEWS at checkout! Read More: In world first -- UNSW researchers convert sunlight to electricity with over 40 percent efficiency http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-12/uons-iwf120514.php "UNSW Australia's solar researchers have converted over 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar system into electricity, the highest efficiency ever reported." New world record for solar cell efficiency at 46% French-German cooperation confirms competitive advantages of European photovoltaic industry http://www.ise.fraunhofer.de/en/press-and-media/press-releases/press-releases-2014/new-world-record-for-solar-cell-efficiency-at-46-percent "A new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity has been established." Australia develops world's most efficient solar panels http://rt.com/business/212383-australia-record-solar-energy/ "?Australian researchers have developed a new method of using commercial solar panels that converts more electricity from sunlight than ever before." What is the efficiency of different types of power plants? http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=107&t=3 "One measure of the efficiency of a power plant that converts a fuel into heat and into electricity is the heat rate." Improving Efficiencies http://www.worldcoal.org/coal-the-environment/coal-use-the-environment/improving-efficiencies/ "Improving efficiency levels increases the amount of energy that can be extracted from a single unit of coal." The Most Common Electricity Sources in the U.S. http://pureenergies.com/us/blog/the-most-common-electricity-sources-in-the-u-s/ "Though renewable energy is growing fast, the U.S. still gets the vast majority of its power from conventional power plants." Increasing the Efficiency of Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R43343.pdf "Coal has long been the major fossil fuel used to produce electricity." Coal Will Survive as Efficient Power Plants Boost Demand http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-02/coal-seen-surving-as-efficient-power-plants-boost-demand.html "President Barack Obama's plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions left coal with a future even as the industry accuses him of trying to make the fuel obsolete." How Do Wind Turbines Work? http://energy.gov/eere/wind/how-do-wind-turbines-work "So how do wind turbines make electricity?" Screwy-looking wind turbine makes little noise and a big claim http://www.gizmag.com/the-archimedes-liam-f1-urban-wind-turbine/32263/ "Although it's getting increasingly common to see solar panels on the roofs of homes, household wind turbines are still a fairly rare sight." Betz's law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betz%27s_law Wind Energy More Energy Efficient than Fossil Fuels http://cleantechnica.com/2012/07/18/wind-energy-energy-efficient-fossil-fuels-uk/ "Here's something that may surprise you. Wind energy is more efficient than carbon-based fuels." Wind Energy's Shadow: Turbines Drag Down Power Potential http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/energy/2013/05/130516-wind-energy-shadow-effect/ "As seemingly limitless as the air that swirls around us, wind has proven to be the world's fastest-growing source of renewable energy." Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Nuclear-Fuel-Cycle/Power-Reactors/Advanced-Nuclear-Power-Reactors/ "The nuclear power industry has been developing and improving reactor technology for more than five decades and is starting to build the next generation of nuclear power reactors to fill new orders." Hydroelectric Power http://www.mpoweruk.com/hydro_power.htm "Hydro-electric power, using the potential energy of rivers, now supplies 17.5% of the world's electricity (99% in Norway, 57% in Canada, 55% in Switzerland, 40% in Sweden, 7% in USA)." Hydroelectric Power http://www.usbr.gov/power/edu/pamphlet.pdf "It's a form of energy ... a renewable resource." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Tara Long on Twitter https://twitter.com/TaraLongest DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Download the TestTube App: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (2454)
aerocamics (1 day ago)
Power Efficiency http://bit.ly/2L33rBF
Silva GG (17 days ago)
Nuclear always win =) 2 cents per kwh
Connor Mulkey (23 days ago)
One thing I have yet to see addressed in any sort of video like this is the fact that the power grid is under a constant need for energy, solar doesnt produce at night, wind doesnt produce when the wind isnt blowing. And batteries dont hold enough power to power a city.
John Garrison (29 days ago)
46% during the day? Meaning it'll make the duck curve worse?
Anand Tripathi (1 month ago)
He looks like Cisco from the flash
Krish Rao (1 month ago)
GO for Thorium MSR
786otto (1 month ago)
Exaggerating is the best propaganda.
Clarke Miller (1 month ago)
I enjoy that these aren’t too long and drawn out
shivam pandey (1 month ago)
In India we have reach the targets of 20gw of soler energy .....and govt is going to acheived 100gw soler energy till 2022 we have acheived our target before the target Tyme
Leenesh G (2 months ago)
TheRoidemortetfleur (2 months ago)
It like to point out, all this inefficiency in creating and distributing electricity, is also a problem for EV vehicles. Going straight to mechanical energy is much better. I understand that is not what people want to here. But it is very true. It is just a fact going from fuel to steam to electricity to transmission to charge to storage each stage loses efficiency. (not to mention battery get harder to charge with each charge) The slight of hand is to compare only at the end point. As if all these other stages don't exist. As if 100 watts in an EV only took 100 watts of potential energy. The amount of fuel needed to burn to get the exact same mileage out of a fuel combustion engine will also be more. Each EV vehicles has a greater carbon print to make and operate. Calculating what percent of green energy would be needed to offset EV inefficiency of creating and operating would be a more honest figure. Then to say EV are zero emission, which is completely false.
We could have cheap energy already if we wanted to. We just have to get our smartest people together to work on creating a super efficient solar panel. Also wind turbines are usually turned off/locked and only a couple will be on because apparently there sometimes wont be a high enough demand or any orders for the company to sell the electricity to. Why dont they just turn them all on and store the energy or give it out for free??
zwanz0r (2 months ago)
And how efficient is coal created from sunlight over millennia?
slingcharger69 (2 months ago)
Wave Power!
Can you exhibit a video About ocian energy
Ramon Sauls (2 months ago)
I like Nuclear Fushion although it's not there yet to produce as much as nuclear fission plant, it currently produces as much a coal plant, but nuclear energy is best for now. But for cheaper almost reliable sources solar and wind i also like.
Zionist Mangler (2 months ago)
Nuclear, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Solar thermal, and coal are vastly superior to solar and wind. Also, gasification and pyrolysis should be invested in. Manufacturing of solid panels is very harmful. Also, just using heat from the Sun passively can heat water and air in buildings.
Zionist Mangler (2 months ago)
Leftist propaganda!
Anon F (2 months ago)
Hydro electric is all tapped out in the US. Plus it ruins the river ecosystem
Anon F (2 months ago)
The minerals needed to build solar panels offset any positive environmental impact of the panel
Hugh Leyton (2 months ago)
Hi, Talking about Efficiency of generating Electricity from different sources of energy sounds great. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Yes, we know the theoretical amount of energy in a ton of coal, oil or gas. But how do you compare a ton of Sunlight. ? ? . . How do you ship sunlight to a power station, how can you measure the relative energy available. ( Don't get me talking about kW/m² of sunlight energy, I can give you all the information you want on that. ) But it is the cost of collecting that Solar and Wind energy, not efficiency that counts. . . . Now you appear to have forgotten how to get Solar energy at night time. ! . . . Woops.! Now you start to get into Energy Storage. . . Now that is the big question, the big situation that is hampering all forms of variable energy generation. . .. To use Batteries is very, very, very inefficient, expensive and environmentally harmful, particularly the making and disposing of them. . . And how long before they need replacing. ? ? ? . . . . California had a big problem when their Energy Storage batteries required replacing in just two years. . . . . Basically you have vastly over simplified the problem and presented it all in a very, very distorted point of view
DI MI (2 months ago)
Once the testing phase of the first nuclear fusion power plant is finished in southern France it will be the best option by far. But it will require huge investments and it will take a long time until planet earth goes fully into nuclear fusion. For now the best option is CPV or concentrated photovoltaics. Also we need to improve the electricity storage batteries wether they’re made out of lithium or whatever~
nunyobiznez (2 months ago)
The efficiency is not directly relevant for using solar for commercial energy generation, so comparing the efficiency to other types of commercial energy is pointless. No one cares if sunlight is wasted. The only thing that matters for commercial energy, is the price per kilowatt hour. Usually the more efficient it is, the lower the price per KWH as well, but not necessarily, and nothing even related to the cost, was even mentioned in this video. However, this is still an interesting development with solar tech.
Please compare the [costs of (construction + installation + maintenance)] / [hours of operational lifetime], for produce say something like 10TWh of electric energy in 50 years, distributed uniformly and constant in EVERY second of this period . Then you will see that photo-electric power plants, ARE A FRAUD!!! Not "clear" green-energy but clearly a..DEEP-RED one!
Harashit Talk (2 months ago)
You can use it if you want save your electric bill https://bit.ly/2HczdKv
J. A. E. (2 months ago)
Nuclear energy is the best for the environment. It has virtually no waste and has zero negative environmental effects
Gerrit Okkema (2 months ago)
Solar is the best !!
Peter Graves (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiNRdmaJkrM&t=1475s Watching this shows the need of having nuclear energy. Watch Pandora Promise completely than you decide. Most people will just ignore these facts, but the case against nuclear is not scientific. Its' fearmongering and if your not for nuclear than your for fossil fuels as this documentary shows.
Ariko Subumo (2 months ago)
How about farting?
DavesWorld (2 months ago)
Four years later are these 40+% efficient solar panels in wide use today?
watchthe1369 (2 months ago)
what is the total picture cost? how much energy goes into coal and nuclear plants vs. solar plants? Land costs, costs of materials and energy to make the solution plus the manhours, plus the possible pollution clean up costs for the manufacturring process? I have yet to see any analysis in that fashion.
Yuarian Smith (2 months ago)
Nuclear power is the best power. India's gonna have a field day when thorium rectors hit the market, they have a shitton of thorium.
Johan Swan (2 months ago)
JESUS CHRIST is the True Power of God - 1 Corinthians 1 verse 24.
Guns Cars and Digits (2 months ago)
Uh, I protest efficiency to some degree. If you 100% efficiently capture all of the energy from wind, you get still air which can stratify or stagnate. If you do that with water, you get stagnant water. Wind turbines are 90% efficient at the mechanical level. Engines are 50% thermodynamically efficient, but are over 90% mechanically efficient and have to live with 64% thermal efficiency, but they provide us with a great standard of life when the carbon cycle is closed. The product of 50% and 64% is where their 30% efficiency comes from. Concentrated solar is extremely efficient if we need sub 1000F thermal work done. I honestly see that as a promising technology because we can put them in sunny areas for a net cooling effect. It's more useful than solar panels in some aspects, though I will not deny that solar panels have their own niche.
Dave Kauffman (2 months ago)
The sun only shines during the day, and don't put out much juice when snowed on, no matter how efficient the panels are. The best source of power is methane gas (AKA propane, LPG, or natural gas), it is a byproduct of decomposing organic waste and therefore renewable and very inexpensive.
drx1 xym (2 months ago)
Nuclear Energy - of the future! These MSR power plants could be online in 10 years - maybe less... Molten Salt Reactor .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGBkV3ZLTDI These work when the Sun won't shine. These reactors are safe, zero (or nearly zero) carbon and efficient - unless most everything else.
Sam TheMan (3 months ago)
We should be looking at which source of energy is safest and healthy! Even with 20% efficiency of solar panels we can still provide all energy to the people! For example Nevada and Texas can provide all energy U.S. needs and U.S. have a lot of sunny states! Drinking water is shrinking so in 50 years hydroelectric power plants will be obsolete because water would be very precious! Solar, Wind, geothermal whenever possible should meet our energy needs, Nuclear power is pretty much safe but when something goes wrong like we have seen in Japan and Chernobyl price is very very high not only for environment but health as well but in those places that do not have enough solar, wind or geothermal they will need to use nuclear power instead of coal! In long term nuclear is still healthier and safer than coal plant!
Charles-A Rovira (3 months ago)
Solar panels are the most stable _for the buck._
Rohit Gandhi (3 months ago)
Magneto hydro generators!
John Paul Turla (3 months ago)
does the 30% efficiency of solar panels and the 30% efficiency of nuclear energy produce equal amounts of energy??? Like do they both produce x amounts of joules or solar produces y amounts and nuclear produces z amounts and the only difference between them is that if the source of energy was wasted or not???
Furrowed Brow (3 months ago)
Abraham Wilberforce (3 months ago)
Nuclear Fusion, Babe.
Maxx Madd (3 months ago)
Only true close to green energy out there right now thats the most efficient?...water..and i don't mean hydro-electric either....Ever think about what makes up water?..Hydrogen and Oxygen...to of the cleanest fuels right now....The US Navy uses a system to turn salt-water into Oxygen so subs can stay underwater indefinitely,and the hydrogen is bled off as a waste gas...now think of this ...Building a plant along the coast that does this very same application and using both fuels..to run boilers to create steam to generate electricity...no emissions or heavy metals,no polluting the water,no waste by-products.Only uses a little oil to lubricate the moving parts....Does not require Nuclear anything....and you can also build a plant to create drinking water from the ocean and pipe it to places that don't have much water....Now chew on that for a bit.
Steve Loehlein (3 months ago)
Efficiency by itself is a poor comparison of the relative effectiveness of power sources for the electrical grid, since it ignores the important considerations of capacity factor, transmission infrastructure costs and the amount of land needed to supply the energy. Therefore, efficiency alone is a very poor argument for one power source over another, unless it is being used in a remote location apart from the grid. One thing is accurate. Hydro is the best in a lot of ways, but I’m not holding my breath for finding a new Niagara Falls or anyone flooding a huge valley to create a new Boulder dam.
Jon dow (3 months ago)
R Kramer (3 months ago)
Been hearing about high efficiency solar panels for years but they never seem to make it to market. Kind of reminds me of the 20 years away joke that is fusion reactors lol. Would absolutely love to see this stuff come to fruition but I’m not holding my breath... Someday... Eventually... Maybe....
Brian Jordan (3 months ago)
In my state about 60% of power is hydroelectric. The reservoirs also provide water for drinking and irrigation. No other power source has so many benifits and is so efficient.
DarKMaTTeR (3 months ago)
Comparing efficiency across different energy sources makes no sense. In a coal plant, coal is a major expense and you want to make the optimal use of it. In solar, sunlight is free and the cost is in producing and deploying the panels. Higher efficiency is useful only if the production price is the same, which wasn't discussed at all on this video.
tamperresistant mind (3 months ago)
I'm a big fan of the earth, so... I'm most in favor of nuclear energy. I figure the faster the human race is gone, the better for the planet...
Jason B (3 months ago)
The most effective is wind power with a MicroBlue.com coated gear box. This is ultra low parasitic drag system. Lets not forget about a titanium made gears and shaft too.
ravi (3 months ago)
why domain.com? why not godaddy or namecheap?
jahenders (3 months ago)
Solar power is still inefficient in terms of space required to produce each kilowatt hour and the panels still use dangerous chemicals in construction
FPVREVIEWS (3 months ago)
solar is just harnessing energy that was generated at the sun. It's not a source of energy itself.
ClarksonsinUSA (3 months ago)
Solar is unreliable,Night,Winter,Clouds,rain,ect...................Its not producing more than it is producing.. Solar has to have a fossil fuels plants running to take up the slack ,if its night or the sun don't shy!!!! Imagine a hospital or a factory that goes dark when solar stops producing ,several times a week!!
Shing Yung Voo (3 months ago)
Saskia van Houtert (3 months ago)
The technology of Physics is so far on knowledge that we don't have to be pollutional for planet earth especially plants and people, animals, keep busy physicians
TheTruth76 (3 months ago)
Less humans would cure the lust for energy..
Jose Angel Monterroza (3 months ago)
TheTruth76 why don't you kill yourself thenM
Ezequias Lopes (3 months ago)
Brasil rules with hodoeletrics! Chupa mundo!
I am Me (4 months ago)
We have puns here :)
Keith Edwards (4 months ago)
What would happen if we feed coogleblitz black holes the radioactive waste that we've collected from nuclear plants and harness energy from the black hole?
Jason Hockly (4 months ago)
Efficient? What about the cost to the kW?
Kalyssa S (4 months ago)
Great video loved it
Abe Coulter (4 months ago)
And not once did you mention hydroelectric power generation
Abe Coulter (4 months ago)
But nuclear power is very harmful to the environment the waste fuel will continue to produce toxic and deadly radiation for thousands of years
Seb (4 months ago)
Lol power plant
Cole Breda (4 months ago)
Na i like high altitude kites that are constantly producing power cheaply and more efficiently than any solar panel ever could.
clashroar0980 (4 months ago)
Its not the energy we have... Its the population (7+ billion).
Yuan Gan (4 months ago)
did you consider a solar panel failure vs. a hydro-electric dam failure?
shoot me now (4 months ago)
oscar byrne (4 months ago)
I looked a video about thorium, the 'future' of nuclear energy. Sounds excellent, but I haven't seen thorium power plants..
Tobias Boye Lollesgaard (4 months ago)
i think cost against power is the most important, as long it green power
Jake Miller (4 months ago)
Figure out how to efficiently make antimatter and then we'll talk
Mike truth (4 months ago)
There is a company called Capstone Turbine which produces microtubines in the range of 30 kw to 30 mega watts which have the ability to use a wide array of fossil fuels such as natural gas and its associated flare gas from oil drilling, coal seam gas, kerosene , propane, methane from waste water treatment plants and cow or chicken feces that are put into a digester at farm sites , aviation fuel, recently the company is experimenting with hydrogen fuel in their combustion chambers for electrical generation . Capstone uses an air bearing turbine that obviously doesnt require lubrication so the exhaust is very clean and the heat recovered is effectively used to heat buildings water and air supply and utilised as steam in industrial applications like melting plastics or sterilization or commercial laundries furthermore heat can also be applied in an absorption chiller for cold water for refrigeration or air conditioning of buildings . When these turbines are used in all their heating and cooling capacities for factories, hotels, hospitals, high rises , schools, or apartment buildings...the energy efficiency can reach over 90 percent and meet the strictest standards set by the EPA.
Actor Adam Anouer (4 months ago)
That's very impressive actually.
ZombieTex (4 months ago)
People keep posting about geothermal ... and that's great ... IF YOU LIVE ON A CALDERA. Otherwise, it's just not an option. We need to think about options with a wider application. Wind is VERY expensive and not terribly efficient. Hydro is good, but you have a significant ecological impact. Solar will EVENTUALLY be our go-to option but for now it's just too expensive. People keep saying we need more government regulation to force us into "green energy" ... but they ignore the fact that "green energy" simply isn't ready to handle the load. There's not enough affordable green energy in the world to deal with the current demand. Trying to force us into this will only cause more harm than good. The fact is that private industry is ALREADY dumping a fortune into green energy research and green energy is getting better every day. When it's ready, it will be more available and more affordable than fossil fuel and at that point everyone is going to voluntarily convert ... not becuase the government is telling them to, but because it won't make sense not to! If green is cheaper, why would they ever NOT use it?! No one had to force us to give up horses to drive cars. When cars became cheaper, easier, and more available than horses, we all just started using them because that's what made sense. We didn't all give up oil lamps and candles because of a government program. We gave them up because the market made electricity cheaper than oil. When the market makes solar cheaper than coal, we will all switch to solar ... SO STOP STRESSING OVER IT! It is going to happen. Just not on YOUR time table. It will happen when it happens. Just let it happen and get on with your life already.
Actor Adam Anouer (4 months ago)
This is absolutely right. I study with the USGS and the good news for America is you're situated on top of 2 massive volcanic caldera's on Yellow Stone National Park and Long Valley and even Mexico has one with the Valles Caldera. So why don't those area's have Geothermal Power Plants? Well for starters drilling into a Super Volcanic Magma Chamber could cause the surface to collapse into it an inadvertently cause an eruption admittedly it's highly unlikely but it's a risk that so far they're not willing to take. Also, ALSO... you know one thing Volcano's are really good at firing into the atmosphere? Sulphur Dioxide =D Now admittedly it wouldn't be more devastating to the O-Zone Layer than fossil fuels but they still have an effect.
Radioactive Kripy (4 months ago)
D news? This is seeker? Reported for stealing content.
Sachin Cherian (4 months ago)
I need hydrogen energy
Alexander Franklin (4 months ago)
Oh my 95% Damn Hoover dam
redstone craft guy (4 months ago)
Me: the most efficient power source is antimatter and matter collision it is 200% efficient. People: but it is impossible, we don't have any antimatter. Me: the question was "which power Source is the most efficient" *NOT* "which man made power Source is the most efficient" People: ... Me: And at second place is electron capture energy. And at third place is nuclear fusion energy.
redstone craft guy (2 months ago)
Actor Adam Anouer when electrons fall into the nucleus of an atom, it release huge energy so powerful it over come the gravity of a super massive star blowing the entire star apart in a supernova so powerful that it out shine the rest of the entire galaxy.
Actor Adam Anouer (4 months ago)
Nope, I'm assuming it's particle capture? Specifically... Electrons?
redstone craft guy (4 months ago)
Actor Adam Anouer you don't even know what electron capture is do you?
Actor Adam Anouer (4 months ago)
That is not a power source and even if it was the biggest power source would be a Super-Massive Black Hole. Can they capture Electron's? Nah, they can do you one better than that they'll even capture mother fucking photon's.
Johnathan Knight (4 months ago)
How about calculating efficiency with area to output ratio? I think as we become more populous we consume more surface area on the earth. Reduction in surface area on the earth with the same output of power or greater would really be an accomplishment. We should remember that Solar efficiency is dependent on sky conditions. It covers greater surface area which in turn causes greater destruction to the ecosystem. Why do we think solar power is green when thousands of birds would be killed causing a population of birds to fall which causes a drop in pollination. I'm all for green energy, but we should remember that surface area is a variable, level of impact on the ecosystem, and then how expensive it is to operate, maintain and effort to advancement. After all this Atomic Power wins. Dams effect fresh water circulation, Wind and Solar effects fowl migrations, Wind Solar Biomass need great surface area to accommodate a populous city and or metropolis. Fossil Fuel is pollutant and out dated, Atomic Power wins, The only problem is that all but China are scared of the form and technology involved. before you mention Japan, Japan had an incident because of a private corporation was cutting corners. GeoThermal deserves a high hand here. But we need more projects to commence and start making a trend in the energy sector.
Mosha 6 (4 months ago)
I have a maste degree in renewable energy, just let me correct you in a small detail, nuclear can have from 95-98% efficiency due to the fact that the are constantly working...also some wind turbine can be up to 50 in best case scenarios but they range from 30-40%!!! Anything else im here for more info!! Best wishes to all!!!
Itso Ez (4 months ago)
paul joe (4 months ago)
rjght , so 3 years later and ? nothing .
Chukwuemeka Nnodum (4 months ago)
What about energy obtained from waste???
Giorgio Cooper (4 months ago)
Solar panels 46% efficient .. ...... when the sun shines, in summer time and at a 90 degree angel onto the panels ....... overall efficiency in central Europe for example ..... still ~ 18% at best ....... and remarkably inefficient in winter time when one needs electrical energy the most ......
Thank god Brazil is 80% hydro electric
RetroSupporter93 (4 months ago)
The most efficient energy source? That's an easy one: Black holes. They can convert any material into pure energy via Hawking radiation. Just reduce one's radius to the desired output rate and you'll have a steady supply of energy for eons. Just flush a few comets and asteroids down the drain from time to time and you'll be peachy. -Gosh, 21st century humans are so ingnorant.-
डॉलरPERIOD (4 months ago)
why are you everywhere libtard
Samantha Monaghan (4 months ago)
great how efficient is that 30% in areas where peak sun occurs in a 4 hour period for 120 days a year and what is the cost compared to other methods? Coal is considered dirty but even in the video there was mention of heat capture.
Allan Bonayon (4 months ago)
Potato power!!!!!!
rahul tiwari (4 months ago)
None I'm working on another energy to produce electricity
This is the most important example this is a tank circuit we make volts 12 volts we put into a 200 turn or similar transformer, our comes higher volts, it goes into chokes , chokes are tuned wound to resonance to cell resistance, ( choke can be another transformer with primary as choke and secondary not used and shorted to its self to keep it neutral) there is also a Diode to stope volts leaving cell a oneway in no way out item, this means it causes a bounce or ring in in the circuit as voltage is bounced inside and held there we, tune with coil and cell as it is a lc tank circuit ,, ================================================ we have a dielectric layer inside the outer tube the cathode of wet cell, this layer can be just water polarized or a ceramic build up or coating or dielectric varnish or most common is quartz tube for the purpose (like you see in air ionizers) , basically it is a capacitor layer, the voltage builds up there, the water goes between the layer and negative centre tube, so we have a water capacitor wet cell. =================================================== The Circuit Driver a PWM we have 5 hkz pulse with a overlayed 5 khz gate the gate rests cell briefly , to to avoid the dead short , ================================================ which would ground out capacitance build up and prevent capacitence effect in cell so we can not have salt or electrolyte in this system. ================================================ . we have a diode the diode holds the voltage in the wet cell capacitor water voltrolysis cell, during gate period of circuit so no back spike blows up our pwm cicuirt during the gat time . and does not ionize our choke transformer coils, with back spike. ================================================ Having this excellent design causes a ringing or a bounce which keeps voltage we sent in in the cell and cell charged up with volts and with very little current or amp draw, just as a fluro light works, ================================================ Except if we put a capacitor in a fluro light it would build up voltage very very high too and start splitting the gas beyond just emitting light ) this is what we do we let it compound and scale to do just that ) ================================================ ( so as a example lets say we put in 900 to 1500 volts, the gate occurs, the voltage try to leave during gate time . But it can not as no dead short, no salts, no ground and no exit due to diode, or h bridge isolating cell circuit , =================================================== so voltage is bounced back to water cell and hits it again like a rebounded wave , like another pwm in, the voltage has a slight drop let say cell goes to 1100 volts from the 1500 put in as a example only so people can visualize , ================================================ the gate than the gate opens from pwm again and it sends in another 990 to 1500 volts pulsed in in 5 khz this creates a step charge the voltage capacitance climbs with each pulse "THE STAN MEYER STEP CHARGE" ================================================ , This Voltage adds to the first remaining voltage held in the dielectric layer in the west cell that the water is exposed too , =============================================== example 1100 volts + 900-1500 = aprox 2000 to 2500 now in cell , the gate occurs again voltage trys to leave but can't it bounces and reflected back into cell, and we hit it again and again and again, ================================================ what happens is we build up the voltage on the dielectric layer it starts to ionize the water the h20 polarizes and it starts to have very great magnetisium on the dielectric layer and on anode and cathode in the wet cell with no salt no electrolyte . ================================================ , the water splits gases are separated use no current or amps as we use the magnetisium of the voltage build up = VOLTROLYSIS ================================================ electrons flood the cell as the energy bouncing around start knocking them off into water and add these electrons further add to held charge and our pwm & voltage intensifier efforts . ================================================ , , now this is the basics, this is what happens this is why and how voltage gets in there, the more tuned the chokes and pwm are with the tank circuit using ppl the better and faster it does that, ================================================ now it does get such high voltage that the bounce can turn dc (which we have to have) to be ac, we do not want that , so we use a hbridge to switch in a extract circuit during gate this is happening fast , it pulls out extract electrons being freed from broken bonds that would create a ac, so we draw it down, we run it into a 9xd voltage regulator that regulator can run a picsecond driver for vcsell diodes white band cold, which can hit all the nm band of light we can also have uv also well, we want to have a full auro faced back into cell, this will create a light storm these knock more electrons off faster. , ================================================ Now we have very power gas it is a h and o with electrons stripped off it will no reform back to water unless it gets more electrons, so we do not want salt in there no electrolyte, but we also do not want to ground the cell , the cell water or the gas, (THIS IS A COLD PROCESS WATER STAY UNDER 40 C cold to touch ) ( cold water is like a sponge it hold gas) ( we can meter mic fill the water) so as gas or water with dissolved gas in it leaves cell all pipe manifold engine block etc must be positive charged so no negative electrons can ground gas to inert state. ================================================ when the spark finally happens the force is explosive not implosive any more, and thus has greater force than just heat, as the gas struggle to find electrons the rip apart neighboring water and other other gases to get them and often that includes nox and no which is in the water and air ================================================ Now you know this and you understanding clearly what is occurring please teach it . ================================================ Part 2 is the gas processor , as do need to mix some air into the engine we know we absolutely can not use ambient air as that would give electrons back to our new non HHO gas or water fuel mix, , so we must control the ambient air access which means manifold and air intake no leaks, we use a diaphragm to control the ambient airs access so only what engine needs is vacuumed into the gas processor , ================================================ the gas process is the same system as described above except it strips and separates the n and the o into unstable elements that find it hard to reform with missing electrons , we do all of this with the new key skill of making sure nothing can ground back out ingredients, we do everything we can thing off to extract electrons all along the way to the cylinder than means + engine block too. ( not the whole car just the fuel line and engine block) ================================================ So I would Invite you all to copy paste save and share this to as many forums and website and inventive ways as you can, This is the Stan Meyer Culture
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SKILLS Voltrolysis Explanation For those who want to know =================================== Electrolysis i In chemistry and manufacturing, electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Electrolysis is commercially important as a stage in the separation of elements from naturally occurring sources such as ores using an electrolytic cell. Very Different from Voltrolysis cell Electrolysis uses a variety of salts electrolyte to cause a dielectric breakdown and high amp draw to disassociate chemical bonds creating a exothermic heat in the process. ========================================================================================================= Voltrolysis by Stanley Meyer In Chemistry and Ionization and Disassociation of Gas is a technique Using no Electrolyte and uses a a Indirect Voltage Source a Voltage Plasma Field Based on a DC to Cause the Ionic Dissociation of Chemical Bonds in Liquids and Gas Chemistry. The primary coil is electrically isolated (no electrical connection between primary and secondary coil) to form Voltage Intensifier Circuit Voltage amplitude or voltage potential is increased when secondary coil is wrapped with more turns of wire. Isolated electrical ground (J) prevents electron flow from input circuit ground causing a Charge on Cell Plates and a Volt Based Plasma Field which acts as a Catalyst to dissociate chemical Bonds. Very Different from Electrolytic cells and Not Electrolysis as no electrolyte. A Low Amp high Voltage Solution Similar to how a Fluro Light Works with a choke/ballast restricting amps Having a Cold Process with little of no Exothermic Reaction heat as no electrolyte no shorting of cell and no grounding the dissolved gases which makse the water a fuel a carrier.? So Use Volts not amps and BIngo your alot closer Thermo THE WATER FUEL CELL AND THE FIRST AND SECOND LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS The Water Fuel Cell technology encounters a credibility gap because it appears to run counter to the long established laws governing our interpretation of Nature. In fact, the water Fuel Cell is entirely natural. It merely demonstrates a new and revolutionary way of harnessing what nature has always had on offer. It does not infringe the two main laws of thermodynamics, i.e.: THE FIRST LAW: "The total energy of a theromdynamic system remains constant although it may be transformed from one form to another." In the case of Water Fuel Cell technology, the system is global. The energy required to drive the engine comes from the zero-point energy contained in the water, a virtually inexhaustible source. The exhaust from the engine is water vapour which returns to the atmosphere. Manage THE SECOND LAW: As originally formulated by R. Clausius in 1865, this law states that "The entropy of the World strives towards a maximum". As recently formulated by Prigogine and Stengers, this law "contains two fundamental elements: (1) a negative one that expresses the impossibility of certain processes (e.g. heat flowing from a cold to a hot source) and (2) a positive, constructive one. It is the impossibility of certain processes that permits us to introduce a function, entropy, which increases uniformly and behaves as an attractor for isolated systems". It is at maximum when the system is in equilibrium. Non-equilibrium is the source of order and brings order out of chaos. Since Water Fuel Cell technology postulates non-equilibrium, it can be said to be supported by the positive element of this Law.? Gas Processor Purpose remove electrons from ambiant air and hho to stop it forming to water , and thus creat a new (not HHo gas) one that is thermal explosive with more force than heat power. below is a rough guide to doing thay Daniel Donatelli the circuit stan had on gas processor part sent in micro pulses we can do very fast pulses on 3 different t circuits to and from gas processor 1st circuit drives in pwm 5 khz up 12 volt pulses going though a h bridge transformer up to high voltage which includes ballasts/ chokes to restrict amps like a fluro light start box set , it is gated with a over lay gate 5 khz in the gate off time the electrodes \ are used to extract electrons from gas it happens in pico second times if possible or fast as circuit can allow we have a 2nd circuit draw off electrons from the gas that power is used to go into a 9xd or similar power cap and control 12 volt and adjust abot amps lets say 5 to 10 amp its drives a picosecond driver and vcsell laser diode array which pulses and shines into the gas processor as well these light pulse help keep gas energizes and knock arround electrons for extraction it is a storm in the of voltage and light the NM of electrons is under debate but we know the broad spectrum is Cool White that will hit every spectrums like a aura, and it you alternated with uv you would hit most of them and get the goals across all of them energy state orbits it happen instantly, the things is the oxygen electrons are in pairs so that are fairly easy to knock off compared to other atoms so time to build below is a diagram from stan shown back concept the 9xd and pico laser diode drive not shown the following 2 circuit are the circuit 1 and circuit 2 alternating The Hydrogen Industry and on Demand Industry is Global and Using Voltage not amps like a Fluro Light Transformer and ballast does and no electrolyte use is the way this avoids the amps draw and thus the water releases extra electrons which are already held there like a battery nothing is consumed or lost as it is a global system just like charge build up of lightening the energy is not used it is moved causing magnetsium on the plates and acts as a catalyst which we avoid and restricts amps , we use only volts from alternator not the amps KEY POINT and thus very different Please Join these FB Groups We have alot of people building and sharing advanced technology https://www.facebook.com/groups/HHOPhilippines/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/201797917049429/?
doug m (4 months ago)
Ooooo shit you got it wrong in the first half sentence! No such thing As a fossle fuel!
David Canatella (4 months ago)
Wave power is most often left out of the equation. Ocean waves are continuous 25 hours a day 8 days a week for the entire life of the earth and they also carry 10 times the power of wind. There isn't anything more reliabe or energy efficient.
David Canatella (4 months ago)
What is not taken into acount is the energy used in gathering coal and uranium and removing and disposing of waste which isn't needed with solar or wind. When this is acounted then the efficiency is much greater.
dave scott (4 months ago)
all of the disposing is still required for renewables, solar panels and wind turbines don't grow on trees
caustic3000 (4 months ago)
Nuclear. Eventually we can make fusion power a reality but only if we focus more on nuclear research by using them
Vegar Hoem Gravråk (5 months ago)
Hydro for life
Benn Richardson (5 months ago)
DEFINITELY GEO! HAVE to drill baby drill, to thermally superheated water that is! = steam, = turn turbine of generator and voila! and hydro! and reduce population !!!!!!!! WE HAVE TO START, GANG, HOURS RUNNING OUT
Cheerful Compiler (5 months ago)
You did not mention transmission losses. Also , dams built for hydro power create reservoirs , which in turn release a huge amount of greenhouse gases (methane from rotting vegetation ) in the long run . You could make a video on the pros and cons of Thorium Molten Salt Nuclear reactors .
must yadee (5 months ago)
I like verical wind generator with adjustable blade that can be closed in massive wind speed or typhoons to protect them from damage.

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