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National Parks of Ukraine: Encoded Identity

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There are as many as 86 national parks in Ukraine. Different flora, fauna, landscapes and water resources make each park totally unique. But visitors often miss the key attractions because they don’t know what they’re looking out for and don’t understand the uniqueness of each park and what they have to offer. So how could we design a logo which indicates all these key features in a way which everyone can relate to and gives every park its own identity under the same graphic umbrella? We realised a single logo with each park’s name below wouldn’t be enough. So we set about creating a unique one for each park, built using elements that represent a natural feature within that park…and united by a graphic look that all Ukrainians could relate to – our iconic traditional embroidery. Because really, nature is the fabric of all the elements of each park. Now, just by looking at one of the park’s logo, it is like you are taking a look inside the park itself.
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Sasha Koval (2 months ago)
Скажіть будь ласка, де можна почитати про сам проект, його розвиток і т.д.
Mykyta Pysarevskyi (3 months ago)
Ух. Как же огненно 🔥 Надеюсь и брань завершится либо затихнет, а приток туристов вырастет в разы!
Ivan Brusak (3 months ago)
неймовірно! Ви молодці, дякую
Оооочень круто, ребят, благодарю!)

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