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Investment Casting Process
This video gives an overview of the investment casting process (sometimes known as the lost wax casting process). For more information about how investment castings are manufactured visit: http://pi-castings.co.uk/investment-casting/investment-casting-process/
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Learn about Investment Castings
Learn more about the investment casting process from Niagara Investment Castings (A Division of ASAHI Refining Canada Limited).
Pennsylvania Precision Cast Part’s Investment Casting Process
At Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP), we manufacture top quality investment castings, but we offer so much more. We can meet your most specialized needs with the extensive range of alloys we use to cast parts up to 250 pounds. Our advanced investment casting process ensures the reliable quality, exact specifications, and dependable delivery you require. Our unrivaled customer service is both proactive and highly responsive, creating a truly exceptional customer experience. Whether you need valves, process equipment and controls, pumping equipment, oil & gas machinery, compressors, or any other castings for a diverse range of needs and industries, PPCP delivers the capabilities and value you need to achieve maximum success. We are located at 521 North 3rd Avenue in Lebanon, PA 17046. For more information, call 717-273-3338 or visit us online at http://www.ppcpinc.com.
Investment Casting Animation
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investment casting process in manufacturing explained | Mech Easy
This video explains the investment casting process along with its advantages, disadvantages and applications.
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Investment Casting Process
This video explains the process of Investment Casting. Contact Brigewater Associates at www.BwAsc.com if you would like a quote for this process of creating metal castings.
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#investmentcasting #working #basics #lostwax #hindi My fb page - https://www.facebook.com/engineerashish/ Pattern types and Allowances - https://youtu.be/Yf-71Yl_FPI Casting process - https://youtu.be/aowBP2B0N34 Mould making - https://youtu.be/cQsIjJUJVhM Gating system - https://youtu.be/ua5JRGLGJB4 Sand Casting - https://youtu.be/B-3it9P4Gzk In this video, I've discussed about the investment casting process which is also known as lost wax casting. I've explained the reason behind the name investment or lost wax casting. Then, I've explained the flow chart of investment casting. After this I've explained the working procedure of investment casting step by step. The language used for explanation is Hindi or Urdu and the presentation is made in English language. JAI HIND.
BBC Technical Studies Die and Investment Casting
Set in industrial environments, the films show how basic concepts in materials and engineering science are applied to the business of manufacturing. Individual programs describe and illustrate the following processes: forging, sand casting, die and investment casting, rolling, presswork, heat treatment, plastic materials, manufacturing with plastics, microelectronics, engineering design, non-ferrous metals and alloys, capstan and turret lathes, cutting tool materials, welding techniques, and bearing materials. Technical Studies Series Produced by BBC Schools This was taken from an unlabeled VHS tape, possibly from when the program was re-broadcast on RTÉ. Copyright remains with the BBC. Produced 1981 - 1983
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Educational Movie for Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Process AGS-TECH Inc. (http://www.agstech.net)
Educational Movie for Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Process AGS-TECH Inc. (http://www.agstech.net) This movie is ve
Investment Casting - GATE Lecture
procedure, applications, limitations of Investment casting are discussed clearly. For more free GATE lectures visit our website. website : www.gatebaba.in
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Part 1 Ruger How It's Made -- Wax Molding and Gating
Like us on Facebook! Facebook.com/Ruger Since 1949 Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has been manufacturing high quality firearms at an affordable price. For years many of the Ruger's faithful fans have wished to peek inside the factory to see just how we build our guns. Well, now is their chance with Ruger How It's Made, a series that takes the viewer through our Newport facility from beginning to end as we build our rugged, reliable firearms. In this episode we see the first steps in designing a Ruger firearm as its form takes shape as a wax positive.
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On this channel you can get education and knowledge for general issues and topics
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Like us on fb : search for MECHANICAL GURU in facebook Hello dosto mera name h Ankit Ras aur le k aaya hu appk lia Mechanical Guru ka ek aur latest episode aur ajj hum baat karenge ; contents : Precision investment casting Types of investment casting Lost-wax casting method Shell-moulding Mujhe ummed h appko Mechanical Guru ka yeh episode pasand aaya hoga aur pasand aaye toh mere channel ko like , share aur subscribe jarrur karren kyuki m appk lia roj aisehi acchi videos le k aata rehta hu. Jai javan , jai kisan
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Investment Casting Animation
ForceBeyond (https://www.forcebeyond.com) offers superior quality die castings, investment castings, super duplex stainless steel castings, hot forgings, cold forgings, sand castings to industries including automotive, food dairy, machinery, medical, plumbing, watering, mining, petrochemical, electrical industry, aerospace, submarine and others Request a Quote at https://www.forcebeyond.com/contact-us/ Call 302-995-6588 today! Email [email protected] Subscribe for more videos! Visit us at www.forcebeyond.com.
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Investment casting using voxeljet 3d printed parts
Plastic models printed by voxeljet are used in the investment casting process as lost models and can be treated like a wax pattern. Without time-consuming and expensive model establishment, this efficient manufacturing process delivers pre-finished castings to the final customer in a shorter time frame than more traditional methods. This is of great customer benefit in today's fast-moving time. Whether prototype, single component or small series - 3D printing can create even the most complex design and investment castings in a very short time. More information here: http://www.voxeljet.com
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Investment casting process - field trip
We take you through RLM Industries to show this outrageously complex process. Often times there are shapes that are impractical to machine economically and this is the only sensible option. Follow us as we show you why.
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How Its Made - 103 Lost Wax Process Casting
How Its Made Season 2 episode 13 Lost Wax Process Casting
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investment casting
in this video you will learn about investment casting
Easily understanding investcasting process....thanks for watching this vedio ...any problem related topic so write in comment below section......
Investment & Precision Castings Ltd
IPCL is a pioneer in the Investment Casting business in India, set up in 1975 under technical collaboration with Arwood Corporation, USA. In 1983, the company signed a Technical Collaboration Agreement with M/s. Furstlich Hohenzollernsche Huttenverwaltung,(Zollern Group), Germany. In 1987, the company signed a Technical license Agreement with M/s. Associated Foundries Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan for producing very large piece weight investment castings. With the knowledge and experience gained through the above collaborations and further refined by in- house Research & Developenent, IPCL is today the technology leader in the industry in India, producing very complex investment castings in a wide range of material specifications and piece weight upto 200 Kgs. The company acquired additional technologies which enable the company to produce its own Ceramic cores and Ceramic moulds. With its fully equipped, in-house CNC machine shop and dedicated machining vendors, the company is capable of supplying large volume, fully machined, ready-to-use components to customers, especially in the automotive industry..
Investment casting in Asia
We are one of leading manufacturers and exporters of investment casings in Seoul, Korea. Our homepage is www. bametal.com. email is [email protected] We are an ISO9001:2008 certificed company. We have been producing more than 6,000 kinds of parts and components since foundation and exporting our investment castings the world over. If you would inquire about any investment castings, we would make every to respond to your inquiry at competitive price within 24 hours.
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Investment Casting Process -- Step By Step
Made over a few days as an example of the techniques used in the investment casting process.
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An Introduction to Ceramic Shell Casting
For the new investment caster, Ransom & Randolph recommends using SuspendaSlurry® materials. In this video, you will learn how to prepare and control the slurry and dip your patterns. Proper safety procedures and storage and handling recommendations are also included.
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Investment casting (lost wax process): manufactured in Manchester and sourced from China
Investment casting (lost wax) process at the Dean Group International foundry in Manchester. The video also covers the process from 3D CAD design, through to wax making using the tools, investment area and the casting process showing molten metal being poured into the ceramic shell. Dean Group International also explain their expertise, core values, quality assurance and support provided to customers - all as a strong business model balancing its UK manufacturing facilities and China supply partnerships. More info at www.deangroup-int.co.uk.
Investment Casting From Rajan Techno Cast. (India)
Leading Investment Casting manufacturer in India. Manufacturers : Precision Lost Wax Investment Castings Feinguss Micro Fusione
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Investment Casting Process-I
Lecture Series on Metal Casting by Dr. D. Benny Karunakar, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Investment Casting Process-II
Lecture Series on Metal Casting by Dr. D. Benny Karunakar, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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How does the investment casting work?
Here is a new video to help you better understand the investment casting process in Ternal. Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
Investment Casting Process
Investment Casting For Valves, Pumps & Process Equipment's
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Casting: Investment and Permanent Mould Casting
This lecture describes the investment and permanent mould casting processes in detail.
Investment Casting or lost wax casting demonstrated
This video on Investment or lost wax casting covers making a mold of a pattern , wax injection, treeing the waxes, investing the waxes, pouring the metal,and removing the castings from the tree. Inlay techniques for the woodworkers, jewelers or hobbyist are discussed https://hamlertools.smugmug.com/ By Paul Hamler
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Investment Casting Process | Signicast Investment Casting
https://www.signicast.com | 262-673-2700 At its core, the investment casting process is simple: create a model, form a mold, pour the metal. At most traditional precision metal foundries, you then wait anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or more to get your part. The way we look at it, that’s simply not good enough. That’s why we’ve ensured our facilities are the most advanced of their kind anywhere in the world. Using advanced technology, we automate almost every step of the investment casting process, radically accelerating it beyond any other manufacturer’s capabilities. We call this Continuous Flow, and with our innovative processes and advanced automation, it can get you from design to delivery in 10 steps—often even under 10 days. Watch our video to learn more about the investment casting process and then visit our website to gain more insight on Signicast. https://www.signicast.com | 262-673-2700
How Investment Casting Works with a 3D Printer
An Objet 3D printed model is prioduced, vacuum cast, which then allows the wax pattern to be produced for investment casting.
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Investment casting Wax assembly clean up
Aquaflame is used to clean up wax assemblies in lost wax investment casting foundries. It is clean, precise and effective and generates almost no smoke or fumes. Aquaflame melts the wax rather than burns it.
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Pattern Assemby - Investment Casting Process
The beginning of the investment casting process includes developing a wax model of the part that is being recreated. These models are then put on a gate system to provide an efficient solution to high volume runs. Once the metal is poured, they will be sawed off the system for quality machining. To learn more about the investment casting process, please visit here - https://www.milwaukeeprec.com/investment-castings.html
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Prime Dip Slurry - Investment Casting Process
The investment casting process includes coating the wax patterns in multiple layers to form a shell for the metal to be poured into. Compared to machining apart, investment castings can economically offer undercuts, high definition, complex detail and smooth surface finish. To find out more about the investment casting process, please visit here - https://www.milwaukeeprec.com/investment-castings.html
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Investment Casting Process
A complete lost wax investment casting process shows how investment casting parts are made in our foundry.We can customize all kinds of investment castings from drawings or samples. Check our website http://www.investmentcastchina.com to learn more about us. If you have any inquiry, also pls feel free to contact us for a quick quotation.
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Titanium Investment Casting
http://www.fs-precision.com Watch FS Precision in action! See how we helped our customer Stiletto Tool revolutionize tools that have been a staple in the construction industry for decades. For more information on investment casting, read our article published in Design World. http://bit.ly/AvOd9F
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Investment Casting China
http://www.chinasavvy.com/industrial/investmentcastingchina.php Investment Casting China, a division of Chinasavvy, is a major investment casting manufacturer for precision cast products. The investment casting process, sometimes known as the precision casting process is heavily labor intensive. Chinasavvy produce many investment castings annually from its investment casting foundry for products such as valves and other precision cast products in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze and other materials. Many companies in the US and UK have come to rely on Chinasavvy as their investment casting company.
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Investment Castings for Firearms - Aero Metals
http://www.castingsforfirearms.com Investment casting can be a game changer for you if manufacture firearms. Near net shape parts are now available with high strength, and in any quantity. Think outside the mold With investment casting—or, what is often called lost wax casting—you can literally pour the most intricate and sophisticated metal parts into a net- or near-net shape, with very little to no need for machining, threading, assembly or other finishing stages. Working with Aero Metals, a fully integrated, engineering-centric investment casting specialist, you can push your design boundaries, while streamlining production, to achieve your most ambitious product innovations. Visit us at http://www.aerometals.com
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In this video I show how to mix ,pour and vacuum the investment.
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Professional Lost Wax Casting From Start To Finish
In this video, Professor John Ahr of the Online Jewelry Academy takes viewers on a field trip to Monte Christo Trade Corp. in Los Angeles, CA. Alice, our guide, takes us on a tour through the factory to see how a wax model is transformed into a wearable jewelry item. Viewers will get to see every step taken in a professional manufacturing environment to cast a piece of jewelry. Plus, they'll see how a ring is expertly finished by an experienced craftsman. If you like this video there are many more like it included in the Online Jewelry Academy's playlist. You can find the OJA's videos organized by category on our website at: http://www.onlinejewelryacademy.com Subscribers to the OJA's YouTube channel have the option to receive regular notification of new OJA video releases. So, why not subscribe now? Be sure to click on the bell next to the subscribe button to turn on weekly notifications. Don't forget to look for the OJA on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/JewelryAcademy/ Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/onlinejewelryacademy/ Twitter - http://twitter.com/@jewelryacademy And, you can support the production of future OJA videos by making a monthly contribution at: http://www.Patreon.com/onlinejewelryacademy.
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The italian investment casting - Partec production process
I VANTAGGI DI UNA TECNOLOGIA ALL’AVANGUARDIA Il processo di fusione avviene all’interno di un sistema completamente controllato con le seguenti peculiarità: l’esecuzione in ambiente protetto con Argon ha l’effetto di ridurre notevolmente l’ossidazione della lega; l’esecuzione della colata in sottovuoto permette di realizzare spessori sottili fino a 1-1,5 mm. Possibilità di realizzare forme complesse: con sottosquadri, volumi chiusi, geometrie senza sformatura. Buone tolleranze dimensionali. Buona finitura superficiale. Elevata definizione dei dettagli. Tempi rapidi di realizzazione. Elevate caratteristiche meccaniche. Ripetibilità delle condizioni del processo e del risultato produttivo. Processo flessibile (dal prototipo alla produzione). Utilizzo di tutte le leghe basso fondenti (es. A357, EN43500, ecc.). TECNOLOGIA ITALIANA PER L’INDUSTRIA DI TUTTO IL MONDO La nostra esperienza è nata e cresciuta in Italia, sfruttando al massimo la competenza di tecnici di provata abilità e l’impegno di operatori formati in un regime di qualità, fortemente responsabilizzati sul corretto andamento di ogni fase della produzione.
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wax pattern making-Investment Casting Process-Qingdao Hexin Machinery
Investment Casting Process: wax pattern injection, wax pattern tree,investment casting shell making, investment casting sheel dewaxing, smelting, investment casting: http://www.hexinmachinery.com/

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