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Science Research Symposium 2010: Academic Resources at Columbia Panel
Professor Nicholas Christie-Blick, Co-Director/Advisor of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Earth & Environmental Studies, and representatives from the Center for Career Education, Fellowships Office, and Center for Student Advising, discuss the many academic resources available for science students, and how Columbia supports science study.
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Geography Now! Colombia
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Join ColumbiaPetCONNECT - Resources for Columbia, South Carolina Pet Business Owners
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Using FCPS-Approved Digital Resources at Columbia ES
Dr. Brabrand visited Columbia ES to learn different ways that students are using digital resources in the classroom. Assistant Superintendent, Department of Information Technology, Maribeth Luftglass joined the tour to explain the value of using FCPS-approved digital resources. It saves teachers time and ensures security and continuity from school to school. Watch and learn more. To explore the FCPS Digital Ecosystem, log onto this website (using FCPS credentials) at http://bit.ly/2PFNHvt.
Library Resources at Columbia College
Founded in 1851, Columbia College has been helping students advance their lives through higher education for more than 150 years. As a private, non-profit, coeducational liberal arts and sciences college, the college takes pride in its small classes, experienced faculty and quality educational programs.
Speaker Series — In Office Chat with Alumni from Columbia University (All Degrees)
Here Alumni from Columbia University interact with Senior Counsellors from ReachIvy at our Mumbai office! ReachIvy (https://www.reachivy.com) is a premium education and careers advisory. Our study abroad and career consultants help aspiring students get accepted into Ivy League and other top ranked colleges globally. Register here (https://www.reachivy.com/contact-us.html) to access our premium online content. Avail of our expertise across Study Abroad (https://www.reachivy.com/study-abroad.html), Career Guidance (https://www.reachivy.com/career-guidance.html) and Online Resources (https://www.reachivy.com/resources.html).
The Columbia: a one of a kind resource in Portland.
Larry Cassidy, a conservationist in Washington (state) explains why the Columbia, and where it's situated, is one of a kind.
Barnard & Columbia
Women choose Barnard for its small class sizes, the rigorous liberal arts curriculum, and the empowering atmosphere that encourages women’s leadership. Because Barnard is also uniquely connected to Columbia University, students experience the best of both worlds: the intimate, attentive setting of a small college along with the extensive resources of a large research university.
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Columbia University MY CU Benefits
Columbia University offers a comprehensive benefits package to support your everyday needs and life events: health care, retirement, tuition, and tax savings. The upgraded enrollment system - CUBES - makes it easier for you to manage your benefits. Learn more at https://humanresources.columbia.edu/benefits
Introduction to Columbia Compass
Columbia Compass: Envision 2036 is the City of Columbia's comprehensive plan update. Elements of the plan research and analysis will include Columbia’s population, natural resources, land use, transportation, housing, community facilities, cultural resources, and economic development. Get Involved Today! Take Our Survey | https://columbiacompass.metroquest.com/ https://www.ColumbiaCompass.org Facebook & Twitter | @ColumbiaCompass
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"The Idea Strikes": Columbia Entrepreneurship
Columbia is ripe with resources, ready to help its group of student entrepreneurs grow. With world-class libraries, rich laboratories, and diverse advisors, Columbia is there to help you turn your idea into a reality. Learn more about the Startup Columbia festival at http://startupcolumbia.org
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"Action on the Columbia" a 1965 BC Hydro film about the Columbia River Project
On Sept. 16, 1964, Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, B.C. Premier W.A.C. Bennett, and U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson ratified an international agreement between Canada and the United States known as the Columbia River Treaty to guide the management of water resources of the Columbia River Basin, provide economic development and help prevent major floods. “Action on the Columbia” was made by the information services of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority to convey the benefits and effects of the Columbia River Treaty to the people of British Columbia. The film features spectacular aerial views of the upper Columbia River before the dams went in. In honor of the 50th anniversary of its signing, BC Hydro permitted BPA to include the film in this collection. The digital transfer was made from an original 16 mm color film print. Learn about other BPA films at: www.bpa.gov/goto/Films https://youtu.be/aEunAYdLo5I
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Stephen Biddle: What Resources Would the U.S. Need to “Win” in Syria and Afghanistan?
Stephen Biddle, professor of international and public affairs at Columbia SIPA on what the United states would need to "win" in Syria and Afghanistan: "Nobody in the American political system at the moment believes that it's commensurate with the scale of the U.S. stake in a place like Afghanistan or Syria to send the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that current military doctrine says you would need."
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Library Essentials: Managing Your Resources with Citation Software
Columbia University Libraries Library Essentials Tutorials Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Clearing Columbia's Roads - Winter 2013
In 2013 several changes will occur concerning snow removal, snow routes, and the resources the City of Columbia uses to keep roads passable during winter storms.
Columbia College Parents Fund
An introduction to the Columbia College Parents Fund and the resources it provides to College students. Photo credit: Eileen Barroso
West Columbia Candidate Forum 2006 Part 19 Resources
What Resource are at the County Exec's Disposal to Help Village Centers Attract and Keep Grocery Stores?
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2018 SC Water Resources Conference: Meet Representative Hiott
The 2018 Water Resources Conference took place in Columbia, SC. Hundreds of researchers and legislators from across the state met to discuss research findings and the future of water in South Carolina. Transcript: I'm Kathy Woodard with ClemsonUniversity Public Service and Agriculture and I'm here at the South Carolina Water Resources Conference in Columbia, South Carolina. And I have with us this morning one of our panel speakers from our earlier session this morning, it's representative Davey Hyatt from the South Carolina legislature. Welcome, thank you for spending some time with us today. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being willing to do an interview afterwards. Well it's a it's a privilege to talk to people about water issues. Well, very good and I'm glad that you were able to give us some time today. Quick question that I have for you is what do you think, from your perspective and your vantage point, are the most pressing issues we have in the state? Well, I think the first thing is we’ve got to be able to balance our growth with our resources. We all know that the state of South Carolina is growing at a very fast pace right now. We've been very blessed to have a lot of people move into our state, a lot of jobs being created in this great state, and so we’ve got to be able to balance who we are, what we have with what we are going to be in the in the days ahead, ten years, twenty years down the road. And just make sure that we have the resources to supply to these folks that are coming here. And what do you think are probably some of the most important research needs that we have? I know we work at Clemson University we're a research institution and we work closely with a number of partner agencies related to water resources management, what should be some things we focus on? Well, the first thing is we when I firstgot here in 2004 we didn't have a didn’t have a water plan in place. One of my first questions I asked when I got on the agriculture committee was, "well, how much water do we own?" and they kind of looked to me like "well, we really don’t know we'll get back to you" and so we’ve been in the process since about 2004 trying to figure out what we own and we're getting there, there's a process, there is a plan that's being finalized now by DNR with a lot of stakeholders involved. I think Clemson University has someone sitting at the table there in that process. And it's just one of those things we just need to know what we have, we need to know who's using it, we need to make sure that we're using it wisely, resourcefully, we need to make sure that those folks that are going to use it down the road will do the same thing, whether it be through legislation or whether it be just through common sense, we just need to make sure that we’re doing the right things as a General Assembly to make sure that the folks in years to come after we're gone or making sure that South Carolina still has the resources that they need. So from the legislative perspective, what's your next step related to water resource management? Well, every year that I've been on that - and I presently serve as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, so presently every single year that I've been on there, we've dealt with some type of water-related issue, and so I've been told already that beginning in January, we'll be dealing with some other issues related to water. The key to it is that we just, my personal opinion is, we need to wait on this study, make sure this study is what we're wanting, we need to take, once we get the study we need to, we need to take a good hard look at it as to how does it, as I said inside on the panel while ago it's part of the puzzle. It's a it's a piece of the puzzle to the state of South Carolina. We've got the business sector, you know how do the businesses fit into this state, how do the environmental issues fit into this state, how do water issues fit into the state, how to recreational issues fit into this state, and so that's all the pieces of the puzzle that we need to make sure that we're doing it the right way, we don't go out there and make some knee-jerk reaction to to this proposal that or this plan that we're going to be getting hopefully within a year and once we get this plan in place, we just need to take a good hard look as to how does it fit into the plan of South Carolina. Well, thank you. Thanks for the work that you do and for the time you've given us at this conference. Well, thank you for what you do and I know Clemson University plays a vital role in all that we do and being from Pickens it's right, my next-door neighbor so I'm proud to say that I’m from Pickens County as well. All right, thank you so much. Thank you.
Online Resources | Library | Columbia Law School
Concord is the leading online law school. Our programs develop the skills and abilities that result from a high quality legal education. Our virtual hallways provide access to the full range of resources and services students should expect to find in a law school. Thanks for watching. subscribe my channel, Like & share this video.
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Columbia's GIS Program
The Columbia College Geographic Information Systems program provides the resources and training to help students enter this fast and growing profession. gocolumbia.edu/career_technical (209) 588-5142
Columbia MBA Program: A Flash of Insight
Richard Liang '13 talks about how the curriculum at Columbia Business School trains students to think entrepreneurially and offers a wealth of resources to help execute their business ideas. His own venture, BUZZtheBar, came from a flash of insight during an orientation session with Professor Bill Duggan. Learn more at http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/programs/mba/academics
If you Would Shut Up, You Could Hear!!! Wasted Resources pt 2 DC Police
Hit that like, subscribe, and share button DONT CLICK THIS!!!- https://www.YouTube.com/anotherbluntplease?sub_confirmation=1 A whole lot of resources wasted. Found one circling around.
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Paul Pepper: Barbara Buffaloe, City of Columbia Resources and More!
Today Paul Pepper and BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager for the City of Columbia, talk about a wide range of topics, including: recycling, household hazardous waste, CoMo Energy Challenge and more. You have questions, we have answers! November 2, 2015 Featured Artist is Lorraine McFarland http://www.columbiaartleague.org Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulPepperRadioFriends Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/paulpepperkbia Website: http://kbia.org/programs/radio-friends-paul-pepper
Columbia Land Conservancy
The Columbia Land Conservancy conserves and protects the agricultural and natural resources of Columbia County in upstate NY.
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Amplify: A Cultural Plan for the Columbia Area | Announcement
January 29, 2018 The City of Columbia in partnership with One Columbia announced a new cultural planning process that will be embedded in the City's comprehensive plan called "Amplify." This cultural planning process will highlight existing arts, cultural and heritage resources of Columbia and recommend ways to strengthen these valuable assets in our community. “We have one of the most incredible and talented artistic communities in the entire country right here in Columbia, South Carolina,” said Mayor Steve Benjamin. “I’m so thankful for the City of Columbia, Mr. Davis and to all of our colleagues that have partnered with One Columbia to make Amplify something special to help direct a cultural path of this City.” For more information about Amplify and how it will impact the City of Columbia, please visit www.AmplifyColumbia.com. For information about the City of Columbia, please visit our website at www.ColumbiaSC.net or check us out on one of our many social media platforms.
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Columbia University's Intercultural Resource Center (25 Years)
The Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) opened to students in the Spring of 1989, housing thirteen graduate and undergraduate students. In 2015, the IRC celebrates 25 years of promoting a just society and exploring issues of interculturalism and diversity within and beyond the Columbia University community.
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Carl Blyth @ Columbia University - Languaculture: From language-and-culture to language-as-culture
An event of the Columbia Language Resource Center (lrc.columbia.edu), this guest presentation was given at Columbia University on October 30th, 2015 by Professor Carl Blyth of the University of Texas at Austin. Professor Blyth has shared the following summary of his talk: In many approaches to formal instruction, a foreign language is routinely conceptualized as a fixed code of conventionalized form-meaning pairings resembling Saussure’s well known concept of “langue.” In addition, the “language” is represented as a related but separate object with respect to the foreign “culture.” As such, despite the recent 'social turn' in applied linguistics, language study largely ignores the complex relationship between language, culture and thought. In this talk, I will argue that language programs should seek to raise students’ understanding of language use as culturally influenced meaning-making. In keeping with the new complex object of study, I adopt the term ‘languaculture,’ defined as the “cultural aspects of language” (Risager 2006, 2007) or “linguistically mediated cultural meaning and behaviors in interaction” (Diaz 2013). I will exemplify how the concept of languaculture can be applied to classroom teaching with an example of an upper-division French course that employs concept-based instruction (Negueruela 2008, van Compernolle 2014), a pedagogy grounded in sociocultural theory. Finally, I will demonstrate instructional methods and classroom activities that promote languaculture awareness, e.g., metapragmatic discussion, interactional analysis, and student self-reflection. Carl S. Blyth (PhD, Cornell University) is Associate Professor of French Linguistics and Director of the Center of Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) at the University of Texas at Austin (USA). His research interests include computer-mediated discourse, cross-cultural and intercultural pragmatics, pedagogical grammar and open educational approaches to language learning. He has published on metalinguistic awareness, the affordances of social reading for L2 literacy development, native and non-native role models for language learning, L2 narrative discourse, online stance taking and interactive frames in L2 discourse. He has authored or co-authored several books and book chapters as well as journal articles in venues such as the Modern Language Journal, CALICO Journal, and Journal of Educational Computing Research. Most recently, he has published a co-edited book with Dale Koike called Dialogue in Multilingual and Multimodal Communities (2015, John Benjamins). He currently serves on the editorial board of Intercultural Pragmatics and Issues in Language Program Direction.
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Online Resources | Library | Columbia Law School
Concord is the leading online law school. Our programs develop the skills and abilities that result from a high quality legal education. Our virtual hallways provide access to the full range of resources and services students should expect to find in a law school. Thanks for watching. subscribe my channel, Like & share this video.
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EMBA-Americas: Full-Time MBA, Part Time in NYC
Columbia Business School's EMBA-Americas option is a new way to capitalize on the unique advantages and resources of Columbia’s world-class executive MBA program based in New York. A modular design with class sessions meeting approximately once a month, EMBA-Americas provides the same rigorous curriculum as Columbia’s other MBA programs, but in a format designed to accommodate professionals from across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Learn more at http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/programs-admissions/executive-mba/options-locations/americas?sourceid=youtube
Columbia College Forestry and Natural Resources Club Meeting 1/28/14 Part 1 of 2
The first 30 minutes of the F&NR Club meeting held on January 28, 2014.
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The Columbia College Fund: So much more than phone calls, letters and emails
The Columbia College Fund is so much more than just phone calls during dinner and the tons of letters and emails you just can’t wait to read. It's one of the hardest working resources at Columbia. Your gift makes a difference and adds up to a better Columbia College!
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Online Resources | Library | Columbia Law School
Concord is the leading online law school. Our programs develop the skills and abilities that result from a high quality legal education. Our virtual hallways provide access to the full range of resources and services students should expect to find in a law school. Thanks for watching. subscribe my channel, Like & share this video.
Roll On Columbia Roll On,  The Old Ridge Ramblers,Japan
The legendary Woody Guthrie wrote this song telling how the resources of Columbia River were developed under the New Deal Policy in 1933.This is one of the songs we love best.
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Columbia Community Business Program (CCBP)
The Columbia Community Business Program is an executive education program designed to support the growth and development of for-profit businesses in Upper Manhattan. The program offers participants access to Columbia University’s resources for technical assistance, entrepreneurial education and professionally facilitated peer learning. Learn more: http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/sbdc/ccbp
Prescott HR Consulting | Consulting in Columbia
At Prescott HR Consulting, we specialize in real time customized solutions and services. No matter your Human Resources needs, Prescott HR Consulting is here for you! We offer a wide range of HR services ranging from compliance to terminations, and everything in-between. At Prescott HR Consulting, we believe that insightful HR thinking will always create new ways for organizations to succeed. Don’t trust just anyone with your company’s Human Resources needs. To learn more about us, give us a call today or visit us online at prescotthrconsulting.com. We look forward to working with you! Visit our profile page to learn more! https://my.datasphere.com/node/10991394
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The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry
A guided tour for the online resource "The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry" (medium-length version)
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Columbia Students Share Their Most Engaging Learning Experience
Columbia faculty had a chance to talk to the learners themselves during the Center for Teaching and Learning's Teaching Orientation for Faculty in Fall 2017. In this video, a panel of Columbia students share their most memorable and engaging learning experiences at the University. At the start of each semester, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides faculty with an orientation that offers practical, evidence-based strategies faculty can implement on the first day of class, and introduces new faculty to the Columbia teaching culture. Learn more about the CTL's programs, services, and resources for Columbia faculty at http://ctl.columbia.edu. Subscribe to Columbia Learn: https://www.youtube.com/ccnmtl View our full video catalog: https://www.youtube.com/user/CCNMTL/playlists
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Times New Viking - Natural Resources, I Love Mine - Live in Columbia, MO - 1/25/10
Times New Viking performing Natural Resources, I Love Mine live at Eastside Tavern in Columbia, MO on January 25, 2010.
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Columbia University Benefits Open Enrollment
Columbia University Benefits Open Enrollment runs October 29 to November 16. During this period, choose your benefits for next year. Take advantage of available resources to help you make an informed decision. Visit https://humanresources.columbia.edu/benefits

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