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How To Read Trackside Signs & Markers
I get lots of questions about wayside signs so I did some research on them and created this how-to video.
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Railroad Signals, reading and meanings, part 1: The basic three light system
For my fellow foamers (railfans), I'm putting together this short video series on how to read North American Railroad signals. In this part 1 I cover the foundational 3 light system from which we will understand the rest of the signals.
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How To Read CSX Signals (SBD Sys) PART 1
I want to share what I've learned about reading CSX signals over the years. Understanding these indications can really help your railfanning.
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Train Simulator 2015 - British Signalling Guide
In this video, we take a look at British trackside signs and signals. I explain what various trackside signs mean, followed by the basic principles of signalling and different signal types before taking a look at three different driving scenarios. After this, we take a look at the RETB system on the West Highland Line Extension and how to use the in cab radio system to operate it. This tutorial isn't perfect, and some information has been deliberately left out to keep the length of the video down and because the signals in Train Simulator aren't quite the same as the signals in real life. I noticed a couple of mistakes/bits of missing information which I have corrected with annotations on this video. The driving scenarios are: 1. Approaching a red signal from high speed. 2. Chasing yellows. 3. Diverging route signals. I decided not to include a semaphore signal driving tutorial. Semaphore signals are covered in this video, but the principles of approaching them are the same as approaching colour light signals. Also not included is the TVM 430 signalling system found on the London to Faversham route. This was excluded to try and keep the length of the video down, and also because it's a French signalling system. I will be making a separate, shorter tutorial to cover the TVM 430 system. For the latest updates, you can find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PTGRail/386453444839934 If you value the work that I do and would like to sponsor me towards new equipment and future projects, please visit my Patreon page here for more information: https://www.patreon.com/PTGRail
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Restored Railroad Signs and Signals - PART 1
Here are some old cast iron railroad signs and signals that have been restored to original working condition. Thank you for watching, please like, comment, and subscribe. Also, please visit the Lionel and Marx Trains community Facebook page for more information on model trains and railroad memorabilia.
Railroad Signals, part 2: 1 and 2 head systems - reading and meanings
This video is replaced by this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijNCsowX3WY See part 1 here: This is part 2 in the series of how to read North American Railroad Signals. See part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJpR93kp44I
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How To Read CSX Signals Part 2
In Part 2 we cover three head signals and flashing aspects.
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Part 3: Railroad Signals, reading and meanings. Diverging and Limited speeds, to and at signals
In this video, we add two new speeds to the mix and how they are displayed on the signals. We then incorporate them into the system and introduce approaching signals.
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Indian Railway sign boards and their meanings | indian railway facts | भारतीय रेलवे
Indian Railway sign boards and their meanings | indian railway facts indian railway signs SHARE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!! FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/AFactMan/
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How To Read Signals On The CSX Part 4
In this episode we cover the multi-head signals and the many indication they can give. You'll learn some formulas to make reading those easy.
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Railroad Lantern Hand Signals, ...What Do They Mean?
Railroad hand signals using a lantern. This veteran Norfolk Southern employee demonstrates how to signal the train to stop, proceed, reverse etc. Then we visit Tims' Trains And Hobbies to see the model trains and used toy trains. A CSX manifest crossed the No Train Horn Zone railway crossing just as we arrived. Check out the oversize load car in HO scale that I almost bought. Please don't take this video too seriously. It's similar to my emergency railroad videos that may or may not be fiction. Thanks for watching! Please give a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH! Please watch one of my better videos below: First Train In Months Main Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg2lkYCRn_g How Not To Get Rid Of Hornets! Lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByuUSZQQniQ Me Attacked By Hornets Being Stupid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByuUSZQQniQ Chasing Off Hunters With Electric Guitar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vPpbVv13IQ Railroad Crossing Malfunctions Compilation! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REA_qY-wrIg&t=608s Dog Pees On Ant Hill ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IMLjTMMaks Street Running Freight Train Stops In Busy Intersection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA9Rl-VSZU4 Unusual Railroad Action/Accidents! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Ymxz4Gp7Y
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Controlling Trains - Network Rail engineering education (3 of 15)
Rail travel is the safest mode of transport in Britain. Making it safe, efficient and reliable is one of our jobs. This is the story of how we control trains -- the block system, signalling and the different technologies used to control the network. For more information on signalling https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/looking-after-the-railway/signalling/ For all our national news, campaigns and to see how we're at the heart of revitalising Britain’s railway, please follow: http://www.facebook.com/networkrail http://www.instagram.com/networkrail http://www.linkedin.com/company/network-rail http://twitter.com/networkrail http://www.youtube.com/networkrail
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Communications and Signals:Then and Now
Take a look at how Communications and Signals systems have evolved over the last 100 years and played a pivotal role in railroad operations.
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Railroad signal aspects part two: BNSF and UP
Inspired by Danny Harmon, I did a four-part series on railroad signal aspects. This is part two and shows BNSF and UP rules.*THIS VIDEO IS AVAILABLE IN 1080p60* Credit goes to signals.jovet.net Recorded 12.29.2014
Illinois Railway Museum's Railroad Crossing Signals
Visit http://www.irm.org Presenting operating Wig Wag crossing signals from a variety of manufacturers plus a rare Flashing Light Rotating Banner signal. The Illinois Railway Museum is a great place for a family to see vintage standard gauge railroad equipment. Video created by http://www.tmbv.com
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OpenTTD Tutorial: Signal Basics
Intro Music: Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod For more basic info on OpenTTD, see the OpenTTD wiki: https://wiki.openttd.org/Main_Page For advanced building techniques, see the OpenTTDCoop wiki: http://wiki.openttdcoop.org/Main_Page If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments!
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How Railway Signal Work ??? (Automatic Block) | Indian Railway
Here is a Video which tell us How railway signal are Technicallly managed automatically... Railways tracks are divided in subsections of 500m. At the end of a track section there is a signal! Now Indian Railways follows a four coded signal system:- 1) RED :- Means STOP 2) YELLOW :- Means PROCEED with a Maximum permissible speed not exceeding 15kmph 3) DOUBLE YELLOW:- Usually it means PROCEED and with reducing your speed slightly as it is most likely that you will encounter a yellow in the next section. However there is no hard and fast rule here as trains can encounter a green in the next signal as well. 4) GREEN:- Means PROCEED All is clear. ---------------------Amazing Deals------------------------- 1)Railway Signal Torch : http://amzn.to/2m61uI2 1) Travel Pillow : http://amzn.to/2n9rm7J 2) Travel Bag : http://amzn.to/2n9oury 3) Travel Pouch (Toiletry Bag) : http://amzn.to/2lGLtgq ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Model railroad train signals and crossings
All different types of scale model railroading signal, crossing gates, and signs are set up at the model railroad show..
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BR - Signalling
A British Railways film explaining signalling from 1989 The Train Channel http://www.TheTrainChannel.co.uk
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What is Meaning of Signs and Symbols used by Indian Railways | Unknown Facts in Telugu
What is Meaning of Signs and Symbols used by Indian Railways | Unknown Facts in Telugu |Train Signals Boards in Indian Railways Along With Road signs We also Have Signs For Running the Railways.So Some of the Signs and symbols are explained in this video. While travelling by the train we often see different signs & symbols besides the railway track. But many of us are not aware about these signs & symbols. These signs & symbols can only be understood by the person who is working in the Indian railways. But in this article we are publishing the details of such signs & symbols to make you aware. Some important signs & symbols and their meaning is as follows; 1. Caution Indicator Board Arrow-shaped boards points to the left or right. This sign indicates special restrictions on the track due to temporary or permanent engineering work. The direction of the arrow indicates that on which track the restriction applies to. These boards are usually painted in black and yellow colour. 2. Speed Termination Indicator Board Often while traveling on the train, we see the circular board written T / G and T / P on the side of the tracks. Generally Speed Termination Indicator Boards are located on the left side of the tracks. T / G's full name is termination of speed restriction for Goods trains, whereas the full name of T / P is termination of speed restriction for passenger trains.This board shows the instruction to the driver of the train so that the driver can come know that the restriction for speed limit has expired and now the he (driver) can run the train at full speed. On such tracks the maximum speed limit of the train has been set at 30 km/h. 3. Signal Sighting Board This signal sighting board is a rectangular reflective board with a circle and two horizontal lines, yellow on black. The meaning of this signal for the driver is that, this sign warns the driver of a signal ahead and the driver needs to pay the attention of this signal. The next signal will instruct him that whether he need to slow or stop the train. 4. Whistle Indicator Board Often, while traveling in the train, we see Yellow Square colored on the side of the tracks. The boards have W, W / L, W / B or C / F words. These boards are just signal to the drivers for blowing the whistle.The 'W' is a general whistle indicator while the 'W/L' stands for Whistle for Level Crossing because there is unmanned crossing ahead.Normally W / L or C / F board is placed before the 250 meters of unmanned gate. Similarly, the W / B board informs the driver of the train that the bridge is ahead so he need to blown the horn while crossing the bridge. Subscribe to Video Makers Youtube Channel Here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqpSRXDTl5BJKgMi6ME83Og Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Videomakerstelugu/ Video Makers Channel brings you the Top Amazing and Interesting facts about the world and mind-blowing mystery facts in telugu.Presenting information related to devotional bhakti spiritual, and content related to Health care Beauty and Life style Tips and Technology.Subscribe to Video Makers for all the updates about Latest Breaking News and many more videos.
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Talking Train Sign | Railroad Crossings Gates  | Train Safety | Lots & Lots of Trains
A fun way to teach your children about crossing signs and signals at train tracks!! Join our talking train sign as he takes you and your kids through all the kinds of train warning signs and gates and what they mean. Animation mixed with real live trains!
What is home signal of indian railway
Dosto is video me indian railway k home signal ke bare me sari jankari di gai hai janane k liye video ko pura dekhiye achha lage to like kijiye share kijiye
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What are meaning of rail track side signal
Dosto Is video mein railway track ke kinare Diye Gaye symbol ke baare mein Bataye gya hai ki uska matlab kya hota hai aur Railway unhe Kis Liye use karti hai to sab kuch jaane ke liye video Ko Dekhe achha Lage to channel ko subscribe Kijiye aur video ko share kijiye Follow me- Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/amit_pandey222/ Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/amitkumar.pandey.5 Twitter-https://mobile.twitter.com/nirmaamit222 Website-http://www.amittec.com
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[learndrivingbyvideo.com] - Railroad Signs ALL in USA
See more videos at http://learndrivingbyvideo.com To see high quality video. Go to the gear icon in the corner of the video player. Select 'Quality' ---- Click '720p' drivers ed usa driving test usa driving school usa learning to drive usa theory test usa driving lessons usa road signs test usa
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Railway Crossing Signs | Pass a Road Test
Trains are dangerous because they don’t keep schedules. Watch the video to be safe. PASS YOUR ROAD TEST CHECKLIST: https://www.smartdrivetest.com/pass-road-test-checklist SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ► http://youtube.com/c/smartdrivetest If you are driving a longer vehicle ensure that the entire vehicle is across the tracks before stopping. Over half of all vehicle-train crashes occur at night because drivers didn't see the train and drove into the side of it. And many train-vehicle collisions occur because there are multiple tracks and the second train is hidden behind the first. Most railway crossings are controlled with regulatory signs. Drivers MUST yield—give the right-of-way—to trains. If there are lights and gates, drivers cannot proceed until the gate goes up. Never, ever race a train at a crossing. If your vehicle breaks down on the tracks, get out and get all passengers out and clear of the vehicle to a distance of 30m (100ft) and call 911 or local police. The exact location of the crossing is on the front or rear of the railway crossing sign. Have that information ready for emergency services when you call. ******************** www.smartdrivetest.com www.facebook.com/smartdrivetest www.twitter.com/smartdrivetest www.instagram.com/smartdrivetest/ TRUCK + TRAIN = ACCIDENT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeEFgj1thns Railroad Crossing Signals 1 Thru 10 Which Is Your Favorites - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSMUcpOmm10
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Railroad crossing gates and how they work
simple guide to crossing gates
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How To Restore Railroad Signs & Signals
How To Restore Railroad Signs & Signals
railroad signs
ses EBC choo: choo
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Properties of speed signs in New South Wales
If you were curious about the different coloured signs with two or three digit numbers divisible by 5 on the sides of the railway lines in New South Wales and what their properties are, you have come to the right place.
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METRO Light Rail - Traffic Signs and Signals
Always obey signs and signals when driving, biking, and walking around light rail.
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Melbourne Tram Signals Explained
13 Minutes. Over the last year or two, Melbourne has added warning signals to the existing points indicating lights at about 4 locations. However, as you will read at the end of the first location, Port Junction, their use may not continue. Additionally, there is another set at the entry to Malvern Depot which apparently can clog road traffic in Glenferrie Rd.
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Very Old Railroad Crossing Signals
Western Railroad Supply Co. produced an unusual version of their famous Model 10 gate and signal where the gate No. 3564 mechanism was mounted to a short 5" mast (post) and extension brackets were attached to a 4" mast off to the side for the 8" flashing lights and signs. As you can see it is falling apart and its days would have to be limited. As a bonus, a working Union Switch & Signal 15-A "teardrop" bell is on the signal. And there's a newly rebuilt Norfolk Southern GP33ECO (used to be a GP50).
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Railroad Crossing Signals 51 Through 60 Which Is Your Favorite
This is my 6th addition to my Railroad Crossing Signals 51 Through 60 Which Is Your Favorite. Wait till you see Railroad Crossing Signal 60. Please vote on your favorite crossing and don't forget to check my others if you haven't.
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Vintage Operational Railroad Crossing Signals on Abandoned Line in Action
After 16 years since New Jersey Transit abandoned the former Erie-Lackawanna Greenwood Lake/Lower Boonton Line for good, these 60+ year old signals still stand to this very day awaiting for a train. As I arrived at the former Benson Street station in Glen Ridge, a friendly Norfolk Southern signal operator (who was replacing a gate) kindly turned the signal on so I could take pictures for future needs. This crossing is also equipped with WRRS Model 10 gate mechanisms, rusty but trusty cast iron WRRS 8-inch lights, and two Union Switch and Signal Model 15-A Mechanical Bells (aka "Teardrop Bells" from their distinctive shape).
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Sacramento Light Rail Outbound, 65th St Railroad Crossing, New "2 Tracks" Signs On Median Signals
Sacramento Light Rail Gold Line train passing the 65th Street railroad grade crossing with SACRT LRV 113 and 127 Siemens Duewag U2A cars arriving at the University/65th Street Station. The median signals here had new tracks signals installed on them about near a week and a half ago. Crossing Info: Location: 65th Street & Q Street, Sacramento California Hirn Setting: Quiet Zone Crossing Owner and Maintainer: Sacramento Regional Transit Bell Sequence: Bells ring till gates rise - Right Signal Bells: General Signals Type 1 Electronic Bell Lights: Two pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Modern Industries Lights Brackets: Modern Industries Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arm: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Modern Industries - Median Signal Lights: Two pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Modern Industries Lights Brackets: Modern Industries Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arm: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Modern Industries -- Older style Safetran Cantilever Signal Bell: General Signals Type 1 Electronic Bell Lights: Four pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights Brackets: Safetran - Cantilevers gates mast signal Lights: One pair of 12x24 inch Harmon Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights (As Side Light Only) Brackets: Safetran Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arms: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Safetran Median Signal across Lights: Three pair of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights Brackets: Safetran Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arms: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Safetran
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Train Simulator - German & Austrian Signalling Guide
This video is a remake of the German signalling guide that I made in 2015. Since then, my knowledge of German signals has expanded and now includes Austrian signals too. Along with this, an upgraded PC and microphone, as well as a much wider variety of routes and trains seemed to warrant a new guide! In this video, we take a look at track side signs, signal aspects, and PZB within Germany and Austria, as well as taking a look at the LZB system. The information in this video applies just the same to German routes and trains within Train Sim World as it does within Train Simulator. For the latest channel updates, you can find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/PTGRail/ If you would like to sponsor this channel, please visit my Patreon page for more information: https://www.patreon.com/PTGRail Routes featured: RSSLO Suedbahn RSSLO Tirol Austria RSSLO Arlbergbahn Konstanz to Villingen Hamburg to Hanover Hamburg to Luebeck Munich to Augsburg Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Munich to Rosenheim Mittenwaldbahn Cologne to Koblenz Koblenz to Trier Mannheim to Karlsruhe Semmeringbahn
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Modeling Railroad Signal Systems: Make Simple Green & Red Signals
This video shows how to make easy affordable green/red (2 aspect) signals (Swiss rail type). A complete signal system is unnecessary if you are modeling a scene that does NOT require one. Even in scenes where a complete system is justified, a elementary system may be more cost effect while still leaving the impression of a more complexed system. Artistically speaking, the viewers mind often fills in what the eye does not see much as it does when viewing impressionism paintings and/or looking at fake facades in theatrical or movie scenery. A simple signal system does the same... giving the viewer an impression of something much more complex than it actually is. Regardless of how authentic a model railroader wants his signal system to be, even real complete rail traffic signal systems contain simple green/reds signals. They are often used to signal a clear track ahead that might be visually obstructed such as around bends, entering and exiting tunnels and bridges, crest of a hills, permission to advance, etc... They have been used here in just such ways. LEDs: Where to buy cheap LED's???... Chinese ebay sellers. I keep posting exact links to my LED source used in this video and the post are deleted (I guess by YouTube). I will post link again here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5value-50pcs-SMD-LED-0402-Superbright-LEDs-Assorment-Kit-/251294463365?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a82513585 I can buy many electronic parts from China (with free shipping) for less than the postage cost ALONE from US companies... I bought 50 assorted colored 0402 LEDs from China (ebay seller) for $11.00 with free shipping (total price for LEDs from China is less than the cost of shipping for same LEDs from US companies... go figure! I have more time than money so I wait a little longer for my product to ship from China. Template: Word processor template for back-to-back signal faces can be found directly at Google documents: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16TiD0ceqenYd-3cUY59jgpJZp-KvO8HSlhn6X1mJEXs/edit ***(Supplied as a word processor document so others can change print size to suit different size scale modeling.)*** You can also link to the same template and ALSO images for signal wiring found on my blog at: http://ringo-themadmodeler.blogspot.com/ Magnetic/enamel wire: Link to wire used in video: http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/ngi/ngin5038.htm?source=froogle&gclid=CML_78evy78CFZDm7AodMHsARA FYI: This is a manually operated signal system that is not integrated in any fashion with track power and direction. The track current has a separate power supply from the signal power supply. The track current is supplied by a typical old fashion 12 volt power supply with a manual dial (Rheostat). The signals' current is supplied by a 4.75 volt power supply pack (salvaged phone charger). Wiring: each signal mast has a set of lead wires (one positive and one negative) that connects to LEDs in the mast heads as demonstrated in the video. The leads from each mast route through and beneath the layout base, and connect to a 2 wire (positive and negative) buss line. The buss line (as long as you need it to be) feeds back to one DPDT switch. The DPDT switch gets power directly from the 4.75 volt power pack. BY MANUAL OPERATION of the DPDT switch the current direction and thus signal colors are changed to match the direction of traffic on the tracks. (The DPDT switch has a center position for current OFF).
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Conrail tri light railroad signal
Tri light made by L&W.
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A very good documentary done in 1948 by the New York Central System on railroad signaling.
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indian railway automatic signal system
Dosto Is video mein Indian Railway ke automatic signal system ke baare me bataya gaya hai yeh system Kaise kaam karte hain aur Unki working kaise kaise hoti hai aur Kis Tarah Se Apne aspect ko change karte hain sab kuch jaane ke liye video ko pura dekhiye hai agar achha lagta hai to channel ko subscribe Kijiye aur video ko share kijiye
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65th St Railroad Crossing, New "2 Tracks" Signs On Median Signals, Sacramento Light Rail Inbound
Inbound Sacramento Light Rail Gold Line train passing the 65th Street railroad grade crossing with SACRT 213 and 234 CAF's. The median signals here has new "2 Tracks" signs on them now installed a week and a half ago. Crossing Info: Location: 65th Street & Q Street, Sacramento California Horn Setting: Quiet Zone Crossing Owner and Maintainer: Sacramento Regional Transit Bell Sequence: Ring till gates rise -- Older style Safetran Cantilever Signal Bell: General Signals Type 1 Electronic Bell Lights: Four pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights Brackets: Safetran - Cantilevers gates mast signal Lights: One pair of 12x24 inch Harmon Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights (As Side Light Only) Brackets: Safetran Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arms: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Safetran Median Signal Lights: Three pair of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Safetran Lights Brackets: Safetran Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arms: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Safetran - Left Shoulder Signal Bells: General Signals Type 1 Electronic Bell Lights: Two pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Modern Industries Lights Brackets: Modern Industries Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arm: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Modern Industries - Median Signal Across Lights: Two pairs of 12x24 inch Safetran Fading LEDs with Modern Industries Lights Brackets: Modern Industries Gate Lights: NEG LEDs Counterweight Arm: Safetran Mechanism: Safetran Base: Modern Industries
How To Read Signals On The CSX Part 5 - ABS Signals
In this chapter we cover Automatic Block Signals. These are lights that display according to track occupancy VS absolute signals that mostly display dispatcher commands.
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How To Read Railroad Switches
...this video is intended to be a simple way for you to determine how to not only read switches, but what makes the equipment go in the direction that the switch is thrown...if you are having any difficulty understanding any portion of this presentation, please ask and i will try to answer as soon as i can...thanks for watching...
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Southeast US Railroad Crossings 2016
See Part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7DXnHXHAa4&feature=youtu.be Finally got this done! Interestingly enough, the crossing at the beginning and the crossing at the end are the two signalized crossings from Gurley, AL. This video is also almost three and a half hours long, so you might want to make sure you have plenty of time to watch this in. It also contains 126 different railroad crossings. My camera also liked to shut off early a couple of times for some reason, so a few of these recordings might not show the signals shutting off all the way. The vast majority of the crossings I recorded this year also had incandescent lights. 2016 wasn't that great a year for the world as a whole, but it was one of my best years railfanning. I caught several new trains (due to a few old ones on the NS Memphis District East End being removed and/or replaced) and railfanned in Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida for the first time. I also saw a much greater variety in crossing equipment this year than last year, including a crossing with four mechanical bells! I was also able to record some General Signals Type 3 electronic bells for the first time in 2016, along with recording 8 inch GRS Lex-C lights as well. Monroe Street's crossing in Courtland, AL was also closed, but the signals got re-installed at Jackson Street in the same town to replace the aging gateless signals there. Alabama Street in Courtland, AL also had the signals there get replaced, along with the signals at Old Trinity Road in Trinity, AL and Mooresville Road in Bella Mina, AL. Market Street in Athens also got the signals replaced with gated cantilevers, including a pedestrian signal on one side of the crossing. This crossing also had one of the first known installs of Leotek EV series LEDs. During 2016, I was also able to get every single public signalized crossing in Madison County, AL recorded. I was also able to find a few CSX crossings that still retained the which emergency information signs, along with an NS crossbuck crossing in Decatur, AL which still had one. I also managed to find a crossing in Tennessee with a mechanical school bell as the bell in use on it. There were several changes to the railroads as well, other than Norfolk Southern getting rid of, rerouting, and creating several trains. Norfolk Southern got ET44AC engines in the first part of the summer, and the HMCR got three B38-8s, though one of them was out of commission for the entire year. CSX also retired all of their standard-cab GEs during 2016, and sent a number of them back to GE, IIRC. I was also able to catch various other railroads' Tier-4 GEVOs this year, such as CSX, BNSF, and UP. All three of those railroads got their Tier-4s back in 2015.
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Train Simulator 2015 - German Signalling Tutorial
I present to you the PTGRail German signalling guide. I've been wanting to make this for a couple of months, and it's taken a lot of hard work to get to this point. I hope that this helps with understanding the German signalling system, and enables you to drive with it on German routes. Apologies for the sound quality of the narration, the mic volume seemed to go up and down a bit! You can find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PTGRail/386453444839934?ref=hl If you appreciate the work that I do and would like to financially support me, please see my Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/PTGRail
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Railway Crossing Lights
A compilation of the different level crossing lights in Dublin and surrounding counties in Ireland. Some of them are definitely due an upgrade !. If anyone is interested, I created a Google map of all the level crossings in Ireland here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ECr5ES3zZqHxGkCUcyS98vWltv0&usp=sharing
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Minecraft - How To Make A Overhead Railroad Crossing Signal Gantry - Minecraft 1.7.2 - (HD)
This is a short video of how to make a overhead gantry with US Railroad Crossing Signals and Signs. (It may not look exactly like the real ones but it was the best one I could do)! Unfortunately the Signals on the Gantry don't work. (They are just for decoration). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE: The items I used were all part of the Lamps And Traffic Lights Mod which can be downloaded from my Channel in the 'About' description. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE: You also need a mod loader or Minecraft Forge to get Mods into Minecraft. So I also put a link to a page in my Channel 'About' description, where different versions of Minecraft Forge can be downloaded.
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(Minecraft) US Railroad Crossings Mod (1.7.2)
US Railroad Crossings created on Minecraft using Minecraft 1.7.10 Lamps and Traffic Lights Mod, which includes some US Railroad Crossing signs, signals and barriers. The mod also includes: Traffic Lights, Roads, Road Markings and Streetlights. The railroad crossing barrier arms move UP and DOWN when powered by Redstone or by using a lever next to the signal. The BASE item which comes with the pack MUST be placed FIRST and then the barrier and then the signals and then the crossbuck. Mod: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/roadworksforge/ Thanks For Watching!
California DMV - Rules of the Road #7 - Signal Intersections
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