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10 Best Project Managers for Teams in 2019
Are you and your team looking for a new all-round project manager? We've shortlisted the top 10 best project managers to try in 2019. This hand-picked selection has shown promise as ways to organize team collaboration and communication in day to day work. 1. Wrike (https://wrike.com) 2. ClickUp (https://clickup.com) 3. monday (Get 8% off with PRODUCTIVEWITHMONDAY) (http://bit.ly/2COYOH5 ) 4. Asana (Boards, Timeline) (https://asana.com) 5. Basecamp (Messages Boards, To-Do Lists) ($99 per month, all inclusive) (https://basecamp.com) 6. Hive (Real-Time Chat, Table Abilities) ($12 per month, no free) (https://hive.com) 7. TeamGantt (Gantt Charts, resource management software) (Free (3 people), $50 for up to 5) (https://teamgantt.com) 8. Airtable (Blocks, Custom Software, Templates) (Free, $10 per month per user) (https://airtable.com) 9. LiquidPlanner (Time and budget tracker, Analytics, Dashboards) ($45 per month, per user) (https://liquidplanner.com) 10. Notion (Team Wiki, Custom Layouts, Databases Views) ($8 per month, free for 1000 blocks) (https://notion.so) -- ALL KEEP PRODUCTIVE INFORMATION ▶ AMAZING PATRONS OF KEEP PRODUCTIVE Aleksander, David, Don, Frederik, Giuseppe, John, Jeurgen, Kevin, Paul, Pete, Reinier, Robert, Roy, Tracey and Amazin Marvin (featured supporter) - helping to support Keep Productive and it's growth! ▶ DEALS/OFFERS for the productivity apps and tools New added weekly: https://bit.ly/2PtZfym ▶ DISCOVER MORE 🎙 Subscribe on iTunes: https://apple.co/2EIyEsi 🏠 Join the Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2k9Pn0P 📧 The monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dtxtn1 📋 Get 2-months free Skillshare: http://skl.sh/2CT4mk 📅 Contact Francesco direct: [email protected] 📷 Follow Francesco on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2fX7we0 ▶ EQUIPMENT USED 📋 MacBook Pro 13'inch TouchBar: (UK: https://amzn.to/2jOOg3R) (US: https://amzn.to/2CgBfKL) 📋 Camtasia 9: https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html 📋 Blue Yeti Microphone: (UK): https://amzn.to/2KO2Pkt (US: https://amzn.to/2pSrU4r) 📋 Newer Lighting Set: (UK: https://amzn.to/2KUmhMf) (US: https://amzn.to/2RPXWdZ) 📋 Canon 70D: (UK: https://amzn.to/2KSKa71) (US: https://amzn.to/2RR2XTz) 📋 Rode Shotgun Mic: (UK: https://amzn.to/2wtneZ2) (US: https://amzn.to/2pUKsRA) ___ ▶ VIDEO INFORMATION Edited by Francesco D’Alessio Business inquiries: [email protected] Looking to get your app reviewed?! My policy is simple. Ping me an email, share more about the resource with me. Give me time to explore the tool, and I’ll get back to you about an honest review. ▶ ADS On the majority of my videos, you'll find YouTube pre-roll ads and other ads. Ads help to support the community and help create new videos in my spare time, my main role is working freelance for clients. ▶ PRIVACY POLICY You can view my full privacy policy here: http://keepproductive.com/gdpr This will outline everything for the email newsletter. ▶ MUSIC USED ♫Music By♫ ●Ehrling - X Rated ●Song - https://youtu.be/LVMri9AHDUI ●Follow Ehrling - http://smarturl.it/Ehrling ▶ ABOUT OUR MISSION In a nutshell, Keep Productive is your guide to productivity software. Keep Productive is a community dedicated to helping you find the most suitable productivity software for your work and life. We’re continually growing an evolving towards the mission of being supportive to your everyday productivity. ▶ DISCLAIMER All opinions expressed are my own. In some of my videos, I’ve started to include affiliate codes/links to earn a small commission if you make a purchase. If you choose to use them, thank you for supporting the channel! ▶ WEBSITE: http://www.keepproductive.com #ProjectManagers #Teams #Productivity
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Flite Test: RC Planes for Beginners: R/C Control System - Beginner Series - Ep. 3
IMPORTANT information available here: http://flitetest.com/articles/beginner-series-r-c-control-system The Flite Test Beginner Series is brought to you by Horizon Hobby. This is the 3rd of a 10 part series that will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in the R/C Flying Hobby! Episode 2: http://flitetest.com/articles/beginner-series-basic-aerodynamics Thanks for all of your support! Learn more about Horizon Hobby here: http://www.horizonhobby.com
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SCADA - POWER SYSTEM PROJECTS - IEEE Power Systems Graduation project
We sell Matlab projects, hardware projects, power electronics kits. Complete project codes for sale Learn projects, Buy Project Kits, Buy MATLAB Simulation, Learn MATLAB Online from us Cell: +91-9952749533, or +91-8608603634 EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS Project Center For Research in Power Electronics and Power Systems IEEE 2010 , IEEE 2011 BASED PROJECTS FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF B.E Email: [email protected], Cell: +919952749533, +918608603634 www.researchprojects.info OMR, CHENNAI IEEE based Projects For Final year students of B.E in EEE, ECE, EIE,CSE M.E (Power Systems) M.E (Applied Electronics) M.E (Power Electronics) Ph.D Electrical and Electronics. Training Students can assemble their hardware in our Research labs. Experts will be guiding the projects. EXPERT GUIDANCE IN POWER SYSTEMS POWER ELECTRONICS We provide guidance and codes for the for the following power systems areas. 1. Deregulated Systems, 2. Wind power Generation and Grid connection 3. Unit commitment 4. Economic Dispatch using AI methods 5. Voltage stability 6. FLC Control 7. Transformer Fault Identifications 8. SCADA - Power system Automation we provide guidance and codes for the for the following power Electronics areas. 1. Three phase inverter and converters 2. Buck Boost Converter 3. Matrix Converter 4. Inverter and converter topologies 5. Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives. 6. Optimal design of Electrical Machines 7. BLDC and SR motor Drives The sequence followed in getting a project done in ESS is listed below. Stage 1: Students call / mail Expert Systems for their project work. A technical expert (or Technical adviser) from our company will discuss the project details like title / implementation process in person, team viewer, online chat or by phone. The availability of guide and equipments are sorted out. Stage 2: Students register for project work by payment of registration fees. Stage 3: Expert systems will mail the detailed Quote for the proposed project work. Containing the List of Components used, Results from simulation, Time duration and controllers to be used. Stage 4: Students can accept or discuss on the quote sent to them. Project cost is paid in full by the student to start the project. Stage 5: Components are ordered in expert systems; project work is fabricated, coded and tested at our company. Results are sent for simulation projects Stage 6: Result verification or correction mail is sent by the student to EA. The results are verified by comparing with standard papers / articles or reports. Stage 7: Project demo and report assistance is done by expert system. Students can take the hardware or coding on written confirmation that the project is in proper working condition. No further modification is allowed
A simple guide to electronic components.
By request:- A basic guide to identifying components and their functions for those who are new to electronics. This is a work in progress, and I welcome feedback from you guys on whether I should break it down into more manageable chunks. I've kept the maths to a minimum, since it can be off-putting to someone just getting started in electronics. The idea of this video is to slot in some more of the jigsaw pieces involved in learning electronics, when you start to recognise components, but aren't quite sure what they are or what they do. It's tricky to squeeze even the basics into a single video, and I've just realised how long this one is (and why it took all night to upload). If you enjoy my videos you can support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and components at https://www.patreon.com/bigclive
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Research Methods - Introduction
In this video, Dr Greg Martin provides an introduction to research methods, methedology and study design. Specifically he takes a look at qualitative and quantitative research methods including case control studies, cohort studies, observational research etc. Global health (and public health) is truly multidisciplinary and leans on epidemiology, health economics, health policy, statistics, ethics, demography.... the list goes on and on. This YouTube channel is here to provide you with some teaching and information on these topics. I've also posted some videos on how to find work in the global health space and how to raise money or get a grant for your projects. Please feel free to leave comments and questions - I'll respond to all of them (we'll, I'll try to at least). Feel free to make suggestions as to future content for the channel. SUPPORT: —————- This channel has a crowd-funding campaign (please support if you find these videos useful). Here is the link: http://bit.ly/GH_support OTHER USEFUL LINKS: ———————— Channel page: http://bit.ly/GH_channel Subscribe: http://bit.ly/GH_subscribe Google+: http://bit.ly/GH_Google Twitter: @drgregmartin Facebook: http://bit.ly/GH_facebook HERE ARE SOME PLAYLISTS ——————————————- Finding work in Global Health: http://bit.ly/GH_working Epidemiology: http://bit.ly/GH_epi Global Health Ethics: http://bit.ly/GH_ethics Global Health Facts: http://bit.ly/GH_facts WANT CAREER ADVICE? ———————————— You can book time with Dr Greg Martin via Google Helpouts to get advice about finding work in the global health space. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/GH_career -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Know how interpret an epidemic curve?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SM4PN7Yg1s -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
People Who Tried to CONTROL the WEATHER
We have to realize that weather, in all its forms, has influenced and shaped humanity in every conceivable way. The weather and the surrounding environment (which is also shaped by weather) has influenced language in every part of the world, how people built the houses and shaped their societies, what they ate, and the way that they dressed for centuries. Whole religions were formed as a sort of answer to the meteorological events happening all around. And it’s not inconceivable that people throughout history have tried, or at least thought about, controlling the weather. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net →Top 10 Objects That Were Clearly Invented Just to Annoy Physics: https://youtu.be/0MVGeRa-vLo Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoriginaltoptenz/ Learn more about the host: →Simon's VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqt8j7DfPmveJp3UOk9XTg Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 AMAZING New Green Technologies in the Works https://youtu.be/jgs1sxhFu_8?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnL-cPEY5RatLLt_FtJKFkNC Top 10 Times Weather Changed the Course of History https://youtu.be/3n-0P7fGMJQ?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-times-people-tried-control-weather.php Coming up: 10. Fog Dispersal 9. Hail Cannons 8. Cloud Seeding 7. Project Cirrus 6. Project Stormfury 5. Project Skyfire 4. Operation Popeye – Vietnam War 3. Black Rain in Belarus 2. The Beijing Weather Modification Office 1. Desert Rain Source/Further reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAIjxaJ2_Ag http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/archive-exhibitions/worth-a-thousand-words-air-diagrams/fog-dispersal.aspx http://www.rafmanston.co.uk/ https://youtu.be/KgJMSlNMijM http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/hail-cannons-the-devices-that-supposedly-blast-away-bad-weather http://www.hailcannon.com/how_it_works.html http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/25/Autos/nissan_cannons/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbv1twvdjuk http://web.archive.org/web/20080306070626/http:/www.nmt.edu/about/history/storms/chap3.htm http://www.weathermodification.org/faq.php https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fot3m7kyLn4 https://www.thermofisher.com/blog/biobanking/the-physics-of-ice-it-all-begins-with-nucleation/ http://www.gereports.com/post/122970184620/snow-on-july-4-only-in-new-york/ https://books.google.co.in/books?id=G7t260XD8AYC&pg=PA41&dq=project+cirrus&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-FCXU4KuMsuSuASQooGYCA#v=onepage&q=project%20cirrus&f=false http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/Willoughby/Stormfury_1985.pdf http://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/project-stormfury/ http://talltimbers.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Arnold1964_op.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dipole https://youtu.be/Cpr5JVWjIW4 http://www.opsecnews.com/operation-popeye-weaponized-weather-during-vietnam-war/ http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2012/04/project-popeye-weather-modification-and-creating-rain-in-vietnam/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1549366/How-we-made-the-Chernobyl-rain.html http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/climate-weather/meteorologists/cloud-seeding.htm http://www.meteo-systems.com/ http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/01/110118-abu-dhabi-desert-rain-cloud-seeding-controversy/
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Webinar: Embedded Control Systems in Practice
Download slides and transcript: https://barrgroup.com/webinar/control-systems This live webinar recording provides a brief introduction on embedded control systems along with a practical example.  Viewers will learn about the differences between open and closed loop systems, a few prerequisites for embedded control systems, controller math, and best practices to follow when designing and working with control systems. For more information on Barr Group's embedded systems training and consulting services, go to: https://barrgroup.com/ Training course calendar: https://barrgroup.com/Training-Calendar
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What is Automation?
✅ C'mon over to https://realpars.com where you can learn PLC programming faster and easier than you ever thought possible! ========================== ✅ Check out the full blog post over at https: https://realpars.com/what-is-industrial-automation/ ========================== You’re sleepy, you wake in the middle of the night to get a drink. On your way to the kitchen, you stub your toe on a chair, kick the dog's water bowl which spills water all over the tile floor. You search for the light switch, slipping on the spilt water and fall on your, well, you know. How many times have you wished that this late night venture of searching for the light switch could be automated? Meaning, you just want to walk into the kitchen and the light will turn on all on its own. And of course, when you are finished and leave the room, the light should turn off as well. Well, an automatic process such as this is not unlike the factory floor and the concept of automation or industrial automation. This video discusses manual processes versus automated processes. The manual process being fumbling around in the kitchen searching for that illusive light switch and the automatic process of the light turning on automatically when you enter the room. The video will then bring those examples to the factory floor which will give you an in-depth look at the world of industrial automation. Let’s learn something! ========================== Missed our most recent videos? Watch them here: https://realpars.com/star-delta-part-3/ https://realpars.com/star-delta-part-2/ https://realpars.com/star-delta-part-1/ ============================= To stay up to date with our last videos and more lessons, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/Y6DRiN ============================= Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealpars/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpars Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/realpars #RealPars #Automation #IndistrialAutomation
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Raspberry Pi Remote Camera with motionEyeOS - Build a Surveillance System
Detailed article for this video at https://dbot.ws/motioneyeos More tutorials and projects at https://dronebotworkshop.com Stay Informed! Join the DroneBotWorkshop Newsletter at https://dbot.ws/dbnews Today we are going to put together a very sophisticated motion-sensitive surveillance system using a Raspberry PI (any Raspberry Pi) and a free open-source product called motionEyeOS. Our cameras will have the following features: - Very easy installation and setup. - Has a web-based, mobile/tablet-friendly user interface that can be customized in many ways. - Uses both the Raspberry PI camera module as well as several USB cameras. - Can use multiple cameras on the same Raspberry Pi. - Also has support for IP (network) cameras. - Has motion detection with email notifications. - Can be set up with a schedule. - Uses JPEG files for still images. - Several file formats available for movies. - Can record time-lapse movies. - Connects to your local network using ethernet or wifi. - Store images and videos SD card, USB drive or network share. - Store images and videos on cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox). - Media files are visible in the local network as SMB shares. - Media files can also be accessed through the built-in FTP server or SFTP server. Despite the complexity of this system, it’s probably the easiest Raspberry Pi project you will ever build! That’s because motionEyeOS is available as an image file for a Raspberry PI, as well as for many other single board computers. We will start by looking at a few different Raspberry Pi cameras and we will look at the CSI (Camera Serial Interface) connector used to hook them up. Then we’ll build two motionEyeOS cameras - one using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a second one using an inexpensive Raspberry Pi Zero W. Heres a breakdown of what you’ll be learning: Raspberry Pi Camera Intro - 2:14 Different Pi Cameras - 4:45 motionEyeOs intro - 8:02 Getting the right motionEyeOS image file - 10:07 Testing your Raspberry Pi Camera with Raspbian - 13:40 Raspberry Pi 3 & motionEyeOS - 18:03 Using an IP scanner - Angry IP Scanner - 22:12 Setting a fixed IP address - 25:07 Raspberry Pi Zero W & motionEyeOS - 31:49 Create a WiFi connection file - 34:31 Display Multiple Cameras - 39:58 Advanced features - 43:00 I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the number of features that this surveillance system has, as well as how easy it is to put together. It would make an ideal first-time Raspberry Pi project. As always I have a detailed article on the website that goes along with the video, you can read it at https://dbot.ws/motioneyeos. And while you are there please consider subscribing to my newsletter, it’s my way of getting your opinion on the content I've created as well as helping select subjects for future videos and articles. You can sign up at https://dbot.ws/dbnews. And of course please subscribe to the DroneBot Workshop YouTube Channel!
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Management Lessons of the Moon Program (Andrew Chaikin)
Andrew Chaikin, space author and historian, discussed the role of project management during Apollo during the Organizational Silence event at Goddard Space Flight Center on July 31, 2012. 0:33 Ed Rogers Introduction 2:32 Andrew Chaikin Read More: http://go.nasa.gov/1mJFLnA Learn More about Goddard OCKO: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/organizations/OCKO/index.html
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How I Plan My Day Using Evernote (Tony Robbins RPM Method)
GET EVERNOTE + 1 FREE MONTH OF PREMIUM: https://projectlifemastery.com/evernote Ever wonder how I plan my day using Evernote? Evernote is a productivity app that you can download to all your digital devices. The app allows anyone to keep notes, projects, ideas and inspiration and makes them all handy by synchronizing them to all your digital devices. Evernote has a lot of cool benefits and features. In this video I’m going to show you how I use Evernote to plan out my day with the RPM method created by Tony Robbins. RPM stands for result, purpose, massive action plan, which Tony Robbins teaches inside his Time Of Your Life program. GET EVERNOTE + 1 FREE MONTH OF PREMIUM: https://projectlifemastery.com/evernote FREE COURSE For Building Your Online Business: https://projectlifemastery.com/freecourse/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=free-course-promo&utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm&utm_content=lc-youtube-description ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★ https://projectlifemastery.com/plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=blog-post-promo&utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm&utm_content=lc-youtube-description ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ Subscribe ► http://projectlifemastery.com/youtube ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★ Blog ► https://www.projectlifemastery.com/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=homepage-promo&utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm&utm_content=lc-youtube-description Twitter ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/twitter Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/stefanjames23 Facebook ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/facebook Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/stefanjames23 Instagram ► http://projectlifemastery.com/instagram Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/stefanjames23 Snapchat ► http://projectlifemastery.com/snapchat Periscope ► http://projectlifemastery.com/periscope iTunes Podcast ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/itunes ★☆★ ABOUT PROJECT LIFE MASTERY: ★☆★ The Project Life Mastery YouTube channel is the place to be for motivational, inspiring, educational, and uplifting self improvement videos. You can also follow for videos about online business, Amazon, and making money online! ★☆★ MY PRODUCTS & COURSES: ★☆★ Life Mastery Accelerator ► https://projectlifemastery.com/lifemasteryacceleratorcourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm Online Business Mastery Accelerator ► https://projectlifemastery.com/onlinebusinessmasteryacceleratorcourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm Morning Ritual Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/morningritualmasterycourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm Affiliate Marketing Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/affiliatemarketingmasterycourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm Kindle Money Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/kmoneymasterycourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm 24 Hour Book Program ► https://projectlifemastery.com/24hourbookcourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm Kindle Optimizer ► https://projectlifemastery.com/koptimizercourse/?utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm ★☆★ MERCHANDISE: ★☆★ Mastery Apparel ► http://www.masteryapparel.com ★☆★ RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: ★☆★ https://projectlifemastery.com/resources/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=plm-resources-page-promo&utm_term=plan-day-evernote-tony-robbins-rpm&utm_content=lc-youtube-description
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Mod-1 Lec-1 Production Planning and Control
Lecture Series on Industrial Engineering by Prof. P.K.Jain, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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The Freescale Cup and EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems)
Josh Miyamoto and Doug McEwan expanded on the skills they developed in the course EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems) when they entered the Freescale Cup, a contest in intelligent car racing. For more information: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/eecs/about/articles/2011/freescale-cup-eecs461.html
CAN Bus Explained - A Simple Intro (2018)
What is CAN bus? In this intro we explain the basics of CAN, incl. advantages, history, messages and the relation to protocols like J1939, OBD2 and CANopen! For the article, go to: http://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-to-can-bus For a quick intro to our CAN bus analyzers, check out the below! https://youtu.be/649-piaJM1s In short, the Controller Area Network (CAN) is a standard used to allow Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to communicate in an efficient manner without a central computer. Messages are broadcast in a system that requires very little physical wiring making CAN bus low cost, robust and efficient. Applications of the CAN protocol include in particular automotive (cars, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles etc.), but also e.g. boats, drones and industrial automation. This video stays light - so some technical aspects are not covered. However, for more articles like this, check out our INTEL page: http://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/can-bus-articles-tools-cases In particular, you may want to check out our other simple intros: OBD2 Explained: http://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-obd2-explained SAE J1939 Explained: http://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-j1939-explained We keep adding more articles and videos, so subscribe to get updates! ___________________________________________ At CSS Electronics, we offer powerful, simple and affordable CAN analyzers. Our CLX000 series doubles as both a powerful CAN logger with 8GB SD card and a CAN interface integrating with Wireshark. Features include advanced configuration options, DBC file data conversion support (incl. for J1939), real-time graphical plots, OBD2 Wireshark dissector - and much more. Pricing starts at 169 EUR with free international shipping and 100% free software. For more details, check out http://www.csselectronics.com ! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more great videos - or get updates via our quarterly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cR_ZhT
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Introduction to System Dynamics: Overview
MIT 15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/15-871F13 Instructor: John Sterman Professor John Sterman introduces system dynamics and talks about the course. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Why China Is so Good at Building Railways
Build your website for 10% off at http://Squarespace.com/Wendover Subscribe to Half as Interesting (The other channel from Wendover Productions): https://www.youtube.com/halfasinteresting Get the Wendover Productions t-shirt: https://standard.tv/collections/wendover-productions/products/wendover-productions-shirt Check out my personal channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wendoverproductions Youtube: http://www.YouTube.com/WendoverProductions Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: [email protected] Reddit: http://Reddit.com/r/WendoverProductions References: [1] https://www.economist.com/china/2017/01/13/china-has-built-the-worlds-largest-bullet-train-network [2] https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519-world-bank-country-and-lending-groups [3] http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/451551468241176543/pdf/932270BRI0Box30ffic020140final000EN.pdf [4] https://www.oag.com/on-time-performance-star-ratings-2018 [5] https://www.export.gov/article?id=China-Aviation [6] https://translate.google.com.au/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpolitics.people.com.cn%2FGB%2F14562%2F10317457.html&edit-text=&act=url [7] https://www.ft.com/content/ca28f58a-955d-11e8-b747-fb1e803ee64e [8] http://www.hsr.ca.gov/docs/about/business_plans/Draft_2018_Business_Plan.pdf [9] https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstream/handle/10986/25483/892000BRI0Box3000china0transport09.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y [10] https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ralf_Wilhelms/publication/280924889_Social_Benefits_As_Part_In_The_Economic_Evaluation_Of_High_Speed_Rail/links/55cb933508aebc967dfe1a03/Social-Benefits-As-Part-In-The-Economic-Evaluation-Of-High-Speed-Rail.pdf [11] http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-05/05/c_137158303.htm [12] https://www.economist.com/china/2017/01/13/china-has-built-the-worlds-largest-bullet-train-network Animation by Josh Sherrington Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net) Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster Special thanks to Patreon supporters Alec Watson, Andrew J Thom, Braam Snyman, Bryan Yip, Chris Allen, Chris Barker, Connor J Smith, Daddy Donald, Etienne Dechamps, Eyal Matsliah, Hank Green, Harry Hendel, James Hughes, James McIntosh, John & Becki, Johnston, Keith Bopp, Kelly J Knight, Ken Lee, KyQuan, Phong, manoj kasyap govindaraju, Plinio Correa, Qui Le, Robin Pulkkinen, Sheldon Zhao, Simen Nerleir, Tim Robinson China airspace time-lapse courtesy FlightRadar24.com Air China 747 landing shot courtesy ZurichAirportSpotter China Eastern 737 takeoff shot courtesy PDX Aviation Tibet railway shots courtesy Steven Chen and PK Long Music by http://epidemicsound.com Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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Hotel management project in PHP with MySQL source code free download
Source Code : https://wikiphp1.blogspot.com/2017/09/hotel-management-project-in-php-with.html Online Hotel management system project in php: This projects database is MySQL. And source code is available for free download. Aim of this project is managing a particular hotel through online. Users can get the complete information about the hotel from the Internet. It automates the several manual processes. It is a beneficial project for users and hotel owners. United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia peoples are mainly using this kind of projects. Currently (Batticaloa) Sri Lankan peoples are also interested to work on this. This PHP project helps many peoples all around the world. Secure Admin section, About Hotel page & Contact page, Accommodation facilities, Super Deluxe, Deluxe & Standard Rooms, Feedbacks, Room reservation, Payment Details
8 Craziest Declassified Military Projects
FROM MIND CONTROL AND PSYCHIC RESEARCH, TO THE CONTROVERSIAL OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD AND A TRIP TO MARS, THESE ARE THE 8 CRAZIEST DECLASSIFIED MILITARY PROJECTS EVER Subscribe to World Unearthed for more interesting and shocking topics ! 8.Hardtack Teak and Orange Agencies Involved - JTF 7 - Join Task Force 7 - U.S. Military, Federal Civilian Employees, DoD, AEC DATE - July 31, 1958 and August 11, 1958 LOCATION - Pacific Ocean near Johnston Island 7.NERVA Agencies Involved - NASA, AEC, SNPO DATE - 1964 to 1972 LOCATION - Area 25, Nevada, USA. 6.MKULTRA Agencies Involved CIA, U.S. Army Chemical Corps DATE 1950 - 1973 LOCATION USA, Canada 5.Project Azorian Agencies Involved CIA DATE 1974 LOCATION Pacific Ocean 4.Operation Mockingbird Agencies Involved CIA DATE 1948 - Present Day? LOCATION United States, possibly Global 3.PRISM Agencies Involved NSA DATE 2007 - Current LOCATION - Global For decades conspiracy theorists have warned about mass surveillance systems being used in the USA, but they never had any substantial evidence for them. That all changed when Edward Snowden, a private defense contractor, spilled the beans on PRISM, the biggest clandestine surveillance program, which is a weird way of saying something is being done in secret, hidden from the people, and other government agencies. The full name for the program is the Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management. PRISM has collected unimaginable amounts of information from every major cell phone carrier in the U.S.A, social media companies, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo. Pretty much every company that collects information about its user, passes on that information to the NSA. The NSA had to acknowledge the program after hard hitting articles were published by The Guardian and The Washington Post. Later on, President Barack Obama simplified the extent to which PRISM is utilized, stating that it was a “narrow system directed at us being able to protect our people.” The whistleblower, Edward Snowden, currently lives somewhere in Russia and is not looking to come back to the states anytime soon. In 2013, he was officially charged for theft of Government property, and two counts of violating the Espionage Act, the archaic World War 1 Law allows spys to be sentenced to death ! 2.HAARP Agencies Involved U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, DARPA DATE 1990 LOCATION - Alaska, USA The official program for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research started in 1990, the first facility was built in Alaska in 1993. The main goal of the facility was to find an efficient way to control the Ionosphere. A thin layer in our atmosphere that reflects a great amount of High Frequency Radio Signals. Many people theorize that by controlling the ionosphere, the government has a direct way of controlling the weather, anywhere in the world. Now this is where it gets controversial, and the line between “conspiracy” and “reality” blurs. The research at the Alaska location has proven very effective, and a U.S. Air Force official stated that HAARP had been successful in learning how to “control” the ionosphere. The comment happened during a 2014 Congressional Hearing on de-funding the Alaska facility. HAARP in Alaska was officially shut down in 2014, since no agencies wanted to claim responsibility for it in their budgets. In 2006, the Missile Defense Agency paid $900 million for the Sea Based X-Band Radar. Officially, the vessel is a radar used for the early detection of enemy missiles in the Pacific, unofficially, it is a mobile HAARP installation that is conveniently close to every major earthquake and bad weather that has hit the Asian coast in the last 10 years. What do you think? Since there is ample evidence that the government can “control” the ionosphere, is it plausible that they are also controlling the weather and attacking our enemies with engineered storms and earthquakes? +++ PROJECT PEGASUS +++ Agencies Involved DARPA DATE 1968 - Present LOCATION Worldwide Seattle based Attorney Andrew Basiago claims he was part of a time traveling test under the name of Project Pegasus. The mission of the project was to study the possibility and effects of time travel on small children. They used children because they were more adaptable to traveling thru space and time. The technology was made possible by the last studies of the late Nikola Tesla. (bonus fact, Donald Trump’s uncle, John G. Trump collected all the work of Tesla after his death) Andrew claims that he visited the 1800’s on multiple occasions, and his proof is an image of a child at Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address… Andrew also claims that he teleported to Mars in the 1980’s, accompanied by none other than Barack Obama. As 2016 has shown, anything can happen, but Project Pegasus still seems on the far far far far side of possible….
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5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now
Your brain may never be the same! Watch our Q&A: http://youtu.be/thYzq0TEwbs Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. BOX 93, Toronto P, TORONTO, ON, M5S2S6 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/10kWnZ7 Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: http://bit.ly/16F1jeC and http://bit.ly/15J7ube Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1fjWszw Twitter: http://bit.ly/1d84R71 Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1amIPjF Vine: Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine! Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Further Reading-- Abnormal White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder: A Tract-Based Spatial Statistics Study http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0030253 Phantom vibrations among undergraduates: Prevalence and associated psychological characteristics http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563212000799 Cognitive control in media multitaskers http://www.pnas.org/content/106/37/15583.abstract?sid=113b39d8-d0b5-4f46-b2a5-362ee79d0b61 Amygdala Volume and Social Network Size in Humans http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3079404/ What is the role of dopamine in reward: hedonic impact, reward learning, or incentive salience? http://www.lsa.umich.edu/psych/research&labs/berridge/publications/Berridge&RobinsonBrResRev1998.pdf
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How China Controls the Internet
Try Dashlane here: http://www.dashlane.com/theexploration Here’s a promo code → exploration Share This Video ➜ https://youtu.be/_gxFhmsHNMc ★ ★Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theexploration ▼Twitter➜ https://twitter.com/williamcfox Facebook➜ https://www.facebook.com/theexplorationyt Instagram➜ https://https://instagram.com/williamcfox ★ NOTE ON SOURCING IN CAPTIONS▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ I've added a citation system into my closed captioning. In order to be respectful to the hard of hearing members of this community, I've tried to make this as non-intrusive as possible., so as not to distract from reading. At the end of a sentence with sourcing, something like this will appear: "The sky is blue. The ocean is blue (17,89)." In this example, the 1st number represents the source # from the source list in the description. The 2nd number represents the page number, if the source is a book. Sources: 1. Marketing Dictatorship : Propaganda and Thought Work in Contemporary China. Anne-Marie Brady 2. Mao and the Chinese Revolution. Yves Chevrier. 3. Censored: Distraction and Diversion Inside China's Great Firewall Margaret E. Roberts 4. “The Road to Tiananmen 1987-1989”. From lecture series ‘Fall and Rise of China’ Dr. Richard Baum 5. “Main Statutes, Regulations, and Supreme Court Interpretation Governing the State Secrecy System in China” HRIC 6. China Now Boasts More Than 800 Million Internet Users... Forbes. Niall McCarthy. 7. The Great Firewall of China: Background. Torfox, A Stanford Project. 8. REPOSITORY OF CENSORED AND SENSITIVE CHINESE KEYWORDS. The Citizen Lab. 9. China’s war on words. News Corp Australia Network Jamie Seidel 10. Vox. “...China’s war on Winnie the Pooh”. Emily Stewart. 2018 11. “The Other Side of the Great Firewall” Time 2015 12. “How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression” 13. “Reverse-engineering censorship in China: Randomized experimentation and participant observation” King, Pan, Roberts for Science Magazine. 2014. 14. Formal source on this is 13 see also: Wikipedia: “Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission” 15. Xi Jinping Leads China's New Internet Security Group 16. “A software developer just became the latest victim of China's VPN crackdown”. CNN 17. The great firewall of China: Xi Jinping’s internet shutdown. Guardian. Elizabeth C Economy. Music: CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/divider/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/ Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100176 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ March of the Mind by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100167 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Darkening Developments by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100267 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ gnossienne 1 https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Satie_-_Gnossienne_1.ogg “This video is sponsored by Dashlane” #theexploration #williamcfox #china
Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #62
0800062 - Starfish Prime Test Interim Report by Commander JTF-8; Fishbowl Auroral Sequences - Silent; Dominic on Fishbowl Phenomenon -Silent; Fishbowl XR Summary - Silent - 1962 - 1:01:25 - Black&White and Color - Four Films on One Video Starfish Prime Test Interim Report by Commander JTF-8 - 7:45 - Sound - STARFISH PRIME, was one of the high-altitude nuclear tests in the Operation Fishbowl series conducted in the Pacific Proving Ground in 1962. It was launched in the Johnston Island area to an altitude of about 400 kilometers by a Thor rocket and had a yield of 1.4 megatons. The test evaluated the capabilities of an antiballistic missile to operate in a nuclear environment and the vulnerability of a U.S. reentry vehicle to survive a nearby nuclear blast. It also provided information on the ability of a U.S. radar system to detect and track reentry vehicles. Another goal was to discern the effects of a high-altitude blast on command and control systems, which were shown to be vulnerable in earlier high-altitude tests. The final goal was to obtain information on the feasibility of testing in outer space. Fishbowl Auroral Sequences - 7:50 - Color - Silent - BLUEGILL and STARFISH were high-altitude nuclear tests, part of Operation Fishbowl, conducted in the Johnston Island area of the Pacific Proving Ground in 1962. These tests produced auroral effects, a special feature of explosions where the extreme brightness of the fireball is visible at great distances. Within a second or two after the burst, a brilliant aurora appears from the bottom of the fireball. The formation of the aurora is attributed to the motion, along the lines of the earths magnetic field, of beta particles emitted by the radioactive fission fragments. About a minute after the detonation, the aurora could be observed in the Samoan Islands, 2000 miles from the detonation. These auroras could be seen for approximately 20 minutes. The video shows footage of the auroras from Somoa, Mauna Loa (Hawaiian Islands) and Tongtapu (Tonga Islands) at various film speeds. Dominic on Fishbowl Phenomenon - 1:12 - Color - Silent - Operation Fishbowl was the high-altitude testing portion of a larger Operation Dominic I. This video is a compilation of footage of the five nuclear tests comprising Operation Fishbowl conducted in the Johnston Island area of the Pacific Proving Ground in 1962. A high-altitude burst is one occurring above 100,000 feet. The video does not identify the date, time or name of the tests. When a nuclear weapon detonates at a high altitude, many of the effects are attenuated. Most of the x-ray energy is absorbed in the air, which decreases the fireball temperature. Absorption of thermal x-ray energy also decreases the energy available for a shock wave. This all results in the development of a toroidal or donut-shaped cloud instead of the usual mushroom shape of ground or near ground explosions. This also shows the auroral effect of high-altitude explosions where the extreme brightness of the fireball is visible at great distances. Within a second or two after the burst, a brilliant aurora appears from the bottom of the fireball. The formation of the aurora is attributed to the motion, along the lines of the earths magnetic field, of beta particles emitted by the radioactive fission fragments. About a minute after the detonation, the aurora can be observed from as far away as 2000 miles. These auroras can be seen for approximately 20 minutes. Fishbowl XR Summary - 34:38 - Black&White - Silent - The video shows the five, rocket-launched, Operation Fishbowl tests at various camera speeds and from different camera locations. Operation Fishbowl was the Department of Defenses high-altitude testing portion of Operation Dominic I, conducted in the Johnston Island area of the Pacific Proving Ground in 1962. In a high-altitude blast, many of the effects are attenuated, resulting in a toroidal or donut-shaped cloud instead of the mushroom cloud from a surface burst. These weapons-effects tests, launched by Strypi, Thor, and Nike Hercules rockets, were as follows: STARFISH PRIME, July 9, 400-kilometer altitude, 1.4 megaton CHECKMATE, October 20, tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kt) BLUEGILL 3 PRIME, October 26, tens of kilometers altitude, submegaton (less than 1 Mt, but more than 200 kt) KINGFISH, November 1, tens of kilometers altitude; submegaton (less than 1 Mt, but more than 200 kt) TIGHTROPE, November 4, tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kt) Two goals of these tests were to determine if radiation and blast and heat effects of high- altitude detonations were capable of neutralizing an enemy reentry vehicle and capable of determining the blackout effects on radar and communications of various yields and altitudes of bursts.
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Accurate georeferencing in Pix4D - Pix4D Video Academy 2
Accurate georeferencing will situate your Pix4D project, allow you to take measures and improve image processing time! In this video our technical support team will cover accurate georeferencing in Pix4Dmapper: including some essential steps to take before acquiring images (and what to do instead if that’s not possible). Learn more about accurate georeferencing with Pix4Dmapper: - How to obtain the georeference using 2D or 3D GCPs taken from a Web Map Service https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/202560149-How-to-obtain-the-georeference-using-2D-or-3D-GCPs-taken-from-a-Web-Map-Service-#gsc.tab=0 - How to georeference a project without image geolocation https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/204951165-How-to-georeference-a-Project-without-Image-Geolocation-only-with-2D-GCPs#gsc.tab=0 Keep watching the Pix4D Video Academy to learn the fundamentals of photogrammetry and digitizing reality with Pix4D. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8ZbncaV3f_anQs_DoyKUxmNDApxM0HT8 Discover Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software: https://www.pix4d.com/product/pix4dmapper-photogrammetry-software Check out our Support website for our Community forum, more training material and our knowledge base: https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us Interested in attending in-person training near you? Check out: https://www.pix4d.com/services/training-certification/workshops What would you like to see in the upcoming Academy Videos? Give us your feedback at the following link: https://pix4d.formstack.com/forms/feedbackvideoacademy Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pix4D Twitter: https://twitter.com/pix4d Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pix4d_official Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pix4d/ Medium: https://medium.com/@Pix4D Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2TSUoww Thanks for watching! DISCLAIMER: This video was produced using Pix4D v2.1.43
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Federalism: Crash Course Government and Politics #4
In which Craig Benzine teaches you about federalism, or the idea that in the United States, power is divided between the national government and the 50 state governments. Craig will teach you about how federalism has evolved over the history of the US, and what powers are given to the federal government, and what stuff the states control on their own. And he punches an eagle, which may not surprise you at all. Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Support is provided by Voqal: http://www.voqal.org Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Instagram - http://instagram.com/thecrashcourse
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Home Electrical Projects Made Easy!
www.electrical-online.com. Looking for help with a home wiring project or electrical problem? Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician provides expert advice, helpful articles, instructional videos and wiring diagrams designed to assist the DIYer. Sign up to receive a FREE copy of his "Wiring Secrets of the Internet Electrician" at www.electrical-online.com.
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Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You -  David Icke
World Tour Tickets - http://www.TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2016/17 Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 The Plan To Kill You - David Icke - The United Nations Depopulation Plan The global cabal of U.N. Agenda 21 is behind global warming, regionalism, zoning, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, weakening and eventual replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, global warming, cap and trade, Smart Grid, Smart Meters, carbon taxes, high gasoline prices, global citizens, IB World Schools, Common Core nationalized education standards, biofuels, Marxist advancement across the globe, food control, water access control via the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), gun control, health control, the Arab Spring/Winter, unchecked illegal immigration, and they are unstoppable.’ All David's Books Now Available Here http://www.DavidIckeStore.com Social Media https://www.facebook.com/davidicke/ https://twitter.com/davidicke To have David's Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here http://www.davidicke.com/register http://www.DavidIckeStore.com All David's Books Now Available Here http://www.TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2016/17 World Tour Tickets http://www.DavidIcke.com/headlines Latest News From David Icke http://www.UnreportedTruth.com - Videos, Articles and Social Media For The People By The People http://www.RichieAllen.co.uk - Europe's Number One Independent Radio Show Music - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/ICD-10/Kai_Engel_-_ICD-10_-_06_Oneiri
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How GPS Works
The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is pretty amazing and chances are, it's playing a much greater role in your life than you realize. Anthony explains how GPS works and tells you about some pretty cool upgrades coming soon. GPS http://www.gps.gov/ "Official U.S. Government information about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and related topics" GPS Modernization Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chNQW22vVNI GPS is getting an $8-billion upgrade http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/23/business/la-fi-gps-20100523 "Without it, ATMs would stop spitting out cash, Wall Street could blunder billions of dollars in stock trades and clueless drivers would get lost." New Satellites Could Make GPS Harder to Jam http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/07/new-gps-sats/ "Without GPS, drones can't fly, communications networks can't function, and you don't have a chance of figuring out how to get to your Aunt Sadie's place in New Jersey. And right now, GPS is highly vulnerable because its weak signals are coming from an aging constellation of satellites." How GPS Receivers Work http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/travel/gps.htm "Our ancestors had to go to pretty extreme measures to keep from getting lost. They erected monumental landmarks, laboriously drafted detailed maps and learned to read the stars in the night sky." Check out the Air Force Collaboratory: https://collaboratory.airforce.com/ Watch More: How Collaboration Leads To Great Ideas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga1_a4qw-As How Robots Help Search And Rescue Teams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1JztuLhIvk Voyager 1: Where To Next? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRbG3yjIaZ0 ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Anthony Carboni on Twitter http://twitter.com/acarboni Laci Green on Twitter http://twitter.com/gogreen18 Trace Dominguez on Twitter http://twitter.com/trace501 DNews on Facebook http://facebook.com/dnews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com
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Embedded Systems Programming Lesson 0: Getting Started
The course is intended for beginners and is structured as a series of short, focused, hands-on lessons that teach you how to program embedded microcontrollers (MCUs) in C. The course has been designed not just to be watched, but to follow it along on your own computer. In the "Getting Started" Lesson 0, I show you how to download and install the free evaluation version of IAR EWARM and how to order the development board (for just $12.99). The development board you need for this course is called Stellaris LaunchPad (EK-LM4120XL), which has been later renamed to Tiva LaunchPad (EK-TM4C123GXL). Those two boards are equivalent and both will run all projects developed in this course. The board is optional, as I show how to use the instruction set simulator. Due to popular demand, at lesson 19, the development toolset is switched to the free and unlimited GNU-ARM and Eclipse based IDE (Code Composer Studio). The goal of the course is not just to teach C--other courses do it already quite well. But there are virtually no courses that would step down to the machine level and show you exactly what happens inside the embedded processor. So, starting from the next lesson-1 you will actually see how the ARM Cortex-M processor executes your code, how it manipulates registers, and how a computer can "do" things in the real world, such as turn on and off an LED. This deeper understanding will allow you to use the C language more efficiently and with greater confidence. You will gain understanding not just what your program does, but also how the C statements translate to machine instructions and get a sense for how fast the processor can execute them. Also, you will get some familiarity with the ARM Cortex-M core, which will look really good on your resume. The course is just beginning, so it's a good time to join. Stay tuned... About the Instructor -------------------- Dr. Miro Samek is the well known expert in the field of embedded software development and architecture. His practical books about state machines, active objects (actors), and event-driven frameworks for embedded systems are among the most popular on the market. Miro has also published dozens of technical articles, including the very popular series of in-depth articles: "Building Bare-Metal ARM Systems with GNU". His extensive industry experience ranges from safety-critical software development at GE Medical Systems through real-time embedded software design at two Silicon Valley companies specializing in GPS technologies. Software he wrote continues to power millions of products. Dr. Samek earned his Ph.D. in nuclear physics at GSI (Darmstadt, Germany). --- Links used in this lesson: IAR EWARM: http://www.iar.com TI Stellaris/Tiva LaunchPad board: http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c123gxl Course web-page (downloads): https://www.state-machine.com/quickstart YouTube playlist of the course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPW8O6W-1chwyTzI3BHwBLbGQoPFxPAPM
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SharePoint integration into Microsoft Teams for file sharing, storage & collaboration
Teams On Air - Ep: 66 - Delanda Coleman sits down with Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mark Kashman, to give an overview of how SharePoint connects with Microsoft Teams. This connection takes the same files and organization that you have on SharePoint, and integrates it into Teams, so you’ll have access to the same files, sites, pages, lists, and news articles. Learn more about integrating an existing SharePoint Library into Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/YiCKb5 Links: Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/izQs03 Try Teams: http://msft.social/Cuem73 Join us live: http://aka.ms/TeamsOnAir Teams on Air Podcast: iTunes: https://aka.ms/TeamsOnAirPodcast
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DevOps Pipeline | DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | DevOps Tutorial | Simplilearn
This DevOps Tutorial will help you understand what is pipeline and what are the various tools required to create a pipeline in a DevOps project. This video will provide an example delivery pipeline used through continuous integration, as well as the DevOps tools involved in the automation of building, testing and deploying code through your software development life cycle (SDLC). This DevOps Tutorial Video will explain the topics listed below: 1. What is a DevOps Pipeline? ( 0:24 ) 2. Software Development Life Cycle ( 1:14 ) 3. DevOps Software Development Life Cycle ( 2:29 ) #DevOpsTrainingVideos #DevOpsPractitioner #DevOpsTutorialsForBeginners #DevOpsPractitioner #DevOpsCertification #DevOpsCourse DevOps Tutorial Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEiEAq2VkUUJS6zkGgXeWw9l32EwRoYdR DevOps Articles: https://www.simplilearn.com/devops-revolution-article?utm_campaign=Pipeline-DevOps-DLIF9Gnyum4&utm_medium=Tutorials&utm_source=youtube To Gain In-depth Knowledge of DevOps, Check Our DevOps Training Course: https://www.simplilearn.com/cloud-computing/devops-practitioner-certification-training?utm_campaign=Pipeline-DevOps-DLIF9Gnyum4&utm_medium=Tutorials&utm_source=youtube ---------------------------------- What are the objectives of this DevOps Training Course? Simplilearn’s DevOps training course is designed to help you become a DevOps practitioner and apply the latest in DevOps methodology to automate your software development lifecycle right out of the class. You will master configuration management; continuous integration deployment, delivery and monitoring using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios in a practical, hands on and interactive approach. The Devops training course focuses heavily on the use of Docker containers, a technology that is revolutionizing the way apps are deployed in the cloud today and is a critical skillset to master in the cloud age. ---------------------------------- What skills you will learn through this DevOps Training Course? 1. After completing the DevOps training course you will achieve hands on expertise in various aspects of the DevOps delivery model. The practical learning outcomes of this Devops training course are: 2. An understanding of DevOps and the modern DevOps toolsets The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using: - Source code management tools - Build tools - Test automation tools - Containerization through Docker - Configuration management tools - Monitoring tools ---------------------------------- Who should take this DevOps Course? DevOps career opportunities are thriving worldwide. DevOps was featured as one of the 11 best jobs in America for 2017, according to CBS News, and data from Payscale.com shows that DevOps Managers earn as much as $122,234 per year, with DevOps engineers making as much as $151,461. DevOps jobs are the third-highest tech role ranked by employer demand on Indeed.com but have the second-highest talent deficit. This DevOps training course will be of benefit the following professional roles: 1. Software Developers 2. Technical Project Managers 3. Architects 4. Operations Support 5. Deployment engineers 6. IT managers 7. Development managers ---------------------------------- What are the projects included in this DevOps Course? As part of the coursework, you will complete three projects based on industry use cases. Project #1 Domain: Finance A global bank recruits 500 graduate software developers each year. The developers are employed at sites in four different countries. The bank requires a web-based questionnaire system to assess graduates’ programming skills so that they can provide appropriate training. You will need to design, implement and deploy part of the system. Project #2 Domain: Media A media company wishes to offer a website where users can upload photographs. Captions and titles can be added to the photographs. Customers can order prints of photos on T-shirts, mugs and other items. You will need to design, implement and deploy part of the system. Project #3 Domain: Medical A hospital wishes to implement a system that can detect harmful drug interactions. They want a mobile phone application that allows doctors to enter or scan prescriptions. The system will then check for drug interactions, and any conflicting drugs will be highlighted so that the prescription can be changed. You will need to design, implement and deploy part of the application. ---------------------------------- For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Simplilearn - Twitter: https://twitter.com/simplilearn Get the Android app: http://bit.ly/1WlVo4u Get the iOS app: http://apple.co/1HIO5J0
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Viruses (Updated)
Explore the lytic and lysogenic viral replication cycles with the Amoeba Sisters! This video also discusses virus structures and why a host is critical for viral reproduction. Expand details for table of contents and further reading suggestions! This updated video replaces our older virus video from 2013. Table of Contents: 0:29 Intro to a Virus 1:10 Virus Structure 2:30 Lytic Cycle 3:41 Lysogenic Cycle 4:48 HIV 5:52 Viruses in Gene Therapy, Pesticide We cover the basics in biology concepts at the secondary level. If you are looking to discover more about biology and go into depth beyond these basics, our recommended reference is the FREE, peer reviewed, open source OpenStax biology textbook: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology *************************************************************** Further Reading Suggestions: Learn more about the Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV)- a virus that can target pest insects. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260423951_Nuclear_Polyhedrosis_Virus_NPV_A_Potential_Biopesticide_A_Review How does Gene Therapy Work? (from NIH) https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/therapy/procedures We received a great comment asking about how viral DNA may go undetected. Check out this great journal article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4348004/ **************************************************************** Support us on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/amoebasisters More ways to Support Us? http://www.amoebasisters.com/support-us.html Our Resources: Biology Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwL0Myd7Dk1F0iQPGrjehze3eDpco1eVz GIFs: http://www.amoebasisters.com/gifs.html Handouts: http://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts.html Comics: http://www.amoebasisters.com/parameciumparlorcomics Unlectured Series: https://www.amoebasisters.com/unlectured Connect with us! Website: http://www.AmoebaSisters.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmoebaSisters Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmoebaSisters Tumblr: http://www.amoebasisters.tumblr.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AmoebaSister­s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amoebasistersofficial/ Visit our Redbubble store at http://www.amoebasisters.com/store The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky's certification and experience in teaching science at the high school level. Pinky's teacher certification is in grades 4-8 science and 8-12 composite science (encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics). Amoeba Sisters videos only cover concepts that Pinky is certified to teach, and they focus on her specialty: secondary life science. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit: http://www.amoebasisters.com/about-us.html We take pride in our AWESOME community, and we welcome feedback and discussion. However, please remember that this is an education channel. See YouTube's community guidelines https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html and YouTube's policy center https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/2676378?hl=en&ref_topic=6151248. We also reserve the right to remove comments with vulgar language. Music is this video is listed free to use/no attribution required from the YouTube audio library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?feature=blog We have YouTube's community contributed subtitles feature on to allow translations for different languages, and we are thankful for those that contribute different languages! YouTube automatically credits the different language contributors below (unless the contributor had opted out of being credited). We are not affiliated with any of the translated subtitle credits that YouTube may place below. If you have a concern about community contributed contributions, please contact us.
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What Things Will Disappear In Just 20 Years?
Do you remember when you stopped using your VCR? What about your flip phone or CDs? Flip phones were once the newest technology, and now they’re the oldest. The sky’s the limit when it comes to technology! There are always innovations seeking to replace our old gadgets with smaller, faster, and more convenient devices. Only a few treasured things have survived from the days when we used the VCR, but it won’t be long before we forget about them too. TIMESTAMPS Side mirrors 1:49 Remote controls 2:41 Cash and credit cards 3:21 Keys 4:07 Wires 4:54 Syringes 5:33 Delivery Services 6:27 Signatures 7:20 Plastic Bags 7:58 Computer Mouse 8:40 Bonus: Your boss could be cloned. 9:23 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -Audi will be launching cars without side mirrors in 2019. The system will use small, exterior, built-in cameras to project to the inside of the car. -Some cable companies have created smartphone apps to control your cable. Remote controls will become obsolete as our tablets and smartphones will be able to accomplish the same tasks. -MasterCard has introduced a technology called Selfie Pay where all you need to do is take a picture of yourself and pay through facial recognition. -Companies are trying to create more secure and efficient security systems. Just imagine being able to command your car or apartment to open by using your voice, an app on your phone, a retinal scan, or your DNA. -Wireless-charging technology is always improving, and a lot of phones already support this technology. -Researchers at MIT have created a capsule that you take orally, and it’s equipped with tiny needles that release the medicine straight into your digestive tract and into your bloodstream. -During the most recent years, we’ve witnessed many experiments with drones trying to deliver goods and replace delivery persons. -In the future, all you’ll need to sign an important document will be your face. -Several environmentally friendly countries and cities have fought against the use of plastic bags: New York, Kenya, and the UK, and Boston will soon join them. They push their citizens to use reusable bags. -EvoMouse, a South Korean company, has already introduced a mouse that turns your finger into the pointer. -Daniel Kalt is a busy chief investment officer for a Swiss bank.. An artificial intelligence expert was hired to create Kalt’s digital clone. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Overthrowing a Kingdom | Hawaii
Hawaii went from a kingdom, to a republic, to a state in under 200 years. Unlike previous conquests, the series of events that lead to annexation is far more confusing than you might imagine. Try Skillshare for two months for free by going to http://skl.sh/knowingbetter Website ► http://knowingbetter.tv Store ► http://standard.tv/knowingbetter Patreon ► http://patreon.com/knowingbetter Twitter ► https://twitter.com/KnowingBetterYT Facebook ► https://facebook.com/KnowingBetterYT/ Reddit ► https://reddit.com/r/KnowingBetter/ --- Thanks to TierZoo for explaining the mongoose: https://www.youtube.com/c/tierzoo https://twitter.com/TheTierZoo --- Vowell, S. (2011). Unfamiliar Fishes. New York: Riverhead Books. https://amzn.to/2NSoFnk [This is my primary source for this video and by far my favorite history book, I can't recommend it enough] Kamehameha the Great - I: The Lonely One - Extra History - Extra Credits - https://youtu.be/yIfgic6W09Y Kamehameha the Great - II: Law of the Splintered Paddle - Extra History - Extra Credits - https://youtu.be/lY8c8jDPSgE http://www.nauticapedia.ca/Articles/Cook_Memorial.php https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/hi https://www.newsmax.com/fastfeatures/employers-hawaii-companies-most/2015/03/05/id/628601/ https://www.asce.org/project/east-maui-irrigation-system/ --- Video Credits - Drunk History - James Cook Returns to Hawaii - Comedy Central - https://youtu.be/7da0LxBwqU4 Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9: "Battle of the Bastards" (2017) 300 (2006) 2017-Merrie Monarch Festival Hi-lites - Merrie Monarch Festival - https://youtu.be/MFFQ18eZuuo Photo Credits - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y_jJXhY2qY4m0uvdrbnJ-3Kjklg-E5B9CtsBzk-eBgs/edit?usp=sharing Music Credits - "Furious Freak" and "Daily Beetle (Edited)" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Intro and Channel Art by PoetheWonderCat https://poethewondercat.tumblr.com/ https://patreon.com/poethewondercat --- Hashtags: #history #hawaii #state #honolulu #oahu #maui #hawaiian #island #kamehameha #pineapple #aloha #haole #hawaiianstyle #unitedstates #america --- This video was sponsored by Skillshare.
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Waste Management and Recycling
This clip shows how household trash are recycled and processed. More info can be found @ www.wm.com Please subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/user/ScienceChannel Copyright belongs to Discovery Communications LLC. Please support Cable TV and subscribe to the Science channels.
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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Make Better Decisions ✓
This week we dive deep on critical thinking and how it applies to problem-solving! Your future is nothing but the outcome of the decisions you make today. You make better decisions today, your future will be more prosperous, you make the wrong ones, then your future will be full of struggles. So, today we are going to talk about critical thinking and how it applies to problem-solving. I’ll give you a weird analogy here. Critical thinking ability is like having infrared goggles and looking at the sky at night. Without it, You look at the space, you see only three things, you see darkness, stars, and sometimes planets. But the moment You put on your infrared goggles then you get to see all these beautiful things that were invisible before. You see giant gas clouds in the galaxy, you see dust, you see all these things that were previously impossible to see. That’s what critical thinking is. It lets you identify the actual problems, the root causes, but also it helps you see the opportunities. Now, critical thinking isn’t only applicable to your work. It’s applicable to every single area of your life. But my channel is all about your career. So, that’s what’ll cover in this video. Now, we need a framework. And the framework starts with Problem Statement. The problem statement is very similar to a project charter. It includes; Goals, as in what are you trying to achieve, your success criteria, as in how will I know I succeeded or failed, your assumptions, timelines, and stakeholders involved. It’s very similar to a project charter. I am actually going to call this Problem Charter. This document is very helpful for two reasons. The second reason being a lot more important than the first. The first reason why it’s very helpful is that when you get engaged in that problem solving mode, you start uncovering a lot of other symptoms, that may be caused by completely other root causes. We are not interested in that at that moment. You will document those, but you are not going to develop solution alternatives and develop action plans for those. Unless there are dependencies. So, it helps you understand your scope, who to deal with, the timelines, it basically keeps everything under control. But to be honest, in my decade long consulting career, I noticed that the biggest help of having such a charter is all about moving through the bureaucracy. Let me explain. When you are going through problem-solving stages, you actually do a lot of work, you summon meetings, you request data from various departments, you request for expertise from consultants, so you are shaking things, you are moving things around. Now, what gives you the power to do it? What gives you the power to call all these people to a meeting room, what gives you the power to ask for certain analytics data from a completely different department? Why should they attend that meeting or give you the data you want? Because they like you and they want to help you? What if they don’t like you. Now if you are a senior employee, you are a manager, director, VP, then fine, of course, everyone will come into the meeting or give you the data you want. But if you are not that senior. Where does your power come from? It comes from that document. The problem charter. Corporate companies aren’t usually very agile. They move slowly and the employees are usually very – they are not lazy but they push back –They don’t want to stop what they are doing and join your little problem-solving brainstorm session and go through your little power point of fishbone analysis. They got their own thing to worry about. So, if you have your problem charter, only a few pages, signed off by a sponsor, someone senior, then you have the power to get the data you want and bring in experts and call for meetings. Ok, now let’s continue; I mean you developed the problem statement, you got your buy-in from someone senior, now, you are off to solve the problem. The 2nd step in your critical thinking towards a problem is identifying the root causes, right? 5 Whys is made famous by Toyota Production System. As the name suggests, you ask WHY WHY WHY until you get to a root cause. Very simple stuff. This video covers; critical thinking critical thinking skills what is critical thinking critical thinking steps deep thinking how to think critically critical thinking and problem solving importance of critical thinking what does critical thinking mean characteristics of a critical thinker how to improve critical thinking problem solving problem solving skills problem solving examples with samples . Images: NASA Music credit: DJ Regard
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Next Level in Cyber Threat Intelligence Training: New FOR578 course updates
The SANS FOR578 Cyber Threat Intelligence course ( https://www.sans.org/course/cyber-threat-intelligence) has been proven to be one of hottest courses offered by the DFIR Curriculum often sold out in each city. The overwhelming acceptance of this course has allowed SANS to collect invaluable feedback that is leading the course to the next level. We invite you to join lead author Robert M. Lee as he covers core cyber threat intelligence concepts and provides an overview of the FOR578 class who should attend and why. Attend this webcast and be among the first to get a sneak peak of the changes, additions, exciting new tools and tradecraft added into the course. Speaker: Robert M. Lee https://www.sans.org/instructors/robert-m-lee Robert M. Lee is the CEO and Founder of the critical infrastructure cyber security company Dragos Security LLC where he has a passion for control system traffic analysis, incident response, and threat intelligence research. He is a SANS Certified Instructor and the course author of SANS ICS515 - "Active Defense and Incident Response" and the co-author of SANS FOR578 - "Cyber Threat Intelligence." Robert is also a non-resident National Cyber Security Fellow at New America focusing on policy issues relating to the cyber security of critical infrastructure and a PhD candidate at Kings College London. For his research and focus areas, he was named one of Passcode's Influencers, awarded EnergySec's 2015 Cyber Security Professional of the Year, and named to the 2016 Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. Robert obtained his start in cyber security in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a Cyber Warfare Operations Officer. He has performed defense, intelligence, and attack missions in various government organizations including the establishment of a first-of-its-kind ICS/SCADA cyber threat intelligence and intrusion analysis mission. Robert routinely writes articles in publications such as Control Engineering and the Christian Science Monitor's Passcode and speaks at conferences around the world. Lastly, Robert, is author of the book "SCADA and Me" and the weekly web-comic http://www.LittleBobbyComic.com.
Indian Parliament Telugu
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A Deep Dive into Star Fox Zero's Controls | Game Maker's Toolkit
Star Fox Zero has a bizarre control scheme, seemingly made to justify the Wii U gamepad. In this deep dive critique, I look at what Nintendo and Platinum were trying to pull off and see where they succeeded - and where they failed. Support Game Maker's Toolkit on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/GameMakersToolkit Have Mark talk at your studio, university, or event - https://gamemakerstoolkit.tumblr.com Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance): Star Fox Zero (Nintendo / PlatinumGames, 2016) Star Fox (Nintendo, 1993) Star Fox 64 (Nintendo, 1997) Space Harrier II (Sega, 1988) Star Fox Assault (Namco, 2005) Kid Icarus: Uprising (Project Sora, 2012) Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Treasure, 2009) Ratchet and Clank (Insomniac, 2016) Duke Nukem Forever (Gearbox, 2011) Starhawk (LightBox Interactive, 2012) Splatoon (Nintendo, 2015) Affordable Space Adventures (KnapNok Games, 2015) ZombiU (Ubisoft Montpellier, 2012) Dirt Rally (Codemasters, 2015) Bayonetta 2 (PlatinumGames, 2014) Star Fox Command (Q-Games, 2006) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Retro Studios, 2014) The Wonderful 101 (PlatinumGames, 2013) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Naughty Dog, 2016) Music used in this episode: 00:00 - Corneria (Star Fox) 01:29 - Controls (Star Fox) 04:30 - Continue (Star Fox) 06:58 -Course Select Map (Star Fox) 10:44 - Select Screen (Star Fox 64) 12:45 - Corneria (Star Fox) 13:37 - Title (Star Fox 2) Other credits Nintendo: "Corporate Management Policy Briefing" https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/140130/ Nintendo UK: "Star Fox Zero – Dev Team Interview: Part One" http://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2016/May/Star-Fox-Zero-Dev-Team-Interview-Part-One-1106940.html TIME: "9 Things Shigeru Miyamoto Told Us About the New Star Fox" http://time.com/4245215/starfox-wii-u/ USgamer: "Star Fox Zero in Hindsight" http://www.usgamer.net/articles/star-fox-zero-in-hindsight-the-developers-on-the-controls-the-decision-not-to-include-multiplayer-and-the-future-of-star-fox Polygon: "Star Fox Zero is about trying new things — whether old-school fans like it or not" http://www.polygon.com/2016/4/22/11490570/star-fox-zero-interview-star-fox-guard-nintendo-platinumgames Reviews: http://www.wired.com/2016/04/star-fox-zero-review/ http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/20/11466826/star-fox-zero-review-nintendo-wii-u http://www.thenational.ae/arts-life/video-games/game-review-tricky-controls-keep-star-fox-zero-from-taking-off http://www.standard.co.uk/stayingin/tech-gaming/star-fox-zero-wii-u-review-unusually-unintuitive-controls-for-a-nintendo-title-a3231901.html http://www.cityam.com/239885/star-fox-zero-review-a-multi-screen-mess-that-asks-too-much-and-gives-too-little Star Fox 64 100% Speed Run Leaderboard http://www.speedrun.com/sf64#100 Zallard1 on Twitter https://twitter.com/zallard1sda
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Flite Test - Viewer Request Speed Challenge
Josh and David respond to viewer requests and go head to head in a speed challenge with their scratch built planes! More details here: http://flitetest.com/articles/viewer-request-speed-challenge Check out the Spitfire Review here: http://flitetest.com/articles/ft-spitfire Vertical Drag Challenge here: http://flitetest.com/articles/Vertical_Drag_Race_Combat More about Eagle Tree Systems Products: http://www.eagletreesystems.com/ Thanks for watching!
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What are the three core learning capabilities? by Peter Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline
Peter Senge is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The Journal of Business Strategy (September/October 1999) named Senge one of the 24 people who has had the greatest influence on business strategy over the last 100 years. The Financial Times (2000) named him one of the world’s top management gurus, andBusinessWeek (October 2001) rated Senge one of the top 10 management gurus. Senge has lectured extensively throughout the world, translating the abstract ideas of systems theory into tools for better understanding of economic and organizational change. He studies decentralizing the role of leadership in organizations so as to enhance the ability of employees to work productively toward common goals, and the managerial and institutional changes needed to build more sustainable enterprises—those businesses that foster social and natural as well as economic well-being. Senge’s work articulates a cornerstone position of human values in the workplace: namely, that vision, purpose, reflectiveness, and systems thinking are essential if organizations are to realize their potential. He has worked with leaders in business, education, civil society, healthcare, and government. Senge is the founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), a global community of corporations, researchers, and consultants dedicated to the “interdependent development of people and their institutions.” He is the author of the widely acclaimed book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization (1990). With colleagues Charlotte Roberts, Rick Ross, Bryan Smith, and Art Kleiner, he is the co-author of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization (1994) and a second fieldbook The Dance of Change: The Challenges to Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations (March 1999), co-authored by George Roth. In September 2000, Senge co-authored a fieldbook on education, the award-winning Schools That Learn: A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education (2000). The Fifth Discipline hit a nerve within the business and education communities by introducing the theory of learning organizations. Since its publication, more than one million copies have been sold worldwide. In 1997, Harvard Business Review identified it as one of the seminal management books of the past 75 years. The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook was developed in response to questions from readers of The Fifth Discipline who wanted more help with tools, methods, and practical experiences in developing enhanced learning capabilities within their own companies. The Dance of Change is based on more recent experiences of companies developing learning capabilities over many years, and the strategies leaders develop to deal with the many challenges this work entails. He also has authored many articles published in both academic journals and the business press on systems thinking in management, and has co-authored Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future. Senge holds a BS in engineering from Stanford University as well as an SM in social systems modeling and a PhD in management from MIT. #DESCRIPTION Peter Senge discusses the three core learning capabilities which are the goals he talks about in his book, The Fifth Discipline, using a systems thinking method by which organizations can become a learning organization. Subscribe for more SarderTV: http://bit.ly/1osk5yg Follow our Official Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tIwTzK Check out exclusive SarderTV content: Web - http://bit.ly/1xpv37D Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1EbljQi #ABOUT SARDERTV SarderTV is an independent, educational media company, focusing on the subjects that fascinate, inspire and teach executives. Because the relationship between success and learning is parallel, SarderTV provides exclusive interviews with the authors, leaders, and taste makers currently affecting industry. Led by Russell Sarder and a team of dynamic and creative programming and content creators, experienced leadership and seasoned advisors, SarderTV launched in 2012. SarderTV is an exciting, forward thinking media company focused on the promotion of learning.
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Go Faster Or Just Get Better Gear! Traxxas Power Up Program Velineon VXL-3S Install  | RC Driver
We get a lot of questions from viewers asking how to increase the power of their RC Machine. We’ve also noticed a lot of those questions are related to Traxxas vehicles. So we thought what better way to suggest an easy upgrade than to make a video and tell Traxxas fans specifically how to boost or better their Traxxas machine through the Traxxas Power Up program. Through the Power Up program, you can turn in your brushed systems, worn out systems, damaged systems, even radios and nitro engine for a new component at a great discounted price. In this video we go over swapping out a XL5 with 12T motor brushed system for a new Velineon VXL-3S ESC with 3500kv motor brushless system. Link To Power Up Program: http://bit.ly/2ClF131 Please note: This is NOT a sponsored video. This video was our idea to help many of our viewers. Traxxas did supply us with a VXL system to help illustrate the process. Don’t Miss A Thing! Follow Us: Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/RCDriverOnline Home Base: http://www.rcdriver.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rcdriver/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rcdrivermag... Twitter: https://twitter.com/RCDriverGuys *MY VIDEO EQUIPMENT* CAMERA/ LENS Canon 70D http://amzn.to/2vGf9fn Canon 10-18mm lens http://amzn.to/2vGPKlO iPhone 7 Plus http://amzn.to/2w8HfD9 Techno Super Wide Angle Lens http://amzn.to/2i4LbyH ACTION CAMERA: GoPro Hero 3+ http://amzn.to/2uZSgkZ DRONE: Parrot Bebop 2 FPV http://amzn.to/2i4H4CH AUDIO: Rode Videomic Pro http://amzn.to/2vGIFS2 LIGHTING: Photo Studio 3 Softlight Set http://amzn.to/2vGYBUu EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere Elements 15 http://amzn.to/2vGpqbv COMPUTER: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 http://amzn.to/2wOk7H8 TRI-POD: Manfrotto http://amzn.to/2wO4uiZ Joby Gorillapod http://amzn.to/2wOcWyF STABILIZER: Feiyutech G4 Pro 3-Axis gimbal http://amzn.to/2fJlhj1 *Notice: Some of our articles, videos and descriptions may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we may receive a small commission. This helps support the website and social media channels and allows us to continue to produce content. Thank you for the support!
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Katz Strategic Management PhD Program
In the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School Strategic Management PhD program, students in strategy study the problems and issues facing general managers who must formulate and implement strategies for organizations in uncertain and ambiguous environments. Seminars cover theory and empirical findings related to strategy formulation and implementation, and are intended to familiarize students with the variety of research perspectives relevant to the strategy field. In addition, each faculty member leading a course will ask participants to build upon extant research to develop their own research topics as a first step toward publishing articles. http://www.business.pitt.edu/katz/phd/academics/strategic-management.php
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Java tutorial for complete beginners with interesting examples - Easy-to-follow Java programming
#Java tutorial for beginners with easy-to-follow content. Buy the complete Java programming course (16 more Java tutorials) at Duckademy: https://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming DOWNLOAD the source codes of the exercises from https://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming DOWNLOAD the next Java programming tutorial (Video 2 - Control structures) from https://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming Section 1 Java is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays. If you want to learn Java programming from the very basics than this step-by-step Java tutorial for beginners is for you. What we will do in this Java programming tutorial for beginners: 06:30 A quick introduction to Java programming for beginners 14:23 Installing NetBeans 18:07 Create our first Java project (Hello, World!) 21:46 Variables and types in Java 30:23 Input/Output and calculations 38:02 Conditions (if) 51:20 Review exercise This Java programming tutorial (Getting started with Java) is the first video of the Easy-to-follow Java programming course at Duckademy. http://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming The goal of this Java programming course (12 hours, 17 tutorials) is to teach you step by step how to program in Java. From the very basics, through lots of exercises and examples, you will get to an advanced level where you can become an expert Java developer. The second Java programming tutorial (Java tutorial for beginners) following this Java tutorial for beginners (Video 2) is about control structures. You can download it for free from https://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming During this Java programming tutorial for beginners we will use JDK NetBeans 8.1. You can download it from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/javase/jdk-netbeans-jsp-142931.html To see what our Easy-to-follow Java programming course for beginners is about watch the following short Java programming course summary: https://youtu.be/tSBpuvYQlk8 We hope you like our Java tutorial for beginners, and we hope you will profit a lot from it, and it will help your Java studies a great deal. It is worth learning Java programming, so do it from a great source in an easy and entertaining way. Check out our Easy-to-follow Java programming course at Duckademy: https://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming ► SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR NEW JAVA PROGRAMMING TUTORIALS for beginners https://www.youtube.com/c/DuckademyITcourses?sub_confirmation=1 ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST for more Java tutorial for beginners like this Java video: http://www.duckademy.com/course/java-programming#dialog-newsletter FOLLOW US and hear about new Java tutorials like this or other interesting Java videos: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/duckademy Twitter ► https://twitter.com/duckademy Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/duckademy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #JavaProgramming #JavaTutorial
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Flite Test : RC Planes for Beginners: Batteries and Safety - Beginner Series - Ep. 7
IMPORTANT information available here: http://flitetest.com/articles/beginner-series-batteries-and-safety The Flite Test Beginner Series is brought to you by Horizon Hobby. This is the 7th of a 10 part series that will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in the R/C Flying Hobby! Episode 6: http://flitetest.com/articles/beginner-series-power-system Thanks for all of your support! Learn more about Horizon Hobby here: http://www.horizonhobby.com
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The "Why" of Restorative Practices in Spokane Public Schools
Restorative Practices is an approach to promoting positive behaviors that focuses on understanding the conflict and how to repair the harm, rather than traditional discipline. This video outlines how it works in Spokane Public Schools. Learn more at www.spokaneschools.org/Restorative.
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How to Download Google Books for Free in PDF fully without Using any Software | 4 Best Websites
Google Books Part-1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNBHjdPN8q8&t=13s Part-2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mul2n07n_Aw Part -3: https://youtu.be/rLtzDA_Jzxs This is an ultimate guide to downloading any Books from Google Books for FREE. All of that is pretty great (I am after all a big fan of ebooks), but unfortunately, Google haven’t exactly made it easy to get books from their system for people to enjoy offline. Google Books: https://books.google.com/?hl=en Google Advanced Book Search: https://books.google.co.in/advanced_book_search Websites: 1. Library Genesis: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ 2. BookZZ: http://b-ok.org/ 3. libgen.me: http://libgen.io/ 4. BookFI: http://en.bookfi.net/ Additional Softwares - Windows: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: http://download.cnet.com/Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-DC/3000-10743_4-10000062.html Mobi File Reader: http://download.cnet.com/Mobi-File-Reader/3000-2125_4-76018225.html ePub to PDF Converter: http://download.cnet.com/ePub-to-PDF-Converter/3000-2125_4-75532612.html EPUB File Reader: http://download.cnet.com/EPUB-File-Reader/3000-2125_4-75982127.html ePub Reader for Windows: http://download.cnet.com/ePub-Reader-for-Windows/3000-2125_4-75824080.html CBR Reader: http://download.cnet.com/CBR-Reader/3000-2125_4-75609749.html CHM Viewer: http://download.cnet.com/CHM-Viewer/3000-2125_4-75748304.html Additional Softwares - Ubuntu: To read EPUB files: E-Book Reader ---***--- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TechnicianMamu/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechnicianMamu Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/technicianmamu/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicianMamu Subscribe Now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2S4v6COBf1q1BVpyZWrKTg?sub_confirmation=1 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/101780001597122541518 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/technician-mamu-303b64143/ Website: https://technicianmamu.wordpress.com/
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Arduino Phototransistor and Haptics Project
Full project here: https://maker.pro/arduino/projects/lazymax-1000-arduino-phototransistor-haptics-project/ In this project, I wanted to solve that problem by creating a sleek gadget which when plugged into our chairs, will prompt the user to get up if they are sitting continuously for more than 10 mins. It does this by using a haptic feedback motor, and it will only notify the person sitting on the chair, instead of disturbing others around him (if I were to use other means like sounds/lights). For more information, as well as all the latest Maker Pro projects and articles, visit the official website at https://maker.pro Sign-up here and create your own article at https://maker.pro/create Check out makers profile on Maker Pro and see more projects published: https://maker.pro/profile/arvind.sanjeev Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G4RDruQIPufKH-NLbXwAA Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makerpros/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMakerPro
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Flite Test | DIY Micro 5.8Ghz FPV
Here's a step by step video tutorial showing how to build your own Micro 5.8Ghz FPV camera setup. More details and links to components available here: http://flitetest.com/articles/diy-micro-5-8ghz-fpv Thanks for watching! Be sure to check out the other great tips, tricks, and tutorials available on http://flitetest.com
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The Cell Cycle (and cancer) [Updated]
Explore the cell cycle with the Amoeba Sisters and an important example of when it is not controlled: cancer. We have an Unlectured resource for this topic: https://www.amoebasisters.com/unlectured Expand video details for table of contents. 👇 Video also mentions cell cycle checkpoints and cell cycle control. Table of Contents: 1:00 Cell Growth and Cell Reproduction 1:42 Cancer (explaining uncontrolled cell growth) 3:27 Cell Cycle 5:26 Cell Cycle Checkpoints 6:48 Cell Cycle Regulation 8:16 G0 Phase of Cell Cycle Vocabulary in this video includes the words apoptosis, G1, S, G2, mitosis, and cytokinesis. Positive regulator proteins such as cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases are briefly mentioned as well as a negative regulator protein p53. Positive and negative regulation reference regarding cyclin types and cyclin rise/fall areas [in humans]: OpenStax, Biology. OpenStax CNX. http://cnx.org/contents/[email protected] Are you interested in how blood supply to cancer cells may differ from blood supply to healthy cells? Learn more in this Further Reading: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2661770/ Support us on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/amoebasisters Our FREE resources: GIFs: http://www.amoebasisters.com/gifs.html Handouts: http://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts.html Comics: http://www.amoebasisters.com/parameciumparlorcomics Connect with us! Website: http://www.AmoebaSisters.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmoebaSisters Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmoebaSisters Tumblr: http://www.amoebasisters.tumblr.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AmoebaSister­s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amoebasistersofficial/ Visit our Redbubble store at http://www.amoebasisters.com/store.html The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky's certification and experience in teaching science at the high school level. Pinky's teacher certification is in grades 4-8 science and 8-12 composite science (encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics). Amoeba Sisters videos only cover concepts that Pinky is certified to teach, and they focus on her specialty: secondary life science. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit: http://www.amoebasisters.com/about-us.html We cover the basics in biology concepts at the secondary level. If you are looking to discover more about biology and go into depth beyond these basics, our recommended reference is the FREE, peer reviewed, open source OpenStax biology textbook: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology We take pride in our AWESOME community, and we welcome feedback and discussion. However, please remember that this is an education channel. See YouTube's community guidelines https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html and YouTube's policy center https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/2676378?hl=en&ref_topic=6151248. We also reserve the right to remove comments with vulgar language. Music is this video is listed free to use/no attribution required from the YouTube audio library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?feature=blog We have YouTube's community contributed subtitles feature on to allow translations for different languages, and we are thankful for those that contribute different languages! YouTube automatically credits the different language contributors below (unless the contributor had opted out of being credited). We are not affiliated with any of the translated subtitle credits that YouTube may place below. If you have a concern about community contributed contributions, please contact us.
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Feature Flags with Django Waffle - Building SaaS with Python and Django #15
In this episode, we added a feature flag system to College Conductor to control when users see new features. We used the excellent Django Waffle project (https://waffle.readthedocs.io/en/stable/). -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mblayman Want to learn more? You can check out my most popular articles at https://www.mattlayman.com/most-popular/. I also have a newsletter where I share articles about #Python, #Django, #SaaS, and other software topics. Join in at https://www.mattlayman.com/newsletter/!
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Track Your Laps On Your Phone! LapMonitor Timing System For Practice Or Racing | RC Driver
Drivers are always looking for something extra to do to their RC racing cars to make them quicker on the track. Some buy the best batteries or motors. Others spend lots of time tuning. And of course there is practice. Lots of practice. But often there is a part of practice that is left out. Lap timing. Going out to practice is fine, but if you don’t see your laps, how do you know you’re improving? Often tracks don’t have their timing system running during practice and of course you need something better than a stopwatch. This is where the LapMonitor comes in. This handy timing system places a small IR unit on the track, a transponder in your car and your lap times transmit via bluetooth right to your phone! That’s not all, you can even run simple races with other drivers and count multiple drivers laps! In this video we show you some of the neat features of the Lap Monitor. Want to improve your RC skill? You need to watch this! PRODUCTS FEATURED LapMonitor System: http://bit.ly/2POFal6 Pro-Line Racing Discount Code (use at checkout): RCDRIVER10 Visit Pro-Line: http://bit.ly/2riwV6S RC DRIVER SHIRTS & MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/rc-driver-swag-store RC GEAR WE USE: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rcdriver_online ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/RCDriver_Online Don’t Miss A Thing! Follow Us: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToRCD Website: http://bit.ly/VisitRCD *Notice: Some of our articles, videos and descriptions may contain affiliate links or coupon codes, which means that if you click on or use one of the product links/ codes, we may receive a small commission. This helps support the website and social media channels and allows us to continue to produce content. Thank you for the support! #LapMonitor #RCRacing #RCDriver
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