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Top 3 Great Websites for Readers in 2018  #articles #reading #entrepreneurship
TOPIC : 3 Great Websites for Reading Lovers Top 3 Great Websites for Readers in 2018 3 Great Websites for Article Lovers #articles #reading #entrepreneurship ==================================================== Welcome to EducateMe Channel https://goo.gl/JqJxDM EducateMe - Best Quality and Easily Accessible Education for Everyone Mission : To Make This World A Better Place for Everyone EducateMe : Educate | Inspire | Help | Support ==================================================== 3 Great Websites for Reading Lovers 3 Great Websites for Article Lovers As quoted by Joseph Addison: "Reading is to mind what exercise is to body. Reading is a great habit and it expands your mind and it serves for your spiritual health". Today due to this advancement in technology, we have too few reading lovers but along with this advanced technology has brought so many opportunities to the people, has opened so many ways. Internet has opened the doors of great libraries where the treasure of knowledge was hidden far reach from the outsiders But if you are reading lover, and you want to grab some good, master peace thoughts of great writers, than today EducateMe has brought you 3 great websites that are full of learning and knowledge. That are full of growth opportunities 3 Great Websites are: 1-Medium - https://medium.com/ 2- Lifehack - https://www.lifehack.org/ 3- Curiosity - https://curiosity.com/ ==================================================== EducateMe - Best Quality and Easily Accessible Education for Everyone Mission : To Make This World A Better Place for Everyone EducateMe : Educate | Inspire | Help | Support Disclaimer : All the Content Provided or Shared in this Video belong to the Original Creator. EducateMe is just a sharing medium to share your valuable creations with the world to shape the lives of many people. EducateMe doesn't own any of the contents. In case of any issue - Contact us on this page. Regards : EducateMe Team ==================================================== FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) 2)This video is also for teaching purposes. 3)It is not transformative in nature. 4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary. ==================================================== *** FOLLOW US ONLINE *** •► Like Our Facebook Page: EducateMe •► Join Our Facebook Group : Motivation Recharge ====================================================
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Using Alexa Article Reader Skill to read online articles saved with Pocket
Article reader skill allows Alexa to read the top 20 articles you saved in your Pocket (Read It Later, Inc) app / bookmarks. To get started ask your Alexa device to enable Article Reader.
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DYSLEXIA - Read online Articles faster using Chrome and Beeline Reader
Read online Articles faster using Chrome and Beeline Reader Chrome Addon
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How to make Alexa read online articles saved with Pocket
To enable this skill with your Alexa device, just tell you Alexa device : "Enable Article Reader" or follow the steps bellow 1 - Go to the Alexa companion 2 - Go to the skills page by clicking the menu button in the left corner and click "Skills" 3 - Search for Article Reader 4 - Enable skill and login Pocket and you are good to go
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LIVE Training SEO article writing - How to write SEO & reader friendly articles?
In this video, you will see a live demo of - How to write SEO friendly article? The website referred here is - http://coolfreegifts.com You may like to watch my other videos related to Content Writing 1) How to Write SEO friendly Catchy Headlines or Article/ Blog Titles? - Article writing job PART 4 - https://youtu.be/eaBTk0zGlmw 2) Websites that pay $100 - $3000 (up to Rs 2 lakhs) per article/ Story | Article writing job PART 1 https://youtu.be/N-sNeBQMobw 3) How to get direct clients and orders - Article writing job PART 2 - https://youtu.be/ThaI2qZAW24
How to make alexa read any online articles and webpages.
you can make alexa read a blog or a simple webpage using its pocket skill. today i am going to show how to use it.
Learn English with Audio Story - The Adventures of Tom Sawyers
Learn English with audio book Story - The Adventures of Tom Sawyers - intermediate level
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A better way to read articles online
Generally speaking, online articles don't offer the best reading experience. Readability gets rid of the online article clutter and presents you with just the article you want to read. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Want read articles clearly on Chrome? Clearly is the best Chrome Reader!
Clearly - Your missing Chrome Reader. Clearly is our first product base on Chrome Browser. Install link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/odfonlkabodgbolnmmkdijkaeggofoop Every day we spend hours reading articles on the Web. Reading is so essential that we believe it needs to be simple and straightforward. Therefore we create Clearly, our new extension that Chrome missed for so long. You can now focus on your favorite items without ads, floats or any other irrelevant things bothering you anymore. Just one click, enjoy your reading. To improve your reading experience, we provide: * Reader View, neat and clean * Alternative Themes * Listen To Your Items * Fullscreen Mode * Navigation Outline * Adjustable Font Size * Feedback, we'd be delighted if you could ask for more
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How To Read a Scholarly Journal Article
Recognize the structure of scholarly articles in order to use them most effectively in your research projects. With Tim Lockman, Kishwaukee College librarian.
How to write an Article (Cambridge First, Advanced; Blogs)
Article writing is a very different style of writing and requires a different approach from the essay. In this lesson, we look at how to write for the Cambridge tests, as well as how to write for the web, including blogs and newsletters. Find out how to use a more playful language to capture a reader’s attention. Need ideas for your essays? Check out our ideas e-book: http://bit.ly/2RIhBjz Find more writing tips at https://writetotop.com/ Want more great videos to help you pass the IELTS or TOEFL Writing Section? Support Write to the Top: https://writetotop.com/product/support-us/ https://paypal.me/writetotop
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How To Make Money Online With Facebook Instant Articles | $1700 PER WEEK PROOF
In this video I show you how to make money online with Facebook Instant Articles with real proof of my weekly income using niche blogs and Facebook pages. This is the most direct way to make money online on Facebook by getting paid directly from Facebook. Share this video and don't forget to hit the 'SUBSCRIBE' button :) ★★ Download my FREE Affiliate Success Guide ★★ - The Definite Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success http://bit.ly/guidetoaffiliatesuccess ★★ Build your own website ★★ - Free domain and cheap WP hosting: http://bit.ly/wpbluehostcoupon - Cheap logo & design services: http://bit.ly/fiverrcoupons - Professional Wordpress Templates: http://bit.ly/themecountryWP ★★ VIDEO RESOURCES & LINKS ★★ - What is INSTANT ARTICLES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFNarpQpDOs - How to grow a Facebook Page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHMpuq-O5Ag ★★ Follow me on Instagram ★★ https://www.instagram.com/mrlesterdiaz ------------------------------------- #howtomakemoneyonline #makemoneyonfacebook -------------------------------------- Disclaimers: Income claims and earnings shown are for educational purposes only. This video and description contains some affiliate links, which means, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to purchase any of the recommended products or services. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support!
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Set Up an Article for Immersive Reader
How can Microsoft Office's Immersive Reader assist students with reading tasks in the classroom? In this video, learn how teachers can set up readings in Microsoft Word Online and use features that can assist any learners (but especially those struggling with reading comprehension or learning English).
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Effective Tips For Article Syndication On The Internet
You are searching for a new approach to jump-start your marketing strategies and have heard about businesses getting great results with article submission.If your site lets people post comments, it is good to utilize the "no follow" attribute. This practice prevents you linking to sites and can affect your site's reputation ruined.Your email communications should be focused predominantly on content. People hate spam, and they shouldn't see your emails as a bother; structure them appropriately.If you don't, you will lose subscribers and, therefore, lose potential customers.Make sure your articles have a call to action in every article. Giving readers this type of information is much more likely to stimulate an action.Make use social media! Using Twitter and Facebook accounts is a good way of attracting new readers. Just post updates when you publish any new article to grab the attention of your site. Ask people to share the article with their social media friends and your audience will grow further.One thing to remember is to submit articles to directories once it has been indexed. This is helpful because of your article and all of your website.Be unique and let your own style shine through when writing your articles. When you reveal yourself in your work, the content sounds more human and authentic, and readers will sense that authenticity. Your readership will increase by being unique and approach.You can engage a reader by beginning your article with a joke. Just make sure that you are telling an appropriate and applies to the topic at hand.Your articles must be a match for your SEO key phrases.There has to be a connection to your title and the content that relates to keywords, summary, keywords, and content. Search engines can figure out what they are indexing.You need to have a better chance at success if more people see your articles. This does not mean that your articles on the entire population on the internet. It will be more beneficial to have a small number of focused customers than a massive group of uninterested readers. Always focus on the group that you have previously identified as being your business.Many sites will pay you for each click on your articles receive. There are many ways to use your articles to keep earning a variety of passive income sources available to article marketers. It can potentially make you quite a very lucrative adventure.If influential people use your products, do not be afraid to ask to advertise the fact. This particular type of endorsement has the power to generate a high demand for similar items. You should never engage in making erroneous claims about a celebrity use of your product because that can expose you to legal issues for you.Your articles should be full of relevant information. People are looking at your articles because they desire to learn something. Use as many facts in your content. This will make the readers feel as though their time was time well-invested.Article syndication will help you get more traffic and enhance your relationships with clients or potential customers. This article will help you get started.
Read More Books: 7 Tips for Building a Reading Habit - College Info Geek
Want to finish more books? Read every day. The best way to become a better reader is to train yourself to read on a consistent, regular basis. Here are 7 tips for building a strong reading habit. Discuss this video: https://www.reddit.com/r/collegeinfogeek/comments/4cxec2/read_more_books_7_tips_for_building_a_reading/ My reading progress page: http://collegeinfogeek.com/25pages/ Speaking of reading, my book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is completely free, so check it out if you're interested in improving your grades! http://collegeinfogeek.com/get-better-grades/ Companion article for this video: http://collegeinfogeek.com/build-reading-habit-read-more-books/ ---------- Videos you might want to watch next: 5 Active Reading Strategies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL0pqJeE4_w&list=PLx65qkgCWNJLglnT9x2R3Kn02NQgthgJ9 5 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed that ACTUALLY Work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmDMrxUSXKY&list=PLx65qkgCWNJLglnT9x2R3Kn02NQgthgJ9 ---------- If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: http://buff.ly/1vQP5ar Twitter ➔ https://twitter.com/tomfrankly Instagram ➔ https://instagram.com/tomfrankly ~ created by Thomas Frank Music: "Nola" by Broke for Free
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English to Hindi Translation Exercise 1 | Newspaper Article
Lesson 12: English to Hindi Translation Exercises https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6n6xk9pPe1xUc3VhAB6Ra0 आप “Spoken English Guru” की Complete English Speaking Course Kit (सभी Videos एक के एक बाद Lesson-wise) घर बैठे कैश ऑन डिलिवरी पर मँगवा सकते हैं। Link - https://amzn.to/2HETZ93 This Course Kit contains (इस किट में क्या क्या है?): (1) A 32 GB OTG Pen drive, having 250+ Lesson-wise & Lecture-wise Videos. (2) A Complete Lesson-wise English Speaking Course Book to help you in practice. (3) A Daily Use English Sentences Book comprising 100 Lessons & 5000+ sentences. (4) All the ENGLISH CHART STICKERS covered in videos so far. अगर आप घर बैठे अंग्रेज़ी सीखना चाहते हैं तो दिल से मेहनत करने को तैयार हो जाइए। OTHER USEFUL LINKS: FREE “Practice Exercises” available on Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.qtime.spokenenglishguru English Speaking Course Book - https://amzn.to/2W9iDrd Daily Use English Sentences Book - https://amzn.to/2EDyGCP Lesson-wise Video Lectures {32 GB OTG Pen Drive}: http://bit.ly/2wlxv6N Urdu eBook (Spoken English PDF): http://bit.ly/2WEMeZ5 Spoken English FREE PDF eBook (Hindi): http://bit.ly/2LYwO8q English Charts: http://bit.ly/2LVtbAd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/englishwaledotcom/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spoken_english_guru_adityarana/ For getting all the above links on your mobile, please write “LINK” and send to 9760375308 through whatsapp. You’ll get the links within a minute. Lesson 1: English Basics https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4xW_8t2mMZStWZFEdKdvAc Lesson 2: Parts of Speech Basics https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox569k1T00UH7zdw0ZETatLz Lesson 3: Simple Sentences - Present, Past & Future https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4xqm9T72J1D6I2IqLG4cJr Lesson 4: All Tenses https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4evkxrt2AnfXpndrYtEo5Q Lesson 5: All Modal Helping Verbs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6FoHE30D7mAk5DylqVR81O Lesson 6: All Prepositions https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5sd3o3RZE9HJcZ_crRvBYG Lesson 7: All Conjunctions https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5cy2xkIQknyfyd9PSxR3JY Lesson 8: Daily Use English Sentences https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5WZDOosR7ihWooeFwnT8Hf Lesson 9: Vocabulary Exercises https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox7Ny0kgrgXfoltFX8zxMr10 Lesson 10: English Speaking Practice https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5RSgM5wsAbCbTMXi9AAJFh Lesson 11: Hindi to English Translation Tricks & Exercises https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4myjPpnomQnvU37GUbXE2s Lesson 12: English to Hindi Translation Exercises https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6n6xk9pPe1xUc3VhAB6Ra0 Lesson 13: Active and Passive Voice https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox7M4w-k72XtRwP5OlZEXT_j Lesson 14: Concept & Use of “Be Being Been” in English https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5o2yrhbITHJ1T2RbuImFDn Lesson 15: Miscellaneous Topics | Grammar & Spoken https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox53AvjielYUoRlaO_cuBDQb Lesson 16: Gerund, Infinitives and Participles https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5DdSQoWpx85VqxzMr8Rbkf Lesson 17: Phrasal Verbs in English https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4N0emQQe7ZjjzwbcB9jRdQ Lesson 18: Practice Exercises & Quizzes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6AvA4NUZyNCpfMXIXwDSNq Lesson 19: Doubt Clearing Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox7gZn51MoIEMOvLd36mzdKl Lesson 20: English Conversations https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5BU_Hkqwp7v7UdW9X5_-rh Lesson 21: English Speaking with Kids https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox7JDlK6GUD3KkyqzbdGZSXm Lesson 22: Listening Practice Exercises https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5b-qNJZTsRYqUqGmOsb9N1 Lesson 23: Spelling Mistakes & Pronunciation Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox4CdWX12bGL396YGeIEhqiS Lesson 24: Do you know Module https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5jCZrLMal3-d4Al5yHwYD7 Lesson 25: Spotting Error | Subject Verb Agreement https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6lS-vakv_E76Ill-AUH-g9 Lesson 26: Interviews Questions & Tips https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox6AzcTWgqWpQpRkOeQuuSMd Lesson 27: English Writing https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5FG7i2wA5bMxcTr7OxnGyi Lesson 28: Direct Indirect Speech / Narration in English https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXdBvuJ5ox5cz4uRxnrNDSg7i_hSv7sm #englishtohinditranslation #englishhinditranslation #englishtohindi
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Which Blogs/Articles/Websites should I read for CAT VARC ? | By 4 Time CAT 100 Percentiler - Rajesh
𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐥, Get up 40% Discount based on you previous year CAT/XAT score on our online CAT course. For more information visit online.2iim.com/pricing Subscribe to our youtube channel to get daily Articles for CAT Preparation in your YouTube feed. List of Blogs/Websites discussed in the Video for CAT Verbal / Reading Comprehension Preparation (VARC) Read Daily to Improve CAT Verbal / Reading Comprehension Preparation (VARC) score. Magazines to read for CAT VARC Preparation: 1. Economist 2. Guardian 3. The Atlantic 4. Nytimes 5. NewYorker 6. The ken (https://the-ken.com/) Newspapers to read for CAT Reading Comprehension Preparation: 1. The Hindu (Editorial section) 2. The open 3. Frontline, The Hindu 4. The open Writers to read for CAT Verbal Preparation: 1. Sid Lowe 2. Barney Rooney 3. Marina hyde 4. Andy bull 5. Rob smith 6. Sambit Bal 7. Mathrubootham (Letter from a Concerned Reader) 8. Sharda Ugra 9. Osman Samiuddin Blogs to follow for CAT RC Preparation: 1. Swaminomics 2. Ramchandra Guha 3. MJ Akbar ________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►For a repository of the best CAT Questions, visit the 2IIM Question Bank - https://questions.2iim.com/ ►You like the Youtube Channel? You should check out our CAT Online Course. Visit https://online.2iim.com/, sign in as a trial user and see the best online CAT Coaching class in the Country. You can view up to 20 hours of high-quality content for CAT Online Preparation for free, and then make up your mind. ►You might wonder what other students have to say about us, visit https://quora.2iim.com. There are more than 100 reviews of the course posted on a neutral platform. ►Any other thoughts, please drop us an email at [email protected] Best wishes for CAT preparation. Team 2IIM.
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5 Ways to Read Faster That ACTUALLY Work - College Info Geek
Reading faster is possible, even if speed reading isn't always the best way to go about it. Here are 5 methods you can use to read more books in less time. Special thanks to Scott Berkun for recording a voice-over of his quote! His books are awesome and you should read them: http://scottberkun.com/books/ --------- 7 tips for reading more books ➔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiNISuM4wl0&index=3&list=PLx65qkgCWNJLglnT9x2R3Kn02NQgthgJ9 The other videos in the speed reading series: Reading science ➔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv2BdHXRD3Q&index=4&list=PLx65qkgCWNJLglnT9x2R3Kn02NQgthgJ9 Speed reading techniques examined ➔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL4WMHyUhdc&index=7&list=PLx65qkgCWNJLglnT9x2R3Kn02NQgthgJ9 --------- My book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is completely free, so check it out if you're interested in improving your grades! http://collegeinfogeek.com/get-better-grades/ Companion blog post with links to great articles on reading improvement: http://collegeinfogeek.com/increasing-reading-speed/ Essential reading list for students: http://collegeinfogeek.com/essential-books-for-students/ If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: http://buff.ly/1vQP5ar Twitter ➔ https://twitter.com/tomfrankly Instagram ➔ https://instagram.com/tomfrankly ~ created by Thomas Frank
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Business News Articles: How to Keep Readers Coming Back
To read our blog post about Business News Articles click the link https://www.profiletree.com/business-news-articles/ Writing business news articles is a great way to boost your readership. As much as readers enjoy professional business tips and advice, they still want to keep up with the most recent events. News in business is always dynamic and rapid. That is truer today than it ever was. When writing business news, you get to offer both relevant and updated stories, as well as infer from them the business advice you wish to give your readers. That will make your blog of double value to them. Readers are usually trying to get as many information from as few sources as possible. That realm, however, has become too cluttered just like most fields in the digital world. Business-related articles are in no shortage. And so it is essential if you are to run a blog of any significance, to keep in mind what readers really look for in business news articles. Do Not Focus Too Much on Numbers There is a reason behind the significance of any number you will mention in the story. One number indicates a surge in the stocks of a certain industry. Another number indicates that some startup company is on the rise and eating up market share. Write what the number implies instead of just stating the figure. People do not want to look through balance sheets whenever they read business news articles. We are usually attracted to stories, and as long as the story is compelling and relatable, we will keep reading. Storytelling simplifies otherwise complex concepts by depicting them through practical cases, thus showing them in play. Make Your Articles Conversational If a reader wants raw data on the biggest and most recent business events they can go to Bloomberg or Forbes. These are hard to compete with in terms of resources and the number of reporters that keep their feeds updated. Also, pure business textbooks are in abundance both online and offline. What makes your blog relevant is that it directly speaks to the reader. It offers them a unique perspective on news stories and touches upon only those that are relevant to them. Otherwise, it just gets lost in the cluster along with thousands of blogs that let out business news articles every day. Stories Must Have a Purpose Stacking your feed with business related articles might grant you exposure, but will not build you a loyal reader base. Readers do not usually read recent business articles unless they can relate to the content. Your articles will gain that relevance if they touch upon issues that concern the readers in their practical life. That applies to general content, and more than anything to business content. Your readers probably only mean business. Know What to Emphasize Some stories can be significant from a number of perspectives. Choose one that best fits your blog’s general identity to use as the lens of your business news articles. For example, a news story about McDonald’s latest budget statement can be significant both in terms of marketing and finance. In the latter case alone it could be important from an accountant’s perspective or that of a stockbroker. Know which lens do you want your reader to view the story through. Know who to Emphasize The perspective you will offer your readers will be complemented by the factors you decide to frame as the centre of your business news articles. Whether it is a person, a place, or an organization, you decide who or what the other elements of the story will revolve around. Do the Research for Your Readers Don’t just think that if someone is interested enough they would go and do the research themselves. People like ready knowledge capsules to just pop instantly. That is why if you do rich background research and encapsulate it in your articles with the new stories you would be the readers’ absolute favourite. Use Experts’ Quotes You might have built a degree of credibility with your readers, and you might be pretty knowledgeable in the field. However, the highest level of credibility still goes to the authority figures of every field. People still cannot help the fascination with names that show up on TV and big media outlets. That is why you need to throw in some quotes that will back your narrative. If you are still new, that will give you the credibility you want. Readers trust writers more the less they sense any arbitrariness in their content. Never forget to attribute these quotes to their original sources, though. If such quotes are not available for the topic of a new business article, conducting your own interviews to get them would boost your readership like nothing else. Being a source of exclusive commentary takes you to a whole other level of the competition. Profiletree Services https://www.profiletree.com/services/video-marketing/ https://www.profiletree.com/services/content-marketing/ https://www.profiletree.com/services/search-engine-optimization/ stock market news
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احفظ مقالاتك على اي متصفح بدون انترنت برنامج رهيب حمله الان (article reader)
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Kindle vs paper books
The 2017 Kindle Oasis is a great Kindle. But there’s something to be said about paper books, especially in the age of digital distraction. Lauren Goode debates in the latest episode of Versus. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/lfcGfq Visit our playlists: https://goo.gl/94XbKx Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com
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3 Proven Methods to Make Money Online by Blogging (Writing Articles)
hello everyone!! In this video, i will explain how to make money online by blogging (or writing articles). Yes, it is absolutely possible to earn money by blogging. In this video, I will share three proven methods by which you can start earning from your amazing writing skills. But what kind of blogs should I write? A lot of folks hesitate to write. One of the most common reason why people don’t write blogs is because they are always concerned about someone else’s point of view on them. Now when I say blogging, its not essential that you write inspirational or a controversial content. It can as simple as “how to take care of your dog’s health”or may be “Top 5 places to visit in London”. As simple as that. So please don’t hesitate to write anything you know.. I mean literally anything.!! let’s start looking at the 3 methods by which you can earn from your writings. 1. Blogging on freelance websites. There are a lot of popular freelancing sites such as upwork, fiverr, and freelancer. Let’s take an example of fiverr. The first thing you need to do is create an account in fiverr and create a gig . It should preferably include your photo and a description like “I will write an SEO friendly 500 word article on almost any topic for just 5 dollars”. Yes 5 dollars is a very small amount to charge. But let me tell you that as your reputation starts to grow in these platforms and as more people give you a good rating, you can gradually increase the amount to 10 dollars, 20 dollars or even 100 dollars per article. The disadvantage of writing blogs on freelance sites is that it generates active income. So What is active income? – Active income is income which will be generated only when you keep working. So that means, to earn money on freelance sites,you should keep writing articles. If you stop writing, you stop making money. So is there a way to make money even after you stop writing??. Yes, that kind of income is called as passive income. The next two methods will help you generate passive income. 2. writing blogs on blogging platforms like Blogger and Medium. Platforms like blogger.com and Medium allows you to write blogs on their platform. Let’s take blogger for example. Blogger.com is a product from google. All you need to do is sign up on blogger.com with your gmail id and you are good start writing on their platform. But how do you make money by writing on blogger.com? Google offers a program called as ‘Adsense’.With adsense, google places ads around your article. So when a reader who is reading your blogs,is interested in one of these ads and clicks on them, you will make a commission.Medium has a subscription based model where readers will be paying to read your content if you write really good content. Disadvantage is that they can suspend your account anytime if they feel you are violating any of their rule. Yes, you should be very careful in the topics you choose, the links that you put on your articles because if you violate any of their rule, there is a very high chance that your account gets suspended and you will stop making money. The third method will be helpful in this regard. 3. blogging on your own server and domain Yes, you can purchase your own server and a custom domain name (example: catsanddogs.com). Domain is not enough. You need to purchase a hosting plan (hosting is basically a storage space allocated to you on server so that you can upload your images, videos or other files). There are lot of domain and hosting providers. Popular among them are Bluehost and Hostgator. They basically have 3 types of hosting – Shared hosting, VPN hosting and Dedicated hosting. As a beginner, since you will not have much visitors to your blogs, it is better to choose shared hosting since it is the cheapest of them all. As number of visitors increase, you can switch to VPN or dedicated hosting any time you want. The hosting and domain will cost you like around $3 per month. I suggest to purchase the plan for atleast 3 years. Ok what to do after purchasing a domain and hosting plan?? Once you have purchased the domain and a hosting plan, login to the dashboard (also called cpanel). There will be an option to install wordpress. Click on it and install wordpress. So what the heck is wordpress? Wordpress is like a blogging software. Once installed on your domain and server, you can simply log in and start writing your blogs. There is a ton of support on how to write blogs on wordpress which you can refer later. Ok I purchased domain, hosting plan, installed wordpress and writing blogs. How do i make money now?? You can apply for adsense or media.net program to start placing ads on your blogs. There is also on more way to make money. It is called affiliate marketing. You can basically promote certain products on your blogs and earn commission each time someone purchases a product from a link on your website. Amazon has one such affiliate marketing program. Music: Bensound
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Finding Your Best Articles & Improving Reader Engagement | TNG #6 TASK
Using Google Analytics, we want to help you find your best post...and make it even better! Add some internal links to help keep people on your site for longer, and let us know how you get on. Shownotes for summary, resources & the full episode: https://NumbersGame.me Subscribe to the Podcast on: - iTunes: http://podhost.me/ngitunes-yt - Stitcher: http://podhost.me/ngstitcher-yt - Android/RSS: http://podhost.me/ngrss-yt Subscribe to these videos: http://podhost.me/youtube-yt — More from Colin & Matthew at The Podcast Host: - Podcraft - http://podhost.me/podcraft-yt - Blog - http://podhost.me/blog-yt - Instagram - http://podhost.me/insta-yt - Twitter - http://podhost.me/twit-yt - Facebook - http://podhost.me/fb-yt -- Want to Start a Podcast? FULL GUIDE - http://podhost.me/start-yt Our Favourite Podcasting equipment - http://podhost.me/kit-yt How to Build a Podcasting (& blogging) Website - http://podhost.me/website-yt — Looking for the best kit for podcasting, video or audio production? Best Podcast Microphones - http://podhost.me/mics-yt Best Podcast Mixers - http://podhost.me/mix-yt Best Podcast Recorders - http://podhost.me/record-yt
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How to Improve Your English Writing - English Writing Lesson
Learn some simple but effective ways to improve your English writing in this lesson. You can see the full lesson (which includes the text and a quiz to help you practice) here: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/improve-english-writing Contents: 1. Understand your audience 0:33 2. Plan your writing 3:12 3. Organise your ideas into clear paragraphs 5:55 4. Cut empty words and sentences 8:14 5. Use short, simple sentences where possible 11:49 Improving your English writing is hard. Even native speakers find it difficult to write well in English. However, whatever level your English is, and whatever you're trying to write, there are some simple ways to make your English writing clearer and more natural. You can learn how to: - Plan your English writing and set goals for yourself. - Understand your reader and what he/she wants from your writing. - Organize your writing into paragraphs to make your writing focused. - Write in clear, natural-sounding English without wasting words. See more of our free English lessons here: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/free-english-lessons A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!
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IELTS – 3 Reading Strategies
Is the IELTS Reading section very challenging for you? Can't finish all the readings and questions before the time is up? In this lesson, you will learn three approaches to the IELTS Reading section and their pros and cons. The goal of this lesson is to help you finish the test on time without compromising your understanding of the readings. Learn how to read less while answering more questions correctly. After watching, make sure to do the quiz to test your understanding. Good luck on your test! https://www.engvid.com/ielts-3-reading-strategies/ https://www.GoodLuckIELTS.com/ https://www.writetotop.com/ WATCH NEXT IELTS Writing: The 3 Essay Types https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ-Vyqxn1To TRANSCRIPT Hi again. Welcome back to www.engvid.com. I'm Adam. Today's lesson is about IELTS. As usual, with IELTS lessons, I will be speaking a little bit faster than normal. It's good for your listening practice. But if you're not taking the IELTS, you can still listen and try to follow us as we go through this section. So, let's begin. Today, I'm going to look at the IELTS reading section. I'm going to look at three different approaches to tackling the IELTS reading section. Students always ask me: "What should I do with the reading? How do I do it? How can I finish on time? How can I answer more questions?" Right? So I'm going to give you three approaches, three different ways to try to do the IELTS. Okay? We're going to look at three different ways. They're completely different from each other. The most important thing I want to tell you before we start: you have to know what works for you. Okay? One of these approaches will work for you; the others may not. Practice all three. If you're comfortable with one and it seems to work for you, and your score seems to be getting better, stick with that one and practice that one. Don't try to do all three each time. Figure out which one works, and just practice that one the most. Okay? The most obvious one and the first one we're going to talk about: read the entire passage, and then tackle the questions. Now, a few things to say, good and bad, about this approach. So, you have 20 minutes, let's say, that you're going to start from the first passage, you're going to do about 17 minutes; the second passage, you're going to spend 20 minutes; the last passage, you're going to spend 23, 24, 25 minutes. So, you have to do this very fast. So: can you read the entire passage and do the questions in that timeframe? Okay? That's the question you must ask yourself. Are you a fast reader? Can you comprehend everything you're reading? How is your vocabulary? Things like this. Some people, they must read everything, from beginning to end, and then go to the questions. But they can also keep; they can retain the information they've read, so when they go to the questions, they know where to go back and look for the answers. Now, the good part about this is that you have all the information in your head once you've read the entire passage. The bad part is that you're going to be reading the passage twice. Okay? Or not the whole passage, but you're going to read big chunks of the passage twice. You'll have read it the first time, you'll go to the questions, and then you'll be reading again to find the answers, because you're looking for specific words now. When you get to the questions, sometimes it's only one word difference from what you read in the passage. So, do I recommend this? Yes and no. If you're a fast reader and you can comprehend, then yes, do that. If you're not a fast reader, then no, don't do this. You'll be wasting too much time and reading more than you need to. What I'm going to do with these two approaches is show you how to read less. So you don't need to read the entire passage; you just need to read the areas that contain the answers to the questions. So, the second approach: go straight to the questions. You look at the question. First of all, understand the type of the question. Is it a multiple choice? Is it a fill-in-the-blank, like a summary? Are you looking for like headings for each paragraph? Are you looking for the title? Etc. Figure out what you're looking for, read the question carefully, pick out the keywords in the question or the key idea in the question, and then scan the passage. Don't read the passage. Just quickly look everywhere for where that information ought to be.
Classical Music for Reading - Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky...
♫ Buy the MP3 album on the Official Halidon Music Store: http://bit.ly/2OH1mxU 🎧 Listen to our playlist on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2mUkjPI 🍎 Apple Music / iTunes: https://apple.co/2H76efy ▶▶ Order “Music for Reading” (2CDs) on Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/MusicforReading ▶▶ eBay: https://bit.ly/2MhHm4h These tracks are available for sync licensing in web video productions, corporate videos, films, ads and music compilations. For further information and licensing please contact [email protected] Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halidonmusic CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR READING 01 Saint-Saens - The Carnival of the Animals: XIII, The Swan 00:00 02 Debussy - 2 Arabesques: No. 1, Andantino con moto 02:38 03 Satie - Trois Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent et doloreux 06:44 04 Chopin - Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-flat major 09:32 05 Debussy - Suite Bergamasque, L. 75: III. Clair de Lune 13:51 06 Faulkner - Daydreaming 18:34 07 Yiruma - River Flows in You (Live Recording) 21:30 08 Einaudi - Le Onde 24:32 09 Chopin - Douze Etudes, Op. 25: No. 1 "Aeolian Harp" 27:39 10 Liszt - Consolations, S. 172: No. 3, Lento placido 30:07 11 Debussy - Rêverie, L. 68 34:09 12 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 5, May. White Nights 38:22 13 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 6, June. Barcarolle 42:59 14 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 12, December. Christmas 48:14 15 Mozart - Rondò in D major, K. 485 (Live Recording) 52:43 16 Galuppi - Piano Sonata No. 5 in C Major: I. Andante (Live Recording) 59:24 17 Costantini - Elegia 1:04:36 18 Sakamoto - Energy Flow 1:06:52 19 Sakamoto - Aqua 1:10:27 20 Einaudi - Nefeli 1:13:57 21 Faulkner - Ballade 1:17:43 22 Faulkner - Springtime 1:20:36 23 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 1 in D Major, Op. 6: I. Largo 1:23:40 24 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: I. Preludio 1:26:35 25 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: III. Corrente 1:28:42 26 Telemann - Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9: I. Largo 1:30:36 27 Barrière - 6 Cello Sonatas: No. 4 in G Major: I. Andante 1:34:10 28 Telemann - Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9: IV. Presto 1:38:55 29 Stamitz - Sinfonia Concertante in D Major: II. Romanza 1:42:01 30 Trad. - Greensleves (with variations) [Arr. for Cello and Violin] 1:48:34 31 Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche (Arr. for Two Cellos) 1:52:02 32 Faulkner - New Beginning 1:58:33 33 Mozart/Liszt - Ave Verum Corpus, S. 44 2:02:38 34 Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545 "For Beginners": II. Andante 2:04:58 35 Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 17 in B-Flat Major, K. 570: II. Adagio 2:08:43 36 Liszt - Liebesträume, S. 541: No. 3 in A-Flat Major 2:15:50 37 Schumann - Kinderszenen, Op. 15: No. 7, Träumerei 2:21:36 38 Debussy - Préludes, Premier livre, L. 117: No. 8, La fille aux cheveux de lin 2:24:53 Track 1 performed by Sarah Joy (cello) & Kathy Hohstadt (piano) Tracks 2, 4-7, 10, 11, 21, 22 & 32 performed by Luke Faulkner Tracks 3, 8, 17-20, 33-35 performed by Carlo Balzaretti (solo piano) Tracks 9 & 36-38 performed by Giovanni Umberto Battel (solo piano) Tracks 12-16 performed by Vadim Chaimovich (solo piano) Tracks 23-25 performed by Kiev Chamber Orchestra, Liviu Buiuc Tracks 26, 28 & 29 performed by Giovanni Antonioni (viola), Warmia Symphony Orchestra, Silvano Frontalini Tracks 27 & 31 performed by Mr & Mrs Cello Track 30 performed by Duo.Hansen Cover picture: https://pixabay.com/it/narrativa-storia-sogno-raccontare-794978 Thank you so much for watching this video by Halidon Music channel, we hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to share it and subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic #classicalmusic #musicforreading
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10 Tips to Improve Your Reading Comprehension
10 Tips to Improve Your Reading Comprehension 1. "Never read a book without a pen in your hand." ~ Benjamin Franklin - That's great advice whether you write in your books or take notes in a notebook. Personally, I write, scribble, highlight, argue and draw symbols in all my books. 2. Read a whole paragraph / section BEFORE you stop to highlight or take a note. Don't stop right when you see something interesting; keep reading to get the "big picture" or context of what stood out to you. Then "reread" when you make your notes. 3. Read important sections out loud. A person reads much slower when you read out loud than when you read silently, but studies show that if you read out loud, you tend to retain things better because you're engaging multiple senses (hearing and seeing). 4. Read silently with quick "check-marks." There are times when you should read silently and simply use a pencil to "check" sections in the margins you want to go back and reread later. This will help you get through a book quicker without being distracted by stopping to highlight or write. 5. Explain what you read. When you finish a chapter / section of a book, take a break and "think" about what you've read and, in your mind, "explain it" to someone. See if you can structure your thoughts so as to be able to repeat back to someone what you've read. This is a great exercise. I do this A LOT when I read - and actually "talk through it" out loud to myself walking around my office or in the car. 6. Learn to "X-ray" a book by reviewing the Table of Contents and only reading the sections / chapters that will be benefit you. And don't feel like you have to read an entire book. 7. Pay attention to summary words - "therefore" or "as a result" or "in conclusion." When you see a summary / conclusion word, make sure you understand the author's points and argument that has led to his conclusion. 8. Circle / Underline key words in a sentence. 9. Mark words you don't know - and look them up! If you have a Kindle this is much easier. Looking up words you don't know increases your understanding of the author's intent, but it also increases your vocabulary! 10. You should read How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren. This is a "must read" book! You can get a great price on it at Amazon or WTSBooks.com.
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3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages
Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL 3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages https://youtu.be/UZTyrNVRhFA Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist One of these 3 ways to embed PDFs on your website will work for you. They are all very different both in how to embed the PDFs and how your visitors will experience them. Subscribe to this awesome channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab
App Of The Week - Read It Later (Synched offline article reader)
Read it Later is a cross-platform synchronised offline article reader service which allows you to save pages you find on the internet to "Read Later" either on your computer, your smartphone or on the Read It Later website. NOTE: Read it Later is now called Pocket. Sign up here: http://getpocket.com (Original upload date: 12/July/2010) Check out my social networks! Twitter: http://twitter.com/danwantstech Facebook: http://facebook.com/danwantstech Instagram: http://instagram.com/danwantstech http://danwantstech.com © DanWantsTech 2010
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DIGG RSS Reader Tutorial for MTG Articles
RSS Reader Tutorial. I have never set up an RSS Reader before and was amazed at how simple it was on Digg.com. In this episode, we create an account on Digg.com so that we can have a central location to read Magic the Gathering articles from several different websites. Letting my nerdiness shine in my first ever YouTube video!
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READING COMPREHENSION in Exams, Tests - Strategies, Tips and Tricks - Building Reading Skills
In this lesson, you will learn strategies for READING COMPREHENSION exercises in exams and tests. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ★★★ Also check out ★★★ ➜ PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWr1HXqRKC0&index=1&list=PLmwr9polMHwsRNZW607CtVZhg_SzsbiJw ➜ ALL TENSES Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsRNZW607CtVZhg_SzsbiJw ➜ PARTS OF SPEECH Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ALL GRAMMAR LESSONS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ➜ VERBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LciKb0uuFEc&index=2&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ NOUNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sBYpxaDOPo&index=3&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ PRONOUNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCrAJB4VohA&index=4&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ADJECTIVES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnmeV6RYcf0&index=5&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ADVERBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKL26Gji4UY&index=6&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 Transcript: Hello and welcome back. This lesson comes from a request by Aditya from Maharashtra, India. Aditya says he is preparing for a competitive exam and he has to do reading comprehension exercises as part of the exam, and he wants to know the best way to do these. Before we start, if you want to request a lesson, just leave a comment. In your comment, tell me your name, and I will mention you in the video. OK, in this lesson I will give you some important tips and strategies for reading comprehension exercises. I will give you a reading plan that you can follow, and there are exercises in this lesson for you to practice. Alright, now my teaching experience is mostly with exams like the IELTS and TOEFL, but the tips that I give you in this lesson will help you in any exam situation. So the first thing is: when it comes to reading in an exam, budget your time. That means: you should know how many reading passages there are in the exam, how many exercises there are and how much time you have. In the IELTS exam, for example, there are three reading passages and you have one hour to do all of them. So then divide your time amongst those passages – for IELTS, you might spend roughly 20 minutes per passage. In some exams, one passage might be shorter or easier, and another passage might be longer or more difficult. In that case, obviously, you should plan to spend less time on the short passage, and more time on the long passage. And you should time yourself – if you are allowed to wear a watch in your exam, look at your watch and keep track of the time. If you plan for 20 minutes per passage, stick to that plan. Now, if you’re not allowed to wear a watch, then use the clock in the room or hall, or ask the invigilators how much time you have left. Alright, that’s the first thing: budgeting your time. So now the exam starts – and you have the first reading passage in front of you – what do you do? Well, I’ll tell you what you should NOT do – don’t start at the beginning and read slowly to the finish. Many students do this – and the problem is that when you get to the end, you will have forgotten a lot of the details in the middle, and when you read the questions, you have to go back and read the passage again to find the answers. Instead, here’s the plan that you should follow: your first step in reading should be to skim the passage. What does that mean? Well, skimming is actually something that we do with milk. It’s when you heat or boil milk, and the fat rises to the top in the form of cream. Removing that layer of fat is called skimming. When it comes to reading, skimming means to read the surface of the text quickly to understand the overall message. So if there’s a heading or title to the passage, and if there are subheadings, read all of these first. They will tell you the subject of the text. Then read the first sentence of each paragraph – they will give you a good idea of the overall message. Let’s practice this. You see two paragraphs on the screen, but only the first sentence in each paragraph is visible. Stop the video, read the sentences and try to understand the main topic in each paragraph. Alright, so what do you think the topic of the whole passage might be? It could be the negative effects of social media on children. What about the first paragraph? What is it about? Well it says that using social media can affect a child’s writing skills. And the second paragraph? It says that some people don’t agree with this – that is, the first paragraph – for two reasons: scientific reasons and practical reasons (pragmatic).
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Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'
Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant. Tips for using online banking more safely can be found at http://safeinternetbanking.be
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How to improve your English writing skills? - Free English lesson
✅ https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI 👉 Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? How to improve your English writing skills? - Free English lesson I will share easy and quick tips that will improve writing in formal and academic settings. • Avoid using contractions – Do not use contractions while constructing your sentences, esp. if you are writing a business email or formal letters i.e. words like don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, haven’t should be avoided. • Avoid there are/ there is – It will make your sentence more lengthy and boring to read. e.g There are many problems in her class (incorrect) Her class is facing many problems. (Correct) There is an exhibition at the hotel. (Incorrect) The hotel is holding an exhibition. (Correct) • Avoid using unnecessary words in your sentences like very; really, a lot instead use better vocabulary. It will definitely not change the meaning of your sentence but will make it sound interesting. Students think literature is very hard. Students think literature is difficult. • Make use of strong verbs – It will make your sentence sound more appropriate and concrete. He gave assistance to my friend. (weak verb) My friend assisted him. (Strong verb)
Read, Understand, and Remember! Improve your reading skills with the KWL Method
Is it difficult for you to understand or remember what you read? In this video, I will teach you an easy method that will help you become better at reading difficult material such as textbooks and journal articles. It is known as the "KWL" reading method. You will also remember more of what you read by using this method. If you plan to study at an English school, college, or university, this method will really help you. You can also use this method to help you in the IELTS and TOEFL exams. Try the KWL method yourself and tell me how it works for you in the comments! Take the quiz! https://www.engvid.com/kwl-reading-method/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video I am going to teach you how to be a better reader. So I want you to think about your life. Are there any things that are very difficult for you to read? Maybe you have to read something in English and you really don't understand what's happening in the story. Or maybe you're in university and you're taking a very hard course and you can't read the textbook because it's really difficult and you don't know what's happening. Well, if you're having difficulty reading or even if you just want to remember what you read more and be a better studier, this video is for you. So first let's look at some things students might be reading that might be causing difficulty. Some students in their universities they have to read textbooks. If you go to university or college, or also high school, you have to do a lot of reading and you have to do a lot of complicated reading, especially for sciences, maths, history. So, this is a very good method. I'm going to teach you how to read these books better. Newspapers. Sometimes you'll be reading the newspaper and it's difficult, especially in another language. So if you're reading a newspaper and, you know, you want to be better at reading it, this video is for you. Internet sources. There's a lot of great things on the internet to read, and so this will also help you if you look reading things from the internet. Magazines. Journals, for anyone who's a professional, whether you're a doctor, a nurse, a historian, or if you're in university or college, a lot of the times you have to read something called a journal, which is something for professionals to read about their field. So it's usually modern research. These things can be very difficult to read, so if you're reading these, this is a great technique for you. If you're doing the TOEFL or IELTS. Although I wouldn't recommend using this technique on the actual exam, I think it's great for your practice tests and I'll tell you why a bit later. So you can use this when you're practicing for the TOEFL and IELTS. And finally, if you're reading Shakespeare. When I read Shakespeare I had no idea what was going on. It was very confusing, all of the old English. I found it very difficult to read. There are also a lot of books that can be very, very hard to read. So these techniques will really work for you for any of these situations and many more. So before I teach you about the KWL technique, I just want you to think about reading for a second. Okay? A lot of people when they pick up a book, that's all they do. They open it up and they start reading right away, and then they close the book and then a lot of the times they don't really remember anything they read or they don't understand what they read. So it's a lot of wasted time. I like to think of reading how I think of jogging or running. So if we look here, I have the word "running" or "jogging". If you like exercise, any type of exercise kind of follows this format. So, reading is a lot like running. What a good reader does is they have a warm up period. So if you think about running, before you go running you usually stretch. Maybe you'll do a little bit of movement to get your heart pumped. So you don't just start running. You do a warm up. The same is true with reading. The best reading... The best readers usually do a warm up. For exercise, people then usually run or jog for a certain amount of time, and then afterwards they have what we call a cooldown period. So, "cooldown" is usually when somebody wants to slow their heartrate, so maybe they walk instead of run, maybe they do more stretches, but they don't just stop what they're doing. They slowly, you know, do slower activities before they stop jogging or running. So if you think about reading like exercise, you should also have a warm up, and then you read, and then the cooldown. This is the meat. This is the main idea of the KWL method, and I'm going to teach you exactly how we can do all of this when we read.
5 Active Reading Strategies for Textbook Assignments - College Info Geek
...plus three books I'm reading, and how I'm applying said strategies. My book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is now out and it's free! Get it here: http://collegeinfogeek.com/get-better-grades/ Connect with me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/TomFrankly If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: http://buff.ly/1vQP5ar Companion blog post with notes, resource links, and the HabitRPG guild link: http://collegeinfogeek.com/active-reading/
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How to solve facebook instant article Minimal reader Error  Urdu and Hindi
Facebook instant article latest comments and solutions : https://github.com/Automattic/facebook-instant-articles-wp/issues/925 Must Read Facebook instant article policy : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles/policy/
Little Known Article Marketing Strategy
http://workwithrobertdorsey.com/article-marketing-strategy Little-Known Article Marketing Strategy - for Traffic and Sales Article marketing research when creating your content articles is no different for your article marketing strategy whether you are writing for distribution to an article marketing directory or for your own website. This should be an underlying element in which you provide valuable content within your article marketing strategy. How to structure Articles for Article Business Strategy for maximum benefit. The use of keywords and keyword phrases is crucial for each and every article, and keyword and keyword phrase selection for article advertising is how readers on Google find you, giving you highly targeted traffic to your site. What Is Needed for a Well Written Article The best article strategic planning for writing your articles is to include lots of short paragraphs that are written in everyday language and that means not employing too many complicated words that your reader might not comprehend. White space is extremely critical too for article market segmentation. Your reader really should not be confronted with something that looks like a thesis. Headings are very crucial in articles - they should be short and eye-catching. The Meat of Your Article You should use your keywords once at the beginning of your article, several times within the general body of the text, and once again within the final sentence. The majority of people are online trying to find answers to troubles or questions they have, so you must make your article informative and useful, leading the reader down towards the bottom of the page exactly where your bio box is. In the bio box there really should be a call to action, encouraging the reader to click through for further information. Maintain an eye on your stats occasionally and see which articles are finding the most readers, that way it is possible to write further articles in that style. A good article marketing mix includes using bullet points which also makes a page of written text look a lot more appealing and effortless to read. Article Marketing Strategy Summary When you have drafted your first article, reword it or "spin" it and submit it to 100s of other article marketing directories. The purpose of rewriting them is so that each and every article is different in each article directory you submit it to. If your content article is considered to be a duplicate, Google will only index one version of that article and disregard the any extra copies. This needs to be a significant factor in your article marketing strategy. Click on the following link for more information on using a proven marketing system to take your online business to the next level: http://residualincomeforfreedom.com/articles/myleadsystempro-system-review-25047/?c=75366
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Python AWS Polly Hacker News Article Reader (demo)
Skip to 0:24 From 0:00 that was me initiating the script manually through commmand line (SSH) and it takes about 20 seconds to generate the 10 audio files visiting 10 links (making 11 http requests) not including the requests to AWS Polly and then delay from unoptimized code. Repository: https://github.com/jdc-cunningham/python_aws_polly_hacker_news_article_reader This is a demo of the script running, it grabs the top 10 articles at the time the script runs from Hacker News using their API and then sends it to AWS Polly to return audio files which are then played by Raspberry Pi Zero this all happens on the Raspberry Pi using the crontab event scheduler. I have a Pi Zero so I had to use a low pass filter to output sound through Pin 13, I followed a tutorial from Adafruit
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The end (of an article/video) is just the beginning: the significance of online comments
In the old world of print-only newspaper journalism, once a journalist had sent his/her article to the editor it was job done and time to head to the bar. Feedback meant one of three things; a rocket from the editor for shoddy work, congratulations from colleagues or the once-in-a-blue-moon publication on the Letters Page of one reader's thoughts on your article. Digital journalism has swept all this away, making publication merely an intermediate stage in the life of an article. But what are the real advantages of opening up an article to reader feedback? How should comments be moderated? And how important is the creation of an active and motivated community?
10th Article of Faith Audio
10th Article of Faith Audio . Listen to Scriptures Online and Stay connected with Book of Mormon Reader!!! Listen LIVE To Book of Mormon Reader on Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bookofmormonreader itunes YouTube http://www.youtube.com/BookofMormonReader Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BookofMormonReader Mormon.org http://mormon.org/me/8K7T/DianneAKABookofMormonReader Pinterest http://pinterest.com/bookofmormonrdr/ Twitter https://twitter.com/BookofMormonRDR Let's FLOOD The Earth together!
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Article Marketing Services
http://articlewritingservicesbyqlm.com/ A professional article writing service that provides SEO optimized content for smart marketers Article Marketing Advice For The New Marketer -- By Henry Smith One of the fastest and simplest ways for businesses to attract new customers is by using article marketing. It involves writing articles based around a topic related to the business' product or service. Before you use article marketing, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The article below will give you advice on article marketing. If you want to be successful with article marketing, you have to be prepared to write a lot of articles. One mistake that many newcomers make is thinking they can just throw up one or two articles and the traffic will come. The reality is that in most cases you need to write and publish a steady stream of articles to get to the point where you have consistent, reliable traffic. Article Writing Services Boost Your Online Presence Quality Articles Quick Turnaround Go to http://articlewritingservicesbyqlm.com/ Make your articles informative, but do not give too much away. If your articles contain no useful information or advice and are basically spam, readers will assume that your website is similar and will be unlikely to visit. On the other-hand, if your article contains too much information, readers will have no reason to visit your website. Consider running your articles in a blog format and not pitching a product in every article. People will read quality articles, but they will tire of constant marketing. If you place your call to action, in every fourth or fifth article, it can drive more conversions than if you are beating the marketing drum in every post. Avoid proof reading and spell checking while you are in the process of writing. If you are starting and stopping every 3 minutes to check it over, you are never going to get anything done. Just sit down and write. When you are done, then you start the process of editing and correcting issues. Article Writing Services Boost Your Online Presence Quality Articles Quick Turnaround Go to http://articlewritingservicesbyqlm.com/ A great tip when promoting your online articles is to always cross-link your articles; however, you should always make sure you include a link back to your blog. This is done in case you are limited to a particular number of links. Bringing potential new readers to your site is the most important thing. Articles need to be very easy to read, so remember that the Enter key is your friend. A long, drawn out paragraph is only going to make your content difficult to read. Pressing the Enter key is absolutely free and it won't even hurt your fingers pressing it! Isn't it amazing? Make sure you break things up properly. Consider 600 words as an absolute hard ceiling for articles written for article marketing use. The whole style of online articles is dictated by the abbreviated attention span of the online reader, and overall length is no different. If 600 words is insufficient for the subject of an article, its focus probably needs to be narrowed down. If you want to raise your chances of your article being found by searches, don't make the mistake of publishing it in more than one place. Far better to publish it once, under a single URL, and linking to it with tags from other locations. This is because Google's way of ranking pages in searches is based on the number and quality of links to a single page. The more times your page appears, the more places those links will accumulate, and the weaker your search results will be. As stated before, article marketing is one of the simplest and fastest ways for businesses to attract new customers. Article marketing uses articles written by businesses that feature a topic relative to their product. There are a few things you should remember when using article marketing, and if you remember the advice from this article, then you can put article marketing to good use. Henry Smith Article Writing Services Boost Your Online Presence Quality Articles Quick Turnaround Go to http://articlewritingservicesbyqlm.com/
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Save Web Articles for Offline Reading Just by Taking Screenshots - iOS [How-To]
Save an Article for Offline Reading with a Screenshot [iOS] Full Tutorial: http:/gadgethacks.com/how-to/save-article-for-offline-reading-by-simply-taking-screenshot-your-ios-device-0156261/ Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: http://goo.gl/XagVI In this tutorial, I will be showing you Sight, an iOS application that helps organize all of the web articles you're reading on your iPad or iPhone with a simple screenshot. Just screenshot an article you find online and Sight saves it offline for you to read later. For more information and download links, check out the full tutorial over on Gadget Hacks using the link above.
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Gentle Reader Browser Extension Demo
You are the Gentle Reader This app is for you. It civilises the experience of online reading. Use Gentle Reader to — Browse articles from almost any publication or website — Bookmark articles for reading later — See what people with similar reading habits to you are also reading All in elegant plain text. If you think that sounds like a mashup of Google Reader, Pinboard and Instapaper, then we’re thinking the same way. Browsing, bookmarking and saving are the one-two-three of serious reading. They flow together. Gentle Reader brings them together. And that’s where the magic begins.   Once you start reading and bookmarking on Gentle Reader, you can ask Gentle Reader to find other readers with very similar reading habits to yours, and then to show you what other articles they are also reading. Just think about that for a moment.  Alone, you can read widely. Together, we can read everything. This is collective intelligence, with no artificial ingredients.
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Instapaper Pro for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch - Offline Web reader, link saver (Review)
Instapaper is a free cloud service to help save Web articles and links for later reader. The companion apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch make for easy reading on the go. http://www.instapaper.com/
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New Text to Speech Reader Online Tool
T-T-S (Text To Speech) Reader (http://ttsreader.com) A Web app that works great both on Chrome and Safari. No need to download or install. No annoying login either. Simply paste the text and click "play". T-T-S-Reader remembers its last text and position. So that you can stop and then come back to listening, right where you previously left it. All with a single click. Works on mobile too. Which makes it ideal for listening to articles and books while driving, travelling, exercising, working and more. Once the page is loaded, no data connection is needed. This way it saves you data roaming costs. And you can use it where bad connection, or, no available connection at all. A lot of fun for kids, as it both reads stories and highlights the spoken text. You can also use it to listen to foreign languages. That way, exercise both your comprehension and pronunciation in foreign languages. Did we mention it's completely free?
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Writing Quality Articles to Make Money Online
HERE! The Link: http://SystemToMakeMoneyOnline.com/GUARANTEED If you are interested in making money online, you may want to know how to do it with the help of article marketing. There are various ways of promoting a product or website and article marketing is an effective way. The more people you direct to a website or sales page the more money you will be making each day. In case you use a website that helps in the promotion of a product, writing articles will provide more opportunities in increasing the traffic to your website. You can easily create backlinks by submitting articles to article directories. If you want articles of good quality and content on your website, the best option is to look for a professional writer who would work on them. However, this option has the drawback of increasing your overall expenses to a great extent, especially in the case of people who have just started working online. Thus, in such a case, a wiser option would be to work on the articles yourself as this would help you save money. Quality content is what grabs the attention of your visitors and can help you a lot in making money online. If you have decided to write your own articles, make sure you have made this decision by choice and not because you have no other option. The quality of your articles is going to matter to a lot, as it would decide the number of people who not only visit but also stay on your website for a long time. If you have decided to promote a product by writing your own articles, keep a few basic tips in mind such as that of keeping the content of the article simple. You neither want to confuse your readers nor annoy them by using difficult vocabulary and phrases. Make sure your articles are easy to comprehend and do not consume much of your reader's time. The aim of the articles is not to scare the visitors away, but to provide information related to the product in the most organized and simple form possible. Do not complicate your articles so that the readers lose interest due to the fact that they do not know where the article seems to be heading. Make your articles interesting to read and you will see the wonders it is going to do to your website and online money making process. It is easy to make money online if you keep things simple. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6875493
How to Read Your Textbooks More Efficiently - College Info Geek
Don't be a textbook zombie. Companion blog post with notes, resource links, and the HabitRPG guild link: http://collegeinfogeek.com/how-to-read-a-textbook/ Connect with me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/TomFrankly If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: http://buff.ly/1vQP5ar For even more awesome stuff - including a free chapter of my book on hacking productivity - join the College Info Geek newsletter! http://collegeinfogeek.com/newsletter/
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Article marketing - Tips to Write Articles.
Learn more: https://trungkien-vn.com/online-marketing/ Article marketing - Tips to Write Articles. What type of article should you write? Were you even aware that there are different types? There are! In fact, there are five types of articles: the tips article, the story article, the personal experience article, the facts article, and the recommendation article. Let’s take a look at each type. The tips article is of course an article that provides the readers with tips on a particular subject, such as how to quit smoking or how to design a website that converts well. The tips may be numbered, or laid out with bullets, and the title should include the number of tips that will be covered, such as ten tips to help you stop smoking now. The story article is exactly what it says. It is used to tell a story that is not necessarily the writers own personal experience. The story may be true or it may be fiction, but it will almost always be about somebody else. The trick is to keep the reader reading! The personal experience article will be about you and an experience that you have had that relates to your niche market in some way. For instance, ‘How I stopped Smoking’ would most likely be a personal experience article. The facts article is simply an article that informs, using proven facts for content. For instance, “What Smoking Does To Your Body” would be a facts article, because you have medical science and research to draw from to provide content and back that content up with scientific proof. Finally, there is the recommendation article. You must be very careful with a recommendation article. These are used to promote a product, but the content of the article must be informative in nature. For instance, if you are recommending a patch to help one stop smoking, the article cannot be ‘salesy’ in nature. It must inform. For example, you might discuss the problem of skin irritations with such patches, and use facts or your own personal experience to show that a particular patch doesn’t cause the irritation that others do. Many writers often combine different types of articles into one article. You can do this as long as you don’t run over 750 words in length. The important thing is to choose the article that you need to convey your message and get readers to visit your website. And if you want to achieve your article marketing goals, I recommend you click the link in the description to discover how to become more of an influence in article marketing and get more traffic. And if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus. Thank you for watching and see you next time. This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions: https://app.contentsamurai.com/cc/181567
Discover Article Marketing And Find Out How To Get More Exposure.
https://whitepapermage.com has more information. Check us out today! More and more people are starting to find that online advertising is a great way in which they can make money and actually build a legitimate business. There are countless ways to get ads to people via the Internet, and one of the best ways is to become an article marketer. Here are some tips to help you out. Try to write material that is not going to become dated within a month or even a year. Do not write something that only applies to today. Engage your readers so that they get something out of your work even if it was written a long time ago. By having great material for all of your articles, you will be able to attract new viewers if they come across your older articles. Make sure that your articles are valuable to the reader. Potential buyers don't want to waste their time reading an article that isn't going to benefit them in any way. They want to walk away as a better-informed consumer. If you are meeting their needs with your articles, they'll look forward to reading more of them. Try and write short paragraphs. The faster you can give readers information, the more likely it is for them to continue to read. Keeping your article short and to the point will keep your readers happy. Continue to regularly post new articles. Search engines base how often they check your site on how often you post new content. Posing new content makes search engines index your website more frequently, placing them higher in rankings. As you have just read above, there are many ways you may have never thought of when it comes to writing and distributing your articles, in order to entice traffic or to promote your website. If you can follow these methods, you can start to increase your business's size and profile in no time.
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Screen Reader Basics: NVDA -- A11ycasts #09
Read the "Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility" article: https://goo.gl/eGPDp Watch the "Testing for Accessibility with the NVDA Screen Reader on Windows" video on Egghead.io: https://goo.gl/Umv8UX If you're on a Windows machine and would like to get started with screen readers, NVDA is a great option. The project is open source and funded by donations (please consider giving if you actually end up using it for work!). Today on the show I'll cover the basics of navigating a page with NVDA, and share some useful keyboard shortcuts to make you more efficient. If you've had a nagging feeling like maybe your site could use better accessibility, but you haven't known where to start with screen readers, check out today's episode! Watch all A11ycasts episodes: https://goo.gl/06qEUW Subscribe to the Chrome Developers YouTube channel for updates on new episodes of A11ycasts: http://goo.gl/LLLNvf