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Training Video | Key Account Management - Winning New Customers
Watch the corporate training video we produced for KAM. #videoproduction #videomarketing #contentmarketing To learn more, visit http://www.puremotion.co.uk or call 01206 625524
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Key accounts management Creating a successful relationship | Accounting and Finance | Dubai | Meirc
It is easy to assume that Key Accounts are those major customers who bring the largest profits. The reality is that Key Accounts come in different sizes and they are all critical to the success of the product or service supplier. This is where Key Account Management (KAM) comes into play: it provides the supplier with the framework to strategically manage those key customers while driving strategic alignment and delivering the right business value to the relationship. Join us on this Meirc webinar as we explore Key Account Management, its importance in mapping growth strategies, its impact on the organization, the management, and the people involved. We will also focus on the type of measures and KAM processes required to deliver optimum benefits against projected investments. Find out more detail at https://goo.gl/LCEhCh
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Best Practices in Account Management
Account management is super important for many small businesses, as it costs a lot less money to retain a customer than it takes to find a new one. Learn in 1/2 hour how to do this strategically. Like this video? Check out others on sales from Small Business Solver; Guaranteed Better Than The Rest: http://youtu.be/45O3sNhb78w Build a Local Marketing Plan: http://youtu.be/Ik61Jb0Jn0I The Secret To Increasing Your Sales: http://youtu.be/WvBVVMLHyrI Sales Storytelling: http://youtu.be/jPuS1Uh072I
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The 6 Skills Every Strategic Account Manager Should Have
Strategic account management skills are a key part of being successful at managing and growing an organisation's largest and most profitable accounts. But which skills truly matter ? And what do top-performing organisations do differently from the rest ? ----------- Liked this video ? Then find even more advanced B2B sales tips, strategies and techniques on http://www.agocluytens.com, or subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=agocluytens Connect with me on: LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/agocluytens TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/acluytens YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/agocluytens GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AgoCluytens/ WEBSITE: http://www.agocluytens.com For more information on sales training, coaching and consulting from RAIN Group, please visit http://www.raingroup.com
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5 Best Practices of Key Account Management | Quick Sales Tips
Key Account Definition: They should be the key to your grown and successful. Without them, you will take a long time and significant effort to reach your goals. They will give you the credibility and help you generate business from their Industry. Key Account Identification: Identify your key accounts much earlier than your competition or you are not going to make any gains. Understand the customer’s business, priorities, market share, and industry grown projections. You need to be there before they call you. Number of Key Accounts: How many Key Accounts do you want to handle? The most important thing about the number of Key Accounts is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” But if you have resources to manage only 100 Key Accounts, you should not take up to 200. Key Account Strategies: What strategies will you adopt for your Key Accounts? Create a process that you will follow. But, have the courage to change course if that process doesn’t suit the customer. Some of the strategies you can consider are: -Partner with the client. -Educate the customer at regular intervals. -Map the entire Organizational Hierarchy. -Meet all the Contacts at regular Intervals. -Provide them value in each interaction. Grooming and Growing Key Accounts: -Share ideas for improving your clients business -Get your customers to stand out from their competition -Be creative. Crack some of their pestering problems. -Act and work like a partner. And not like a vendor. -Be there before they need you. Key Account Management calls for focused efforts and specialized Sales Techniques. Providing value on a consistent basis is the key to success, in short. https://salespop.net/ SalesPOP!: A modern digital magazine, aimed at empowering sales leaders, sales management, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve success. As a multi-media platform, we bring you live sales expert interviews with top professionals giving you pro tips on how to be more successful in sales. View our online magazine for more written content, video, slideshares and infographics, e-publications and even free tools. ---------- Thank you for watching this video – Please Share it. Leave your comments below…. ---------------- Subscribe to SalesPOP! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/salesPOP -------------------------------- Where to follow and find more Sales Pro advice: Website: https://salespop.net Sales Professional Interviews: https://salespop.net/media/sales-expert-insights-series/ SalesChats: https://salespop.net/media/saleschats/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+SalesPOP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealSalesPOP Twitter: https://twitter.com/realsalespop LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/sales-pop/
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Key account management : customer portfolio
http://www.oxlearn.com Manage key accounts using Free Net Cash Flow model. Learn how different key accounts can generate better results if managed accordingly.
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How to Drive Key Account Growth [with Forrester]
Making sure that your most important customers increase their spending within your company is a crucial revenue strategy; but are your sales teams really building effective and executable plans for growing your key accounts? Are you leaving money on the table with your best opportunities for growth? This webinar features guest Mark Lindwall of Forrester
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Key Account Management
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Key Account Management | How to manage your Key Customers?
Key Account Management ensure that the customers get treated specially. As a salesperson, you may have observed that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Do you agree that these 20% customers need special treatment? Watch this video where I discuss the framework of Key Account Management. I would be delighted to hear your experiences and thoughts on how you manage your key customers. Put in those thoughts in the comment section down below! GOPAL KAMATH works with Business Owners to help achieve Growth and Manage Growth. He has worked extensively with clients of small, medium and large businesses across business sectors and industries. Connect with GOPAL KAMATH Online: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Gopal-Kamath-347472829322602 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/m.gopalkamath TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kamathgopal LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgopalkamath/ RIVER LEARNING is a Management Consulting Firm, established in 2011, focused on solving problems for CEOs. Connect with RIVER LEARNING Online: WEBSITE: https://www.riverlearning.in FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/connectriverlearning INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/riverlearning TWITTER: https://twitter.com/river_learning LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/riverlearning/ Podcast channel on SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-712029760 Intro and Outro Music: Louis Tomlinson - Back to You (feat. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals) [Digital Farm Animals and Louis Tomlinson Remix]
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B2B Key Account Management
Key Account Management (KAM) is used in B2B sales to manage a portfolio of key customer accounts that align with your companies objectives.
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Key Account Management: Categorization
Learn more @ http://www.oxlearn.com Categorize effectively your key accounts. A step-by-step system to structure your key accounts into a more effective manageable system.
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Managing Channels for Key Accounts
Mark Stanton, Key Account Director at Trend Control Systems explains how the organisation is developing its brand to supply products, service and support to end users as joint propositions with channel partners. Whilst specifications and service contracts are developed in conjunction with partners to create pull for product and value for all concerned, Trend Control System's Key Account Management team ensure that key account customers get the service, delivery and products that are required in a manner best suited to the customer. Part of the KAM Best Practice Club Speaker Series: http://bit.ly/jmIcia
What is Key Account Management?
https://www.pipelinersales.com/sales-crm-youtube/ Key Account is a person or a group of people with whom your business has built more than just a standard business relationship, based on the trust level between you and the buyers. Key account management (KAM) defines the full relationship between your business and the customers you are selling to. It revolves around handling the customers who play a strategic role in the growth of a supplier. When dealing with multiple individuals, it´s good to record pertinent facts about decision-makers within the account that you’re dealing with. Our goal is to access information and grow key accounts into profitable long-term relationships. Two tips that helps you to excel in your key account management: #1: Using Account Types/Classification for Key Account Management Be sure to see the difference between a real Key Account and Standard Account. Ideally, for a key account, you have changed the relationship from vendor-buyer to partnership. One very key reason for doing so is that the better your buyer (and other contacts at the company) succeed, the more your product or service is going to succeed at that company. Based on this relationship you can cluster your accounts by account types and account classification: Account Type – is a customer, be it a individual or company, that you are connected to: for example a new customer, existing customer, partner etc. Account Classification (0, A, B, C, D) – enables you to classify your accounts from 0 (you do not know this account at all) up to D (your Key Account - Partner) #2: Using Org Chart to Define Key Account Buyers Roles. The most important factor in Key Account Management is the people involved within the account. Different individuals may have substantial influence on the purchase despite higher or lower positions in the company. There may also be others outside the company, such as consultants, who are influencing the purchase as well. By building a Key Account Org Chart you will always know to whom you are talking, where they stand within the order of things, and who must still be convinced in order to bring the sale to a close. Making notes about each contact’s behavior in Org Chart is also useful, for example: “Don’t talk to Joe if he’s in a rush and under pressure; he’ll just say no to everything” or “Friday is a good day to talk to Melinda as she’s always looking forward to the weekend and going to the beach.” With Pipeliner CRM, it can be done with just a few clicks. See for yourself! Click here to download a free trial: https://pipelinersales.com/crm/free-trial/
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Key Account Management - Transitioning
Transition to a new account manager
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Key Account Management  (Buying Process) Video 2
In this short video in our series using Stragtey Mapper to manage key accounts we will discuss the Buying Process of the customer.
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Key Account Management (Customer Goal and Objectives) Video 1
1st in a series of videos on how to use Strategy Mapper in Salesforce to manage your key accounts. In this video we discuss the customer's goal and objectives along with your goal and objectives in the key account.
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Key Account Management:  Selection
http://www.oxlearn.com Understand who your key accounts really are. Learn to extract more value from your key accounts and improve the relationship with them.
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5 TARGET SMASHING Key Account Management Sales Tips
If you're a KAM (Key Account Management specialist) then this video is for you. With 5 of the worlds leading strategic account management experts sharing their top tips on how to build relationships and close more deals.
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Siemens AG: Key Account Management Case Solution & Analysis- TheCaseSolutions.com
https://www.thecasesolutions.com/ This Case Is About Siemens AG: Key Account Management Get Your Siemens AG: Key Account Management Case Solution at TheCaseSolutions.com TheCaseSolutions.com is the number 1 destination for getting the case studies analyzed. https://www.thecasesolutions.com/siemens-ag-key-account-management-2-43426
10-Step Strategic Account Management: Customer Profile - Know Your Customer
To learn more, visit http://www.globalpartnersinc.com ----- Creating your customer profile covers the first 3 steps in Global Partners' 10-Step Strategic Account Alignment process. Lots of Strategic Account Management processes will require account managers to understand the background of their customers. In Global Partners' 10-Step process, understanding the Customer Profile means that you need to understand what the customer is focusing on from a strategic point-of-view. By understanding key strategic challenges, you can leverage relationships with senior decision makers, and then also understand their needs and differentiators that you must have in order to build the relationship.
Strategic Key Account Management Software, Customer Account Management System   DemandFarm
Let Silo Connectors and Demand Farm work with you to automate the process of creating and maintaining your Strategic account plans. Call or email to schedule a demo 216-533-3981. [email protected]
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Managing Global Accounts
Developing sales and delivering service to global accounts customers remain essential, but building and maintaining relationships with global customers represents a major step up in complexity for account managers and teams. People need to create value, manage complex matrix organization structures in their own and their customers' organizations, and be clear where it adds value to be global or local, to mobilize resources without traditional authority to navigate different corporate cultures - and fast. Find out more: http://www.global-integration.com/global-working-training/account-management/
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The Key Account Management Best Practice Club at Cranfield School of Management
Professor Lynette Ryals, Professor of Strategic Sales and Account Management and Director of the KAM Best Practice Club gives an overview of corporate membership of this Cranfield research club alongside opinions from some of the members.
Account Manager Success Plan introduction
Are you an account manager struggling to know where to start with client development? Looking for a roadmap for helping you grow business? This video is a quick introduction to my dedicated 12 module online training course for account managers: http://bit.ly/accountmanagersuccess. Try it! If you’d like to know a systematic approach to growing your existing client accounts, you can download my FREE 5 step client development model template here: http://bit.ly/5StepModel. If you’re looking to improve your account management skills then download my FREE report "10 Essential Skills Every Account Manager Needs" here: http://accountmanagementskills.com. Come and connect with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AccountManagementSkills/, Twitter https://twitter.com/AccountMgtSkill or Linked-in https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennyplant/. If you are an account manager in the creative industry (PR, advertising, promotions, marketing, communications, packaging, digital) then come and join the Creative Agency Account Manager group on Linked-in here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8632030. We share tips, strategies and news related to the creative industry. And if you’re ready to dive in right now to boost your account management skills and understand exactly how to grow existing business then join my dedicated online training programme “Strategic Client Development for Account Managers” here: http://bit.ly/accountmanagersuccess. You'll discover exactly what to say to clients that lead to more projects, more business and account growth. You'll understand exactly why the best way to save your agency money is to cut down the amount of time you waste working on proposals you haven't pre-sold to them first. You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST account managers when trying to manage client relationships and ultimately be considered as a partner to the client and not just a supplier taking briefs. You'll know exactly what to say to your client - regardless of whether you feel nervous about speaking up in meetings - to be seen as the strategic account manager that understand's the client's world. You'll have LOTS more confidence when dealing with clients unlike many account managers who struggle with relationship building. There are 12 modules with exercises to help you embed the knowledge together with draft scripts, models and templates. Every account manager managing client relationships should have a client development strategy and plan. You can get one today and put yourself ahead of the competition.
What is Key Account Management? | Quick Sales Tips
A Key Account is a person or a group of people with whom your business has built more than just a standard business relationship, based on the trust level. Key Account Management (KAM) defines the full relationship between your business and your customer. It revolves around handling the customers who play a strategic role in your growth. When dealing with multiple individuals, it’s good to record facts about decision-makers within the account that you’re dealing with. Our goal is to access information and grow key accounts into profitable long-term relationships. ---------------------------------------- Get more sales tips from top Sales Professionals on https://salespop.net/ SalesPOP! A modern digital magazine, aimed at empowering sales leaders, sales management, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve success. As a multi-media platform we brings you, live Sales Interviews with top professionals giving your pro tips on how to be more successful in sales. View our online magazine for more written content, video, slideshares and infographics, e-publications and even free tools. ---------- Thank you for watching this video – Please Share it. Leave your comments below…. ---------------- Subscribe to SalesPOP! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/salesPOP -------------------------------- Where to follow and find more Sales Pro advice: Website: https://salespop.net Sales Professional Interviews: https://salespop.net/media/sales-expe... SalesChats: https://salespop.net/media/saleschats/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+SalesPOP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealSalesPOP Twitter: https://twitter.com/realsalespop LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/sal...
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Key Account Management (Key to success)
It is a well-known fact that roughly 80% of company’s revenue comes from 20% of their customers. So the company must manage their resources to cater this percentage well. Key Account Management (KAM) helps in managing these key accounts by channelizing efforts on the right stakeholders.Get full info at http://www.skillofy.com/course/key-account-management-2/
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Developing KAM and Managing Complex Global Customers at IBM
John MacDonald-Gaunt, Executive Partner at IBM Global Business Services talks about the challenges involved in implementing a global strategy and what helps global accounts to be successfully managed - part of the Key Account Management Best Practice Club Speaker Series: http://bit.ly/h0iHSn
Key Account Management
Why is it important for you and for your strategic clients?
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Key Account Management
Course "Key Account Management"
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Key Account Management Video: The Understanding
Key Account Management is a complex selling approach to support overall business strategy in increasing sustainable of sales & business performance by managing business relationship and investment in your key customers (retailers).
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Key Account Management - Oxford College of Marketing
In this video Malcolm McDonald talks about key accounts and how to properly manage their bearing over the company cash flow.
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Brightbridge Key Account Management: The TEVAL® Methodology for Customer Development
In this short video Managing Partner of Brightbridge Consulting, Alistair Taylor, explains the TEVAL® Methodology of customer and market development in key account management. TEVAL® stands for Target, Engage, Value, Align, Learn and is Brightbridge's tailored approach to customer development. The technique is built from best practice and insights relating to key account management, strategic marketing, customer development and leadership. TEVAL® provides an essential ‘joined up’ approach that can support the improvement in business performance of both large global and smaller ambitious clients. http://brightbridgeconsulting.com/teval-framework/
Key Account Management
This Video Talks About How To Get Key Account Managment Right, The Pharmaceutical Industry is the Target one
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Key Account Management (KAM) - defined
Key account management (KAM) refers to assigning a specific sales representative to manage a large or high volume strategic customer. - created at http://www.b2bwhiteboard.com
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Key Account Management | Project Management | Dubai | Meirc
Pareto’s 80/20 rule applies very well to key account management. This is something I understood, and used throughout my executive career. Companies have to pay close attention to those 20% of accounts that bring in 80% of the business. This close attention should be translated into different selling approaches when engaging such special accounts, building relationships with them, managing them and serving their needs. In this webinar we touch upon a number of points essential in elevating major clients to key account status. We will discuss how to raise key account managers’ awareness of sales techniques and skills critical to growing the business potential while strengthening the relationship and developing a long-term partnership. Join us on this Meirc webinar where we explore key account management, the process behind it, and how to ensure such investment leads to the desired return on investment. Find more info about Meirc Project Management Training Courses at: https://goo.gl/HEAvf6
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ISM Key Account Management
Bill Levell, who is Director of Courses ISM Training, is the instructor for the Key Account Management training course which highlights the difference between managing key customers as against selling to them. An important point of difference is that when managing key customer accounts different functions within one's business need to be called in which is not the case when it comes to only selling a product/service. Essentially, key customer accounts need to be treated as separate markets by themselves. Therefore, many marketing evaluation and analyses processes are important elements for developing key account strategies. As can be gauged by the trainees who attended the Key Account Management programme by www.ismdubai.com, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of managing key customers as opposed to just selling to them. The training course is well organised and the concepts are applicable to the present needs according to feedback from an attendee from Bahrain Aluminium and, needless to add, according to her it is a highly recommended course.
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4 Types of Sales Managers- Key Accounts Management Part I (Hindi)
Prof. Amol Muley speaks about the 4 different styles of Key Accounts Management & explains the importance of becoming a 'Business Partner' to all your clients. Watch this video & subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/liberationcoaches
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ConsultingOurselves Tool 22.: Manage your Key Accounts
www.strategicwave.wordpress.com Key Account Management: The management of the customer relationships that are most important to a company. Key accounts are those held by customers who produce most profit for a company or have the potential to do so, or those who are of strategic importance. Development of these customer relations and customer retention is important to business success. Particular emphasis is placed on analyzing which accounts are key to a company at any one time, determining the needs of these particular customers, and implementing procedures to ensure that they receive premium customer service and to increase customer satisfaction.
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Key Account Management (SWOT) Video 7
An up-to-date SWOT Analysis is one of the most important pieces of information you can gather for key accounts. Using Strategy Mapper in Salesforce, we make it easy and at the same time provide you more information then legacy SWOT Analysis.
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European Pharma:  Key Account Management
In the subsequent video to "European Pharma: Developing Pharma Rep Capabilities," Principal Chris Morgan shows that to ensure success with key account management (KAM)—a sales model that some pharmaceutical companies are already piloting—companies would be wise to implement KAM by starting small, using just a few account teams.
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DemandFarm: Key Account Management Software to grow Key Accounts
DemandFarm is a Key Account Management Software to manage and grow Key Accounts in B2B companies. DemandFarm helps organizations sow, nurture and harvest the richest possible relationship with Key Accounts. We call it FARmING® your Key Accounts. Unlock the true potential of your Key Accounts 1. Greater Visibility of Key Accounts to Leadership 2. Increased efficiency of Account Managers 3. Institutionalize Account Management through best practices woven in to DemandFarm To know more about our Key Account Management Software go to https://www.demandfarm.com/
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Key Account Management And Referral SECRETS (For B2B Sales People)
Key Account Management is EVERYTHING to winning long-term in B2B sales. Whilst it's not the sexiest of topics, once you have solid relationships, a referral system in place and a solid customer base, selling actually becomes pretty simple. Strategic Account Management (SAM) is a company-wide initiative in complex, highly matrixed organizations which focuses on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with a company's most important customers and partners.
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Why Key Account Management?
Why Key Account Management? Key Account Management is an approach in mananging business to business (B2B) with your key accounts by building & increase business relationship and managing your investment to achieve business objectives – sustaintable sales growth and profitability... T Bagus Sudaryanto KAM School Indonesia
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ISM Key Account Management snapshot
This video shows Bill Levell who is the Director of Courses ISM Training engaging the delegates with case studies and problem solving break-out sessions during a Key Account Management training session. Using such a methodology, wherein the instructor brings his past experience and interacts one-on-one with the delegates, the delegates are able to grasp a salient difference between managing key customer accounts as opposed to just selling to a customer. The big takeaway from the Key Account Management training session by www.ismdubai.com is that key customer accounts have to be treated as disparate markets by themselves. As a result, marketing evaluation and analyses processes are important elements when developing key account strategies. As can be gauged from the feedback received from the delegates, which is captured in a separate video, the Key Account Management training course is not only well organised, with its concepts applicable to the demands of the present day, but also is a highly recommended course for companies who may attribute significant earnings to a particular set of customers.
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Strategic Account Management
This customizable Key Account Management training program will help your salespeople master the art of organizing, managing, and growing their most profitable business accounts. Participants will learn a highly-practical system for developing each of their key accounts in ways that will strengthen the client relationship—and drive additional sales revenue for your company. To learn more about this program, or to request an info packet, visit our website https://brooksgroup.com/sales-training/strategic-account-management-training
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Customer Relationship Management in Major Accounts | Creating Client/Supplier Intimacy
Sales Best Practices for Optimizing ROI, Increasing Business with Existing Customers and Creating Greater Loyalty through Improving the Relationship Between Key Customers and Major (SAM/Key/GAM Account Managers
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Key Account Manager 2, success with 7 key factors
Välkommen till KAM sida http://www.keyaccountmanager.se/ Undersökning hittar du på https://sv.surveymonkey.com/r/GRNNZLK Stort intresse för KAM och Key Account Management. Intresset för Key Account Managers ökar allt snabbare. Bara på Google Adwords i Sverige kan vi se 1 600 sökningar i månaden. Många sökningar kring rekrytering och lönesättning. En del letar utbildningar. Tittar vi på Account Manager stiger sökningarna till 49 500 per månad. Det värmer vårt säljarhjärta mycket. Undersökning av utmaningar för KAM och Account Management. När vi jobbar åt näringslivet och utbildningsföretagen möter vi många frågor som är viktiga för jobbet som Key Account Managers. Vi har tagit initiativet att intervjua och kartlägga vilka utmaningar som är störst inom yrket och de initiala svaren på våra frågor hittar du på http://www.keyaccountmanager.se/ B2B, Business to Business, this is where Key Account Management (KAM) comes into play. You and your company need a framework to strategically manage key customers while driving strategic alignment and delivering the right business value proposition. Focus on the type of measures and KAM processes required to deliver optimum benefits with proper ROI, Return on investments. How do you become a KAM? Follow the model of 7K-model for Key Account Management to develop a longer-term business relationship. For more information, subscribe to our channel and visit our homepage. http://www.keyaccountmanager.se