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3 friendly reminder email templates
Discover the 5 Steps to Getting Paid on Time, Every Time https://janreeves.com/get-paid/ In my small business, we learnt how to use a friendly reminder email to our best advantage when we were chasing invoices for payment. We used it to make things really clear for our customers. So clear that there was no doubt how much they owed and when it needed to be paid. THE #1 WAY TO USE EMAIL TO CHASE PAYMENT OF INVOICES SEND AN EMAIL TO CONFIRM BALANCE DUE AFTER RAISING A CREDIT NOTE This is a clear, friendly email which politely lists the basic facts. Emailing in this format gave us the opportunity to include a 'customer service' note at the end. That note gave us the opening to call the next day just to check if the email was received. Then we had the chance to ask for politely for the payment. HOW TO SEND EMAILS THAT WORK The key when sending any email is to be really #1 Be Clear #2 Be Precise. To make sure the customer reads the whole email, make it as brief as possible. Be brief while including all the facts the customer needs. Re-read the email before you send it. See if you can delete anything to make it even clearer. A FRIENDLY REMINDER EMAIL TO CHASE PAYMENT OF A SINGLE INVOICE When you’re writing about just one invoice give all the details in the subject line of your reminder email. A FRIENDLY REMINDER EMAIL CHASING PAYMENT OF SEVERAL INVOICES When you're writing about several invoices, be as clear in a different way, especially in the subject line. To get the best result from your friendly reminder emails, make a brief note at the end to let your customer know that you will call them the next day. When you call the next day, confirm your customer has received the email and ask if they have any further queries. If they do raise a query, use your customer service skills to resolve the query quickly before the payment due date. Then you can still get paid on time. If there's no query, remind them of the payment due date and ask if they need anything else from you to be able to pay on time. A FRIENDLY REMINDER EMAIL IS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE Always provide your customer with 'World Class' service. Everyone loves good service. They'll remember you. That's exactly what we did in my business. We provided great customer service and our customers appreciated it. They got to know us and like us and put all our payments to the front of the queue! In summary, use friendly reminder emails for confirming an agreed payment date or to attach a credit note or proof of delivery. Remember to keep sentences short and use bullet points to keep your reader's attention. KEY POINTS ON FRIENDLY REMINDER EMAILS: "On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy" - David Ogilvy, Headline Writer What is your #1 problem getting your invoices paid on time. Write and tell me - I'm sure I'll have a solution for you!
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How to Write a Payment Reminder
One of the most difficult situations for a business owner or entrepreneur is dealing with customers who are past-due on their accounts. Asking for payment in a polite but firm manner is a delicate issue, but balance can be achieved. You should send a reminder notice stating how much is due and how the customer can pay. If the customer doesn’t pay by the deadline, then you should follow up with additional letters. In general, there are three letters: a first notice, a firm reminder, and a final demand. ---------------------------------------------------- Image Attributions------------------------------------------------------- Image: Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-1-Version-2 | By:Wikivisual0 - Link:https://www.wikihow.com/images/c/cf/Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-1-Version-2.jpg - licensed by Creative Commons - cc-by-sa-nc-3.0-self ---- https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ -Last updated:16:11, 23 January 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image: Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-2-Version-2 | By:Wikivisual0 - Link:https://www.wikihow.com/images/8/83/Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-2-Version-2.jpg - licensed by Creative Commons - cc-by-sa-nc-3.0-self ---- https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ -Last updated:16:11, 23 January 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image: Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-3-Version-2 | By:Wikivisual0 - Link:https://www.wikihow.com/images/e/e1/Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-3-Version-2.jpg - licensed by Creative Commons - cc-by-sa-nc-3.0-self ---- https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ -Last updated:16:11, 23 January 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image: Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-4-Version-2 | By:Wikivisual0 - Link:https://www.wikihow.com/images/7/78/Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-4-Version-2.jpg - licensed by Creative Commons - cc-by-sa-nc-3.0-self ---- https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ -Last updated:16:11, 23 January 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image: Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-5-Version-2 | By:Wikivisual0 - Link:https://www.wikihow.com/images/d/dd/Write-a-Payment-Reminder-Step-5-Version-2.jpg - licensed by Creative Commons - cc-by-sa-nc-3.0-self ---- https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ -Last updated:16:11, 23 January 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website---------------------------------https://www.wikihow.com------------------- ---------------------------------------------- -------------------------References--------------------- ---http://www.sample-resignation-letters.com/writing-a-payment-reminder-letter-with-samples.html ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates/ ---http://www.idiotsguides.com/money/credit-and-debt/how-to-write-payment-reminder-letter-quick-steps/ ---https://www.reference.com/business-finance/write-payment-reminder-letter-73dbbecb82e91f7c ---http://can.communityoncology.org/UserFiles/files/ReminderandCollectionLetter.pdf ---http://www.idiotsguides.com/money/credit-and-debt/how-to-write-payment-reminder-letter-quick-steps/ ---http://www.sample-resignation-letters.com/writing-a-payment-reminder-letter-with-samples.html ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates/ ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates ---https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2014/11/14/late-payment-reminder-letter-templates/ ---http://www.idiotsguides.com/money/credit-and-debt/how-to-write-payment-reminder-letter-quick-steps/
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Invoice2go Pro Tip: Get paid faster with payment reminders
Following up doesn’t have to be a chore. With our Payment Reminders feature you send customers friendly, automatic email reminders that help you get paid on time. Visit https://invoice.2go.com for product information; for other helpful tips, visit our Help Center at http://support.2go.com
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Late Payment Reminder
Learn how to send a late payment reminder. With Aynax you can manage and track your invoices and send late payment notices. To create a free invoice with Aynax go to: https://www.aynax.com/freeInvoiceTemplate.php This video is a part of the Aynax-How-To-Make-an-Invoice series which helps you get the most out of the Aynax online invoicing platform, and shows you how to make your invoicing as efficient and hassle free as possible.
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7 Payment Reminder Strategies to Get Paid Fast
Discover the 5 Steps to Getting Paid on Time, Every Time https://janreeves.com/get-paid/ 1: Seek First To Understand Before launching into asking for payment, call to confirm that the the customer has exactly what they ordered. Also confirm that the invoice is correct and it’s with the right person. 2: Use The ‘Phone, Not Email It’s proven: If people like you they pay you. You can’t build a relationship by sending a payment reminder letter or email. Pick up the ‘phone and start talking to remind your customer to pay. This is one of the best collections tips for business. Use the 'phone. 3: Remove Any Excuses Not To Pay No-one will pay an invoice if there’s a query, regardless of how you remind them. But they will love some swift customer service to apologize and put it right. 4: Own the Problem Make it your mission to resolve any queries. The sooner they are solved, the sooner you are in a position to remind your customer to pay. And your customer will think that's great service. 5: Knowledge is Power Before you call a customer to remind them to pay their account, make sure you know some history of the account. Read the notes of previous ‘phone conversations before you call. Don’t call ‘blind’. 6: Use the ‘Outstanding Customer Service Approach’ How rare is good service? It’s so rare that when we get outstanding service we comment on it and it makes us feel good. Give your customer care and attention when you call to remind them to pay their bill. 7: Always Do What You Say You Will Do Before you get off the ‘phone with your customer just recap about what your next steps are. Explain what your customer can expect from you and when. This is part of getting people to like you. When they like you, they’ll pay you. You won’t have to remind them.
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How to Ask for Payment Politely - and get invoices paid fast
Does wondering how to ask for payment politely strike fear in your heart? You're not alone. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you're wondering how to request payment from a customer. A lot of people feel shy and even too embarrassed to ask. But don’t worry... There’s an easy way to ask for payment of your invoices without upsetting your customer. All you need are good customer service skills. Does that sound like a fairy story? It’s not! Before I sold my small business, I always followed the simple collections strategy I'm about to share with you now. Almost every one of our customers paid our invoices by the due date. …AND our customers liked and trusted us too! So I grew the business with lots of repeat orders and referrals from existing customers. HOW TO ASK FOR PAYMENT POLITELY – THE KEY I've listed here my easy collections strategy in 4 simple steps. Once you've put this strategy in place you won't have to worry again about how to ask for payment politely. Remember, this strategy is tried and tested. Once you start to use these strategies it will be really clear what you need to say and do to get your invoices paid. It's also a great strategy to use before invoices become overdue. It's one of the most effective collection strategies to get your invoices paid on time! ARE YOUR INVOICES OVERDUE NOW? Sending a letter asking for payment will delay payment even more. A much faster way is to use this strategy. Read on... HOW TO ASK FOR PAYMENT POLITELY – IN 4 EASY STEPS This simple little collections strategy is designed to get invoices paid AND build strong business relationships at the same time! It's a very polite way to request payment. STEP #1 BE PREPARED. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! • Look through the customer’s file. Make sure nothing untoward is documented about the invoice. • Make sure there are no mistakes on the invoice. If you keep finding mistakes, use an invoice template that prompts you to write a perfect invoice. • With the file in front of you and all the customer’s details to hand, make a call to the person who placed the order. • When you get to talk to your contact, introduce yourself. STEP #2 RESOLVE PROBLEMS SUPER-FAST AND LOOK LIKE A STAR! • Ask your customer to confirm safe receipt of the goods or service • If there is a problem on the invoice - can find out what it is and sort it out quickly. • After quickly resolving all problems, remind your customer that the invoice is due/overdue for payment. • Because you’ve provided great customer service, your customer will be getting to like you. STEP #3 USE CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS FOR BEST RESULTS • If your customer confirms safe receipt of the goods/service, advise your customer that the invoice is now overdue for payment. • Then ask them if the invoice is authorized for payment? • Now ask to speak to the person who actually pays the bills. STEP #4 HOW TO ASK FOR PAYMENT POLITELY TO GET RESULTS • Introduce yourself to the person who pays the bills. • Tell them that your customer has advised that your invoice is authorised to pay. • Then ask what arrangements are in place to be able to pay the invoice now. Through the conversation, to get the answers you want, use dialogue starting with ‘who?’, ‘what?, ‘when?’, ‘where?’ or ‘how? These are called ‘open questions’ and these types of questions prompt your customer to give you an answer. Just keep quiet and let your customer answer you should get the answer you are looking for! Make a customer service call, not a ‘collections call’ and your fear will disappear. HOW TO ASK FOR PAYMENT POLITELY – KEY ACTIONS: Use the courtesy call. The Courtesy Call is a customer service call AND an effective collections strategy! The polite way to ask for payment is to find out first if your customer has received the goods or service he ordered, and is totally satisfied. Once you have followed the steps to find out that the order is complete and the invoice is correct, it is easy to follow on from that and politely ask for payment. If you give people what they want first (a perfectly completed order and great service), they will generally give you what you want (payment on time). Use this gentle and persuasive way to ask for payment of all your due and overdue invoices.
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4 Friendly Reminder Email Templates To Get Invoices Paid
Discover the 5 Steps to Getting Paid on Time, Every Time: https://janreeves.com/get-paid/ Although you can use an email to chase invoices without speaking to your customer, I wouldn’t say that was the best way to collect overdue invoices. It can work of course, and there’s a couple of templates for basic friendly reminder emails later in this article. Read the whole article here: https://janreeves.com/4-friendly-reminder-email-templates-to-get-invoices-paid/
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How To Write Reminder Emails?
How to write reminder emails? http://buildmyemailinglist.com
Highlight overdue items using Conditional Formatting
Do you want to know which items are due for completion or over due? You can use conditional formatting to highlight all over due items with ease. For example workbook refer to http://chandoo.org/wp/2015/08/03/overdue-items/
Email Late Payment Notices
Send late payment notices to tenants as an e-mail
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Payment Reminders
Stop spending your nights and weekends making colllections calls. Let ReliaBills remind your customers when payments are due and pas due. If you'd like to learn more about how ReliaBills works, visit: http://www.reliabills.com/how-it-works
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Free Trail Payment Reminder System
Reduce Late Payments And Hard To Reach Customers! Send Text Messages, email's and Push Notification which allows you to directly engage with your customers on their mobile device and desktop. The easy to use software makes it simple to send automatic payment reminders. Call us Today for a free trial. Mobile Media Shopper. 904-517-1235
LendingKarma Overview - How to lend money to friends and family
LendingKarma is an online service that helps people lend money to the people they already know, also known as person-to-person lending. Lenders love us because we help formalize loan agreements, calculate payments, track and record payments, and send out friendly reminders to borrowers. Borrowers love us because we make it easier for them to approach potential lenders in their social circle, by helping them present a good proposal.
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SekurPay Canada - Friendly Reminder (Funny Video)
http://www.sekurpaycanada.ca Watch this funny video and see how dealers in canada can now remind customers of their monthly payments! This is possible with Sekurpay, a new technology that is simple, but more effective than GPS tracking.
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Shredkit - cable park management solution
Shredkit is software to administrate 2-tower cable wake parks. Main features - booking system with payments - operators calendar - user database - SMS reminders - detailed statistics User friendly, works on phones and tablets
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How to send invoice friendly reminder
How to send invoice friendly reminder using BugHotel Reservation System
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Get Paid On Time Using Ivy
Ivy.co makes it easy for your clients to pay you on time with friendly automatic payment reminders. No more awkward conversations or chasing your client down for an invoice payment! Check it out @ www.ivy.co
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http://paybacks.rocks/ PayBacks allows you to keep track of your small loans in a super easy to use interface. Add your payments Quickly add your payments to your log by entering details such as person name, amount, currency, or even set reminders. Get reminded of due dates PayBacks notifies you when a payment is due so you can easily take action. Pay it or get paid When you’re finished with a payment, you can mark it as paid very easy. You can also send friendly reminders to friends who forget to pay their debts to you.
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Past due email
Easily send a past due notice to clients.
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Collect Outstanding Invoices with These Effective Tactics
The purpose of this video is to help you to get unpaid invoices when your client is not paying on time. Follow these handy tips to get your invoices timely. Getting on time payments also helps you in proper cash flow management that can directly affect your business success. Visit for further assistance: https://www.cogneesol.com/invoice-processing-services
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How to send order confirmation and advance payment request after receiving Customer Purchase Order
After receiving the Purchase Order from your Customer. It is important to acknowledge customer that you have received their PO. This will assure them that you have started working on their order. But, sometimes its not enough as ADVANCE PAYMENT is also important along with Purchase Order to start its processing. This is also one of the most important part during the sales process. Sometimes corporate customers takes time to initate payment and lot of reminders and follow-ups are required. In this video you will be able to understand how to send polite request for advance payment along with order acknowledgement to be send to customer. So Learn & Enjoy Types Covered Simple Order Acknowledgement to Customer Simple Order Acknowledgement along with Order Confirmation to Customer Simple Order Acknowledgement along with Order Confirmation & also request for advance payment to Customer Simple Order Acknowledgement along with Order Confirmation & also HUMBLE request for advance payment to Customer Simple Order Acknowledgement along with Order Confirmation & also STRONG request for advance payment to Customer E9 under Series "Professional Communication with Customer for Business Execution" PLAY LIST – Professional Communication with Customer for Business Execution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAJVOZy0umo&list=PLFerUCTW62Ey4m0qTyLdImSjfSlJ-vHKO Other Videos How to Accept or How to Decline Price Discount/Reduction Request from Customer https://youtu.be/PntZ71MBj6g How to follow-up or request Purchase Order from Customer after submission of Quotation https://youtu.be/oAEcL4NXZ1A How to Submit Formal Quotation along with Technical Specifications to Customer https://youtu.be/CM2mASSIipg How to send a Formal Request for Quotation Letter to Customer https://youtu.be/qLcgW-Hxqns How to send formal request to customer for organizing Video/Tele Conference https://youtu.be/T_wZIoXiJDM How to send a Thank You mail to a Customer after the meeting with/without MOM https://youtu.be/ZAJVOZy0umo How to Cancel/Re-Confirm Scheduled Business Appointment https://youtu.be/y0fPyst0gLo How to Write Leave Application (Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Family Need, Family Function) https://youtu.be/mYfG4rDBasw Requesting for an appointment when you want to invite the customer to your own facilities https://youtu.be/SEK8w2XxdaE Request for Appointment to Customer when customer invited you to their facilities/place https://youtu.be/P20929B-qZU Request for Appointment with Customer when you already met customer before https://youtu.be/FptwynPCZEQ Request for Appointment Letter with Customer along with Company Profile https://youtu.be/2ZZ-ijaW8gA Request for Appointment Letter with Customer https://youtu.be/IFiBfkFteJM Facebook https://www.facebook.com/professionaldraftsbyRC/
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SMS REMINDERS to your Clients for Outstanding Debt Collection in Full
Get Paid sooner by sending REMINDERS via Email or Mobile SMS for Clients to pay by Credit Card. Quick and simple way for clients to pay via 'PAY NOW' button.
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Message: God's Friendly Reminder
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Late Rent Notice: Property Management Forms
So your tenant’s rent is late. Do you call them? Send notice? As long as the grace period has not ended yet, a polite reminder works best, and leaves a paper trail of communication. Save yourself the time and headaches and simply send them a notice. Not only does it get the job done without confrontation, but it protects you as well. A friendly reminder is sometimes all that’s needed to get your tenants to pay on time. It shows them you’re paying attention and that you have every intention of collecting on time, every time. Your late notices should: - Be sent immediately following the last day payment is due. - Have clear and specific instructions on when, where, and how to pay (cash or certified funds only). - Be specific about any changes to location, will payment be picked up, etc. - Specify any late charges due and if they are to be included with rental payment. - Be sure your notices correspond to your lease agreement and is in compliance with your local and state laws. - Indicate only late payment amounts that are in accordance with your state laws. Also Known As (AKA): Property Management Late Notice Delinquent Rent Notice Past Due Rent Notice Rent Reminder Notice Demand for Past Due Rent Notice of Late Rent Late Rent Payment Notice Late Rent Reminder Late Rent Template Rental Property Management: Property Management Forms http://www.propmgmtforms.com/ PDF: http://www.propmgmtforms.com/forms/tenant/residency/late-rent-notice.pdf DOC: http://www.propmgmtforms.com/forms/tenant/residency/late-rent-notice.docx WEB: http://www.propmgmtforms.com/forms/tenant/residency/late-rent-notice/ IMG: http://www.propmgmtforms.com/img/forms/tenant/residency/late-rent-notice.png MP4: http://www.propmgmtforms.com/video/tenant/residency/late-rent-notice.php
We Want To Be Your Marketing Company!
Txt-Alert, a mobile marketing company that provides organizations the ability to mass communicate instantly with their SMS subscriber group via text messaging. Our services include mass marketing using discounts and coupons; payment reminders and mobile friendly payment solutions; emergency alerts; real estate solutions; contests and raffles; investor relations, and much more! We also offer custom WAP pages and text-to-vote campaigns. Txt-Alert is dedicated to providing a state of the art mobile communication experience that links customers to your brand, products and services. Studies show that 85% of the U.S. owns cell phones and 80% NEVER leave home without them. There has never been a greater opportunity for more business... Call 1 877 898-4739 (TXT-ISEZ) Quote: YoutubeMM
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11 Party Outstanding reminder Letter
To get regular updates of videos, please click on the SUBSCRIBE button. To get FREE playlist of all videos of the subject, please e-mail to [email protected], stating your name & mobile number. You may buy Book with companion CD on Tally Tutorial. The companion CD contains complete tutorials with all videos, which may be played in any device like DVD player. The videos may also be installed in smartphone, Tablet to play on the move, anytime, anywhere. You may also join on-line Tally Tutorial course, to learn from home, to get employment opportunity in Accounts section of business organisations. Business organisations may get trained persons in Tally ERP 9 To get more details, e-mail to [email protected] ============================================================== This video describes Party Outstanding Reminder letter printing for Receivables, in Tally ERP9.
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Pay2Sender Ireland - Accept Credit Card Payments with SMS and Email.
Pay2Sender is a clever pay by link system that enables businesses of all kinds to request and receive credit card payments from their customers quickly, conveniently and securely.   Instead of taking card details over the phone, staff can send customers an SMS or email, each containing a link to an automatically-generated payment form. Payment can be made by customers simply, quickly, and securely. Payment reminders, receipts and refunds can be easily sent and you don’t need an e-commerce website to use Pay2Sender as our system automatically generates user-friendly, responsive payment forms for you that you can customise with your own branding. Pay2Sender includes a host of time-saving features such as the ability to send multiple payment requests at the same time, to attach invoices or other types of files or to add custom fields to each payment request (such as billing numbers, departments and service categories). It also includes an API to enable smooth integration with other applications. Pay2Sender comes with a live dashboard and management view with complete visibility and control over all staff-customer communication and an audit trail of all payment activity across the whole system. Who can use Pay2Sender? Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from using Pay2Sender. Tradespeople can use it to accept credit card payments from their customer instantly from their smartphones. Professional services companies can send invoices using Pay2Sender along with a link for instant payment. Telecoms, Waste and Energy companies can use it to collect payment from their customers via a simple, ‘frictionless’ payment link. Call Centres, Credit Control departments, Retailers, Schools, Clubs and virtually any other type of business can use Pay2Sender as a secure, PCI-compliant payment communications service to help them get paid faster and reduce the usual time and costs involved in collecting payment. Sign up now for a Free Trial account at www.pay2sender.com
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BANK TO BANK PAYMENTS - OVER THE COUNTER - Just LOG ON to www.shadow888.com STEP 1: * You may course your payments thru any of our following partner banks: - BDO - BPI - Metrobank - Bank of Commerce - East West - RCBC - Select the corresponding icon of the BANK where you want to course your payment then click the CHECKOUT BUTTON. - Your BOOKING SUMMARY will then pop up on your screen with the following details: - Total amount paid. - Payment Method - Transaction Status: PENDING - Travel package of choice - Bank deposit details STEP 2: You will then need to PROCEED TO THE BANK for your OVER THE COUNTER PAYMENT. * Make sure to indicate 'SHADOW TRAVEL & TOURS' on the ACCOUNT NAME ** MAKE SURE to USE the CORRECT ACCOUNT NUMBER depending on WHICH BANK you are MAKING the OVER THE COUNTER PAYMENT. + BDO Account Number: 00131059810 + BPI Account Number: 009923-0097- 92 + Metrobank Account Number: 625-3-62501526-0 + Bank of Commerce Account Number: 019-00-001633-3 + East West Account Number: 1700-1000-748 + RCBC Account Number: 0000007589937125 STEP 3 - Indicate the PAYABLE AMOUNT on the BOOKING SUMMARY. * ONCE the bank VERIFIES your payment, your ONLINE TRANSACTION STATUS will be updated from PENDING to SUCCESSFUL. - You will need to UPLOAD THE DEPOSIT SLIP to VERIFY YOUR PAYMENT or INDICATE the following details + Bank Name + Bank Branch + Amount deposited + Date/Time Deposited + Name of Depositor - then CLICK SUBMIT. - Your SERVICE VOUCHER or BOOKING CONFIRMATION will then be provided in a few seconds or minutes. - You will then receive a CALL from one of our friendly booking officers to update you with details and assist you with any changes -if necessary -. IT'S THAT EASY! SECURE, FAST, RELIABLE and CONVENIENT! Everything you need, RIGHT at YOUR FINGERTIPS! BOOK NOW! www.shadow888.com Shadow Travel and Tours
Getting started with Square Appointments
Start managing appointments free at square.com/appointments. Square Appointments has everything you need to run your business. Customers set appointments and you take payments with a complete point of sale that keeps track of inventory and lets you keep notes on your customers. All in the same free app. Learn more at square.com/appointments. TRANSCRIPT GETTING STARTED WITH APPOINTMENTS Square appointments is an easy to use app that includes your calendar, your customers, payments and point of sale. It’s easy for you and your customers and is now free for individuals. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Let’s start with what your customers see. All they have to do is click a service from your online booking site. In this example, our customer wants to book a haircut at Penny Harper, a business with multiple employees on staff. All they have to do is click Book an appointment Choose from the list of provided services and click Continue. Customers will then have the option to choose their staff member or "Book with any Available" if they just want to get in fast. Next, they’ll find a day and time that works best for them. Finally, they’ll enter their contact info, add a note if necessary, and click "Book Appointment". The appointment request will be sent to you for approval. They get confirmation and then can get friendly automatic reminders via text or emails, to stay on top of their schedule. Which means less back and forth for you and your customers, just a confirmed appointment that’s on the books. You can also require customers to prepay, or collect cancellation or no-show fees to protect your time. MANAGING APPOINTMENTS REQUESTS Square Appointments makes managing multiple appointment requests a breeze. You can see all your pending and upcoming appointments as well as client messages at a glance. You get to control your schedule, so you can Decline…[action] or Accept appointments and your customers will be notified of your response. If accepted…[action], the appointment moves to your Upcoming Appointments on your calendar. MANAGING STAFF AVAILABILITY Square Appointments makes it easy to gather information about how busy you and your staff are at any time. There are three ways to view staff schedules. Day View; Week View; and List View. Choose Day view to see the booked time for any individual employee. Week view to see upcoming appointments for all of your staff members. Tapping the badge icon in the top right allows you to select the staff schedules you wish to view. You can also manage each added staff members’ time right from the app. Tap the Plus button in the top right to Create a Personal Event, like a Dentist Appointment, for one of your employees. Set the duration of the event, and select who it applies to. Those changes will automatically be reflected on your calendar, so customers know when you and your staff are away. CLIENT DIRECTORY With the built in customer directory, you can see notes about your customers and their purchase history, so that you can improve their experience each time. To access the directory, tap the Menu icon in the bottom Left, then Clients. Select a customer from the list to view their upcoming appointments, review purchase history, and see any notes staff members have taken. CHECKOUT Once the appointment is over, you can check your customer out right from the Square Appointments app. Just tap on the appointment in your calendar. The sale will be associated with the staff member the appointment was booked with. Tap Review and Check Out. Add any additional items or services, like some Shampoo then select Charge. Appointment information will automatically carry over from the booked appointment. Choose any payment method your customer prefers and complete the transaction. Or you can even send them an invoice. If they’re a regular, you can also put a card on file, so their next checkout is even more seamless. And just like that, your appointment is checked out and you’re on to the next. And that’s about it. Square Appointments has everything you need to run your appointments business. square.com/help Keyword: appointments
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LendingKarma Overview
LendingKarma is an online service that helps people lend money to the people they already know, also known as person-to-person lending. Lenders love us because we help formalize loan agreements, calculate payments, track and record payments, and send out friendly reminders to borrowers. Borrowers love us because we make it easier for them to approach potential lenders in their social circle, by helping them present a good proposal.
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Your Business + iText = $$$$$$$
iText provides organizations the ability to mass communicate instantly with their SMS subscriber group via text messaging. Our services include sms marketing, payment reminders and mobile friendly payment solutions, emergency alerts, and real estate solutions. We also offer custom WAP pages, text-to-vote and text-to-screen campaigns. iText is dedicated to providing a non-intrusive mobile communication experience that links customers to your brand, products and services.
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PAYMENTS via SM , ROBINSONS, LBC or CEBUANA LHUILLIER MODE OF PAYMENT: FOR SM PAYMENTS, ROBINSONS, LBC or CEBUANA LHUILLIER You can now pay at SM and ROBINSON'S payment centers, LBC BAYAD CENTERS or Cebuana Lhuillier. Just LOG ON to www.shadow888.com STEP 1: * On PAYMENT OPTIONS - choose DRAGON PAY. - CLICK CHECKOUT BUTTON then CLICK HERE TO PAY icon. ** On seeing the DRAGON PAY PAGE, - click the DROP DOWN ARROW and CHOOSE 1. OVER THE COUNTER and the 2. PAYMENT OPTION that is convenient for you. - click on the SELECT BUTTON to have the following details appear: - Reference Number - Payable Amount - Transaction Number - Indicate your EMAIL ADDRESS then - click SEND TRANSACTION VIA EMAIL BUTTON to receive the PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS. - PRINT the INFORMATION OR! --- COPY and PROVIDE the INFORMATION to the PAYMENT CENTER of your CHOICE. For + SM * you may PROCEED to the PAYMENT CENTER located in ALL -- SM Department Stores -- SM Supermarkets -- SM Super Centers -- Savemore and -- other SM Retail Establishments + Robinsons * you may pay at any ROBINSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE PAYMENT COUNTER. + LBC * you may proceed to any LBC BAYAD CENTER nationwide. + For Cebuana Lhuiller - ENTER ALL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: -- First Name -- Middle Name -- Last Name -- Email Address -- Cellphone and Landline Number - click PAY THRU PERAPAL BUTTON and * verify the information on the TRANSACTION SUMMARY. - click PRINT ORDER VOUCHER. * - Take note that - ORDER VOUCHER SHOULD BE PRESENTED at the Cebuana Lhuillier branch. ** Once your PAYMENT TRANSACTION is SUCCESSFUL, you will RECEIVE a CONFIRMATION from Shadow Travel and Tours VIA EMAIL. *** Our ONLINE PAGE will also INDICATE your BOOKING SUMMARY with the following details: - Total amount - Payment Method - Payment Reference - Success Transaction Status - Travel package of choice STEP 3: - Your SERVICE VOUCHER or BOOKING CONFIRMATION will then be provided in a few seconds or minutes. - You will then receive a CALL from one of our friendly booking officers to update you with details and assist you with any changes -if necessary -. IT'S THAT EASY! SECURE, FAST, RELIABLE and CONVENIENT! Everything you need, RIGHT at YOUR FINGERTIPS! BOOK NOW! www.shadow888.com Shadow Travel and Tours
writing reminder
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Episode 5 - Making Chase Calls - Invocity
A short guide to making telephone chase calls using Invocity.
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Review dan Setup Fitbit Ionic (Indonesia)
Order langsung klik: https://www.radatime.co.id/jam-tangan-fitbit?s=yt Spesifikasi: CASE ------------------------------------------------------------- Case Length 21 mm Case Diameter 29,2 mm Case Shape Rectangle Case Material Stainless Steel Case Color Silver DIAL ------------------------------------------------------------- Dial Type Digital Dial Color Black Indexes Arabic Calendar Month, Date, Day, AM/PM Glass Material Mineral Crystal BAND ------------------------------------------------------------- Band Type Strap Band Material Leather Band Color Gray Clasp Buckle MOVEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------- Movement Type Quartz FEATURES ------------------------------------------------------------- Water Resistant 5 ATM INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------- Guarantee 1 Years Features: ALL-DAY ACTIVITY Track steps, distance, floors, active minutes & calories burned REMINDERS TO MOVE Get friendly reminders to reach mini-goals of 250 steps per hour BUILT-IN GPS Use GPS/GLONASS to track pace, distance & routes TRACK SWIMS Track swim workouts with lap count, duration & calorie burn SMARTTRACK Automatically track exercises like sports & aerobic workouts MULTI-SPORT Track specific workouts to see real-time stats on screen PUREPULSE HEART RATE Use continuous heart rate tracking & real-time zones CARDIO FITNESS LEVEL Get a snapshot of your cardio fitness level in the Fitbit app GUIDED BREATHING SESSIONS Start personalized sessions based on your heart rate SLEEP STAGES Track time in light, deep & REM sleep stages STORES & PLAYS MUSIC Store and play 300+ songs on your watch—plus download your favorite Pandora stations or Deezer playlists.† WORKS WITH BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES Seamlessly connects for music, audio coaching & more SMART NOTIFICATIONS Stay connected with call, text and calendar notifications POPULAR APPS Access your partner apps for sports, weather & more MAKES PAYMENTS Built-in NFC chip stores credit cards for use on your watch INTERCHANGEABLE ACCESSORIES Easily switch your band to styles in leather & more CUSTOMIZABLE CLOCK FACES Personalize the clock with a variety of unique designs
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Text Message Reminder App
Send customized text message to a unlimited amount of customers all at once. Use this app for appointment reminders, payment reminders and or customer surveys.
Afficient - Avoid Double-Work
http://afficient.com/ I’ve coined this word "Double-work” to easily describe those areas of your business where things are done more than once or are unnecessary. The full definition of Double-work is a form of work which is unnecessary, invented or nonsense and is used to give the appearance of production (actual results). It’s done to amuse the worker and often creates more confusion leading to more double-work. Let me give you a real life example. One of our clients had a bookkeeper. She worked 2 or 3 days per week. She was a good, reliable bookkeeper. But as a BK she was paid by time and so spent time doing her job. One of her main and most time consuming task was chasing payment from clients. This would include: Arriving at the office. Making coffee Chatting to co-worker Sitting down at computer Working out who had outstanding invoice to paying Calling the client, leaving a message Sending an email And repeating this process each day… This BK is doing her job. Only problem is that her whole process is double-work. Why? The client has already been sent the initial invoice. What is needed is that the client pays their invoice on time. At Afficient focus on eliminating DW, so our approach was to figure out a way to automate this. The result is clients receives friendly email reminders BEFORE the due date, one the due date, 7 days after the due date, and then 7 days again and then if still no payment off to the debt collector they go. Each email reminder contains a link to pay for the invoice. This is totally automatic (and can be customised). What was the result? 1. Debtors reduce by 30% 2. Cash flow increased $90k per month 3. More clients now pay before the invoice is due. 4. The business owner actually received “thanks for reminding me” emails. 5. BK no longer needed saving $20k per year in costs. The work of chasing money has been eliminated and all of the added paperwork that goes with it. This is just one example of double-work. They are countless. Here’s the rule …. Those who are paid by time can rarely identify double-work because they see it as their job. But for the business owner it reduces profits and drains the business. What to put an end to double-work? Call Afficient.
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Introducing Tutorially
Tutorially™ is a simple, intuitive solution providing a video lesson service as well as a comprehensive view of your students, payments, lessons, notes and more. All supported by our UK friendly team – reduce the number of no-shows with automatic reminders, automate the invoicing process and make notes of whom you lent what equipment to through Tutorially. Start spending more time increasing income and less on administration with Tutorially – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!
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How to set days for send the reminder mail
Set the remainder dates for the subscriber
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Money In: App preview
Your business incomes assistant AppStore: http://apple.co/2cmKdGz Website: http://www.morphineapps.com/money Description Suggestions based on your usage make logging super fast. Your reports & receipts are automatically stored in iCloud, ready for export in an accountant-friendly format. FEATURES • Super fast input • Auto-currency conversion • Repeating incomes • Payment reminders • Multi-payments • Quick actions & widgets • Assisted submission • Accountant-friendly • Secure archive in iCloud Drive • Data portability (No lock-in) • Works Offline • Designed for inclusion and accessibility (supports Dynamic Type & VoiceOver) • Designed for independent workers, by them
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How to create a professional looking invoice in Wave Apps
How to create a good looking invoice to your customers, and charm them into paying you quickly! Wave Apps is a free accounting app for serviced based businesses with up to 9 employees. How do they make money? If you choose to accept payments through wave, or if you choose to pay for support, or if you choose to use the payroll feature. 1) Create your wave account. 2) Configure your logo 3) Add appropriate information to the header. 4) Add "Thank you for your business" footer! 5) Configure Wave to accept CC payment. 6) Send invoice via email. 7) Send reminders after due date.