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FinTech Spending and Innovation in Capital Markets
An overview of IT and FinTech trends in captial markets, including investment banking, sales and trading, exchanges and exectuion venues, asset management, wealth management, and securities processing. Emerging technologies are assessed, including artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, Blockchain, and alternative data.
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Leading Point Financial Markets - Data Innovation, Uncovered - Sep 2018
Highlights video on key topics, format, outcomes and industry stakeholder groups for Data Innovations Sep 2018 Pre-cursor to zoom-in videos on impact of tech, highest potential, panellist point of views.
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Capital Markets Authority joins global finance innovation network
The Capital Markets Authority has joined the Global Financial Innovation Network, which is a network of 29 financial services regulators and related organisations.The Network seeks to provide a more efficient way for innovative firms to interact with regulators, helping them navigate between countries as they look to scale new ideas. Watch more NTV Kenya videos at ntv.co.ke and nation.co.ke. Follow @ntvkenya on Twitter. Like our page on Facebook: NTV Kenya. Follow and Double tap on Instagram: NTV Kenya Join Our Telegram channel: www.telegram.me/NTVNewsRush
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Blockchain and Financial Market Innovation
Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain. These may be terms you hear and read about but don't fully understand. Rebecca Lewis explains the fundamentals of blockchain--the technology behind bitcoin. Read some of her recent research on the topic: https://www.chicagofed.org/publications/economic-perspectives/2017/7
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Implications and Innovation for Financial Markets
Panel discussion at 13th Annual Finance Conference hosted by the Boston College Carroll School of Management on June 7, 2018 at Boston College. Panelists: Alfred L. Browne, III, Partner, Cooley LLP Jakub Duda, Vice President, Strategic Asset Allocation, Goldman Sachs & Co. Daniel Matuszewski, Head of Trading, Circle (Moderator)
The future of finance – using science and innovation to transform society- Andrew Lo
Nobel laureate and MIT Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance Robert Merton discusses the role of financial innovation and his current research on retirement planning with Andrew Lo. Robert Merton faculty profile: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/faculty/detail.php?in_spseqno=41690 MIT Sloan Finance group: http://mitsloan.mit.edu/group/finance/
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Advanced Master in Financial Markets - Grégory Chouette - Lecturer
Learn about the philosophy and learning methodology of the Solvay Advanced Master in Financial Markets, as well as the Hedge Funds and Private Equity classes that Mr. Grégory Chouette (Partner at Landy Partners) is teaching. Find out more about the Solvay Advanced Masters on our website: https://am.solvay.edu 7 postgraduate programs to specialize in: - Financial Markets - Quantitative Finance - Innovation and Strategic Management - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in partnership with Politecnico di Milano) - Creativity and Marketing - Political Economy (in partnership with Georgetown University) - Digital Transformation and Business Analytics #PlugIntoYourFuture
Financial Markets Course   Yale University   lesson 5 2   Salon   Innovation
Financial Markets Course Yale University lesson 5 2 Salon Innovation
Solvay Advanced Master in Financial Markets
Discover the Solvay Advanced Masters in - Innovation and Strategic Management - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano) - Creativity and Marketing - Financial Markets - Quantitative Finance More info on http://am.solvay.edu/ Advanced Master in Financial Markets alumni : Sébastian Louwaege
Innovation via the available/local financial markets – Новаторите #23
В следващия епизод на НоваториТЕ ще говорим за излизането на компанията, за биометрични технологии, Биодит на фондовата борса у нас. Те са първият технологичен стартап в България, който изпълнява такава стратегия, а също и първата компания, които се възползва от ваучерната система за МСП, въведена от българското правителство. В разговора с изпълнителния директор на компанията ще преминем през етапите на развитие на иновативната й дейност във времето и достигането до идеите за разработването на най-съвременни системи за сигурност, контрол на достъпа и работното време, базирани на биометрична идентификация. #гост Юлиан е успешен предприемач с повече от 20 години опит в бизнеса, продажбите, мениджмънт, стратегическо развитие и инвестиции. Понастоящем е главен изпълнителен директор на BIODIT. Юлиан е набрал повече от 1,7 милиона евро за компанията BIODIT, която има множество международни награди за своите иновативни продукти. Мисленето извън рамките на Юлиан довежда до подготовката на компанията за първоначално публично предлагане на Българска фондова борса. Юлиан е и собственик на две от водещите застрахователни посреднически компании в България - Brand INS и Brand Affinity Management Service, които той изгражда от нулата. На 25-годишна възраст и преди основаването на BIODIT, Brand Ins и Brand Affinity, Юлиан става най-младият директор на автомобилното застраховане в ЗАД „Армеец“. По време на неговия мандат той успява да изгради успешен екип, който да изведе ЗАД „Армеец“ до челното място в автомобилното застраховане в България. Той е сред първите българи, станали част от глобалната мрежа Endeavor, която избира и подпомага предприемачи с идеи да се разраснат бързо на международния пазар.
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Solvay Advanced Master in Financial Markets
Discover the Solvay Advanced Masters in - Innovation and Strategic Management - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano) - Creativity and Marketing - Financial Markets - Quantitative Finance More info on http://am.solvay.edu/ Advanced Master in Financial Markets alumni : Sébastian Louwaege
Innovation to Take the Lead in the Caribbean Capital Markets - Global Platform
In an interview with Global Platform, Nigel M Baptiste, President and CEO of Republic Financial Holdings, speaks on putting new technologies to use to serve local clients and sharpen the nation’s competitive edge in the regional market. Outfitted with tools such as blockchain, robotics and e-wallets, the financial services industry in T&T is aiming to adapt to and leverage shifts in the economic terrain, especially as the country moves to reduce its dependence on receipts of exported oil. By getting ahead of the technology curve, financial services could put the nation in a strong position to become a financial hub in the Caribbean. Visit our website for more details: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/
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Innovation in the financial industry – What is innovation?
From AI, blockchain, big data to identity, our new innovation series examines the forces that are disrupting the role, structure and competitive environment for financial institutions and the markets and societies in which they operate. For more informations: https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/innovation-in-the-financial-industry
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Bond Market Innovation - What is the definition? - Finance Dictionary
Bond Market Innovation -- Bond issuers are constantly coming up with innovative ideas when designing securities such as bonds. These bonds usually come with unusual features which can show you just how flexible designing bonds can actually be. Below are just a few examples. Inverse Floaters - Inverse floaters are bonds that are similar to floating-rate bonds as their coupon rates are tied to a rate such as the LIBOR which is representative of the current rates offered by the market. The difference with an inverse floater bond and a regular floating-rate bond is that when the rate that it is tied to increases, the rate of the inverse floater decreases. If an inverse floater bond was tied to the T-Bill rate and the T-Bill rate rose 2%, then the inverse floater bond's coupon payment would suffer along with its market value. Catastrophe Bond Catastrophe Bonds are bonds that coupon payments and repayment of principle is changed in the case of a specified catastrophe. Catastrophe bonds are a way for corporations to transfer "catastrophic risk" from insurance companies to the capital markets. An example of a catastrophe bond would be a bond issued by Oriental Land Co., which manages Tokyo Disney. In 1999 they issued a bond with a final payment that was dependent upon whether or not there had been an earthquake near the park. "Disaster" can be defined by total insured losses or by criteria such as Richter scale levels of an earthquake or the wind speed of a hurricane. Indexed Bonds Indexed bonds are bonds that make payments according to a specific index or the price of a specified commodity. An example of indexed bonds is the Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) which have par values that are tied to the general level of prices. By tying the par value of these bonds to the Consumer Price Index, the coupon payments and final par value payment are fluctuate in direct proportion to the Consumer Price Index. To illustrate, let's assume that par value is $1000 and the coupon rate is 4%. If inflation rose 4 percent then the par value of the bond would be $1040 and therefore the coupon payment would be $41.60 = .04 X $1040.
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Financial Product Process Innovation and Adopton
This lecture attached below lays out the architecture for Financial Product and Process Innovation. The presentation focuses on product market innovation and development, product attributes, technology S-Curves and Product Adoption Cycles; the process of product design, manufacturing and distribution channels; business development, target marketing and the transaction sales cycle; and client relations, customer service and satisfaction as a way to rapidly feedback into the system real-time customer preferences for on-going new product design, innovation and sales. The goal is to accelerate the velocity of new product development and the sales cycle by constantly innovating continuous over time to drive perpetual revenue growth into infinity. Dr. Lawrence Souza
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Financial Innovation Conference: Robert Merton
Merton, a 1997 Nobel laureate in Economics and co-author of two landmark financial studies speaks on the current tumult in the financial markets and the future of financial innovation.
Innovation in Consumer Financial Products | What We Do | J.P. Morgan
Ashley's Lending Innovation team is working to develop the products consumers really want and manage the projects to deliver them to market. As part of the Chase Associate Program, she rotates through three jobs at JPMorgan Chase to broaden her skillset and learn about different lines of business. SUBSCRIBE: http://jpm.com/x/i/NFPWfK0 About J.P. Morgan: J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available. We have been helping our clients to do business and manage their wealth for more than 200 years. Our business has been built upon our core principle of putting our clients' interests first. Connect with J.P. Morgan Online: Visit the J.P. Morgan Website: https://www.jpmorgan.com/ Follow @jpmorgan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jpmorgan Visit our J.P. Morgan Facebook page: http://facebook.com/jpmorgan Follow J.P. Morgan on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/j-p-morgan/ Follow @jpmorgan on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jpmorgan/ #jpmorgan #jpmorgancareers Innovation in Consumer Financial Products | What We Do | J.P. Morgan
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How has innovation and tech affected the financial market since the financial crisis?
CME Clearing Europe’s CEO, Tina Hasenpusch discussed the affect innovation and technology has had on the financial markets since the financial crisis at November’s Business Innovation Summit. The Business Innovation Summit, hosted by KPMG and HSBC brought together industry leaders from across the globe to discuss how innovation can best be used to generate superior value to businesses and their customers.
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Andrew Lo - Financial Innovation
Why do investors make stupid mistakes? Why do individuals consistently underperform the very funds they invest in? Are there strategies investors can follow to avoid self-destructive behavior? Those are some of the weighty questions Financial Thought Leader Andrew Lo is trying to answer from two vantage points, one as a professor of Finance at MIT and Director of its Laboratory for Financial Engineering, the other as strategist and fund manager at his firm AlphaSimplex Group. This week's conversation will start with his most recent research project at MIT, titled "Artificial Stupidity"!  WEALTHTRACK #1045. Broadcast on May 02, 2014
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Financing the Future: Market-Based Innovations for Growth
Glenn Yago discusses the role that financial innovations play in overcoming crises and promoting growth. Areas including business finance, housing markets, medical research and much more are included in the new book from Wharton School Publishing that he co-authored with Franklin Allen. Interviewed by Jennifer Manfre of the Milken Institute
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How FinTech is Shaping the Future of Banking | Henri Arslanian | TEDxWanChai
While FinTech is revolutionizing the banking industry and giving millions of people access to financial services for the first time, new banking models are emerging with FinTech start-ups and tech firms potentially disrupting the status quo. But business schools and universities are not preparing future bankers for these changes, says FinTech thought leader Henri Arslanian. How can designers, programmers and creative thinkers help? Henri Arslanian started his career as a financial markets and funds lawyer in Canada and Hong Kong, after which he spent many years with UBS Investment Bank in Hong Kong. In recent years, he has been teaching graduate courses on Entrepreneurship in Finance at Hong Kong University as an Adjunct Associate Professor, and currently leads the first FinTech course in Asia. His latest book on Entrepreneurship in Finance will be published in late 2016 by Palgrave Macmillan. A member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle, Henri is a regular keynote speaker globally on the topic of FinTech and hedge funds and currently sits on a number of finance, academic, civil society and FinTech related boards and advisory boards. Henri is fluent in English, French, Armenian, Spanish and conversational in Mandarin Chinese and has been awarded many academic and industry awards over the years, including the Governor General of Canada Gold Medal for Academic Excellence. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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International Seminar-Financial Market Infrastructures to Support Financial Innovation
2018.09.11_CDI International Seminar_ Financial Market Infrastructures to Support Financial Innovation
The Age of Fintech Disruption, Competition and Innovation in Capital Markets | Numerix Video Blog
http://www.numerix.com/numerix-blog | In this video, financial markets expert Kevin McPartland explains why as he examines three key activities taking place in the space: the pursuit of the fast and digital movement of money through banking apps and cryptocurrencies; mergers of major markets makers in the electronic trading space; and the benefits that competition from fintech startups brings to the market.
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4. Claudia Nemat on Technology & Innovation – Deutsche Telekom Capital Markets Day 2018
See Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom's board member for Technology for a outlook of how DT focus on growth and value creation. To download the presentation including the disclaimer in pdf format and to find further material please visit http://www.telekom.com/cmd18
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Visualizing Capital Markets - Google Glass, Technology Innovation & Financial Services  | Numerix
http://blog.numerix.com | Will wearable technology like Google Glass change the way capital markets participants visualize and engage in the markets? David Easthope of Celent joins Numerix CMO Jim Jockle to discuss Google Glass, Technology Innovation and Financial Services in this Numerix video blog.
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HFT, Bitcoin and Blockchain - Innovation in the Financial Markets
This is a presentation for my 1st year Computer Science module on Professional Issues, Computers and Society.
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Financial Innovation: A Risky Business?
On September 7, 2012 the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics at Columbia Business School filmed "Financial Innovation: A Risky Business?" The event brought together individuals with a breadth of experiences and viewpoints to explore questions around the promise and risks of innovation in financial services and the potential of financial innovations to advance the public good and goals. This project was completed in conjunction with the Fred Friendly Seminars. The speakers included David Abrams, Caroline Baum, Ed Conard, Wilson Ervin, Representative Barney Frank, Gary Gensler, Linda Gibbs, Robert Solow, Alicia Glen, Bruce Greenwald, Blythe Masters, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Peter Stringham Moderated by Professor Robert Jackson of Columbia Law School. For more detail, visit: http://ow.ly/g6oog or http://ow.ly/g6owZ This discussion is part of the Individual, Business, and Society curriculum that uses a series of discussions to foster a community dialogue on tradeoffs, choices, and accountability related to values-based leadership, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. To learn more, please visit http://www.gsb.columbia.edu/leadership/finnovation
Broadridge's Innovation in Capital Markets
Broadridge's Horacio Barakat, Vice President of Corporate Strategy discusses our investment into the development of new technologies – such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics – and shares the secret to taking advantage of the future: to be in it today. Broadridge is a leading innovator in capital markets. We help companies accelerate growth, enhance transparency and achieve operational efficiency.
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3In - Innovation India In - FMBA Program - Financial Markets Business Acumen
In too many organizations today, business acumen is a missing competency. Employees / Managers without business acumen lack an in-depth understanding of how their actions impact the company's business; they struggle to articulate and execute on strategy. They feel their work is monotonous / less important because they don't see the 'Big Picture'. Leaders / managers with business acumen are able to break down organizational silos, bridge communication gaps, and engage the employees they manage, so the entire workforce can understand how the company operates and how each person can contribute to the company's success. Financial Markets Business Acumen 'FMBA' is one such 'Investment' philosophy driven training program which delivers long lasting conceptual and contextual knowledge about financial markets. Participants understand the "Why" of Global Economics, Global Financial Markets, Global Investors, and Global Products / Processes / Players. The End Result of FMBA -- Motivated Employees with Business Acumen will be able to see the Big Picture and Connect the Dots enabling every employee to become an SME. Organizations will be able to deliver Conceptual & Contextual training to their teams and use Knowledge as a USP in this competitive industry. Business Services will be able to Move Up the value chain and Deliver One Firm to the clients.
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London Summit 2015 - Innovative Finance: Solving SMEs’ Capital Access Dilemma (I)
Milken Institute London Summit 10/2015 Moderator Brian Knight, Associate Director, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute Speakers Thomas Davies, Chief Investment Officer, Seedrs Shalini Khemka, Founder and CEO, E2Exchange Lucy Vernall, Global General Counsel and Head of Compliance, Funding Circle Rob Young, Senior Vice President, International, OnDeck Growth in alternative financing for small- to medium-sized businesses is exploding globally as technology-driven platforms such as peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding fill the void left by banks after the financial crisis. The 3 billion euro alternative-financing marketplace is expected to reach 7 billion euros this year, with the UK leading the way with about three-fourths of the market. These new lenders have dramatically enhanced access to capital for SMEs as banks, facing increased regulation and pressure to deleverage, withdraw from the marketplace. While these changes have led to some policies thought to encourage alternative lending, the increase in size has also led regulators across the world to look at alternative financing more closely. Will it continue to grow at today’s furious pace? To what extent are these tech-driven services driving SME growth? And how should policy effectively promote this marketplace without introducing new dangers for consumers?
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Innovative approaches for using capital markets
Are markets more effective than aid? This panel discusses innovative approaches for using capital markets to drive Africa's ambitious growth agenda, attract investment, and create jobs, and the roles of public and private sector players in this process.
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Future of Stock Markets (3) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International
Future of Stock Markets is at number 3 in CNBC's top 25 Innovations to look forward to in the next 25 years. How certain is the dynamics between emerging markets and developed markets? Subscribe to CNBC International: http://bit.ly/1eiWsDq In 2014, CNBC celebrates 25 years of broadcasting, throughout its history the channel has been at the forefront of the world’s biggest business news stories. To celebrate 25 years of broadcasting, CNBC takes a look at 25 innovations and how they might impact our lives over the next quarter of a century, taking a peak at wearable technology and the global economy, amongst other things. What will the future look in another 25 years when it comes to the way we live, work, interact, and do business? The Edge gazes into its crystal ball to find out CNBC.com for more great clips: http://cnb.cx/1o2BRDO CNBC International playlist: http://bit.ly/1u34e9a Like us on CNBC's Facebook page www.facebook.com/cnbc Follow us on CNBC's Twitter accounts https://twitter.com/CNBCWorld https://twitter.com/CNBC More from The Edge’s top 25 Innovations Future of News (1) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/bJKKmS7WMe4 Future of Corporations (2) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/IvL1MMQswzY Future of Stock Markets (3) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/3TAjyQQOPzo Future of Finance (4) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/GJXcdXlC5-M Future of Economics (5) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/PA1JLceoZvY Future of Artificial Intelligence (6) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/0CR_hoCct5I Future of the Internet (7) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/sf5Wu4vub40 Future of Wearable Tech (8) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/c6AQqjnWY2I Future of Language (9) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/W18XusQAV7A Future of Communication (10) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/teopy74B3UQ Future of Cash (11) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/hLSp8AHcN9k Future of Military Defense (12) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/B1RttRbANu0 Future of Geo-Politics (13) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/AIEyMTVOTGM Future of Commodities (14) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/KepBS0pyaMw Future of Environment (15) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/X7kAAwvdKRI Future of Medicine (16) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/vtjuXoTkFhk Future of Food (17) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/O1Thkg1ziTE Future of Entertainment (18) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/QpZhl6aHYPE Future of Cultural Identity (19) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/XMArmmXZi5U Future of Retail (20) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/XuSY9JMm66I Future of Schools (21) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/_tOOWz5Td44 Future of the Home (22) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/ZkXnpSN0dzw Future of Work Life Balance (23) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/hDJN2Hv5CpU Future of Transport (24) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/A4GTrqZyAcM Future of the City (25) | CNBC 25 Innovations | CNBC International http://youtu.be/OhNKl3bthwQ
Financial Innovation for Global Health
How can we pay for global health? Watch our session on developing a new financial architecture. http://www.weforum.org/
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Financial Innovation Conference: Leo Melamed
Melamed, Chairman Emeritus of the CME Group and the founder of the first futures market, delivered the keynote address at the first-ever Conference on Financial Innovation hosted by Owen
Capital Markets for Impact at Scale - The Role of Policy Innovation
Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner, talks about how public policy innovations can shape community development.
Velocity - Accelerating FinTech Growth for asset management & capital markets
Velocity is an Investment Association initiative designed to accelerate innovation and the adoption of technology within investment management and capital markets.
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Innovation in the financial industry – Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
From AI, Blockchain, big data to identity, our innovation series examines the forces that are disrupting the role, structure and competitive environment for financial institutions and the markets in which they operate.
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Distributed Ledger - Synchronising finance, unleashing innovation
A discussion with Blythe Masters of Digital Asset and Cliff Richards of ASX mediated by Belinda Conrad, non-executive director, ASX. They are talking about how distributed ledger technology (DLT) will transform financial markets by synchronsing finance and unleashing innovation.
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Advanced Master in Financial Markets - Alumni Testimonial - Nathan Beale
Discover the experience of Nathan Beale, alumnus of the Advanced Master in Financial Markets (2018). Nathan shares his views on the practical program he graduated from and on how he managed to find a job even before he graduated. Find out more about the Solvay Advanced Masters on our website: https://am.solvay.edu 6 postgraduate programs to specialize in: - Financial Markets - Quantitative Finance - Innovation and Strategic Management - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in partnership with Politecnico di Milano) - Political Economy (in partnership with Georgetown University) - Digital Transformation and Business Analytics #PlugIntoYourFuture
Innovations In Emerging Markets Consumer Finance
Nachiket Mor, chairman of CARE India and a board member of the IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health, and Bindu Ananth, a trustee at IFMR and founder of the Centre for Micro Finance at IFMR, discuss the a radically innovative wealth management banking model to serve rural, low-income customers. Mor and Ananth spoke at Columbia Business School on November 13, 2012. Learn more at http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/socialenterprise/events#innov
Innovative GeWorko Method for Portfolio Trading, Analysis & Investment | IFC Markets
Want to get new investment opportunities for your portfolio trading? Then, this is for you!. GeWorko Method is an innovation in financial markets, which has taken portfolio trading to a completely new level. With this method investors have a unique opportunity of creating their own personal composite instruments from a variety of assets offered. http://bit.ly/2wYz2AS GeWorko Method is an innovative approach to study of financial markets and analysis of their dynamics. In fact, it is based on Forex concept, according to which, one financial asset is quoted by another. According to GeWorko Method, the concept is expanded for portfolios that stand for base and quoted parts. Only with IFCM Group you can create and trade new financial instruments from a variety of available assets. GeWorko Method Advantages -Opportunity to create and trade new financial instruments, built by yourself from a variety of available assets -Opportunity to get a new cross rate from all available currencies -Ideal opportunity to create a positional portfolio (consisting of long and short positions) and to make its graphical analysis -Reducing long-term risks -Opportunity to create "a unique instrument", which is stable to the volatility of the markets for a long period of time -Deep price history of the created instruments, reaching 40 years An Example of How to Create, Analyze and Trade PCI - http://www.ifcmarkets.com/en/personal-instrument/pci-analysis-trading Personal Composite Instruments PCI - http://www.ifcmarkets.com/en/personal-instrument Find and follow us on social networks: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IFCMarketscom Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ifc-markets Twitter: https://twitter.com/IFCMarkets_com #Ifcmarkets, #geworko, #forex, #trading, #spreadtrading, #portfoliotrading, #financialinstruments, #stockmarket, #financialderivative
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Financial Innovation Can Make Markets Work for the Poor - Jane Xing, Gates Foundation, China
Jane Xing is the Deputy Director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, China office. Jane gave a lecture at Peking University and spoke about "innovation at the bottom of the pyramid". And yes, the class was full (you just can't see it in the video). By Professors Jeffrey Towson and Jonathan Woetzel of Peking University Guanghua School of Management. www.jefftowson.com
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