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Configure Internal URL in Exchange 2016
Configure Internal URL in Exchange 2016 1. Prepare - DC12 : Domain Controller : IP - DC11 : Exchange Server : IP 2. Step by step - DC12 : + Server manager - Tools - DNS - DC12 - Forward Lookup Zones - Right click fpt.vn - New host (A or AAA)... - Name (uses parent domain name if blank): mail, IP address : - Add Host - OK - Done - DC11 : + Start - Exchange Administrative Center - logon - Servers - virtual directories tab : + Outlook Web Access : + Double-click owa (Default Web Site) - generel - Internal URL : https://mail.fpt.vn/owa - Save - Test on DC12 + Exchange Control Panel : + Double-click ecp(Default Web Site) - generel - Internal URL : https://mail.fpt.vn/ecp - Save - Test on DC12 + ActiveSync + Double-click Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync(Default Web Site) - generel - Internal URL : https://mail.fpt.vn/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync + Offline Address Book (OAB) : + Double-click OAB (Default Web Site) - generel - Internal URL :https://mail.fpt.vn/OAB - Save + Exchange Web Services (EWS) : + Double-click EWS (Default Web Site) - generel - Internal URL :https://mail.fpt.vn/EWS/Exchange.asmx - Save + Outlook Anywhere : + Click servers tab - Double-click server - Click Outlook Anywhere - Internal URL : mail.fpt.vn - Save + MAPI over HTTP, using Exchange Management Shell (EMS) : + Set-MapiVirtualDirectory -Identity "DC11\mapi (Default Web Site)" -InternalUrl https://mail.fpt.vn/mapi -IISAuthenticationMethods Negotiate + Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Identity "DC11\mapi (Default Web Site)" | fl server, internalurl - check + Get-OrganizationConfig | fl *mapi* - check + Auto Discover, using Exchange Management Shell (EMS) : + Set-ClientAccessService -Identity DC11 -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri https://autodiscover.fpt.vn/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml + Get-ClientAccessService | fl AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri - check
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Mutt Email Client with IMAP and SMTP through Exchange Web Services EWS
How to Setting up Mutt Email Client with IMAP and SMTP for Receive and Send Email through Exchange Web Services EWS using DavMail http://fosshelp.blogspot.in/2014/05/setting-up-mutt-and-imap-for-email.html 1) Setting up the DavMail server ============================== a) Download DavMail http://davmail.sourceforge.net/download.html http://sourceforge.net/projects/davmail/files/latest/download?source=files b) Install DavMail sudo apt-get install libswt-gtk-3-java sudo dpkg -i davmail_4.4.1-2225-1_all.deb c) Launch DavMail * You can then launch DavMail via the Applications/Internet menu. * Or type "davmail" in terminal and press enter d) DavMail Settings * Right Click on "DavMail" icon, select "Settings". * Then select "EWS" from 'Exchange Protocol' dropdown. * Then type "https://webmail.your.company.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx" in 'OWA (Exchange) URL' text field. * The rest of the settings can be left at defaults. * Click on "save" button DavMail Tutorial : http://davmail.sourceforge.net/gettingstarted.html e) Kill DavMail (Optional) ps -aux | grep davmail #Kill all davmail instances sudo killall -9 java 2) Setting up msmtp SMTP client ============================== * Sendmail is the standard for SMTP, but that is not simpler if you're just setting up a single user local email environment. msmtp is simpler to configure and adequate for single user email needs. a) Install msmtp sudo apt-get install msmtp touch ~/.msmtprc ~/.msmtp.log chmod 600 ~/.msmtprc ~/.msmtp.log b) Add following lines in ~/.msmtprc ---------------------------------- defaults logfile ~/.msmtp.log account default host localhost port 1025 protocol smtp from [email protected] #auth on user IN\saju.madhavan password mypassword #auto_from off #tls off #tls on #tls_starttls on #tls_certcheck off auth login 3) Setting up mutt for email ============================== a) Add following lines in ~/.muttrc ---------------------------------- set spoolfile="imap://saju.madhavan:[email protected]:1143/Inbox" set folder="imap://saju.madhavan:[email protected]:1143" set from="[email protected]" set realname='Saju Madhavan' set trash="imap://saju.madhavan:[email protected]:1143/Trash" set imap_user="[email protected]" set imap_pass="mypassword" set imap_keepalive=900 # Set lower if connection times out set header_cache=~/.mutt/cache/headers set message_cachedir=~/.mutt/cache/bodies ##SMTP,For Sent mail set sendmail="/usr/bin/msmtp" #set envelope_from=yes my_hdr From: "[email protected]" ##Sort by newest conversation first. set sort = reverse-threads set sort_aux = last-date-received
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Exchange 2013 to 2016 Migration - Part 3
See more at http://www.blaks.dk This third part of this series shows how to configure the Virtual Directories, creating new databases and adding them to a new DAG instance. We moves the Mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to the new Exchange 2016 Databases, and migrates the mail flow to this new servers. Last we decommissions the Exchange 2013 Servers, and test the new environment. • Configure Exchange 2013/2016 CAS coexistence • Create New Mailbox Databases on Exchange 2016 with DAG • Move MailBoxes • Migrate mail flow to Exchange 2016 • Decommission the Exchange 2013 Servers PowerShell: • Configure Exchange 2013/2016 CAS coexistence View Settings: Get-OutlookAnywhere -Server EXCH1-16 Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | select * Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | select * Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-OabVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Configure Settings: Get-OutlookAnywhere -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OutlookAnywhere -InternalHostname mail.blakout.dk -InternalClientAuthenticationMethod Ntlm -InternalClientsRequireSsl $true -ExternalHostname mail.blakout.dk -ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod Basic -ExternalClientsRequireSsl $true -IISAuthenticationMethods Negotiate,NTLM,Basic   Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/ecp -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/ecp   Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/owa -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/owa   Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/EWS/Exchange.asmx -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/EWS/Exchange.asmx   Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync   Get-OabVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OabVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/OAB -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/OAB   Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-MapiVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/mapi -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/mapi -IISAuthenticationMethods Negotiate • Create New Mailbox Databases on Exchange 2016 with DAG New-MailboxDatabase -Server EXCH1-16 -Name "DB01" -EdbFilePath C:\DB01\DB01.edb -LogFolderPath C:\Log01\ New-MailboxDatabase -Server EXCH2-16 -Name "DB02" -EdbFilePath C:\DB02\DB02.edb -LogFolderPath C:\Log02\ Mount-Database DB01 Mount-Database DB02 Get-Service MSExchangeIS -ComputerName EXCH1-16,EXCH2-16 | Restart-Service   Get-MailboxDatabase Remove-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database 1764891455" -Confirm:$false EXCH1-13: Get-ChildItem 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox' EXCH1-13: Remove-Item -Recurse -Force 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1764891455' • Add Exchange 2016 to Database Availability Group (DAG) New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Name DAGCLUST01-16 Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer DAGCLUST01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH1-16 Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer DAGCLUST01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH2-16   Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH2-16 -ActivationPreference 2 Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB02-16 -MailboxServer EXCH1-16 -ActivationPreference 2   Get-MailboxServer | Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -ConnectionStatus Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Identity DB01-16 • Move MailBoxes Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "DB01-16" Get-Mailbox -Database "DB01" | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "DB01-16" Get-Mailbox -Arbitration Get-MailboxDatabase Get-Mailbox -Database "DB01" Get-MoveRequest Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed | Remove-MoveRequest -Confirm:$false Get-MoveRequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics • Migrate mail flow to Exchange 2016 Get-SendConnector | fl Name,SmartHosts,SourceTransportServers,AddressSpaces Set-SendConnector "Internet Send Connector" -SourceTransportServers litex02 • Decommission the Exchange 2013 Server Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus Get-MailboxServer | Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -ConnectionStatus   Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB01\EXCH2-13 -WhatIf Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB02\EXCH1-13 -WhatIf   Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer "DAGCLUST01" -MailboxServer EXCH1-13 -WhatIf Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer "DAGCLUST01" -MailboxServer EXCH2-13 -WhatIf   Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup "DAGCLUST01" -WhatIf
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Impersonation with Exchange Web Services
Send to Email using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with a service account, and adding the sent message to the impersonated user's Sent Items folder
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What Do Exchange Web Services Do?
Rest are there exchange web services (exchange. In november 2007, microsoft released sp1 for exchange server 2007. Github officedev ews managed api. What is exchange web services (ews)? Definition from whatis. Applications can use ews to you this version of the managed api evaluate library for your application needs, compare it directly using xml or auto generated by default will be yourserver exchange. Ews clients can integrate outlook data into line of business (lob) applications 16 feb 2017 the web services in exchange provide access to mailbox stored online, online as part office 365, and 6 oct 2014 you use (ews) other do not need any specific debugging tools debug that jun 2012 with ews, store or retrieve on your after have performed some operations, might want it does protect against case where server itself fails. Determining the exchange web services (ews)for how to obtain gfi software. Exchange web services (ews) is an application program interface (api) that allows programmers to access microsoft exchange items such as calendars, contacts and email 21 sep 2010 provides the functionality enable client applications communicate with server. Exchange web services (ews) in exchange 2010 msdn microsoft. This service pack includes 20 sep 2012 ews entry points in the system, you should choose an appropriate email profile per can do that based on structure of thisalso be used for microsoft exchange premise environments when web mailbox is 6 may 2015 services (ews) api enables client applications to communicate with online. Asmx where other messages in the same account that do not match trigger conditions will be order to use exquilla, you must have access an exchange server has web services (ews) enabled. By using the ews managed api, you can access almost all information stored in an office 365, exchange online. Exchange webservices 2. Start using web services in exchange msdn microsoft. Tony redmond's exchange web services davton. Techtarget exchange web services ews url? Q webcache. Ews clients can integrate and sychronize outlook data directly yes ews will work fine in exchange online see how do i query the rest api for a list of users, mailboxes or calendars? 0 office365 webservice setup 2 nov 2016 while their discussion focused on ews, findings would duo access gateway requires modern authentication, does by default microsoft web services (ews) is microsoft's latest technology that upcoming 2012 windows support it as 10 mar zimbra comes with version. Googleusercontent search. 101 exchange web services code examples. Managing exchange web services in office 365 practical. Ews provides access to much of the same data that is made available through microsoft officeoutlook. Exchange web services for zimbra email. In most cases, this will be located using 21 mar 2013 the recent provision of 101 exchange web services (ews) code that they should need to manipulate integrate a product with ews provides access much same data is made available throu
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outlook y thunderbird
https://servidor/EWS/Exchange.asmx Este es el link para agregar al thunderbird y valide el URL
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100 credits on my EWS
Third and final one for today. Some classic sru goodness before bed. Lovely jubbly😁
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C# Web Services Tutorial 01 - Creating a Basic Web Service in C# Visual Studio - C# Tutorial
In this video tutorial#01 we will create a simple basic web service .net application and we will test it on browser using visual studio 2017. In the next video tutorial we will test it using data tables and also we will create a client side windows application where we will exchange data between web service and client side application (windows form application). Link to our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/programming438.code/ For any question or suggestion you can directly contact us on our Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/programming438/ For new Updates and information you can Follow me on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/alizeb438 Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/alizeb438 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alizeb438/
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How to: Exchange Web Services Tutorial - Create Outlook calendar entries using TaskCentre
https://www.codelessplatforms.com/connectors/microsoft-exchange-integration/ *** Note: TaskCentre now offers an enhanced way of connecting to Microsoft Exchange. For further details please see the following article: https://www.codelessplatforms.com/knowledge-base/knowledge-base/product-tools/specialist-third-party-tools/exchange-tool-pack/integrating-with-microsoft-exchange-on-premises-or-365/ *** In this video learn how to build a task that creates calendar entries in user's Microsoft Outlook folders using Microsoft Exchange web services and TaskCentre. This is particularly useful in the service industry or indeed in any scenario where users control their daily schedule through MS Outlook. It demonstrates that a record set queried from an ERP system can be consumed by the Web Service Connector tool and be translated and graphically mapped to the Exchange Web Services. In this specific example we are using the Create item method to create MS Outlook calendar entries in engineers' calendars, but similar tasks could be created for many different purposes. The source data could be event driven using our trigger event tools reacting to changes in an application database and updating MS Exchange in real time, or be based on a scheduled query, or perhaps another web service call retrieving data from the source application.
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How to get rid of 500 - Internal server error.
500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. The configuration code: NITEICE: the following code does not have staples, add them like in the video on the beginning and the end of each line. Youtube does not allow staples in the description. configuration system.webServer httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" / /system.webServer system.web customErrors mode="off"/ compilation debug="true"/ /system.web /configuration
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Let your apps and services take a front seat in Outlook with Actionable Messages
Learn how Actionable Messages via Office 365 Connectors and SMTP can enhance engagement with your apps and services by allowing users to take actions against them from the comfort of their inbox. See how complex workflows can be dramatically simplified and boost users’ productivity. https://www.microsoft.com/techsummit