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CEO vs Managing Director
Explainations on some legal terms
CEO Vs MD Vs Chairman vs COO Vs General Manager Vs Director Vs President Vs Manager Vs HR
☺ SUBSCRIBE ☺ LIKE ☺ SHARE ☺ COMMENT ■ About video : ▪ CEO Vs MD Vs Chairman vs COO Vs General Manager Vs Director Vs President Vs Manager Vs HR. Difference among all these jobs. ( CEO, MD, Chairman, COO, General Manager, Director, President, Manager & HR इन जाॅब में क्या अंतर होता है ?)                                  ■ See these videos also : 1) जाॅब और सर्व्हिस में क्या अंतर होता है ? ↪ https://youtu.be/krFOXS0dY30 2) भारत के भूतपूर्व प्रधानमंत्री को क्या-क्या सुविधाए मिलती है ? ↪ https://youtu.be/Ssb_aUiWVeM 3) भारत के भूतपूर्व राष्ट्रपति को क्या-क्या सुविधाएं मिलती है ? ↪ https://youtu.be/USkTKO86ZbA 4) डॉक्टर के पर्चे पर RX क्यों लिखा जाता है ? ↪ https://youtu.be/IoGtqRSe3JQ 5) घड़ी को बाएं हाथ में ही क्यों पहना जाता है ? ↪ https://youtu.be/XQi2qTFET9g #CEO #COO #MD #Manager #Chairman ■ Credits - ▪ Images & Videos - Pixabay.com ▪ Other images & Videos credit goes to their respected owners rather than pixabay source. ▪ Music - Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/yJg-Y5byMMw ■ Disclaimer - Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 📱 Contact : 📧 E-mail :- [email protected]
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Executive Job Interview Tips: 3 Keys to Getting a Senior Role
Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he discusses Executive Job Interview Tips: 3 Keys to Getting a Senior Role! For much more FREE content, see the https://www.milewalkacademy.com/ -------------------- GET INTERVIEW INTERVENTION HARDCOVER FREE! -------------------- Get the Interview Intervention Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook while supplies last! The $29 book is FREE. I bought it for you. I'm also adding in the $27 digital experience. I only ask that you pay $7 so my friends at the warehouse can pick it, pack it, and ship it. I'll send it anywhere in the world for $7! Get it here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention -------------------- MORE FREE STUFF -------------------- JOB SEARCH WEBINAR: HOW TO FIND A JOB YOU LOVE: http://bit.ly/FindJobYouLoveWebinar-yt ATTENDEES GET MY FREE EBOOK ACE ANY JOB INTERVIEW: Master the Best Answers to the 14 Most Effective Job Interview Questions! JOB INTERVIEW WEBINAR: 3 KEYS TO ACE ANY JOB INTERVIEW: http://bit.ly/aceanyjobinterviewwebinar ATTENDEES GET MY FREE EBOOK ACE ANY JOB INTERVIEW: Master the Best Answers to the 14 Most Effective Job Interview Questions! RESUME WEBINAR: 3 SECRETS TO GET YOUR RESUME NOTICED: http://bit.ly/getresumenoticedwebinar ATTENDEES GET MY FREE RESUME TEMPLATE + CONTENT BUILDER! -------------------- CONNECT WITH ANDREW -------------------- Join Andrew’s email list: http://milewalk.com/mwblog Get Andrew’s books and training: https://www.milewalkacademy.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewlacivita Twitter: https://twitter.com/arlacivita LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlacivita Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewlacivita iTunes free podcast:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tips-for-work-life-andrew/id1120387046 -------------------- SUMMARY -------------------- What's happening when you're job interviewing? You exchange information. You need to have the right responses to the employer’s questions. You need to ask good questions. You need the right background. You need to impress. 1. It’s about their future, not your past. You need to get the interviewers, the most senior interviewers, thinking into the future. If you can't get them to imagine what their life will be like and what their company will look like with you there, you'll never get hired. 2. Leaders are inclusive and inspiring. You need to be the high tide that lifts all the boats. Leaders build more leaders. They don't build more followers. You need to show them you're great at inspiring and inclusive. You're great at building teams. 3. Stay away from one-and-done questions because then you’ll be done. Specifically, I mean asking a great question, then receiving their response, and then moving on to the next question. That's the big mistake! The message you're sending to them is that you are a puddle skipper. You are not somebody who's digging deep to get information and collecting it all. You're not well researched. You’re not digging deep enough to get the information you need to make a good decision. -------------------- ABOUT ANDREW -------------------- Andrew LaCivita is an internationally recognized executive recruiter, award-winning author, trainer, and founder and chief executive officer of milewalk and the milewalk Academy. He’s dedicated his career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals. He often serves as a trusted media resource and is the award-winning author of Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies. -------------------- ABOUT TIPS FOR WORK AND LIFE® -------------------- Tips for Work and Life® is a weekly careers, hiring, and motivational show full of helpful job search strategies, career management and acceleration tactics, recruitment techniques, and self-help aids with the award-winning author, career coach, and trainer Andrew LaCivita. Tips for Work and Life® has been cited by several sources as a Top 5 Careers and HR Blog. Andrew includes these 3-15 minute multicast shows as part of his blog and podcast. #milewalkacademy #executiveinterview #jobinterview #careercoach #careercoaching #interviewintervention
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Company Chairman, CEO & BOD
Lecture by Syed Ali Abbas Abidi, Institute of GRADSY-Pakistan Taxation-Pakistan
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Difference between CEO, Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder || Hindi URDU || Levels in Corporate.
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 We are trying to give you information about members in a company and there roles in a company and the difference between them by the help of our video. Rank and value of any higher person in the corporate world. #UrStartup ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Difference between CEO, Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Like Share Subscribe Comment Contact [email protected]
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JW Marriott Hotel Macau Interview with General Manager - HD
Exclusive, and extremely rushed, HD video interview with the General Manager of the JW Marriott Hotel Macau, Mr. Brian Tong. In this interview, filmed on 16 October 2015, we discuss how business has been since the property opened. How the JW differs from The Ritz-Carlton which is in the same building. The JW Marriott Hotel Macau is the biggest JW Marriott hotel in the world with over 1,100 rooms we ask Brian how they manage to maintain the levels of service guests of more traditionally sized JWs expect. More intro to come. http://www.asiatraveltips.com
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Inside Sports Management
Four Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni discuss the risks and rewards of working in sports management, and what it has taught them about leadership. Read highlights from the video: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/inside-sports-management Featuring: Joe Lacob, Owner & CEO Golden State Warriors; Paraag Marathe, Chief Strategy Officer, San Francisco 49ers; Dave Kaval, President, San Jose Earthquakes; Ari Segal, COO, Arizona Coyotes; and George Foster, Professor of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Should Founder Owners Hire a General Manager or a CEO?
Every founder-owner at some point recognizes that they either can not, should not (or simply no longer want to) be the person involved in making every management decision. Frequently this coincides with the organization hitting Whitewater, and in that case there's often some angst involved, as the founder-owner begins to call in question their own management and leadership skills. The question is: what's the best next step to stabilize the organization and return it to sustainable growth? Watch the video for my answer, based on the patterns I've seen over the years (video run time is 12 minutes). --- Les McKeown CEO, Predictable Success http://predictablesuccess.com/
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Speak like a Manager: Verbs 1
This "Speak like a Manager" lesson teaches you eight English verbs with hundreds of uses. A real vocabulary hack to learn English faster then ever! Learn to use the words identify, resolve, motivate, focus, minimize, maximize, generate, and implement. These verbs are especially useful in business and professional situations. You'll learn powerful collocations or word combinations to use these eight advanced verbs in hundreds of creative ways. Make sure to subscribe to get all the lessons in my Speak like a Manager series (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxSz4mPLHWDamTa4xW7tkb-roADpiT5Jf). GET THE FREE LIST OF 100+ BUSINESS ENGLISH COLLOCATIONS HERE: https://www.engvid.com/english-resource/speak-like-a-manager-100-business-english-collocations/ TAKE THE QUIZ: https://www.engvid.com/speak-like-a-manager-verbs-1/ WATCH NEXT: How to change basic English into business English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ZDNgtAsbw&t=0s&list=PLxSz4mPLHWDb5ilkSD089gY2UwKiP72S7&index=4 TRANSCRIPT Hi. I'm Rebecca from engVid. Today I'm especially excited to welcome you to a new series that I've created called: "How to Speak like a Manager". In this series you will learn how to take general English and upgrade it to business English. Okay? And we'll be doing that by looking at different verbs that you can use, adjectives, nouns, and so on. Okay? But today in this lesson we will be focusing on eight verbs. But you might be asking: "Only eight verbs and I can become a manager?" Well, yes. "Why?" Because I'm going to show you how these eight verbs, to start with, can actually be used in hundreds of ways, in different collocations or combinations of words, so therefore you'll be able to use them in all kinds of situations. Definitely in professional situations, but also in social situations or personal situations. Okay? So, let's start right now. Okay. So let's suppose what you want to say in general English or regular English is something like this: "I need to find out what's wrong." Okay? Now, on this side is all the regular English or the general English. Okay? And on this side we're going to express the same idea, but in higher English, in more advanced business English or more professional English. And you're going to help me because I didn't write the word in yet. You're going to help me because perhaps you already know some of these words, but even if you know them you might not realize how many different ways we can actually use those same words, and that's what I want you to be able to do. Okay? So suppose your idea in your mind is that: "I need to find out what's wrong." So how can we say that in more professional English? "I need to", the verb starts with "i": "I need to _______ the problem. I need to identify the problem." Okay? So, our first word today is "identify". Say it after me: "identify the problem". Good. Now, suppose the idea you're trying to convey is: "I need to fix the problem." Okay? "Fix" is a very ordinary word, so what better word could we use here? "I need to _______ the issue or the issues. I need to", you might know this word. "I need to resolve", okay? So, "resolve" is just like "solve", but usually we say: "Solve the problem", but we might say: "Resolve the issue". And "resolve" is an even higher, more advanced word. And the higher vocabulary that you use, the more professional you will sound. Okay? And that's what our goal is. Right? Okay, next: "I need to give people confidence." So what's a good word or verb for that? "To give somebody confidence" is to, something starts with "m": "I need to _______ my employees. I need to..." Do you know this word? I'm sure you've heard it. "Motivate". Okay? Say it after me: "Motivate" or "motivate". You can say the "t"; sometimes it's easier and clearer for people to understand you when you say the "t". So let's say the "t" now: "Motivate. I need to motivate my employees" or: "I need to motivate my employees." Okay? Instead of saying: "I need to give people confidence", because you see that all the verbs here are very ordinary, everyday verbs, and those are higher-level verbs. Next: "I need to give clients my attention." Again, we have a very weak verb here, so how can you say that: "I need to give my attention to my clients or give clients my attention"? The word... The verb starts with "f": "I need to _______ on our clients." What's the verb? Do you know it? "I need to focus", okay? Say it after me: "Focus". Be careful how you pronounce this word because otherwise it can sound improper. All right? "I need to focus on our clients." Sounds a lot better than saying: "I need to give my attention to my clients." Okay? "I need to focus". Next: "I need to spend as little as possible". "Spend as little" means spend as little money. So what's one word that captures that idea, to spend as little as possible? It starts with "m": "I need to _______ our expenses or our costs." Do you know what it is? Okay? So the word is "minimize". […]
Massive Salary of India's Highest Paid CEOs | Mukesh Ambani | Birla | Bajaj |  TCS | Infosys
Check out salary of India's top CEO's & Business Executives. Subscribe The Filmy Cut for more updates. https://www.youtube.com/thefilmycut Salil Parekh Infosys, CEO N. Chandrasekaran Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), CEO Kumar Mangalam Birla Aditya Birla Group, Chairman Rajiv Bajaj Bajaj Auto, Managing Director Mukesh Ambani Reliance Industries Ltd, Chairman & MD D B Gupta Lupin, Chairman Onkar Kanwar Appolo Tyres, Chairman & CEO Pawan Kant Munjal Hero MotoCorp, CMD & CEO
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Executive Director Interview
Successful: Supported Employment Fidelity Reviews Johnson & Johnson Dartmouth Community Mental Health Program
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Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase
Jamie Dimon, the Chairman, President, and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, joined us for the inaugural session of the 2017 - 2018 View From The Top speaker series. Dimon discussed topics ranging from the dangers of bureaucracy to the validity of Bitcoin, to how dangerous a temper can be in the business world. When asked how he ensures a fair and equal workplace, he said, “When you have an environment of trust and respect, people can shine. Go out of your way to make everyone accepted and you’ll build a great company.
✪✪✪✪✪ WANT VIDEO LIKE THIS ONE? ORDER IT HERE FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS - http://bit.ly/2IlNl98 ✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ The Audiopedia Android application, INSTALL NOW - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wTheAudiopedia_8069473 ✪✪✪✪✪ What is CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER? What does CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER mean? CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER meaning - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER definition - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. A chief executive officer (CEO) describes the position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, leader or administrator in charge of managing an organization. CEOs lead a range of organizations, including public and private corporations, non-profit organizations and even some government organizations (e.g., Crown corporations). The CEO of a corporation or company typically reports to the board of directors and is charged with maximizing the value of the entity, which may include maximizing the share price, market share, revenues, or another element. In the non-profit and government sector, CEOs typically aim at achieving outcomes related to the organization's mission, such as reducing poverty, increasing literacy, etc. Titles also often given to the holder of CEO position include president, chief executive (CE) and managing director (MD). The responsibilities of an organization's CEO are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure. They can be far-reaching or quite limited and are typically enshrined in a formal delegation of authority. Typically, responsibilities include decision maker on strategy and other key policy issues, leader, manager, and executor. The communicator role can involve speaking to the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as to the organization's management and employees; the decision-making role involves high-level decisions about policy and strategy. As a leader of the company, the CEO/MD advises the board of directors, motivates employees, and drives change within the organization. As a manager, the CEO/MD presides over the organization's day-to-day operations. The term refers to the person who makes all the key decisions regarding the company, which includes all sectors and fields of the business, including operations, marketing, business development, finance, human resources, etc. The CEO of a company is not necessarily the owner of the company. According to a study by Carola Frydman of MIT, from 1936 to the early 2000s, there has been a rapid increase in the share of CEOs holding an MBA; from approximately 10% of CEOs in 1960 to more than 50% by the end of the century. Earlier in the century, top executives were more likely to have technical degrees in science and engineering or law. As of 2016, there were 20 female CEOs of S&P 500 companies, approximately 4%. Business publicists since the days of Edward Bernays and his client John D. Rockefeller and even more successfully the corporate publicists for Henry Ford, promoted the concept of the "celebrity CEO". Business journalists have often adopted this approach, which assumes that the corporate achievements, especially in the arena of manufacturing, were produced by unique talented individuals, especially the "heroic CEO". In effect, journalists celebrate a CEO who takes distinctive strategic actions. The model is the celebrity in entertainment, sports, and politics. Guthey et al. argue that "...these individuals are not self-made, but rather are created by a process of widespread media exposure to the point that their actions, personalities, and even private lives function symbolically to represent significant dynamics and tensions prevalent in the contemporary business atmosphere." Journalism thereby exaggerates the importance of the CEO and tends to neglect the harder-to-describe broader corporate factors. There is little attention to the intricately organized technical bureaucracy that actually does the work. Hubris sets in when the CEO internalizes the celebrity and becomes excessively self-confident in making complex decisions. Indeed, there may be an emphasis on the sort of decisions that attract the celebrity journalists. In some European Union countries, there is a dual board system with two separate boards, one executive board for the day-to-day business and one supervisory board for control purposes (selected by the shareholders). In these countries, the CEO presides over the executive board and the chairman presides over the supervisory board, and these two roles will always be held by different people. This ensures a distinction between management by the executive board and governance by the supervisory board. This allows for clear lines of authority.
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Becoming a new leader, manager, or executive - Your first 100 Days
Your first 100 days on the job as a new executive, manager, supervisor, or CEO can set the stage for success or failure. Watch for tips to help create the best outcomes possible on this video. Becky Freemal reports for Virginia at Work - WFXR news and interviews Lynda McNutt Foster, CEO, Cortex Leadership Consulting.
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Interview with Leonard Ariff, Group Managing Director of CCM
CEKU had the pleasure and opportunity to speak to Mr. Leonard Ariff, Group Managing Director of Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad. He was appointed to his current position on the 9 January 2015. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad. Leonard Ariff was also the Director of CCM’s Chemicals Division from October 2014 until December 2015. Following the internal reorganisation of the CCM Group in January 2016, Leonard Ariff’s position as Director of Pharmaceuticals Division has been redesignated as Chief Executive Officer, Pharmaceuticals. Leonard Ariff started his career in 1988 in various capacities in the legal profession before joining the CCM Group in 1990, where his main responsibilities were in business development and business management at CCM Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. In 2000, he assumed the position of Managing Director of Usaha Pharma (M) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Prima Health Pharmacy (Retail) Sdn. Bhd.), CCM’s pharmaceuticals retail arm. He later joined ICI Paints Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in 2003 as the General Manager and was subsequently appointed as Managing Director in 2005 until 2007, before re- joining the CCM Group in 2008. He holds directorships on the boards of several companies within the CCM Group and PanGen Biotech Inc. (Korea). He also acts in an advisory capacity at the International Medical University School of Pharmacy, Chair of the School of Business Advisory Board at Monash University Malaysia, member of the advisory board of Chemical Engineering Faculty at Monash University Malaysia, Industrial and Community Advisory panel of Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (“INFORMM”) at Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Committee Member of Good Governance for Medicines in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and is a member of the Malaysian National Biotech Advisory Board.
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Managing director / CEO Training healthcare sector
Healthcare management Egypt
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Richard Cottee – Managing Director and CEO, Central Petroleum (CTP)
Daniela Cambone, Editor-in-Chief of Kitco News, chats to Richard Cottee from Central Petroleum about their gas fields in the Northern Territory and the energy sector in general.
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Company Directors - Good Board Meetings
Excerpt from the DVD "The Role & Responsibilities of the Company Director" presented by Roger Mason, an authority and respected author on the subject of Company Law. The full DVD covering APPOINTMENT & TERMINATION OF A DIRECTOR, HOW TO RUN SUCCESSFUL BOARD MEETINGS, GENERAL DUTIES AND WHAT TO DO IF A COMPANY HAS FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES is available at www.whoswho.co.uk.
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Inspire your Team! Ultimate Leadership Speech. Give Great Powerpoint Presentations - Keynote
http://www.globalchange.com Great leadership speeches - connect with audience passion. How to give world-class powerpoint presentations using Powerpoint 2007, Powerpoint 2011, on PC or Mac. How to wow your audience as CEO or Chairman at an annual corporate event. How to win customers and communicate vision at corporate events. How to structure your presentation, using embedded videos, images, multimedia content. Common powerpoint mistakes. Death by Powerpoint. How to lose audience attention. How to make a speech and how to give a world-class lecture. How to prepare a talk. How to communicate with an audience. How to overcome stage fright and stage nerves before giving a speech. Customer + team passion, change management - leadership styles to change teams, structures, processes, organisations, businesses. Take hold of your future: emotions. Lessons from the past in trends analysis, growth strategies, leadership training, motivational speaker. Patrick Dixon biography, bio, cv - ranked one of world's 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers 50 2005) Great events change people: 4,500 event organisers(MPI. Keynote conference speaker (MPI).Future corporate events: motivational leadership programmes, executive education, team development, innovation seminars, strategy workshops, consumer groups, marketing forums, competitor analysis think tanks, team building exercises and motivational client events. Effective management depends on great communication of leadership vision, mission and strategy. Future of banks, banking, insurance, health, technology, social media, advertising, telecom, mobile phones, smartphones, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, oil industry, energy, environment, green tech, pharmaceutical industry, education, government trends, regulation, compliance, human resources. Conference organisation and event planning. Great leadership speeches, motivational tools for team leadership, and how to communicate with large audiences. Change management, business transformation and vision building. Video by keynote conference speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon. How to motivate business leaders for high performance, profitability and shareholder value. Industry trends for successful events in banking, banks, financial services, investments and fund management, insurance, retail, manufacturing, logistics, services, advertising brands, marketing, aviation, travel, transport, tourism, construction and real estate, government and non profit organisations, energy, sustainability, sustainable innovation, green technology, open innovation, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, food and drink / beverages, fast-moving goods (FMG), IT and communications, mobile phones, smart phones, satellite, entertainment industry, music industry, media, public relatiions, human resources, change management, strategy, risk management and other sectors. Secrets of successful corporate events, and how to give a great, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, powerful CEO keynote speech. Effective executive education, programme development and manager training. Work-life balance and workplace motivation, leadership styles and team building. Staff retention, motivation, recruitment and talent development. University degree courses, MBAs and career progression. Why staging, lighting, theatre and performance really matter in successful corporate events. Videoconferencing, virtual teams, virtual working and virtual organisations why most people do not like videoconferencing and how to make video interviews or presentations work in conference programmes. How to create and deliver great lectures using powerpoint and other technology. Innovation and creativity in conference planning or business school programmes. Impact of global warming, climate change and energy prices on demand for corporate events, corporate travel and event location. Secrets of great event production, staging and use of multimedia. Presentation by keynote conference speaker, author and broadcaster Patrick Dixon author of Sustainagility, Building a Better Business and Futurewise.
Interview Andrew Thorburn Managing Director and CEO BNZ
Andrew took up the roles Managing Director and CEO at the BNZ in October 2008. He was previously Executive General Manager of Retail Banking at National Australia Bank (NAB) leading a team of more than 10,000 people, located across 750 stores, servicing over 3.3 million customers. Andrew brings both a breadth and depth of experience to the role. With over twenty years in the industry, he has extensive experience both sides of the Tasman: ten years at ASB in New Zealand, followed by senior roles at CBA, St George and NAB in Australia. Previous roles have been in retail, marketing and strategy, building a cross-discipline understanding of the industry and the business. He was a Director of MLC from 2005-08, the wealth management division of NAB is one of Australias largest investment and insurance companies. Andrew has a great affinity for New Zealand, with strong family ties here. He graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics). In addition, Andrew completed a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Durham in the UK. During his ten years at the ASB he travelled the length and breadth of the country developing a sound understanding of the issues facing both urban and rural New Zealand. He has relocated back to New Zealand with his wife and three teenage children. A committed family man, he has a personal philosophy of maintaining good work life balance. Andrews interests include music (part-time drummer), a wide range of sports, reading and politics.
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Interview Question: What is your Management Style? From our How To Land Management Jobs series
http://www.SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com/Leaders Management Interviews often include the question, What is your management style? This can be a huge opportunity to distinguish yourself. Most people simply describe their style, and hope that it matches up with the the style the employer feels their team will respond to, but there's a style that matches up with EVERY company. In this video I will show you exactly what it is, and why it will set you apart so drastically. Just remember, people join companies, but they leave managers. As a manager, you have the greatest impact on the tenure of the employees at your company. Show them you understand this, and how you take advantage of it. Learn more at www.SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com/Leaders. You can even hire Paul as your personal job search coach. if he has any openings for new clients, you will see a red "Hire The Coach" button on that page. If it is not there, check back often. As soon as he helps someone land a new job, he opens another seat and the button will be available for you to grab a seat. New ideas and encouragement will add motivation to your job search. Keep following this series for more of it, and please click Like to help more people find this information and get the encouragement they need. Thanks for your help! Paul Cameron is the President of DriveStaff, Inc., a Technology Recruiting firm in Chicago, founder of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com, author of the audio training program "Turning Interviews into Offers", recognized multiple times as a top producing IT Headhunter/Recruiter by his state association, talk radio show host of "Job Talk" in Chicago, IL, and is a nationally recognized job search industry expert in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books. See a complete profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulcameron and invite him to connect!
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Meet the CEO - John Borghetti, CEO and Managing Director, Virgin Australia
Meet the CEO is presented by the Australian School of Business, UNSW. Featured in this live interview series are some of Australia's and the world's most interesting business leaders. On 21st October 2013 - John Borghetti, CEO and Managing Director of Virgin Australia will be interviewed by Mark Scott, Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. John Borghetti commenced as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Virgin Australia Group of Airlines in May 2010. Under his leadership, the Group has undergone a strategic repositioning. Mr Borghetti has had 40 years' experience in aviation, including a long career at Qantas where he was appointed Executive General Manager Qantas in November 2003, responsible for Qantas Domestic, International and QantasLink. Mr Borghetti is a Director of Energy Australia and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. He has previously served as a Director of Jetset Travelworld, Sydney FC, Piper Aircraft (USA), The Australian Ballet and CARE Australia. Interview: 6.30pm -- 7.30pm Venue: Four Seasons Hotel / 199 George St, Sydney
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Executive Level Interviews: 12 Steps to Win the Job
Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for today's video on Executive Level Interviews: 12 Steps to Win the Job! Make sure to get your FREE INTERVIEW INTERVENTION Hardcover, ebook, and audiobook while supplies last! Get the details and your copy here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention For much more FREE content, see the https://www.milewalkacademy.com/ -------------------- TODAY'S TOPIC: EXECUTIVE LEVEL INTERVIEWS: 12 STEPS TO WIN THE JOB -------------------- Join me for this video to learn the 12 most important strategies and steps for succeeding in job interviews at the executive level. A MUST-WATCH if you're a top dog! -------------------- GET INTERVIEW INTERVENTION HARDCOVER FREE! -------------------- Get the Interview Intervention Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook while supplies last! The $29 book is FREE. I bought it for you. I'm also adding in the $27 digital experience. I only ask that you pay $7 so my friends at the warehouse can pick it, pack it, and ship it. I'll send it anywhere in the world for $7! Get it here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention -------------------- FREE JOB INTERVIEW WEBINAR -------------------- JOB INTERVIEW WEBINAR: 3 KEYS TO ACE ANY JOB INTERVIEW: http://bit.ly/aceanyjobinterviewwebinar ATTENDEES GET MY FREE EBOOK ACE ANY JOB INTERVIEW: Master the Best Answers to the 14 Most Effective Job Interview Questions! -------------------- RELATED VIDEOS -------------------- Executive Job Interview Tips: 3 Keys to Getting a Senior Role: https://youtu.be/-i6t57l8pOk Job Interview Confidence: Boost Yours with These Protips: https://youtu.be/Lf6Pf2GwTm8 -------------------- JOIN MY JOB SEARCH BOOT CAMP -------------------- Want the most advanced and effective job searching program created? Check out my Job Search Boot Camp to find your dream job fast! 5 sessions, lifetime access, live event (plus recordings), ongoing coaching and so much more: - Start in the right place (your headline/pitch, your why, your needs, your questions for the employers) - Create marketing material that wows (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn Profile) - Run the perfect job hunt (most advanced job search strategies) - Interview to win the job (ace any type of interview and learn advanced selling techniques) - Negotiate like a pro (learn the nuances, psychology and steps to get paid what you deserve) Learn more and ENROLL HERE: https://www.milewalkacademy.com/p/andrew-lacivita-job-search-boot-camp -------------------- CONNECT WITH ANDREW -------------------- Join Andrew's email list: http://milewalk.com/mwblog Get Andrew's books and training: https://www.milewalkacademy.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/andylacivita Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewlacivita Twitter: https://twitter.com/arlacivita LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlacivita Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewlacivita iTunes free podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tips-for-work-life-andrew/id1120387046 -------------------- ABOUT ANDREW -------------------- Andrew LaCivita is an internationally recognized executive recruiter, award-winning author, trainer, and founder and chief executive officer of milewalk and the milewalk Academy. He's dedicated his career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals. He often serves as a trusted media resource and is the award-winning author of Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies. -------------------- ABOUT TIPS FOR WORK AND LIFE® -------------------- Tips for Work and Life® is a weekly careers, hiring, and motivational show full of helpful job search strategies, career management and acceleration tactics, recruitment techniques, and self-help aids with the award-winning author, career coach, and trainer Andrew LaCivita. Tips for Work and Life® has been cited by several sources as a Top 5 Careers and HR Blog. Andrew includes these 3-15 minute multicast shows as part of his blog and podcast. #milewalkacademy #jobinterview #executivejobinterview #executiveinterview #careercoach #careercoaching #interviewintervention
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The Trading Bell Show, EABL Group Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Andrew Cowan
KTN's Maalika Kazia interviews Mr. Andrew Cowan the East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Group Managing Director and CEO. The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is a leading African Exchange, based in Kenya – one of the fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 1954, NSE has a six decade heritage in listing equity and debt securities. It offers a world class trading facility for local and international investors looking to gain exposure to Kenya and Africa’s economic growth. https://www.nse.co.ke/ Follow us on:- Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NSEPLC/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/nse_plc?lang=en Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nse_plc/
Interview with Natarajan Chandrasekaran, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services Limited
http://link.imd.org/home - The 14th Nikkei Global Management Forum
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Directors - Company Law by CA Jaishree Soni
To Buy Complete Classes visit www.studyathome.org or Call: 8737012345. StudyAtHome.org is a Online Platform, that provides CA/ CS/ CMA classes from India's Best Professors at your Home. Watch Video on How to Invest in Stock Market - https://youtu.be/IXRej6AH0wg
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How to Become a CEO? – [Hindi] – Quick Support
How to Become a CEO? – [Hindi] – Quick Support. आज इस विडियोमें हम आपको बताने वाले हैं, सीईओ कैसे बने.
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Take a Break: The Forum General Manager
On the night of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert at The Forum, James stops by and gives the building's general manager a break, and proceeds to check in on Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith, Liam Payne and Taylor Swift, who realizes she made a mistake in replacing a backup dancer last second. You can watch the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball on the CW Network at 8p on Thursday, December 14. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/CordenYouTube Watch Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/1ENyPw4 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/19PIHLC Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Iv0q6k Instagram: http://bit.ly/latelategram Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden weeknights at 12:35 AM ET/11:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."
Managing Director of Cowry Asset,Johnson Chukwu Talk on the exit of 2 global banks
Mr. Johnson Egu Chukwu is an Initiator/Founder of Cowry Asset Management Limited. Mr. Chukwu is a Pioneer General Manager/Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Express Trust Limited (now Spring Capital) – a subsidiary of Guardian Express Bank Plc, University Of Lagos Nigeria
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How to become CEO after 12th ? | Two Possible Ways | Salary in Crores ! | Courses and Degree
How to become CEO after 12th ? | Two Possible Ways | Salary in Crores ! | Courses and Degree First Giveaway is Live , Win Prizes and Cash here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqLmbrJr4cU EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS [हिंदी में ] ►Countries where Education is free for Indians | दुनिया के ऐसे देश जहां Education फ्री है✔https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDNG6H5qRA0&t=2s ► Right Attitude Motivation For Students | Power of Positive thinking in hindi ✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmVvZb6b5VE ► What is Investment Banking in HINDI || Investment Banker ? ✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMYVaPFG4Kw ► Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn English || ENGLISH Sikhne ka Aasan tarika ✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF5OHAZcW0k ► How to Get Education LOAN in INDIA 2017 ✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoluUHBZ1zw. ► MBA INDIA VS MBA ABROAD - WHICH IS BEST ? ✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufgd8pkvtjE ► Highest Paying Jobs in India 2017✔ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAa0w1eufLs Follow us on : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PraveenDilliwala Twitter - https://twitter.com/praveendiliwala Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/praveendilliwala Subscribe Here- https://www.youtube.com/PraveenDilliwala BGM Credit - https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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Company Programme: #2 Role of the Managing Director
The managing director role explained (Gosbert Chagula, Young Enterprise & Simon Jack, Phinkit.com)
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That night we slept rough on the streets of London
CEO Sleepout is an exclusive event which allows Britain’s top business leaders to demonstrate their commitment to some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people. By sleeping outside for a night as a symbolic gesture, you can help us raise awareness and funds for Action for Children’s work with young care leavers and those who have found themselves to be homeless. That night, 16 CEO's got together to help raise £100,000 for Action for Children, full info: http://ceosleepout.co.uk, please help support: https://www.justgiving.com/AJ-Joshi-CEOSleepout2016 Those who took part: Mike Tobin Tobin Ventures Limited Sir Tony Hawkhead CEO of Action for Children Piers Linney Co-CEO of Outsourcery Nia Williams CEO of NWP Creative Manny Pinon CEO of Ampito Group Edward Clarke Managing Director UK Ground Operations of FedEx Tim Griffin Vice President & General Manager of Dell UK Sheetal Kapoor CEO of The Edinburgh Collection Jon White Managing Director UK of Turner & Townsend Philip Padfield Chief Executive of Science Warehouse Deep Toor Director of Vanix Fleur Cooper Managing Director of Lillingston Matthew Sabben Clare Partner at Cinven Graeme Harrold Partner at Matelco Phil Doye Founder and CEO of Kelway Anton Roe Chief Technology Officer of MidlandHR and myself AJ Joshi Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at TSN You can find me at: Subscribe on YouTube: http://ajjoshi.com/youtube/subscribe Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/aj Like my Facebook page: http://ajjoshi.com/facebook Watch my LIVE broadcasts at: http://AJ.live Follow me on Instagram: http://ajjoshi.com/instagram Follow me on snapchat at: http://snapchat.com/add/ajjoshi Remember to hit subscribe for tons more videos like this one! Like it? Remember to hit like, Love it? Share to the world...
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I Style Ep # 60 with Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO of Robi Axiata Limited
I Style EP # 60 with Managing Director and CEO of Robi Axiata Limited
World Sales Conference 2018: Our Group C.E.O Special Message
On 26th-30th June, World Sales Conference 2018 in Dare salaam,Tanzania will give you the ultimate insight into the hottest sales and marketing techniques of today and tomorrow. You'll learn the latest tactical tips on how to ramp your reps and explore sales technologies, get the inside line on driving revenue through best practice and the latest innovation, and benefit from a host of Top speakers from within the industry sharing their wisdom and experience. We're excited to announce that for a limited time, all general admission tickets are Buy One Get One FREE! Quantities are limited, so get them while they last. Get Your Tickets Today [email protected] or +255717109362 Presenter Spotlight Led by Victor Antonio More than 20+ Experienced speakers will speak during WSC 2018. Other Trainers and Speakers are : 1. Deogratius Kilawe Managing Director Mikono Speakers International 2. Richard Mulvey-Partner Niche Training SA,National President Professional Speakers Association of southern Africa 3. Vusi Thembekwayo- Managing Director Rain Maker South Africa 4. Dr Wale Akinyemi-Chief Transformation officer Power Talks Africa 5. Adebowale Atobatele-General Manager Dun Bradstreet Credit Bureau 6. Norman Moyo-Executive Director Econet South Africa 7. Arif Sheikh- Chairman and Managing Director of Quality Group 8. Edwin Bruno Founder and Managing Director of Smart Codes , 9. Aashiq Shariff Managing Director Raha Liquid Telecom , 10. Nehemiah Mchechu Director General National Housing Corporation 11. Charity Githinji-Managing Director Tandaza 12. Eng. Felchesmi Mramba Former Managing Director TANESCO 13. Oscar Emetuei Director at Billion House Consult South Africa 14. Dr Wale Akinyemi- Managing Director Power Talks Worldwide 15. Oltesh Thobias- Regional Chief / Procurement Specialist African Development Bank 16. Mohammed Dewji- Chief Executive Officer Metl 17. Vanessa Mdee-Musician From Tanzania to the world Brand 18. Gift Shoko Chief Executive Officer –CBA Bank Tanzania 19. Bhakti Shah- Managing Director ImpactAfya 20.Antony Luvanda-MD-Home of Events
Brandon Munro | Once the $30/lb Psychological Barrier Is Broken, Money Will Flood the Uranium Sector
Brandon Munro is the Chief Executive Officer of Bannerman Resources an ASX-listed Uranium development company. In this interview, Brandon explains how psychology and fundamentals intersect and affect the price-per-pound of the commodity and capital inflows in the uranium sector. Specifically, Brandon shares how there is a $30/lb psychological barrier that both investment funds and utilities are cognizant of. Once this barrier is broken through, Brandon says we will see a strong inflow of funds into the sector. Brandon also describes the impact of the US Department of Commerce’s Section 232 review of US uranium imports and how this has affected the market. And he shares regarding how ASX-listed uranium equities are performing. Brandon is also a quantitative economist and lawyer with 20 years experience as a corporate lawyer and resources executive, including serving as Bannerman’s General Manager between 2009-2011. Before joining Bannerman as CEO/Managing Director, Brandon was Managing Director of an ASX-listed company, which was focused on base metals exploration in Africa. Brandon also has extensive experience regarding the corporate social responsibility of mining companies and frequently speaks publicly concerning that topic. 0:05 Introduction 1:15 Understanding the intersection of psychology and fundamentals in the uranium sector 5:25 The impact of geopolitics upon the uranium markets 7:10 The psychological effect of Section 232 upon the uranium sector 10:54 Can the Section 232 resolution result in a negative impact on the uranium sector? 12:24 The $30/lb psychological barrier and its significance 18:12 Was there a psychological price barrier during the 2007 uranium bull run? 21:18 How ASX-listed uranium equities are performing 24:25 Investing advice for newer uranium investors Sign up for our free newsletter and receive interview transcripts, stock profiles and investment ideas: http://eepurl.com/cHxJ39 The content found on MiningStockEducation.com is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered personal legal or investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or any other product. It is based on opinions, SEC filings, current events, press releases and interviews but is not infallible. It may contain errors and MiningStockEducation.com offers no inferred or explicit warranty as to the accuracy of the information presented. If personal advice is needed, consult a qualified legal, tax or investment professional. Do not base any investment decision on the information contained on MiningStockEducation.com or our videos. We may hold equity positions in some of the companies featured on this site and therefore are biased and hold an obvious conflict of interest. MiningStockEducation.com may provide website addresses or links to websites and we disclaim any responsibility for the content of any such other websites. The information you find on MiningStockEducation.com is to be used at your own risk. By reading MiningStockEducation.com, you agree to hold MiningStockEducation.com, its owner, associates, sponsors, affiliates, and partners harmless and to completely release them from any and all liabilities due to any and all losses, damages, or injuries (financial or otherwise) that may be incurred.
Director of operations job description || life of director of operations in english
Directs and coordinates the internal structure of an organisation based on company policies, goals, and objectives to ensure an efficient working environment and that deadlines are met consistently. An operations director may be the one to suggest and outline these goals and objectives. director of operations job description non profit director of operations job description healthcare director of operations job description restaurant director of operations job description startup office manager job description project manager job description job description cashier job description operations management director of operations marketing manager job description executive director job description operations manager job description bookkeeper job description office manager duties chief operating officer job description controller job description janitor job description ceo job description graphic designer job description hr director job description sales manager job description marketing director job description account manager job description sales representative job description warehouse manager job description cmo job description coo job description sous chef job description hr generalist job description sales director job description general manager job description hr manager job description product manager job description it manager job description accountant job description business development job description admin assistant job description business analyst job description compliance officer job description managing director job description maintenance job description warehouse job description server job description human resource manager job description manager job description communications director job description data analyst job description quality assurance job description key holder job description marketing job description recruiter job description finance director job description sales job description operations managment electrician job description auditor job description resume job description how to write a job description finance manager job description job description example job description template treasurer job description writing a job description business development manager job description pharmacist job description program director job description waitress job description marketing specialist job description what is job description brand manager job description assistant manager job description cto job description cook job description financial analyst job description job description sample property manager job description architect job description restaurant manager job description cfo job description consultant job description accounts receivable job description front desk job description program manager job description facilities manager job description case manager job description housekeeping job description program coordinator job description human resources job description customer service job description business manager job description bartender job description purchasing manager job description security guard job description accounts payable job description creative director job description assembler job description operations manager responsibilities secretary job description customer service manager job description buyer job description art director job description supply chain management jobs operations management definition administrator job description logistics coordinator job description dispatcher job description supervisor job description production manager job description receptionist job description security officer job description project coordinator job description merchandiser job description dietary aide job description director of operations salary machine operator job description chief of staff job description operations manager jobs teller job description cna job description what is an operations manager operations jobs director of operations jobs Descripción del puesto de director de operaciones || vida del director de operaciones مدير العمليات الوصف الوظيفي حياة مدير العمليات Description du poste de directeur des opérations || vie de directeur des opérations Descrição do trabalho do diretor de operações || vida do diretor de operações Descrizione delle mansioni del direttore delle operazioni || vita del direttore delle operazioni Директор по эксплуатации работы || жизнь директора по операциям #selfmotivation #hr #jobprofile #selfmotivationchannel #hr #jobdescription
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Executive Series 27 Jan 17: zipMoney (ZML) CEO & Managing Director, Larry Diamond
Tom Piotrowski speaks with zipMoney (ZML) CEO & Managing Director, Larry Diamond about the company’s quarterly results, demand for its products and its recent entrance into the travel sector with Luxury Escapes.
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Iceland Managing Director Defends Banned Advert | Good Morning Britain
Iceland's hard-hitting advert about the impact of palm oil on the rainforest has been viewed over 30 million times despite being banned from appearing on television for being too political. Iceland's managing director, Richard Walker defends the advert and how stores still stock products containing palm oil. Subscribe now for more! http://bit.ly/1NbomQa Broadcast on 13/11/2018 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Morning Britain YouTube channel delivers you the news that you’re waking up to in the morning. From exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in politics and showbiz to heartwarming human interest stories and unmissable watch again moments. Join Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan, Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher every weekday on ITV from 6am. Website: http://bit.ly/1GsZuha YouTube: http://bit.ly/1Ecy0g1 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1HEDRMb Twitter: http://bit.ly/1xdLqU3 http://www.itv.com
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Startup Talk with Nitin Nair - General Manager Uber India (Kochi) | NCubeRoot
Listen to the motivational words and tips for entrepreneurs from Nitin Nair, General Manager of Uber India (Kochi), from Startup summit held at Infopark Cherthala. The startup summit was honorably inaugurated by Adv. AM Ariff, MLA of Aroor constituency and was kicked off successfully with the eminent speakers sharing their success strategies and the secret to be a successful player. Subscribe to NCubeRoot YouTube Channel here ► https://goo.gl/iXMrMN The best project of SMILE Summit 2K17 was awarded to 'NCubeRoot - The outsourcing platform'. The NCubeRoot platform was launched by Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, CEO of Kerala IT Parks. The NCubeRoot CEO and founder Mr. Nikhil CR was honored at the event. While addressing the gathering he stressed the importance of having a stable and consistency for a startup to lead on their dream story. The inaugural ceremony also had the presence Mr. Abdul Kareem Managing Director of Pazheri Group, Mr. Mathew Joseph Co-founder of Fresh To Home, Founder of Smart Pix Media Mr. Mithun K Mitran, Co-founder of Soothika Ms. Rekha Babu, COO of Maker Village Mr. Rohan Kalani, Author and Inspirational speaker Ms. Sahla Parveen, Senior Manager(Projects) of Infopark Mr. V.R. Vijayan, Mr. Nidheesh CR Managing director of Shuan Tech Pvt. Ltd, and Saleem Bava, Co-founder of RockOne builders. Become a member of NCubeRoot entrepreneur platform. Register here: http://www.ncuberoot.com
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Mr. George Appios, Managing Director and CEO of AstroBank formally presents sKash.
Go smart and use sKash, the smart cash by AstroBank for Everyone. Download Skash now in a snap www.skash.com.
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Startup Gathering 2015 - Dublin Highlights
Video includes appearances from: Gerald Nash TD - Minister of State for Business and Employment. Brian Quinn - Director of European Innovation at Intel Labs Europe. Gene Murphy - Startup Gathering 2015, Dublin City Coordinator. Jayne Ronayne - Co-Founder of KonnectAgain. Marcus Koehler - Founder of Comfy Light. Owen Keegan - CEO at Dublin City Council. Ronan Harris - Vice President for EMEA Sales at Google. Philip Moynagh - Vice President for Internet of Things Group at Intel. Thomas Werner - Director of Cisco Systems. Liam McLoughlin - Chief Executive for Retail Ireland for Bank of Ireland. Desmond Fahy - Dublin Business Innovation Centre. Brendan Butler - Chairman of Startup Ireland. Joanna Murphy - CEO of Connect Ireland. Richard Bruton TD - Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. Niamh Townsend - General Manager for Dell Ireland. Gerry Prizeman - Head of Enterprise Development at Bank of Ireland. David McKieran - Founder of Java Republic. Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh - Founder of Fandom. Niamh Bushnell - Dublin Commissioner for Startups. Alastair Blair - Country Managing Director for Accenture Ireland. Professor Brian MacCraith - President at Dublin City University. Fergus Wallace - CEO at Performance Active. Trevor Dagg - Managing Director for Talenteve. Nichole Carey - Business Development Manager at Celtic Testing. Alan Phelan - CEO of SourceDogg. Anne Heraty - CEO of Cpl Recruitment Plc.
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Pharma Leaders Innovative CEO of the year 2018
Mr. Ashok Nair,Managing Director & General Manager, Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd,India - Pharma Leaders Innovative CEO of the year 2018
Traveltv.news Middle East Episode 158
In this episode TravelTV.News focuses on: Aviation leaders and experts highlighted key industry issues, challenges and opportunities during the 5th Global Airport Leaders Forum, which was held at the Airport Show in Dubai World Trade Center We interviewed: DANIYAL QURESHI, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Exhibitions ENG.MOHAMMED AL ZAIN, Architect , King Abdul Aziz Airport KSA BANDAR SALEH ALTOAIMI, General Manager – Marketing and Corporate Communications, General Authority of Civil Aviation KSA MARI PELTOMAKI, Project Manager, Aviapolis Helsinki PETER HARBISON, Executive Chairman, Centre for Aviation SHEIKH AIMEN SULTAN AL HOSNI, CEO, Oman Airports Management Company MIKAEL SJORSLEV, Director, Copenhagen Airports YUAN YOUZHONG, General Manager, Nuctech ANDREW ACQUAAH-HARRISON, Chief Executive Adviser, GMR Megawide – Cebu Airport Corporation PS NAIR, Chief Executive Officer-Corporate, GMR Airports JONATHAN MANNING, Group Managing Director, Osmond Lange Architects and Planners DR.MIRJAM WIEDEMANN, Managing Director, Wiedemann Consultants
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Ibec  CEO Conference 2014 -  Siobhán Talbot, Gorup Managing Director of Glanbia Plc
Siobhán Talbot is Group Managing Director of Glanbia plc since May 2013. Glanbia plc is a global performance nutrition and ingredients group with leading market positions in cheese, whey proteins, sports nutrition and micronutrient premixes. Headquartered in Ireland, it is listed on the the Irish and London Stock Exchange. Siobhán joined the Group in 1992, became a member of the Group Operating Executive in 2000, and was appointed Deputy Finance Director in 2005 when she was also appointed to the Board. Prior to joining Glanbia, she worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dublin and Sydney, Australia. Music: CLRTY - After Hours
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Career in Management...Timothy Cosulich, Managing Director at Fratelli Cosulich
Fratelli Cosulich is a family-owned shipping group with over 150 years of history. Now run by the family’s sixth generation, Fratelli Cosulich retains its customer focus while obtaining rapid development and geographical expansion. Timothy Cosulich, CEO of the group, believes that outstanding service is the norm for businesses. He values the integrity and enthusiasm of young graduates and ensures that support and development are always available for them. Watch full video at http://www.10minuteswith.com/interview/timothy-cosulich-managing-director-fratelli-cosulich
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How to be a STAR in front of your BOSS - Soft skills by Skillopedia
How to be a STAR in front of your BOSS - Soft skills by Skillopedia Blog : http://www.learnex.in/soft-skills-skillopedia-how-to-be-a-star Subscribe to Skillopedia : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3UrdqNf6rpWZoTiYbYk4A?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook Fan page : http://www.facebook.com/skillopediaone In this Skillopedia video, you will learn how to be a star in front of your boss. All of us want to be outstanding in front of our boss. 1. Walk the talk: It means do what you say and say what you mean. If you make a commitment at your work place, make sure you deliver the same. However busy you may be, take the extra effort to live up to your commitment. 2. Be pro-active: As a boss, you wouldn’t like an employee who has to be told what to do, someone who doesn’t think for himself. Be an employee who comes up with excellent ideas, executes them and shows results. Be willing to take responsibilities and stretch your abilities beyond your role. A pro-active person is also someone who is self motivated. 3. Choose request over complaint: Work places can be very challenging for you to keep your calm, to keep your cool and work harmoniously with everyone. You may encounter certain interpersonal issues with some colleagues and you want to speak about it to your boss. How you put it forward matters. Do not complaint as it doesn’t show in you in a positive light. Choose request over complaint, it shows your maturity, professionalism and team spirit. 4. Become a solution king/queen: Be the member who always comes up with solutions in your organisation. Do the extra thinking to come up with a creative solution for a problem. This effort of yours will make you highlighted as an asset in your team. 5. Manage your own growth: If you have a vision of your growth, make sure you’re working for yourself , your working hard, sincerely, you’re doing all the things correctly in order to go on the path of that road. There are certain employees who keep waiting to be grown and wait for their bosses to work on their growth. Be a go getter and manage your own growth. 6. Become a star team player: At work, we have to work in teams. It’s important to be someone who is great to work with, someone who is supportive, friendly, positive and someone who has great interpersonal skills. When you become a star team player, you become popular among your colleagues, you develop good relationships , you make the work atmosphere positive. 7. Ease your boss’s life: Make the process of working very easy for your boss. When you mean well and give solutions without being told, you are easing your boss’s life. It shows you are loyal to the company.
How to Earn Money Online from Facebook - Mithun K Mitran, CEO, and founder of Smart Pix media
Are you looking for how to generate income from online social media sites like Facebook? Watch success story and of an Indian Entrepreneur, Facebook promoter and CEO of Smart Pix Media Mithun K Mithran. The summit was honorably inaugurated by Adv. AM Ariff MLA of Aroor constituency which was held at Infopark Campus. The summit was kicked off successfully with the eminent speakers sharing their success strategies and the secret to be a successful player. The best project of SMILE Summit 2K17 was awarded to 'NCubeRoot - The outsourcing platform'. The NCubeRoot platform was launched by Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, CEO of Kerala IT Parks. The NCubeRoot CEO and founder Mr. Nikhil CR was honored at the event. While addressing the gathering he stressed the importance of having a stable and consistency for a startup to lead on their dream story. The inaugural ceremony also had the presence Mr.Nitin Nair, General Manager of Uber-Kochi , Managing Director of Pazheri Group Mr. Abdul Kareem, Co-founder of Fresh to Home Mr. Mathew Joseph, Co-founder of Soothika Ms. Rekha Babu, COO of Maker Village Mr. Rohan Kalani, Author and Inspirational speaker Ms. Sahla Parveen, Senior Manager(Projects) of Infopark Mr. V.R. Vijayan, Mr. Nidheesh CR Managing director of Shuan Tech Pvt. Ltd, and Saleem Bava, co-founder of RockOne builders. Launch your startup with NCubeRoot. Pick suitable projects for your business. Register here: http://www.ncuberoot.com/register
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