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BAS Mining Trucks - Volvo FMX Mining truck 10X4 Tipper
www.basminingtrucks.com | BAS Mining Trucks is the new standard for performance, productivity and efficiency. As such, we help create powerful innovations, we help to shape dynamic entrepreneurial collaborations and partnerships, we pay a great deal of attention to people and the environment, and we do everything we can to advance your company to the next level. In short, BAS Mining Trucks provides the mining industry with trucks that embody innovation, co-operation, sustainability and the future. Visit www.basminingtrucks.com for more information about our mining trucks and services.
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BAS Mining 10x6 with single mounted tires
With high driveability on offroad terrain, this truck is a better and more efficient solution to articulated dump trucks.
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BAS Mining Trucks
BAS Mining Trucks offers 40-70 tonne payload haul trucks to surface and underground mining and construction companies. Meet BAS Mining Trucks and discover the possibilities!
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FMX Mining Comparison
In this movie, we compare our Volvo FMX 10x4 tipper, with a traditional 40 ton dumper and a 64 ton off highway truck.
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volvo 460 bas 10x4 mining truck
Boskalis rijdt met Volvo's 460 10X4 BAS mining trucks bij de IJssel voor ruimte voor de rivier, en recreatie. Ik mocht ook meerijden. Boskalis drives Volvos 460 10 x 4 BASS mining trucks at the IJssel for space for the River, and recreation. I was allowed to ride along Boskalis Laufwerke Volvos 460 10 x 4 BASS Muldenkipper an der IJssel für Raum für den Fluss und die Erholung. Ich durfte mitfahren Boskalis drives Volvo 460 10 x 4 camions de basse extraction à l'IJssel pour l'espace pour la rivière et les loisirs. J'ai été autorisé à monter le long de
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The Volvo FMX BAS Mining Pusher Truck - Komatsu Dozer Pushing clay soil
The Earthmovers Work: Compilation of the Volvo FMX BAS Mining Pusher this I have with Drone filmed, and in action with a Komatsu Bulldozer that pushes the load of clay ground plane .(Filmed in the Netherland) Het grondverzet werkzaamheden: Compilatie van de Volvo FMX Bas Mining Trucks dit heb ik met een drone gefilmd, en in actie met een Komatsu Dozer die het lading van kleigrond vlak duwt .
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Pieter Jan Kleiterp, Sales Manager, BAS Mining Trucks
MEET THE INDUSTRY LEADERS WHO SHAPE THE FUTURE OF MINING The Future of Mining event brings together C-suite, Heads and Managers of Mine Operations, METS and Support Services from top enterprises around the globe to debate, come up with answers and define the current and future mining landscape. Expert speakers include leaders from across the industry in an agenda curated through the knowledge capital of our trusted globally renowned Australia's Mining Monthly and Mining Magazine editorial teams. The events address the key strategic and operational questions that matter from project/operations level management through to the boardroom. This event is designed to step away from the traditional transactional conference model to provide a transformational experience.
Animation BAS Mining
Looking for a new, efficient way to get the lowest Total Cost of Ownership? Learn how to save money with BAS Mining Trucks -The New Efficiency.
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ვოლვო Bas Trucks
NL Veghel 03.04.2017
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BAS Trucks World Tour - Namibia. An adventure captured by Kalon Films
Nine Dutchmen and a Spaniard - Dakar veterans and their friends on the ultimate adventure to ride the most beautiful and challenging destinations, as part of the BAS Trucks - World Tour
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The Biggest Trucks In The World Compilation--Top list 10 Largest Mining Dump Trucks 2016
#10-Hitachi EH50000AC-3 Launched in 2012 at MINExpo International in Las Vegas, the EH5000AC-3 is the latest and largest rigid frame dump truck by Hitachi. The truck has a payload capacity of 326 tons and an overall length of 15.51 meters. The width and loading height are 8.6 meters and 7.41 meters. The Hitachi EH5000AC-3 utilizes the low emission Cummins QSKTTA60-CE diesel engine with 16 cylinders. In addition, the dump truck uses Hitachi’s IGBT AC electric drive system and runs at speeds of up to 56 mph. #9-Caterpillar 795F AC The Caterpillar 795F AC, with a payload capacity of 345t, features modular design and offers two body options including the popular MSD (mine specific design) and the gateless coal body. The truck's overall length is 15.14m, with an overall width of 8.97m and a loading height of 7.04m. The gross machine operating weight is about 628t. #8-Belaz 75600 The Belaz 75600 is currently one of the biggest mining dump trucks in the world. Manufactured by OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks”, the first generation model of Belaz's 7560 class mining trucks is designed for transporting rock-mass at deep open-pit mines under different climate conditions. The haul truck offers a payload capacity of 352t, with a maximum gross weight of 617t. The overall length, width and loading height are 14.9m, 9.6m and 7.47m respectively. #7-Terex MT 5500 AC The 360t payload capacity of the Terex MT 5500AC is used for high volume surface mining. The maximum gross vehicle weight of Terex MT 5500AC is 598t. The overall length is 14.87m, while the width and loading height are 9.05m and 7.67m respectively. The massive vehicle is powered by a four-stroke diesel engine rated at 3,000HP with 16 cylinders and utilizes AC electric drive system with a maximum speed of 64 mph. #6-Komatsu 960E-1K The 960E-1K is one of the latest rigid dump trucks by Komatsu. The loading height and the width are 7.14m and 9.19m with a payload capacity of 360t. The gross weight of the truck is 635 tons. The Komatsu 960E-1k is powered by a four cycle diesel engine with 18 V-type cylinders with a power output of 3,500HP. The dump truck has a max speed of 64 mph. #5-Belaz 75601 With a capacity to haul 396t of payload and a gross operating weight of 672.4t, the 75601 is the latest model of 7560 class of trucks from OJSC designed for carrying loosened rocks at deep open-pit mining sites under different climatic conditions. The truck measures 14.9m in length, 9.25m in width and 7.22m in height. #4-Liebherr T 284 The Liebherr T 284 is bad man. As the latest class of trucks from Liebherr, the T 284 has a 400 ton payload capacity with a gross weight of 661 ton. The overall length of the truck is 15.69m, with a width and loading height of 7.42m respectively. The enormous vehicle is equipped with a 20-cylinder diesel engine with a gross power output of up to 3,750HP. The T 284 also utilizes Liebherr’s insulated-gate biopolar transitor (IGBT) AC electric drive system and has a maximum speed of 64 mph. #3-Terex MT 6300AC Introduced in 2008 by Terex, the MT 6300AC was rebranded as Bucyrus MT6300AC and became a part of Caterpillar's Unit Rig line after Caterpillar's acquisition of Bucyrus in 2011. The body of the truck is 7.92m in height and 14.63m in length, with a gross operating weight of about 660t. The vehicle boasts a four-stroke diesel engine with 20-cylinders and has a rated power output engine of 3,750 HP. #2-Caterpillar 797F The latest models of 797 class dump trucks by Caterpillar are gigantic. So big in fact, it’s the second largest mining dump truck in the world. It has a gross operating weight of 687.5t and measures 14.8m in length, 6.52m in height and 9.75m in width. In service since 2009, the truck features a Cat C175-20 four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine and can carry 400t of payload. The single block 20-cylinder engine utilizes a hydraulic torque converter transmission and offers a maximum speed of 68 mph. #1 ---Belaz 75710 Lo and behold the Belaz 75710 – the largest mining dump truck in the world. The massive vehicle is 20.6m long, 8.16m high and 9.87m wide and provides a payload capacity of 496 tons. Launched in 2013, the ultra-heavy dump truck features two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines with a power output of 2,300 HP. The 75710 uses electromechanical transmission powered by alternating current and has a top speed of 64 mph. thanks whit respect Tudosa Claudia Thanks for Suscribe at my channel Youtube Tudosa Claudia
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Compilation of the BAS Mining Pusher
The Volvo FMX Pusher has performed outstandingly during its testing period. The multiple benefits of this vehicle are shown in this movie.
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BAS Trucks Introduction
http://www.bastrucks.com - Use the CC button for subtitles - For years BAS Trucks has been an established name in the used truck market. As part of the EXA holding, BAS Trucks is one of the leading companies in the worldwide buying and selling of used freight trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. This reputation has not only been built on sales of used trucks and trailers, but especially on the vast service we can offer our customers. We are available to buy or sell a vehicle. For more information go to http://www.bastrucks.com For subtitles you have to put the red CC button on. To change the language; keep your mouse on the button and select another language.
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BAS Trucks - 81663 Volvo FH12 500
Volvo FH12 500 D12D Manual + intarder EURO 3 929.419 km www.bastrucks.com
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Sisu Polar Super 10x6 for mining industry
http://sisuauto.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sisuautotrucks/ https://www.instagram.com/sisuautotrucks/ MOBILITY AVAILABILITY PRODUCTIVITY SISU Polar Super truck is very versatile and therefore suitable for different applications and end uses requiring that extra Productivity. Fliegl push-off body enables operation in low ceiling environment, and unloading in also on uneven terrain. Available also with Tipper Body configuration. - purpose-built and robust frame and suspension structure - subframe is not needed - pay-loads of up to 50 tons in varying operational environment. - up to 750 kW braking power - smooth start in up-hill.
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ETF MiningTrucks
Battery electric mining trucks with energy harvesting. In August 2015 we started the design of a Battery Electric All-Wheel-Drive surface mining vehicle with Energy Harvesting. ETF mining trucks have zero Emissions & Low Noise (No diesel engines or turbines, only batteries). We are now ready to supply AWD Mining Haulage trucks with 180 to 774 metric ton payload. Delivery time 9 months. ETF d.o.o. is a privately-held Slovenian company with no links to other companies, also using the name ETF.
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BAS Trucks - 85209 Volvo FH 480
Volvo FH480 XL D13A Automatic year 05-2007 EURO 5 984.827 km www.bastrucks.com
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BAS TRUCKS - the biggest truck dealer in Europe!
With a stock of 1500 used vehicles BAS Trucks is the biggest truck and trailer dealer in Europe. We offer you the right vehicles for the best price, complete service and fast worldwide delivery. E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +31 413 37 11 00
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VOLVO FMX 10x6 Xtremely Big Mining Tipper
- Hyva Alpha Series - Volvo FMX 10x6 - KH KIpper
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BAS Mining Water Truck HD
The BAS Mining Water Truck has a capacity of 27 m3 and a spraying width of 20 metres. Due to the high stability frame inside the watertank, the truck remains steady even when driving 50 km/h.
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Ginaf Mining truck
Ginaf mining truck with Cummins engine, ZF As Tronic gearbox and Sisu axles. The truck is 320 cm wide and can haul up to 70 tonnes.
BAS Trucks, Netherlands select Cryptocard
BAS Trucks selected Cryptocard to provide strong two-factor authentication for their users in the Netherlands. Showcasing the Cryptocard hardware token...which got runover by a truck!
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CINO - BAS Mining Trucks - Proyecto La Zanja
CINO - BAS Mining Trucks - Proyecto La Zanja
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Mining tipper
BAS Volvo trucks with AJK mining tipper. www.ajk.eu
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Ford Construction trucks *BRAND NEW*  at BAS Trucks
BRAND NEW TRUCKS FOR A USED PRICE! Drive a truck from one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, choose a Ford truck! ✓ High quality for a low price – unrivalled! ✓ Including factory warranty and with various spare parts packages available New Ford Tippers & Mixers on stock at BAS Trucks. Other upfits available for order. ✓ Incredible value for high standard upfits ✓ Hardox 450 steel ✓ Tippers available in 16m3, 20m3 and 22m3 ✓ Spare parts packages available ✓ Usage of European components: hydraulics from Hyva ✓ Directly available!
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Booming Brabant - Aflevering 8 - BAS Trucks
Welkom op het YouTube kanaal van Omroep Brabant! Al het Brabantse nieuws volgen? Abonneer op ons kanaal http://bit.ly/11jJQQT Op het YouTube kanaal van Omroep Brabant vind je video's over Nieuws, Sport (PSV, NAC) en Evenementen uit de provincie Noord-Brabant. Omroep Brabant is één van de grootste regionale omroepen van Nederland. Dagelijks luisteren 205.000 Brabanders naar "hun" omroep en kijken 530.000 personen naar de tv-programma's. Online wordt Omroep Brabant maandelijks gemiddeld 13 miljoen keer bezocht. * Website: http://www.omroepbrabant.nl * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omroepbrabant * Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/omroepbrabant
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Standard Delivery Checklist @ BAS Trucks
http://www.bastrucks.com - Use the CC button for subtitles - When we sell a vehicle; we always make sure nothing is broken or does not work. So that is why we have this delivery checklist. So when you buy a truck from BAS Trucks, you are certain that these points are fully checked.
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Ginaf Mining truck
Working with a Ginaf 10x8 Mining truck between the Cat and Komatsu dumptrucks in a mine in Austria Vindt u ons kanaal leuk, abonneer u dan.
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Scania mining truck in pit
Scania mining truck climbing out a pit
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CINO - BAS Mining Trucks - Proyecto El Brocal
CINO - BAS Mining Trucks - Proyecto El Brocal
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Laden - Liebherr 956 Excavator | Volvo FMX Bas Mining Trucks | Komatsu dozer
Earthmovers Works: Air & soil recording: by loading with new Liebherr 956 with GPS machine of the control system, to load it into the Volvo FMX bass. Fix with Volvo FMX Bass Mining Trucks of clay soil and was by a Komatsu dozer, to push loads right.. Lucht & Grondopname van laden met nieuwe Liebherr 956 met GPS machine van het controlesysteem, aan het laden in de Volvo FMX Bas. Lossen met Volvo FMX Bas Mining Trucks van kleigrond en werd door een Komatsu dozer, duwen te ladingen vlak ..
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Graafwerk: IJsseluiterwaarden Olst | Liebherr 956  | Volvo FMX Bas Mining Trucks kleigrond laden
Gebiedsgericht Project IJsseluiterwaarden Olst. Graafwerkzaamheden bij de IJssel voor Ruimte voor de Rivier, en recreatie. Liebherr 956 graafmachine die druk is met kleigrond te laden in de Volvo FMX Bas Mining Trucks. Gefilmd met DJI Phantom 2 Vision Drone. Area Oriented Project IJssel Floodplain Olst. Excavation work at the IJssel for space for the River, and recreation. Liebherr 956 excavators that pressure is with clay soil to load in the Volvo FMX Bass Mining Trucks. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 Vision Drone.
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Preparing a truck for a South American shipment @ BAS Trucks
http://www.bastrucks.com - Use the CC button for subtitles - In this video we show you how we prepare a vehicle to be transported to South America. We strip the truck, because their are a lot of possibilities that something gets stolen on the way to the customer. We can prevent stealing while the vehicle is in shipment.
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Loading a truck on another truck @ BAS Trucks
http://www.bastrucks.com - These two vehicles go to South America, if you haven't seen the South American shipment video yet: go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hoWEVptyYE The front vehicle has a longer chassis than normal trucks have, so we can place the second truck on this long chassis. We had to remove the second truck's front chassis, because it had a Globetrotter XL on it. It would have been too high to transport; if we had not removed the front chassis. Normally we don't have to remove the front chassis. The customer will not drive the trucks, but will strip it down to parts and will be selling them. That is why we had the possibility to remove the front axle. Visit http://www.bastrucks.com for more information.
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Scania - Fit for hard work in mining conditions
www.scania.com www.hyva.com www.kh-kipper.pl www.ssab.se SCANIA MINING is a separate cross-functional business area which was created to meet specific business demands of companies in mining segment worldwide • responsibility for sales of all our products, solutions and services either via existing distributors or directly to end customers e.g KA • holistic approach and customer needs focus all the way from HQ • extensive worldwide experience and practical mining knowledge • development of industry specific products, services and solutions • directly reports to Executive VP Scania Mining offer: Trucks for all phases in the mining process from exploration to post processing:  3-,4- and 5-axle heavy-duty tipper trucks for in-pit and outbound operations  3- and 4-axle powerful heavy-haulage tractors (AWD versions for off- road)  service vehicles: charging trucks, fuel trucks, lube trucks, water trucks, etc)  buses / coaches and AWD man-haul trucks for the mine’s staff transport Engines for mining OEMs (e.g.Doosan, Moxy, Terex, Hyundai, Atlas Copco) Field (on-site) service and support, including spare parts/components supply Generator sets for electrical power supply Operational consulting customer services The new ALPHA Series represents the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions brought to the tipper truck market by Hyva over a period of three decades. The intensive engineering programme for the ALPHA tipping system resulted in the following revolutionary developments: A totally new cylinder design, with changes to virtually every component apart from the sealing system. A new hydraulic tank of a capacity exactly matched to the cylinder volume, with reinforced body and strap mounting to avoid high stress concentration in the tank at the mounting points, and featuring an optimised air breather system. Not only is it a functional improvement, its smart lines will enhance the appearance of any tipper truck. An innovative cylinder-mounted HT valve incorporating a new, highly reliable and stable pressure relief valve for maximum safety. A new gear pump with even greater reliability over a wider pressure range than the existing Hyva gear pump. KH-KIPPER One-way W1MV tipper is a vehicle designed for operation in mines in the extremely difficult conditions. It can be used for any kind of load, for expample, coal, anthracite or metallic ore. The characteristic feature of the body is the fact that there is no need to apply any reinforcements on the floor. The construction of floor of the W1MV body is made of HARDOX HB 450 high-resistant steel plate with two bendings. W1MV is equipped with the floor which is made of only one-layer of steel.Due to the removal of unnecessary elements, the construction has become more resilient and thus, more durable and resistant to damage. The plate of side walls is reinforced only with the upper profile, rear profile and front wall. The mechanical properties of HARDOX HB 450 steel of which the side walls are made ensure effective protection against damage. Due to half-octagonal contruction of the body and sloped front wall, the unloaded material does not adhere in the corners of the body. A raised rear part of the floor prevents the load from falling out while driving on an incline. This especially involves small fraction material. Big roof has been mounted in such a way in order to secure the upper profile of the front wall against falling elements during loading.
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BAS Trucks - Europe's largest used truck and trailer dealer!
BAS Trucks - Europe's largest used truck and trailer dealer! Video: Jari Ott E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.morethanavideo.nl
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Scania 8x4 mining tipper in hard work
www.hyva.com Hydraulic systems for tippers produced by HYVA provide the highest quality and reliable operation. Individual approach allowed us to create a wide range of hydraulic kits that are able to meet the toughest operating conditions. Each customer contacting us to choose hydraulic kit appropriate for his needs can count on a comprehensive service - from the kit design and specification to the installation on the vehicle. HYVA hydraulic system is a collection of high-quality devices, consists of a series of necessary hydraulic components that are designed to work with every type of the vehicle. Each of hydraulic systems for tipping consists a number of vital components, selected from the group of factors: operating pressure (cylinder, valve, pump), flow (pump, valve, hoses, adapters), cylinder capacity (oil tank volume), type of vehicle, type of gear box, type of PTO, torque of PTO, direction of PTO rotation, tipping time, the position on the vehicle for individual elements, the system efficiency, control system and other extra functions.
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Volvo mining truck driving without driver!
You've seen autonomous trucks before, but this Volvo FMX is really driving without the presence of a human being behind the steering wheel. It looks fascinating!
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Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Official Music Video)
Backstreet Boys' official music video for 'Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely'. Click to listen to Backstreet Boys on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BBSpot?IQid=BBBL Backstreet Boys will be going back on tour in 2017 starting on March 1! Buy/Listen The Essential Backstreet Boys: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/bsb_te_amzn?IQid=y... iTunes - http://smarturl.it/bsb_te_itunes?IQid... Spotify - http://smarturl.it/bsb_te_spotify?IQi... About The Essential: Two CD 29-track compilation from the boyband featuring hits, album tracks and fan favorites including "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "I Want It That Way", "Larger Than Life", "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" and more favorites. More from Backstreet Boys Incomplete: https://youtu.be/WVe80iZtlYU I Want It That Way: https://youtu.be/4fndeDfaWCg As Long As You Love Me: https://youtu.be/0Gl2QnHNpkA More great Ultimate Hits Of The Nineties videos here: http://smarturl.it/UHNPlaylist?IQid=BBTW Follow Backstreet Boys Website - http://www.backstreetboys.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/backstreetboys Twitter - https://twitter.com/backstreetboys YouTube - http://smarturl.it/BKBSub?IQid=BBTW #BackstreetBoys #ShowMeTheMeaningOfBeingLonely #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo --------- Lyrics: Show me the meaning of being lonely Is this the feeling I need to walk with? Tell me why I can't be there where you are There's something missing in my heart Life goes on as it never ends Eyes of stone observe the trends They never say forever gaze if only Guilty roads to an endless love (endless love) There's no control Are you with me now? Your every wish will be done They tell me
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My favourite trucks at BAS Trucks
Used Freighliner and US Volvo trucks at BAS Trucks in 2008 Veghel The Netherlands
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BAS Carrosserie bedrijfsfilm
http://www.basvolvotrucks.com/carrosserie - BAS Carrosserie is part of the Global Truck Concept and make themselfs usefull with bodywork, spray paint, lettering and repair of trucks and trailers.
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Full Service for Africa @ BAS Trucks
http://www.bastrucks.com - In this video we are preparing a shipment to Africa (Mali) of 23 DAF trucks and 11 trailers. Our puchasers searched for 23 identical DAF trucks and 11 identical trailers for one of our clients from Africa. As you can see in the video we apply several steps in the preparations of shipping these vehicles to Mali. In this way we show you and our clients what we can achive with our 'Full Service for Africa'. For questions or more information go to http://www.bastrucks.com
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Ford trucks *BRAND NEW* at BAS Trucks
BRAND NEW TRUCKS FOR A USED PRICE! Drive a truck from one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, choose a Ford truck! ✓ High quality for a low price – unrivalled! ✓ Including factory warranty and with various spare parts packages available New Ford trucks, tractorheads and construction vehicles available at BAS Trucks: ✓ Very good value for high quality vehicles ✓ New Ford Ecotorq Engine in 9L & 13L ✓ Original Ford factory warranty on new vehicles ✓ Spare parts packages available ✓ Heavy duty engine for extreme conditions up to 45°C ✓ Directly available!
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