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Akosombo International School, Ghana - "Use electricity wisely" - written by Willis K. M. Ampiaw
Cut down energy consumption, use electricity wisely and save the Akosombo dam. Turn off your lights in the morning when leaving for work. Turn down airconditioning. Turn off recorders and videos when leaving the house for school. Energy conservation is everybody's business. This two-minute video clip from Ghana is the winner of the wattwatt Care4it competition on electrical energy efficiency open to school children throughout the world.
The Importance of IEC International Standards
A look at the importance of IEC standards throughout "The Electric Century".
Welcome to the world of the IEC
A short video illustrating the areas of work of the IEC.
Baba Wamé, Professeur à l'université Cameroun, l'Electricité. C'est la vie!
Baba Wamé, sociologue et professeur universitaire, Cameroun, parle des coupures d'électricité supportées par toute la population. Elles empêchent les citoyens de travailler et de vivre. Elles suppriment également l'indépendance de chacun en tant qu'individu. Il y aurait d'autres moyens de générer l'électricité, solaire, par exemple, mais qu'en est-il pour l'Afrique? L'énergie solaire n'est utile que pour les touristes? Et les ampoules économiques? Comment savoir si elles le sont réellement?
IEC Technology Visions - Goldwind
Wu Gang, is the Chairman & CEO of Goldwind, the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in China, and among the largest globally. In this IEC Technology Visions interview he explains how active participation in IEC work allowed his company to jump development hurdles, learning from the mistake of others. How this shared knowledge helped improve wind turbine design, performance and reliability and ultimately built the trust needed to sell globally. In 2006 Wu Gang received the World Wind Energy Award.
IEC GM Minsk 2015
Welcome video from the IEC National Committee of Belarus, who will host the 79th IEC General Meeting in Minsk, 12-16 October 2015.
Smart Grid: Setting the pace for tomorrow's energy efficient world
Shown during the sustainable energies session at the LIFT Asia 09 conference in Jeju Island, South Korea, this video, made by Kepco, gives figures and information about the smart grid and shows how it's possible to use electricity in a smarter and more intelligent manner
World of IEC - Home
Vania Jaikin won first prize in the "World of IEC" video contest in the category 'home'. The contest asked participants to create a short video demonstrating the use and importance of IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment in one of three areas: home, technology or renewable energy.
Jonathan Colby - 2011 Young Professional
Jonathan Colby is from the United States. He works for Verdant Power as a Hydrodynamic Engineer. He is a member of the Project Team 62600-200 of IEC TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters. The PT is working on the power performance assessment of electricity producing tidal energy converters.
Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet, talks on electrical energy efficiency
Vint Cerf is Vice President of Google. Often called the Father of the Internet, he talks of the efficiency of electricity generation and its distribution. Transmission over long distances has to be supported by local sources and renewable energies. The future will show new options to create reservoirs of energies, intelligent systems and power grids. Then demand can be moderated using sensors. Finally, it's with the leverage of education that we will be able to make a difference.
Frans Vreeswijk, General Secretary & CEO of the IEC talks to Climate Change TV
Frans Vreeswijk, General Secretary & CEO of the IEC talks to Climate Change TV about how the IEC is providing a platform for countries to bring their different technologies to the table and how the electrical industry needs to change to reflect the world we live in now, with growing climate change.
Standards Olympiad
The Standards Olympiad is an annual competition for secondary students organized by The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS). The competition is the world’s first academic Olympiad focusing on standardization and aims to raise young people's awareness of standards through a series of different activities.
IEC Global Visions - Azbil
Hirozumi Sone, the President & CEO of Azbil, formerly Yamatake Corporation, a highly respected, globally operating provider of industrial automation, control solutions and building automation, explains how active participation in IEC work has enabled Azbil to expand the scope of its business, increased its ability to cooperate with other companies and allowed it to add long-term value for customers.
IEC Global Visions - LSIS
In this IEC Global Visions interview, Dr Ja-Kyun Koo, Chief Executive Officer of LSIS, a global leader in power solution, automation and green business, explains why it is so important for a company to be able to monetize R&D and IP investment and how a standardization strategy can help in this.
Kumandasari Yulinintan - 2015 Young Professional
Kumandasari Yulinintan is an IEC 2015 Young Professional from Indonesia. She is Healthcare Quality Management and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager for PT Siemens Indonesia working on products related to healthcare equipment. Her work is related to the IEC 60601 series related to the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment and to the IEC 62304 standard which specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices.
Janette Kothe - 2010 Young Professional
Janette Kothe is an academic from Germany. Currently she's doing a PhD at the University of Dresden in micro mechatronics and sensor technology working on optical biosensors for industrial applications. Her main standardization and conformity assessment experience stems from several years of chairing the students' chapter of VDE the German testing and certification organization (since 2005). VDE is closely linked to DKE -- the German organization responsible for national standardization and safety specifications in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology. Janette is interested in IT, lighting, nanotechnology, terminology, quantities & units.
Tuomas Maasalo - 2011 Young Professional
Tuomas Maasalo is from Finland. He works for the Finnish energy industries and is a national member of mirror committees TC 8X: System aspects of electrical energy supply and of TC 106X: Electromagnetic fields in the human environment. He is also involved in the TC 8X working group of the Finnish and CENELEC national and regional committees.
IEC Global Visions - Boulder Wind Power
In this IEC Global Visions interview, Sandy Butterfield, Founding CEO and CTO of Boulder Wind Power, a pioneer in the US wind industry, provides insights into the key factors that allowed this industry to develop. He explains how international standardization allows his company to sell products globally, stimulates innovation, increases stakeholder confidence and the ability to obtain financing.
Dr Shu Yinbiao, IEC Vice-President at World Economic Forum, Davos 2017
(source: World Economic Forum) Dr Shu Yinbiao, IEC Vice-President and Convener of the Market Strategy Board (MSB), participated in the panel discussion, Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 17 January 2017, in Davos, Switzerland. At a time when the eyes of the world’s political, business and civil society leaders were focused on this Swiss mountain village, Dr Shu showcased how the work of the IEC encourages international trade. Here is an excerpt of Shu’s Davos address where he speaks about the IEC: “I have been working for the IEC for many years. IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission. The products of the IEC are standards. Standards can promote international trade, with technology standards. IEC has now over 20,000 expert engineers from all over the world. With IEC standardization, the manufacturers and the labs can manufacture their products according to unique (international) standardization. This is very helpful. IEC was founded in 1906, we are 110 years old already. And it has a very good working procedure – everyone can participate in standardization development…the Standards are produced by consensus. Every expert has to agree with the Standard. The IEC work is divided into many groups. We call these groups Technical Committees (TCs). In the TCs they are working in a specific area, for example, like electric cars. The engineers come together, they meet several times in a year. For one Standard it may take several years to finish. So they are very careful for the standardization but it is not difficult, people are very enthusiastic to participate in the standardization development.” ---------------------------- Find out more: In the IEC Global Visions interview (http://www.iec.ch/globalvisions/SGCC/) Dr Shu explains how active participation in IEC work has enabled SGCC to first build a reliable infrastructure in China and then to contribute significantly to global power technology development.
IEC Global Visions - Fujitsu
Masami Yamamoto, Fujitsu President, explains how active participation in IEC work enables Fujitsu to accelerate product development and facilitates the integration of technologies from different providers into total systems solutions.
Ana Teran Llanos - 2017 Young Professional
Ana Teran Llanos is an IEC 2017 Young Professional from Colombia. She works for the Centre for Research and Technological Development of the Electricity Sector (CIDET) as a Technical-Commercial Laboratories Professional. Her experience is in the conformity assessment part of the IEC as she is in charge of electrical tests for products of the electrical sector. Her electrotechnical areas of interest are electronics, information technology, metrology & measurements, telecommunications, terminology & symbols and testing.
Hiroaki Fujioka - 2012 Young Professional
Hiroaki Fujioka is from Japan and works for Chemitox Inc. He has been participating in a project team of IEC TC 89 since 2010 to discuss how to develop the test method of 5V flammability and Hot Wire Ignition in international teleconferences.
Thaison Vu - 2015 Young Professional
Thaison Vu is an IEC 2015 Young Professional from Norway. He works as a consultant specialized in ATEX, IECEx and Ignition Source Control for Karsten Moholt AS, one of the world's leading repair and overhaul service facilities of Ex motors and generators. He is involved in numerous Norwegian and IEC Standards committees for equipment intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, he has experience with the IEC System related to testing, inspection and certification to IEC 60079-series standards. He is Convenor of IEC TC 31/SC 31J/MT 60079-19 and Member of IEC TC 31/SC 31J/MT 60079-14 and IEC TC 31/SC 31J/MT 60079-17 - all related to equipment for explosive atmospheres.
IEC Global Visions - Haier
In this IEC Global Visions interview, Dr Zida Yu, Senior Vice President and Corporate Technology Officer* of the Haier Group, one of the most important white goods manufacturers in the world, shares why participating in the IEC allows his company to build trust among customers and consumers, which in turn gives Haier an advantage in accessing more markets faster. * November 2011
IEC Global Visions - Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
In this IEC Global Visions interview, Dr Naoya Takahashi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Systems, Ltd., shares why Hitachi believes that a concerted effort and collaboration of many companies results in the faster development of the global technical rules his industry needs. Why it is necessary for globally active companies to not only use international standards, but actively participate in the standardization process and how this can lead to new opportunities and helps build enterprise. Dr Takahashi further explains Hitachi's engagement in Social Innovation Business and how his company plans to contribute to the reduction of 100 million tons of CO2 annually, by 2025.
History of Electrotechnology: 1906-1929
Founding of the IEC in London in 1906, new developments in radio technology, first public demonstration of a television system.
Waleed Almalki - 2013 Young Professional
Waleed Almalki is an IEC 2013 Young Professional from Saudia Arabia. He works as a Transmission Engineer for the National Grid of Saudi Arabia. His interests are electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, telecommunications and testing.
IEC Global Visions - Underwriters Laboratories
Keith Williams, President and CEO of UL on IEC standards: "Green Safety: Facilitating Global Trade" In the 21st century, green safety is as important as were electrical safety and fire safety to the 20th century. Standards provide a competitive edge to companies to limit unfair competition, achieve significant cost-savings, and simplify access to many more markets. Underwriters Laboratories believes that the IEC represents the opportunity to harmonize standards globally so that manufacturers can make one product and serve all the world markets in a manner that will be safe to the planet and human kind.
An introduction to the IEC by Jack Sheldon, IEC Standardization Strategy Manager
Jack Sheldon, IEC Standardization Strategy Manager, presents the history and work of the IEC to students of the 'Master in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development' of the University of Geneva (UniGe). 9 October 2013
IEC Global Visions - Bosch
In this IEC Global Visions interview, Franz Fehrenbach, Chairman, Board of Management of Bosch, shares why he strongly believes that it is a big mistake for any company not to participate in international standardization work or to develop products with different standards in different markets. He further explains the philosophy that has driven Bosch since its founder's days and how the company has always tried to have a long-term orientation, striking a balance between business, society and the environment to achieve sustainability.
Martin Axelsson - 2012 Young Professional
Martin Axelsson is from Sweden where he works for Intertek Semko AB as a Technical leader. Within his company he is responsible for standardization work for multimedia and telecommunications and office equipment.
IEC Global Visions - SGCC
Dr Yinbiao Shu, State Grid Corporation of China President (the largest electric utility company in the world) and one of three Vice Presidents of the IEC, explains how active participation in IEC work has enabled SGCC to first build a reliable infrastructure in China and then to contribute significantly to global power technology development.
Maria Alejandra Mora  Riveros - 2014 Young Professional
Maria Alejandra Mora Riveros is an IEC 2014 Young Professional from France. She works as electromagnetic compatibility engineer for SNCF, France's national state-owned railway company. She is nationally involved in standardization activities related to electro technical applications for railways regarding the evaluation and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) phenomena.
2018 01 25 1430 IEC Academy New IEC Collaboration Platform Update
Introduction of the new IEC Collaboration Platform for all users of the current IEC Collaboration tools with a view on the agile development process, live presentation of the tool and migration plan from the current tool to the new platform. The expected benefit is a clear understanding of the migration and functions of the new tool.
IEC Global Visions - NERSA
Published on Nov 19, 2013 In this IEC Global Visions interview Thembani Bukula, Energy Regulator for South Africa explains why the use of IEC International Standards and participation in IEC work allows countries to ensure that investment in national electrical infrastructure is secure, reliable, safe and affordable.
Steven Humphries - 2015 Young Professional
Steven Humphries is an IEC 2015 Young Professional from Australia. He works as the Principal Engineer Demand Management for Energex, an Australian distribution utility. He has experience in the design, construction and maintenance of critical transport and power assets and in designing standards for managing electrical appliance loads. He also has a keen interest in the emerging area of demand response technologies. Steven is keen to be involved with standards development and strategic advisory activities at the IEC. He is particularly interested in energy networks, intelligent grids and sustainable energy solutions.
Christine Mauka - 2013 Young Professional
Christine Mauka is an IEC 2013 Young Professional from Kenya. She works as a Graduate Engineer for Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd. She is a member of IEC TC 121 and is especially interested in electrical engineering and electromagnetic compatibility.
IEC Global Visions - Eaton
Thomas Gross, Chief Operating Officer of Eaton, one of the largest power management companies globally, explains in this new IEC Global Visions interview why most of the major global challenges, and the markets that emerge around them, depend directly on the ability to connect solutions from different suppliers. The transition from products to total solutions requires interoperability and other standards. Eaton wants to be a leader in these transformations. That's why Eaton and for that matter hundreds of other companies work in the IEC and sit at the table where the rules for global trade are written. They understand that leaving this up to the competition would jeopardize their company's future.
IEC Young Professionals Programme Workshop at the IEC General Meeting
The IEC Young Professionals' Programme helps develop young engineers, technicians and managers for the IEC future.
International conference on development and technology of renewable energy (ICREDT)
2017 - International conference on development and technology of renewable energy (ICREDT) in Frankfurt, hosted by State Grid Corporation of China and IEC.
Jorge Richard Angulo - 2017 Young Professional
Jorge Richard Angulo is an IEC 2017 Young Professional Leader from Mexico. He works for General Electric as a Programme Manager and has experience in product R&D, engineering, productivity and technical compliance. During his career he has worked for small, medium and multinational companies in the medical, appliances and energy industries, based in Mexico, the US, Germany and Brazil. He holds three granted patents in the appliance industry which endorse innovative products currently on the market. He is involved nationally with the mirror committee of SC 23 K - Electrical Energy Efficiency products and with the Smart Cities mirror Systems Committee.
IEC Manufacturing mini film
Modern manufacturing relies on a constant and reliable supply of sustainable energy. Electricity drives everything from electric motors, wiring, cabling, sensors and information technology. From machinery, industrial automation, processes such as heating, welding and cooling, ventilation, control systems and distribution…IEC work underlies everything.
Gurveen Singh Sachdeva - 2011 Young Professional
Gurveen Sachdeva is from India. He works for Schneider Electric India in Research and Development. His interests are in company organization and management, testing and wiring accessories. He is a member of IEC SC 23 B/MT 4: Maintenance of IEC 60669-1, 60669-2-4, 60884-1, 60884-2-1, 60884-2-2, 60884-2-3, 60884-2-6.
Elisabeth Nokleby Abildgaard - 2015 Young Professional
Elisabeth Nøkleby Abildgaard is an IEC 2015 Young Professional from Norway. She works as an engineer in substation systems at Statnett SF, the Norwegian transmission system operator, in the technology and development department where she plans and constructs converter stations connected to high voltage direct current (HVDC) based interconnectors. She is a member of the Norwegian mirror technical committee to IEC TC 22 that deals with power electronic systems and equipment. She would like to be involved in developing standards reflecting the characteristics of the future hybrid and DC power grids for components, operation and interaction with the existing AC power grids.
2018 01 15 0930 IEC Academy New IEC Collaboration Platform Update
Introduction of the new IEC Collaboration Platform for all users of the current IEC Collaboration tools with a view on the agile development process, live presentation of the tool and migration plan from the current tool to the new platform. The expected benefit is a clear understanding of the migration and functions of the new tool.
Ricardo Luis Nava Garibay - 2015 Young Professional
Ricardo Luis Nava Garibay is an IEC 2015 Young Professional Leader from Mexico. He is Chief Development Officer at Coletech, a company he co-founded and which focuses on the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) systems within both residential and commercial sectors with the aim of penetrating large scale industry by 2017. He is looking forward to support and collaborate with the Smart-Grid industry since its combination with renewable energy will drive the transition to a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy consumption in the future.