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How the Technology Works - algae to biofuels
Algae.Tec is a globally focused advanced renewable oil company. Algae.Tec is commercializing an enclosed modular high-yield algae to oil growth system at the Algae Development & Manufacturing Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. Algae.Tec is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the ADR market in the USA. The Algae.Tec photo bio-reactors use water, sunlight and nutrients to grow algae that produces high-value sustainable fuels such as biodiesel and jet fuel. Facilities are being constructed at Nowra south of Sydney, Australia and the Holcim manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka. Roll-out plans include sites in China, Germany and USA.
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Algae-based biodiesel fuel now available at pump
SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Biodiesel fuel is now available at street corner stations for individual consumers for the first time in the Bay Area and in the nation. It's made possible by a partnership of two peninsula-based companies. One station in San Jose along with three others in Redwood City, Oakland, and Berkeley started selling biodiesel at the pump Monday. It's a cleaner-burning fuel made from algae. The stations looks like ordinary corner gas stations, but the fuel is far from ordinary. It's a blended biodiesel. The oil is made from feeding plant-based sugar to algae. South San Francisco-based Solazyme says its biodiesel produces 30 percent fewer particulates, 20 percent less carbon dioxide, and 10 percent less hydrocarbons. Propel, based in Redwood City, is offering the cleaner-burning fuel at four locations in the Bay Area with more in the works. -We're showing what the future's going to look like and we hope that others will follow suit and follow our example, and bring cleaner fuels to the public,- Propel Fuels CEO Matt Horton said. At $4.23 a gallon, the biodiesel costs the same as regular diesel. However, Solazyme expects the price to fall into the same range as gasoline as it ramps up production. -We do have one facility in the United States today that's producing demonstration-scale quantities of our oil. That's in Peoria, Illinois. And, we're building commercial plants. The first that we've announced is down in Moema, Brazil, but we've got others that we haven't yet announced but are coming online in the near future,- Solazyme Vice President Bob Ames said. Demand is also expected to be strong among commercial fleets such as delivery vans and service vehicles. Solazyme sees a broad market for its algae-based oil. It has been working with airlines, the navy, and with carmakers on alternative fuels to reduce foreign oil dependence. Its work with algae in the lab has even produced a line of high-end cosmetic creams. -It can be used to produce not just biodiesel like we see in the pump here today, but also renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel, conventional sort of military-grade spec fuels... So, a full range of fuels,- Ames said. Propel and Solazyme will be using the fuel stations to get feedback from consumers. With the price of both biodiesel or regular diesel the same, consumers will be getting a choice for the very first time.
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Bayswater one of the 2 largest coal-fired power stations in Australia: Macquarie Generation
One of Australia's largest coal-fired power stations.
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ABC News: NSW Government Energy and Resources Minister launches Algae.Tec showcase facility.
Australia's first advanced engineered algae to biofuels facility Shoalhaven One was officially opened by the New South Wales Minister for Resources and Energy the Honourable Chris Hartcher, MP. Read more about Algae.Tec at http:--www.algaetec.com.au News clip from ABC: http:--www.abc.net.au-news- Category: News & Politics Tags: Algae.Tec algae biofuel Australia ABC cleantech new technology
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Bloomberg TV: AlgaeTec Roger Stroud talks algae biofuels in Asia
Roger Stroud, Executive Chairman of Algae.Tec is interviewed on Bloomberg TV (international) "On the Move in Asia" program, about the company's recent listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) and the ASX. "Converting food into energy is not a sustainable practice" he stresses. Stroud explains Algae.Tec's alternative way of growing algae, how they achieve high yield, and why Algae.Tec will be able to compete with the current leading competitive fossil fuels. Stroud talks about the company's alternative technologies and roll out plans. Algae.Tec aims to complete the demonstration plant (Nowra, Australia) by first quarter next year.
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WIN News: Algae.Tec biofuel
Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Dr Mike Kelly yesterday visited the pioneering Shoalhaven Algae. Tec facility, which is using advanced technology to produce low cost, high grade biofuel using algae.
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Algae.Tec aviation biofuels presentation at the Berlin Airshow.
Algae.Tec aviation biofuels presentation at the Berlin Airshow. Signs collaboration agreement with Lufthansa. ALGAE.TEC BIOFUELS TECHNOLOGY TO FEATURE AT 2012 ILA BERLIN AIRSHOW AUGUST 30, 2012 BY EDITOR Perth, Australia, Atlanta, Georgia -- 30 August 2012 -- Sourcing sustainable aviation biofuels at-scale is a major theme at this year's ILA Berlin Airshow and its dedicated Alternative Aviation Fuels Pavilion, designed to showcase the latest biofuels innovations. (11-16 September 2012) Algae.Tec, which is working with German aviation giant Lufthansa, will present its algae to aviation biofuels technology at the specialist Pavilion. Also at the ILA Berlin Airshow, Algae.Tec Executive Chairman Roger Stroud has been invited to speak at The Future of Alternative Aviation Fuels, Biomass and Sustainability session. Algae.Tec is an advanced algae to biofuels company with a high-yield, enclosed and scalable algae growth and harvesting system. The showcase facility is connected into the Manildra Group waste carbon dioxide, which is used in the algae growth process. The Alternative Aviation Fuels Pavilion presented by Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) and Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany (AIREG) will showcase developments along the entire supply chain, including leading feedstock producers and biorefining technology suppliers. Algae.Tec this month launched Australia's first advanced engineered algae to biofuels facility Shoalhaven One. The facility was officially opened by the New South Wales Minister for Resources and Energy the Honourable Chris Hartcher, MP. Algae.Tec is a "carbon capture and reuse" solution for carbon emitter industries such as power plants and manufacturing facilities. The carbon waste is fed into the algae growth system, which produces algae for conversion to jet fuel and biodiesel. "Algae.Tec offers a cost competitive home grown aviation and transport fuels solution, addressing the energy security issues facing many countries around the globe," said Mr Stroud. Algae.Tec has recently recruited biofuels and aviation fuels specialist engineer Colin McGregor as General Manager New Projects. Algae.Tec also has projects with Holcim Lanka, joint venture discussions in China, and a manufacturing base in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The Company is also in talks with relevant firms in NSW, Brazil and the United States.
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Sky News: Roger Stroud of Algae.Tec on the algae to biofuels company ASX listing
Roger Stroud, Executive Chairman of Algae.Tec talks to Summer Money on Sky Business News. Roger talks to the program about the company's listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) - making it the first advanced biofuiels algae company to list on a main board in the world. He also explains the product Algae.Tec has developed, and discusses the prospects and realities of green jet fuel. About Algae.Tec (http://www.algaetec.com.au/) : We are pleased to announce that Algae.Tec has been admitted to the official list of the ASX. The shares commenced trading at 10.00am WST Thursday 13 January 2011. Algae.Tec is an advanced biofuels company focused on commercializing technology that produces algae to manufacture sustainable fuels such as bio diesel and green jet fuel. Algae.Tec was founded in 2008 with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Perth, Western Australia. Our vision is to make a definitive impact on the energy and environmental challenges of the world by creating and implementing long-term value-added, renewable and sustainable energy solutions for our customers. We have a highly experienced global team with over 200 years of technical, professional and business expertise in key energy and environmental industries and core competencies in biofuel technologies, energy markets, project commercialization and business management. Algae.Tec has conducted hundreds of laboratory, bench-scale and pilot tests and product trials to-date; assessed competitive algae technologies; and has applied the development phase results to detailed engineering evaluations of commercial plant operations. Collectively, these activities have led to the development of unique proprietary technology and know-how for high efficiency production of microalgae via a novel modular photo-reactor system and improved algae harvesting and product refinement technologies. Our algae technology has demonstrated exceptional performance, providing step-change improvements in productivity, product yield, carbon dioxide sequestration, plant footprint requirements and substantial capital/cost savings versus agricultural crops and other competitive algae processes in the industry.
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Sky News: Algae.Tec Roger Stroud on algae biofuels for energy security
Roger Stroud, Executive Chairman of Algae.Tec is interviewed on Sky Business News about signing a binding MOU for a 50/50 equity joint venture (JV) in China with Chinese company the Shandong Kerui Group Holding Ltd. The first project under the JV will be for the construction of a 250-module algae biofuels facility in China to be equally funded by both parties. The facility will be the first of its size and type in the world, being purely focused on algae for the production of transport fuels.
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Algae.Tec on Bloomberg TV
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Sky News: Lufthansa and Algae.Tec sign Collaboration Agreement
Algae.Tec Executive Chairman talks to Sky Money about what the Agreement means for green jet fuel, the company and its algae fuel factory roll out globally. ALGAE.TEC AND LUFTHANSA SIGN COLLABORATION AGREEMENT TO BUILD BIOFUEL PRODUCTION FACILITY IN EUROPE 19 September 2012 -- Algae.Tec Limited is pleased to announce that Algae.Tec and Lufthansa have signed a Collaboration Agreement for the construction of a large-scale algae to aviation biofuels production facility. The site will be in Europe adjacent to an industrial CO2 source. Lufthansa will arrange 100% funding for the project. Algae.Tec will receive licence fees and profits from the Project, which will be managed by Algae.Tec. As part of the Agreement, Lufthansa commits to a long-term offtake agreement of at least 50% of the crude oil produced at an agreed price The agreement forms the base for a long-term cooperation between Algae.Tec and Lufthansa for the industrial production of crude algae suitable for conversion into aviation kerosene and conventional diesel fuels The Agreement states: "Both parties will jointly develop a large-scale industrial algae oil production plant based on Algae.Tec's technology and operating support, and Lufthansa's offtake commitment for such algae oils." Algae oil produced by the Project shall fulfill at all times the EU Renewable Energy Directive ("EU-RED") and shall be certified according to ISCC --Standard. This agreement builds on and supersedes the MOU signed between the two parties in January 2012. It is subject to final Board approval of both parties and the final sign off for the algae oil conversion into aviation kerosene. A final feasibility report will be completed once the first site has been selected. See more Algae.Tec images here http://algaetec.com.au/news-room/image-gallery/media/image-gallery/berlin-airshow/
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ABC Illawarra Mornings: Algae.Tec
Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Dr Mike Kelly yesterday visited the pioneering Shoalhaven Algae. Tec facility, which is using advanced technology to produce low cost, high grade biofuel using algae. Dr Kelly, who has a passion for renewable energy, was briefed by company representatives in their process and the wide-ranging potential of their products. The Australian defense forces spend $410m on fuel per annum. Algae.Tec will provide test biofuels for the Australian defense forces.
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