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Community First Responders - together with O2
O2 is proud to support Community First Responders on the frontline. Read more at: http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise
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Blood Bikers on the frontline - together with O2
O2 is proud to support Blood Bikers on the frontline. Read more at: http://news.o2.co.uk/tag/o2esn/
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Saving Lives with the National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA)
O2 supports the National Search and Rescue Dog Association in its effort to train and deploy air-scenting search and rescue dogs to search for missing persons. Find out how O2 supports non-profits and emergency services: http://news.o2.co.uk/tag/o2esn/ Find out more about NSARDA: http://news.o2.co.uk/2014/12/05/o2-is-proud-to-support-nsarda/ Meet Harold Burrows: http://news.o2.co.uk/2014/12/02/harold-burrows-national-search-and-rescue-dog-association-nsarda/ Visit NSARDA: http://www.nsarda.co.uk/
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Flexible working - what it means for your business
Flexible working means your people can work the way that's best for them and for your business. They can take their work with them. Get their email, contacts and calendar on the go. Learn how to work as a team even when you are in different locations, recruit and retain the best people or how to make a day of meetings more productive. Find out more about flexible working at www.o2.co.uk/business/flexibleworking
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Bedtime stories with Joe Wilkinson: Rumpelstiltskin
Business is full of ups and downs, but don't let that keep you up at night. With Business Essentials from O2 you can change your phones, apps and tariffs whenever you need to. Sleep easy, find out more: http://o2.uk/sleepwell
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O2 Supports Lowland Rescue
Lowland Rescue teams provide Search & Rescue support to the Emergency services. All Lowland Rescue members are volunteers, no-one is paid.
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Flexible working in 60 seconds - O2 Business
Flexible working lets your employees stay connected and work as effectively as if they were in the office. Find out more at www.o2.co.uk/business/grow
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Wearable Technology Show 2016: Smart watches, glasses and even socks
We bring you our highlights from the Wearable Technology Show 2016 where TomTom announced a smart golfing gadget, the TomTom Golfer 2, Sony showcased its connected eyepiece and Sensoria demoed their smart socks. Even big brands like Jaguar were present, with a wrist-based key for its F-Pace SUV. For all our highlights, enjoy the video and visit http://businessshop.o2.co.uk for more information about the phones that connect to the wearables featured.
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Business tips from Tangle Teezer’s Shaun Pulfrey
O2 Business talks to Tangle Teezer’s Shaun Pulfrey and hears how he beat the predictions of the Dragon's Den to launch a £23.4 million business.
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Sim only from O2 Business
Change your sim card, not your phone, and get all the benefits of O2 Business for less, on a 30-day rolling contract.
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O2 and RNIB working together to make life-changing technology accessible and affordable
With O2, the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) has been able to supply its customers with devices and software that enable access to a world of content with their solutions: RNIB In Your Pocket and RNIB Bookshare. Read more about how O2 and the RNIB are working together at http://o2.uk/RNIB Find out more about O2 at http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise
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How driverless cars are set to disrupt everything
Renowned Futurist and Founder of TomorrowToday, Graeme Codrington, provides his take on the societal and business impact of driverless cars. It’s no secret that driverless cars are set to be one of the greatest technological advances of our times. However, are organisations really considering just how widely their disruption will reach? This isn’t something confined to the automation industry, but instead, an innovation that will touch and disrupt all types of industries – from insurance to hospitality. Graeme is an expert on the new world of work and provides strategic insights for organisations thinking about and planning for disruptive change. For more about O2 Enterprise go to https://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise
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Jacobs and O2 Smart Steps - a customer story
Using Smart Steps from O2 has helped save Jacobs time and money. Find out more about how O2 is helping business customers - http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise/services/mobile-data-insights
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Sony Xperia X vs Sony Xperia XA
The first two phones in Sony’s Xperia X line are here, the Xperia X and the Xperia XA. But which one’s best for your business?
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Why O2 believes it’s not technology first, it’s people first
We don’t think people should struggle with IT. Or jump through hoops to collaborate, be secure or get the information they need, when they need it. We don’t think IT is technology or mobile first. We believe it’s people first. To find out more go to http://o2.uk/peoplefirst
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Modernising your small business with O2 Business
Staying up to date with the latest tech can seem like a daunting task for any small business looking to streamline its systems. We talk to ice cream van company Tony Fresko about how O2 Business helped the small business modernise and improve its efficiency through better technology. To get the full story go to http://po.st/oEe1uW
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The There For Everything Trick with O2 Business and Office 365
Nothing beats talking face-to-face, but here's a business trick that lets you make important meetings with customers or colleagues, even when you can't be there in person, with Office 365 from O2. Office 365 is a brilliant business tool that lets you store work to The Cloud -- so you can work wherever and whenever you want, on whatever device you pick up. And because Office 365 has high definition video conferencing and instant messaging you never need to miss a meeting. Brilliant. Whether you're a start up or part something a little bigger, you'll get the very latest brilliant Office applications, on demand on up to 5 devices. What's more, you'll have all the support you might need from our team of Office 365 experts. All of which means you can give your business a professional polish without the professional price. Find out more: http://o2lin.kr/o2office365 Follow us on Twitter: @o2businessuk
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O2 Smart Vehicle delivers business value for Van Elle
With over 180 vehicles and more than 100 rigs across the UK working on different projects, Van Elle needs to optimise how it dispatches and allocates equipment and people. Van Elle has used real-time data from O2 Smart Vehicle, powered by Geotab, to keep their drivers and vehicles safe and productive. More information: O2 Smart Vehicle - http://o2.uk/o2_smart_vehicle O2's services for the construction sector - http://o2.uk/construction
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Digital policing for Surrey Police & Sussex Police - an O2 customer story
O2 provides over 3,000 officers in Surrey Police and Sussex Police forces mobilised solutions to keep them on the frontline. There is a clear reduction in the need to return to the police station throughout a shift to access, update or input information – approximately 2 hours per officer per shift. Find out more: O2 Bluelight Digital Services: http://connect.o2.co.uk/BlueLightManagedMobility O2's Justice and Emergenecy Services: https://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise/sectors/public-sector/justice-and-emergency-services
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The O2 Network story
We invest half a billion pounds every year to improve our customers’ network experience. We’re always on duty. Our engineers work around the clock, constantly checking, monitoring and maintaining our network, to make sure that we never let anyone down. Over 24 million customers and 450,000 businesses already rely on us with 120 million phone calls and 150 million texts going across our network every day. Find out more about O2’s network resilience: http://news.o2.co.uk/tag/o2esn/
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Scrumpy Pig and O2 Business apps
O2 Business apps like Microsoft Office 365 and McAfee Multi Access are helping Richard, founder of the Scrumpy Pig hog roast catering company, find the time to do what he does best - cooking. http://www.o2.co.uk/business/insights
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Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design and O2 Business apps
O2 Business apps like Microsoft Office 365 and McAfee Multi Access are helping to give Liz Marsh's floral design business the fexibility to bloom. http://businessblog.o2.co.uk/make-business-bloom/
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5 benefits of 5G
O2 today unveiled plans to launch a 5G test bed at The O2 in North Greenwich later this year, bringing a 5G experience to the world’s most popular entertainment venue.
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How to save on data roaming costs
A quick guide to how to save on data roaming costs while abroad by controlling automatic app downloads. http://businessblog.o2.co.uk/five-ways-beat-roaming-charges/
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O2 Just Call Me: Conference calls made easy
O2 Just Call Me makes conference calling from your mobile easy. There's no pin-codes or dial-in numbers - just hassle-free conference calls using your mobile phone number. Conference calls anywhere, anytime. Find out more here: http://o2.uk/GENz0r
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Building a mobile app: turning ideas into empires
How to build a mobile app - everything you need to know to get your business idea off the ground. O2 Busines sat down with Chris Williams, founder of app developer B60, Dan Bruce from HQ and Suzanne Nobel from Frugl to find out what it takes to turn your idea into the next billion dollar mobile application.
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Smarter business roaming with the Rest Of World Pass and O2
Applied Photophysics makes state of the art scientific instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. They rely on the Rest Of World Pass from O2 Business to deliver fixed-price calls, texts and data in 87 countries outside Europe. http://www.o2.co.uk/business/restofworldpass
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Cost saving benefits for your business with Office 365 and O2 Business
Microsoft Office 365 from O2 Business helps businesses like American Golf reduce costs across the company by streamlining operations and futureproofing its suite of producitivity software. With Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel included, the applications are instantly familiar and thanks to OneDrive cloud storage, cloud sharing is simple across teams, across the country. For more information on Office 365 from O2 Business, visit businessshop.o2.co.uk. Get Office 365 here http://o2.uk/CZKXoo
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How flexible working helps Human Resources
We know that reducing absenteeism, retaining staff and engaging the workforce are HR's bread and butter. We think we can make a difference on all three counts. Find out what our Head of HR, Nicky Brimmer, has to say about how flexible working has helped our HR department. Find out more about Joined Up People from O2 at http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise/our-solutions/joined-up-people
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O2 Connect - IoT Connectivity Solutions Overview
Smart Connect gives you everything you need to connect and manage your IoT devices. With a wide choice of sims, plus hardware solutions and smart management platforms, you can enjoy the transformational benefits of the IoT hassle-free. Find out more: http://o2.uk/IoT_Connectivity
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Smart connectivity with Owl Get It and O2 Business
Owl Get It is a small business that relies on good connectivity to the phone network and the internet so its drivers can deliver just about anything to just about anybody. Thanks to O2 Business, that's exactly what it gets. http://www.o2.co.uk/business/smartconnectivity
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Smart Steps - going deeper with Newark & Sherwood District Council
Like many towns Newark had a traffic congestion problem, which wasn't only affecting people’s journeys but was also having an impact on local businesses. Newark and Sherwood District Councils needed a solution and the first step was to get the evidence needed to make a case to the County Council and the Highways Agency. This is where Smart Steps from O2 was able to help. Using anonymised aggregated data from millions of mobile phones, within weeks, Smart Steps delivered detailed information about the movement patterns of vehicles and the profiles of drivers. Thanks to these unique insights, Newark councillors had a compelling case to make, leading to setting a timetable for improving the local transport network. Find out more about Smart Steps from O2 by visiting http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise/services/mobile-data-insights
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Discover O2 Gateway – everything you need connectivity to be
O2 Gateway is the UK's first truly integrated network. It brings our fixed network together with mobile and wifi to create a single network. You'll get secure access to multiple services with only a single connection at each site. Find out more here: https://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise/services/connectivity/o2-gateway
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O2 Business Tyrers Digital Makeover
O2 Business has given Tyrers, a boutique fashion retailer dating back to 1888, a unique ‘technology makeover’ to demonstrate the benefit to small businesses
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Master your business tech with an O2 Guru - O2 TV advert
Meet the O2 Gurus. On hand with free advice, in-store and online to help you master your smart tech. Find out more - http://o2.uk/guru
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Krispy Kreme - safer deliveries with mobile connected cameras
Krispy Kreme used a connected vehicle camera solution to help deliver doughnuts to over 900 UK locations every day. With near real-time notification of accidents and incidents, insurance premiums have been lowered, wear and tear reduced, and safe driving rewarded. The mobile enabled camera is much more efficient than a standard memory card camera, which can only be examined after a vehicle has returned to the depot. Using O2’s network, the incident is relayed in near real-time so it can be evaluated as it happens. The speed of the reaction means Krispy Kreme can contact the emergency services if needed. Vehicle cameras from Intelligent Telematics, connected via the O2 mobile network, have helped to achieve: • An 80% drop in incident and accident frequency • Falls in high, medium and low g-force triggered incidents – 78%, 53% and 27% respectively • A reduction in paid motor fleet claims by over 40% over a six-month period • A drop in the average claims notification period – 14.4 days to 2.9 days • 100% real-time visibility of all collisions and harsh driving incidents • Reduced wear and tear costs and improved fuel consumption • A significant reduction in insurance premiums • Positive brand perception on the roads Find out more: http://o2.uk/telematics_connectivity
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Ark Home Healthcare - an O2 customer story
O2's mobile technology helps Ark Home Healthcare's care workers stay in touch, be supported and feel like part of the Ark family – important when they’re rarely in an office and always on the move. The mobile phones that O2 provides come with enhanced security to protect information while allowing families to see when loved ones have been visited. And financing options give Ark Home Healthcare flexibility in how they manage their mobile device estate. Find out more about O2's Enterprise Mobility services - http://o2.uk/Enterprise_Mobility
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Keep your business secure online with McAfee Multi Access
Keep your business secure online with McAfee Multi Access from O2 Business. Online security is crucial to running a small business, and with 90% of small businesses having experienced online security breaches in the last 12 months, updating your security is more important than ever. McAfee Multi Access not onl protects you from hackers, but it can lock,wipe and locate stolen devices too. Find out more about O2 Business: http://www.o2.co.uk/business Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/o2businessuk
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O2 Business and Rodial Business Essentials
Watch Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial and NIP+FAB talk about the ups and downs of doing business and the need for flexible tariffs like Business Essentials
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McDonald's - Enhancing customer experiences with family friendly technologies
O2 is working closely with McDonald’s to deliver a range of technologies across its UK restaurants, helping deliver exceptional customer service while supporting McDonald’s commitment to protect the environment. O2 helps McDonald’s deliver a family friendly experience by providing free and easy-to-use public WiFi to more than 3.5 million customers every month. O2 also supports McDonald’s focus on protecting the environment by providing a service that securely disposes of older mobile devices in an eco-friendly way, with a zero landfill policy. Find out more: O2 and McDonald's working together - http://o2.uk/mcdonalds O2 Wifi - http://o2.uk/o2-wifi
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Female Entrepreneurs: Grow and franchise your small business
Franchising your company is a big step for any small business. We're putting a spotlight on female entrepreneurs making waves in the business community, and talk to Lee Dancy, founder of dog-sitting company Barking Mad about franchising her small business.
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Joined Up Communications - Mediafleet O2 Business case study
Mediafleet is a growing vehicle branding specialist. Its mobile fitters need reliable access to up-to-date information as schedules and customer requirements change. By getting both landlines and mobiles from O2, it's now got flexible communications, one bill and one point of contact for its communications. Find out more at www.o2.co.uk/business/joined-up-business/joined-up-communications
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How to keep your business connected: 4G data from O2 Business
4G data speeds could be crucial for your business, big or small. Why? 4G means you can stay connected wherever you are, feel confident you're working with the fastest data around, and rely on cloud storage for important documents. We speak to Jason Woods, Head of IT at Aspects Beauty, about how 4G has changed the way he and his team can work. Find out how O2 4G can help your business here: http://po.st/fkCuWR
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Digital Healthcare from O2
Alex Walter, Managing Partner for Health at Teléfonica UK, talks about how O2 is helping healthcare organisations to drive savings and efficiency, and deliver better outcomes for all end users. For more information contact: email [email protected], call 0800 955 5590 or visit www.o2.co.uk/health
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O2 Lease -- Total Bathroom Restoration case study
Total Bathroom Restoration is a bathroom makeover specialist run by Ian Read. It's a mobile business, and Ian and his team are always out on the road, surveying bathrooms and restoring them to their former glory. Ian uses O2 Lease. He benefits from no upfront fees, the latest must-have device and a simple 12 month contract. It keeps him flexible and up to date. Find out more at http://www.o2.co.uk/o2lease
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4G: the practical benefits for businesses, with O2's Steve Pluta
There's lots of talk about 4G. But just how quick it is? And what are the practical benefits for businesses? O2's Steve Pluta took it upon himself to demonstrate how your business could enjoy increased productivity and collaboration with access to the 4G network. For more information, check out our blog and how to get in touch: http://bit.ly/104KzaO
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Providing Business Critical Security for WebWayOne
WebWayOne makes it possible for security companies to monitor their alarms. When an alarm goes off at a retailers, an office, bank or a high-end domestic property, WebWayOne makes sure the monitoring station is alerted, by transmitting the data quickly and securely. O2 provides the secure and reliable mobile connectivity that WebWayOne needs to deliver its service in the UK and across Europe. Find out more: http://o2.uk/IoT_Connectivity
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Halton Housing Trust - People not Paperwork
With Universal Credit changing the way housing benefits are paid, housing associations' customers need to be able to access the internet. Halton Housing Trust has developed Open Digital, working in partnership with O2. This service lets Halton Housing Trust’s customers manage their benefits via tablets. The tablets also give customers access to a range of other services that are delivered digitally, such as paying rent, arranging repairs or managing house moves. Open Digital drives both digital inclusion for Halton Housing Trust’s customers and business efficiencies. To find out more about O2’s solutions for Enterprise customers visit http://www.o2.co.uk/enterprise
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O2 All In - Kennett Surveys LTD O2 Business case study
All In is helping our customers simplify their communications in a cost effective way, hear how Kennett Surveys LTD in Bath have benefited by being with O2. Find our more at http://www.o2.co.uk/business/products-and-services/packages
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OnePlus 3T review
OnePlus 3T review takes a closer look at the latest premium smartphone from rising star OnePlus. http://businessshop.o2.co.uk/O2BusinessShopDeviceProductPage?pf=OnePlus-3T
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