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จุดโทษมาราอน !! Liverpool 14 - 13 Middlesbrough
จุดโทษมาราอน !! Liverpool 14 - 13 Middlesbrough กุว่าโก เหนื่อยสุดละ 555 . คุณ คุณ ผมรัก คุณน่ะ ยิงกันนานเกิน ใครบังคับมึงมาดูหรอ ครับ ๕๕
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While lightning and torrential rain delayed the game, the players are......
You have to watch this!! While lightning and torrential rain delayed the game, the Iroquois Nationals used a plastic trash can for a drum, sang and danced all in good fun. It kept them limber and in good spirits until the game resumed and they beat Australia 12-10. That's Jerome Haina Thompson lead singer. We love this brotherhood. Have a look at the lighter side of the team while we waited, Enjoy the video Video by Kenny Frost Ute This shows how much love we have for the game. Other teams rather spend there time coaching, anylizing every little thing. Creators game Go Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Thank you for letting us into a bit of your culture. 22 you are a leader of men, I felt it was more than just a game but a brotherhood and family. No matter the place or the equipment you have, there is always ways for some singing, drumming, and having fun!! Awesome guys!! God Bless the Original Americans and to all you Lax Brothers and Sisters . Thanks to them we have this great sport to play ...THANKS
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ICC World Cup 2003 South Africa Theme Song : Welcome to Our Home
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Amazing Dance Routine By 3 Incredible Girls .
These girls are simply sensational, especially for their age. What coordination, moves and athleticism. Thank you, all three of you for all the hard work and practice you've put into your art to entertain. Watch at 2:03 for an unbelievable move. Brilliant!!! Street Dance Battle Xperia™ Presents DANCELIVE JAPAN FINAL 2014 Wow!!! And they kept their clothes on. Great job girls. Nancy Iosifidis Hannah Saliba Melissa Brady how come we dont look this good in the club? Hahaha what are you talking bout guys we are all over these moves Thank you for not having to be almost naked to prove you have awesome talent. Refreshing. Out-fuckin-standing!
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Hawk Being Strangled by a Large whip-snake Must See
Hawk Being Strangled by a Large whip-snake Must See
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great rocky and marge simpson collab.
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Tornado Takes Driver for Surprise at Gas Station
A gas station in Colfax, Wisconsin took a direct hit from an EF-1 tornado last Friday, and the dramatic event was caught on video by a surveillance camera directly in the path of the twister. The camera shows wind and rain steadily picking up through the video, and a large pickup truck makes a quick u-turn just as debris comes into the picture — a smart move that probably saved them from injury given the size of the debris that took their place shortly thereafter. The wind and debris rapidly pick up as the tornado gets closer, and the small but powerful rotation suddenly comes into view as it quickly hits a row of townhouses before slamming into the gas pumps and a convertible right in front of the camera. The NWS surveyed the damage in Colfax and rated the tornado an EF-1 with estimated winds between 85-90 MPH. The tornado was 100 yards wide at one point. WEAU reports everyone escaped the storm without injuries.
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23 million small and medium-sized enterprises provide more than two thirds of jobs in
23 million small and medium-sized enterprises provide more than two thirds of jobs in the EU, helping to fight unemployment. The Parliament thinks their growth is essential to boosting Europe's competitiveness. Watch our video to find out more. Come to Slovakia and see how your eurofonds/help destroyed small and medium-sized enterprises... oh come on you dont give a bit about unemployment in south Europe, you are even grateful of the thousands of youngsters moving to Germany and other countries as cheap work force. Had you been worried you would have acted as EEUU where Obama, worried about the "high" unemployement rate of 9% decided to increase debt and spending and now unemployment is in 6%. You just care about the german banks that financed the Spanish housing bubble; you dont care about the suffering of people nothing. Im not saying our governments are not to blame too, but being in the EU and the euro has been a catastrophe for our countries and economies, and the measures adopted by the troika criminals. We have since the very begining the interest rates and economic policies that fitted Germany and not the rest of the EU, A single currency, economic policy and interest rate cant fit all europeans countries so different in their economies. interest rates were very low in early 2000's to help recover German' economy and it heated the south europeans economies, plus german banks also especulated hugely in spanish housing bubble. Now austerity measures are made leaving people suffering in misery just for the german banks can get their money back, without any fault in their gaming. there is a share responsability en both south european politicians and EParlament ones as in the banks I think you should block all financial and economic transactions with tax heavens beginning with Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Channel islands, Liechtenstein, etc, and put an end to the Irish corporation tax of 12,5%. But then again as many of European politicians have their money hidden in this heavens , as the French Chancellor of Exchequer, no wonder why you don't care Shame on the European Parliament for making privates pensions plans for its MPs in the tax haven of Luxembourg through a SICAV http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/10777196/MEPs-second-pension-scheme-how-it-works.html http://www.publico.es/politica/530080/escandalo-en-iu-por-el-plan-de-pensiones-de-meyer-en-una-sicav Spanish Euro MP Willy Meyer obliged to resign after the scandal http://www.publico.es/politica/530141/willy-meyer-dimite-como-eurodiputado-de-iu there are thousands of small enterprise's and traders that have just given up all thanks to the EU and there stupid rules and regulations. those looking to start up give it a go and give up too. which goes to show the EU is a force for bad not good. even farmers are giving up farming because its becoming far too much hassle dealing with EU dictates. even fishermen are giving up there boats and not going fishing. the EU is like a cancer every thing it touches withers and dies.
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Lobotomy performed
Lobotomy is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy or leucotomyfrom the Greek λευκός leukos "clear, white" and tome. It consists of cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain.
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Hit him up ladies! :D Christina Montano there u go 😉 Kasey Besanko Isanga
Hit him up ladies! :D Christina Montano there u go 😉 Kasey Besanko Isanga Nainhabo Jenna Michelle Jessica Mikolajczak Andra Bleier Courtney Weston ladies... hes available😂 Lauren Fletcher perfect fella for you Damon Lindsay Tim Cullen Darien Burrows Cameron Mcconnachie
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Deputy Clings to Pickup Truck
A veteran jockey faces multiple charges after allegedly driving away from a traffic stop with a sheriff's deputy hanging onto his pickup truck.Apparently the deputy stopped the truck on Sunday night after seeing an expired tag. A computer check found the owner's driver's license had been suspended seven times this year.The deputy told 42-year-old Abdiel Toribio the reason for the stop and he couldn't find paperwork showing the vehicle belonged to him. When the deputy attempted to arrest him, Toribio drove off with the deputy partially inside the vehicle. The deputy pulled himself inside the truck and convinced Toribio to stop. Police dash cam footage
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Welshman confronts speed camera van operator then gets visit from Police !
My first ever post so go easy lol .. Seen on Facebook today 15th August 2014 a post by user Grant Pain: "After confronting the civilian police staff speed camera operator, a visit by 2 uniformed officers of the law paid myself a visit ! Watch what happened...! This seems to be the run down on, civilian, Police staff using speed cameras. When they deem you to be committing a crime, speeding , they then procure evidence, press capture on the speeding camera . Only trained police personnel have the training to gather evidence regarding a suspected crime, and not a civilian member of police staff. Grant Pain x"
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NYPD Allegedly Beat Man for Sleeping on Train on Way Home from Work
A disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project, via facebook, which shows a New York man being assaulted by NYPD cops. The alleged reason for the police harassment was that he fell asleep on the train. In the video we can hear the man plea with police to allow him to stay on the train so he can get home. He was on his way home from work, according to the video. Video Credit FreeThoughtProject
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This pigeon always try's to seduce me
My cute pigeon!
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California Cop Abandons Investigation to Harass and Intimidate Man for Video Recording  
Less than a week after a Southern California cop allowed a suspect to escape because he had to harass a citizen for recording the arrest, a Northern California cop abandoned his investigation to harass a man recording him. The Redding police officer, who was detaining a young man in front of a store as well as another man out of frame, turned to the man recording him, who was standing more than 25 feet away, and accused him of "interrupting my investigation." Meanwhile, a woman and her dog strolled right through the investigation, the dog even pausing to sniff one of the suspects who was seated on a sidewalk. But the cop was only concerned about the man with the camera, telling him he was unable to concentrate because of the camera. PINAC
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Pakikalat po itong video, ipakita ntin sa lahat ng pilipino kung saan nag mi-mina ng
Pakikalat po itong video, ipakita ntin sa lahat ng pilipino kung saan nag mi-mina ng patago ang china d2 sa mindanao. Ilegal mining ito pero napakalaking barko ang ginagamit nila, ang masama pa dito 24 hrs nila ito ginagawa sa isang araw Ubos ang likas na yaman ng pilipinas. Please share Credit to the owner yan dapat ng bantayan hindi yungg kapwa pilipino nililitis at pinakukulong dhil lng sa mruming pulitika at ingitn kung sino gusto magnakaw magpayaman kapwa pilpino ititmbog noon pa yan panhon pa ng hapon pag matino pressidente pinapatay d ba dapat mag kaisa tayo wag sna tyong maging estrangero at squater sa srili nting bansa MAGKAISA NA DAPAT ANG MAMAYAMB PILIPINONYO SUGPUIN ANG DAPT SUGPUIN HANAPIN KUNG CNO KASABWAT DYAN KELAN PA TYO KIKILOS PAG WALA NA TYONG TIRHAN AT PAGKUKUNAN NG KABUHAYAN correction: The Philippines is currently one of the fastest growing economy in the world and 2nd in asia... so your argument is invalid. Hence, you are an unpatriotic bitch. Uu nga eh kung napupunta lng sa tamang budget.. Eh di sana may panlaban tyo sa mga yan... Nkakapang hinayang lang talaga ang bansa natin.. Sirang sira na ang Gobyerno panahon palang ni aquino.. Kaya hwg mo rin sanang ipagtangol ang gobyerno na sa simula plang ay halos wala naman naitala na ikauunlad ng bansa.. Kung sa tingin mo ay legal yan na pagmimina ng mga mining company, bakit may kaugnayan sa china, eh malinaw na nkasaad sa batas na walang sinumang dayuhan ang maaaring makipag ugnayan sa mining company ng ating bansa dahil mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang pakikinabang sa likas na yaman ng ating bansa para lang sa ibang dayuhan.. Now san ang sinasabi mong paninira? Kung makikita mo nman sa video na ang barko na yan ay sa china nangangahulugan na may nailabag na batas sa ating bansa... Hahah... Natawa ako sa comment na ito.. Hindi mo ba alam na communist country ang china? Para ka na rin nagpasakop sa impyerno, at nangangahulugan lng na wala kang pagmamahal sa lahi mo at sa mga taong nag sakripisyo para sa kalayaan ng ating bansa.. Tsk tsk.. Nkakalungkot isipin na may mga taong katulad mo mag isip para lang sa igagiginhawa kuno.. T_T
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Mojo Jojo left a message today giving me his thoughts on my figure of him! Thank you
Mojo Jojo left a message today giving me his thoughts on my figure of him! Thank you Roger Jackson! the voice of Mojo Jojo!! We just Love all your work! me tooo! Happy for you, dude. That's awesome. Omg! Such an honor! How incredibly cool. So awesome!
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OMG!! See how river erosion grasped that building
OMG!! See how river erosion grasped that building jump to 01:00
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A Small Fire at Gas Station Escalates into Something Else
The fire was caused by a spark ignited from a scooter which came to fill at the station, but grew as a motorist left, spilling fuel to the ground from a hose still in his vehicle. Attempts by the gas station attendant to put out the fire were pointless. The fire started at around 11.45pm was immediately brought under control by the fire brigade. No casualties were reported.
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You won't believe what happens when the hunters become the hunted in this pig attack compilation! That's why u need to hunt w semi autos! Stu Saxby Dale Penna Duuuu :P nör ska du skaffa en båge så vi ka. Skjuta samtidigt istället för att du ska dregla över min ;? Evan Kouklinos
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Arrogant, Spoiled, Drunk Kid With Dunkin Donuts Vomit Bag
A drunk kid ready to catch his buddy's vomit with a plastic bag gets all one per center with a videographer
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This one's worth watching to the end. Group of big tough 4WDers save a cat stuck in a
This one's worth watching to the end. Group of big tough 4WDers save a cat stuck in a coil spring! Jessica Feijó Denise Feijó so thats how you de-cat a motor kkkkkkkk Olha aonde o gato foi se enfiar Melissa Duarte Arun Jose Ozhukayil Ananthakrishnan Prakash Abhiram Nair kkkkkkkkkk olha isso Wesley Schnadelbach Torres
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Idiot tries to spin back wheel of bike... then...
Idiot tries to spin back wheel of bike... then...
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Good Samaritans come to rescue of a cop being attacked.
FRANKLIN, Ohio - Some good Samaritans recently stepped up to help an officer in trouble on a burglary call in Ohio - and the whole thing was caught on camera.As the Franklin, Ohio, police officer was checking out a scene, a man started assaulting him. That's when two people came to the officer's aid, helping him get the attacker into handcuffs. Dash cam footage by Franklin Police Department
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Bourbon Street Shooting - New Orleans Street Cam 6.29.14
New Orleans police are working to identify two gunmen who shot into a Bourbon Street crowd early Sunday morning, June 29th, 2014 ~2:45am CST, injuring nine people. Footage and audio of the incident and aftermath was captured by a 24/7 streaming webcam atop the Cat's Meow bar/balcony near the 700 block of Bourbon Street in the famous New Orleans French Quarter
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OMG! She is really talented. Tis gal
超棒!人漂亮歌声又美!一定要分享 OMG! She is really talented. Tis gal frm Hubei, China can sing the male vocals as well. Cyn Ng Kah Liang Loh Hong Tat Doreen Tan Cheng Ean Tan JH Loh Leo Lio Jamis Yaw Enqing Li Accord Chin Wen Hui Yeo nothing to say,excellent Ya....best.. Fact: she use to be a guy
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Turn down pa'que?? #NegativetoPositive Is that you Andrew Nemo Nimmo HAHAHAHAHA
Turn down pa'que?? #NegativetoPositive Is that you Andrew Nemo Nimmo HAHAHAHAHA jaaao skulle fucka ut fan Alfre De Aza jajaj k cura alfre de viejo Tete Boneta Martin Miikloss Geerecz del Aguila Manel Priego Rodríguez Jordi Activo Yazmin Casillas Yesenia Casillas Manuel Lopez Haha tänk dig live och du dansa med han Carola Samuel Mina Zoma
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Footage conversation yang berlaku lepas diorang tembak MH17
Footage rakaman conversation yang berlaku lepas diorang tembak flight MH17 More : Sukan Star TV By : Sukan Star .com Tapi kalau setakat tulis barisan ayat2 doa di fb atau twitter dan dgn itu tlh menganggap bhw itu adalah cara berdoa yg betul, dan menganggap tlh berdoa, itu tak kena lah, itu mmg tak betul, berdoa adalah luahan dari hati yg ikhlas dan terus terdetik utk meminta atau pohon disampaikan terus kpd Allah S.W.T. Tidak diwajibkan menadah tangan pun. Hukum menadah tgn ketika berdoa hanyalah sunat sahaja, bukannya wajib. Gambar ni pun tak betul... Berdoa untuk Muslimin & Muslimat bukan semestinya di atas sejadah sahaja... Berdoa boleh di mana2 kecuali dlm tandas tapi tidak bermakna Allah tak tahu setiap apa yg terdetik dlm hati kita wpun kita di dlm tandas, 'aqidah kena betul, i'tiqad kena jaga dan dlm rumah sembahyang org2 kafir ini utk mengelakkan fitnah... Cer tgk berita jap ag. Mmg israil nk alih pandangan dunia ttg gaza. Hrni dia dh msk smnnjung gaza.. yg nie sokong,,,salah arahan dari menara kawalan, mmg abeslah,, sape tgk air carsh investigation, dia tau cm ner bnda nie... Awat duk suruh pm letak jawatan. Ow, mybe ang lebih layak jadi pm. Silakan. Kita tengok ang mampu ka dak. Sila, sila.
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4 COBRAS protect sleeping baby
Anyone else would run for the hills yet this baby seems peacefully asleep.
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High Speed Police Chase
Carl Stines 37 was arrested following a high-speed chase in Marion County. The video, from a deputy's on-board dash cam, shows much of the chase, which ended in a retention pond.
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Chinese Snake Charmer Shows Off His Talent
Fifty two-year-old veteran Liu Yuanfei has lived with snakes for over 30 years and can easily put a snake into his mouth or let it go through his nose. Watch as Liu shows off his shocking skills! Credit: Youku/Gezi Alin
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French pro-palestinian protesters face police
Throngs of pro-Palestinian protesters turned up in defiance of a government ban on their demonstration in the French capital Saturday, leading to violent clashes with police and dozens of arrests. Images on French TV showed a small number of protesters throwing rocks and police responding with tear gas, which wafted through debris-strewn streets of the Barbès neighborhood near central Paris. By 6:45 p.m. local time, 33 people had been arrested for throwing projectiles and assaulting police officers, a police official said. It wasn't immediately clear whether anyone was injured, the official added. The clashes underscore a dilemma facing France's Socialist government. President François Hollande has faced searing criticism in France—home to Europe's biggest Muslim minority—for what pro-Palestinian groups say is his failure to take a stand against Israel's incursions in the Gaza strip. At the same time, Mr. Hollande is under pressure from even broader swaths of the French public, which blames minorities and immigrants for a perceived rise in violent crime and delinquency. The far-right National Front is garnering support by accusing Mr. Hollande's ranks of being soft on crime and illegal immigration. Saturday's clashes occurred at the tail end of a large rally that had been called by several French political organizations, including the far-left New Anticapitalist Party, despite a French government ban. The rally had been banned on Friday after government officials expressed concern that it could turn violent. Last Sunday, a similar rally in Paris sought to steer the march toward two synagogues and clashed with riot police, and eight arrests. Earlier Saturday, French President François Hollande justified the decision to ban the rally at a news conference, saying groups have other ways to express themselves. "Those who want at any cost to protest will be held accountable," he told TV cameras. Nevertheless, French TV showed a large number of protesters showing up at 3 p.m., chanting and waving Palestinian flags under raised metro tracks. French television estimated between several hundred and several thousand people attended the rally at its peak, but the police official said the police didn't immediately have any estimate. Article source : http://online.wsj.com/articles/pro-palestinian-protesters-clash-with-paris-police-following-ban-on-rally-1405790372 Video source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bgW8-0o6po
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CCTV footage of thieves stealing a cow for food in India
Cow slaughter is banned in certain parts of India Skip the first 2 mins for start of action.
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Mother who lost her son in an Singapore Armed Forces training accident doesn't want her
Mother who lost her son in an Singapore Armed Forces training accident doesn't want her younger son to enlist. Yesterday, the Defence Minister told parliament, that the death of Private Dominique Lee, and that of another serviceman, could have been avoided and occurred because of breaches in safety regulations. Do we ban a sibling from driving if one of their brother die of car accident? We cannot form our policy due base one a few event. Yes we do not have immediate national security issue or so we think. But neither can build a force overnight when need arise. Yes we feel less at home with so many FT around and sometime we ask what are we really protecting? That however will be a different issue. I am a NS man too who complaint all the time when my routine is disrupted due to in camp. Still I never let goes beyond a few angry words with friend at meal, because I know the important of having it. Tears in my eyes when I heard the last sentence. "I sent them a lively son, but they return him to me in a coffin". Mindef, please for once, show some compassion and excuse her second son. Not to be enlisted is not possible for the Govt/SAF to agree. However, since this is an unfortunate event, SAF should consider to allocate the victim's younger brother to some clerical posting or non-combatant posting when he is about to be enlisted, that should exclude BMT for the young chap as well to avoid any potential same unfortunate event. They also ought to compensate the victim's mother and family accordingly not just by a year of "regular serviceman pay" which is not justifiable. He could have earn more in the future, had not for the incident. They should also provide additional counselling for the family which would be beneficial. My condolences to the Mother and Family. To the mum who lost his son in training, it was grievance, but for MINDEF, it was Tuesday. $$ cannot replace the loss of a child
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TOW missile hits 2S1 Gvozdika + MASSIVE cookoff
Occurred today in Hama. A BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile lands a direct hit on the turret of a self-propelled artillery piece, igniting the ammunition inside or around the armor. RIP to whoever was on top... Snackbar warning.
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How to Replenish Supplies for an Aircraft Carrier - Resupply At Sea
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz CVN 68 conduct a replenishment in the Red Sea alongside USNS Rainier T-AOE 7. Film Credits: PO3 Vanessa David & PO3 Joshua Haiar
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Arizona Campus Police Wrestle Female Professor To The Ground And Arrest Her For Jaywalking
Video has surfaced of an Arizona State University professor being thrown to the ground by police officers after they caught her jaywalking. Dr. Ersula Ore was arrested on the college campus in May and was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer in addition to criminal damage, resisting arrest, refusing to provide identification and obstructing a thoroughfare. She said she was walking across the street, trying to avoid construction that was underway up ahead, when a campus police officer stopped her and asked for ID. Dr. Ore objected to the 'disrespectful' way the officer treated her and refused to produce identification.
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Lion Cub's Head is Stuck in a Buffalo's Butt
A pride of 18 lions kill two African buffalo. In its haste to eat, a lion cub eats into a buffalo's anus and get's his head stuck. What a way to go.
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Fire trucks parade in Warsaw, Poland
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Queens Guard Plays Game of Thrones Intro
For the GoT fans.
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Syrian Air Force targets ATGM crew firing upon SAA positions in Morek
Two videos. The first shows militants firing upon SAA positions with a Konkurs anti-tank missile; second video starts out with more spotting of vehicles when their attack is rudely interrupted.
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Tow Truck Driver Hit and Killed by Passing Car
Grainy CCTV footage from Israel, showing a tow truck driver getting hit by passing car on highway 6. Seems the driver was not paying any attention, and the tow-truck driver died on the spot. No information has been released about the other vehicle in involved in the incident.
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A day in the life of a F-16 pilot
A video with Norwegian Air Force pilot "Hanche" from the 338sqdn located at Ørland Main Air Station, doing low flying, practicing shooting down drones and simulated attacks against the Navy :
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Ukrainian army plane AN-26 that was shot down. 14 parachutes on video
Today 20/7/14 14:55 Ukrainian army AN-26 #Ukraine army plane was shot down near Krasnodon Krasnodon
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This is amazing! The Work of Bernard Pras
This is amazing! The Work of Bernard Pras Meet www.interestingengineering.com Linda J Trinidad Robles Mark Caubo Judith Vanegas Facteur Cheval, Hauterives, France Elymar Rondon O_O
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Cop tells homeless man to leave Mcdonalds because of hygiene
OG Cef Johnson took a homeless man to a local McDonald for a courtesy meal, when a police officer intervened asking the homeless man to leave because of his b.o.
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Amma Dancing on Jumme Ki raat.. Too Much Fun :D
Amma Dancing on Jumme Ki raat.. Too Much Fun :D Sunil Benz Singh Manmohan Singh Harry Austin Florian Albert Vivek BharatiChirag BafnaAvinash Khadye Karishma Ramsurrun Subaru to p rapel kiken la??...lolzzz Karishma Ramsurrun Subaru kan nu ti p dance 4 fiancailles??!! Ahmed Sidhu Sam Malik Awais Cheema ye dekho talented maaayi
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