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John Cleese on how to put your mind to work
Comedian and Ivy League professor John Cleese talks about a big discovery in his life: His mind works on creative problem solving even when he sleeps! Tim Sanders shot this video on his Panasonic hand cam, while Cleese spoke at the Yorkshire International Business Convention Summer 2009.
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The Paul Galvin Story by Tim Sanders
Paul Galvin was the legendary founder of Motorola, which gave birth to everything from wireless phones to an early and important computer processor. Tim Sanders (www.sanderssays.com) tells the story to the leadership of Nextel in 2005.
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The Timberland Story by Tim Sanders
Author Tim Sanders shares a compelling story from his new book, Saving The World At Work. The story illustrates the power of one person to make a difference, and create a ripple effect.
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Preview Tim Sanders "On Scarcity"
Best selling author TIm Sanders rails against scarcity thinking -- calling it the disease of our times. He offers four ways to combat it and regain Mojo, the secret to success. Book Tim Sanders to speak at your next meeting, conference or event! http://TimSanders.com
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Gene Stone TV interview about watches:Patek, Audemars, Rolex
Gene Stone (author of The Watch) is interviewed about the history of watches. Gene Stone talks about Patek, Audemars, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other wristwatches on a news interview.
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How to Run a Brainstorm Meeting by best selling author Tim Sanders
Best selling business author Tim Sanders offers advice on running brainstorm meetings to tackle complex problems. It features content from his latest book Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges. For more information, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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How To Conquer Scarcity Thinking by bestselling author Tim Sanders
Many of us struggle with "not enough to go around" thinking, especially when dealing with change. This limits our ability to rise above situations, lead people and succeed in the long term. In this video, best selling author Tim Sanders offers ways for you to choose the Abundance Mentality, regardless of the situation. To bring him to speak at your next event, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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Announcing new book: Dealstorming by Tim Sanders
Former Yahoo CSO and best selling author of Love is the Killer App reveals his next book release's subject matter: Sales collaboration and innovation. Get a free chapter of the book at Dealstorming.net ... Bring him in to speak at your sales kickoff and drive team work throughout your culture! [email protected]
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The People Side of Leadership with New York Times bestseller Tim Sanders
Sanders is the best selling author of four books and former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo. This clip features excerpts from his 3 speaking topics on the lecture circuit. 1. Emotional Talent 2. The Business Power Of Confident Thinking 3. Relationship Power
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Sales Genius Is a Team Sport keynote preview by NYT bestseller Tim Sanders
B2B sales expert Tim Sanders offers a fresh perspective on solving the complex sale. "Build teams, wide and win as one." And the data proves: Collaboration = Performance. Bring him to your next sales and marketing event: http://TimSanders.com
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Leadership Tip: Smile back at your people!
Business expert Tim Sanders shares a simple piece of advice for leaders, managers and business people: Smile Back! Taken from his 2006 keynote speech at the Maximum Impact Simulcast.
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Leading the mood state
Best selling author Tim Sanders outlines a leader's true role: Balance reality and hope to maintain the mood state. Get this right, and your business will prosper!
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A Book Reading Strategy For Your Business Life
Best selling author Tim Sanders believes that “book readers are better leaders.” He credits his reading process for his career success. In this video, he offers two different strategies for developing your 6 book a year reading plan. Taken from his keynote at the 2016 ISACA annual conference for information security professionals.
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How Tim Sanders Prepares For His Keynote Speeches
Best selling author Tim Sanders shares his preparation methods for giving keynotes at conferences and conventions. Includes phone interviews, research, organization, vetting and of course ... rehearsal. He's one of the top rated speakers on the lecture circuit. Visit http://TimSanders.com for more information.
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Bring Your Love To Work and Leadership and Succeed (Wildly!)
Best selling author Tim Sanders shares his secret to success: Showing the Love by sharing knowledge with others. For over 15 years, he's traveled the world helping people just like you find a way to succeed and prosper, without having to be cuthroat. Based on his NY Times bestselling book Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends. For more, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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Definition of Brand and Branding
Best selling author, consultant and former Yahoo CSO offers a definition of a brand which reveals a marketing strategy for branding. For more: http://TimSanders.com
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Leading with Love Keynote Highlights
In his New York Times bestselling book, Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence People, Tim Sanders explains that “love is the most powerful force in the business world, and we show it by sharing our knowledge, networks and compassion to promote success in other people.” His research finds that when we lead with love, we grow our business, foster innovation and build a highly resilient enterprise. He has circled the globe, giving thousands of professionals the insights they need to lead a culture that values generosity, mentorship and empathy. This video provides highlights from his keynote “Leading with Love.”
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Don't Use Email To Go Over Someone's Head
From The Dirty Dozen Rule of Email Etiquette by Tim Sanders, Rule 2: Don't Email Use Go Over Someone's Head. This is an excerpt from Deeper Media's training product, which can be licensed for any company or organization. Visit EmailAtoZ.com for more information.
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How Small Businesses Can Use Collaboration To Win Big!
Best selling author Tim Sanders shares the LGA case study to illustrate how an architectural firm won a major piece of business by collaborating with a "competimate."
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Tim Sanders at Sales Mastery 2004
This is a small excerpt of a seventy minute keynote address by Tim Sanders at Sales Mastery in Palm Springs - September 2004. This event was attended by a few thousand mortgage, real estate and sales professionals. They are all now "Lovecats"... If you've like a free copy of the entire keynote, but a copy of Tim's book Today We Are Rich (http://twar.com) and email the receipt to [email protected]
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This is How You SEIZE the Moment!
When your big moment shows up, are you ready to seize it effectively? In 1997, my moment showed up when I had an opportunity to join Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s AudioNet, which became broadcast.com. I took a specific approach to the opportunity that changed my life forever. I learned how to seize the moment. Over the years, more moments arrived: Go west for Yahoo, write Love Is the Killer App, launch speaking career … in in every case, I seized them with the same strategy. Watch this video so YOU can seize your next big moment. Thanks for Slam Agency for producing this and David Barton Gym LV for providing the shooting location.
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Likeability Factor author Tim Sanders appears on Today Show with Al Roker
New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders sits down with Al Roker in 2005 to discuss why the Likeability Factor is the tiebreaker in life and at work. Sanders offers tips on how viewers can change their mindset and boost their ability to bring out the best in others and find success they can't self-respect. For more: http://TimSanders.com
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The Christopher Wren Cathedral story by Tim Sanders
Here's a short story from a 2007 leadership conference. The point of it is how purpose drives motivation. For more useful advice, visit Tim's blog at www.SandersSays.com
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Great Leaders Drive Performance at the Relationship Exchange
While researching my latest book, I stumbled upon a body of research that changed my perspective on what it takes for a leader to drive innovation, spur excellence and scale his or her organization’s capabilities. The concept is referred to as Leader Member Exchange Theory or LMX Theory. Here’s the idea: Great leaders initiate a set of exchanges with their group members that are mutually fulfilling. Through this, they build a high quality relationship, which motivates talent to be highly competent and loyal to the company’s mission. Watch this video from my keynote at the 2017 Global Institute of Leadership Development, where I unpack the concept and offer action items for leaders.
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How This CEO Turned Around His Company By Injecting Love Into Its Culture
Best selling author Tim Sanders shares a story from his book Love is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends. The point of the story is that Love is a powerful force in any business culture and can create a place that people want to work for, which can only lead to customer satisfaction. For more on Tim, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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Sales Leaders, Must See: Tim Sanders FULL Keynote on Sales Genius & Teamwork
Best selling author of Dealstorming describes how to drive sales innovation through team work to B2B enterprise sales professionals at their annual kickoff conference. For more information on Tim: http://TimSanders.com
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The Three Things That Innovation Requires by Tim Sanders
Best selling business author and former Yahoo CSO reveals the "Three C's of Innovation." While motivation is important, executing the right idea fully is the key to improving or disrupting. From his keynote address at the annual ISACA meeting. To explore bringing him to speak at your conference, visit: http://timsanders.com/keynote-speaker/
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How to Give Your Employees a Jolt of Motivation by Leadership Keynote Speaker Tim Sanders
Best selling author Tim Sanders offers leaders three ways they can drive employee engagement and innovation every Monday morning. The key is give provide gratitude for previous efforts, a sense of purpose and a meaningful challenge. Leadership actions on Monday can often lead to strong weeks and high-fives at 5pm on Friday. For more leadership thoughts, visit http://timsanders.com
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What Great Networkers Do Differently Than the Rest
There's a big difference between a social-prospector and true networker. This video outlines how to increase your networking power by asking the right question and systemizing how you connect people together. "The more you exercise your networking muscle, the stronger it gets." From my keynote at the 2016 ISACA convention. To bring me to your event or conference, visit http://timsanders.com
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That Fish Stinks From The Head
Best selling author TIm Sanders (The Likeability Factor and Love Is The Killer App) talks about the role of leadership in creating a corporate culture. For more information, check out: www.TimSanders.com
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What Skills Drive Success In B2B Sales?
Whether you are looking for sales talent for your organization or trying to improve your sales performance, understand that the game has changed. Best selling author Tim Sanders offers advice from his latest book Dealstorming on how to spot or develop key skills for today's complex selling environment. It's not just about hard work and hard closing! For more information: http://dealstorming.net
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The Mr Marcus story by Tim Sanders
In this clip, from his 2006 DVD "The Likeability Factor", Tim shares advice given to him by the late great Stanley Marcus Jr.: "Make yourself emotionally attractive. Good things happen to people in business that make themselves emotionally attractive." Visit www.timsanders.com for more information or to order the DVD
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Tim Sanders talks with Dr. John C. Maxwell on Finding Meaning in Your Life
Tim Sanders talks with Dr. John C. Maxwell on following your purpose and finding your significance to find meaning in your life.
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Three Steps To Being a Superstar at Work (rare keynote compilation)
Based on his bestselling books, Tim Sanders offers a unique way for you to find success in business by gaining confidence and then sharing your most valuable intangibles. Watch this and grow your potential in areas ranging from leadership to sales to service. For more, visit http://timsanders.com
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Make the Leap to Essential and Retain Top Clients by keynote speaker Tim Sanders
New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders shares 3 ways financial advisors, real estate professionals and professional service providers can retain top clients. He delivers research in this short video that reveals what it takes to survive fierce competition for your clients. Here’s what one financial services executive had to say about Tim’s keynote: “Generational, technological and business model forces are set to disrupt the world of financial advisors. Tim’s talk on being Essential helps advisors stay ahead of these forces by building deeper relationships with clients.” -Don Diehl, Hartford Funds
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Seth Godin at TED 2010
Tim Sanders does a quick interview with Seth Godin in front of the TED conference on Thursday, Feb 11. Seth gives advice about being a lynchpin. Visit www.SethGodin.com
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Feeding The Favor Economy
When I look back on my career, I think of one decision I made early on at Yahoo that changed everything. This story reveals what’s behind my push for everyone to practice generosity at work. If you want to build powerful relationships at work and unleash innovations, watch this video. If you want to supercharge your problem-solving skills, realize you can’t do it alone. Thanks to Black Tie Media for shooting and producing this clip. #Leadership #Love Visit www.TimSanders.com
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Great companies grow their people
Tim Sanders addresses the members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists with a message: Grow your people's talents. That's the key to being socially responsible and a good corporate citizen.
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Keynote Speaker Tim Sanders Defines Corporate Culture
Business and culture consultant and best selling author Tim Sanders defines culture "as a conversation..." in this clip from his keynote at the L2 Leadership Summit in 2014. To bring him to your next event, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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The Secret to Getting Clients to Open Up to You
Best selling author Tim Sanders reveals ways we can plumb conversations with prospects and clients to gain deeper insights into their perspectives and unstated needs. He recommends books such as Ask More by Frank Senso and then offers exact phrases we can employ to get clients to go from “headlines to full stories.”
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Always Build Value!
If you want to succeed no matter how turbulent the times, you must Always Build Value. The world is changing fast, so you should be improving fast too. Watch this video to learn how you can become the most essential partner to your clients. Please share with those who are looking for a quick-fix for success. Video produced by the amazing folks at SLAM Agency!
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Meetings Change The World by Tim Sanders
At MPI's 2008 PEC event, author Tim Sanders tells meeting professionals that "they make the movies of the business world!" www.TimSanders.com -- follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/sanderssays
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Keynote speaker Tim Sanders Declares That Chicken Little Must Fry!
Best selling author, former Yahoo and keynote speaker Tim Sanders warns leaders against giving airtime and motivation to the Chicken Littles at work that poison the mood. "Take back your culture!" http://TimSanders.com
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Takeaways From Sales Genius Is a Team Sport Keynote by Tim Sanders
Best selling author and former CSO Tim Sanders is the perfect choice to keynote at your next sales conference. In this video, he isolates the exact takeaways his Sales Genius Is a Team Sport presentation will deliver to your sales team. For more information on booking him, visit: http://timsanders.com/keynote-speaker
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Career Boosting Lessons I Learned at the Gym by bestselling author Tim Sanders
Author of Love Is the Killer App Tim Sanders reveals four game changing career lessons he learned during his workouts. 1 - Move the Goalposts (extend your reps and fight through pain) 2 - Start From Zero (get full range of motion to build strength) 3 - Confuse Muscles Often 4 - Get a Coach! For more on Tim, visit: http://TimSanders.com
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Bonuses You Receive When You Buy Dealstorming by Tim Sanders
Best selling author Tim Sanders outlines the $300+ of bonuses that buyers of Dealstorming receive. Includes companion eBook, video training course and webinar for team buys. For more, visit: http://timsanders.com/ds
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Welcome to Sanders Says Channel
Welcome to best selling author "Tim Sanders" YouTube Channel. Here you will find encouragement for building strong relationships at work & to solve your toughest challenges with collaboration and innovative thinking. So hit that subscribe button and thanks for stopping by. Visit www.TimSanders.com
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The Law Of Contagious Compassion
Best selling author Tim Sanders discusses how giving inspires others to give. Recorded at the Catalyst conference, Atlanta, Oct 2008.
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How To Drive Curiosity and Propel Your Success at Everything by keynote speaker Tim Sanders
New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders shares two ways you can increase your level of curiosity, which will make you more effective as a leader, contributor and problem solver. For more, visit http://TimSanders.com or follow him on social networks @SandersSays
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The Day John Maxwell Inspired My Career!
I'd like to share the story of how John C. Maxwell changed the course of my career when I attended his simulcast in Seattle in 2000. To say that this experience inspired me is an understatement. Taken from my keynote at the 2015 Learn to Lead conference. Thanks to David Hoyt, Bill Hampton and Ken Coleman for making all of this come true ... again and again.
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