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Warming up- Garden of Everything
Maaya Sakamoto feat. Steve Conte This isn't my best work at all; it's just a warm up. However, at a later date, I will do this song justice with the help of a male counterpart, whomever he may be.
Eminent Vibrations performing Strangers- Wolf's Rain soundtrack
More information will be coming through the week. Feel free to ask any information.
My church lick fast in A flat
This lick comprises of the following notes: A flat (1), B (minor 3), C sharp/D flat (4), D (flat 5), E flat (5), F sharp/G flat (minor 7). Those are the scale degrees in accordance to the key.
My church lick in A flat fingering breakdown
The following is the fingering for this lick starting on F sharp/G flat and descending: Gb (2) Ab (3) B (5) Ab (3) Gb (2) Eb (1) D (4) Db (3) B (2) Ab (1) and repeat The previous video description has the scale degrees. The scale degrees are important because you can use them to play this lick in any key.
Part 1 playing behind bishop
Please ask any questions in the comment section. In this video we go through the church chords in the key of F sharp. We also look at the end tags in E flat major, F major, and F sharp major. While A flat is a comfortable key to play in, behind bishop, his range is actually between D flat major- F sharp major. G and A flat major are his peak keys, and you don't want to push him there too often if possible.
Study With Me #1 [Music Education] - Featuring BAP covers
Hello, world! Join me today as I embark on a new journey with my channel. Study With me videos. These videos are special: each features covers recorded by me. Topic: Music Education national standards Songs: "All Matter" Robert Glasper experience, feat Bilal; "Too Good" Drake, feat Rihanna Vocals recorded with: Garage Band Video recorded with: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Video edited in: Videoshop Utensils used: TBA Follow me on Facebook: Betty-Alexandria Pride Instagram: @bettyalexandria Twitter: @bettyalexandria Follow my band! Facebook: Eminent Vibrations YouTube: Eminent Vibrations Instagram: @emivibesmusic
What we've learned: Playing behind bishop in A flat
My drawbar configuration is as follows: I use setting 1 (the B flat of the inverted keys) on the upper drawbar. The bottom four and top white drawbar are pulled out to 8. I also use setting 1 on the lower drawbar. The bottom brown drawber is pulled out to four. All white drawbars are at 8. The black drawbers and 2nd brown drawbar will typically be between 6-8. On the left side with the black circle, I use the chorus setting on the upper right corner at about 2o clock. My bass setting is the lower drawbar up to 8 only. The upper drawbar is typically my key bass as well as one of my configurations for playing behind bishop. I have a second configuration that I use on the second setting (c inverted) on the lower drawbars, but it was not discussed in this video. Recap: hold the tonic(1, and in this case Ab) when he's preaching with accents. The purpose of this is to keep the sound from feeling empty in between and gives him momentum. I usually hold the Ab and bring down the volume on my pedal, then accent after him with a church chord and the volume immediately back up. It's important to watch and listen where he hits, and bringing the volume down keeps me from missing anything he says, mostly. We he goes higher, you don't need to change your chords, but you DO need to play them up an octave. I'm known to slap various notes with my left hand before landing on the pitch. This gives depth to your accent and is shown briefly here.

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