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Inventory Control
"How much inventory do we need?" "Well just take last years target and take 5% off" Ever been involved in one of these conversations? Inventory Control can often be managed in this way without ever really answer the question of what the right level of stock is. It’s impossible to say from a high level if you’re holding the right stock. On the flip side, the low level detail needs to fit within the resources of the company. For this reason, you must look at the high level value target, and ground it in the detail of each SKU. Only then will you know what the right level of inventory is, if you have problems, and how to play with business levers to deliver against targets
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Financial Opportunities in Supply Chain
- When you know that there's room in the financials for some tightening on stock levels - That there's opportunity to free up some cash - But your warehouse teams are hard-working and are somehow managing to keep customers happy - Bringing in a supply chain expert can help you realise the financial potential in your business - and also give reliability to the buying process for customers - Book a free consultation with Phoenix Farrell - We focus on what works, and build you a supply chain that flexes with market conditions - We also automate processes and train up your hard working team - Freeing them to add value to your business We focus on consultancy, training and interim planning resources. Whatever your business needs - Get in touch to discuss how exactly we can help you
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About Phoenix Farrell
Visit our website for more info www.phoenixfarrell.ie [email protected] or call for a free consultation today @ +353 877522460
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Planning Service for SMEs
Small and Medium size enterprises stand to gain most from the benefits of Supply Chain Planning. It can help with meeting customer orders, holding the right mix of stock and having a shared business plan. They are often precluded from the benefits because of the costs involved with systems implementations. At Phoenix Farrell, we're different and we work to help SMEs get all of the benefits large companies enjoy in a way that works for them
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