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Role of a Network in SMEs
This video explains the role of a network in Small and Medium Size Enterprises and describes its structure. References : Creator: Mathe van Meegeren and Jana Borgmann Music: Paul Kalkbrenner- Aaron Schiffman L. and Kanuk L. (2010): Consumer Behaviour, 10th edition, Prentice Hall, Cloth, 600 pp. Albert B. (1997): SME Competitiveness: The Power of Networking and Subcontracting), Washington DC, Ph.D. Rocks (2005): Developing strategic marketing through the use of marketing networks, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Volume 13, Issue 2 Van der Meer, P. (2015, March): Chapter One: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Marketing (Concept) Carson D. (2004): SME marketing networking: A strategic approach, Published Online in Wiley InterScience, Strategic Change 13, p. 369- 382
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