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Little Injured Puppy Won’t Allow Rescuers to Help But Finally True Love Happens
Support #ANIMALSTEP - Please Shop Now: https://teespring.com/stores/animalstep As you knew many stray dogs in Thailand were spent life in bad condition in the garbage pile, in the wood that facing hundreds of risks. Rescuers have mission to rescue the stray dogs that lived on the garbage pile but they have heard a little puppy screaming from the wood loudly seemed it needs someone for help. It’s very shocking they found that poor puppy dragged into wood with his injured leg won’t allowed them to get close to him because he was so scared. Rescuers tried to get close to him slowly, finally he has been saved but they discovered his leg was bitten by big dogs. Fortunately, the wound is not severely infected and the swollen is not spread. After few days he’s starting better and tried to stand and move slowly. He will be full recover soon and able to walk again as normal. And now he’s getting warmest love from Oranuch Nuch Banyam who rescued him since the first time and she will care him to grow up in good health and happy life. Courtesy: Oranuch Nuch Banyam
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We think He could not Walk again But We trust in God
A little puppy was born in a stray family that being so neglected and helpless, he was got hit by car few days until animal lovers met him with his family in very bad condition. His mother won’t leave him and tried her best to protect her babies even though her health condition is not good. Animal lovers and rescuers have sent the whole family to temporary foster house and address treatment for a little injured puppy. After performed x-ray his back legs were broken and he was spent few days suffered with severely injured. The vet tried the best rejoin the bone that we hope he will able to walk again as normal. We thank everyone that helped this poor family to get safe and please keep pray for the little puppy to get full recover and back to walk again soon. Courtesy: Jeerawadee Ks
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CPR for Newborn Puppy to Breathe Again
A dog mother has given birth to beautiful puppies but one of them was very weak and very difficult to breathe after born 10 hours. Sadly the little puppy kept getting weaker until heart stopped beating and the owner has performed CPR to save its life. After CPR the cute little puppy was come back to breathe and the owner has fed him by nursing sponge and hope he will grow up. Finally, he’s getting better and safe. Courtesy: หมายิ้ม ฟาร์ม
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Homeless Puppy Covered by Flea and Rotting Worm on His Back, Watch His Happy Ending
Poor homeless puppy found in bad condition with covered by fleas and worms on his back while he was only one month old. Finally, he was fully recovered after one month in treatment and very stronger. He will be happy forever in life and thank you everyone for support him. Courtesy: Stray Dogs Cha Am
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He Gets New Forever Home
This poor boy cannot even move because his back legs were injured and he drugged himself many days on the street so cold and no foods. Finally he was strong enough he had turned from fear to love… He looked like a lion… Thank you for saved my boy and change his life. Courtesy: Risitra Momoo
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Starving Stray Puppy Ignored From Everyone Finally Is Getting Rescued
It’s heartbreaking a poor little soul found on a street, starving and sick alone overlooked by everyone. She is around three months old, she was in pain, loneliness and suffered enough in her young life. She is malnourished, she is sick because she was spent life without shelter, no proper food and very helpless. Someone found her in her horrible condition when she tried to across the street to something to eat. She was sent to a vet after someone met her and gave her some food. She will need long time to nurse back to healthy but her face is still in sad mood. We hope she will be full recovered, gain weight as normal and will be found a new sweet home soon. She is a cute little puppy and will have good healthy life she deserves. We wish her the best recovery and thankful everyone for being a part to survive this little soul. Courtesy: เจสิกา สิทธิเขตต์
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Puppy Won't Leave His Mother
After checked up doctor said the red blood cells a was little low of blood platelets and blood cell pathology, One week after the symptoms and treatment they were a bit recovered, But the puppy still hard to walk and a lot of eyes inflammation. Credit: Facebook/PoorpetRescuse ---------------- Music: JJD - Adventure [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2xGxd9xPYA&feature=youtu.be JJD • https://soundcloud.com/jjdofficial • https://www.facebook.com/jjdofficial • https://www.youtube.com/user/JJDofficial Fransis Derelle - Fly (feat. Parker Pohill) [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEvkowdXijA Fransis Derelle • https://soundcloud.com/fransisderelle • https://www.facebook.com/FransisDerelle/ • https://twitter.com/FransisDerelle
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Rescue Stray Dog Who Spent Life Long Time in the Wood with the Injured Legs
A suffering life was happened on the poor puppy who was closed to die after being hit by car long time and he lived with the injuries. He had spent his sorrowful life in the woods without treatment and his condition was very horrible even he tried to drag himself to move so hurt. He was living in the foster home being treatment for long time which requires lots of cost to support his medical bills. However, many merciful people in Thailand donated for him to be better life. Moreover, Cha-Am vet clinic will take care of him for the rest of his life even he still needs surgery and treatment. He’s gotten the wheelchair to perform his moving easy and his condition is also getting better. His life was absolutely suffered but he won’t stop fighting even though his back legs were disabled he’s still in love and care from many animal lovers. His Story: https://youtu.be/_pSlZjVYtJc Donation Here, PayPal: [email protected] Courtesy: Stray Dogs Cha-Am
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Injured Puppy Rescued from the wood with Heartbroken
She was found dying in the wood after being bitten by other dogs and got severely injured. She’s trying to move and crying in pain so poor waiting someone for help. She was sent to a vet and x-ray confirmed she had broken her neck, it’s very shock. She underwent few weeks in treatment and she’s getting much better, eating a lot but she still could not move. She’s safe but she need more time to get full recovered with good foster care and the right medication. We’re grateful to everyone for kind donation to support her medical bills. We pray for her to get back to happy soul and found a sweet loving home! #animalstep #rescue #puppy #dog Courtesy: Oranuch Nuch Banyam
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Poor Skinny Dog Gets Amazing Recovered
A poor homeless dog was so skinny found sleeping a side of street many days waiting to die till she met an animal lover. Her life was changed she will get new forever home with good people who adopt her. Courtesy: Nipat Go-la
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Pitiful Stray Dog with Severely Matted Fur Gets Beautiful Life
A poor stray dog was found in bad condition living in the city of Sisaket, Thailand. He has been neglected – and his leg rotting off due to severe matted fur. We didn’t know how long he was spent life in this horrible condition but it might be years that made him so badly after being neglected. He is severely anemic and does not have enough blood in his body and he’s so painful trying to move. The kindest person and volunteer have come up to save his life, they have the tools and experience of clipping to get rid out his matted fur without harming. The poor dog is getting good feeling after matted fur has been removed and bathing. He also received good foster care and IV treatment from those kinds of person who is very merciful. His life is completely transformed and being adopted that would be happy in forever home. Courtesy: เกรียงไกร ธาตวากร
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He's Back to very Hopeful but His Life Story will Make you Cry...
It’s really made me shock when the owner won’t care their poor dog and even left him outside the house with chain under a tree. His both knees were also completely broken, he is hurt to move and the physical body is very poor condition even some wounds covered on him. Animal lover has known this story and find the way to help him, finally the volunteer team in Thailand were came up to him. Before they took him the vet and they have cleaned up his body even provided some basic treatment, food while he was so hungry. We hope this poor dog will be recover soon even though he can’t walk again as normal but we believe he will be on the wheelchair to make his life better. We thank you the mercy people who care about this and help him for being transformed to the hopeful life. Courtesy: Duen Wongpracha
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Little Puppy Crying Over Her Mama – Watch Their Lives Being Together!
A heartbreaking footage of a poor dog family was calling us tears when we found little puppy crying over her injured mana after being hit by car for days. She could not even walk and her neck was twisted, nervous system problem but fortunately she has been rescued and being treated. The mama was too much suffered and painful from being hit but she’s really fighting to be with her baby. After received medication and good foster care from animal lovers and veterinarian her health condition has been improved just few weeks. The mama and her baby have been together, eating well and they are going back normal life again. They will never suffer again and seem starting enjoy the life with other rescued dogs in the foster center. Their lives are completely safe, mama is fully recover and they will be together forever. Courtesy: คลินิค ชะอำรักษาสัตว์
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New Life after Being Rescued
One day the rescuers was gotten a call from a house owner who said he found an injured dog that his mouth, nose, eyes were swollen and won’t stop bleeding. The rescuers went there immediately and saw that the dog was so painful even difficult to breath because of the blood in his nose. They quickly sent him to hospital and gave the medicine to stop bleeding. Doctor said this poor dog had been injured for whole night and he’s maybe hit by someone or a car but it’s not clear. They called him “December”, his nose was broken and left eye was being blind while the right one was inflammation. Many days in hospital he was still in painful doctor needs to surgery again because his bottom jaw was swollen and breathing so loud. Well, the surgery was gone fine and December was waked up to eat soft food. His left eye and nose were going better and need to care by doctor for many days more. His condition was better day by day and he was going stronger and stronger…And he will have new forever home. Courtesy: Namfon Hilgers
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Staving Stray Puppies Rescued from the Wood
Two puppies were found like abandoned in the wood but we just didn’t know about their story or they were stray puppies that lost their mother. They were very starving, terrified condition and so hopeless to get help but it’s very lucky that Aun Suzuki spotted them and picked up them a temporary house. They are now safe and eating a lot in a temporary house waiting for adoption. They will be found a new forever home where they will be loved and cared for the rest of life. We’re thankful Aun Suzuki that bringing these poor souls back to hope and be happy in the new life. Courtesy: Aun Suzuki
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Treatment Gives Him Second Chance at Life
A poor little puppy was found in bloated condition and suffering from heartworm and appeared to have been sick for quite some time. He was sent to the vet hospital immediately and doctor has drained few liter of fluid from his abdomen but he's still in rough shape. However, veterinarians are not giving up on him for being healed and they try hard to give him a chance to have a good life because obviously his previous life wasn't that great. They're doing a series of treatments and surgeries that they say he’s going better day by day and get up move around. We thankful everyone who supported this case to give him a chance to live and we hope he will be full recover even getting adopt soon. Courtesy: วร วัชรพงศกร
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Poor Cat Found in the Woods Getting Rescued
The injured cat was found in poor condition and almost died in the woods because of bitten by a dog. It’s very lucky that animal lovers met him and rescued him on time even supported from many generous. Thank you for all mercy people that supporting his medical bills and gave him a new life with hopeful. Courtesy: มีเธอ มีฉัน มีแมว
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Found a Sick Dog In Terrible Condition Waiting For Help
We hope he is getting better soon and start a new life with happy running in the yard again. We thank you to mercy people who carried him to vet and all generous who support his medical bills. Courtesy: ราชาวฏี หว้าพิทักษ์
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From Being Helpless, Now She is Very Playful
It’s an amazing makeover for the poor stray dog from being neglected with severely health issue but now she’s very playful. She was a stray dog that has been found in horrific condition with eyes infection and very bad shape. It’s very fortunate that the person of God spotted her and brought her to a vet in time. It’s absolutely inspired of this great rescue and it’s so heartwarming that she was nursed to health in just few months. She’s feeling so good, she wags her tail to thankful to those kind people that saved her life. It’s very good work that could restore the faith in humanity, we’re really appreciated and grateful to everybody that bring her new life. Courtesy: ศิราณัฐ ทองคำ
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11 Newborn Puppies Lost Their Mother
It’s heartbreaking and very shocked when you saw the poor pregnant dog seizures on the ground but nobody helps her. The poor dog mother was poisoned by some spoiled foods, her nervous system was infected before sending to hospital. Finally, 11 babies were safe but they lost the mother. Courtesy: PhetnumPung Pakdeeburut
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Puppies Rescued from the Wood and One of them has Large Abscess on His Back but they’re all Fine
Rescuers have rescued five puppies from the wood after heavy rain but their mother was not around. They also have tried to find the mother… One of the puppies has a large abscess on his back that caused him very down but after picked up them from the wood they have been treated and nursed back to healthy. They’re so adorable and living together in temporary shelter where they will be growing up and newfound love of life. We’re so grateful everyone that involved surviving them from very bad condition and bringing them better life. Courtesy: The ARK Chiangmai
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Stray Puppies from the Life on Bunch of Junk to be Beautiful Life
It was so sad to see three puppies shaping in dirty condition while they spent life together on the bunch of junk without shelter. They are too young but they won’t have some happy times in life since they were born and seemed they lost mother already long. It’s lucky that they were rescued after met animal lover and gave them absolutely hope. They will have proper nutrient and grow up in good health to be strong and happy. They got a new warm home with someone who has true love to care them and give them the beautiful of life. Courtesy: จรุวรรณ คงกระโทก
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Two Months Puppy in Starvation Condition Getting What He Should Deserve
The poor puppy was about two months old trying to stand up and move with one broken leg even so much pain on the leg area. His life was also going forward even though one leg couldn’t use properly he looked happy and being adopted. Courtesy: Chaamvetclinic
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Amazing Transformation of Dogs Who Spent Life Long Time in Cage
Shih Tzu mixed Poodle dogs need urgent assist, they are mother and puppy. The mother is 3 years old and the pup is one year old. They were being detained in a same cage without food and water. They have never stayed outside the cage even their hair has never been cut either. Furthermore, their skin got disease with a lot of tick and flea dog and a lot of mosquitoes in the night. Aunt Nong always brings food and water for them at night time without asking from the owner's permission. Finally, Aunt Nong could not bear any longer for this bad situation, so she decided to see the owner and requested her to assist 5 dogs by taking from this owner who finally allowed her as requested. Therefore adoption of these 5 dogs is very important and urgent before the owner may change his mind which will make more difficulty for all dogs. Animal lovers have cut their hair, rid out the ticks and fleas, gave them the shower and some medicine to help them better. After being gotten some basic treatment all of them are feeling good and their physical conditions are even stronger. We hope they will be adopt soon and their life will never be back again to the poor condition. Courtesy: Jiratchaya เจ้านาง
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This Paralyzed Cat Is Back to Walk Again, It’s an Incredible Recovery
This pitiful cat was found dragging on the street asking someone for help and she has been rescued and nursed back to healthy after months. She’s such a fighter, a brave cat and now she’s getting full recovery and even able to walk again normal. It’s an incredible recovery for this poor soul that she has a second chance at life with full of love and joy. It’s the best rescue that restored faith in humanity and God, we’re really thankful everyone for kind support her medical bills and give her the better life forever. Courtesy: Supawinee Whan Prathomsoawanee
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Dog Run Many Kilometers Follow Owner’s Car Who Left Him
A pitiful dog was running in middle busy road and very dangerous following a car that kept driving so fast didn’t care about him. The poor dog was kept running many kilometers but the car owner won’t stop to pick up him and they just kept driving. Fortunately, the kind-hearted person has followed him until he stopped and helped him for some food when he could not continue to run. This footage video was viral in Thailand that the netizens have shared in social network to find the owner who left this poor dog. Finally, the owner has got the information and back to the dog but she said she didn’t the dog has followed her car because she though it’s just another dog and she didn’t want to leave him. However, the dog and his owner are getting back together. Courtesy: Nicezed Nice
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He Was a Stray - Now Gets Warm in Foster Family
Life in pain of a poor old stray dog with broken back legs was made him in bad condition and very hopeless. He’s suffered almost whole life nobody wanted to help and led him very down. From day to day he dragged to find food and asked people for help but he won’t get any reply from those people until a day he has met rescuers. They have brought him to address treatment, the x-ray result exposed that his legs were completely broken and the vet could not able to treat him back to use all legs again. However, his health condition is getting better and he’s just feeling safe. He will be in a foster family with people who always loves and cares him for the rest of his life. We’re thankful the people that being an amazing to save this poor life and gives him a new hope in life. Courtesy: Sakrapee Pathomtodsaporn
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Homeless Lives in the Woods Getting Incredible Transformation
Little puppy was found abandoned in the woods and could not even walk because of injuries on his legs. A poor puppy was suffering from being neglected that meant his whole life was very painful and closed to die if nobody helps him on time. He has been saved by Bundit Muenruaekham and took him to the shelter to clean his dirty condition. His life is starting better after treatment and completely transformed with some loving care even enjoying his days at the foster house. We’re thankful to Bundit Muenruaekham and team that make his life happy again. We hope this story will inspire a community to protect and be kind for all animals Courtesy: Bundit Muenruaekham
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Homeless Dog Gives Birth in the Woods – Watch Their Lives After Rescued
A poor dog mother has given birth for six puppies in the woods that facing risk, rainstorm and even no have enough food. Fortunately, animal lovers have found them in this sad situation and quickly bring them to their house for food and milk. All their lives are safe and the puppies are so adorable, they are growing up in the sweet home and enjoy the life as whole family with the kind person who mercy to save them. Share to this story to let them enjoy with the world. Courtesy: Apichart Audomphong
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He Was Born With Deformed Back Legs
It's such a sad case because this is completely preventable if only he'd had the right love and care. We hope he will have the right supplements to enable him to grow properly. Courtesy: จรินทร์ ไทยอุทัย
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Little Puppy Saved and Gets what's deserve
A poor little puppy found screaming in pain aside of the street caused hit by a car and his legs was too injured could not even stand up. After one month in hospital now he is in good feeling, he tried to stand up day by day and finally he can do it. Courtesy: จรินทร์ ไทยอุทัย
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She Gets Amazing Recovery
A poor stray puppy was found dragging under a bridge with spinal broken because she was hit by a car. She was spent a bit time with so much pain without treatment until someone found her. Her back legs were deformed and the spinal is also broken but the vet has tried so hard to treat her to walk again. They have given her physical therapy and a good medication everyday. It’s an amazing, it’s miracle she’s able to walk again as normal, she’s fully recover after underwent long time in the vet. Her name is Lychee, she is very smart, adorable and she finds a new sweet forever home with beautiful owner who will always give her the warm and happy. We are so happy to see her new life with hopeful and joyful. We’re thankful to the mercy people that supported her medical bills and bring her happiness in life. Courtesy: Nattapong Ngamsanga
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Paralyzed Dog Spent Life on Street too Long, What’s Happened Next?
How suffered he is, the poor paralyzed dog spent on the street almost years nobody wanted to help until met the person of God. He was in very bad condition and the spinal was completely broken. He was a stray dog and might be hit by car for long without treatment, it’s very sad how he was lived. He has been sent to the vet to be treated but the vet could not keep his both back legs. Finally, the vet is completely amputated his both legs and he underwent in treatment until the wound dried off. His life will be on wheelchair for the rest of life but he will receive true love and good care from the person will adopt him. We thank for everyone that be a part to save his life and give him second chance at life. May God bless you all! Courtesy: Sakrapee Pathomtodsaporn
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Poorest Puppy Is Rescued from the Woods – Transformation Live!
It’s over heart-warming that a poorest puppy is rescued from horrible condition from the woods to good life in a sweet forever home. This poor young puppy was found in the wood with bad health condition nearly die and he was very starving. Rescuers haven’t seen his mother but fortunately, he is saved. It’s very wonderful to see the poor life completely safe and being grown up in warm family with the new owner who gives him incredible love. It’s restored our faith in humanity that people are worked hard to save innocent lives and made amazing transformation. Courtesy: Oranuch Nuch Banyam
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Starving Street Dog Gets an Amazing Recovery
A starving dog that was so skinny it looked like a “walking skeleton” was found at a side of the street in horrible condition, dry, malnutrition and very scared. He was severely underweight, unresponsive and suffering from multiple skin conditions and he was absolutely riddled with fleas and had some wounds on his body. With further medication and rehabilitation he has recovered fully and able to lead a healthy, normal life. We hope animal lovers across the world can see this story and keep their hearts to love, kind for all animals. We’re really thankful for Stray Dogs Cha Am, Chaamvetclinic and all mercy people that supported to give her a second chance at life. Courtesy: Stray Dogs Cha Am
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Street Dog Almost Gives Up His Life But Finally, He Has Been Saved
This is a sad story of a poor homeless dog that spent life on the street without foods getting sick and weakness. He’s lying down on the ground could not even move and eat… Animal lovers in Thailand came up for help, they gave him some foods but he won’t eat only drink water. He will be better in next few weeks because of he wasn’t fever and his power also getting back normal. Courtesy: Chitiphat Seechanin
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Hope Their Life will Be Better
In a morning of 07 October, 2017 rescuers have received a report of poor stray dog mother and her young puppies were living under the bridge in Hua Hin district, Thailand. They were immediately to rescue them and they’re socked because of dog mother was covered by wounds to be infected even the puppies were so hunger in horrible condition. The mother was known that she got hit by car for couple weeks and the wounds were starting rotten even she’s still tried to find food to feed her babies while they never have proper nutrient. They are now in treatment process that we hope the poor mother will get full recover soon whilst her babies are completely safe. It’s lucky that rescuers could be able to save them on time even strongly support from the good cop and many other kindness person who donated for their food and medical bills. This good job is proudly inspired to the world and hopefully it will treat many people to save, care, love for all animals. We believe this poor family will meet the great owner who could make their life happy and full of joy. Courtesy: Nilobon Naknoi
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Many Generous People Saved this Stray Kitten
He is around three months old, he was sent to animal hospital immediately after reported by animal lovers. Many generous people have provided strongly support with amazing donation for his medical bills and made his life better. One month had been treated him fully heal and he was familiar without left eye being happy again. Courtesy: NOopim Jung
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Persian Cat Lives In The Garbage for Months Getting Rescued and Adopted
The poor Persian cat was spent life for many months in the garbage a side of the road until she met animal lovers. Rescuers were quickly to get her out from the woods while the rain was going to fall that would be cooled her in miserableness. Her shape was so dirty and we didn’t know why she lived in this horrible condition. She’s very hunger and it’s nothing in her tummy that led her very weak. She was sent to animal clinic to get treatment and her hair coat was turned back to beautiful after being cleaned up the dirty. Doctor said she has to eat very proper as much possible to get recovery soon and she is going to new loving home with the one who worried about her. They will care about her from the bottom of their heart and won’t let her suffered again like the old owner who’s very careless. Now she’s got a new life and joyful, thankfully for helped this poor girl. Courtesy: Datahm Parina
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Rescue a Newborn Kitten with a Broken Heart
The poor new born kittens were dumped into the woods with their mother under the rain whole night and they were screaming so poor until villagers met them. We are really appreciated for mercy peoples for help them and especially Duangjai Wimanthong who treated them very hard. Courtesy: บุญดี นิว ณีรนุช
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Poor Puppies - Only One Has Been Saved
Few months after treatment so hard, Bananas was going heal and very naughty. Now had a new forever home and warming love from everybody, Thank God for blessing this little puppy survived. Courtesy: จรินทร์ ไทยอุทัย
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Two Months Later He Has Been Adopted
An unwanted dog was being dumped in horrible condition near the Flea market, Thailand. The poor dog was so distraught, he refused to look anyone in the eye, and he was really in terrified. He was very hungry and covered by dirty fur after being neglected more than two months until rescuers found and helped him to the shelter. They have given him a second hope of life and he was getting back to good mood after they gave food, cleaned up dirty body that made he felt safe and trusted. Not only will his new home be full of love but there will also be a good friend and play around together with other dog. We thankfully for this incredible job for making beloved brother back to love and joyful in his life again. Courtesy: Patarin Phadungpisuth
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It's Miracle - He's saved and finally found His Love
We would like to thanks for everyone who work hard to rescue Fei Long and all donations for supporting his medical bills. Courtesy: Rataporn Boonkayha
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Scared Puppy Rescued from the Wood, Now He’s Getting Well
It’s a footage story of little poor puppy with terrible wound his neck and became rotten, worm caused of the big dog bitten. Rescuers have received a call from someone who spotted him in the wood and immediately rode to pick up him to a vet. He was in terrified condition, hopeless and he has spent long time suffered after being bitten. God didn’t let this poor soul down and it’s very fortunate he was spotted and getting rescued from the person of God. The vet has cleaned up the wound, shaved the dirty fur and rid of thousand tick and flea that being attacked him. With good medication, good foster care and ton of lovers from mercy people he’s now getting better and feeling safe. We will be full recovered soon and will be found a new sweet forever home. We are grateful everyone that being an important part to save his life and bring him good life forever. Courtesy: Nontaphat Khummamoon
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His Tears Will Make You Feel Sad But He Moved Forward With Hope
He needs long time of treatment and veterinarian has to give him physical therapy everyday. We hope he will be better soon and able to walk again as normal, he’s fighting for being healed. And we really appreciated for everyone who support and take him even give him incredible of chance to live. Courtesy: Rataporn Boonkayha
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Dog with Massive Tumor Underwent Great Transformation
In Phetchabun Province of Thailand rescuers found a poor homeless dog that had giant tumor and tried to walk so painful. She was so suffered with this tumor too long even people won’t help her at the first time of too big. Rescuers need to send her so far from Phetchabun province to Pattaya for treatment that spent around 6hr of 455.5km. Veterinarians found some other small tumors such as on the leg that going to grow and it’s also hard to heal her. The big massive tumor on her abdomen was led her into hopeless life and lived so poor on the street even no foods. In the vet she was very down, her face was shown us how she’s hurt and sadness. But she was eating a lot… Veterinarians said they wanted to heal her and remove the tumors from body but they need cut her leg. One month after successful surgery and removed tumors she’s getting much better even the wounds were dried out. She’s starting to walk again and being familiar with her three legs… She will send back to Phetchabun province with someone who adopt her and will care her in the whole life. Courtesy: Raksa Silasuwan
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Sick Puppy Sleeping on the Middle Road
What’s a breaking heart? Poor little puppy found sleeping on the middle road and almost stepped on by somebody... She’s now stay with other stray dogs in the clinic and becoming friends, they will be healed together from the poor thing to incredible transformation. Courtesy: Patiporn Baifern Sratongaom
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His Life Is Now Beautiful
The poor kitten was found in chicken farm in very poor condition but fortunately, He is saved and now he is getting new life, new friends, and forever love. Courtesy: อิวาซากิ ศิรินันท์
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They’re Having Hope After Being Rescued
We have the tears, we are shocked that the poorest puppies left to die in the woods, one of them was severely injured leg and rotten wound whilst two others were in horrible condition. Their poor mother could not help them, she can only sit in suffer watching her babies struggle to move in pain. Rescuers were quickly sent them to the vet hospital but we didn’t know how long they had been there before rescuers were found them. The wound on his leg won’t stop swollen and spreading rotten that doctor decided to amputate his left front leg. Finally, the poor family was completely survived but one of puppy will grow up with three-legged and we hope they will be happy together. We’re thankfully everybody who love and care about them, moreover the contribution to support their medical bills. They will be adopting and start new life never ever suffer again. Courtesy: Sirilak Sao
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Dry Skin Dog Gets Health and Found New Home
A poor stray dog found in bad dirty shape with dry skin and infection almost turns to serious diseases. This poor dog will be good in new life by these amazing volunteers, rescuers and generous people who worked hard to treat him. We thank you for this work and it’s very inspired… Courtesy: Dearja Suwanwat
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