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Adding a progress bar to your Smart Sparrow tutorial
In this video you will be guided through adding a progress bar to a tutorial.
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Using the Button Widget to create a menu
This video describes how to use the button widget in the Smart Sparrow AeLP to create a menu that students can use to jump to another area of a tutorial.
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The Smart Sparrow Poll Tool
The Smart Sparrow poll tool allows you to reveal an entire classes responses within an online tutorial. This video describes the set up of a poll based on a multiple choice question.
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Creating a multiple choice question with feedback
This video covers the creation of a multiple-choice question in the Smart Sparrow Adaptive eLearning Platform including assigning a correct option with feedback as well as giving feedback for incorrect choices.
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Using Popup boxes as Hotspots
This video reviews the use of popup boxes in Smart Sparrow to create invisible "hotspots" that students can interact with. URL to invisible popup: https://smartsparrow.global.ssl.fastly.net/repo/icons/blank_template.png URL to "Communication in Health Information Technologies in Clinical Practice" tutorial: https://www.best.edu.au/lesson/?id=38629
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Using Vimeo videos in Smart Sparrow tutorials
The Smart Sparrow platform allows you to add videos to your tutorials. Vimeo videos are added in a different way to YouTube videos as covered by this demonstration.
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"No attempt" trap states
On screens within your Smart Sparrow tutorial where students are required to make an input you may choose to set up a trap state that will give students feedback for when they have not provided an input. This short video walks through the settings for different question types. For written instructions see here: https://www.best.edu.au/2016/04/22/quick-tip-trap-states.html
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Matching Questions
The Matching component in Smart Sparrow allows students to match items from two lists. This video reviews creating a matching question using a worked example.
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Collaborative Annotation on Slice
This video introduces the BEST Network Slice collaborative annotation tool and demonstrates how to set up class activities.
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Adaptive tutorials used to facilitate learning
This tutorial reviews the use of adaptive tutorials and the use of rich, interactive and adaptive content. The tutorial was created by Dr. Nalini Pather, a lecturer in UNSW's School of Medical Sciences, and a founding member of the BEST Network. The lesson in this tutorial as well as the adaptive e-learning platform (AeLP), are both available to BEST network members to use. To register, please go to www.best.edu.au.
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Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorials (VMATs) for Learning and Assessments
Watch this Webinar Session by Professor Gary Velan, A/Prof. School of Medical Sciences at UNSW, to learn how to create Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorials (VMATs), identify common misconceptions using 'heat map' analytics and address them with personalised adaptive feedback.
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Interactive ways to teach Nursing with BEST Nursing Resources
Watch this video to learn how to use BEST Resources to teach Nursing and Mental Health. Prof. Fiona Orr, Lecturer at UTS Faculty of Health, will be sharing her experiences in creating adaptive online lessons, and explaining how teaching with case studies has benefited her students' learning experiences.
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Using Slice in an iFrame
In the Smart Sparrow platform an iFrame acts as a window to another website and gives you all of the functionality of that website, but keep students inside the lesson rather than directing them to view a website in another tab or window. This video reviews using Slice images in an iFrame. URL for invisible pop up box: https://smartsparrow.global.ssl.fastly.net/repo/icons/blank_template.png
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Event Highlights - BEST Network 2015 Community Summit
Over 170 academics and industry professionals from institutions around Australia came together at the BEST Network Community Summit on 23 July co-hosted by the University of Sydney DVC (Education).
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List sorting questions
The list sorting widget in Smart Sparrow can be used to have students rank a number of options from most to least. This video covers the set up of this component using a worked example that focuses on a differential diagnosis. The video uses this version of the List Sorting Component: https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/reflector/sim/spr-widget-order-list/prod/2
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Hotspot questions
The Hotspot component in Smart Sparrow allows students to match pins to areas on an image. This video reviews creating a hotspot question using a worked example.
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Best Network
The BEST Network is a community of Biomedical experts sharing medical images, courseware, technology and expertise to build the future of biomedical education.
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How to use the Slice Image Bank
This video demonstrates how to use Slice, the BEST Network's biomedical image repository. The tutorial shows how to search for biomedical images, create private or group annotations, and share layers with others.
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Interactive class sessions using Biomedical images
Watch this webinar recording with Prof. Nicholas Hawkins, the Head of the BEST Network, to learn how to annotate images, share annotations with colleagues and students, and run interactive learning activities using Slice tools and resources.
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How to create a drag and drop question with BEST Virtual Microscopy
This tutorial presents a student interaction with a drag and drop question generated by Smart Sparrows AeLP which is part of the BEST Network tool kit.
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How to teach with medical images
In this video you will learn how to select an image from the BEST Network image bank (Slice), and turn it into an interactive Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorial (VMAT) using the Annotate wizard in the Smart Sparrow platform, which is available to all the members of the BEST Network.
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How to use Slice in the classroom - student group work activity
This tutorial, presented by Prof. Nicholas Hawkins (UNSW) describes a student group work activity which is built around Slice - BEST Network Biomedical image bank. It starts with creating students group accounts on BEST, describing the learning activity, notifying the students (via LMS/email) and running the session as a synchronous class activity, or as an asynchronously home activity for groups or individuals.
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Creating a ranked decision using Case Maker
Case Maker is a tool in the Smart Sparrow platform that allows you to develop patient cases and have students make decisions and receive feedback on their choices. This video covers how to set up a basic decision screen with student review.
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Slice: Teaching with Medical Images
In this session you will learn: - About the new features of the annotation tool - How to set up a collaborative activity - How to create a variety of class exercises
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Teaching with slice webinar
In this webinar you will learn the following: how to annotate an image from Slice - the BEST Network Biomedical image bank; how to create your own private collection of Slice images; how to use filters and easily navigate through your bookmarked Slice images and annotations; how to control access to your own layers and annotations; how to create a Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorial (VMAT) using the Annotate wizard in Smart Sparrow's adaptive e-learning platform, and selected images from Slice; how to deploy the VMAT to your students; how to look at your lesson analytics and learn how students interact with your deployed lesson
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Keynote - BEST Network 2015 Community Summit
Prof. Ian Jacobs, President and VC, UNSW Australia - "Challenges and Opportunities for the future of Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed"
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Adding a progress bar and changing its colour
In this video you will be guided through adding a progress bar to a tutorial and changing its colour to suit the style of your lesson. CSS for changing the background colour: .progress{background-color: (insert what colour you want here);} E.g. .progress{background-color:red;} OR .progress{background-color:#FF0000;}
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Using a student's input from another screen
This video walks you through using a student's response to a question (e.g. their name or their answer to a question) later in the same tutorial. You can use this to personalise the lesson, or allow them to build upon an earlier answer now that they have moved further through the lesson.
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BEST Network Slice metadata
This tutorial reviews the structure of the metadata fields associated with Slice images. Macroscopic images, Microscopic images, Anatomy, Pathology, Radiology and diagrams.
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Launch - BEST Network 2015 Community Summit
A/Prof Gareth Denyer and SPR Founder & CEO Dr. Dror Ben-Naim presenting how Smart Sparrow, the platform that is used to build the content in the BEST Network is used in practice and announcing new product features.
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Steps for duplicating trap states
This video reviews the steps for duplicating trap states in the Smart Sparrow platform which is particularly helpful when you have a lot to create. Step 1: Systematically name your questions Step 2: Calculate how many states you're going to need Step 3: Turn on Advanced Authoring
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Creating live classroom activities using the Slice Annotation Tool
This webinar ran on 17 March 2016 and focused on the creation of live classroom activities using the BEST Network Slice Annotation Tool. It reviews four examples of the types of activities that can be created and runs through the set up of an activity. Please excuse the blue blur on the screen for the first 20 seconds.
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Free text responses
Challenging students to provide free text answers has the advantage that students are encouraged to come up with answers themselves rather than choosing from a predefined list. This video walks through the setup of a free text question in Smart Sparrow with tips for set up and review. 1.30: Setting up the correct state - prepare a list of acceptable answers 2.23: Preventing short answers 2.52: Too many attempts state 3.23: Generic incorrect state 4.02: Advanced set up - providing specific feedback for remediation of incorrect responses 4.54: Setting up individual incorrect trap states 5.17: Using a words prefix as a keyword 5.45: Partially correct responses - encouraging a more thorough answer 6.18: Improving the question for future deployments by reviewing analytics
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About the BEST Network
The Biomedical Education Skills and Training (BEST) Network (www.best.edu.au) is an international community of educators and students who develop and share teaching tools, scientific images and learning resources. MUSIC: Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Title: Take The Chance http://www.hooksounds.com
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Panel - BEST Network 2015 Community Summit
"Successful Transition Towards Technology Powered Education" A thought provoking discussion on the role and benefits of technology and collaboration in a new era of digital connectedness. Senior representatives from 3 leading universities, together with student, technology and network representatives, sharing their vision and strategies to incorporate technology in their learning & teaching strategies.
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About BEST - BEST Network 2015 Community Summit
Prof. Hawkins explaining how the network evolved from a government funded entity to a non-for-profit sustainable entity managed by academics for academics.
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2015 BEST Network HERDSA Presentation
This video is a screen capture presentation of Stephanie Dowdell's presentation titled "A new tool to support interactive and collaborative education in histopathology". This presentation was first delivered at the 2015 HERDSA Conference on behalf of the BEST Network.
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Adapting tutorials from BEST
This video provides a guide for adapting content made available through the BEST Network (www.best.edu.au). It covers: * Finding a tutorial and taking a copy (@ 6 seconds) * Changing a logo (@ 43 secs) * Authorship and acknowledgement (@ 1 min 3 secs) * Editing text boxes (@ 1 min 34 secs) * Changing a banner (@ 1 min 52 secs) * Editing Questions (@ 2 mins 20 secs) * Removing CSS (@ 2 mins 57 secs)
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Ottawa 2016 Online Practical Examinations Using Adaptive Tutorial Technology
This presentation was given by Stephanie Dowdell at the Ottawa/ANZAHPE conference in March 2016
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How to use Slice for students
This tutorial demonstrates how students can use Slice - Best Network's Biomedical image repository. The tutorial shows how to search for Biomedical images, create private additional layers of information on top of any such image, annotate images, link images to external resources, ask questions about regions and features on an image, and share layers with teachers and fellow students.
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Brainstorm (http://brainstormneuro.net/) is a collection of resources focusing on human neuroanatomical structures. It is made available through the BEST Network for member institutions (www.best.edu.au). This video provides a guide for navigating and using Brainstorm. Contact [email protected] with any questions relating to the use of Brainstorm.
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Options for creating two or more multiple choice questions on a screen
This video uses a worked example to demonstrate two options for creating activities that have more than one multiple choice question on a screen. Option 1: Add both questions to the same screen and add feedback for the different options (00.16 to 04.23) Option 2: Add question one and feedback to one screen and then add a subscreen for the second question (04.24 to 06.14) For the no attempt trap states discussed see the BEST blog post: https://www.best.edu.au/2016/04/22/quick-tip-trap-states.html
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Using 'Previous Actions' to tailor a lesson
This video demonstrates how you can use the 'Previous Actions' option in the Adaptivity panel on the Smart Sparrow platform to reveal a pop up box option chosen by a student.
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BEST Network Anatomy Webinar
In this webinar, Dr. Nalini Pather, Anatomy Lecturer at the UNSW School of Medical Sciences shares her experience in creating a suite of Anatomy Adaptive Lessons. Watch to see examples of these lessons in practice and learn how Dr. Pather reveals learning outcomes from her cohort of students.
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Clinical Decision Making Using Ranking Questions
This video walks through the template for Clinical Decision making with Ranking Questions available on the BEST Network: https://www.best.edu.au/lesson/?id=69018 This lesson has been designed for two reasons: 1. To be a template for creating ranked decisions with five options with scoring 2. To enable a class poll for each option on the review screen. Other videos referenced in this walk through include: Using a student's input from another screen: https://youtu.be/yDb9PaXKDks and The Smart Sparrow Poll Tool: https://youtu.be/mP_1tjS-__A
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